Best Dog Zipline Leash

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1. Zipline Tie Out Retractable Camping Backyard

Zipline Tie Out Retractable Camping Backyard

The temporary space at the outdoor camping park was set up by the dog pulley system. The zipline has a max loading weight of 150 pounds. No matter what direction their dog runs, it won't get frozen, because the leash slides smoothly along the steel zipline. It's easy to set up, with their cable stopper, it grips zipline to tree. The leash has a shock absorbing spring and coiled cable to protect the dog from being carried away. 6 feet is the max. coiled cable The gymsack is portable and easy to carry.

Brand: Oley

2. RUFFIN IT Chrome Tie Cable

RUFFIN IT Chrome Tie Cable

A 100ft Trolley has a cable tie out. The package weight is 6.0 pounds.

Brand: Ruffin' It

👤It is easy to put up a dog run with a few pointers. Put the side up first. The pulley has a slide on it. I recommend buying a heavy duty metel. It comes with a plastic one that is hard to roll. Put the spring side up and get it tount. Go back to the tensioner side and take up the slack. Your done!

👤The Red Heeler/Australian Cattle dog that I just adopted has a very strong bite. I have to carry an extra leash with me when I take him on walks. He can destroy a retractable leash in just 2 bites. He destroyed half of the leashes I've collected over the years because they were all different sizes. Even the heavy woven types would be cut in half. I ordered two of these to solve the problem. I have to loop one end to make a makeshift handle which is a bit uncomfortable but he has not been able to destroy them.

👤I decided to use the coated wire as a tie out instead of setting this up as a trolley run. I use the coated wire as an addition to another tie out. You can't get this wire for this price without the other components. I installed the trolley myself, but definitely could have used a second pair or hands to do it right. Great value! I have a German Shepherd pup who loves to chew and this has withstood everything she has thrown at it. I wouldn't worry if we had to leave her alone.

👤The cable is strong. There were no issues there. The pulley wheel is what the lead line is attached to. The part that lets your dog run is not good. It had to be replaced quickly. Steel pulley wheels are inexpensive. It was more of a hassle to get a new one. A better pulley wheel is something the company should consider. It is great, except for that.

👤I have a dog that can't seem to be contained with a fence or lead. This dog has given my fence posts a "gangsta lean" by climbing up and pulling up stakes. The others were so short that they rigged it to where the long line could be used a 100ft lead with the resistance spring keeping him from pulling anything too hard. Works well. He is able to roam most of the backyard. It is a great solution until we can put up a fence to keep him out.

👤My golden retriever is not easy on leads. I upgraded to this lead because I thought she was better suited for her antics. Wrong! I replaced her last lead less than 3 weeks ago. It's already headed for the trash. The aerial line has not broken yet, but it is beginning to crimp in places, and is also beginning to have plastic stripped from the wire, which leads to rusted wires. The plastic pulley is the real thing. The plastic arm of the pulley was rubbing grooves as the lead slipped between it and the wheel. The arm snapped after I took the first pics. She came back and is safe. She doesn't stay on her lead a lot, maybe 4 hours a day, off and on. This thing has been up for three weeks. I paid more than twice as much for a POS that didn't even make it a month. I am thankful that I was outside when it snapped. I'm not happy with everything about this lead.

3. Petmate 1700 Pound Strength Tieout 10 Feet

Petmate 1700 Pound Strength Tieout 10 Feet

Keep dogs safe in a fenceless yard with this heavy duty galvanized steel tie-out cable. Best for dogs over 100 lbs. The steel tie-out with two brass snaps is safe and secure. The dog leash cable has a weather resistant coating. The cable length is 15'. 1700 lbs. Break strength. Pet safety includes a variety of steel and braided tie-out cables and stakes for leashes. It's best for homes without a fence. They also provide ramps for swimming pools and pet stairs. Petmate has been passionate about their dogs, cats, and furry friends for over 50 years. They've produced a lot of eco-friendly products that pets will love. Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens, and other small furry friends. Check out their brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit!, Jackson Galaxy.

Brand: Petmate

👤I am angry with this product. I have a mix of 60 lbs. I live on a busy rural road and I rely on the tie-out to keep him safe. I only had it for a few weeks before I discovered the metal underneath. I should have sent it back, but I didn't. I kept checking the breaks to make sure they were free of rust, and the cable would still perform as described. Wrong! My dog was free after the thing cracked right through. He doesn't know to avoid cars and trucks, so I thank the Lord that he didn't head for the street. He would have died in a matter of minutes. I guess you get what you pay for. I have learned my lesson. I will not buy from this company again.

👤It was a great value for two 60 lbs dogs who are only 1 years old, worry free for about 4 months, until I noticed my puppy take off with a section of cable dragging behind her. She was able to snap a tie-out at 100 lbs. The coating cracks and the twisted wiring breaks. It was very unnerving. And emotional stress. I lessened my trust in any of the tie outs. This is not intended to stop puppies from chasing a squirrel, bird or passerby. The purpose of this tie-out is to allow my pups to play in my unConfined section of communal space or multi- home yard. I sit and watch them play because it isn't recommended for unattended pets. Isn't that a part of the joy of having puppies? This is impractical for its intended use because the coating begins to crack and split after long exposure to weather. The inner core will break once it is exposed. The brittle wire-braid is beneath the coating. If you have a heavy-weight lazy dog, this would be fine. Not for dogs that are energetic. Getting in touch with the manufacturer yielded no response.

👤This would not have been able to handle 1700 lbs of force, it was the size I would use for a small dog. The links at each end are subpar for use with a larger dog, the metal/wire is thin, and it is very small in diameter. The plastic around the cable is already showing sun damage, so I will only use it when I am outside with my shepherd. I had purchased many items from the Permate brand for my dog at other retailers, but this was either designed for Amazon or the company has lowered quality control. I will not buy Petmate again since it is a poor product that could mean the difference between life and death of my family pet if the strength is not stated and it fails. I can't take that risk.

👤This Cable broke after 2 years. The plastic covers the cable tie. If left outside, the clip will rust. It was very difficult to open the clip. I ordered this product. I had a different experience with this product than most of the others. This tieout worked well for me. The cable broke into two pieces after being in use for over two years. I kept part of the cable inside my house. The door pinched the cable as it broke. The plastic cover which covers the entire length of the cable was cracked and began to rust. I think it broke because of that. The clip that was attached to the steak was a little rusted, but it never broke. I kept the clip inside when I wasn't using it. It is very difficult to open the clip when you first get it. I had to use pliers. I would recommend this product. Before making a final decision, you should be aware of other people's experiences with this product. If you found the review helpful, you should click the button. Please comment on this so I can improve my reviews. Thank you!

4. Dog Tie Out Cable Camping

Dog Tie Out Cable Camping

Compared to a typical dog tie-out, the 50 feet Longdog cable for outside gives more space to move around freely while keeping him safe. It makes the connection between dog cable and dog toy rope possible in many ways. It gives your dog freedom, safety and exercise. The red tie-out cable can reflect light at night or low light, providing additional safety and precise positioning for dogs. The dog trolley system is designed for outdoor events. Between two trees or other anchor points is where you want to set up. You can finish it in 5 minutes. It can be used for any time of the year in the park, garden, forest, mountain, or your own yard. You can take your pets on all sorts of adventures now. Dog camping gear is perfect. Dog chain is wear-proof and durable enough to endure the most intense pulling. The screw gate locking design reduces the chance of opening the door. The dog will be safer and more comfortable with the pulley that rotates without aangle. Allowing your dogs to move around happily around you. Tug of War Rope Dog Pets Puppy Rope Toy entices dogs to jump, grab, pull, tug and swing in the outside yard. A buffer spring can help reduce the tension in your dog's body. The dog chew rope is perfect for jaw strength development. It is an exercise toy that will allow high energy dogs to sleep all night. Help with impulse control through training. The dog trolley runner has a rope dog toy, a heavy duty buckle with screw locking, a shock absorbing buffer spring, and a carrying bags. The leash is not included. If you have any questions about the set up of the product, please contact them.

Brand: Foxbus

👤It was easy to set up. Especially for my Belgian malinois!

👤It works great for my dog. The setup is easy and the construction is solid.

👤I bought this for my dog. Our yard is not fenced in and we have leash laws in the neighborhood. She can run around without being given too much freedom. It's very easy to use. Wrap the ends around some trees and clip the collar or lease to the clip. I didn't have another tree that was close. I used the banister on my ramp. She really likes it and it works great.

👤It was received very fast. Can't wait to set it up so our puppy can play outside.

👤The dog leash is made with long fibers that make it comfortable for the dog to move. It helps keep the connection going, so the dog's cable and furniture are not damaged. The rope is wear resistant and the traction is strong. A screw-lock gate that is resistant to force is what was used. The network is pulled by pulleys and feels secure. The springs will help reduce tension to avoid injury to the pets. The pulley is made of durable STAINLESS STEEL and won't rust or break.

5. Trolley Zipline Camping Outside Durable

Trolley Zipline Camping Outside Durable

The heavy duty dog runner system is made of vinyl and has a 100ft dog tie out cable and a 10ft runner cable, which are durable and long- lasting, and provide 2000 square feet of playing area to explore. It is easy to adjust the length and tension of the turnbuckle, while avoiding sagging and helping pulley slide smoothly along the cable. The shock-absorbent dog run can be used to protect against sudden stops and jerks and help reduce the tension more directly to avoid injury. The pulley is strong and slides smoothly across the aerial tie out cable without getting stuck, as your dog sniffs and explores. There is no triangle or safe design. The snap at the end of the run cable is made from a free-swallowing design which makes it strong enough to endure the most intense pulling. The Aerial tie out cable can help your dog run safely and happily without tangles. It is easy to install and easy to cure. The trolley system can be installed by one person, and only need a secure place to setup it. The bag is easy to carry and store. The Heavy Duty Dog Trolley System is a great gift for animal lovers and free of charge. If you're not completely satisfied with their product, they'll give you a full refund or replace it at no cost. "Add to Cart" now!

Brand: Pestairs

👤I would have given five stars if I wrote this review right away. After a month of use, it is down to one. This item will need a replacement clip because it is rusted. This is intended for the outdoors, why use a material that rusts?

👤It was difficult to get nearly 100 feet of cable to be taught to hold the clamps on. It is very difficult with two. The tightening system at the other end became better as it was taught enough. The main issue was to use it. The trolley did not glide smoothly. It would dig into the plastic around the cable and remove it. I don't recommend this product.

👤I couldn't find a 100 for cable tie in my area and it was very expensive to purchase the cable and components separately. The cable was sold for about $1.50 per foot. There is over 100 feet at. It is insane that a foot is for $1.50. This set with all hardware is not a good one. I had just enough cable to slip the turnbuckle into the eyeball, because I have two trees that are close to the eye bolts. The cable was strong enough to hold our dog. I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤We have had this installed for a while. It was installed according to the instructions on the package. The plastic has broken. Very disappointed. We noticed the broken plastic a few days after the return window and now there is nothing we can do.

👤I looked into buying the cable from the local hardware store and making my own dog runner, but when I looked at Amazon, I found a whole kit that was cheaper than just the cable alone at the hardware store. The 100' runner comes with all the mounting hardware, turnbuckle, cable clamps, etc. The plastic coating on the cable makes it easy to handle. Even a small dog can use the drop-down tie out cable because it runs smoothly on the runner. It was easy to put up. I would definitely recommend it.

👤We bought a husky for our 2 year old and he has a lot of room to run without a fence.

👤We brought home a puppy that doesn't seem to have an "off" switch. We were struggling to come up with ways to burn off energy since we don't have a fenced-in yard. The trolley system is for entering. It took us about an hour to install, but we needed to clear out some limbs on one of the trees we were using, so we spent the next 90 minutes running the legs off our little guy. I can't recommend this system enough. Do it if you're on the fence. You will not find a better way to spend $30.

👤The price is right for the trolley. I have a pitbull puppy that needs the space to run. The instructions were easy to understand and read. I did not tighten it with a wrench, but a wrench will fix the issue, because she isn't strong enough. It works perfectly if I can get her out running.

6. Petest Reflective Tie Out Cable Pounds

Petest Reflective Tie Out Cable Pounds

30 ft, ultra strong tie-out cable for dogs. Steel cable and clips are strong. Attaching snap on both ends to a post or stake is easy for a protection of the dog's neck. Extra safety at night can be achieved with reflective and anti-rusty vinyl covers. The crimp covers protect the cable ends from rain and rust.

Brand: Petest

👤The broke June 15, 2018, after it was ordered January 6, 2018. Light use was about 1/2 hour per day. The plastic coating is not UV rated, and it has a major rust issue. Our dog went on a walkabout after it failed just in from the yellow plastic "crimp covers". The seller's statement that "Structure feature crimp covers to protect cable ends from weakening due to rain and rust" is not true. This is where the cable failed. Don't buy this product. There is a new word for it.

👤This is a good leash for a small dog under ten lbs. If your dog chews the leashes, this will not last long and it could be lethal. My dog chewed through both sides within a few months. The wires under the plastic were dangerous when she did it for the first time. They cut into her skin after getting stuck in her fur. I had to use a combo of scissors and clippers to shave her fur off after I severed the leash and then tried to hold down my wiggling dog. I was able to pull the wires out of her skin, but my double coat still hasn't grown back right under her belly, because the wires got stuck in her skin. I should have learned from my mistake. I switched the end of the leash thinking I would watch her better since I know this now. We let her out one time. She exposed the wires by chewing and getting them stuck in her fur again and then tried to chew it off her fur since she was in pain. We caught her before it was too late. Do not buy this if your dog has any chewing ability. We were lucky this wasn't a vet trip. The first time my dog chewed it with her baby teeth, she was about 3-6 lbs, and the second time she did, she was about 8 lbs. She is under 6m and her teeth are small so be careful with your pets safety and invest in something safer. I am replacing this leash with fabric or nylon because it isn't durable for dogs that chew. If your dog is supervised by you the entire time on the leash, it will be less likely to chew. If you have a double coat dog, you should not go to the vet for a shaved fur baby because it can ruin their coat.

👤When Buddy wants to be outside, we use the cable to restrain him. One day a friend saw a squirrel and the chase began. When Buddy came to the end of the tether, we expected him to be restrained. Wrong! The cable held up perfectly, however, the rivet that connects the snap to the swivel broke in two, and Buddy was off and running. The chase came to an end when the squirrel ran up a tree and Buddy was able to catch him. The weakest link appears to be rivet.

7. Strong Dog Comfortable Reflective Threads

Strong Dog Comfortable Reflective Threads

The leash is heavy duty and made with rock climbing rope and a clip hook. Soft padded handles for amazing comfortable, just enjoy the feeling of walking with your dog, and protect your hand from rope burn. Highly reflective threads dog leashes keep you safe and visible at night. It's great for walking, running or training. The balance of freedom and control can be found in the 5 foot dog leash. If you don't like this dog leash, you can get your money back. It's a great gift idea to get a new leash for your dog today.

Brand: Baapet

👤A 115 lbs dog was adopted from an event. They thought she was a Boxer/Mastiff mix. Whatever she is, she is strong. We used a basic leash for our dog, but it wasn't cutting it. The girl is strong and doesn't have good leash manners. While on the leash, she isn't wild, but when she walks, she can pull my 130 lbs frame around. I was searching on Amazon for a stronger leash and found one that I liked. The Hot Pink color qualified for Free Same-Day shipping and our 6 year-old liked it. I put the leash on our dog as soon as the package arrived. It was easier to keep control of her with this leash. She can still pull me, but this particular leash has given me more leverage and I am not afraid that she will break it as she did with the other leash. "You like that leash?" my husband asked last night. I do! The reviews of others influence my purchases on Amazon. I review all of my purchases on Amazon in hopes that I can help others decide if a product is right for them. Click the button if you found my review helpful. Thank you! Happy shopping!

👤I wanted to get a good idea of how well this leash works before I wrote a review. This is one of the best leashes I've ever used. I'm training a 6 month old lab mix who has never been trained to wear a collar or walk on a leash. This leash has been very effective in redirecting her to walk side me, and has just the right amount of tension. She can explore without having the leash pulled constantly. It's comfortable to hold, and after a while of walking beside me I forget it's on my wrist. If this leash ever wears out, I will buy it again.

👤The leash arrived today and it seems sturdy, but... It smells terrible! The plastic clasps are like spilled gasoline. The smell of the stank does not wash off after being spread to your hands. I don't know how harmful this is, but if you are inhaling gasoline fumes, this is much worse. The smell will be wherever you keep the leash. After washing it will be on your hands. It will also cause your dog to be miserable because he/she has 5000 times more acute smelling than you do. This product is disgusting and potentially dangerous. There are zero stars.

👤A german shepherd/hound mix that I recently rescued is 80 lbs and has no sense when it comes to walking on a leash. The handle is so comfortable that I have been using it for a week now. The strength is amazing. The threading is reflective.

👤I took a pic with the flash to show off the effectiveness of the reflectors. The rope leash is durable. Even with the most aggressive pullers, you don't have to worry about a snapped leash. My puppy is not pulling as much with this leash. She tried to chew on it a few times, but it shows no sign of wear. The padded hand hold makes for a more comfortable walk and gives more control over the puppy. The leash is long enough for the puppy to have freedom to smell. This is a great leash and I will use it again and again.

8. Bushwhacker Harness Vehicle Restraint Barrier

Bushwhacker Harness Vehicle Restraint Barrier

Attaches in seconds to the cargo tie down brackets. All truck models have a fully adjusted fit. The tether strap can be used as a leash. Heavy duty tubular webbing and metal hardware can be used to restrain large breeds. Your pet is restrained enough to prevent it from hanging over the side walls.

Brand: Bushwhacker Usa

👤I've seen reviews that say it gets loose easily. As well, mine did. The reason is because the teeth are holding onto the strap and there is one way to pull through that is much easier than the other way. Lifting the teeth will be impossible if it is loosened too easily. Lift the teeth and pull out the strap. If you put the strap through the other side of the teeth hole, it will go in the opposite direction. You will need to lift the teeth to loosen it because this will make it so easy to tighten. It will not get loose while your dog pulls on it. Both of mine did this for the other side. I don't know why they assemble it like that. I took a star away because a lot of people don't know how to fix it and it is dangerous. I hope my case isn't very common. After fixing it, my dog loves being in my truck bed. I use a harness instead of a collar so it doesn't pull on his neck while I drive.

👤We have to drive a little ways from the house to go on hikes with my dog. It's not ideal to have him in the cab of my truck because he sometimes gets sick and throws up in the car. He can ride in the bed of the truck if he wants to, but he can't jump out of the truck, even if he wanted to. He's good to go because I clipped this onto his collar. He loves riding in the back of the car, where he can smell all of the smells and get fresh air as we travel. He can walk around and put his paws on the side rails, with no chance of falling out. I use it multiple times a week after owning it for 2 years. I've had no problems with the quality, it's great. This is one of the best things I've ever done for my dog. I can't recommend it enough.

👤I love this product. One of the things I was most excited about when I got my new truck was the fact that my dogs could ride in the back of it. I wanted a way for them to do this without fear of hurting themselves or hanging themselves if tied up. They were able to ride safely. It keeps the leash short so they can't jump over it, but it allows them to move a bit and look around. It was easy to sit up. I have had a friend's dog who is 100 lbs hold it and it was not a problem for it to hold the dog. It is safe.

👤We got this so our dog could ride in the back of the truck without being thrown out when we come to a stop or take a sick corner. We drive like little old ladies. This is a great idea. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because the strap loosened after every ride. When we put the dog in, everything is taught to be safe and to keep the dog from having the leash length that allows him to put his paws up on the side of the truck bed. At the end of our short trips to school, we find that the tension has slackened to the point that he is able to put his paws on the side of the bed. We have stopped using it all together and made our own harness out of chain and carabiners because we wouldn't be able to use it on longer trips. It's a great idea, but unfortunately it's a safety issue that we can't overlook and that if we hadn't paid attention, he could have gotten loose and killed someone.

9. Pestairs 360° Swivel Stake Anchor

Pestairs 360%C2%B0 Swivel Stake Anchor

It can stand up to 150 lbs. with the use of high quality steel. It was tested in stable ground to hold 1000 lbs. Pull force is not suited for sandy or muddy ground. Their dog anchor systems are reliable and allow your dog to play without fear. You need a reliable dog yard stake. The dog is free to roam without tangles with the Full 360 Degree Swivel Ball. Multiple pets are tangle free. Attach your cable tie-out or leash with the loop of the base. Once he is clipped on, your dog will be free to roam. Heavy-duty steel is used for the Swivel Base and Bolt Anchors, they were assembled together by 15 tons of pressure or welding. The parts are rust-resistant and weather-resistant because of the zinc-plated or stainless steel materials. It's easy to fix the swivel base with the six 8 inch long bolt anchor and only need a hammer. The dog anchor system can hold 1000 lbs of pull force. You can install the dog tie out stake in a wood deck or concrete floor with proper bolts. The package comes with a box that you can put in your car. The Heavy Duty Tie-out Stake System is suitable for animals of all types. This pet stake will be one of the best on Amazon. If you're not completely satisfied with it, they'll give you a full refund or replace it at no cost. "Add to Cart" now!

Brand: Pestairs

👤If you pay attention and are a responsible person, this is awesome. The reasons are 1. If you have a territorial owner, like I do, and have a long lead, 50', please don't use the stakes. If you want to keep your furmans testimony of "This is mine, thats mine, its all mine", you need to fasten the "tie out" to a permanent structure. If you use the longer cable, like I do, and it rains, the furmissle is now preparing for free launch, or, we'll eat lunch! 3. Make sure you pay attention to the fact that if you give them the lead, it becomes very stressed, every time they pull. You have to inspect it every time you tie them to it. All attachment areas will weaken over time, and being responsible helps your furbabies stay safe. Not good. When mail lady,UPS,fedex,surprise visitors to our rural farm arrive, they have to be contained quickly, and put on aircraft cable, with climbing clips. The "tie out" is fastened into a 6x6 It is perfect.

👤I have a 50# Staffie that is all muscle. My wife bought this thing and I didn't care if it says 1,000# pull force or not. I laughed at it until I used my impact driver to put the bolts in the ground. The pup is 6 years old and was hooked up on the 30 foot lead. She saw something interesting and ran to a dead stop at 30 feet. This thing didn't budge. The man is okay and hasn't done that a second time.

👤I bought this to use with two dogs. One of the dogs is 70 lbs, the other is 8 lbs. I needed a tie out that both dogs could not tangle with, and this did the job. I added a heavy duty ball bearing swivel to hook the two leads to, so that when one dog pulls tight, it automatically untangles, and it works great! It would be hard to install and uninstall, that's the only concern I had. It's very easy to install even though it holds tight. To uninstall it, I used the claw side of a hammer to pry it up from the ground. Once it's pried up a little, the bolts will loosen to the point you can pull them out of the ground by hand. The two spot welds that hold the ring onto the ball sometimes get wedged and the ball stops rotating easily. It has only happened a few times, but a whack with a hammer seems to fix it. I haven't used it long enough to report on it. The bolts and the body don't seem to be of the same color as the ball and ring. Will report if it rusts more quickly than expected.

👤I was hesitant to believe the " doesn't tangle" claim as it's not that different from the spiral screw in dog leashes. The only thing holding it to the earth was some lag bolts. I was ready to hit the return button after use. There were two things that happened. The company told me that there was a defect in some of their batches and that I should let them know if I acted the way they said I would. I responded to the email as soon as I found out that my spinning ball could get stuck on a bad weld, because I had a minor defect. They immediately sent me a new one and didn't require me to send the old one back. The first time I used these was with rope not wire. My dogs never got tangled. I had two large german shepherds on one tie down with a single rope between them. They ate, drank, and did their business at the campsite. It was never loose or showed signs of coming loose. The company is even better than the product. Don't hesitate.

10. PUPTECK Reflective Dog Run Cable

PUPTECK Reflective Dog Run Cable

Strong enough. The cable for the dog is 100% steel, durable and vinyl-coated to protect it against the elements. REFLECTIVE DESIGN: Tie out cable is reflective during the night. The galvanized steel cable has metal snaps. A 10 feet leading line and 100 feet tie out cable are designed for large dogs. Your puppy will promote healthy exercise. Keep your dog safe. Your puppy will feel more secure in your yard and outside with the help of the shock-absorbent spring. The cable should be allowed to go through the lower opening of the pulley. It's easy to clean. You don't need a cloth to wipe the cable because it is covered in anti-rusty vinyl.

Brand: Pupteck

👤The pulley gets stuck after installation according to several other reviews. This happened to me. I realized it was due to improper installation. If you run the cable through the top opening of the pulley, it will get stuck. Run the cable through the lower opening of the pulley and it will work. We've had ours up for a couple of weeks and there have been no problems. Installation of the cable takes two people, one to pull the cable tight and the other to tighten it. There is a The cable and hardware is very strong. The seller of this product is getting bad reviews because they didn't take the time to write clearer instructions. This is a great product and I highly recommend it.

👤The quality of the materials, the length, the freedom it gives our dog to run a good distance in the yard, but stay contained...I would rate it five stars, but the pulley gets stuck (more often than not) and limits his ability. We pulled it in a straight even line. I don't know if it's the pulley twist inside the plastic coating of the cable, but it's annoying for us to have to keep freeing him up and frustrating for him to not have the range he should have. They offered to send us another run to fix the problem after reaching out to the seller. That is great customer service.

👤We got it set up Sunday after I got this Thursday. A piece of plastic snapped on the end of the lead that connects with the shock spring as my dog ran out of the tree this morning. This could have caused serious injuries to me and my dog. I was done with the phone call. My dog is 54 lbs. The 125lb weight limit is not correct. This is a huge safety hazard and I am not one to leave reviews like this. My little ones were not with me when this happened.

👤The metal pulley is different from the plastic one that other brands have. I thought it would be more durable, but the problem is that the smaller metal pulley gets stuck on the cable, which is a hazard to the dog. He could be running along and the pulley will stop jerking him back. I will have to modify it so it works as it was intended.

👤The rating was changed from 2 stars to 1 stars. My dog didn't want to be attached to the line because of the pulley snagging. I used a grinder and a metal cutting disc to cut the pulley apart to get the short cable for the dog harness. I used a heavy duty carabiner clip to attach a short cable to the long dog run. My dog can run as fast and hard as he wants, without any issues. There is a Use a carabiner clip to get rid of the pulley. I put this dog up about 2 weeks ago and it is showing signs of rust. The pulley does not travel smoothly and gets stuck when there is too much tension on it. I spend a lot of time walking back and forth rolling the pulley for my dog. I would return it but it was a pain setting it up and I don't feel like taking it all down.

11. SALO Durable Walking Training Leashes

SALO Durable Walking Training Leashes

The long dog leash is made of nylon. It is 1inch wide to add durability. Perfect length for hiking, training or camping. If you want your dog to have more room to sniff and explore, you should use a dog leash. Matching dog collar also available separately. The snap hook is easy to attach to the dog's collar. A one year warranty for any quality problem is super customer service. Their professional service team will reach you in 24 hours.

Brand: Salo

👤We don't have a fenced yard so we clipped this leash to two other leashes for short periods outside. After 6 months, it broke down. Our puppy was sitting next to me as I was doing some gardening. The leash was broken. Neither of the other leashed did that when I pulled on it. Only the nylon leash.

👤I wanted a longer leash for my dog so she could have more freedom when she is on a leash. It's lightweight and thinner than the leashes I'm used to, but since it is quite a bit longer, I find that the lightness is a plus! It's still light enough so that the weight doesn't pull on my pup, despite being two times longer than the leashes I typically use. I can keep it off the ground without feeling like I'm pulling on my dog. The color: The colors look great. I ordered the blue and it's the same color as the one shown online. The price is mentioned. The 10' leash costs the same as the 6' leash from Petsmart. It's a good leash and it's a bit cheaper than the other ones. Quality is a Cons. The quality of the leash is reflected in the price. I think it is a good leash, but it is not very expensive. The hardware will show signs of aging with regular use. Heavy leash chewers and larger dogs would be able to bite through the leash with little effort. I would recommend this leash for dogs that don't chew.

👤I have had this leash for 13 months and it broke today when my dog pulled a little when he saw a cat. We have 3 cats in our house and he's not aggressive just cat curious so he pulled lightly. There could be dangerous situations if she breaks on walks. Each person in my house has their own leash that they use to walk their dog. The leash broke when it was a year old. I would not recommend this brand to others. The material is a bit stiff, but it's a good leash for the price, I hope it can be softened up a bit with more use.

👤These leashes are great. I got a 10 and a 20. The leash is made in a way that it almost never gets on things when I let it go and my dog takes off at full speed. It is like a new color.

👤A well-trained 50 pound dog has a great length. Light in the hand. It is very thin, but it is strong.

👤These leashes are amazing. They are comfortable to use. I bought some for my friends.

👤I live in the city and need to let a special needs dog run, I have a great lead that has a 20 pomerain. The 10 ft lead works great.

👤Three were bought in different colors.


What is the best product for dog zipline leash?

Dog zipline leash products from Oley. In this article about dog zipline leash you can see why people choose the product. Ruffin' It and Petmate are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog zipline leash.

What are the best brands for dog zipline leash?

Oley, Ruffin' It and Petmate are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog zipline leash. Find the detail in this article. Foxbus, Pestairs and Petest are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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