Best Dog Zipline for Car

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1. Lukovee Headrest Restraint Adjustable Backseat

Lukovee Headrest Restraint Adjustable Backseat

The dog seatbelt is designed with a headrest restraint. It can be used in all models of vehicle. The strap circle is connected to a quick release buckle. The circle is not open if the lock is on, and it makes sure your pet is safe. To use the strap circle as a general leash, adjust the seatbelt to the max length. The seat belt is made of nylon and has a sturdy quick release buckle and metal hardware. It is great for night time use. The elastic bungee is used to prevent jerking. The dog accessory helps to keep your pet safe and comfortable while you drive. It allows your dog to sit, stand, lie down, or reach to see out the window, but keep the dogs from jumping around in the car. It is easy to attach it to the dog harness with a metal buckle. The pet car travel accessory can be hung on the headrest easily and the rotation metal buckle connects the dog harness or dog collar. It can be used with the pet seat cover. It is a pet seatbelt. A general leash is also included. The seat belt can be adjusted from 20 inches to 27 inches and can be stretched to 32 inches for the maximum length. The circle can be changed from 16 to 24 inches. The dogs can get comfortable without being restricted.

Brand: Lukovee

👤The quality of materials, construction, and price for 2 of them were exceptional. I spent 2 weeks at Amazon searching for and reading similar items. It was thought that the price for 2 was cheap. Pictures don't do justice. If it didn't work, I'd try and return. It was a pleasant surprise. This works for my dogs who have custom booster seats placed in front passenger seat and back center seat with different sized head rests. It doesn't get any better than this product. I decided to rate it after 30 minutes on the site. If possible, I would rate it 10 stars. Would be a great gift.

👤When I was looking for a larger one, I stumbled across this. I like it. We don't have to take them out if we switch cars because it came with two. We could have bought more. She would grow out of them quickly. Each of us has one for each car. She will not be able to grow out of this. She can grow out of the front see, but in the back seat. Definitely use a harness. My dog likes to lay down, but with the collar it was getting her a bit. She was much more comfortable with the harness. I wouldn't be worried about her neck if we got in an accident. It is safe because it does not stretch out far. My dog is happy because it is easy to use.

👤This product is great. It looks great, sturdy, and comes in a two pack and is ridiculously inexpensive. My girl rides in style so I bought two in purple. I gave one to my teen dog walker. I ordered a two pack of black for back seats for transporting pups. These are great! I like these. They are a great gift for dog lovers who take their fur family with them.

👤I love driving with my dog but it is dangerous because she is small and always tries to get in my lap. She would get seriously hurt in a fender bender because she is so small. This thing is great. I think it would keep her safe in an accident because it keeps her stable even through a bunch of stop signs. I bought this for my little one.

👤This is a great car leash. I have gone through two leashes for my dogs. The work has been the best so far. The dogs are able to jump from the front seat to the back seat. So far, so good, still waiting to see if they last.

👤This has been life-saving. When I'm driving, I keep my puppy in one spot because he wants to get into everything. If I stopped suddenly, he wouldn't hit the dashboard. It's important to know that you don't use this with a collar, only with a harness. The dog's neck could break if it is attached to a collar.

👤I feel better about my dogs' safety when they are strapped in. I think they would help in the event of an accident. They were easy to install, and when someone else rides with me, I just leave them installed and turn them toward the back seat. I'm very happy with this purchase.

2. Mogoko Seatbelt Restraint Stainless Attachment

Mogoko Seatbelt Restraint Stainless Attachment

For many kinds of pets with different weight, please measure from your dog's harness clip to your car's latch bar. You can connect the seat belt to your car's regular seat belt with the nap or you can connect the seat belt to the back seat's latch bar. The person is a Mexican. The dog seat belt is made from heavy plastic coated rope and is very strong. It can prevent distraction and endanger, it has a tested strength of 200 lbs, it can restrain your dog's active space in the car, allowing your dog to freely sit, stand and lay down without distraction. Not only can it be used in your car as a safety seat belt for your dog, but also as a jogging leash for men or women.

Brand: Mogoko

👤The seller gave me a full refund and answered immediately. Excellent customer service! My dog jumped when I tried to get out of the car. He didn't notice he was wearing a safety belt. He fell, but the belt was torn in a second. Very dangerous. It shows me that he would fly out in a second if that was the case. I have fabric dog safty belts and it happened to me. Don't buy! Very dangerous.

👤The harness system is four times the cost and people are restraining the dogs inside the car before buying it. Attaches to either the tether strap or the seatbelt buckle are the features that stand out most to me. Allow my dog to lay down and stick her nose out the window. Transferring from one car to the other is easy. Transfer from her leash to the car is easy. My dog's legs don't get wound up in the leash when attached to the car seat tether. Highly recommend!

👤Great product. Very strong. I use a 90 pounder to keep my dog in the cargo area of my car. He can't jump out the back when I open the hatch. It's a good recommendation for anyone.

👤I'm not happy with the product's longevity. I used it to prevent my dog from chewing through his leash. It wasn't very strong, but it was chew-proof. One of the loops where the leash is attached broke while he was walking. It's not designed to be a leash extension, but it's promoted as a seatbelt safety restraint. I had an expectation that it would be able to handle the forces one would expect in an auto accident which would be far greater than the ones one would experience on a walk. It might not work in an accident if you use this as a seatbelt for your dog. I'm not happy.

👤I have three of them. They pull apart. I returned one. I have had the other two for a year. The dogs don't chew through them but the cable on two of them wasn't crimped correctly. The pictures show that the plastic was not the cable. My dog jumped out of the car. The dog was not held by it.

👤I have a lab that works great for him. He gets wild because he thinks we are going to the dog park. He is serious about playing. He is in the backseat. I put it on the seat. It is important to use a vest with a back clip. Don't put it on a neck collar. They could either be choke or slither out of the collar. I like the fact that if I need to use it in someone else's car that doesn't have a seat belt, I can stick it in the seat belt.

👤The seatbelt attachment worked well in my old car. I use the clip to attach my dog to the baby seat anchor after I got a new car. The product worked for both situations. When I got my dog, she was a rescue and had a problem chewing through her leads. She no longer has that issue, but early on, she did make a few unsuccessful attempts to chew through this lead, and it held up great.

3. Kurgo Swivel Tether Seat Belt

Kurgo Swivel Tether Seat Belt

The pet seat belt tether is designed for dogs who can't sit still, so they can't get twisted or caught up in it. It prevents distracted driving. The dog seat belt keeps your dog out of your lap. The Carabiner is an armored vehicle. The pet seat belt is designed to restrain large dogs who can't sit still, and the locking carabiner prevents them from getting out. The seat belt tether that loops around any car seat belt system is universal.

Brand: Kurgo

👤I tried attaching the seatbelt to the straps, but it was too close to the buckle. This doesn't work very well if you have large dogs. There isn't enough room, it is too tight, and two of them would turn around and get their legs caught. The shoulder strap was in front of the seat, so I decided to use the seatbelt behind the seat. This allowed me to place the seatbelt higher up, which solved both problems. I am very happy with this seatbelt, it seems very durable and is now the perfect length with my adjustment. My review is reduced to two stars because it is not safety tested. I did a lot of research on car safety harnesses and contacted Kurgo. The seatbelt I got was rated to be over 5000 pounds. My dog will fly too far forward in a crash because the strap is too long, so not really loving this either. I wish I had not spent money on these products. If it isn't safety rated, what is the point? I wouldn't put my child or grandchild in a car seat that wasn't safety rated because my dogs are like children to me, and I wouldn't put my pet in one. Consumer Reports article indicated that Kurgo had failed the crash tests.

👤I was worried about getting this tether for my dog because of the reviews that said it was not good for small dogs. It worked well. No need to worry. The size didn't bother my pup at all. She's a bit nervous in the car and has a habit of spinning until she gets herself so tied up that she can't move. She could turn around as much as she wanted because of the tether. The carabiner is heavy duty and has a screw that locks into place so it can't accidentally open up. carabiners that were so cheap were found in other products. I like that it is tested to a much higher impact weight than any others I looked at and that it connected to the seatbelt. I almost bought another one that didn't have the high impact rating, but it connected to the bar in the seat that you connect a child's carseat to. I own a Honda Odyssey and the connecting piece was not in the reviewer's car. I was leery of buying a tether that connected to the car that way. It worked well with my 12lb maltipoo, but it's also heavy duty enough to use for my 75lb golden retriever. We just got back from a long road trip and this tether was a lifesaver.

👤I was so excited to find this item, I thought it would be a solution to my dog's antics in the car. I've tried a lot of different things to restrain my small dog in the car, all of which have failed. My little guy is a bit of a wanderer and gets caught up in other tethers and chokes himself on others, even though he injured his leg on one occasion. I was so excited to find a tether that could alleviate these issues. I was disappointed to discover that this tether is not appropriate for small dogs, it is very heavy and bulky, and much larger than expected. I don't think it's appropriate for most dogs under 25 pounds. It is the only type of pet tether that I have found, so I will probably try to make my own, and buy a swivel carabiner. If you're reading this, I strongly urge you to make additional sizes of this tether for different size dogs. It would be worthy of additional stars if it was larger, since it is made for larger dogs.

4. PAWBEE Car Dog Seat Belt

PAWBEE Car Dog Seat Belt

The fabric is made from high-quality NYLON. The dog seat belt is made from nylon that is very strong and will not break if your dog is in the back of a car. It is easy to adjust. The dog car seat belt can be adjusted. It is easy to adjust the seat belt for your dog's height, thanks to this. The quality of the material is strong. The dog seat belt is made from strong zinc alloy metal that is non-rusting. You won't have to worry about your pet reacting with water or any other liquid that will cause it to rust and lose its quality. The ROTATABLE SWIVEL CLIP is available. The PAWBEE dog seat belt has a clip that can be attached to your dog's collar. It's easier for your dog to move around in your car. The PAWBEE dog seat belt is very easy to use and can be done in no time. Fix the pet harness loop, the seat belt, and the seat belt holder first. The seatbelt clip has a tab that is 2 cm long. Before you buy, make sure that your buckle is compatible with you.

Brand: Pawbee

👤I own a pitbull and an American bulldog mix. They like riding in the car with me. My pit likes to jump at cars and try to break their windows to get at them. I need these seatbelts because my big boy loves to sit in the front seat and lean his face on my dashboard. My boy responded well to it. My pittie, who is an escape artist, figured out how to get the seat belt off by pressing the button. I snapped it back into the seat belt area and it worked. I love having seat belts. The seatbelts are attached to the bottom or top of the harnesses, so they can stand up, seat down, or lay down. They stand up so they can put their heads out of the window. The seatbelts are good because when I get back to the car with groceries, I can lift the trunk and they won't run away. They're great! I'm happy I bought them.

👤I have three chihuahuas, two of which like to "roam" in the backseat when we travel, one likes to end up under the hammock set up to cover the back seat and the other likes to lunge in to the front while I'm driving which is not ok. I wanted the boys to be in their spots. The length is too long. I was hoping that changing the length would keep them in the backseat, where they are clipped in. I would like this to give them a chance to see out the window, but they have to be where they are sitting. I would recommend.

👤The dog is riding in the front seat and I use these to stop the seatbelt light. The pros are easy to use and adjust. When you open the door, the dog is kept in the vehicle. For a low price, two each. The seatbelt buckle is thinner than an actual seatbelt which makes it look cheap. The straps can be loosened when your dog moves around. I don't think it would work for a large dog. They are not chew proof and you should keep an eye on your dog to prevent them from chewing on them.

👤This is a quick restraint for restraining a dog in the back seat. The locks are tight. You can use one or two, but you need the two straps in the package. My dog is 40 lbs and she is tethered using two straps, one in each clip receiver. With her harness on her right and left, she is able to sit in the middle and still be able to sit up or lay down in the back seat. There is a Attach the seat belt to the dog's harness. Attach it to the dog collar.

👤We needed something that would allow us to keep our puppy in the back but still allow him some movement, since he was able to jump from the back seat into the front. The seat belt does its job. You get two so we can put one in each car. He can still reach the front center console with his paws, even when shortened all the way.

5. Seatbelt Updated Harness Aluminum Carabiner

Seatbelt Updated Harness Aluminum Carabiner

Their dog seat belt has 2 different types of car buckles. The child safety seat and the car trunk can be attached to it with a hook latch, which is fitted with the standard car seat belt buckle. If you forget the regular leash, you can join two belts into one. The elastic buffer design of the dog car harness seatbelt top tether protects dogs from sudden braking or sharp turns and can be adjusted to 33". Restraints with elastic bungee cushion may prevent choking risks due to sudden braking or sharp turns. The upgraded locking carabiner clip is made from the highest quality steel and is designed to serve you through all weathers. A carabiner with a maximum strength of 900 lbs can be used to keep the dog stable during the car ride, enhance the safety of pets while driving, and ensure the safety of drivers. The clasp keeps your dog free from tangles. The width of the seatbelt clip is compatible with most vehicles. The bungee seatbelts are suitable for a puppy, teether dog, small breed doggie, strong dogs, medium-large breed dogs. Do not attach the seat belt to the collar of your pet. The seat-belt leash with a pet harness is the better choice. Imagine if you could use a dog seatbelt and your dog would lay down on the back seat like a baby. They are safe. They recommend you use it with a dog harness.

Brand: Aubell

👤This is for my lab. She likes to ride with me. It's easy to put my belt in my car. She is in my car, so I feel better. I like the design of it. It's a strong leash. The hooks are heavy duty. I like that I can walk jazz with it. It's worth it. I will get another one for our other car. She tried to chew on it. I couldn't see where. It is durable and sturdy.

👤The 26 pound 4 month old puppy was too large to fit in a carrier. This worked well for him. He was able to sit up and look out the windows, but he couldn't get on my lap.

👤The dog seatbelt has a clip to attach to the child carseat anchor and a buckle to snap into the seatbelt receiver. We can easily secure the dog and her bed with both options. We use two dog seatbelts so our dog can't stray too far in either direction, and we keep her buckled behind the passenger's seat. The seatbelt receiver can be used to connect the inside side and the childseat anchor to the side next to the door. We use a bungee that goes through the rear of the doggie bed to connect to the other one on both of the dog seatbelts to prevent the bed from sliding around. Our dog is a skilled escape artist and we like that the clips that clip to her car harness have a slide lock. We like that they are free to rotate so they don't bind up as our dog moves around. There is a section of elastic shock cord in each restraint. We are very happy with the design and construction of these. I deducted one star because of the price. It is almost as expensive as other buying options that give two for a few cents more.

👤This is long enough for my bloodhound to stick her head out of the window when the length is adjusted to work for her. She was held up for 2 hours on the highway with no issues. Will update if the buckle breaks.

👤I ordered this item to keep my dog in the front seat. He is a large breed that is very anxious and jumping around trying to get on my lap. Even after adjusting the strap to the shortest setting, he is still able to jump into the back. He can't make it all the way and needs help getting back up front. I am driving and it isn't an ideal situation. I was excited to try out this product but it didn't do what I needed it to. It was a great idea, but sadly did not work out for me.

6. IOKHEIRA Adjustable Durable Vehicle Seatbelt

IOKHEIRA Adjustable Durable Vehicle Seatbelt

The multi-functional seat has a dog seat belt with two different types of car buckles, one of which can be attached to the seatbelt, and the other metal hook latch for connecting the child safety seat and the car trunk. You have the option to choose the connection location. The dog car seat belt is suitable for front seat, back seat and trunk. The car pet safety belt car tether is made of sturdy nylon fabric, high elastic bandage and zinc alloy carabiner. It has the best strength and longevity, which can help to reduce the risk of large pet dog bite. The dog car restraint has a leash that can be extended from 19 inch to 31 inch and it is comfortable and safe. The tangle proof belt leash is attached to the back of the dog with a seat belt lock that allows your pet to move freely within a certain space. A canine bungee seatbelt is suitable for puppies, teether dogs, small breed dogs and large breed dogs. Iokheira's dog car harness seatbelt tether are made of high-quality bandages, strong elasticity can protect dogs from sudden braking or sharp turns, and the high quality zinc alloy carabiner can keep the dog stable during the car ride. Iokheira's dog car harness seatbelt can be easily installed and unloaded. If you have any questions, please contact them immediately.

Brand: Iokheira

👤My Heeler/Border Collie mix is firmly in the back seat. The dual connection option and retention elastic allow you to keep the connection you're not using out of your way. Even against my ultimate chewer, the casing seems to be chew proof. We pulled over to check the condition of the connection after I noticed him eating and licking away. Even though it was wet, everything was in perfect working order. The sliding lock on the carabiner is genius and does not budge even with his pacing.

👤This is exactly what I was looking for, and likely what you are as well. This is perfect for any dog under 50 lbs, it is a vehicle crash restraint in concert with a good chest harness that incorperates a metal D-Ring. The model with the stronger aluminum caribiner should be fine for large breed dogs, but I wouldn't recommend it for them. If you go to the model with the Aluminium construction you have a significantly stronger connection because of the single connection point to the harness and Zinc carabiner. I would look for a multipoint harness for a heavy breed. In a head-on collision situation, this would definitely restrain them as far as possible to keep them from leaving the scene under their own power. The same company makes a model that has an aircraft carabiner. The strength of Zinc is less than that of Aluminium. The table below shows the difference that would be in favor of the other party in a collision. The mechanical properties of zinc are shown. ... There are mechanical properties. This product has the following properties: Imperial Tensile strength of 37 MPa, 5370 psi, aluminum, and 6061-T651, and English Ultimate Tensile strength of 45000 psi. It's small enough to fit in the pocket of my backpack. If you would like to keep it in a seat pocket or a glove box, it came with a faux silk bag. It will connect to either a standard Seat Belt connection or an integral child saftey restraint point that are located in the back of many rear seats in modern vehicles. This allows you to anchor your pet so they don't get hurt. It has a spring loaded effect to absorb forward energy from a sudden stop or from your pet trying to pull against it and is adjust lengthible in the same way as a backpack strap. I haven't tried to cut it with a knife, but it seems very sturdy and has something like a kevalar stretch core similar to a tow rope in it, that allows it to absorb some of the force. The seat end is stamped steel and the harness end is either zinc alloy or aircraft aluminum carabiner, depending on the model you purchase. I will return the one I bought and buy another one with the carabiner. I recommend you purchase the other model as well.

👤A lot of thought went into the product. The seat belt wouldn't work in any of the 23 trucks, cars, motor home or trailers we tried. It wouldn't hook on to the metal post on the headrest or anything else that would have been secure. This product was useless because the hook part was not long enough. To bad.

7. COOYOO Upgraded Multi Functional Seatbelts Adjustable

COOYOO Upgraded Multi Functional Seatbelts Adjustable

We thought of you and your pet beyond the car. It comes with a standard car seatbuckle and a latch based hook that can be used to tie a pet to a fence or a poll. If you forget the regular leash, you can join two belts into one. This additional hook allows you to place your dog in a vehicle with no seat belt buckles. The dog seat belt is made from heavy duty nylon and can be adjusted from 22 inch to 27/30 inch. Restraints with elastic bungee cushion may prevent choking risks due to sudden braking or sharp turns. The upgraded dual-safe locking carabiner clip is made from the same material as the main carabiner and is designed to serve you through all weathers. The premium zinc alloy swivel snap has a maximum tensile strength of 900 lbs and is rotatable to keep your dog active without being tangled. The tab on the dog seat belt clip is compatible with most vehicles. Universal hook latch's usage goes beyond vehicular harness. It is easy to see at night. You will get 2 pack seat belts and a collapsible water bowl in the value pack, but it's not a match for the price. Their priority is your satisfaction. Let them know if you are not happy with the purchase. They will give you a full refund or free exchange.

Brand: Cooyoo

👤I have been using this product for a long time. It has taken me two weeks to muster the energy to write this review. I would have expected the seatbelt to hold her in, but instead, it snapped and broke at the clasp, and my dog fell out of the window. She was a 6 month old border collie and only weighed 42 lbs. Do not use this for your dogs.

👤If you have a medium to large dog, this will help keep them from moving too much in the back seat. This was too long for a 10lb dog. Even shortening the length all the way to the end didn't stop him from getting off the seat and onto the floor or moving from one side of the car to the other The quality of the seatbelt is still really good and I like that. It is multi-functional. It is a great tool for larger dogs. I use it with another seatbelt to make sure I'm safe in my car. If my car were to make any rough stops, this keeps him anchored from the top to the bottom.

👤I want to make sure our pitbulls are safe while we travel. The double clip aspect of these is something I like. The seatbelt button is easy for our dogs to step on. Our dogs were constantly pulling, jumping up on the window and walking throughout the backseat, but these held up nicely during a 3 hour drive. The only problem we had was with the two dogs, but not the seatbelt. They were long enough for our big guys to lay down.

👤I like this because I have finally found a way to keep my Mini American Shepherd- 8 years old, from moving all over the place, or trying to get in my lap. He is a good dog, but most of the time he is in my lap and I can see out the window. Thank goodness he was the runt. He gets confused when I am driving and will try to do the usual things. He will calm down eventually. I've tried many products and made my own. This is the best at comfort and function. I like how you can attach the normal leash. It has a small amount of give so that my boy can move around in the front passenger seat. He can't really go anywhere and stay chill once he gets used to it. It's easy to install in any car. I leave this on my seat all the time. I have had people sit on the same spot on top of the seat belt. Thats a bonus because you can't even notice it. I can put this in a different car when I'm not driving, but he can be close to me without the sliding on the leather. I'm a fan of this priduct and am considering buying a back up.

👤The seatbelt holders of the Escape and F-150 hold these. I like that they can be used in other places than just cars. The bungee and ability to adjust lengths are nice. It allowed the dogs to move around in the back seat but prevented them from coming in the front. There was no problem with these holding the dogs and they helped out with some crazy traffic. The only problem I had, and it really isn't the fault of the seat belt, was that one of my dogs did a number on one with a few chews. This dog is not a chewer, but it is more excited to chew the way out when it is restrained. She can go. I like these and recommend getting them, I don't think the price means they are less quality than others. I plan on ordering more sets.

8. PetSafe Happy Ride Tether Strap

PetSafe Happy Ride Tether Strap

The tether is easy to install, just slip your seat belt through the loop on the tether and connect the carabiner to your dog's harness. It isdurable: The tether is strong enough to hold even the most active pup. Universal design. Most cars, trucks and SUVs have a tether. Driver distraction can be reduced. The tether is used to keep your family members safe in their seat. It is possible for all sizes. The tether is suitable for furry family members. It is comparable. The tether is compatible with all sizes of the Happy Ride Car Harness.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The back of the chest harness is fastened with this. He can't slam into the dash if the seat belt locks up. I got into a car accident where my air bag was. He was unharmed and a bit shocked. Good purchase if you take your dog with you.

👤I trust them for my fur babies as well as those belonging to other humans because I have four of them used in different implementations. I'll list them below for context, then the Pros and Cons as I see them. It got 4 out of 5 stars because of the price point. I've seen it as low as $8.49 but most often it's between $12.49 and $13.49 in U.S. dollars. You end up paying between 15 and 20 for each seat belt since it often requires buying additional aluminum caribeaners. Industrial usage metal is not cheap as it has to hold in an accident so you need climbing or industrial usage metal. My four are used. A small dog car seat made by Solvit has a second seatbelt. The black squared off, O-shaped caribeaner that comes with this pet seat belt connects to the car's seatbelt. A small aluminum caribeaner is added to the other end to attach to a harness for small dogs. I transport frequently. Two of these dog seatbelts are used in two different cars. 2. The second implementation is a seatbelt attached to a bicycle seat I created for my Chiweenie. She has neck and knee issues that are related to both her breeds. The bike seat is mounted to a luggage rack so that she can't jump out if she feels like it. It is the shortest length here. 3. The implementation is similar to a seatbelt for a bicycle basket. The mounting adjusts for two different dogs. The seatbelt can either be attached to the basket with a caribeaner that is squared off or it can be attached to the basket with an aluminum caribeaner. An aluminum caribeaner is used to attach to the dog's harness. An observation. The included caribeaner is too heavy and bulky for use with a harness for dogs under 10 lbs. The dog feels something. Not an issue for dogs over 20 lbs. I haven't had the chance to look at that range. There are 1 PROs. Attaches easily, no matter what you need. 2. When used with a car seatbelt, the length can be adjusted to fit dogs from a Rotty to a Pomeranian. 3. Quality construction and sewing on a nylon strap. There are 1 issues. When I bought mine, it was $8.49 to 9.99. The competitor's were cheaper but didn't work for me. 2. The original design was to pull the seatbelt through the balistic nylon loop while using the black caribeaner to attach to the dog's harness. If you are using a car seat, you can't use it this way as the seatbelt isn't in the right orientation to feed through the pet seatbelt and the dog seat securely. Given the cost of this item, they should include a second caribeaner.

9. URPOWER Upgraded Seatbelts Adjustable Vehicle

URPOWER Upgraded Seatbelts Adjustable Vehicle

A multi-functional seatbelt has two different types of safety buckles. One can connect the child safety seat to the car trunk with a hook and one can connect the seatbelt to the human seat. You have the option to choose the buckle. The dog car seat belt can be adjusted from 24.8 inch to 35.4 inch allowing pets to be active in certain space. It's made out of nylon fabric with reflective threads, which makes it great for use at night as well. The elastic buffer design of the nylon seatbelt dog can protect pets from sudden brake or sharp turn, which is a great design for pets during travel. The tab on the seatbelt clip is compatible with most vehicles. Before ordering, please check your buckle's size and compatibility. Keep an eye on it. Do not attach the seat belt to the collar of your pet. It's recommended to use it with a dog harness.

Brand: Urpower

👤I was excited to find an option that offered both seatbelts and bar clips. After using the product, I would highly recommend figuring out which option is best for you and sticking with it. The problem is that when using the sealbeltt option, the clip is not accessible for a dog to step on and clip their paw. I had to go to a store to get wire clips to cut off the clip on my dog's paw. If you used the clip, it would not be a problem, but if you used the seatbelt, it would pose a real risk.

👤The product is dangerous for dogs. The metal clip on the seatbelt is dangerous. Our dog stepped on the metal clip and it stuck to her paw pad. After 5 minutes of trying, we were able to get it off. It was a one-time freak thing, then it happened again. We tried to get it off, but couldn't. They had to put her to sleep to get it off. The ER vet has seen two freak accidents with the same product in the last two weeks. The vet bill is $300.

👤My dog got his toe caught in the clip and he cried and cried until we got it off him. It was really bad for him. We won't use these again. One of the models I bought had no clip near the seat belt insert. We don't need to use the clip feature because it just hangs near his feet. This will happen again if you don't take the chance. I bought them months ago and would return them.

👤The hook that connects to the shoulder belt is either compatible with the seat belt system or not. It works well for connecting to the shoulder belt. It does a good job connecting into the seat belt.

👤I have two bigger dogs who ride in my car. If I need to slam on my breaks, the seatbelts will not end up in the front seat. The belts are easy to use. The dogs are given enough room to look out the windows and interact, but not completely.

👤I wanted to get these for my girl to keep her safe. The vet said that she had been in a wreck and thrown or hit by a car, and that she was injured until she was found. I don't want to keep her safe. I had to stop and untangle her several times because she got so tangled up. The leads are tight. I sat in the back of the car to teach her how to not get tangled. The clip on the car that holds her potty was loose and I noticed the leads from her harness were not working. I don't recommend the idea.

👤My dog got her paw caught in the hook when she stepped on it. I had to get her to the vet. She had to have her paw shorn. Use with caution.

👤This product solved the problem of what to do with our puppy in the car, as advertised. It's very easy to use. It clips onto the seat belt receptacle or onto the child's seat loop, and then onto the dog's harness. My puppy calmed down and was much better behaved in the car since she felt secure.

10. Dog Seat Belt Pet Safety

Dog Seat Belt Pet Safety

Protect and restrain your pet during bumpy car rides and keep them safe with a Pet seat belt leash strap that can be clipped into most car's seat belt clips. It is easy to use these. Attach the clip to your pet's harness by attaching the leashes into your seatbelt slot. The leashes fit most cars, trucks and SUVs with a universal clip design. The length of each strap can be adjusted from 20 to 32. Quality material. The best seat belts are made with nylon straps and zinc alloy buckles. You can easily adjust to your length. People and pets are pleasers. Their goal is to design premium quality pet supplies that make life easier and more comfortable for pets and their families.

Brand: Duke Dixie Pet + People Pleasers

👤Two older dogs are no longer active like a pup. They have always been allowed to roam in the back of the SUV. A dog is shown in a video being thrown by a car that has a sudden stop. We did a trial run after purchasing these. The dogs are 81 pounds. They were firmly snapped in with the seatbelt. They sat up and seemed happy. We drove less than 10 feet and the dogs didn't move. We will pass the seatbelts on to our daughter because she has small dogs. I would recommend these for a small dog and not a dog the size of a Lab, because you get what you pay for.

👤When the car door opens, my dog charges it. The escape artist has gotten out despite our best efforts. She is safe in the car and we can open the door to load groceries with confidence because we have kept her safe. We use a harness with the leash to add safety. This product is very good.

👤My boyfriend left our dog's last seat belt in a rental car and I was going to buy her a new one. I bought the 2pack because I found this seat belt when I was comparing it and it looked good and a good price. I'm very happy I did. The amount for two made sense, they came quickly and are very good quality. You can make it as long or as short as you please. I would definitely recommend this product.

👤I bought a Pug Life harness for our dog, a golden retriever, several months ago. It has been easy to put on and take off, with a handle on the dog's back, that lets us know we have him when he gets into our Excursion. A couple of weeks ago, I had to hit the brakes on my car to avoid hitting a car that pulled out in front of me from a parking deck, as my son was riding in the back seat. The rest of the ride was spent on the floor. I got the seat belts for my car and my husband's car. One end clips into the seat belt receptacle while the other is attached to the ring on the back of the harness. Since the strap is adjusted so he can sit up and look out the window, he's fine with it. Our boy won't be hitting the floor again.

👤These are easy to use and can be adjusted to fit any size dog or car. I watched a dog jump out of an SUV window and get dragged by his neck before his humans noticed. I went online to find a way to make sure this doesn't happen to my dog. These tethers clip into the female end of the seatbelt and the other clips onto the dog's harness. I don't recommend it with a collar as it can come off and cause injury to your pet if there is an accident. My dog is over 80 pounds and is a 5 month old Cane Corso. I don't have that problem with these in my car because they don't stay clipped for big dogs. The seatbelts in your car should not have worn out. Nothing will stay clipped if that happens.

11. Elastic Bungee Buffer Accessories Adjustible

Elastic Bungee Buffer Accessories Adjustible

The dog car seat is high quality. The dog seat belt is made of high quality nylon fabric to ensure safety, features a solid zinc alloy snap and quality buckles, and the dog lead ensures the safety of your dog while travelling, and provides a relaxing driving experience for you. The length is adjusted. Dogs come in different weights and sizes. The dog seat belt can be adjusted to the appropriate length to keep your dog safe in the car. The dog car seat belt has a comfortable level of freedom according to the size of the dog. The design of the beard. The elastic buffer design of the Just Pet Zone dog seat belt can protect dogs from sudden brake or sharp turns. CONVENIENT It is easy to attach or release the metal buckle. The solid zinc alloy snap is tangle-free.

Brand: Petzana

👤Put 5 stars so people can see it. I bought this item and am so angry. It was perfect for my dog. I put it in my back seat so he could sit next to me. It was completely stuck. I will have to pay to get it fixed. I wish I had spent more on a better brand because I don't know how much it will cost to get it out. Don't buy a cheap piece of crap, just buy a trusted brand.

👤We love them! We bought one for our car and one for our daughter's car. They are easy to install, and our puppy has tried his hardest to chew it. The bungee part can be shortened and lengthened as needed, which makes us feel better about his safety. Highly recommended.

👤This is a great product. It's better to strap your dog down where he can't move than it is to use a metal chain. It's long enough to allow for the dog to get some sleep, and short enough to hold the dog in the car. It's not going to keep your dog from being thrown around in a car crash, but seat belts can.

👤My dog likes to sit on the passenger side. I wanted something that would protect me in case of an accident. This clicks into the seat belt and is easy to attach to a harness or collar. It was perfect for what I wanted. My dog is grown so he doesn't chew anymore. My guy is 40 pounds and works well.

👤It was easy to use. Attach your pet's collar or harness to the seat belt receiver in your car. It's long enough to give your pet freedom of movement. The design is well constructed and attractive. When traveling with a pet, get peace of mind. In the event of an accident, your pet will remain attached to the vehicle, and will not be able to leave the scene.

👤This is a good looking accessory and it shouldn't matter what the puppy car clip looks like. It is constructed using good quality materials. It is able to hold onto the cockapoo puppy that is trying to get into the front. Highly recommended.

👤I have an 11 pound terrier mix. The key to success for my puppy was gradual introduction to riding in the car with the seat belt. I sat next to her in the back of the car for the first time. There were treats given. She rode by herself in the back for longer trips. She loves riding with me to the store or wherever. I have not had any issues with her unbuckling it.

👤The safety strap is perfect for my dog. He is safe when I drive with him. I am not distracted by him wanting to sit on mom's lap. I gave it 5 stars for being chew proof, but he hasn't tried to chew it yet. I don't think it would be a problem if he chewed it. I bought 2.


What is the best product for dog zipline for car?

Dog zipline for car products from Lukovee. In this article about dog zipline for car you can see why people choose the product. Mogoko and Kurgo are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog zipline for car.

What are the best brands for dog zipline for car?

Lukovee, Mogoko and Kurgo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog zipline for car. Find the detail in this article. Pawbee, Aubell and Iokheira are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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