Best Dog Zipline for Backyard 150 Ft

Backyard 5 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Taglory Training Reflective Stitching Backyard

Taglory Training Reflective Stitching Backyard

For different training purposes, the size is 5/16 inch in diam, by 15 feet, 30 feet, 50 feet and 66 feet. The colors are orange and black. The long rope leash gives your dog a lot of freedom. A highly visible function. They put reflective stitching around the lead to make sure your dog is seen in low light. Your pup's safety is their highest priority. The metal hook is easy to open and close, making the dog both free and safe. It can be used with a harness. The material is NYLON. The training leash is made of nylon. The rope is very sturdy and the joint is sewn by the machine. Long leash allows dog for more freedom and is a great choice for off-leash training. Allow your pet to be more playful with other pets.

Brand: Taglory

👤We lost our fence in the hurricanes and I bought a 66 foot cord for my dog to be able to run around. We had it for less than a week and I loved it. I had a strange feeling to check on my dog because she is normally very well behaved and never chews on anything. She chewed through the cord in less than 5 minutes. She would have run off if I hadn't checked on her. Normally this wouldn't be a problem because she always stays near the house. She probably would have gotten hurt or even killed after the hurricanes because there were tons of debris and huge trucks flying down our roads. Do not buy this if your dog is a tough chewer. They will chew through it and run off. If your dog is a light chewer, this product would work well for you.

👤I was surprised when I received this product, I am not using it for training my dog, I am using it for a tie out, and it works great for my dog, we have cold weather here in Iowa, and snow, and it works great for my dog. I wanted to find something that would last longer than the standard tie outs, as the plastic on those tend to break and split. I am in love with this one because the hooks haven't frozen, unlike the others, and I would have to warm it up just for it to move. I haven't had it long, but I would recommend it. I am in love with it.

👤This was a great buy. I bought a cable and it was all twisted into knots. This is a little stretch to it so it doesn't just yank when my dog chases a rabbit. Very strong!

👤My Pittie is a champion weight- puller, so we needed a sturdy lead for some running exercise. The dog park isn't an option. This has more than was delivered. It should last the lifetime of your companion if you don't allow an aggressive chewer to gnaw on it. It was very gratifying.

👤A puppy was adopted by us. She is full of curiosity and wants to investigate everything on our property. This includes going back into our landscaping and digging or laying down in the dirt. By clicking this long lead onto her collar, we are able to see where she is going and prevent her from getting into something she should not be. She has made friends with it, and she tends to pick up the other end and carry it around. The rope has a snap on both ends. The bright orange is easy to see and it's holding up despite being drug through a lot of dirt and grassy areas. I would recommend this product to people with puppies.

👤This is a great tie out. I got a heavy duty tie. I have a dog that loves being outside. It's nice to know I could tie her up. I use it for walking. She has more freedom. Great product. Go for it. Fast shipping.

2. EXPAWLORER Dog Tie Out Cable

EXPAWLORER Dog Tie Out Cable

The cable set contains 75ft steel wire rope, 10ft runner and 7ft binding, as well as accessories of 2 plastic chucks, 2 small chucks, and 2 large chucks. There are two ways to install a cable between trees, one using a sling and the other using screw hooks. The long wire rope has a shock absorption spring on one end, the short wire rope has a metal buckle on one end and a pulley on the other. One end of the long wire rope is hung with a screw, one end of the traction rope is a pulley, and both ends of the bounding belt are rings. Steel wire material is strong enough to hold up to 125 lbs. and is not easy to break by dogs.

Brand: Expawlorer

👤This has been helpful. We were going to put up a fence so our puppy could play with the kids. The price of lumber is ridiculous so we decided to get this instead. The kids ran with the dog after it was installed. It is acceptable for all of my dogs and I have not had any issues with any of them breaking loose. We are very happy with the purchase. Dogs are included!

👤While I was setting this up, my dog kept hopping the fence into the neighbors yard. I put her on this every time she goes out because it keeps her safe. I was very satisfied with the results, but not how cheap it was.

👤The runner is nicely coated and came nicely packaged, had great instructions and a picture diagram, and it was nice. I climbed a tree to put it up.

👤I needed this item for my chocolate lab catahoula mix. I had the rope on the ground and she would wrap it around everything. This is hung high off the ground from a tree and a post and she can roam around better while outside with my family.

👤I don't know how it is chewproof. I tied it high and my dog loved it. When she hit the end of the rope, she would just go back to running. It worked well for her, she is about 60 lbs.

👤This was not described as having two chains for two dogs.

👤We have had problems with our dog chewing through ropes while on the run. We don't have to chase her around anymore because we bought this one.

👤Fast delivery and high quality product. A puppy has a heavy hook. We made it work. Would do it again.

3. Petest Trolley Runner Cable Pounds

Petest Trolley Runner Cable Pounds

60 ft tie-out cable and 10ft runner cable for dogs up to 125 lbs. The trolley system is used to give your dog adequate mobility and to keep it in sight. Attaching snap on both ends to a post or stake is easy for a protection of the dog's neck. Extra safety at night can be achieved with reflective and anti-rusty vinyl covers. Light steel spring is used to give the trolley system a elastic buffer.

Brand: Petest

👤I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier. We share a yard with our neighbor in a duplex house. I needed a way to keep my dog out of a 5 foot by 5 foot corner of the yard. Not a lot of room. I found this and I'm really happy with it. I got the 60ft one and had to cut it off but my dogs love it, as long as they're happy and can go the full length of my yard but stay on our side, I'm happy! The roller ripped my dog back after he ran. I took it down. The money was wasted. Not happy at all!

👤My dog is not a fan of this thing. I don't like that we can't keep him in the yard. If he got run over, I would be devastated. This does the job. The pulley prevents it from binding. The weather is nice. If he goes crazy and takes off it is not as bad as if he runs out of rope.

👤This would be good for our dog. The trolley wheel design is not good. There isn't enough room between the wheel and the bottom housing. The cable gets wedged between the wheel and the housing if the angle of pull is over a certain amount. I am going to check if there are any alternative trolley attachment at Lowes or if I will have to return the entire assembly. It's too bad as everything else seems fine. The easiest fix I found was to remove the trolley wheel from the kit. I cut the cable off. The picture is attached. The wheel was pretty loud, but now it is completely silent. I could have cut the trolley wheel housing myself and used the existing cable loop, but it would have been much more difficult to cut the cable with the cutters. It works great now.

👤I don't yet trust a dog off leash because of the deer around. This was the perfect solution.

👤It takes a lot of strength to screw the hooks into something. I thought I could wrap the end of the cable around the cable itself. It is more difficult than that. I bought two of them. I am exhausted after a failed attempt to install just one. I don't know what to do. I don't know the first thing about installing this kind of thing.

👤The runner was attached to two stationary points, which has nothing to do with the runner itself. The springs on the cable are very strong and will give you a cushion if your dog goes charging off. My dog has enough room to do what he wants. Very happy...

👤Potter is a 7 month old male siberian husky puppy. He is strong and active. He was about 6 months old when I got him. I needed a hysterectomy because I had serious medical issues. I assumed I would be able to handle Potter's needs when I was 26 years old. I was wrong. I bought the runner for him to get some exercise. The runner held up.

4. Petest Reflective Tie Out Cable Pounds

Petest Reflective Tie Out Cable Pounds

30 ft, ultra strong tie-out cable for dogs. Steel cable and clips are strong. Attaching snap on both ends to a post or stake is easy for a protection of the dog's neck. Extra safety at night can be achieved with reflective and anti-rusty vinyl covers. The crimp covers protect the cable ends from rain and rust.

Brand: Petest

👤The broke June 15, 2018, after it was ordered January 6, 2018. Light use was about 1/2 hour per day. The plastic coating is not UV rated, and it has a major rust issue. Our dog went on a walkabout after it failed just in from the yellow plastic "crimp covers". The seller's statement that "Structure feature crimp covers to protect cable ends from weakening due to rain and rust" is not true. This is where the cable failed. Don't buy this product. There is a new word for it.

👤This is a good leash for a small dog under ten lbs. If your dog chews the leashes, this will not last long and it could be lethal. My dog chewed through both sides within a few months. The wires under the plastic were dangerous when she did it for the first time. They cut into her skin after getting stuck in her fur. I had to use a combo of scissors and clippers to shave her fur off after I severed the leash and then tried to hold down my wiggling dog. I was able to pull the wires out of her skin, but my double coat still hasn't grown back right under her belly, because the wires got stuck in her skin. I should have learned from my mistake. I switched the end of the leash thinking I would watch her better since I know this now. We let her out one time. She exposed the wires by chewing and getting them stuck in her fur again and then tried to chew it off her fur since she was in pain. We caught her before it was too late. Do not buy this if your dog has any chewing ability. We were lucky this wasn't a vet trip. The first time my dog chewed it with her baby teeth, she was about 3-6 lbs, and the second time she did, she was about 8 lbs. She is under 6m and her teeth are small so be careful with your pets safety and invest in something safer. I am replacing this leash with fabric or nylon because it isn't durable for dogs that chew. If your dog is supervised by you the entire time on the leash, it will be less likely to chew. If you have a double coat dog, you should not go to the vet for a shaved fur baby because it can ruin their coat.

👤When Buddy wants to be outside, we use the cable to restrain him. One day a friend saw a squirrel and the chase began. When Buddy came to the end of the tether, we expected him to be restrained. Wrong! The cable held up perfectly, however, the rivet that connects the snap to the swivel broke in two, and Buddy was off and running. The chase came to an end when the squirrel ran up a tree and Buddy was able to catch him. The weakest link appears to be rivet.

5. Camping Portable Overhead Trolley Outdoor

Camping Portable Overhead Trolley Outdoor

Dog tie out cables can give your dog more outdoor space. They have a 50-foot dog rope and a 6.5-foot dog rope. The dog tether is strong and sturdy and can be pulled on. It has pulleys that will make your pet more free and safe when running outdoors. Their dog stroller system is easy to install and disassemble. If you put it between two trees or other objects, your dog will have a good place to train and relax. The portable bag is included in the package and you can take it with you. Their dog ropes are more durable and safer than most rope on the market. Your dog will enjoy more space to move around without tangles. If you have a question about the quality, please contact them, they will help you to solve it within 24 hours.

Brand: Nanboone

👤My dog snapped the lead within a week.

👤I like this one because my dog can run freely. The lead leash is handy as a second leash because a regular leash wouldn't wrap around a tree as quickly. I don't have a fenced-in yard so I can let him run and dig.

👤This has been a great experience for camping with my huskies. The set-up is easy. I want my pups to have their own space. Very happy with the product.

👤It was used for a hiking trip with my dog. The rope is of great quality. It's easy to put up and take down. It is not the lightest to carry. I wanted a dog that wouldn't break. Highly recommended for camping.

👤My dog chewed the cord in less than a day. The cord should be more sturdy.

👤Everything looks and feels strong.

👤I was unable to walk my dog because of this, but it worked well in my backyard.

👤The carabiner and hooks are not strong enough.

6. Hi Kiss Obedience Training Agility

Hi Kiss Obedience Training Agility

DIMENSIONS The dog leash is 30 feet long. Great for hiking, camping, training, hunting, backyard, beach, recall training, outdoor play with tennis balls, and swimming! The leash is great for teaching your dog. It has the length needed to allow them to wander. Is obeyed. The nylon dog training leash will last longer than cotton leashes. The nickel plated clip is made to resist twisting. Medium and large dogs can use their long dog leash. You'll love using it as a backyard dog leash, for off leash dog training, and more. It allows you to teach your dog tricks. The bolt snap resists twisting.

Brand: Hi Kiss

👤I'm pretty sure it's because your dog chewed on the leash first, that's why the leash is too thin. I don't know what kind of dog you have because this leash was put through hundreds of lbs of tension the other day, and I don't know what kind of dog you have. I attached the leash to my waist and the other end to my dog. My dog ran so fast that it pulled me 6 feet before I hit the ground, and my boyfriend threw the ball too far beyond the leash length. The leash was not broken. If it can handle a 150lb human and 90lb dog, you're going to be fine.

👤My Yorkie likes to run. I had a black leash for her, but it disappeared so I was looking for another one. I chose the pink leash because I thought it would be cute. It is very light in color and muddy after a walk. New York state is a land of slush, mud, and wet weather. This leash is slim but sturdy, the clasp opens and closes fine, and the loop handle is good, and it was a great buy. I think I'll get a black one. If you live in a warm place, the pink may be great. It is very light. We have a whole spring and summer of wet weather and I couldn't get the muddy stains off. I like this leash and will buy a darker color of it, perhaps a bit shorter this time. The price is right and the quality is good.

👤This leash is awesome! I got the 50ft which was great for letting my boy run around without me chasing him all over the farm. The latch held up to my 70+lb puppy as he lunged to play with our friend. It might get another in Orange.

👤Great product! I am very happy with the delivery and the lead. We use it for our coonhound. It floats well and allows her to be in the water without fear. I use it for recall. I will buy another if this one lasts long. The orange is easy to see on land and water. I recommend spraying the clasp with spray lubricant to keep it from sticking to sand and water.

👤I got this leash so that I could keep an eye on my dog while she runs at the dog park next door. She's 6 months old and still learning. If she takes off, I can step on the leash. I got a blue thirty foot leash for $9.97 in Denver. It is a good leash. A little lighter weight than the last one I had, but it seems sturdy and well made. It has a papery feel to it, but it's fine for a leash. They gave me a gift card if I wrote a review. It's an extra good deal because my rating is not influenced by their rebate, but I would have filled it out anyway.

7. RUFFIN IT Chrome Tie Cable

RUFFIN IT Chrome Tie Cable

A 100ft Trolley has a cable tie out. The package weight is 6.0 pounds.

Brand: Ruffin' It

👤It is easy to put up a dog run with a few pointers. Put the side up first. The pulley has a slide on it. I recommend buying a heavy duty metel. It comes with a plastic one that is hard to roll. Put the spring side up and get it tount. Go back to the tensioner side and take up the slack. Your done!

👤The Red Heeler/Australian Cattle dog that I just adopted has a very strong bite. I have to carry an extra leash with me when I take him on walks. He can destroy a retractable leash in just 2 bites. He destroyed half of the leashes I've collected over the years because they were all different sizes. Even the heavy woven types would be cut in half. I ordered two of these to solve the problem. I have to loop one end to make a makeshift handle which is a bit uncomfortable but he has not been able to destroy them.

👤I decided to use the coated wire as a tie out instead of setting this up as a trolley run. I use the coated wire as an addition to another tie out. You can't get this wire for this price without the other components. I installed the trolley myself, but definitely could have used a second pair or hands to do it right. Great value! I have a German Shepherd pup who loves to chew and this has withstood everything she has thrown at it. I wouldn't worry if we had to leave her alone.

👤The cable is strong. There were no issues there. The pulley wheel is what the lead line is attached to. The part that lets your dog run is not good. It had to be replaced quickly. Steel pulley wheels are inexpensive. It was more of a hassle to get a new one. A better pulley wheel is something the company should consider. It is great, except for that.

👤I have a dog that can't seem to be contained with a fence or lead. This dog has given my fence posts a "gangsta lean" by climbing up and pulling up stakes. The others were so short that they rigged it to where the long line could be used a 100ft lead with the resistance spring keeping him from pulling anything too hard. Works well. He is able to roam most of the backyard. It is a great solution until we can put up a fence to keep him out.

👤My golden retriever is not easy on leads. I upgraded to this lead because I thought she was better suited for her antics. Wrong! I replaced her last lead less than 3 weeks ago. It's already headed for the trash. The aerial line has not broken yet, but it is beginning to crimp in places, and is also beginning to have plastic stripped from the wire, which leads to rusted wires. The plastic pulley is the real thing. The plastic arm of the pulley was rubbing grooves as the lead slipped between it and the wheel. The arm snapped after I took the first pics. She came back and is safe. She doesn't stay on her lead a lot, maybe 4 hours a day, off and on. This thing has been up for three weeks. I paid more than twice as much for a POS that didn't even make it a month. I am thankful that I was outside when it snapped. I'm not happy with everything about this lead.

8. Highland Farms Select Aerial Trolley

Highland Farms Select Aerial Trolley

The Aerial Run Trolley System comes with a 100 ft dog tie out cable and a 10ft dog runner line, which are vinyl covered to protect from rust, durable and long lasting for the dogs up to 100 lbs. pulley run smoothly along the cable with the help of turnbuckle Dog cables can be tangled with the help of a 360 degree swivel carabiner clasp. Your dog will be happy to enjoy a lot of run and freedom because it is lightweight and durable. The shock absorbing spring is designed on the runner line instead of the cable, it will give your dog a elastic buffer when sudden pull and run to avoid injury, give your dog more enjoyment and security to run and play. The trolley system is made of high quality steel wire and can hold up to dogs running and pulling, and keep it safe in sight. It's not necessary to fear them running off when camping. It's easy to install. Their aerial run trolley system includes a 100ft heavy duty dog aerial run cable with turn-buckle, 1 x 10ft runner line with shock absorbing spring, 2 x protective stopper, 2 x screw hook, 2 x large clamps, 1 x pulley, and a carry bag. There is no need to purchase more accessories. Attaching instructions is easy to do.

Brand: Highland Farms Select

👤This went up without a hitch. We used it for a week. My dog is over 40 lbs and it was on a slight incline. The screw-in parts were coming undone as the week went by. I slung it back onto the hook after taking it down from a chair on my porch. She bent the hook almost straight and wrapped herself around the furniture in the yard. I couldn't see that she had broken it. I will re- install with hardware from a nearby store. I have to get a ladder to check the other spot because it's high up in a tree. We didn't need it this long, but we got it in case. Not a good purchase.

👤I have a german shepherd dog that ripped this product up. This would be a great product for a small dog, but likely not a large dog. It is made with decent materials, but they are not strong enough. I could pull the line by hand.

👤Poor quality and not sturdy. My dog is around 60 lbs. She pulled the cord from the rope clips. I tightened them even more. She bent the hook almost straight as she tugged the second time. I spent an hour installing and re-installing and now have to throw it away.

👤The dog tie out has everything you need. There is a Yes, but. Our two month old Labrador puppy is missing from the yard. The cable was pulled out because the factory crimped was not tight enough. It was an easy fix because I made my own loop and put some cable clamps on it, but I would recommend smashing the factory cable end with two hammers to make it tighter before installing. We were able to see the dog easily when it broke. Anyone who has had a 2 month old lab puppy knows they are in top gear 100% of the time.

👤This line was the longest for the cheapest. The dog loved it, it was easy to put it up. I am thankful that I watch my dog while he is on it. I heard a snap sound when I had my puppy on the runner. My dog ran after the cable hit the ground. I was able to catch him. Poorly made closing. What could a normal dog do if my boy broke it? I had to go to Lowes for more clasps. Beware.

👤It's easy to set up for dogs like ours that are runners. They love to run off and check out stuff but are hard to find in strange areas and can get lost. It helps to have room to enjoy and be near you.

👤10 minutes after install, my Shepard bent the screw hooks. Substituted kit screw hooks with lag thread hooks. Then hammer the 3 cable sleeves. Good for the price.

👤5 minutes later. The hook that comes with the package isn't working. The cable is strong enough to hold a 100lb German Shepherd. The washer is too small. I bought another set on Amazon from a seller that has bigger washers.

9. Four Paws Heavy 10 Foot Silver

Four Paws Heavy 10 Foot Silver

The dog cable is made of vinyl coated aircraft cable. Dog tie outs are long lasting and won't break. Provides your dog with freedom. Dog cable is portable. Dog tie out cable. Dogs under 100 pounds.

Brand: Four Paws

👤I was able to find this product on Amazon, but it was the shortest I could find at 10 feet. We were trying to find shorter ties for my service dog at work and for inside our apartment. All of those uses work well with these. If you want to shorten the length of the cable, you can wind it around the leg of the bed or desk several times, attach the end carabiner and then wrap it in a loop. Being a person with a disability, I do a lot of online shopping and rely on online reviews to help me decide on purchasing. If you found this review helpful, please click.

👤A few months ago, our dog was viciously attacked by another dog and it awakened something in him. He is a 60lb Boxador with a mile wide protective/mean streak. He was tethered with this while we were RV vacationing. Two dogs began barking when a dog approached. My dog broke the tether, the end loop came undone, and he got to the other dog. There were no injuries because ours was wearing a muzzle. This was rated for dogs that were much heavier. We put the tether away after each use. There wasn't any weather damage. I am angry that it broke, and grateful that we avoided disaster.

👤It is working well for my mastiff. It has only been used twice. I am very pleased. It feels like it should have been more expensive. Everyone on these reviews says it lasts about a year and that is a great deal. My dog is outside for a while. I am with him. He doesn't have to use a leash. I don't know if he jumps fences or not, I got him from the shelter. You should be arrested if you keep a dog on a chain all day. #adoptdontshop

👤I found a thick cable at a local pet store for less money than the one pictured, I have a large German shepherd and a beagle. The original package picture is not the same as the one here.

👤The thinner plastic tie outs made by other companies snap quicker than this one so I'm purchasing this one again. Ours lasted a year before snapping, but it's still being used every day in Minnesota. Other reviewers have praised this tie out and it is located in Alaska and Michigan. My tie outs snapped in mid-January last year and this year, it's likely due to the low temperatures or the freezing and thaw. We have a beagle and it doesn't seem heavy for him. We have a stake in the front yard. We use a tie out tied to the railings on the front of the house so that we can sometimes open the door and let him out to do his business and then he can bark for us to be open the door. The 20 foot tie out is perfect in Minneapolis, where the houses are close together and the dog doesn't stray into the neighbors' yards. Some houses on our street have a 50 foot wide lot, so a 25 foot tie out would be perfect.

10. Kurgo Zip Line Leash Carabiner

Kurgo Zip Line Leash Carabiner

Zipline for dogs keeps pets out of the front seat and prevents dogs from jumping from the vehicle when the door is open, yet still allows freedom of movement. The dog zipline can be attached between the 2 fixed points in your vehicle, and it's easy to install. Pack Age includes a zip line, a leash, and two carabiners, a large one that moves along the line itself and a smaller one that ends the leash. Zipline dog seat belt works best with a dog car harness.

Brand: Kurgo

👤I bought a loop that is used for rock climbing. The loops are large enough that I can feed the line through, even though it came with lockable carabiners. I spent $13 for the swivel, that wasn't bad. I don't have to worry about my boy getting tangled up now that I have that. I bought this for my dog. He paces back and forth a lot because of his car anxiety. I wanted something that would stay out of the way so that he wouldn't have to worry about getting them wrapped around his legs in an accident because it would be too dangerous. He wouldn't get tangled if he had something from above. The product is heavy duty. The carabiners are heavy and sturdy, and surprised me when I picked them up. The zip line feels like a tie down for a truck. The design placement made it difficult to tighten it, but I made due. I liked that the line connecting your dog's harness is a leash because I could grab him and go in an emergency. The only thing I don't like about that is the fact that there isn't a design for the carabiner to attach to the line. Whenever my dog gets excited, we stop. He spins and it ends up twisting the drop line to the point I can't get the carabiner. I have him turn the other way a few times before the tension gets to me. This would be perfect if that was fixed. I bought a rock climbing carabiner that will be used instead of the regular carabiner, so hopefully that will fix the situation.

👤I was able to install this in two ways- from the handles up high and the rear seat belts. The seatbelt thing didn't work because my 7 mo old puppy is very tall and the harness on the front doesn't stay on top if the line is down below him. The zipline from handles method is what I am sticking with. I had to distract him because he was a puppy and the bundle cord for excess strap was counterintuitive, but I appreciated having a leash length strap to attach to him, but all the excess just flaps in his face. I think he needs a bully stick or something to get his mind off the leash and hit him in the face the whole drive. I'm going to make two modifications, one of which is to put a leash up away from him when he's laying down, and the other is to put something on the line so that he can't jump out the window or the door and hang himself. This appears to work well, be well made, and versatile for many vehicle sizes. If you have a dog chewer or puppy, you'll have to keep an eye on it because the straps won't hold up. The zipline approach worked well on a harness that doesn't have a ring or attachment on the back, I feel like the heavy clips would tip over a tiny dog easily though. I use this in my 2006 Volvo S60R back seat, my dog is 7 years old, 65 lbs, and wears a Sense-ation front attach harness.

11. Zipline Eagle Spring Brake Kit

Zipline Eagle Spring Brake Kit

Large dogs have 50-ft tie out cable. slackers is a Colorado-based company that focuses on kids' active play products to help you and your children get active. Children can be inspired to play outside with their ziplines and zip line accessories. ZipSPRING BRAKE The slackers 90 ft Eagle Series Zipline has a Zipspring bake system. The trolley and rider are protected by the powder-coated steel spring brake. slackers have a quality standard. All of their play equipment is made from the best materials. The Eagle Series Zipline Kits are designed for a long time of reliable, safe, fun enjoyment. They are focused on creating safe, durable Ziplines, outdoor swings, active playground sets, and obstacle courses for kids, ideal for building up your inner adventurer and motivating children of all ages to stay active. All slackers Ziplines meet or exceed US safety standards for quality. If you are not completely satisfied with your zipline purchase, their customer service team will work with you to make it right.

Brand: Slackers

👤My kids love this zipline and I'm glad we bought it. It was installed at the mountain cabin. The four cousins played on it for hours. I think the warnings about adult supervision are good, but I think the older kids could help the 2-year-old. The zipline kit is worth the money. The disc seat and the spring brake are essential for younger kids. Without those two accessories, I would be constantly worried about injury, but as it is, I can just sit back and let them zip. The downsides are here. The reviewers were able to set it up in one hour with only one adult, but we needed two adults to work for 2.5 hours to get this thing up and running. It may be difficult to pick a site. There are strict guidelines for how big or small the trees can be, and how much maximum slope the line can accommodate. You can't put it on a downhill slope. * The directions are hard to understand. The diagrams are not clear. It took us a long time to figure out what the end of the cable was. We were thrown for a loop by the list of "cessary tools not included" at the beginning, but we ended up not needing most of them. I'm not sure who wrote that list. * It's difficult to tighten the cable if the start point is 10' or more up in a tree. We needed three adults for this. While the turnbuckle adds a little extra tightness at the end, it's not a substitute for pulling, tugging, and holding, and someone else frantically tightens the U-clamps before the whole thing starts to slip. After the initial tightening and some test runs, you'll most likely have to redo the whole process because the cable has stretched. * It will be more fun for your kids if they have a platform of some kind to launch from, despite what the instructions say about how the rider should get on at the lowest point and then be towed up to the start point. Depending on your setup and materials, you may find a simpler or more complicated solution to this. It's not an easy project, but it's worth it. Just be sure you set aside at least three hours to get your tools together, choose the site, clear any obstacles, decode the cryptic instructions, set up the cable, tighten it, test it, re-tighten it, and re-test it! Have fun!

👤The zip line is great. The zip line works perfectly for children and adults once the setup is complete. The instructions were not very useful. If I had thrown them in the garbage, I would have had it up and running much quicker. If you have a turnbuckle, install it at the bottom of the line. It makes for a more solid brake. If you put the extra cable at the top, it will not get crimped every time you ride. I used a 12 foot long 2x6 to make a hole in the ground because I didn't have a tree at the bottom of my run path. It wasn't stable enough with the zip line attached at the top, so I had to run an additional cable from the top down to the ground. * You need the brake option if you're going to have a moderate incline. It would be unsafe to ride without the brake because my incline is a lot higher than what the manual recommends. It's a quick stop at the end, but within our 3 year old's comfort level. * The trunk on the top end of my tree is not quite as tall as it should be, but it works fine because it's away from the zip line. I used a metal piece to hold the line in place.


What is the best product for dog zipline for backyard 150 ft?

Dog zipline for backyard 150 ft products from Taglory. In this article about dog zipline for backyard 150 ft you can see why people choose the product. Expawlorer and Petest are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog zipline for backyard 150 ft.

What are the best brands for dog zipline for backyard 150 ft?

Taglory, Expawlorer and Petest are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog zipline for backyard 150 ft. Find the detail in this article. Nanboone, Hi Kiss and Ruffin' It are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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