Best Dog Zappers to Stop Barking

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1. WHATEVER WORKS Deterrents Barking Control

WHATEVER WORKS Deterrents Barking Control

End. Are you at the mercy of your neighbor's dog or your own dog? It feels lonely and miserable. Some neighbors don't care, others like you are unsure of what to do. The Anti Bark dog bark deterrent is a good option. The Un-wearable device makes dogs more comfortable by stopping their bark. Is your dog making all the noise? The Anti Bark dog anti barking device works up to 15 feet indoors. Is it further away? The microphone picks up dogs in different directions. Set your device to deter dogs from barking up to 50 feet. Set your anti-bark device to 30 feet. The bark control devices come with instructions. Turn the device on and then use the Test button. Hold it at arms length and whistle. The device will sound and the Led will light up. You can affix your anti barking device on a tree, fence, or wall with 2 holes. Select short, medium or long range to set the volume. The Anti Bark dog bark deterrent is safe for all animals. It is safe for everyone to hear. You may not even hear it. It will take up to 2 weeks for the barker to understand what piercing noise means. If your neighbor's dog doesn't stop, it won't work for deafness or hearing impaired dogs. The Anti Bark dog deterrent device is weatherproof and can be hung outdoors in all weather. It comes with a 30-Day Money- Back Guarantee if it isn't right for your dog and a 12-Month Manufacturing Warranty if it is. You will love the quiet and your dog will love not being yelled at.

Brand: Whatever Works

👤Does nothing. The dog is barking as usual after being activated for several days.

👤My neighbor has a dog business and leaves the dogs outside all night long and local attorneys can't/won't do anything about frustrating...

👤This is activated by any noise and will make your dogs dislike being near it.

👤Simple. Doesn't work. It doesn't bother the neighbor dog, nor does it affect my dog. I tried to play with it on all settings, and tried a new battery. It's easy to turn on.

👤This product is not worth keeping your cash in. It will light up, and buzz a bit, but that is all. It doesn't stop a barking dog. Again, garbage.

👤Even if the barking is right next to it, the unit doesn't start.

👤It stopped working after the first rain.

👤My friend's baby shower was where we ordered two sets of these. The items were of high quality. The plates were sturdy and worked well for what we used them for. The colors are the same. Definitely recommend.

2. DOG CARE Ultrasonic Rechargeable Flashlight

DOG CARE Ultrasonic Rechargeable Flashlight

Anti barking device and 2-in-1 training. The dog barking control device is a dog training tool with two modes that can be used for various scenarios. Deterrent mode is when you emit a higher intensity Ultrasonic sound and the flashlight flashes as a warning to prevent other dogs from approaching you. Ultrasonic sound can be used to assist in daily dog training such as stop excessive barking, fighting, biting, and correct other unwanted behaviors. Dog training and bark control device UT-01 uses two speakers that reach up to 25 feet to deter unfriendly dogs. The stop barking dog device is portable and can be used indoors or outdoors. You can use the dog bark deterrent to train your dog or take it away. The deterrence is increased by using high-frequency flashlights and high-resolution sound waves. Dog Care pet gentle no barking device for dogs UT-01 has a standardusb included in the box and is rechargeable with an ultra battery life. If you take this device with you, you can use it for up to 4 months without having to charge it again. It takes 4-5 hours to fully charge. The time is up to 6 months. It's suitable for long-distance travel, indoor or outdoor activities. Dog-friendly sound wave design makes this dog barking control device easier for dogs to understand and learn. The dog care barking control device raises the training effect. The dog barking deterrent device UT01 should not be used in front of people and should not be blocked by walls. The pet gentle anti barking device UT01 emits an Ultrasonic of 25 KHZ, which will not affect humans but can grab dogs' attention without worrying about hurting your dogs. Give the dog food, threats, or petting when it stops acting out. Aggressive dogs, hearing-impaired dogs, dogs under 6 months or over 8 years are not compatible with the bark control device.

Brand: Dog Care

👤My neighbor's dog is scared of barking constantly.

👤We bought a smaller device about 6 months ago and were impressed with it, so we wanted to find a second one so we could have one closer when we needed it. I took a chance on the new one since I thought it had a better range. My dogs are at least 20 feet away from this. It works well to stop their barking at rabbits. I would recommend and buy again.

👤I was very impressed with how well this worked with my shepherd and how responsive she was to it. I don't use this device for training tricks because I prefer to use positive reinforcement. I use the training mode button to deter my dog from doing something, since she has sensitive ears, but I don't use the Deterrent Mode since I want to avoid using the higher ultra sonic waves. One quick press of the button will get my dog to react. I would advise against using this when off leash around other dogs because of the waves affecting other dogs. I'll stick to the DogCare shock collar for those situations, because I only have to use the beep feature to deter my dog from something after she has gotten used to it. Product is better than I anticipated and I am very pleased with the results. The wrist loop should be adjusted. I could have it stay on my wrist if I didn't hold it in my hand.

👤I didn't know I had an option other than a bark collar. I only used this as a training aid today. I am impressed so far. I tested it to my ear. If it is close to your ear, it is audible. My dog was outside barking loudly at the neighbors, I told him "no bark" and used the detterent button, and he immediately stopped and was startled. He had to see it in my hand to not bark. I can't wait to see how helpful this will be. I'm excited that he won't have to wear the bark collar as often. If another dog is coming at you aggressively, this could help. I am very happy with this device. I have been able to remove my dog's shock collar completely. I don't have to press the button because he usually complies quickly if he sees it in my hand. It helped him chase the cat. I am hoping to use the train button more to calm down some behaviors that are reacting negatively to certain people. I can't say enough good things about it. If you know what you're doing and have a reward when they stop barking or being mean, this can work for training. I love my dog so much, and now day to day life with him is much better. My friend Donna, who also has a miniature dachshund, wanted to try this after hearing about my success. She's not good with online ordering. She and her husband were worried that they would hurt their dog. They couldn't use a shock collar. Their outdoor living was hampered by Miles' barking. They were able to try it. They gave him the command, pressed the button, and he immediately stopped barking. They see that this can help. As long as it's done correctly, it can work for these stubborn dachshunds.

3. TBI Pro Rechargeable Bark Collar

TBI Pro Rechargeable Bark Collar

QUALCOMM CONTROLLED BARK DETECTION. The advanced version of the No Bark collar features an intelligent anti-injury chip. The collar has 5 levels of sensitivity and 3 modes of training, which will stop barking with no harm to the dogs. Digital display showing high-tech design. The screen has a level of shock and sensitivity. The training mode for your dog to stop barking can be chosen based on the nature and behavior of your pet. There is a high-quality bristley. Up to 14 days per charge. Only your dog's barking can cause the collar to go off, but not the barking of other dogs. The no bark receiver with automatic protection mode is built to make sure the safety and security of your pet. IPX7 waterproof design. The IPX7 material allows you to use the collar in all weather conditions. It is better to take off the collar while swimming.

Brand: Tbi Pro

👤Great product. My dog wears it most of the day, it doesn't bother him to wear it. I pick what I use on my pets, especially when it's a training aid. It needs to work for a long time. While we are at work, we leave this collar on our dog in case he gets out of hand. It has 6 different usage settings, and it has protected probe's as well. I will turn it down if my dog is doing better with his barking. I'll turn it up because he isn't getting the lesson. It worked well in training him. The collar won't pick up on lower sounding whines, so he gets away with winning. The instructions were easy to read and the customer service that accompanied the product was great. I wanted to make sure I knew what I was going to do.

👤I feel like I have to say something because corrective collars like this are what I typically write reviews for. The collar works as it is supposed to. It took a few minutes to set up but once you understand its function it's easy to use. The instructions are a little strange for a young tech person. I use this collar on my German shepherd when I'm in the house to demote excessive barking at people and things through the windows. I think it's due to her long hair, but sometimes the collar won't catch her barking, that's a bit annoying, but there's only so much you can do about that. Depending on how frequently you use it and at which setting, the battery life is decent. I have had this collar for over six months and have no complaints. It works as expected. I like that it has different collar types and different sizes for different hair lengths. The collar is good for the price. I work in the animal field and I'm seeing a lot of reviews that say that their dogs are less anxious when the collar is put on, as soon as the collar comes out. I use this product on my dog and am not against the proper use of corrective collars like this. Be aware that you are not making your dog submissive. You are preparing a reaction. Not a bad thing, but you should know these collars don't have magic abilities to calm your dog. You are providing a training method that is enforced by noise, motion, and pain to make you want to bark at the mailman 500 feet away. I am aware of that bit. Exactly. I couldn't say anything. Sorry. Please understand what you are buying for your pet and what types of positive reinforcement training you should use in addition to the corrective collar. Your dog is responding to a negative reaction.

👤We are not sure if we got a pair of bad units, but neither worked. They didn't work on the dogs, and they didn't respond to test noises. Changing sensitivity did nothing. I held it to my throat and it barked like a dog. When I screamed at the top of my lungs, it would respond a few times, but not always. I tried to review this product the day after we got it. We got a picture of their dog and a product that was not found on the product page. Suspicious? Yes. It was odd to see it back up.

4. Shock Bark Collar Small Large

Shock Bark Collar Small Large

No pain, no shocks - a combination of sound and vibration increases in intensity the longer your dog barks for anti-barking correction training that is trauma-free. In 1 minute, there are 7 levels of intensity. Their revolutionary Smart Chip is a chip that can detect barking and increase intensity until your dog stops. No monitoring is required on your part. It is completely waterproof. Their revolutionary Smart Chip is a chip that can detect barking and increase intensity until your dog stops. No monitoring is required on your part. It is completely waterproof. For small to medium to large dogs, 3 months old and up, it's for 6-120 lbs. The device is 2. 5” in length. The nylon cinch collar can be adjusted to fit the smallest pet. The largest collar is 25” in diameter. Growling, shaking, scratching or other dogs that bark won't cause the collar to go off, so you can focus on training your pet. The collar has a safety chip and is triggered by your dog's bark. The anti-bark device's light weight is distributed across the scruff area of the neck by the fully adjusted fabric collar. Your pet won't even know it's on.

Brand: Nps

👤The shih tzu has a very large bark. We have had seven other shih tzu and have never had a barking issue. Our new girl likes to look out the window when she sees activity on the street, and she would launch into a hysterical barking jag when she saw activity on the street. I couldn't imagine trying a shock collar on such a small girl. The collar that was sprayed with the scented oil would not have been good. Our dogs have short muzzles so I was worried about the spray getting into her eyes. I didn't want scented spray on the furniture because the barking occurred indoors. The sound/vibration collar was left. I made the purchase with high hopes but also skepticism. I was amazed by the results. We put the collar on her and left the strength setting in place. She barked and the sound went off. She thinks the alert is coming from underneath her. She burrows into the couch pillows to look for the culprit. The barking jags have ended. I think she is testing the system by occasionally barking. She still watches out the window, but now she growls or is very low. Sometimes it will go off without adequatetrigger or sometimes it won't go off at all. The success we have experienced has not been affected by these occasional lapses. I hope you have the same success as us. The collar is called the good girl collar and it has made her a good girl.

👤Our basset hound has a big bark that rattles windows, not what my neighbors or guests want to hear. The bark control collar can be used to train your dog. It's sound and vibrates are a good way to reinforce quiet commands and reduce barking. The collar is not meant to be worn all the time. My dog wears it while in the yard. We use it less and less because it has been very effective. The collar can be adjusted to accommodate heavier fur. My dog is still able to vocalize and yawn without setting it off. The collar has two batteries. They lasted about a month. The warranty is provided by the manufacturer. I am very happy with the product. The collar doesn't have a remote control.

👤One of my dogs barks a lot. She had the collar on for about 6 minutes before her first "incident" 4 minutes after that. I was surprised at how quickly it changed her behavior and now we only put it on her when she can't control herself. Okay... "won't" may be a better word. There is no pain to the correction because I've held it and "blown" on it. It's weird that it interrupted her pattern.

👤I was not sure if this could be so great at this price. I tried it on my dog and it worked. The barking was stopped with the first sound. I tried it on my son's mix and he didn't get as far as he could have. Just shut him up! I will order one for my son. It is a piece of cake. Once you get the fit set right, all you have to do is click it on or off the dog. Excellent product!

5. Ultrasonic Deterrent Rechargeable Repellents Behavior

Ultrasonic Deterrent Rechargeable Repellents Behavior

The 2-in-1 Ultrasonic anti-bark device is a safer solution for dog training and bark control. The anti bark device can be used to stop unwanted behaviors, such as barking/digging/eating unsafe food/fighting. All sizes of dogs are safe and works. The hearing frequencies for dogs range from 15HZ to 120KHZ. The sound of the Ultrasonic bark control device can grab the dog's attention but not hurt the hearing of humans and dogs. All-breed dogs and all size dogs can be controlled with the barking control device. The portable Ultrasonic barking dog deterrent is designed to be comfortable to hold. The bark deterrent has a control range of 16.4 feet. It can be used to train their own dogs or to drive away unfriendly dogs. Press and hold the second button to emit a spot that can play with the cat or dog. If you click the bottom button, the flashlight will be turned on and used to stop an approaching dog or illuminate a way home. The dog whistle can be used to train dogs. Simply press the top button and the bark deterrent will emit an Ultrasonic sound to attract the dog. The battery full charge is two hours for about 12 days of regular use. The light is red and green.

Brand: Connete

👤Four dogs are chasing after me in the back yard, growling and barking, every time they see me outside. This deterrent has been effective in getting them to leave me alone. The cats love to chase the red laser light and the flashlight isn't very bright. I was confused when it said to use the beep to control the dog. There is no sound on the remote. They're talking about the dog whistle that comes with the remote.

👤I tried it on it for a while, but it wasn't enough to stop the annoying yapping. I press this because I could hear it barking and it barked back at me.

👤So far, so good! I like that this item is not using batteries. The flashlight and laser have many features.

👤I've been very satisfied with my Connete Ultrasonic Dog Barking Deterrent device since it was purchased three months ago. I'm not sure if it's the device or my dog, but he seemed to learn quickly and I'm happy for that. I don't need to use it anymore because it has worked so well. Thank you. There is a new date for 12 May-2021.

👤A girl is very anxious. She is always alert. The barking at the kids behind my house was causing problems. This device gets her attention. I say quiet. I was able to stop her long enough to get her a treat and praise. I can wear it around my neck because it has a built in flashlight.

👤This actually works. I was skeptical at first. I know dogs stop barking and run away. Would recommend.

👤This work is great in my lab. The battery lasts along time and is easy to use. I charge once a week to make sure it is always charged. Jazz likes to run around a lot so she has learned her boundaries. Its worth the price. It was strong and durable. This is the training you need to train your pet.

6. STÙNICK Ultrasonic Deterrent Multi Function Anti Barking

ST%C3%99NICK Ultrasonic Deterrent Multi Function Anti Barking

A dog trainer can prevent and control the bad habit of barking at others before the dog is 6 months old. While a regular dog training clicker is great for training in positive behaviors, the handheld anti-bark training from Stunck will chill out all the negative ones, so you get greater results in puppy training. When your dog barks or runs off, simply press the button on your Ultrasonic device and the noise will stop them from barking or running off. You won't hear it, but it makes them angry. For 10 days, keep training the behavior to allow the conditioning to learn the new action. Did your dog run off? They will stop from anywhere up to 20 feet if they hit the button. They should call back and give them a treat. If you have neighbors dogs who bark, point this anti barking training device in their direction as a deterrent and in 10 days they might have learned the new behavior as well. Not suitable for hearing impaired pets. Is it possible to care for a dog? You can't use the anti barking devices as a safety device against attacking dogs because they don't have the training or conditioning to be aggressive. Dog barking control devices can be used as a training tool. Even on rainy days, you can take the STNICK dog training Ultrasonic sound device out. It comes with a 30-Day Money- Back Guarantee if it is not right for your dog, and a 12-Month Manufacturing Warranty if it is. Try it out and tell your dog to play nice.

Brand: StÙnick

👤Works well on the dogs. At last, peace.

👤I have been using it for a week or so and it works. I am very thankful for this device. I use the microphone on the nanny cam to emit sound when I'm away from the home. My dog is very anxious and keeps scratching at the door. I will use it while training him.

👤The instruction is clear, body build is small enough in your hand, but they said can handle up to 20 feet away. The dog is making noise. A big dog to a small chiwawa still doesn't react to sound. Either this defected or it didn't work at all. Don't buy it. Money that is waiste. I will return it.

👤I have the same exact model from a different brand and it worked great for my dog. My dog was very responsive to it and it was very effective. The brand is no longer available because the button broke. I went with the Stunick brand because it doesn't function the same and is not effective at all. I could not hear the whistle on a previous model, but my dog responded immediately. It makes a weird whistle noise that is not effective.

👤Light and laser work. There was no sound. Dogs are not phased. There was no ear twitching. There was no response at all.

👤I had hoped that the Stunick would help me stop my dog from charging and barking when the bell rings. It has no effect, like it was not there. The device is easy to use and has a bright light on it. It is very easy to change or install the battery. If it worked or helped at all. I have a golden dog, so maybe it is better on other dogs.

👤Morkie immediately took to my wife, but not me. When my wife sat at a table, the adorable Morkie would always be between her legs, and under the stool. The Morkie barked at me whenever I approached. The Morkie would chase me and snap at me, but only me. That's a mystery that's not solved. The dog's pursuit of me has been solved. The only thing that stopped the dog from barking and chasing me was the button. The dog will emit some muffled wuffs, but we can tolerate that. When my wife is not at home, the Morkie sits with me. Even though I was skeptical when I bought this item, it works for me. It's a success and a dollar's value for a dollar.

👤I love it! There is a dog next door that barks the whole time it is outside. The dog is not doing anything wrong, it is his people. It works well to keep him from barking and hurting himself, and it also gives some peace to the neighbors.

7. Modus Ultrasonic Deterrent Training Anti Static

Modus Ultrasonic Deterrent Training Anti Static

Dog training and bark control can be done with their Ultrasonic barking control devices. The anti bark device can be used to stop barking, digging, eating unsafe food, fighting, and other undesirable behaviors. The average human hearing range is 20HZ to 20KHZ, and the dog can hear a wider range from 15HZ to 120KHZ. The sound of the bark control can grab the attention of dogs, but it doesn't affect humans. It's convenient to use outdoor with the modus devices that fit nicely in your hand and have an anti-static wrist strap. The control range of the bark deterrent is over 16 feet. Ultrasonic technology works well on all dogs. It's easy to use, it emits an Ultrasonic sound that can only be heard by dogs. The indicator is green when the device is working. The barking control devices will be turned off when the button is pressed for over 10 seconds. The device is powered by batteries. User's guidance. The anti barking device doesn't work in dogs with hearing problems and they don't recommend it for dogs under 6 months old. Training is required to be effective.

Brand: Modus

👤I have a dog that plays too much. She will lick you at the door until you're soaked. That's great for me, but not for when my mom or a stranger comes, hence the need for this trainer. I settled on the Modus after reading reviews and am impressed so far. After two uses and making sure to say no, my dog paused and you could see her wheels turning. She already responds more appropriately when I say no at different times. The results so far are very encouraging and I will have to use it occasionally. This is like hitting an air horn to a dog. It will scare them but not hurt them. Don't use it too much. If someone blasted an air horn at you that you didn't expect, they would shiver and tuck their tail. This is when you calm the behavior while fixing it. This isn't a panic button. It's a trainer for you and your pet.

👤Hans, our Miniature Schnauzer, who lives for barking and barks for everything, responded positively to the trainer from the start. He continued to make muffled barking sounds after he stopped barking. I zapped him with the trainer and he stopped. I think a few more days of using the trainer will help. It has been a long time since a gadget that works.

👤The device has changed our lives. I have a dog that barks at people when they arrive and when they leave, and he is very protective of his home. Our dog is now the perfect dog, and we keep saying that he is the dog we always wanted. People coming into our home now love him, instead of thinking he is a terrible dog. Thank you so much for your help with this dog trainer.

👤I received the unit today and was able to use it in ten minutes. Every time someone walks in front of our house, my boxer and min-pin go nuts. A guy walked by with his dog, and they started barking. I pressed the button and they both stopped and stared at each other. When I pressed the button, I lavished praise on both of them. A few minutes later, another person walked by with a dog and they looked up, giving a low growl and no bark. I praised them very highly. I am amazed. Hopefully this will continue to work, but I am sure the training needs to be consistent - using a one word comman like 'hush' and lavishing praise when they stop or don't bark. If there is anything to change in my initial reaction, I will update my review.

👤My neighbors have 2 small dogs and they bark for at least 4 or 5 times a day, so I ordered this out of desperation. When I met them, I mentioned it but they didn't seem to care. The device stops them in less than a minute. I don't use it unless they are barking and I want to train them. They have no idea that I am training their dogs. It was nice to have the upper hand. This has worked every single time.

8. Repellent Flashlight Behavior Training Handheld

Repellent Flashlight Behavior Training Handheld

The equipment for dog training is advanced. The anti-bark control device helps train good behavior and reduce bad habits like barking, digging, clawing, biting, scratching, and getting on furniture. The barking control devices emit an inaudible sound that only dogs can hear. The dog bark control uses two transmitters that can reach up to 16.4 feet. The portable and lightweight dog bark control system stimulates dogs through sound that humans can't detect and won't hurt the animal's ears for safer daily training. All-Purpose outdoor and travel use. Their electronic dog training clickers are easy to take with you when you are walking, hiking, jogging, cycling, or staying active around other people or pets. The built-in flashlight is ultra- bright. The anti-barking device helps improve natural behaviors, but also keeps you safer in the dark with a bright flashlight built into the front. It's great for nighttime walks.

Brand: Brellavi

👤I am blown away by the effectiveness of this device. I've been training my dog for over a year and I'm confused as to why I haven't seen or heard about this amazing device. This is magic and can be put in the hand of a responsible dog loving adult. My dogs are trained with good recall, but anyone who has a barker like my chihuahua will benefit from this device. I call it my magic remote. When one dog is corrected, it corrects all three. Since dogs have a clear pack mentality, what one does the rest usually follows. This money is very well worth it. Signed, an animal lover.

👤Did not work on the yappers. The dogs just kept on barking. My cat didn't care if it heard it or not. The seller is harassing me with emails to change my review. At least 8 emails have been sent so far.

👤The deterrent ability from the very first use is what we like, we have a Yorkshire that thinks it has to protect the wife, she walk's the dog to the front yard and Toby thinks it has to bark at anyone walking by whether their walking a dog or not, your product has

👤Our dog immediately stopped barking and sat down when we pressed it. It's been great to use it as a training tool while we are camping.

👤The company tried to pay me to remove my negative review. I know why I didn't see more before buying this product. Never buying from this company again. Does not work. The battery is on all the time, the on switch doesn't work, and the lights don't go off. The instructions and packaging have different messages, with the paperwork only mentioning how to deter aggressive dogs and no mention of training. It is cheap and lightweight and the instructions are not good. I'm looking for a different brand.

👤I was surprised at how well this worked on Sophia. My first device is this one. I gave the first one to a friend. This one has a dual purpose and I like it. It has a mode that is meant to ward off aggressive animals and a training mode that is benign. You won't get the two modes mixed up if you use a well-marked switch. It is also a flashlight and has 3 purposes. It's lightweight and can be carried on your wrist. The battery is a nice bonus. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I bought this because my next door neighbor's dog would bark non-stop whenever we were in our backyard. It would bark at us from the wood fence. Since I started using this, that has stopped. I stood within 10 feet of the dog a few times. I would recommend it. There is an update. It doesn't work on a barking dog. I don't know if he's deafness or if the signal is bothering him, but he's still barking. It depends on the dog.

👤Two Yorkies bark at the front door. They can see all the people passing by the glass door. If someone comes in the driveway, I like them to bark. I wondered if they could change their bad habits. Two days of using this dog trainer, they have responded. I am surprised. I'm going to apply it to other bad behaviors. I am really glad I bought this tool. Thanks!

9. NVK Shock Collars Dogs Remote

NVK Shock Collars Dogs Remote

There are three training modes with the Beep. A maximum of 4 dogs can be trained with a shock collar. 1600ft remote and waterproof shock collar for dogs. The security lock prevents the remote from malfunctioning. The training collar takes about 3 hours to charge and will last about 15 days.

Brand: Nvk

👤The device is terrible. I tested the collar on my husband again because the dog has been going crazy when she feels the shock, so I wanted to make sure it worked. He said the shocks are stronger and travel through your body at a level of 1 to 3. Over time, the shocks become more intense and painful. You can test it on yourself or someone.

👤This is the worst remote collar I've seen. Level 1-99 is enough to kill a small dog. Click the button if you put it on your arm. Garbage. Dogtra and Ecollar technologies areReputable companies that I use other collars from. You get what you pay for. You can't feel on your arm at 15-20. I tried 50 with this unit, and always test myself before putting it on your dog. I swore so loudly that the neighbors could hear me. I was zapped with a stun gun. The delay is the next issue. The time from when you click the remote to when the collar goes off is 2ish seconds. If your dog is in a dangerous situation, it could be life or death. I bought this to try. I'm glad I did because it confirmed my suspicions. If you care about your dog, you should spend the money on a Dogtra or Mini Educator. Yes. They're close to $200. Is hitting your dog with a stun gun worth it for barking at a neighbor? Talk to your trainer. Be fair to your dog. Don't put it in this garbage!

👤There is no fence in the back yard. Our dog would run off and ignore the commands to come back. We never use the shock feature with this collar because he comes right back to us. The sound of a sound will get his attention back. We give him a treat when he comes back. He has been doing well so far. The device is easy to use and has been successful so far. We bought it about 2 months ago. Our dog is 100 lbs.

👤I have a puppy that is high energy and likes to chew. I bought this collar because of the situation I was in. My dog has improved a lot, only using the sound and the. This has made my life easier. If you fully charge the battery, it can last for several days. I can tell when I don't use the collar. She still responds positive. You have to train your dog fairly. If she didn't respond, I moved to the mode and gave her 3 opportunities. You can adjust the mode and get a positive response. The lock feature can be used when resting or doing other things with the dog. This review is helpful to me.

👤The batteries are cheap and wear out very quickly, so quit accepting charge after 3 charges. Do not buy this item. The charge design is poor since it doesn't plug in like the remote does. This was a waste of money for me. If I wrote a 5 star review on this item, I would get a $25 Amazon card, but this item was off of Amazon for a while. If you buy this, your pet will be shocked all the time because the button is so large and easy to use, and it will probably start peeing all over when it gets shocked, like I did before. I will spend a bit more and buy a better unit if you pay for it. Be careful! I love the audio and vibrate which is usually all I need, the shock is a lot even at the lowest setting for my pug, I wish the shock buttons were more stiff to avoid accidental discharge. I can't leave it in my pocket because it deploys the shock every time, but it works as long as you are careful and only turn it on when you need to use it.

10. Deterrent Rechargeable Ultrasonic Frequency Indicator

Deterrent Rechargeable Ultrasonic Frequency Indicator

The bark control device emits a sound that is 25khz above the hearing range of humans but will grab dogs attention and make them feel uncomfortable, and it is more effective than a dog barking deterrent device. 3 different waves of sound waves can be used to deter dogs from getting used to simple frequencies and it can make it less training inducing. The indicator on the dog barking control device will light up when the power is low, so you don't have to spend a lot of money on batteries. The dog barking deterrent devices of this sonic dog deterrent is 16.5 feet, which makes it convenient for outdoor dog walking to train them to behave well in public and protect them from eating. This dog barking deterrent device has a button that you can press before every sound to help your dog understand that their bad behaviors will cause an uncomfortable experience.

Brand: Elopaw

👤The dog repeller was described. I charged it up after I got it. The company I work for has the same name as a river. I deliver to homes out in the stick, where there are a lot of dogs and the homes are so far apart that there are not many gates. I was charged by the homeowner's dog within the first hour of being on my route, and this thing confused it enough to give it pause and reconsider its actions. It ran off after I used it again, after it stopped dead in its tracks. I feel a little more at ease when I'm out on deliveries. Thanks.

👤I love this thing. It worked perfectly the first time. My neighbor's dog is a hole. Whenever it hears something through the fence, it barks loud. I pushed the button while it was barking. The little dog ran and didn't notice. I am happy about some peace! I should have purchased this sooner. It works perfectly every time I use it. Go buy it, then come back, you're welcome! I have to spend a lot of money to train my neighbor's dog. I want to show you the kind of people I live next to. My dog is not an A$$hole, my neighbor's dog is.

👤Don't be fooled by me. They give you a $20 credit to give them 5 star reviews, which is the reason why there are so many positive reviews. The items are only for small dogs and they need to be less than a couple feet away from the dogs to not bother them. The rest of the items are cheap and can be used for dog training, but the main product is not for that purpose.

👤They ship it with an info card, so be aware of how to get a $20 Amazon card in exchange for a 5 star review. I chose to give an honest one. My German Shepard/Lab pup doesn't seem to work on the ultrasound device. The dog whistle handle fell off. The clicker is not worth much.

👤Woah. This item works. It's cool that the frequencies are sharp enough for you to pick it up. If you point it out to yourself, I did it. My dog is very nice inside. My dog tends to show aggressiveness towards female dogs of her size outdoors. While I tried to ignore it, it became very frustrated as I braced myself, wrapped the leash, and tried to not get Peta sent at me for raising my voice in a desperate attempt to curb her behavior. There is a I've tried socializing many times. I saw this and thought why not. My dog looks at me when I press it and it's sailing. Being able to interrupt her enthusiasm has been a life saver. We are working on outdoor commands.

👤I encourage you to try this dog barking deterrent if your dogs bark at our delivery vehicles. It took less than 2 days for our big girl to learn that we did not want her to run to the door barking every time there was movement, because we have a giant 120# dog and a 10# dog. It's okay to go to the door to be prepared, but the running and barking was annoying. It was like watching a new skater. If she does something we don't like, we show her the remote and she stops. The little one is stubborn. We have to hit the button for the beep even though her behavior is better. We don't have to use the sound for her anymore. Her main issue is barking. She stops. I like this better than the dog collar. The remote is small, so I can take it anywhere, but it's also large, so it won't get lost. I love my pups more now than I did before. Who knew that was possible?

11. DOG CARE Bark Collar Effective

DOG CARE Bark Collar Effective

The bark collar for large dog provides efficient and safe training modes which can solve uncontrollable dog barking problems. Simply pressing the button will switch between these modes. The dog shock collar can be tailored to fit your dog's needs, and you can set the sensitivity level for barking. Do you want to change your dog's bad behavior, but always feel too busy or lack of professional knowledge to do so? You don't have to worry about it anymore. It helps your dog stop barking. The dog care bark collar has a safety protection system that will stop working if your dog doesn't respond to it for a short time. Have you ever felt bad for the dog that got accidentally shocked by the falsetrigger? No more accidental shock would happen to your dog with this dog bark collar. The bark shock collar is under strict control and only when barking is near it can the shock release. The anti bark collar has a progressive training method. The level will be adjusted by the collar. A clear battery indicator. The dog shock bark collar has a low power consumption and a durable battery. When the battery power is low, the first light of the dog shock collar for barking from the left will flash to tell users to replace the battery. The barking shock collar for dogs has a light indicator on the modes and sensitivity levels to help you see the real time working status. The strap of their dog barking collar has different sizes and weights. One more set of battery will be provided for you, as well as the battery affixed in the bark collar. You won't have to deal with the hassle of preparing the battery. Silicone rubber covers will come with the package to protect your dog's skin.

Brand: Dog Care

👤The collar is great so far. I saw a change in the barking problem within the first three days after using the sound feature alone. I had a golden puppy. She used to bark at people entering and leaving the house, anyone opening the door or windows, the mail person leaving the box, sticks hitting the house, etc. She doesn't bark anymore. The device calmed my dog down because she didn't want to get shocked. The occasional attempt to bark and whine is done thanks to the collar. People can enter my home without being barked at or jumped on. They don't bark at people walking past my house anymore. I can take them for walks. My life has changed a lot. It's a blessing to me. This is the answer to your prayers if you have an annoying barker.

👤I needed this for my larger dog because he barks at people when he eats his food, and I put this on him to make him stop. This collar is very good.

👤They have two models that don't know how to decide if you get older or newer. The newer one is not shown in the pictures, it is slightly thinner and has 3 buttons. It seems like it works the same as the other. I like the look of this product. The bark sensor can pick up my dogs huffing and give me corrective action before he starts barking. One of those odd sizes is not the biggest fan of the battery. The first one will last long enough to do most of the training, and the second one will cement it, so here is hoping that with it's power saving features, the first one will last long enough to do most of the training. Our neighbors dog is loud and barks a lot, but I haven't heard it cause our collar to go off. So far, all in all very happy. I would change it to a rechargeable battery via micro use, like their remote training collar.

👤I wanted to write a quick review of this product, it was small and compact, and came with all the instructions and parts. It has two modes, the shock mode and the vibrate mode. The intensity can be increased. My dog is a yorkie terrie mix. I adjusted the collar to its max shortest circumference so it fit just right for him, even though it was a bit big. The instructions said it was meant for 22lb and above. I paid more money for a bark shock collar before buying this item. This is better than the one I bought at pet co. If you're looking for a shock collar that's versatile, go with this one. See the pictures!

👤Our 7 month old puppy had a tendency to get our attention, so we bought this collar. We put the collar on her as soon as it arrived and less than 24 hours later she no longer barks at us. She never made it past the second beep before I realized that she needed to stop. I'm amazed that she's cured her barking habit. I made sure it wasn't going to hurt her. My girl got the hint from the sound and the vibration. I'm very happy with my purchase. I would have liked to have bought it sooner.


What is the best product for dog zappers to stop barking?

Dog zappers to stop barking products from Whatever Works. In this article about dog zappers to stop barking you can see why people choose the product. Dog Care and Tbi Pro are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog zappers to stop barking.

What are the best brands for dog zappers to stop barking?

Whatever Works, Dog Care and Tbi Pro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog zappers to stop barking. Find the detail in this article.

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