Best Dog Yard Toys for Large Dogs

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1. LOOBANI Outdoor Hanging Interactive Exercise

LOOBANI Outdoor Hanging Interactive Exercise

The outdoor exercise is outdoors. The tether toy is a great toy for dogs to play with. The sling shot action in the elastic makes your dog want to chase and play in the yard. It's a stress-free way to give your dog some exercise and it won't hurt your arms. The dog bungee toy makes your dog go out and tug and pull at it. Power and hours are spent playing with them. They were made busy by pulling and tugging. It's perfect to relieve boredom. It's fun for them and fun for you to watch. You can hang it from a tree branch or wood beam under your deck, or wrap it around. The height of the bite toy can be adjusted by the buckle. The total length is over 18 feet. The Bungee Cord is durable. It uses a bungee cord to create a force for your dog. The outer covering limits the inner cords maximum stretch to keep the inner cord from breaking. The outer covering limits the overall pull of the toy to a safe amount and protects the inner cord from the weather. The toy's strap is not metal and will keep your dog's teeth safe. They all love animals. Make sure the tree you put it in has a branch that can handle your dogs pulling on it. It should be used with superVISION.

Brand: Loobani

👤I bought this toy for my boys because I wanted it to be durable enough for outside play. I bought a second one because they loved it so much. My 2 youngest 4yr old and my 11 month old are both very fast learners and this one has held up to almost 400 pounds of dog tugging at it every chance they get. After they are done playing, I have to put the tug toy in the tree because they are the first thing they want to do outside. Thank you for making a great toy. If you send a picture of your dogs playing with it, they will send you a toy. Which are usually free toys. The bungee rope with 3 interchangeable rings is a free toy.

👤Bruno is a beligian malinios/shepherd mix and is 18 months old. He likes this toy. He was playing and jumping on it. He is a tired dog and recommends this toy.

👤We had it up for about an hour and then the bungee fell from the tree and my dog was all over it, so we can't get her back in the house. She loves it. It is very sturdy and soft to the touch. She can get a good hold of the toy at the end, and it's perfect for her mouth. It took my husband less than 5 minutes to hang it. It's easy to hang and it's very simple to assemble. We decided to let it hang from the tree because there were multiple ways to place it. We got it for our 5 month old pit who has the energy of three toddlers in one. I know she is going to be put down tonight. We would recommend this purchase to any dog. Two smaller dogs are also playing and chasing it. I was not sure if they would be interested in it. But they are definitely! It is a blast to watch them swing from it. We couldn't breathe because we were laughing so hard. I would give 15 stars if I could give it more for the entertainment aspect. Great purchase! Thank you!

👤The bungee toy was given to him for his first birthday. He is so fast and strong that it was difficult to play tug-o-war. I have walked and hiked this dog for over five miles some days and can't seem to burn enough calories. He was wiped out after 15-20 minutes of play. He was able to chew and split the black strap if the toy was too low. The rope is beginning to fall apart. I don't think that's a complete fault since it does take the brunt of all the pulling, but I wouldn't want to be constantly replacing the rope portion. I will 100% recommend this toy to any high energy dog. I send the link of this product to friends. I hope you enjoy the video!

👤When Shiva is outside, he looks for this first thing. He likes playing tug of war. The toy can be adjusted easily. It is easy to replace the rope toy that he broke after about 4 days.

2. Nerf Dog 16inch Compact Blaster

Nerf Dog 16inch Compact Blaster

The NERF-toUGH is. Nerf-quality materials make the Compact Tennis Ball blaster perfect for fetch and teaching your dog new tricks. It is easy to operate. The blaster is easy to operate, as long as you pull back on the handle and load the ball. Go to the discretion. Skyrocket tennis balls can reach 50 feet. You can easily change the distance of your shots with the power you have, whether it is a big park or a small garden. Smaller diameter balls are great for dogs of all sizes. Each of their dog toys is tested to ensure endless hours of family fun.

Brand: Nerf Dog

👤Bate and switch deals. The compact version was also received. The compact version has extra balls. I received picture B instead of picture A.

👤I'm a black lab and I'm called Rex. I like to play ball in the backyard. Dad is a ball thrower. I said that or no more cookies and I love cookies as much as I love playing ball, but Mom, she throws like a girl. One day mom found a K9 ball shooter on Amazon. She ordered it with a bag. There are tennis balls. She told me to wait by the front door for the brown truck because the man in the brown truck was going to bring me two boxes. He pulled up in front of our house and brought two boxes. Mom opened the first box and said to the lady, "I know what to do with those", then she opened the second box and said, "I was stumped and Rex is never stumped." We went out after mom took it out. Rex was yelled at by his mom to play ball. I'll let her throw the ball. I sat next to her because she cracked my ball back and shot it over the shed. Mom throws better than dad. We played ball all day and mom was tired but not me. Dad came home and his mom gave him the gun and said good luck. We played until dark. It was the best day ever. I went to bed and slept all night because I was so tired. I went to the bedroom to wake up my mom and she yelled "Rex it's only 5am we're not playing ball!" I dropped the ball on her head. To all my dog friends out there. It's the best toy I've ever had, but I warn you that you'll want to keep playing and the humans that only have to sit in the chair and pull thetrigger will always get tired first.

👤The gun is very powerful. You can use the barrel to get the ball off the ground, it's nice when you're drunk and prone to falling over. The ball goes about 40 yards when it is shot without obstruction. This allows you enough time to drink that sweet drink. I am very happy with the device. The ball is not as durable as it could be. My 10 month old lab was playing with a ball. My drunk ass is chasing him around the yard yelling, "Give me my ball back" in an attempt to keep him from destroying these balls in a hopes that I can get him the exercise he needs and allow me to shoot things at the same time. The kid from Better Off Dead was yelling about his $2. Kinda like that but with a 40 year old and a dog. Also... I believe he is on steroids.

👤The rubber band part of the ball blasters would eventually give out and it was broken. I changed my name to CHUCK IT. Those won't break on you and the ball goes further. Maybe look at those as well.

3. Tether Tug Big Ultimate Strong

Tether Tug Big Ultimate Strong

Large dogs love to tug and pull, and that's what tether tug big is for. The best outside toy for big dogs is a lot of exercise. Everything you need is included in the tether tug big dog toy. The tether tug interactive dog toy is ready to play whenever your dog is. Your dog can feel a human arm tugging and pulling at it.

Brand: Tether Tug Pull. Tug. Spin.

👤My dog is 105 lbs and he loves this toy. He will play for 20 minutes at a time. The pole and mesh rope are very strong. The base, which is a metal pipe, is not heavy enough metal. This thing would get 5 stars if they made it out of steel.

👤I used 50 pound bags to secure it into the ground and the seller was 888-609- A blue nose male.

👤Love the pole. My dog destroyed the knotted toy in two hours. I wanted to have something strong for her. She cannot destroy that toy quickly. It's a great way to exercise.

👤I bought this for a very strong puppy. Our soil is made of clay and rock and I was not able to get the base in the ground outside. It fell over when I put it in the garden soil. You need to drive it into your lawn. I tried mallets and a brass hammer, but they didn't work. I contacted the company to see if they would replace the base as our dog loves the toy. After several days of rain, I will attempt to drive it in our lawn. The dog has two metal tether poles. The company is sending a new base. They were very responsive when contacted and it was easy to contact them. The toy is fun to play with and can be used with the base. The pole is very strong so it's a bit heavy to do this for a long time.

👤Disliked the narrow base spike. Not very safe. After a few tugs, the post is now leaning 6 inches. The engineer or owner of this toy should have been more creative or less cheap. A solid base is what you should give it.

👤He bent the piece after I hammered it into the dirt. Not for large dogs. The quality of this is not good.

👤After being installed deep in the ground, the product lasted for 35 seconds before the base came out of the ground. I may have to put sand in the ground here in Florida. A corkscrew base would work better with this.

👤The 105 pound Doberman is trying hard. The post holder is made of soil. The post is very strong and the stake holder is moving underground. Will update if there is a change.

4. Napojoy Stuffed Squeaky Crinkle Interactive

Napojoy Stuffed Squeaky Crinkle Interactive

The material is naturalistic. The plush toys for dog are made with natural cotton and sewing with waterproof corduroy to avoid dog saliva entering the stuffed cotton, and the legs are woven with thick hemp ropes to guarantee its longevity. There are two ways of SQUEAKY. The dog squeaky toys have a built-in vocal bladder in the top and a crinkle paper in the tail that make them sound like they're playing with something. The dog rope toys are designed to have more fun with their dogs, toss&fetch games, tug of war games, more daily entertainment with your pets would helps to relieve their depression. Keep health and teeth clean. The dog plush toy are easy to wash and are very convenient because they are easy to rinse. It is unique and lightweight. The Rope Toy is a great toy for small, medium and large dogs. The stuffed plush toy for dogs is tough and durable, and a regular replacement is still recommended for large dogs. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Napojoy

👤I have yet to find a squeaker in the toy. The baby's ears were chewed off in about 5 minutes. He likes this toy.

👤My dog loves these toys. He goes through one about every 2 months.

👤She has her favorite friend. It comes out new when I toss it in the washer.

👤The male Golden dog is an aggressive chewer. This is his favorite toy. I'm surprised it's lasted this long, he's had it a few months. It's still holding up! I am really happy with the quality.

👤The soft surface allows theMaltese to sleep next to his buddy. Excellent value for money and a durable dog. Thanks. Two yellow labs really want to be with each other.

👤Before this cute one, my princess destroyed all the pet toys. She sleeps with it and takes it everywhere.

👤The rope is not as durable as the plush part. If you keep an eye on the rope part, your dog won't eat it when it comes apart. The ropes came undone while my dog was playing with them. I might just buy two Kong ropes that are more durable and put them in because she likes her stuffed animal better than the Kong ropes. It was fun to play tug of war with the rope.

👤I was hoping this would work. Alas, not to be. She likes to get new toys, but they end up in a mess. I picked up the rope in a few days.

👤Muy buen juguete.

👤Tengo un cachorro de talla, pero fuera de ah.

👤The producto viene.

5. Nerf Dog 2864 Flyer Squeak

Nerf Dog 2864 Flyer Squeak

The NERF-toUGH is. Nerf-quality materials make their tire flyer perfect for fetch and teaching your dog new tricks. High visibility. The blue frisbee is easy to track for both you and your pet. It's made to last. The flyer is a great toy to take to the lake, beach, or pool. Medium and large breeds can benefit from this flyer, which is 10 inches in diameter. Each of their dog toys is tested to ensure endless hours of family fun.

Brand: Nerf Dog

👤I bought one of these from another store. It was an easy decision to buy another one because it broke recently. Some reviewers gave bad reviews because their dog chewed up the frisbee quickly. Frisbees are not designed to be chew toys. If you use it as a frisbee, it is great. The KONG extreme chew toy is a good choice if you are looking for a chew toy. I have had one for 6 years and my dog loves it. This is a great frisbee that will last a long time.

👤This is the first thing. Not true. A toy! People who let their dogs have it for extended periods of time and then give a bad review when it gets eaten are misrepresenting the product. It shows teeth marks from my 60 lbs mix. There were no full holes. When this one inevitably falls apart, I will probably buy another one. A frisbee is a great training tool and my boy is using it as part of his service dog training. The cut out part in the middle makes it easy for him to pick it up. I use a purse that fits in my backpack perfectly. We have washed frisbee many times with warm water and dish soap and it is ready to go again. I think this frisbee is great. My boy and I are just starting to get into more activities together and this has been great for teaching him how to place objects directly into my hands.

👤I don't write reviews unless something really moves me. In this case, I am very disappointed. This product is dangerous. You don't want to spend a lot on vet bills. The material can cause an obstruction in the dog's bicyle if swallowed. Take it to Amazon. Shame on you for making this without testing.

👤Not for heavy chewers. This is 30 minutes after I gave it to my dog.

👤My dog was very excited to get this. She was waiting for the package to open. She watched as I threw the frisbee. It went far beyond our expectations. I am not a frisbee champion. Our neighbors yard is over our fence. Right at the feet of Felix. The neighbors have a yellow lab. Felix looked at the frisbee. Looked at us. There is a Felix went back at the frisbee with hungry eyes. Poor Daisy. I looked at him and asked, "what have you done?" It was like throwing a ball over the fence. How are we going to get this? Felix destroyed the frisbee in 2 minutes. Daisy and I watched as Felix destroyed the plane. It was toast before I could even get down the stairs. Finished. My husband saved the frisbee. Which is not a frisbee disk anymore. It still flies!

👤It was great for our large loaf of bread. He is a water dog and plays on our boat all day. The first one lasted for a while. We bought two more and they don't work. We lost one on the first throw when it sank to the bottom of the lake. It wouldn't float the second time we tested it. We can only play with it in shallow water. We have to go on shore for our dog to use it since he wants it as soon as he sees it in the boat. The material used to make these changed between the time we bought our first one and the second one, so it doesn't float.

6. Allstar Innovations Wobble Giggle Ball

Allstar Innovations Wobble Giggle Ball

Fun for all big or small dogs, the Wobble Giggle Ball is a great toy. The 6 clutch pockets on the toy make it easy for your dog to pick it up. The ball goes off the ground with just the touch of a nose. The Wobble Wag Giggle does not require batteries, it has an internal tube noisemaker that is sure to engage your dog as the toy rolls around! Happy, healthy and fit! By playing with this toy, your dog will be more interested in playing with giggling sounds when rolled or shaken, and will be more active throughout the day. Pets know how to choose their toys. Wobble Wag Giggle is a great toy for your dog to play with. They will love shaking the ball.

Brand: Wobble Wag Giggle

👤The seller is selling a softer version of the product. A friend of mine bought a ball at Bed, Bath and Beyond and it was made of plastic. This version is easier for dogs to destroy. Pay attention and do not ignore the other poor reviews and pictures shared by buyers. I know dogs like this toy. My dog destroyed the Wobble Wag Giggle in less than 20 minutes after I received it. I have only been able to find one of the 3 pieces of plastic that broke off. I'm praying my dog didn't swallow the other two. I have attached a photo of the ball collapsing on two sides and 3 holes visible where plastic broke off. This toy is not worth the money, it is not safe for dogs, and it is not worth a vet visit. Please note.

👤I bought two of these and they were a 5 star and lasted with my german shepherd. She took a long time to chew up the hard plastic. I bought another one last week. She tore into it in about 30 seconds. I shipped it back and got a new one because I thought it was a defect. Same thing! The way they make them is terrible and they don't last very long. Don't get this if you have a dog that bites hard. I can push in the new ones with my fingers. They need to make the hard plastic that they use. Total junk!

👤I don't bother to write reviews anymore. I feel it's necessary. This is for any size dog. I have a dog that is 50 lbs. This was destroyed in just 2 minutes, with sharp cracks and punctures. The noise tubes were not installed correctly. My dog grabbed it and they fell out of the holes. My dog loved the noise it made. I think he would have liked that toy the most. I wouldn't give this to a dog over 10 lbs. Any dog that wants to chew will destroy quickly. Making the material thicker would solve the problem. Maybe finding a better material? The concept behind this is great. Material and manufacturing areficient. The false advertising is shameful. Stay away from this product. It's dangerous.

👤It was given to her 4 minutes ago. She has very small teeth for her breed. I had to take a picture of her teeth to show how bad the quality is if the ball is small. It's unbelievable. This isn't close to a toy that is described. Don't waste your money. TRASH is the product.

👤The product is not a chew toy, but a toy you use to play with your dog. ROLL the ball on the ground as if you were bowling. If you're dog is trained to fetch, they will have fun trying to grab it and return it to you. Dogs follow your lead, they are not humans. They respond to your emotion. I have a heavy duty chewer that she loves, a 65 pound lab/boxer mix. Hope this helps you make a decision.

7. Highland Farms Select Retractable Interactive

Highland Farms Select Retractable Interactive

Every dog needs to be their best, so the Interactive Training Toy is specially designed to give them the cardiovascular exercise and mental stimulation they need. It's perfect to put in your garden ground to play with your dog. Also helps keep dogs fit. The package includes a cotton rope toy, two metal poles, a base tube with spring, and a ground insert. The pole will be broken soon. Even if you're not around, your dog can play whenever they want, because the stability design and metal material keep the pole from breaking. It is easy to install and dispose of, just need 5 minutes to insert it into the garden ground nail. When you return home, disassemble easily. You could adjust the height with a thumb screw for your dogs. STABLE & SAFE TUG TOY- No more broken pole, easy to attach without tying knots. Just need your pet's favorite toy or chew rope. If you can, please bring your pet with you to play it for a second. The rope is made of cotton which is safe for your pets, and the metal poles and Spring are stronger than plastic or wood. There is a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the tug designs for dogs. 100% customer satisfaction is their goal. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact their customer service team, they will give you a full refund and return service for quality issues.

Brand: Highland Farms Select

👤My rating would be zero if there was a negative star. The item is broken after just one month, because the poke screws came loose. The threads are stripped and the pile is not attached to the base. The spring was so tight that my dog wouldn't play with it unless I held onto the rope attached to it. I tried tying in another rope toy so she could reach it, but she wouldn't play with it if it was very rigid. I was afraid it would pull her teeth out. Do not purchase this item because you will save money. This one is pathetic because the designer is trying to copy a better version. There is an update on 08/01/2019. The company offered a replacement for the improved design. I hope my feedback will help improve the tug toy.

👤The pole at the bottom stretched out and came apart after a few months of use. I can only imagine what would happen if it was a big dog, I only have a 30 pound dog, so I'm glad he didn't get hurt when it came off, being spring loaded and all.

👤All the pictures show a dog playing with a ball, but this one is different. Unless you read the fine print carefully, you won't know it's only a rope and no ball. The whole reason I selected it was the ball toy.

👤I can't keep up with the new dog's tug-of-war obsession, but I was really looking forward to this. The item was in a shipping box. The box was open and it was not strong enough to hold it or it was someone else's return. It looked like all the parts were in good shape. It was supposed to be put into one of the screws. I tried for a long time but was not threading. The screw was too large for the hole. He said to give it to him. Who is laughing now? He can not get it. I put on glasses and realized it was not going to fit. Told you! Returned. Disappointed!

👤The product is a step down from the 80. The model may be better made. My dog is a 60lb lab and she wanted to play with this. The idea that you could mush it into the ground anywhere and it would be ready within 10 minutes was a good one. They would have made a better product if they had over-compensated in this area with a full-weld. I would have gotten more products if this one had been well-made. They were quick to process the refunds.

👤It could be great for smaller dogs. If my dog pulled it apart after about 2 minutes of play, this would have been a great toy. If you have a smaller dog, I wouldn't recommend a larger dog. We have a pitty. The part that connects to the base is secured by a small screw that is not meant for what is advertised. It took 2 minutes to break it. I am getting my money back. We will have to look for another one.

8. Aggressive OICGOO Interactive Cleaning Dispensing

Aggressive OICGOO Interactive Cleaning Dispensing

The dimensions: Rope with two hooks length: 16 Ft, Elastic Webbing length: 27 3/6 inch, Rope toy with the ball length: 15 Inch, teeth Cleaning toy length: 11 Inch, Rope toy: 16 Inch, dog flying disk toy diameter: 7 Inch, ball diameter: 2 4/5 Inch This is a dog toy that can be used to play outside. The functions of tug-of-war,squeaking,leaking food,molar and dog chew cotton rope are integrated. The ball is made of TPR. Germany. It comes with a cotton dog bite rope and indestructible dog toys. Dog toys for aggressive chewers are also interesting. The supper stability of the ground will attract the dog's interest in playing, because it will make the dog want to win and lose. The bigger ball and thicker ball surface are resistant to dog's bite. It is similar to the food leaking function, you can put snacks in the snack slot to play as a toy. When a dog bites a toy, it will make a noise, which will attract the dog's attention. Fix the tie-out stick on the lawn or soft ground, or wrap the elastic rope around the outdoor stadium equipment. It can be used as a stretch rope ball for dogs, which will release dog's energy and enable them to do exercise. The best toys for dogs will be designed by OICGOO. The most important thing is your SATISFACTION, each of their products has undergone strict quality testing. If you're not completely satisfied with their product, they can help you within 24 hours.

Brand: Oicgoo

👤It was put into the yard. My dog is playing with it. My dog was lucky that he didn't get hurt. I worry about other animals. Don't buy it.

👤A good toy for my dog. It is definitely durable because he hasn't chewed it up yet. You could put a treat in it. He loves tug of war and it is sturdy. I couldn't get the corkscrew part in the ground so I tied it to something.

👤The dog is 8 months old and weighs 35 pounds. She had the stake out of the ground in less than a minute. We thought we got it in tight, but then she snapped the stake and tried to eat the part she broke off, which is a huge hazard. Don't recommend!

👤The puppy had the toy in no time. She has the ball. It didn't last very long. Won't buy again.

👤My dog likes the toy. I had to cut the rope that was inside the toy to make sure my dog wouldn't chew it and get it bound up internally. The stretch line could be longer. She is pulling a tug of war with her toy while I watch to avoid any problems.

👤It seems like a good idea, but my dog pulled it out of the ground and started playing with the screw and ball separately. This isn't a good toy for a large dog, but it is a good toy for a smaller dog.

👤My big dog chewed the rope and dragged it out of the ground, after my little guy had enjoyed the whole thing. I think that's correct.

👤After a few weeks of my dog playing with the ball, the black cord broke. The materials are durable.

9. Aggressive Chewers Apasiri Indestructible Teething

Aggressive Chewers Apasiri Indestructible Teething

The dog bones are made with nylon and rubber. The unique rubber tooth cleaning design is more helpful than ordinary nylon toys to clean the teeth and reduce dental plaque and tartar and improve the dog's dental hygiene. Dogs can chip off small pieces of nylon toys and leave marks on the toy. They can swallow pieces and pass safely. The dog chew toy is strong enough for chewing. The product has passed many bite resistance tests. It's designed for chewers that weigh up to 80 lbs, strong, large, heavy, aggressive, and tough to destroy. Natural rubber and food grade nylon are safe. The large dog chew bones are made of natural rubber. It wouldn't be brittle into pieces or into halves. The mint flavor doggy chew is great for chewing on. It is a good dog gift. This dog toy is an ideal interactive dog toy for fetch and retrieve games. Natural rubber with mint flavor can be very exciting for your pet. It will help to release the dog's pressure, cultivate your dog's trust and understanding, and reduce destructive behavior. The best dog toys have a satisfaction guarantee. The dog chew toy has been tested by many dogs, but only one, the aggressive Pitbull. If there is a quality problem with the product, please contact them and they will be happy to replace or refund you.

Brand: Apasiri

👤It was destroyed on the first use. Definitely not indestructible.

👤Completely disappointed with the purchase. I got two for my dogs, but they didn't last more than half an hour with them. This was supposed to be a Christmas toy for them.

👤I have had this for weeks and my dog has not lost interest or torn this to shreds. My dog is chewing on it as I type. My dog is a mixture of a Shepherd and Ridgeback.

👤I bought this for my bull terrier. I had to toss the rubber in the middle after she chewed it off.

👤My pittie grand pup was busy for a long time after I gave him this toy. He has held up well after having it for about a week.

👤The dog is chewing on a toy. He has a hard mouth but is unable to do any damage to the toy. It must be the beef flavor. It is easy to give a positive review.

👤A dog destroys toys within a day. She loves chewing on it. Well made and tough.

👤My catahoula chewed off the rubber in the middle on the third day. It's not good for power chewers. The rest of the bone is very strong.

👤This was for 40 minutes for my mixed bully breed. I took the pictures. Garbage. I expect some teeth marks on harder toys, but this is not durable.

👤Strong! Dogs destroy toys quickly. The picture is of 3 big dogs playing with a toy. It took them a while to get used to it, but now they love it. Our dogs are all pitbull crosses, not "tame" chewers.

👤This is yet another toy that says it's for aggressive chewers, but it's in the garbage within a day. My dog chews hard and can get through anything. He was chipping away at plastic and I didn't want him to eat it. I had to throw it. Save your money on this one if you have an aggressive chewer.

👤My dog chewed the black off.

👤Many different dogs love this bone. It's the longest toy we've found.

10. ChuckIt Zipflight Dog Toy Medium

ChuckIt Zipflight Dog Toy Medium

9INCH FRISBEE: A dog frisbee is made of non-toxic foam and is designed for long distance flight games of fetch. It's great for playing in the water. The lightweight fetch toy is made of a multi-layer of dense polyester canvas and is bright in bright colors, perfect for long-distance games of fetch. Chuckit Performance toys are designed with you and your dog in mind, so try their full range of interactive indoor and outdoor dog toys. Chuckit makes toys that enrich the human animal bond and helps dogs and puppies stay engaged; Try their full line of ball launchers, bouncy balls, frisbees, indoor dog toys, glow toys and more. Petmate makes a variety of pet products, such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit, and more.

Brand: Chuckit!

👤I don't give the Zipflight 5 stars because it's the best flying disc for dogs, it's definitely not. It's my dog's favorite fetch toy. If I take out the zipflight first, my golden retriever won't be able to catch frisbees. When I take her to the park, I bring a Chomper Flex, a Flippy Flopper, and the Zipflight. I keep the Zipflight hidden until I throw the other two discs so she can catch. I hold the Zipflight between my thumb and index finger and fling it forward. It rolls and rolls. I think my dog considers it a challenge to grab it before it stops and flops over, because it's easy to get 50+ yards rolling distance with it. She will chase that thing until her tongue hangs out the side of her mouth. My golden likes the Zipflight more than a tennis ball because it's easier to throw on the arm. She got a great workout. Highly recommend for owners of high energy breeds, like retrievers,shepherds... it gives them a better workout than just walking. The description does not say that this is a chew toy, it says it is a toy. I bought the same one for my dog four years ago, and she still uses it. And guess what else? My shoes have not fallen apart. You're supposed to teach your dog how to chew and not chew.

👤This item makes a difference. It's easy to throw a dog toy and it's very durable. They do curve a bit when thrown, but you can quickly learn how to compensate. I like how these can be thrown either vertically or horizontally so that they roll along the ground. The hole in the middle makes it easy for the dog to pick up. My dog's favorite toy is by far. He will grab it with his nose through the middle so he can't see anything. It's hilarious! I buy a lot of these with Amazon's low prices. I'm changing my review to 3 stars. The first one I got lasted for quite a while, but lately they are not lasting more than a couple of weeks. I don't know what they changed, but these are disposable now. There's good news. I ordered some of the glow-in-the-dark ones and they are very durable. They glow! I'm on my first glow zipflight and it has plenty of life left in it.

👤We really like this. One star is why. Within a few days, it fell apart. This CHUCKIT has a serious design flaw like many other products on Amazon. If you don't sew/stitch your "trim" far enough away from the cut edge, the woven material will fall apart. This did that. The piece of trim is sewn less than an inch from the edge. It has come apart and become useless. Shame too... It stays visible for a long time because dogs love it. I don't know a lot of people who want to spend hard earned money to replace a badly designed toy.

11. Well Love Dog Toys Natural

Well Love Dog Toys Natural

Dog toys are not indestructible. Do not leave toys with pets. If toy is damaged, remove and replace it. Please choose a free gift that you can get on the pictures, new and old packaging random delivery, and color distribution. Dog toys 6pack gift set includes chew toys, dog ball, dog bones, plush dog toy, dog ropes and tug of war ball. Dog Ropes tug of war ball 13-inch, soft rubber toys,flexible, are some of the products introduced. The interest of the pet is attracted by the variety of chew toys. Bright colors, with the bell, bite the rope, bones, voice, etc. The ball is a great tool for dogs to play with. The dog bones are non-toxic tasteless rubber material, the squeak toys are fun to play with, and the design of the elastic is very attractive. If you are not completely satisfied with their products, you can contact them at any time. Please do not let your dog play with these toys. If you are not completely satisfied with their products, you can contact them at any time. Please do not let your dog play with these toys.

Brand: Duoer

👤There is a great deal on toys for the pups. If your dogs tear the toys apart, then you need to rethink your reasoning behind the reviews. If you have a heavy chewer, you need to get a toy with a muzzle, but even so, the enjoyment your dogs will get from this set is more important than the fact that most dogs will destroy them in time. It's a lot of fun to shake the toys around and rip them into pieces for the dog. You will say the same thing once you get it.

👤The product is dangerous. Please read it. I am horrified. I bought these knowing that my dog would destroy them quickly. This was the only double loop rope toy I could find and I didn't feel bad giving her one at a time to tear up. The toy I bought broke with 2 tugs. You get what you pay for? This toy is fastened with an electric rope. The toy pulled apart completely and had electric tape holding it together. This is dangerous. What if I left her alone for a few minutes and she ate that tape? The product has no quality control. Who knows what else is in these toys. Anyone who purchased this product should be given a full refund. Do not give these to your dog.

👤We got these today. They seem sturdy enough, but don't know how long they will last. My cat liked one of the toys, but I bought them for my pup. He has been playing with it for 20 minutes. I was very happy with the products and the price. If my dog tears the toys up in a few minutes, I feel like I'm doing something right. It was worth the price. My dog likes to sleep with the toy dog. She will play with the two loops at the end. I washed all of the toys before I gave them to her and they came out just like I put them in. I do not put them in the dryer. They were allowed to sit in the sun to dry. There is an update. My dog loves them all. She will put them in her kennel and pick them up one by one. The toys are in good condition after being washed twice.

👤The ropes are a good solution for our aggressive chewers. We are only giving them one at a time. I'm sure they'll destroy the plush when they get it. They've chewed through some of the toys they've gotten, but not so much as to make the toy unsafe or un fun. My biggest complaint is. The toy with the plastic bone is softer than it should be. Within 20 minutes of me giving my puppies the toy, one of them chewed it off and ate some of it. I cut the bone off and gave it back.

👤We have a bigger and stronger dog than a medium sized dog. Our 1.5yr Amstaff pup tugged on the stretchy one with the plastic/rubber spiky ball and the elastic snapped almost immediately. The double ball rope balls are the same size as a tennis ball. They are not large enough for his large jaw. He can close his mount. We did not give him a stuffed animal to play with. I think the toys will last a few days. The rope is not as thick for his breed play but would be fine for a medium sized dog or non aggressive chewer.


What is the best product for dog yard toys for large dogs?

Dog yard toys for large dogs products from Loobani. In this article about dog yard toys for large dogs you can see why people choose the product. Nerf Dog and Tether Tug Pull. Tug. Spin. are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog yard toys for large dogs.

What are the best brands for dog yard toys for large dogs?

Loobani, Nerf Dog and Tether Tug Pull. Tug. Spin. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog yard toys for large dogs. Find the detail in this article. Napojoy, Wobble Wag Giggle and Highland Farms Select are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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