Best Dog Yard Leash and Stake

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1. HANAMO Tie Heavy Duty Rust Proof Durable

HANAMO Tie Heavy Duty Rust Proof Durable

Every product ordered from Hanamo is backed by a money-back and non-worrying policy. The concept of high quality and cost-effective serve is upheld by them. If you pay it for your pets, that should be good news. Tie out cable and dog anchor. The Tie out stake is designed to prevent the loss of pets. The steel wire can hold up to 1,000 pounds of tension. The 304 steel anti-rust material will not be broken or damaged due to rain soaking. Tie out cable. The dog tie out cable is lightweight and doesn't absorb water, which makes it a good choice for traveling outside. It's convenient to store after use. It is easy to use. The bolts are easy to install and prevent pulling out. The dog anchor is on the lawn. Aeolian soil is not suitable. Medium to Large pets can be tied out with a cable that is buckled on the pet stake and collar. If you have any questions, please contact them, they must deal with them within 24 hours. Thanks!

Brand: Hanamo

👤Installation took a couple minutes. The base is very sturdy and not going anywhere. The loop portion of the line fell off on one side. We tied a few double knots and it held up. It's not ideal. The other side of the loop fell out. I am not very pleased with this and would not recommend it.

👤When you want to spend some time outside with your dog by a lake or a park, this dog tie is a great accessory. It has 6 stakes. Depending on your dog's height and energy, you can use less. It isn't going anywhere once you hammer the stakes down.

👤My dog was ordered to relax in the yard after moving. It only lasted a week before it was pulled off. She is only 30 lbs and she is not a big dog.

👤I have two large dogs. We moved into a house that did not have a fence. Two of these will be used to keep our dogs in the yard while we wait for a fence. Our dogs don't seem to mind being on them. Highly recommended.

👤I was very excited to get this after reading all the reviews. I got it today. Put the anchor down. My dog is bending stakes. I was hoping for this. The anchor did a great job. The leash was not. The hook part came off the cable when I went to get him. If you ask me, it's not very sturdy. He is only about 60 lbs. It came apart on the first use.

👤Maybe for some large dogs, but not this one! The spikes were very short and it was a heavy piece of metal. It can be pulled out of the ground.

👤The base is fine. My dog ran off when the tie was stripped at the clip. Not happy. I have had this product for a couple of days.

👤The wire was pulled out of the fastenings by my puppy.

2. DCSUIT Dog Tie Cable Stake

DCSUIT Dog Tie Cable Stake

What is a dog tie-out? There are no places that you can hold your pet when you are playing with it. This dog tie-out is used to prevent pets from running lost. You can use the stake, just insert the stake into the soil and connect the pet with a rope, then you can see the pet's movements within your own line of sight. It can be used in a lot of places. GEART WORK STAKE: The 8.7" spiral design of the Chrome Plated Anti Rust Stake makes it easy to drill the stake into the soil and keep it firm. The o-ring that was bolded than other o-ring, which will not break due to the sudden sprint of the pet, was upgraded. The 30-ft long silver-reflective wire leash is very eye-catching and can be seen even at night. The leash with a rotating spring clasp can be used without breaking the tie outs. You can try to pull the dog tie outs and stakes if you place them on the ground and hold the red handle. The dog or cat can be given a range of motion by wearing the leash into the o-ring. Dog tie out cable and stake, a great dog tie out cable and stake choice for your pet, great for play/training in the yard/camping/garden,traveling outdoor. They want to make a quality item, so you and your pet can use it.

Brand: Adcsuitz

👤I don't like having to put one of my dogs on a leash, but he left us no choice. We rent an old farmhouse and are surrounded by working farms, and our Joey dog found ways to escape the fenced yard and find random snacks in the cow fields, but the chicken co-op, and along the crops, which were bait to keep other. This allows him to run and do his business without getting into trouble or eating something that requires an emergency trip to the vet. Hopefully we will be able to retrain him to stay in the yard and he won't need this at home anymore.

👤I use this product when my dog goes outside to pee. I don't leave her on it other than for her to do her business, so I haven't tested its limits. This product is great for my dog. She hasn't pulled it out of the ground when she tries to walk out of the chord so it's sturdy enough for some resistance. I can't say if it would work for a dog that is on it more often than my dog, or if it would work for a larger dog. I have had it for about 2 months and it works great so far and has not shown any signs of damage.

👤The item is not worth ordering. It claims to be able to hold a dog over 150 lbs. The metal clip sheared apart and I had this item for 2.5 days. The dog is 22 lbs. My fence was blown down by Laura, so he is only outside on this tether. His time on the tether was short. My son was able to catch the cable before the dog entered the yard because the clip broke when he was outside. The items are a piece of junk. The ground tie is strong. The cable attachment was not made equal strength. It was 22 lbs and it was bad.

👤I have solved the problem with a little ingenuity. It works now. I think I solved the problem with my edited idea. My dog, my wife and all concerned are happy now. Take a 5 gallon bucket and a 40 pound bag of fast setting concrete insert screw and let it dry for a couple hours in the sun. You can take wherever you want and know my dog is safe. Everyone is happy.

👤Was able to get this into the ground. In Michigan! It's funny. I needed the length for my golden retriever because he is getting bigger and needs more room to roam. Rope is strong and sturdy.

👤The stake portion could last longer. I have a puppy that can work it loose. The quality is good.

👤I can't believe how well this worked. I was not sure if it would work with my two dogs, especially being tied to the same one. Wow... Wow... They were held even when they charged at the fence. We would have already seen it if they dug it up. The ground must be very hard. No dirt that is soft.

3. Purebred Dog Tie Out Stake

Purebred Dog Tie Out Stake

There is no risk. The heavy duty dog stake will hold any dogs up to 180bs. It's the strongest on the market. There is peace of mind. This 14'' tie out stake for large dogs and unique 3600 swivel allows your dog to roam freely without getting tangled in his leash or escaping the safety of his home Thanks to the easy in easy out technology, you can enjoy quality time with your furry friend wherever you go. It's the perfect dog leash. It's portable. It is cold. The dog tie out stake is designed for large dogs. You don't have to worry about it being left in the ground for a while. Sker is behind its products. The Got Your Bark Lifetime Replacement will cover this camping dog stake.

Brand: SÄker

👤The reviews with photos should be cautious. There is a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card if you get a golden ticket in the box. You can win the gift card by posting a 5-star review with a picture of your dog with the stake. You can find this exact stake design for less than other Amazon sellers. There is a My cane corso pulled this out several times within an hour. I put in the ground until the flat piece on the top wouldn't fall any more, then he would be walking around. I would move it to another area to try again. I gave up after being pulled out four times. It is bent over. The second one is doing just fine. The second stake is starting to get pulled out a lot more now. It's most likely because of the rain that they pulled out three times today. It is usually pulled out once a week. The corkscrew stakes you get from Bix box stores work just as well for safety as the cheap-o ones. I am using one for safety reasons.

👤I ordered this stake for my dog. I received the stake very quickly because Amazon Prime was on point. I was worried that the stake wouldn't hold my German shepherd properly because it's ultra compact. This stake is amazing. It doesn't move even though Ryker pulls on it. I leave it in the ground overnight and the galvanized steel is for everything. Their sponsorship program is great for sick dogs. 5 stars.

👤This product has a great build and is the top product in that area. The construction with only one spiral type fin makes turning it into the ground incredibly difficult. At first glance, I thought it would make things easier. The extra fins on competing brands help push the bottom fin through the tough dirt to clear the way. When the stake is finally in the ground, it will be stable. The stake moves back and forth once you strong-man it into the dirt. The movement slowly breaks down the dirt, widening the hole. It's an okay dog stake, but there are better options for the price.

👤Quality item! My dog is a maniac, and he has learned to jump my garden's back wall. My height is about a head shorter. I have to tether him. The tie out stake is amazing. I was hesitant since my dog has a strong pull. This thing won't break. I had trouble getting into the grassy ground with the help I got, but it was perfect after I screwed it into my back yard. He can roam the garden without me worrying that he will run into the streets or scare the neighbors.

👤The thickness of this steak makes it great for my dog. My dog bent at 7 months after he tried to dig it up, which really beats that steak. I put three round bricks around the disk at the top to keep him from digging it up and to keep him from yanking it loose when I was done with it. My dino hates it, which means it's perfect. No more dinos getting loose while I'm gone!

4. EXPAWLORER Cable Outdoor Camping Medium

EXPAWLORER Cable Outdoor Camping Medium

The two-piece combination includes a 16-inch spiral tie-out stake and a 30 ft steel cable. It is suitable for you and your pet to play in the yard or garden. The dog pile has a 9mm bend at the bottom, which can form a greater friction with the underground soil. You can use it to protect the dog's safety. The handle on their heavy pile is more comfortable and convenient. When holding the handle, press the pile into the soil by rotating it inward. The long dog leash is wrapped with a coating to prevent pets from rubbing and hurting. The red line is more visible outdoors, which can make a difference in the location of the dog. The buttons on the ends of the rope can be used to connect the rope to the dog pile. The dog post has a rotating O-ring that can give your dog a larger range of movement and space. The O-ring is difficult to break. This product is easy to use and can prevent your pets from getting lost. It is suitable for many places. First find a piece of soft soil, hold the handle, press down the pile in a spiral manner, make sure that the bent part of the pile has entered the soil, and then put the dog leash around the O-ring of the pile.

Brand: Expawlorer

👤This is what you need it to do. If the ground is not hard from the dry season, it screws into the ground easily. The cable is easy to untangle, and it is long. When you run the lawn mower over it, it doesn't hold up. _()_/

👤The product is very good. The leash is light and sturdy, but not heavy enough to weigh down my little guy. I am not a strong woman, but it was very easy to install. The dog can run around without getting twisted up in the cord if it rotates 180 degrees. I took a picture of my 18lb pug before I installed the product. The leash is for dogs up to 125 lbs. It is an improvement over the original one I bought. The other brand of dog was able to chew on the leash and he had almost gotten through the cord. I had to throw it away. I did a lot of research on the best dog tie outs and this was the one that came up the most. The stake is more visible so it doesn't get run over by the lawnmower, which has happened with other products that sit flush with the ground. I decided to order it.

👤We live in rural Iowa and let the dog run on our property. My son was very worried about the dog running away. His anxiety was getting worse. It was a perfect solution to get the tie out. My son was happy immediately after we hooked it up. We can easily let the dog out and let him go to the chain when we want, we know where he is. My life has been made simpler by the $10 tie out. The tie out is strong. I have no worries about it not holding up. This is a good price for the stake and chain combo.

👤I wanted to use the stake out spot occasionally. I did not research this. I figured it would be fine to be more poundage than I really needed, but the clasps that hook to the collar are huge, meant for a much bigger dog. It works well on my dog's collar. The cable is long for our needs. I don't need the corkscrew stake since I can clip the opposite end just about anywhere. I would suggest finding a cable for the poundage of your dog.

👤The chain has worked well. The color has faded quickly from the sun. I would have thought it would stay red for at least two months. My dog doesn't mind the fading. She doesn't like being chained but it's better than chasing her down the street four times a day.

👤It was perfect for what I wanted. I have a big boy and a puppy and it works for both boys, I can leave the front door open while I garden and the boys can lay inside or out, I don't have to worry about their friends walking by. If their friend walks by, anything but will fly across the street. This length is perfect for reaching the sidewalk and seeing his friends but not running into the street. Going to buy a second for the pup so they can play together and relax as they please, but not get into the road. I was surprised that the lead was thick and well made, since my dog likes to chew threw leashes and other cloths, and the post into the ground is thick and holds well. I have an older one from a different company that is so thin and straight that my big boy used to pull it out of the ground. This one is awesome.

5. Anchor 220lbs Strongest Outdoor Runner

Anchor 220lbs Strongest Outdoor Runner

The dog tie out stake has a bearing between the rotating ball and the base, which will not tangle, and can ensure your pet's safety. You can tie multiple pets at the same time to the ring of the ball and run or kick the ball at will, there are no restrictions. In order to provide customers with a better user experience, they equip the dog run with a high-quality nylon dog leash, which is more durable than a cotton dog leash. The dog lead length allows your dog to have a larger area to move. Medium and large dogs are more suited for the dog stake. The dog tie out has 6 pieces of 10-inch screws. The screws are made of waterproof and rust-proof steel. The dog stake base is made of extremely hard magnesium alloy, which makes it last a long time. The dog run will not be easily pulled out after installation so that the maximum force of the dog pile is 1500 pounds. The dog tie out is suitable for indoor and outdoor pets. The wooden floor, marble and cement floor of living room, garden, yard, road, camping, and other can be used with the dog tie out stake. The dog anchor is not suited for sandy or muddy ground. Not only for dogs but also for other animals. 45 days Money Back Guarantee and 12 months warranty are provided for this product. They have a professional team that can solve your problem. Purchase with no worries!

Brand: Brobantle

👤It was quick and easy to install. It is very strong. No problem with my Great Dog. Highly recommended!

👤We have a dog and she is getting used to it. We walk her as well. Sometimes it is inconvenient.

👤It looks great so far. I replaced the leash because I didn't like it and it was mud and snow.

👤My dog is willing to wear the nylon rope, and do not bark at all.

👤Two Golden retrievers were tied onto one of these. It worked out well. We never worried about the pups getting loose because they were full of energy. It was easy to move it.

👤This was installed in the front yard. I would have liked a carabiner to hook the leash to the anchor, but I appreciated the inclusion of a long leash. Getting this set up and rest for use was easy because I had a carabiner on hand. The leash length is exactly the same length of my driveway, and the anchor doesn't seem to be in danger of falling.

👤Es bastante larga y se ve de buena calidad.

👤My dog broke it out of the waste of money when it was two months old.

6. EXPAWLORER Reflective Outdoor Camping Medium

EXPAWLORER Reflective Outdoor Camping Medium

Give your dog a place to run in the yard. It makes you feel at ease to protect their safety. The stake with a ring is used to keep your dog out of a mess. It's perfect for small to medium dogs. Comes with a high quality stake. The plastic handle through the stake is more comfortable. A 20 ft steel cable and a 16 inch spiral tie out stake are included. It will allow your pet to play. The tie out system can be anchored with the help of the Spiral Stake. Attach the collar to the chain.

Brand: Expawlorer

👤This is being used for my Jack Russell. He likes to run and we don't have a fence on the side of the house. The cable gives him enough room to use in our yard.

👤The item description states that both options are good for dogs up to 125 lbs. The item states that it is only good for dogs up to 60 lbs. That is a big difference in weight.

👤When we clipped the stake on the ground the first time, she ran as far as she could to get to it, and when she got to the end, she was very loud. She had a 1.5 cm circular gash on her chest. There was blood on the metal cylinder that was exposed on the wire leash. The piece that cut her where her blood was is included in the first pic and the wound that came from the leash is the second.

👤I was very excited to try it out. I have a bully puppy that I like to read a book while I let him play outside. I looked up to see a bunny. I wonder if she wanted to go to the bunny. She ran for it after getting into stance. The bunny is okay. The clip to attach the tie out cable was snapped with ease because the expawlor bent a good 45 degrees. I yelled, "$H1TTT!" It was so much fun. She only went to my neighbors back door. I stepped on the tie out cable to get her to the leash. Not cool. Not good.

👤I like this. I chose it because of the length of the line and it has allowed us to be able to leave the house and let our dog run around in the winter. When my dog is done with his work, he runs up to the door and we can let him in. Great product!

👤It's perfect for our small dog. She doesn't pull much so there's no problem with the stake coming out. The cable can hold up to a lot of chewing. Our dog chews through tie downs. So far it has not rusted, only had a few weeks.

👤The tie out cable worked well for our trip. Our dog was able to explore the camp site. The tie out gave us peace of mind. It's well made and heavy duty. We used it for our river floatie.

👤I bought these for my dogs because they kept finding ways to escape. I keep them far away so they don't get tangled together, though it's a nice length to allow them interaction with each other. It holds my doberman and she can jump and pull when she wants. My dog likes to stay outside even if it rains, but the doberman goes into her dog house to make sure her clip doesn't get rusty.

7. AMOFY Cable Medium Outdoor Camping

AMOFY Cable Medium Outdoor Camping

It's safe. The PC heavy duty spiral ring ground anchor stake and 1PCS dog tie out cable are included. Dogs are safe in unfenced yards, parks, beaches and camping grounds. It is easy to use, just screw the anchor into the ground, hold it in place, and connect the leash to the dog peg. Strong gusts: The dog stake is made of iron and has a powder coating to prevent rust. The dog anchor can hold up to 125 lbs of pull force. Their anchor is perfect for the fence less backyard, taking a trip to a barbecue or picnic at the park, camping, beach day trips, sporting events and anywhere you need to secure overhead coverings, patio, garden structures, landscape trim, etc. This set of heavy-duty peg stakes is the best choice. It's very suitable for your pet and you can use spiral ground anchors to keep them safe.

Brand: Amofy

👤This is strong enough for a 75 lbs pupper and easy to twist down into the ground. Sometimes I want to hook the harness up and wait inside the door for the dog to come. It hasn't pulled out of the ground even when he's reached the end of his lead and tugged, so props to that too.

👤The stake and lead don't match up, or if they do, they're not good together. The heavy duty stake is placed in a firm earth. The stake is sturdy and good quality. Great for a big dog. The lead is light and long. The clasps are strong.

👤It is sturdy and perfect for my small yard.

8. Dog Stake and Leashes Collection

Dog Stake and Leashes Collection

The exercise pen can be used as a puppy playpen or as an exercise area for non-climbing small animals. The Heavy Duty 8 MM x 16 Inch Chrome Dog Stake is water resistant and protects the dog leash from damage. Make sure the ground is dry and strong to hold the stake in place. The CONVENIENT has an arrowhead design that makes it easy to screw into ground. It's easy to carry with you and take your pets anywhere. It's weather-resistant, UV-protected, and gives your dog the room to move around freely while keeping him safely secured, and it's made out of chrome metal. The good range includes a ring that can attach tie-out cable. The dog tie out leash is packed with 20 feet of cable so your dog can roam around and stay safe. This product is guaranteed to be safe to use and to be used according to instructions. The cable won't get tangled and pose a danger.

Brand: Katzco

👤It took me 1 month to break the spike in half. I can't imagine anyone with a bigger dog running off with their dog in the sand. I don't trust the item I'm buying for my other dog. I am not sure about this item. I have a 55lb labrador. I have a 45lb Belgian malanoise that I also own and she is a trouble maker, she has ripped this item out of the ground 3 times and bent it. If you have a normal behaved dog, this is perfect for you. I would look elsewhere.

👤I bought 2 of these in case I wanted to put them in different places when I'm outside. The top piece broke when I tried to screw it in, it was plastic and not metal. Maybe it was me, maybe it was the ground, maybe I had a bad one. I took the second one and tried a different location because the ground wasn't as hard recently. I got about half way through and it snapped in the same spot. I was using my hands to do it, it didn't seem like there was a lot of force. I waited for these in hopes they would help me out and they have left me in the same position I was last week without a yard solution that allowed more freedom for my dog. I paid for these and will have to pay for another set at a local store for more money and hopefully better quality.

👤The product says it only supports 60 pound dogs. Customer service contacted me via email. The representative was very nice and offered a swift refund. I said sending back a seven dollar item is not worth the hassle. I asked him to update the product description to reflect the manufacturers specifications.

👤I bought this to tie my puppy up. He is 103 lbs. A large dog. This shouldn't be described as heavy duty. My dog bent it and broke the ring of the chain that was attached to it. It would work well for small dogs up to 40 lbs.

👤It's easy to install and so far the lead has done well, but the clip that holds the lead also has done well. The description says this will hold a dog of up to 100 pounds and my 60 pound Lab mix snapped that clip right from the stake. He didn't run off. He dragged the lead to the front door. It could have been a lot worse. I was able to slide back over the stake using the loop that the clip was hooked to. I don't want someone with a dog bigger than mine to use this because if my dog breaks it, anything bigger would be 888-666-1846 They may want to come back in. This could've been a look. I want other pet owners to know.

9. Stake Reflective Outdoor Camping Medium

Stake Reflective Outdoor Camping Medium

Keep safe. Dog stake keep your pet safe when in the yard or camping. Keeping your dog safe is why you should give the room to move around freely. Attach the collar to the chain with ease. Perfect for small to medium dogs with high quality cable and stake. A 16 ft steel cable up to 60 pound and a 16 inch spiral tie out stake are included. The cable is made of strong plastic coated steel and is crack resistant. Keep furniture and other objects out of your dog's reach to prevent tangles.

Brand: Darkyazi

👤I needed something that would allow my dog to play on the lawn, but not wander off. She ran to say hello to another dog before I could catch her and she was severely injured. She can roam around but not further than the sidewalk if she puts this into the ground. I can sit outside with her and not have to chase her. The person is 15 pounds. The medium to large product is right for me. I recommend it for dogs her size because I feel better about her safety with it. If you have a dog on a harness, be careful. One time, she pulled her harness off over her head, like a magician.

👤I had a runner for a few weeks. Twice, I used it. The spike broke when it was put into the ground. It snapped in my hands. I am a little over 5 feet 7. I didn't think she could do it. This is ridiculous.

👤Good quality. Sturdy for a dog.

👤I expected it to be a bit larger but it is. My dog is 20 lbs. It keeps him in the area I want him in.

👤I received this tie the day after I bought it. It broke on July 20, 2020. It lasted less than 4 months. The puppy is about 40 lbs. The tie down would not work for a 120lb dog. The clasp held the lead to the tie down. My dog tugged one way and another did it in. The tie-down was never able to keep my puppy in for long without the broken lead. She pulled the screw out of the ground within a few days. I would have to find a different place to put it in. I bought a longer stake and a cable that says it will hold a 250lb dog. Hopefully they are enough for a 40lb dog.

👤The metal stake is very fragile and I wouldn't recommend it. We went camping. I tried to pull it out of the ground. I had a cut on my finger when it snapped in half. We tied the leash to a chain in the ground provided by the camp site. The metal was thicker after we purchased another stake at Petco. My dogs are 30 and 40 lbs and can easily pull this stake from the ground if it is not put down all the way down. The only way to get this stake down is to exert force. You must exert force once. I'll keep that part because the leash works well. If you put tension on the twist, you can potentially hurt yourself.

👤The length of the cord is perfect. Would buy again.

👤It works well for puppies. I hope she won't be strong enough to rip it out of the ground when she's full grown this summer. She is now full grown and has not ripped it out of the ground.

10. Dog Tie Out Cable Stake

Dog Tie Out Cable Stake

A 30ft long dog tie-out cable and stake set with two free clasp accessories are included in the Super Value and Great Choice. In the absence of a fenced-in yard, this provides secure containment outdoors for dogs. It's perfect for the park, camp or picnic site. He can roam around worry-free thanks to the 30ft long steel cable. It is easy to install the Spiral Ground Stake. Cold-rolled steel is used for the Heavy Duty Round Spur. The red powder coating is used to fight rust. It's strong enough for one or two dogs. 300 lbs of pulling force, screws securely into the ground are provided by the 12” long spiral design. It helps prevent your dog from escaping the yard. 30ft dog tether for dogs up to 125 lbs. The smooth vinyl coated aircraft cable resists chewing and dragging. His running and sprinting add stress points to the cable-ends. The clips add strength and are resistant to tangling. The weather-resistant cable and stake is bright red for better visibility. Relax and enjoy. The Pestairs Spiral Ground Stake and Dog Tie-out is a combination product that includes a 12” long sturdy spiral ground stake and a 30ft long medium-weight cable tie-out. It's easy to carry and install. It is perfect for dog owners who travel or have yards that are not fenced in. Relax and enjoy the dog show. The Heavy Duty Tie-out Cable and Stake System creates a safe zone for dogs to go outside while preventing them from escaping the yard if they get distracted. It is a great gift for dog lovers. If you're not completely satisfied with it, they'll give you a full refund or replace it at no cost. "Add to Cart" now!

Brand: Pestairs

👤I had issues with the Saker brand anchor and purchased this. The Pestairs Spiral is easy to install and folds flat so you can mow over it. There is nothing else to buy it because it comes with a high quality connector, swivel and a 30 ft cable. I attach the cable directly to the anchor with the help of the connector and swivel, which works fine. I want to purchase a second anchor when they are back in stock, I'm very happy with this one. The Saker brand has an "auger" style anchor. The Spiral model is only recommended by me.

👤This worked well for us. My old setup had a ground stake that looked like a triangle on top of a corkscrew, and cable that was tangled on the stake when we let our dog out. It chewed through several cables and led to a lot of frustration. This one is perfect. I think I will get the savings back by not having to replace a 15ft cable every year. My dog has more room since this came with a longer cable. She can tangle herself on patio furniture instead of a stake, which is a big improvement.

👤I settled for this stake after reading a lot of reviews. I have two dogs. They are well mannered, but will sometimes team up on dogs they don't like. We went on camping trips across the country for two weeks and everything worked at every site. Desert, woodland, prairie, river side... You name it. The dogs were tethered to this at one time. We are waiting for a fence to be installed at our new home and this is a nice short term solution. It is easy to use. We were able to use strong small branches to screw the stake into the ground, but definitely recommend bringing something to do it.

👤My monsters love to play. It's not going to guarantee no tangles, but it will help cut down on them and make it easier to untangle them. The steak is very strong in the ground and is longer than I thought. The 30-ft cable was included with the added bonus. If you have a medium-large sized dog that is an avid puller, I recommend this product. Aaaah!

👤My title says it all. I didn't get to use it because the stake snapped in two the first time we put it in the ground. Would not recommend it. The company contacted me and offered to pay me to take my review down. Please take note.

👤I used a tire iron, and it went in very quickly. I don't think a horse or bull can pull it out. The snaps seem to be skimpier than I would have expected.

👤Great anchor! Reviews were correct. The collar was released when my shepherd hit the 30 ft length and the anchor didn't budge. Excellent to see. The anchor is low when I cut grass. A good product. I would like to find this sooner. It's easier to keep him from running when we are outside and he is on the tie.

11. KOOLTAIL Dog Tie Cables Stake

KOOLTAIL Dog Tie Cables Stake

The package includes a heavy duty stake and 1 x 15ft cable for dogs. The stake is 16 inches in length and 9 inches in thickness. It's long enough for the dog to run, train and play. It's easy to use - first, insert the stake anchor into the ground at an angle of 90 degrees, then hold the handle and turn it clockwise. The pile should be stable. Attach one end of the cable to the rotating clasp and the other to the dog collar. The stake and tie out cables set is designed for large, medium and small dogs. They use wire rope material as cables and it is not easy to get dirty. The cable has a strong metal hook. The stake has a rotation. The O-ring is designed for large dogs to give them more space to move. Their tie out cable and stake set is multifunctional and features high strength, bite-resistant, rust resistance and impact toughness. Can be used in many places.

Brand: Kooltail

👤The front yard is perfect for the longer tether. Our dog is under 30 pounds, but he is active when his friends visit. He is well kept up by his running around with the other dogs who visit and keeps me from having to untangle his leash. I hope we don't have to buy a new tether every year because of the rust on the hook. The winters are very cold here. We never leave him unattended when he's on the tether.

👤Good quality material!

👤It works well. The plastic covers near the clasps came loose, but other than that it works.

👤I don't buy anything that hasn't been used or reviewed unless I absolutely need it and nothing else is available. I gambled on this because I saw reviews for the same brand product in less of a bundle. When we were looking for tether lines, this one jumped out at us because it had two different lengths included for a reasonable price. Being new to the dog thing, having both options available for different circumstances has proven useful. It was a lot cheaper than if we had them separately. I don't think I'm settled or putting our dog at risk. I'm glad it was a positive experience because I always have to be in that first group.

👤Does what I need it to do. The dog is happy. 2x dogs are up.

👤This comes with two different tie-out sizes. That is convenient. Works well.


What is the best product for dog yard leash and stake?

Dog yard leash and stake products from Hanamo. In this article about dog yard leash and stake you can see why people choose the product. Adcsuitz and are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog yard leash and stake.

What are the best brands for dog yard leash and stake?

Hanamo, Adcsuitz and are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog yard leash and stake. Find the detail in this article. Expawlorer, Brobantle and Expawlorer are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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