Best Dog Whistle to Stop Barking Silent

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1. Joytale Adjustable Whistles Training Behavioral

Joytale Adjustable Whistles Training Behavioral

It takes multiple training to make your dog grasp your instructions. It's helpful to associate treats with different frequencies when training a dog, it will make it easier to match the Joytale's long training leash. The sonic adjustment nut can be adjusted by rotating it while blowing the air in from the air inlet. The sonic adjustment nut needs to be tightened after the adjustment lever is turned. Your dog will respond to each adjustment. The sound of a dog whistle is loud. You can only hear the sound of the whistle in its tubular form, but your pets can hear it, because they are sound-sensitive. The dog clicker has a big button and lightweight metal clicker. Good behaviors are marked by different clicks. When you press it, it clicks and then you release the button. It's better for dogs with poor hearing or older dogs. A wrist strap and lanyard allow you to train your dog in any situation without losing. Positive reinforcement and negative behavior correction of dogs can be used. The sounds will not hurt the hearing of dogs or humans.

Brand: Joytale

👤My dog decided he wouldn't respond to the whistle. He responds to a whistle and runs back to his house.

👤I should have bought the clicker.

👤Clicker works well but whistle isn't as good.

👤Whistle isn't as useful as expected.

👤My dog caught on to the clicker immediately, the whistle works great, but it takes a little adjustment. Good quality for the price.

2. Deterrent Rechargeable Ultrasonic Frequency Indicator

Deterrent Rechargeable Ultrasonic Frequency Indicator

The bark control device emits a sound that is 25khz above the hearing range of humans but will grab dogs attention and make them feel uncomfortable, and it is more effective than a dog barking deterrent device. 3 different waves of sound waves can be used to deter dogs from getting used to simple frequencies and it can make it less training inducing. The indicator on the dog barking control device will light up when the power is low, so you don't have to spend a lot of money on batteries. The dog barking deterrent devices of this sonic dog deterrent is 16.5 feet, which makes it convenient for outdoor dog walking to train them to behave well in public and protect them from eating. This dog barking deterrent device has a button that you can press before every sound to help your dog understand that their bad behaviors will cause an uncomfortable experience.

Brand: Elopaw

👤The dog repeller was described. I charged it up after I got it. The company I work for has the same name as a river. I deliver to homes out in the stick, where there are a lot of dogs and the homes are so far apart that there are not many gates. I was charged by the homeowner's dog within the first hour of being on my route, and this thing confused it enough to give it pause and reconsider its actions. It ran off after I used it again, after it stopped dead in its tracks. I feel a little more at ease when I'm out on deliveries. Thanks.

👤I love this thing. It worked perfectly the first time. My neighbor's dog is a hole. Whenever it hears something through the fence, it barks loud. I pushed the button while it was barking. The little dog ran and didn't notice. I am happy about some peace! I should have purchased this sooner. It works perfectly every time I use it. Go buy it, then come back, you're welcome! I have to spend a lot of money to train my neighbor's dog. I want to show you the kind of people I live next to. My dog is not an A$$hole, my neighbor's dog is.

👤Don't be fooled by me. They give you a $20 credit to give them 5 star reviews, which is the reason why there are so many positive reviews. The items are only for small dogs and they need to be less than a couple feet away from the dogs to not bother them. The rest of the items are cheap and can be used for dog training, but the main product is not for that purpose.

👤They ship it with an info card, so be aware of how to get a $20 Amazon card in exchange for a 5 star review. I chose to give an honest one. My German Shepard/Lab pup doesn't seem to work on the ultrasound device. The dog whistle handle fell off. The clicker is not worth much.

👤Woah. This item works. It's cool that the frequencies are sharp enough for you to pick it up. If you point it out to yourself, I did it. My dog is very nice inside. My dog tends to show aggressiveness towards female dogs of her size outdoors. While I tried to ignore it, it became very frustrated as I braced myself, wrapped the leash, and tried to not get Peta sent at me for raising my voice in a desperate attempt to curb her behavior. There is a I've tried socializing many times. I saw this and thought why not. My dog looks at me when I press it and it's sailing. Being able to interrupt her enthusiasm has been a life saver. We are working on outdoor commands.

👤I encourage you to try this dog barking deterrent if your dogs bark at our delivery vehicles. It took less than 2 days for our big girl to learn that we did not want her to run to the door barking every time there was movement, because we have a giant 120# dog and a 10# dog. It's okay to go to the door to be prepared, but the running and barking was annoying. It was like watching a new skater. If she does something we don't like, we show her the remote and she stops. The little one is stubborn. We have to hit the button for the beep even though her behavior is better. We don't have to use the sound for her anymore. Her main issue is barking. She stops. I like this better than the dog collar. The remote is small, so I can take it anywhere, but it's also large, so it won't get lost. I love my pups more now than I did before. Who knew that was possible?

3. Training Ultrasonic Deterrent Rechargeable Indicates

Training Ultrasonic Deterrent Rechargeable Indicates

Dog training and barking control solution. The dog barking control devices are safe and effective for barking control. It is suitable for various scenarios, such as stopping excessive barking, fighting, biting and eating unsafe food. Press the button if you want to correct your dog's bad habits. It is efficient and harmless. The dog barking deterrent emits 24KHZ, which is suitable for dogs of various breeds and sizes. The range that a dog can hear is 15HZ to 120KHZ. The product is safe for both humans and dogs. The dog protection program is smart. The anti barking device has a long- lasting Ultrasonic protection design to prevent it from emitting Ultrasonic waves due to misoperation. If you press the button for more than 6 seconds, the anti barking device will stop emitting sound waves. It is portable and suitable for both home and outing. The device weighs 5.1 ounces. It has a Silicone hand strap that is friendly to big hands. The large capacity battery has 1200mAh capacity. The charging cable can be used for a variety of charging methods. When the battery is low, please put the charging cable in the box to charge it. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge. After being fully charged, it can work for more than 30 days.

Brand: Intwisdow

👤We tried everything to keep our cat away from the Christmas tree last year, but my brother used a similar device on his cats so I thought it was worth a try. The dogs don't care about it, but it works on the cat and there is hope for the tree. The cat no longer cares. It doesn't work on the cats or the dogs. Will be returning it.

👤The barking control devices help my dog. When you reach for it, they stop barking. It's a good thing. It will help the neighbors dog. Even from a distance. I love this product.

👤The instructions do not match the product. I can hear the tone. A full charge is not indicated by a fully charged light. It doesn't work for us.

👤This device is not for a multi dog place, it scares the ones who are not barking, otherwise it works well.

👤I adopted a dog a year ago. It has not been trained. When I see other dogs, it will bark. I tried a lot of methods, but they were not very effective. I should buy this barking control device sooner.

👤We have three dogs. Two of them are older and have been with us for a while, but we have an English pinscher that barks his head off whenever anything moves. It is just nerve-wracking. He is bad if he is on my partner's bed and I come into the room, because he just goes nuts barking at me. The first few times I used this deterrent on him, I could tell it was getting to him because he curled up and flattened his ears in a way I had never seen before. I don't want to make him think that I'm trying to desensitize him to it. I hope the effect lasts because it is a lot quieter around here since I have been zapping him with the sound. It doesn't seem to help the other dogs, but they are not as bad as Harley is and will shut up when told to. Not Harley. I think the bark deterrent device is working on him because he is an extremely sensitive dog.

👤I have a little beagle who likes to lose his nutter when I'm on a zoom call. I had to find something to stop him. The gadget works about 80% of the time. The unit works 100% of the time, but about 80% of the time it gets him to shut his face. The other 20% of my dog is too focused on the sound to be bothered by it. I'll take 80% because it's still the best I've found so far.

👤My dog is a sweetheart, but she barks at my neighbors and jumps up on people. It has gotten her to stop barking and has lowered her jumps.

4. ZelenDecor Ultrasonic Deterrent Rechargeable Effective

ZelenDecor Ultrasonic Deterrent Rechargeable Effective

The 2-in-1 anti barking device is a safe and effective solution for dog training. One of them can be used effectively. It's suitable for small and large dogs. It is suitable to be used indoors or outdoors. The anti barking device works for 60 days.

Brand: Zelendecor

👤Whoa. We have only used this twice now. Our dogs bark at anything that moves outside. We need to stop this behavior before we have a baby and he is going to sleep all day. When Murray left. I pointed this at him and said "NO" as I clicked it and he stopped immediately. The barking stopped when he kept complaining. I'm glad I took a chance on this product and I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

👤I didn't think this would work on the two large dogs next door. The dogs bark 24 hours a day. The red lights stopped glowing after I charged this. The dogs ran between the fence and the front gate, screaming at me. I pressed the device long and hard after pointing it at them. The dogs charged at me again. I pressed harder and harder. It is a long walk to the gate. The dogs ran away. It was wonderful. The device is small enough to be hidden in your hand.

👤It works for most of my dogs. It helps with other behavior issues as well. They don't like the sound and it distracts them from their behavior. The ones that don't have behavior issues don't. My 14 year old daughter can hear it. She said that old people were not able to hear high frequencies. I would recommend and purchase again.

👤Every time I went to get mail, the dog barked at me. He stares at me now after using the Zelendecor anti barking device a few times. I am a happy customer.

👤I don't recommend this product. I got this product to stop my dog from barking. I have three dogs and when one starts, they all start. I got it after reading the reviews. I didn't do the research. I tried it and my two dogs went straight to sit against my daughter and the other one ran and tried to hide. He was so scared that I felt terrible. I did research and I feel guilty. Trainers think these are cruel. These devices can cause long term psychological harm to dogs.

👤It works well for my boxers. People walk behind our house. They stop when you press the button. It doesn't work for the small dogs next door. I bought it for the fact that they bark at us when we go into our back yard. They are not told to stop barking because they are left outside all day. They are a problem.

👤My new favorite toy is a toy gun. I thought about buying a necklace with shock for my dog, but she was so small I didn't think it was a good idea. By the time I bought this device, I was running out of hope. After a few minutes she realized that she couldn't keep barking. I loved it. She stopped barking for no reason.

👤Even though I returned the device, the seller was very positive and supportive and went out of their way to make sure I was satisfied with my order.

5. ZelenDecor Ultrasonic Deterrent Rechargeable Effective

ZelenDecor Ultrasonic Deterrent Rechargeable Effective

The 2-in-1 anti barking device is a safe and effective solution for dog training. One of them can be used effectively. It's suitable for small and large dogs. It is suitable to be used indoors or outdoors. The anti barking device works for 60 days.

Brand: Zelendecor

👤This was a big deal for my beasts of burden. The bratty kids next door love to play with my dogs and my dogs happily accommodate them by going nuts barking. Driving me crazy too. I was at a loss because I was using treats and commands that weren't working. There is a Well not anymore. I told them to stop barking and go home. They did it. The dogs just see it in my hand. If it worked on brats.

👤This is the best device I have ever had. My wire fox terrier is nervous. The success of this was aided by that. I have had it for 2 days and his barking is not a problem. I am amazed that he has changed. It would be better described as shocked! I only pushed the button four times in two days. I just want you to be nice and hold up the little control. If someone comes in the house, I will show it to Banksy and say be nice. There is no barking when we make eye contact. I don't have to press the button. It's magic! This will help with barking. Only the pups can hear it. I take it on our walks so he doesn't bark crazy when he sees another dog. He thinks barking is a good way to greet other dogs. Wow! It's peace! I don't want to reward Banksy for being good. Proud mom.

👤I had to review this product because it works. I was in need of a bark deterrent because my neighbors dog has started to run to our fence and back at my dogs, which in turn has caused my two small terrier dogs to bark all the time now. I tried a lot of different things, but I didn't think something this cheap would work. I charged for several hours after I received it. When my dogs barked for the first time, I pointed this at them and pressed the button one time, they took off and I hit the button again, but this time they came back and barked again. I would recommend this to anyone with a barking dog. It worked for me because the dog has to be close to hear the noise.

👤I had looked at them and thought they were true. I asked if I could borrow it for a couple of hours to see it for myself after my daughter bought one. I grabbed the remote and said stop and push the button because my dogs started barking. I was amazed it worked. I bought two for myself and my mom. I love the fact that it is easy to use and works on all of my dogs at the same time, and I can use it anywhere I go. It doesn't hurt my baby's. Correct... perfect... This product is very good. You will wonder why you waited so long. Trust me.

👤Our mastiffs were barking at people and we were having issues with them. Our older one never did this, but our younger one started barking at people when they walked by the house. Being large dogs freaked some people out. I was skeptical about these kinds of products, and had read a lot of reviews that ranged from "this thing is awesome" to "my dog doesn't react to it at all". I was willing to take a gamble because it was inexpensive. I hung out on the porch and waited for someone to walk by. They started barking like crazy after a short time. I hit the button when I pointed the device at them. They reacted in a way I had never seen before. They didn't like the sound. They definitely did, even though I didn't hear anything personally. The dogs lay down on the rug after the barking stopped. The button was pressed for a short time. That was all it took. I repeated this process a few more times over the next two days. We now have calm and quiet dogs when people walk by our house. I don't know if it will be that easy for your dogs, but I have no doubts about the effectiveness of this device. It was worth the money for us.

6. STÙNICK Ultrasonic Deterrent Multi Function Anti Barking

ST%C3%99NICK Ultrasonic Deterrent Multi Function Anti Barking

A dog trainer can prevent and control the bad habit of barking at others before the dog is 6 months old. While a regular dog training clicker is great for training in positive behaviors, the handheld anti-bark training from Stunck will chill out all the negative ones, so you get greater results in puppy training. When your dog barks or runs off, simply press the button on your Ultrasonic device and the noise will stop them from barking or running off. You won't hear it, but it makes them angry. For 10 days, keep training the behavior to allow the conditioning to learn the new action. Did your dog run off? They will stop from anywhere up to 20 feet if they hit the button. They should call back and give them a treat. If you have neighbors dogs who bark, point this anti barking training device in their direction as a deterrent and in 10 days they might have learned the new behavior as well. Not suitable for hearing impaired pets. Is it possible to care for a dog? You can't use the anti barking devices as a safety device against attacking dogs because they don't have the training or conditioning to be aggressive. Dog barking control devices can be used as a training tool. Even on rainy days, you can take the STNICK dog training Ultrasonic sound device out. It comes with a 30-Day Money- Back Guarantee if it is not right for your dog, and a 12-Month Manufacturing Warranty if it is. Try it out and tell your dog to play nice.

Brand: StÙnick

👤Works well on the dogs. At last, peace.

👤I have been using it for a week or so and it works. I am very thankful for this device. I use the microphone on the nanny cam to emit sound when I'm away from the home. My dog is very anxious and keeps scratching at the door. I will use it while training him.

👤The instruction is clear, body build is small enough in your hand, but they said can handle up to 20 feet away. The dog is making noise. A big dog to a small chiwawa still doesn't react to sound. Either this defected or it didn't work at all. Don't buy it. Money that is waiste. I will return it.

👤I have the same exact model from a different brand and it worked great for my dog. My dog was very responsive to it and it was very effective. The brand is no longer available because the button broke. I went with the Stunick brand because it doesn't function the same and is not effective at all. I could not hear the whistle on a previous model, but my dog responded immediately. It makes a weird whistle noise that is not effective.

👤Light and laser work. There was no sound. Dogs are not phased. There was no ear twitching. There was no response at all.

👤I had hoped that the Stunick would help me stop my dog from charging and barking when the bell rings. It has no effect, like it was not there. The device is easy to use and has a bright light on it. It is very easy to change or install the battery. If it worked or helped at all. I have a golden dog, so maybe it is better on other dogs.

👤Morkie immediately took to my wife, but not me. When my wife sat at a table, the adorable Morkie would always be between her legs, and under the stool. The Morkie barked at me whenever I approached. The Morkie would chase me and snap at me, but only me. That's a mystery that's not solved. The dog's pursuit of me has been solved. The only thing that stopped the dog from barking and chasing me was the button. The dog will emit some muffled wuffs, but we can tolerate that. When my wife is not at home, the Morkie sits with me. Even though I was skeptical when I bought this item, it works for me. It's a success and a dollar's value for a dollar.

👤I love it! There is a dog next door that barks the whole time it is outside. The dog is not doing anything wrong, it is his people. It works well to keep him from barking and hurting himself, and it also gives some peace to the neighbors.

7. Howan Professional Whistles Adjustable Frequencies

Howan Professional Whistles Adjustable Frequencies

If you want to train your dog easy, turn the screw rod inward or outward. Their dog whistle can make sure that your dogs obey basic skills after training. Howan dog whistle allows you to easily train your dog/puppy unlimited commands such as stop barking, sit, come, and lay down, recall, toilet training and more. The Howan dog whistle is made of heavy duty metal and plastic and comes with a lanyard. It will not hurt your dog's hearing or ours. Different dogs respond to different frequencies. The dog whistle has a range of fund frequencies between 5.4 and 12.8 KHz when you turn it on. The dogs with more sensitive ears may not be as important to human hearing. The voice of the dog whistle is quieter than you think. Many people can't hear the sound of a whistle, but their dogs can. Humans are more sensitive to this than dogs. Don't worry about it.

Brand: Howan

👤It was bought because my little dog was of the mind, she needed to bark at everyone and it ended in a high pitch whine. No more. She used this whistle every time she made a noise. I don't know what to say, I want to get the whistle. When someone is at the door, she only barks. Good dog!

👤I threw this in my cart because I was annoyed by the barkers next door. 2 days later, I come back with this -dog barks whistle blows, the problem is solved!

👤I wish I could start with zero, but you have to give at least one. This piece of junk does not work and you should not spend your money on it. My dog looked at me the same every time I used this. The whistle had an annoying sound, but it didn't bother my dog. For a refund, you'll be sent back.

👤It's hard to use on an old dog. The whistles are thick. It has something you can put on your neck. If they are a puppy, the value of money is worth it.

👤I have tried it on a number of dogs. It is not effective. I would love to return it. I don't recommend this product.

👤I am not sure if thesonic is a silent whistle or not. It sounds like a weak whistle. When I used it, my dogs didn't turn their heads.

👤Garbage is hot. A waste of money. This is for people who are into returns and items that don't work.

👤Lanyard helps. My wife wanted to call our dog out in the woods. Just got it, should work fine.

8. Acme 535 Silent Dog Whistle

Acme 535 Silent Dog Whistle

The Silent Dog Whistle is a model from the Acme. The silent dog whistle is almost inaudible to humans. The whistle can be heard by dogs up to 400 yards. Solid brass construction with nickel plating. The leading quality brand for whistles is Acme.

Brand: Acme

👤I moved to this apartment in January. My neighbor's dog started barking all night long. All. Night. Long. A sort of bark, a sort of barking- into-scruching- into-howling kind of bark. The bark that says, "I will destroy anything that comes within a mile of me" then passes the message on to all living things within a mile. For the first couple weeks of it, I lay awake in bed at night, and fantasized about what might happen if a piece of space trash plummeted to earth. Maybe it will try to eat the rooster that starts crowing two hours before the sun comes up, and choke to death on its bones. Two birds, one throat. My neighbors are a lot like humans, and so it makes sense that their dog would be the same. When I initially complained about it, the landlords told me it was in heat. So this will pass, right? It didn't pass. The bitch barked every night for four months. The bitch had a litter of puppies. Oh, great! It's a whole chorus now! It was what I was hoping for. Everyone around me has asked, "Well, it's a dog, what can you do?" Here's an idea, and just hear me out here: how about keeping it inside at night? I bought the whistle to deal with the barking. Rather than shooting them with poison tipped darts, I'd rather have a Gilligan's Island blow gun. I assumed that the whistle would be able to cover the 100 or so feet away from my bedroom window where the nightly performance takes place. It turns out, not so much! I can't understand how this device is supposed to be used as a pet training tool. The enclosed instruction sheet explains how to train a dog, with brilliant advice such as: reward it for doing what you told it to do. Excellent advice, doctor. It doesn't explain how to use the whistle in that training. I can't imagine how it would be. Isn't it supposed to make them stop doing what they're doing and pay attention to you? It doesn't do that. It is an exact replica of lesser expensive models, and it is a very nice design. Right down to the very fonts on the packaging! They are produced in the same factory. It's like taking drop shipping to a whole new level. Whatever, "ACME." This was a complete waste of money, like all of Wile E. Coyote's orders.

👤A hard of hearing neighbor bought a puppy and forgot to train it. Every time we went into our backyard, the puppy barked out of earshot of its owner. Despite the fact that we were friends with the puppy while on her side of the fence, and despite the fact that we tried to send treats through the fence as a bribe, this still happened. We bought this whistle off-label because a friend told us it might annoy the dog if we could teach it to stop barking. We tried it for a few seconds each time we were in the backyard and the dog stood at the fence barking. The dog was confused. The whistle blew again when she tried to bark. After 10 blows the first day, day 2 was even more successful, but only half as many blows of the whistle were required before the barking was discouraged. The dog would stop barking and go to a resting place in the middle of the yard after only one reminder whistle. I am happy to report that within a week the barking had stopped, though the dog still barks at people walking in the alley beyond the fence. She may need a few reminders from time to time, but I'm very happy with the results the dog whistle helped us achieve!

9. Dog Whistle Ultrasonic Training Professional

Dog Whistle Ultrasonic Training Professional

How to train your dog? : Each time you use a different flute method, you have to specify the commands "Do not move", "Sit down" and "Come". "Do not move", "Sit down", and "One long and one short" are examples. You can teach your dog unlimited commands by adjusting the frequencies. When your dog does it right, give him a snack reward and approach to make him listen, keep your whistle command consistent. You can adjust the pitch to get the right frequencies, loosen the sonic adjustment screw while blowing the air in from the air inlet, and turn the adjustment lever to adjust to the optimum pitch. The sonic adjustment screw needs to be tightened after the adjustment lever is turned. The dog whistle can be used on any breed of dog. Their silent dog whistle is made of durable steel, it doesn't hurt your dog's hearing during training sessions, please to know you will hear the sound too. The design is anti-loss. Their dog training whistle comes with a lanyard and a lock nut that you can use to keep it safe. Whenever you need to, issue commands and get in touch with your dog. Even if your dog can't see you, he can whistle up to 25 meters away. poodles, sheep, rottweilers, huskies, and other breeds can complete training freedom. Dog whistles can make sure that they obey basic skills.

Brand: Qbcntu

👤We bought two of the two that we did, we really liked the look and the name tag on the collar. Thistle got hers, turned to go to her spot to chill out and chew, but the metal name plate broke and became entangled in Bentley's collar, twisting both collars. Thistle was being dragged underneath her until they both dropped. They would have died if we hadn't cut the collars. If you've purchased one, I suggest you burn it and get one that isn't so much of a game of Russian Roulette for your dog. How are these being sold? She only wore it for a couple of weeks.

👤Do not buy this item. My older dog was playing with my younger dog when the younger dog slipped between the collar and the latched door. The older dog was killed when the collar tightened on her until she was dead. The collar wouldn't loosen even when given slack. Unbuckling the collar wouldn't help as it's one piece you slip over the dog's head and snap to make it fit securely. It was too late for us to cut the collar off the dogs. No dog should wear this collar. It can easily be hung on tree limbs and killed your dog.

👤There is a danger of brawling. There is a The outer band of the neck is tightened by pulling on it. The collar will choke the dog to death if the outer band is stuck on something. If the outer band is pulled, most collars won't tighten. My 30 days were up 2 days ago, so I would like a refund.

👤We love our collars. They were quick to respond with a new dog after I accidentally ordered the wrong size. The name plates don't jingle and the colors are vibrant. I will always have one of these for our dogs.

👤I have had a collar for a week. My dog snapped the collar off of the motorcycle as she ran after it. The buckle broke as you can see. It took us 30 minutes to get her home. She was so vulnerable that it was frightening. She is going to be chipping next week. I wouldn't recommend this collar to anyone.

👤I wanted to have a collar with their name and phone number in case they escaped, even though they are not wearing a collar. The name is professional and discreet and the thread glows in the dark when we are out at night. I would order them again.

👤The collar is great, but the engraved tag is not adequate. The tag on the first collar was lost after a few days. The seller told me that there was a problem with the tags on the first one. I received a replacement collar with a different attachment. The elastic band that fits through each side of the engraved tag is attached to this tag. My dog is pulling half of the tag free. I had to use pliers to fix it. The engraved tag on the collar seems to be problematic.

10. MODUS Deterrent Ultrasonic Chargeable Flashlight

MODUS Deterrent Ultrasonic Chargeable Flashlight

The dual-head barking control device, called the Modus, has enhanced ergonomics and can send higher and changeable sound waves to each dog. The device has 4 different functions. The dog barking deterrent emits a sound like a dog whistle, a sound that is strong enough to be heard by a human, and a sound that is 25 khz Ultrasonic waves. Wide control coverage. The dog control barking device can be used indoors and outdoors and has a maximum operating range which can reach 16.4 ft; the device is suitable for dogs between 6 months to 8 years old and except for those with hearing impairment or loss of hearing function. The bark control device will correct your dog's behavior via those modes, the same as a dog whistle. If you add an appropriate password like'stop' to the device, the dog will stop barking if you say'stop'. Warm tips. The anti dog barking device has a long- lasting battery life and can be used for 30 days once it is fully charged, and they provide a 5Vusb cable in the box which can be used to charge the computer and other devices.

Brand: Modus

👤I bought this item for a friend that rescues and trains dogs. The device will work on any breed from 6 months to 8 years. The dog trainer will emit various types of sound waves depending on the one you choose. It's useful for people in urban or suburban dwellings who don't want to be bothered with a dog that won't stop barking. This item is safe and humane and will not cause pain to your pets or humans. Humans can't hear the sound. The battery can last a long time on a full charge. It has a cable for charging similar to most electronic devices, and also a flashlight for walking your dog at night.

👤This is a high quality training device. It is packaged well and has a transparency barcode to confirm authenticity. The manual has lots of diagrams and is easy to understand. It's well written. I only noticed the wrong spelling once. The device is in my hand. It's light and has a strong strap. Don't use less than 12 inches from your ear, the two emitters look big and powerful. Can't wait to start training with it.

👤If you have a persistent barker, I highly recommend a barking collar-non shock. We tried different devices and they didn't work. The collar worked well. The problem has been solved after two days after we purchased the collar.

👤Our dogs were so frightened when they heard about this product that we cannot use it. I would think of this product as punishment. Not recommended.

👤My dogs don't care what settings I use. They bark.

👤Doesn't work to control barking.

👤It wouldn't work again after one time. Only used it one time.

👤I read many reviews and thought it was worth a try, but I wish I had listened to my initial gut feeling. I was desperate. The device got my dog angry and never stopped barking.

11. DOG CARE Ultrasonic Rechargeable Flashlight

DOG CARE Ultrasonic Rechargeable Flashlight

Anti barking device and 2-in-1 training. The dog barking control device is a dog training tool with two modes that can be used for various scenarios. Deterrent mode is when you emit a higher intensity Ultrasonic sound and the flashlight flashes as a warning to prevent other dogs from approaching you. Ultrasonic sound can be used to assist in daily dog training such as stop excessive barking, fighting, biting, and correct other unwanted behaviors. Dog training and bark control device UT-01 uses two speakers that reach up to 25 feet to deter unfriendly dogs. The stop barking dog device is portable and can be used indoors or outdoors. You can use the dog bark deterrent to train your dog or take it away. The deterrence is increased by using high-frequency flashlights and high-resolution sound waves. Dog Care pet gentle no barking device for dogs UT-01 has a standardusb included in the box and is rechargeable with an ultra battery life. If you take this device with you, you can use it for up to 4 months without having to charge it again. It takes 4-5 hours to fully charge. The time is up to 6 months. It's suitable for long-distance travel, indoor or outdoor activities. Dog-friendly sound wave design makes this dog barking control device easier for dogs to understand and learn. The dog care barking control device raises the training effect. The dog barking deterrent device UT01 should not be used in front of people and should not be blocked by walls. The pet gentle anti barking device UT01 emits an Ultrasonic of 25 KHZ, which will not affect humans but can grab dogs' attention without worrying about hurting your dogs. Give the dog food, threats, or petting when it stops acting out. Aggressive dogs, hearing-impaired dogs, dogs under 6 months or over 8 years are not compatible with the bark control device.

Brand: Dog Care

👤My neighbor's dog is scared of barking constantly.

👤We bought a smaller device about 6 months ago and were impressed with it, so we wanted to find a second one so we could have one closer when we needed it. I took a chance on the new one since I thought it had a better range. My dogs are at least 20 feet away from this. It works well to stop their barking at rabbits. I would recommend and buy again.

👤I was very impressed with how well this worked with my shepherd and how responsive she was to it. I don't use this device for training tricks because I prefer to use positive reinforcement. I use the training mode button to deter my dog from doing something, since she has sensitive ears, but I don't use the Deterrent Mode since I want to avoid using the higher ultra sonic waves. One quick press of the button will get my dog to react. I would advise against using this when off leash around other dogs because of the waves affecting other dogs. I'll stick to the DogCare shock collar for those situations, because I only have to use the beep feature to deter my dog from something after she has gotten used to it. Product is better than I anticipated and I am very pleased with the results. The wrist loop should be adjusted. I could have it stay on my wrist if I didn't hold it in my hand.

👤I didn't know I had an option other than a bark collar. I only used this as a training aid today. I am impressed so far. I tested it to my ear. If it is close to your ear, it is audible. My dog was outside barking loudly at the neighbors, I told him "no bark" and used the detterent button, and he immediately stopped and was startled. He had to see it in my hand to not bark. I can't wait to see how helpful this will be. I'm excited that he won't have to wear the bark collar as often. If another dog is coming at you aggressively, this could help. I am very happy with this device. I have been able to remove my dog's shock collar completely. I don't have to press the button because he usually complies quickly if he sees it in my hand. It helped him chase the cat. I am hoping to use the train button more to calm down some behaviors that are reacting negatively to certain people. I can't say enough good things about it. If you know what you're doing and have a reward when they stop barking or being mean, this can work for training. I love my dog so much, and now day to day life with him is much better. My friend Donna, who also has a miniature dachshund, wanted to try this after hearing about my success. She's not good with online ordering. She and her husband were worried that they would hurt their dog. They couldn't use a shock collar. Their outdoor living was hampered by Miles' barking. They were able to try it. They gave him the command, pressed the button, and he immediately stopped barking. They see that this can help. As long as it's done correctly, it can work for these stubborn dachshunds.


What is the best product for dog whistle to stop barking silent?

Dog whistle to stop barking silent products from Joytale. In this article about dog whistle to stop barking silent you can see why people choose the product. Elopaw and Intwisdow are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog whistle to stop barking silent.

What are the best brands for dog whistle to stop barking silent?

Joytale, Elopaw and Intwisdow are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog whistle to stop barking silent. Find the detail in this article.

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