Best Dog Whistle to Stop Barking Neighbors Dog Long Range

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1. Acme 535 Silent Dog Whistle

Acme 535 Silent Dog Whistle

The Silent Dog Whistle is a model from the Acme. The silent dog whistle is almost inaudible to humans. The whistle can be heard by dogs up to 400 yards. Solid brass construction with nickel plating. The leading quality brand for whistles is Acme.

Brand: Acme

👤I moved to this apartment in January. My neighbor's dog started barking all night long. All. Night. Long. A sort of bark, a sort of barking- into-scruching- into-howling kind of bark. The bark that says, "I will destroy anything that comes within a mile of me" then passes the message on to all living things within a mile. For the first couple weeks of it, I lay awake in bed at night, and fantasized about what might happen if a piece of space trash plummeted to earth. Maybe it will try to eat the rooster that starts crowing two hours before the sun comes up, and choke to death on its bones. Two birds, one throat. My neighbors are a lot like humans, and so it makes sense that their dog would be the same. When I initially complained about it, the landlords told me it was in heat. So this will pass, right? It didn't pass. The bitch barked every night for four months. The bitch had a litter of puppies. Oh, great! It's a whole chorus now! It was what I was hoping for. Everyone around me has asked, "Well, it's a dog, what can you do?" Here's an idea, and just hear me out here: how about keeping it inside at night? I bought the whistle to deal with the barking. Rather than shooting them with poison tipped darts, I'd rather have a Gilligan's Island blow gun. I assumed that the whistle would be able to cover the 100 or so feet away from my bedroom window where the nightly performance takes place. It turns out, not so much! I can't understand how this device is supposed to be used as a pet training tool. The enclosed instruction sheet explains how to train a dog, with brilliant advice such as: reward it for doing what you told it to do. Excellent advice, doctor. It doesn't explain how to use the whistle in that training. I can't imagine how it would be. Isn't it supposed to make them stop doing what they're doing and pay attention to you? It doesn't do that. It is an exact replica of lesser expensive models, and it is a very nice design. Right down to the very fonts on the packaging! They are produced in the same factory. It's like taking drop shipping to a whole new level. Whatever, "ACME." This was a complete waste of money, like all of Wile E. Coyote's orders.

👤A hard of hearing neighbor bought a puppy and forgot to train it. Every time we went into our backyard, the puppy barked out of earshot of its owner. Despite the fact that we were friends with the puppy while on her side of the fence, and despite the fact that we tried to send treats through the fence as a bribe, this still happened. We bought this whistle off-label because a friend told us it might annoy the dog if we could teach it to stop barking. We tried it for a few seconds each time we were in the backyard and the dog stood at the fence barking. The dog was confused. The whistle blew again when she tried to bark. After 10 blows the first day, day 2 was even more successful, but only half as many blows of the whistle were required before the barking was discouraged. The dog would stop barking and go to a resting place in the middle of the yard after only one reminder whistle. I am happy to report that within a week the barking had stopped, though the dog still barks at people walking in the alley beyond the fence. She may need a few reminders from time to time, but I'm very happy with the results the dog whistle helped us achieve!

2. STOPWOOFER Ultrasonic Training Bark Deterrent Range Safe

STOPWOOFER Ultrasonic Training Bark Deterrent Range Safe

Dog training and dog bark control can be done with the Ultrasonic Dog Trainer. Dogs have a certain effect on you and can be corrected with the help of Ultrasonic Frequency. Dog barking deterrent is an innovation among barking control devices. It is effective for all dogs of any size. The Bark Control Device is small and easy to use. You can carry it with you. Pressing a button causes the anti barking device to work. Simple! The dog barking deterrent can be used again and again. It works for 14 days with 1 battery life. There is a cable with the device. The button shuts off if it is pressed for more than 8 seconds. It is safe among bark control devices.

Brand: Stopwoofer

👤I started using it yesterday. My fur babies are 10 years old and we used to live in the desert where barking was good. The coyotes were kept away by it. We live in the suburbs and the homeowners association won't let me put up a fence big enough to keep them from jumping it. They have to be leashed up. The neighbor's dog is always rushing out the door to freak out on them. I am the only one who knows how to handle them when they try to retaliate, so I am the only one who can take them potty. The two people with the most sheer muscle are Luke and Leia. The babies are big. I took the pups out to potty this morning and the neighbor's dog came out as usual. I clicked the button after I said Hush in a loud stern voice. The man stopped and pooped. The neighbor dog slowed his barking. I said it again and clicked the button. They stopped after a couple more times. These little woofs were done by Leia. She got the hint to see what would happen. It's like a weird sound. We have lived here for 4 years and that was the easiest time to go to the bathroom. I was told my dogs were too old to learn. Wrong!

👤This works, but you need to use it correctly. You need to use it with training commands and work with your dog, they are not going to randomly know what this noise means, you have to train them to understand. The first time I used it, my dog looked at me and stopped in his tracks. It is great.

👤I rescued a 3-year old dog that barked at the faintest sounds. I have not had to use a training device for barking with other dogs, but this little dude has trouble paying attention to my commands whenever he hears a strange noise. The bark trainer has helped me get his attention so that I can give him a quiet command and treat him well. The device is not meant to be a remote control. You need to pair it with the training strategies. My dog is responding to quiet without needing the StopWoofer. We are still using it to work on his barking when he hears another dog or someone knocks on the door. I use it as a support to interrupt his barking so he can look at me and be treated for good behavior.

👤I've tried several bark collar to stop our 7 year old dog from barking, but none worked. I bought the StopWoofer after researching online and decided to try it again. The StopWoofer worked immediately to my amazement. When I reach for the StopWoofer, our Harley will stop barking. I used the Sound Level 1 when he was more engaged in barking. A person came to fix our air conditioning. When I used sound 1 Harley barked once and then stopped. The device has worked well for us.

3. MODUS Bark Control Device Ultrasonic

MODUS Bark Control Device Ultrasonic

The 2-in-1 Ultrasonic anti-bark device is a safe and effective solution for dog training and bark control. The anti-bark device can be used to stop barking, digging, eating unsafe food, fighting, and other undesirable behaviors. The hearing frequencies for dogs range from 15HZ to 120KHZ. Ultrasonic sound at 25KHZ will not hurt the hearing of humans and dog but it will grab the dog's attention. All-breed dogs and all size dogs can be controlled with the barking control device. The bark deterrent has an effective control range of 16.4ft, which is longer than the normal range of 6ft. It is portable and can be used indoors or outdoors. You can use it to train your dog, or you can carry it around and drive away the dogs you see on the road. Simply press the button and the device will fit in your hand. It has an anti-static wrist strap and 4 replaceable batteries. Simply press and hold the button, the bark deterrent emits an Ultrasonic sound to attract the dog's attention. The button has a light on top that shows working status and low power mode. The anti barking device doesn't work on dogs who are hearing impaired. They recommend using this product on dogs under 8 years of age. At the beginning of use, the dog needs close observation. If you want to achieve a long- lasting result, please be patient and use the product as a training aid, along with commands and positive reinforcement.

Brand: Modus

👤Our 2 y/o chihuahua has been affected by this Modus bark control. We were beyond frustrated because we couldn't interrupt her vicious behavior in the moment, so we had to train her to walk on a leash. She stops the behavior and looks to me for guidance after one brief activation of the Modus bark control device. I am amazed by the results. My dog stops in her tracks and listens to me. I believe in the merits of this tool. It must be used with care to help your dog. It works!

👤Malchi is almost perfect when the blinds are open or the door bell rings. Our ears are hurt by the barking and vocal cords. The bark controller we bought was out of desperation. We wish we'd known about it sooner. Thank you Modus!

👤This is the best way to control your dog. Several bark collars I had purchased in the past never worked out. It would take a lot of loud barks to tame her, and most of the time she just ignored it. The item is a gem. There was no barking. I never thought she would be obedient. This is the best item I have ever ordered off of Amazon and I order a lot. I think...

👤I was anxious to use the device for a number of issues with my rescue pup. She is not a big barker but she does go nuts when someone comes to the door. She jumps on everyone who comes through the door. I had to put her in her cage because it was so bad. I've used it for jumping since I got it. My daughter doesn't want to bring my 2 youngest grandsons with her because she jumps on them when she sees them, so this is great news for her. I'll be right there with the device if she goes back to jumping, so I can use it if she does. Since we rescued her, she's bitten with this device. She stops when she hears it, but within a few minutes she's doing it again. I think it will take a little longer to get this girl to mind her manners. Would definitely recommend it.

👤I can't believe my dog has responded to this instrument. She stopped barking at the group of dogs when I used it. She has a history of growling and barking at other dogs, which makes dog walkers go the other way when they see us. I used this immediately after I got it and took it to the vet. When I pressed the button she stopped growling at the other dogs. She sat on my lap and looked at the dogs. I am very thankful for this device. We were going to have to spend a lot of money on a dog behaviorist because of this.

👤Wow! The product worked immediately upon first use and we received it a day early. It will be used to curb undesirable behavior and reinforce positive behavior in our dog. I would recommend this to anyone.

4. PetSafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Deterrent Collar

PetSafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Deterrent Collar

UltrasONIC BARK CONTROL. When your dog starts barking, the unit emits a high-pitched sound, but when the barking stops, the tone also stops. The Cretan design is a Cretan design. Keep the birdhouse within 5 feet of the ground by hanging it in various places around your yard or property line. There is aCRE coverage. If you need to cover more space, you can purchase additional units, but just hang the birdhouse in a tree. bark deterrent can be used to stop excessive barking during all weather conditions. The battery is powerful. The battery lasts up to 2 months depending on how often the dog barks. If this product does not work for your dog, please reach out to PetSafe Customer Care to find the right solution for you and your pet. PetSafe brand has been a leader in pet behavior, containment and lifestyle innovations for nearly 30 years, and they help pets and their people live happy together. PetSafe is available to answer your questions on Monday through Saturday.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I bought this because my neighbor's leave their two large dogs outdoors and go away for the weekend often and the dogs bark through the night. It had become a problem with my sleep. I bought this thing on the highest setting and at first I would point it at the barking neighbor dogs and they would not stop barking. There is a dog hanging by the tennis courts where I play that used to bark crazy when it went by the court. I noticed that the dog does not bark when it is in about 25' of this thing, because someone hung it near the court. I think the range is 25'. I got an idea after seeing it work. You can use a large glass to amplify the sound of your cell phone by putting it in a mini-speaker. I put this thing in a plastic bucket at Home Depot and it amplified the sound. They stopped barking after I pointed the bucket at them.

👤One of my neighbors has dogs that chase me up and down my driveway, barking through the fence as I walk to the mailbox, while I'm taking the trash to the curb or standing still. If I'm outside for three minutes or three hours, I can't do anything in my back yard because the dogs are at the fence. I have nothing to lose except the constant barking, day and night, sun, rain or snow, and what's left on the one nerve my neighbor's dogs are chewing on. I hung it on a hook in her back yard. After the first few days, I noticed that the dogs no longer come to my side of the fence to bark and stick to the other side of the yard where they're free to bark at the people who live there. When they forget and start to bark at me, it's one or two barks. They are back to the other side of the fence. The battery lasted about two months on the highest setting. I can't say it will work for everyone, but I think it's worth the money to find out if it works for every dog you have next door, because it may not work for every dog.

👤Did not work for us. We only tried one of the two devices we ordered. We followed the directions exactly because the device functioned well. The device was not triggered and did not deter the small dog from barking. The device picked up the bark of our neighbor's loud dog, but he quickly adjusted to the device when it was changed. The device was returned to Amazon. The other device wasn't returnable. After opening the box, the packaging tightly glues the box to the floor. We can't return the device to Amazon in that state, and the company won't accept it for return. The "No Bark Guarantee" is not being honored by the company. The company's guarantee is worthless if this product doesn't work for you. You won't get your money back.

5. STÙNICK Ultrasonic Deterrent Multi Function Anti Barking

ST%C3%99NICK Ultrasonic Deterrent Multi Function Anti Barking

A dog trainer can prevent and control the bad habit of barking at others before the dog is 6 months old. While a regular dog training clicker is great for training in positive behaviors, the handheld anti-bark training from Stunck will chill out all the negative ones, so you get greater results in puppy training. When your dog barks or runs off, simply press the button on your Ultrasonic device and the noise will stop them from barking or running off. You won't hear it, but it makes them angry. For 10 days, keep training the behavior to allow the conditioning to learn the new action. Did your dog run off? They will stop from anywhere up to 20 feet if they hit the button. They should call back and give them a treat. If you have neighbors dogs who bark, point this anti barking training device in their direction as a deterrent and in 10 days they might have learned the new behavior as well. Not suitable for hearing impaired pets. Is it possible to care for a dog? You can't use the anti barking devices as a safety device against attacking dogs because they don't have the training or conditioning to be aggressive. Dog barking control devices can be used as a training tool. Even on rainy days, you can take the STNICK dog training Ultrasonic sound device out. It comes with a 30-Day Money- Back Guarantee if it is not right for your dog, and a 12-Month Manufacturing Warranty if it is. Try it out and tell your dog to play nice.

Brand: StÙnick

👤Works well on the dogs. At last, peace.

👤I have been using it for a week or so and it works. I am very thankful for this device. I use the microphone on the nanny cam to emit sound when I'm away from the home. My dog is very anxious and keeps scratching at the door. I will use it while training him.

👤The instruction is clear, body build is small enough in your hand, but they said can handle up to 20 feet away. The dog is making noise. A big dog to a small chiwawa still doesn't react to sound. Either this defected or it didn't work at all. Don't buy it. Money that is waiste. I will return it.

👤I have the same exact model from a different brand and it worked great for my dog. My dog was very responsive to it and it was very effective. The brand is no longer available because the button broke. I went with the Stunick brand because it doesn't function the same and is not effective at all. I could not hear the whistle on a previous model, but my dog responded immediately. It makes a weird whistle noise that is not effective.

👤Light and laser work. There was no sound. Dogs are not phased. There was no ear twitching. There was no response at all.

👤I had hoped that the Stunick would help me stop my dog from charging and barking when the bell rings. It has no effect, like it was not there. The device is easy to use and has a bright light on it. It is very easy to change or install the battery. If it worked or helped at all. I have a golden dog, so maybe it is better on other dogs.

👤Morkie immediately took to my wife, but not me. When my wife sat at a table, the adorable Morkie would always be between her legs, and under the stool. The Morkie barked at me whenever I approached. The Morkie would chase me and snap at me, but only me. That's a mystery that's not solved. The dog's pursuit of me has been solved. The only thing that stopped the dog from barking and chasing me was the button. The dog will emit some muffled wuffs, but we can tolerate that. When my wife is not at home, the Morkie sits with me. Even though I was skeptical when I bought this item, it works for me. It's a success and a dollar's value for a dollar.

👤I love it! There is a dog next door that barks the whole time it is outside. The dog is not doing anything wrong, it is his people. It works well to keep him from barking and hurting himself, and it also gives some peace to the neighbors.

6. PetPawa Dog Silencer Ultrasonic Waterproof

PetPawa Dog Silencer Ultrasonic Waterproof

3.1" x 1.7" x 2.1" is small but powerful. The material is waterproof and durable. No electric shock, no liquid propellant is used. Is the safest and most humane way to keep your dog from barking. A high-performing solution is to emit a harmless high-pitched sound which can be heard by dogs as far away as 50 feet, but is completely silent to human ears. It is easy to install. Like an alarm clock, small and easy to hide, there are two LEDs battery status indicator, four Ultrasonic volume levels, and a high and low range. If the dog is hearing impaired, he may not respond to the device.

Brand: Petpawa

👤I bought it to stop my dogs from getting crazy. Hers never shuts up, but mine rarely barks. I put in a privacy fence between the two yards and it helped. She has a one that goes off occasionally, but overall it is better.

👤On Friday, I received my product. It works well. As soon as I put it out. The barking stopped. I heard some barking on Saturday. I might need to change the box. It was peace to hear dogs barking all day. I might have to order another one during the summer. There is a community of dogs. I love animals, but they have to stop barking. Today was a well rested retired person. Thanks.

👤I have tried this on all of my dogs individually and so far it has not stopped the barking.

👤The first day there was a difference, the dog would stop barking quickly, then it rained, and the dog just barked. The battery seemed good on the test. Had to put in a tree for proximity and didn't like having to deal with branches so much. There was no way to contact them.

👤My dog sits by the fence waiting for my neighbors to come out. They asked if anything could be done after putting up with it for a long time. I ordered this because I thought it was worth a try. It is a wonderful dog.

👤Does not work for me.

7. ACME 717668122103 210 Orange Whistle

ACME 717668122103 210 Orange Whistle

It was designed and made in the UK. A high tone dog whistle. For those who want a distinctive and different sound, fitted with a waterproof pearl. The Frequency can fluctuate by 750 hertz.

Brand: Acme

👤I have bought this whistle many times. Many of the negative reviews are incorrect about dog behavior. Most dogs will not respond to a whistle. The dog will not respond to other frequencies if it is trained to one whistle. The sound they produce is very accurate, 210.5. A whistle at one Frequency is different from another in the ears of dogs. She ignores any other whistle because they are not the same as the ACME whistles. My dog is trained to recall at this Frequency and it works great for my kids and extended family when they need to recall her. My 2 year old can remember her. Don't buy a magic whistle if you don't train the behavior you want. It won't work. This works as described. The sound is at a Frequency of 210.5 It can be very loud if you push through the air. These whistles are easy to clean and will last a long time.

👤The tool is amazing for dogs. I researched this product on the internet before buying it. I watched many dog trainer videos and this seemed to be the most recommended one. Within an hour, my two Aussies responded to my commands using this dog whistle. Pick a treat that your dog will get excited over and give it as a reward. My dogs like hot dogs. I nuked a hot dog and sliced it into tiny pieces, then blew the whistle to make sure I remembered them. They both looked at me and came running as fast as they could after hearing the whistle. You will get great results if you reinforce good behavior. Consistency in your commands is important. After blowing the whistle, I only say "Come." I'm ordering more. I don't want to be without this whistle. The whistle comes in a 210.5 pitch. The pitch seems to get most dogs attention. Thanks for a great product.

👤My dog can still hear me whistle. She might be able to hear this better. She does! I keep the whistle on a lanyard around my neck so she can hear it when we are out in the backyard. She loves the wooded area in the back where I can't see her so I will blow this whistle and she will come. It depends on whether the whistle will work for you. We have had good luck with it.

👤We use the whistle call for more urgent recalls, like when she runs toward a stranger on the beach or slips out the garage door, and always reward the whistle call with special dried chicken treats. When we whistle her, she will break from the play. She can't hear when she's distracted. We put it on one of those coiled elastic wrist lanyards and always have it on a walk. We have four of them, one at each door and one by each leash. It's a must to have accessible convenience.

👤When I activated her electronic collar, she kept throwing the collars but I was able to train her to come home. Replacing those at $50 a throw was too expensive. I tried it. She came for the whistle just as well as she did for the collar beeper after she associated the sound with me and canned tuna. She stopped throwing her things.

8. Weewooday Plastic Whistles Training Lanyards

Weewooday Plastic Whistles Training Lanyards

You will receive 5 pieces of high pitch plastic dog whistles in black, orange, blue, purple and green with lanyards and key rings, large quantity for you to meet your daily using and replacement needs, or you can share with your friends or families who are in need of it. The dog training kits are made of quality plastic, which is safe and durable to use, and the small size of the dog training accessories allows you to carry them easily. The plastic dog whistles are a great way to train your dog and teach it basic skills; come and use the dog whistles to train your dog so that you don't need to shout out loudly. The dog training whistle comes with a lanyard and key rings, which will allow you to take it with you wherever you want, without worrying about losing it. If your dog can't see you, you can train it to whistle up to 25 meters away, and get them to follow your instructions, such as sit, paw, lay down, and suitablle.

Brand: Weewooday

👤A whistle is not a silent whistle. Can't change pitch. I would return, but they were so cheap it was not worth the effort. I will just order the model that is changeable.

9. Barking Ultrasonic Training Waterproof Deterrent

Barking Ultrasonic Training Waterproof Deterrent

The anti bark device is suitable for dogs of all sizes. Ultrasonic sound can be used to silence a noisy dog. The anti barking device has a knob that you can turn to test different frequencies. It's the most humane way to keep your dog from barking. Humans can't hear the frequencies, but dogs will be sensitive to the frequencies. Please allow up to 2 weeks for training because some dogs may be afraid or dislike this sound and will not stop barking at first. The New Bark Controller has a cute shape. The area is covered by 50 feet of Ultrasonic penetration. It's designed to be hung on a tree, wall or fence post to stop any dogs from barking. Should the sensitivity be adjusted if placed indoors? The anti barking device is waterproof and weatherproof, making it an excellent outdoor bark control for dogs. The batteries will last up to 1 months depending on use. Aggressive dogs, noisy surroundings, hearing impaired dogs, more dogs together, dogs under 6 months or over 8 years are not applicable to the dog deterrent device. If it doesn't work after two weeks of training, or if you don't like it, they will give you a full refund. They will try their best to serve you if you have any problems during use.

Brand: Gzxhmy

👤I realize that writing a review for something you can't prove or disprove is ethically questionable, however, I know that even if it is functioning properly, it hasn't even REMOTE. I could have easily taped a piece of paper to the fence and told the dog to stop barking. The dog will run up to 5 feet from the device and bark. This device is a failure.

👤I am the only person who has a dog that barks at the sound the machine is making. He didn't like the sound and would bark and bark in front of it.

👤Why use a 9V battery for a low watt product? I won't buy 9V batteries at the store for a product that only works for half the reviewers. Returned.

👤It did not stop the barking at all. This complete waste of money is very upsetting.

👤I only have it set on one level. When he barks, he jumps because he is surprised by the sound. He barked on 2 occasions and learned. He just gives a growl or a barely hearable ruff and he's done. The light on the front will be red for a second. It has a test setting. You say "woof" when you hold it away from you. It will show a red light and a sound. You switch it to level 1-2 for the effect. I will buy one for my parents house as well.

👤This is the third barking deterrent that I have purchased. The first two were awesome. The darn thing will not detect a bark to save it, even though I ordered the newer square model with the two speakers. There are new batteries and yet nothing. The light blinks green and red if I scratch it, but it isn't reacting to barking sounds. The neighbor's dog is barking a few feet away from it. Very disappointing.

👤The works stopped our two Westies from barking at people. Completely automatic. One, nine-volt battery and gradual power settings are required. The area is quiet. It is worth the cost.

👤crate training and foster dogs can be dangerous at night. Our current foster would bark all night long so loudly that it could be heard outside. We tried all the tricks, but she was quiet and essential oils calming collar was rewarding. She barked twice after a few nights of sleep, but never again in the kennel. We used it for three days. We have a quiet sleeping dog so we put it aside for now. Thank goodness!

10. Hisophia Barking Ultrasonic Deterrent Upgraded

Hisophia Barking Ultrasonic Deterrent Upgraded

An internal microphone picks up the sound of a barking dog and the anti-barking device is automatically activated. The bark control emits a sound. Dogs can hear the sound but it is not heard by humans. A test mode is included in the switch with 4 levels of operation. The microphone and speaker need to be tested to make sure they are functional. Dogs can be stopped from barking by hanging an outdoor sonic bark silencer. Make sure the bark house is placed facing the dog and within range of the dog up to 50 feet away. The bark controller uses high-frequency sound to reduce excessive bark of dogs within hearing range, suitable for dogs 3 months and older up to 50 feet range. The dog may not react to the Bark Control Device if he is hearing impaired.

Brand: Hisophia

👤Setting up the Anti Barking Control device is easy. The device was in use for a week. The instructions say to use the Anti Barking device for two weeks. I was hesitant at first, but I'm impressed. Check back in a week. Hopefully five stars. The barking of the neighbors dog has been reduced. The location and function level were tested twice. The third time is a charm. The barking has been reduced by 80% so far. The early barking is no longer a problem. My inconsiderate neighbors will let their dog bark for hours. Don't get me wrong, I like dogs. Not much when the owners don't care about the quality of life for the neighbors.

👤I was hesitant about buying this product because I didn't think it would work. We ordered another one for my mother in law because I was so happy that it worked. It works on my husky and we haven't had to change it. All my husky does is whine. She doesn't now. I would love to give this product 10 stars. Thank you.

👤I love dogs. I had a bunch of pups that were well behaved. I had reached a point where I didn't care if it was a waste of money. I needed my dogs to stop barking. The owner would yell and reinforce their barking. These dogs barked all the time. I couldn't take it anymore. He yelled at them but didn't try to get them to stop by using a negative stimuli. Enter this product. On the first day, it was a lot of whines after barking so we put it down to a two. Their barking would stop within a few minutes on day two. This may not seem like much. They were never quiet. When the others responded in kind it was once or twice, but only the furthest away dog barked. That is it. We have had quiet days with only intermittent barking because of a new position of the device. I can only imagine what the owner thinks since he hasn't yelled at them in three weeks. I would recommend anyone dealing with this issue to purchase this product. It restores the good feelings of the owners of the dogs.

👤My next door neighbor has two small and one large dogs. We had a lot of barking going on at our privacy fencing. My neighbor's dogs don't respond to her shouting at them to come in, even though they're trained to hand signals and make a "chich" sound. I decided to help both of us by installing the Hisophia Anti Barking Control device under the bar counter of my pergola, which is facing the fence between our two homes. I let my dogs out of the yard when I heard her outside, and they congregated at the corner of the fence. Two dogs ran back to the house after they barked out. The device has been tested one or two more times. It seems that the device is located to low to affect my neighbor's dogs, although there seems to be less barking on their side lately, which could be the result of me not barking back. I will put it at the top of the corner fence post facing into their yard. If it works as well as the one in my yard, we should be able to have many peaceful times with our furr-babies outside. Highly recommended! My dogs have very sensitive ears, so be careful. Try it on the lowest setting first so that they are not distracted by the sound and don't cause ear pain.

11. TOKEGO Ultrasonic Deterrent Rechargeable Flashlight

TOKEGO Ultrasonic Deterrent Rechargeable Flashlight

Dog training and bark control. The dog barking deterrent devices can emit 25KHZ Ultrasonic that exceeds the range of human hearing but can easily lead to the dog's attention without hurting your dog. The anti barking device has a working range of up to 16 feet. It could be used to train your dogs to stop fighting and other harmful behaviors. You could use it to drive away bad dogs. A sound wave design. The anti barking device is designed to help dogs understand and learn. The barking control devices emit stable and undulating frequencies. You can train your dog better with dog clicker. There is a flashlight with multi settings. You can use the dog bark deterrent to train your dog or take it away. The deterrence is increased with the use of high-frequency flashlight and the use of ultrasound. Dog barking deterrent can be used as a lighting tool for walking your dog at night. The dog is dark and has a Rechargeable Ultrasonic Dog. The barking stop device is portable and has a cable. The anti barking device can be fully charged in 1-2 hours. The device will last up to 10 days if you take it with you everywhere. It's suitable for long-distance travel, indoor or outdoor activities. When the battery is low, the indicator on the LEDs will turn red. It is convenient to use outdoors. The dog deterrent is easier to carry. It's. The portable design of the pet gentle anti barking device makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Their device comes with a wrist strap that fits in your pocket or hand. Aggressive dogs, hearing-impaired dogs, dogs under 6 months or over 8 years are not compatible with the dog training and bark control device.

Brand: Tokego

👤My neighborhood in a rural town loves to let their dogs off their leashes in the evenings and late night hours, which makes walking home late at night hell. My only defense has been the strobe on my flashlight to keep me from being a chew toy, but I have to backtrack to an alternate route and hope I'm not greeted by the dogs barking in the darkness. The biggest Cujo attack dog in my neighborhood tries to rip the fence down to get to you and barks from 50 feet away, but with the Ultrasonic device, he can run away and bark from 50 feet away. I'm safe. It's amazing!

👤When our mini-schnauzer is near other dogs, she gets very excited, but not aggressive. We thought that the high-pitched sound would be another deterrent, since we have been using a clicker to distract, as our trainer recommended. She stopped in her tracks when I used it. She wouldn't come to the door when I went to take her for a walk, so I had to carry her to the street. This happened a few more times. She freaked out when I hit the noise button instead of the light. She finally overcame her fear of the noise maker after a few more times when I couldn't get her to walk out the door. I disabled the sound button so that I could use the light without fear. I will use the clicker to distract her. I received an email from the company that said they would give me a refund if I deleted the review. One wonders how many negative reviews are removed with this type of offer.

👤I don't write reviews, but I had to share my experience with you because this product is so amazing. I have two small dogs. Even if he doesn't know what he's barking at, the other has to join in. One of my dogs is asleep. When I let them out the door, they are barking and I can't open it. One was barking before I unlocked the door this morning. He stopped barking when I touched the button and looked at me. He just stood there and was able to lay in his bed. They barked at something a few minutes later and stopped when the button was pushed. I don't know what a miracle this is. We are never sure when something will set them into a barking frenzy. Don't wait to buy this product. Get it now! You will not be sorry. I don't have to carry mine from room to room with me because I will buy a couple more.

👤I am happy with my purchase, my dog seems to stop barking when I use the device.

👤I have 3 dogs, 2 of which are Australian shepherds. My dog doesn't respond as quickly as my dog, but he's coming around. I've had a pug before, but these devices never worked, so I think I see it working for this one. My Australian friend responded immediately. It's hard to enjoy the laughs and giggles my kids have when she barks. This has corrected something. It did not break the bank. I'm looking forward to using it more. I like the clicker that comes with it. It's nice. Try it.


What is the best product for dog whistle to stop barking neighbors dog long range?

Dog whistle to stop barking neighbors dog long range products from Acme. In this article about dog whistle to stop barking neighbors dog long range you can see why people choose the product. Stopwoofer and Modus are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog whistle to stop barking neighbors dog long range.

What are the best brands for dog whistle to stop barking neighbors dog long range?

Acme, Stopwoofer and Modus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog whistle to stop barking neighbors dog long range. Find the detail in this article.

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