Best Dog Whistle for Deaf Dog

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1. TAYJAN Pets Ultrasonic Adjustable Professional

TAYJAN Pets Ultrasonic Adjustable Professional

A must-have for every family is a pet. These dog training whistles will help you train your dog homey and develop a strong feeling for you. The dog whistle is easy to use. The silent dog whistle can be heard up to 25 meters away. The screw can be turned to adjust to different frequencies. Your dog may respond differently to different frequencies. Their dog whistle has a variable Frequency that you can use to get the attention of your dog so you can train him to respond on command easily and efficiently. The dog whistle to stop dog attack comes with a black whistle lanyard, which makes it hard to misplace. It is important to keep your pet safe during an emergency or when they are accidentally lost. These stop barking dog Ultrasonic whistle devices are completely safe to use with no sharp edges, high quality steel whistle, which is harmless for human, as well as dog senses.

Brand: Tayjan Pets

👤Training is going well for our Moody Maxi. Adding a silent dog whistle is a good idea. The whistle arrived in a simple but effective package and the quality is good with no sharp edges, smooth rotation to adjust the sound and the neck strap is comfortable. The humans in the house can hear it, but not loudly enough to be unpleasant. On the other hand, our Maxi can hear it and comes over, tilts her head and wonders what it is. I might have found an alternative way to stop the neighbours dogs from barking. While they are both cute puppies, they do have a tendency to fight each other in the garden. I blew the whistle when they started one of their barking episodes. This product does what it says it will, but if your dog won't obey it, it will take a long time to train, or it won't obey at all.

👤This does not work with high pitch or silence mode, there is no noticeable reaction from the dog. This is a waste of time.

👤It is helpful for my dog. I love it and my dog does too. It is a great value for money and it is very cost effective. Excellent quality in a low price and useful for training my dog.

👤My dog ran. No affect at all.

2. YELON Training Adjustable Frequency Ultrasonic

YELON Training Adjustable Frequency Ultrasonic

The dog whistle is safe for the dog's hearing as well as for the humans, and it can be heard up to 25 meters away. Ultrasonic dog training whistle is a great way to teach your dog basic skills and even advanced movements as you whistle different commands to him. You don't need to shout out loudly if you train your dog with the whistle and clicker. The push button has a clicking sound. The clicker feels great in your hand and is lightweight. You can clip it to the leash or leave it on your wrist with the elastic wrist band. The professional dog training whistle can be adjusted to multiple frequencies which can be used to train your dog unlimited commands. Wait until they are asleep and blow the whistle. Dog Whistles with lanyard and a training clicker are included in the package.

Brand: Yelon

👤It worked for a while, but doesn't help beagles.

👤Whistle does not work, it came apart on the first use.

3. MODUS Dog Bark Control Device

MODUS Dog Bark Control Device

The 2-in-1 Ultrasonic anti-bark device is a safe and effective solution for dog training and bark control. The anti-bark device can be used to stop barking, digging, eating unsafe food, fighting, and other undesirable behaviors. The hearing frequencies for dogs range from 15HZ to 120KHZ. Ultrasonic sound at 25KHZ will not hurt the hearing of humans and dog but it will grab the dog's attention. All-breed dogs and all size dogs can be controlled with the barking control device. The bark deterrent has an effective control range of 16.4ft, which is longer than the normal range of 6ft. It is portable and can be used indoors or outdoors. Simply press the button and the device will fit in your hand. It has an anti-static wrist strap and 4 replaceable batteries. Simply press and hold the button, the bark deterrent emits an Ultrasonic sound to attract the dog's attention. The button has a light on top that shows working status and low power mode. The anti barking device doesn't work on dogs who are hearing impaired. They recommend using this product on dogs under 8 years of age. At the beginning of use, the dog needs close observation. If you want to achieve a long- lasting result, please be patient and use the product as a training aid, along with commands and positive reinforcement.

Brand: Modus

👤Our 2 y/o chihuahua has been affected by this Modus bark control. We were beyond frustrated because we couldn't interrupt her vicious behavior in the moment, so we had to train her to walk on a leash. She stops the behavior and looks to me for guidance after one brief activation of the Modus bark control device. I am amazed by the results. My dog stops in her tracks and listens to me. I believe in the merits of this tool. It must be used with care to help your dog. It works!

👤Malchi is almost perfect when the blinds are open or the door bell rings. Our ears are hurt by the barking and vocal cords. The bark controller we bought was out of desperation. We wish we'd known about it sooner. Thank you Modus!

👤This is the best way to control your dog. Several bark collars I had purchased in the past never worked out. It would take a lot of loud barks to tame her, and most of the time she just ignored it. The item is a gem. There was no barking. I never thought she would be obedient. This is the best item I have ever ordered off of Amazon and I order a lot. I think...

👤I was anxious to use the device for a number of issues with my rescue pup. She is not a big barker but she does go nuts when someone comes to the door. She jumps on everyone who comes through the door. I had to put her in her cage because it was so bad. I've used it for jumping since I got it. My daughter doesn't want to bring my 2 youngest grandsons with her because she jumps on them when she sees them, so this is great news for her. I'll be right there with the device if she goes back to jumping, so I can use it if she does. Since we rescued her, she's bitten with this device. She stops when she hears it, but within a few minutes she's doing it again. I think it will take a little longer to get this girl to mind her manners. Would definitely recommend it.

👤I can't believe my dog has responded to this instrument. She stopped barking at the group of dogs when I used it. She has a history of growling and barking at other dogs, which makes dog walkers go the other way when they see us. I used this immediately after I got it and took it to the vet. When I pressed the button she stopped growling at the other dogs. She sat on my lap and looked at the dogs. I am very thankful for this device. We were going to have to spend a lot of money on a dog behaviorist because of this.

👤Wow! The product worked immediately upon first use and we received it a day early. It will be used to curb undesirable behavior and reinforce positive behavior in our dog. I would recommend this to anyone.

4. Modus Ultrasonic Deterrent Training Anti Static

Modus Ultrasonic Deterrent Training Anti Static

Dog training and bark control can be done with their Ultrasonic barking control devices. The anti bark device can be used to stop barking, digging, eating unsafe food, fighting, and other undesirable behaviors. The average human hearing range is 20HZ to 20KHZ, and the dog can hear a wider range from 15HZ to 120KHZ. The sound of the bark control can grab the attention of dogs, but it doesn't affect humans. It's convenient to use outdoor with the modus devices that fit nicely in your hand and have an anti-static wrist strap. The control range of the bark deterrent is over 16 feet. Ultrasonic technology works well on all dogs. It's easy to use, it emits an Ultrasonic sound that can only be heard by dogs. The indicator is green when the device is working. The barking control devices will be turned off when the button is pressed for over 10 seconds. The device is powered by batteries. User's guidance. The anti barking device doesn't work in dogs with hearing problems and they don't recommend it for dogs under 6 months old. Training is required to be effective.

Brand: Modus

👤I have a dog that plays too much. She will lick you at the door until you're soaked. That's great for me, but not for when my mom or a stranger comes, hence the need for this trainer. I settled on the Modus after reading reviews and am impressed so far. After two uses and making sure to say no, my dog paused and you could see her wheels turning. She already responds more appropriately when I say no at different times. The results so far are very encouraging and I will have to use it occasionally. This is like hitting an air horn to a dog. It will scare them but not hurt them. Don't use it too much. If someone blasted an air horn at you that you didn't expect, they would shiver and tuck their tail. This is when you calm the behavior while fixing it. This isn't a panic button. It's a trainer for you and your pet.

👤Hans, our Miniature Schnauzer, who lives for barking and barks for everything, responded positively to the trainer from the start. He continued to make muffled barking sounds after he stopped barking. I zapped him with the trainer and he stopped. I think a few more days of using the trainer will help. It has been a long time since a gadget that works.

👤The device has changed our lives. I have a dog that barks at people when they arrive and when they leave, and he is very protective of his home. Our dog is now the perfect dog, and we keep saying that he is the dog we always wanted. People coming into our home now love him, instead of thinking he is a terrible dog. Thank you so much for your help with this dog trainer.

👤I received the unit today and was able to use it in ten minutes. Every time someone walks in front of our house, my boxer and min-pin go nuts. A guy walked by with his dog, and they started barking. I pressed the button and they both stopped and stared at each other. When I pressed the button, I lavished praise on both of them. A few minutes later, another person walked by with a dog and they looked up, giving a low growl and no bark. I praised them very highly. I am amazed. Hopefully this will continue to work, but I am sure the training needs to be consistent - using a one word comman like 'hush' and lavishing praise when they stop or don't bark. If there is anything to change in my initial reaction, I will update my review.

👤My neighbors have 2 small dogs and they bark for at least 4 or 5 times a day, so I ordered this out of desperation. When I met them, I mentioned it but they didn't seem to care. The device stops them in less than a minute. I don't use it unless they are barking and I want to train them. They have no idea that I am training their dogs. It was nice to have the upper hand. This has worked every single time.

5. Acme Whistle 210 5 Black Pack

Acme Whistle 210 5 Black Pack

The dog whistle is the favourite of the owner. The pitch is high without cork. A solid tone is produced with a single extremely high Frequency.

Brand: Acme

👤Pair it with BBQ'd lamb patties. The whistle must be connected. My pure bred Jack Russell Terrier has a hunting instinct that is beyond belief. There are animals at the beach, and the guy at the front gate. When I blow this whistle, she runs back to me full speed. Over a bird or a squirrel? Are you serious? If I didn't see it for myself, I wouldn't believe it. It was a miracle.

👤My dogs don't listen to it and it's a lot louder than I thought it would be. I've had dog whistles before where only dogs could hear them, and that's what I wanted.

👤I bought this to train our dog to return on command, something different from the voice that was assured to not be ignored. So far, so good. Rewarding with top quality treats adds incentive. I can hear the whistle very lightly. It is hard to hear. Good whistle, for the money. You have your own lanyard. So what, a dime a dozen, put it on a rope. Happy with its performance and range for dogs and humans.

👤We have a problem with our border collie being territorial in her backyard and barking at the dog next door. She was scared of the whistle when I tried it in the house. She waited until she started barking at the other dog at the fence to test it. Twice she was recalled back. She came back wagging her tail and taking a treat. I was happy to find it.

👤If they hear the whistle, we have all 3 of our vizslas trained to come. I cannot whistle to save my life, but it has been very helpful. There is a backup supply at hand and one on each leash.

👤I have never used a dog whistle. Last year, I had two yappers live with me. One small whistle makes them stop barking and run directly to me. It happened the first time I tried it. It's magic!

👤When I blow the whistle, my dog comes running, which is all I want. He is a dog.

👤I don't think this whistle is loud enough. I bought an antler whistle a couple of years ago. The sound of that whistle was loud and clear. The whistle doesn't produce the same sound. Maybe the sound is not in my range of hearing. My dog seems to respond. I haven't tried to recall from a long way away.

👤The dog whistle really works. I use it at night when I let my dog out for a potty without a leash. I am worried that she will run off after a skunk since there are so many of them in the suburbs. She comes running to me after I blow this whistle.

👤My baby hasn't had breakfast. He ran off after we let him loose with the other dogs. I whistle. He came back into a heel position to get some food. It works great, but not when my husband forgets and feeds him before he goes to the oval. He can hear it from a long way away. He responded best to the whistle we tested on the website. He sat in front of me on the testing and stared upwards.

6. ACME Whistle 211 5 Frequency Black

ACME Whistle 211 5 Frequency Black

The size is 211.5 Frequency.

Brand: Acme

👤You will never have to worry about your dog coming when you call if you train your dog correctly. The small whistle produces a perfect pitch that is not affected by your mood, attitude or frustration with your dog. The whistle will help you get your dog to come on the first call. It really works like that. Here is how I trained my dog to whistle with this 211.5 whistle. If you let your dog play in your fenced yard, they will not be looking at you. Pick a pattern tone to use and use it every time for the "Come" command. Every time you whistle, they get a huge helping of this high value lunch meat treat. Not dog treats, not biscuit, not biscuit. This must be a very high value treat. Chicken, beef, port, whatever they like the most. Reward them with this treat every time they come. It takes a bit of preparation for training. Within two days, I was able to recall my dog from 100 yards away, even with other dogs and distraction present. I began to reduce the size and value of the treats. She comes with the whistle and only expects a bit of love. I surprise her with a huge pile of lunch meat every now and then. I keep wondering if this is the time for a high value reward like chicken or beets. This is not the only training method that I use. I have two of these whistles with me at all times. It's all you need to command your dog. I highly recommend it.

👤5 stars for being a regular whistle. You can hear the dog whistle. The point of a dog whistle is that only dogs can hear it. I have to return it because it is very loud and well made. I don't want to disturb my neighbors. They would definitely hear me blowing a whistle.

👤You can hear a sample of their whistles on the website. The 211.5 is a popular whistle. It is loud enough for my dog, but not as loud as some of the other whistles.

👤The a cme 211.5 is an excellent whistle. I have used the same brand and style for over a decade and have not been disappointed. A single whistle lasts around 7 years. Being made from plastic makes it easy to clean. I dropped one in the dish washer to clean it up and it worked out well. It has a nice lower tone that doesn't make you have a migraine at the end of the day. I recommend this whistle to my clients as well. It would be good for individuals to pay attention to what they are actually buying if they were complaining that it is not silent.

👤This whistle is great for my hound. It's perfect for training outdoors. There are lots of videos on how to use a whistle. This is not going to make your dog bark. Discipline for training.

👤The corgi was learning about the whistle. He was jumping and barking when guests entered or left. It didn't take him a week to correct his behavior. $7 is the best I've spent in a while.

7. Acme 535 Silent Dog Whistle

Acme 535 Silent Dog Whistle

The Silent Dog Whistle is a model from the Acme. The silent dog whistle is almost inaudible to humans. The whistle can be heard by dogs up to 400 yards. Solid brass construction with nickel plating. The leading quality brand for whistles is Acme.

Brand: Acme

👤I moved to this apartment in January. My neighbor's dog started barking all night long. All. Night. Long. A sort of bark, a sort of barking- into-scruching- into-howling kind of bark. The bark that says, "I will destroy anything that comes within a mile of me" then passes the message on to all living things within a mile. For the first couple weeks of it, I lay awake in bed at night, and fantasized about what might happen if a piece of space trash plummeted to earth. Maybe it will try to eat the rooster that starts crowing two hours before the sun comes up, and choke to death on its bones. Two birds, one throat. My neighbors are a lot like humans, and so it makes sense that their dog would be the same. When I initially complained about it, the landlords told me it was in heat. So this will pass, right? It didn't pass. The bitch barked every night for four months. The bitch had a litter of puppies. Oh, great! It's a whole chorus now! It was what I was hoping for. Everyone around me has asked, "Well, it's a dog, what can you do?" Here's an idea, and just hear me out here: how about keeping it inside at night? I bought the whistle to deal with the barking. Rather than shooting them with poison tipped darts, I'd rather have a Gilligan's Island blow gun. I assumed that the whistle would be able to cover the 100 or so feet away from my bedroom window where the nightly performance takes place. It turns out, not so much! I can't understand how this device is supposed to be used as a pet training tool. The enclosed instruction sheet explains how to train a dog, with brilliant advice such as: reward it for doing what you told it to do. Excellent advice, doctor. It doesn't explain how to use the whistle in that training. I can't imagine how it would be. Isn't it supposed to make them stop doing what they're doing and pay attention to you? It doesn't do that. It is an exact replica of lesser expensive models, and it is a very nice design. Right down to the very fonts on the packaging! They are produced in the same factory. It's like taking drop shipping to a whole new level. Whatever, "ACME." This was a complete waste of money, like all of Wile E. Coyote's orders.

👤A hard of hearing neighbor bought a puppy and forgot to train it. Every time we went into our backyard, the puppy barked out of earshot of its owner. Despite the fact that we were friends with the puppy while on her side of the fence, and despite the fact that we tried to send treats through the fence as a bribe, this still happened. We bought this whistle off-label because a friend told us it might annoy the dog if we could teach it to stop barking. We tried it for a few seconds each time we were in the backyard and the dog stood at the fence barking. The dog was confused. The whistle blew again when she tried to bark. After 10 blows the first day, day 2 was even more successful, but only half as many blows of the whistle were required before the barking was discouraged. The dog would stop barking and go to a resting place in the middle of the yard after only one reminder whistle. I am happy to report that within a week the barking had stopped, though the dog still barks at people walking in the alley beyond the fence. She may need a few reminders from time to time, but I'm very happy with the results the dog whistle helped us achieve!

8. Gusiwhoo Professional Ultrasonic Ultra High Frequency

Gusiwhoo Professional Ultrasonic Ultra High Frequency

The quality is high. The dog training kit is made of high quality plastic and can serve you and your dog for a long time. You can carry small dog training accessories. If your dog can't see you, you can train it to whistle from 25 meters away, and follow your commands in different languages. A great training tool for other animals. Great for controlling and teaching dogs. Ultrasonic dog whistle is a scientific training tool that can be used to train your dog. The whistle has a sound. You don't have to shout to train your dog. Keep training your dog. Your dog may need to be trained several times before he can follow your instructions. During the training process, please be patient. If the answer is yes, reward your dog immediately with a consistent whistle command. You can get the best results by doing this.

Brand: Gusiwhoo

👤My three dogs are very responsive to the sound of the whistles and they love them.

9. Howan Professional Whistles Adjustable Frequencies

Howan Professional Whistles Adjustable Frequencies

If you want to train your dog easy, turn the screw rod inward or outward. Their dog whistle can make sure that your dogs obey basic skills after training. Howan dog whistle allows you to easily train your dog/puppy unlimited commands such as stop barking, sit, come, and lay down, recall, toilet training and more. The Howan dog whistle is made of heavy duty metal and plastic and comes with a lanyard. It will not hurt your dog's hearing or ours. Different dogs respond to different frequencies. The dog whistle has a range of fund frequencies between 5.4 and 12.8 KHz when you turn it on. The dogs with more sensitive ears may not be as important to human hearing. The voice of the dog whistle is quieter than you think. Many people can't hear the sound of a whistle, but their dogs can. Humans are more sensitive to this than dogs. Don't worry about it.

Brand: Howan

👤It was bought because my little dog was of the mind, she needed to bark at everyone and it ended in a high pitch whine. No more. She used this whistle every time she made a noise. I don't know what to say, I want to get the whistle. When someone is at the door, she only barks. Good dog!

👤I threw this in my cart because I was annoyed by the barkers next door. 2 days later, I come back with this -dog barks whistle blows, the problem is solved!

👤I wish I could start with zero, but you have to give at least one. This piece of junk does not work and you should not spend your money on it. My dog looked at me the same every time I used this. The whistle had an annoying sound, but it didn't bother my dog. For a refund, you'll be sent back.

👤It's hard to use on an old dog. The whistles are thick. It has something you can put on your neck. If they are a puppy, the value of money is worth it.

👤I have tried it on a number of dogs. It is not effective. I would love to return it. I don't recommend this product.

👤I am not sure if thesonic is a silent whistle or not. It sounds like a weak whistle. When I used it, my dogs didn't turn their heads.

👤Garbage is hot. A waste of money. This is for people who are into returns and items that don't work.

👤Lanyard helps. My wife wanted to call our dog out in the woods. Just got it, should work fine.

10. Ortz Dog Whistle Stop Barking

Ortz Dog Whistle Stop Barking

Easy day training is easy to teach your dog unlimited commands such as sit, come, stop barking, stay, and more. Discipline and control your dog by issuing sequence that only he/she understands, regardless of their age, gender or breed. Each training day is easy and fun. You can teach your dog whatever you want. Use the positive-behavior approach to make your dog listen and obedient. There are many breeds of dogs that are common in the USA and Europe. MASTER CALLS–how about taking control of your dog and making them listen, no matter where you are? You can make your master call on the whistle. Keep your best friend disciplined while in public spaces and save yourself some wild running time. Save your voice box and talk to your pet from far away. Make this lightweight dog training whistle part of you by focusing on the training. Their free Lanyard Strap is a great way to keep your dog whistle safe. Keep the whistle with you at all times so you can get in touch with your dog whenever you need to. The Ortz guarantee is to protect your whistle from dirt and particles. The Ortz whistle can improve your bond with your dog. They will make it right and process a refund or replacement unit for free. No questions asked!

Brand: Ortz

👤My back yard became useless because my neighbors don't bring their dogs inside. Hush them once when they bark. The dogs are not to blame. It was high pitches that barked. When I walked out my back door, I wanted to use my backyard for relaxation. These dogs wouldn't stop no matter how long I spent outside or tried to get them used to me. When they started to bark, whistle a couple times. They were trained out of their barking for a week or so. I'm sure you will get better sleep now.

👤I started using this whistle to try to get my neighbor's dog to stop barking, and it began to help within a day. It's great! The only problem is that the dog's owner is not doing anything, so I have to spend time out of my day blowing the whistle, which is not a problem with the whistle. If I hear the dog bark, I can go to my window and blow the whistle, but if I don't, it will give me negative reinforcement. The dog is now complaining instead of barking, after it started to respond. It will take a few weeks to get the training to sink in and I will need some additional reminders for the dog after training is done, but I'm so glad this is working and I can hopefully have some quiet and sleep soon. When used properly and with patience, this is an excellent product.

👤I am very happy with the purchase. One of my neighbors lets her dog bark early in the morning and late at night. I bought this whistle for another annoyed neighbor that lives across the street from the barking dog. I heard the dog bark and then stop. She told me that the dog stops barking when she blows the whistle. What a relief. Thank you!

👤The dog whistle came on time. If my dog is laying down away from me, I blow it. I adjusted the Frequency to where it seemed he was responding better. I can actually hear it. It's not a cure for bad manners. It needs to be used in conjunction with rewards so that when he arrives you will toot his horn. My dogs biggest problem is barking when my wife is asleep, or when the gas station is open. I know that it is a trait of dogs. I have to teach this little guy. He came running to see what I wanted after I tooted several times. I will let people know my progress in a month or so.

👤There was no change in behavior. We have small and large dogs and we can't seem to get them to work together.

👤One dog was still barking even after hearing it. The other dog didn't hear it. The barking issue was not fixed. I had done a lot of research on how to get my neighbor's dogs to be treated in a humane way, but I had to call the canine version of the program. When the dog whistle did not work, I called the puppy. They wanted me to give my own return box and print out my own refunds, but I tried to get one. It's too much work for someone who doesn't have a printer, a small box, or live near a post office. I'm going to give it to a shelter and see if they can use it. It looks cool hanging around your neck and is always a fun party trick to see which women can hear it when none of the men can.

11. Adjustable Frequencies Ultrasonic Stainless Professional

Adjustable Frequencies Ultrasonic Stainless Professional

Regardless of breed, it works. If your dog is a Poodle, Border Collie, Gun Dog, German Shepherd, Bulldog, Terrier, Rottweiler, Dachshund, Huskie, or another breed, you can make sure he obeys your commands and acquires basic manner skills. Dog whistles are perfect for working dogs. It's not necessary to punish a pet for training anymore with the whistle. It is easy to train dogs in this way, it makes huge changes to dogs, from sluggish to have great spirit, from fear to be full of confidence, from rudeness to obedient. The Ultrasonic dog whistle is easy to use, it can teach your dog unlimited commands such as sit, come, stop barking, stay, and more. Easy training and high quality. The metal whistle and clicker will not rust or break. Choose a Whistle that is Eco-friendly. Quality and the environment are important to them. The Dog Whistle was tested with your pet in mind.

Brand: Whiteleopard

👤I thought the whistle wouldn't be heard. It can be heard. Not what I was expecting. The pitch adjustment makes it louder.

👤This works better for reffing basketball games.

👤I thought only dogs could hear the whistle and not people. I thought I'd try this one, but I guess you have to pay the price for good quality.

👤The next door doggos went from cute to annoying real fast as we moved into a new neighborhood. They bark at everything we do. I decided to buy this whistle because I didn't want to offend the owners when they decided to go off. This thing is loud. The group got more excited instead of shutting them up.

👤My dog didn't respond when I arrived but it was as described. She may be too young.

👤I had to return it because the dog didn't pay attention to it at all.

👤The pitch was supposed to only be heard by the dog.

👤Does not work as described. Time and money are wasted. Another scam from China.

👤tiene deficiencia ene l diseo. El sonido no tienes, pero otros tienes.


What is the best product for dog whistle for deaf dog?

Dog whistle for deaf dog products from Tayjan Pets. In this article about dog whistle for deaf dog you can see why people choose the product. Yelon and Modus are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog whistle for deaf dog.

What are the best brands for dog whistle for deaf dog?

Tayjan Pets, Yelon and Modus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog whistle for deaf dog. Find the detail in this article. Modus, Acme and Acme are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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