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1. Fountain Stainless Intelligent Dispenser Cleaning

Fountain Stainless Intelligent Dispenser Cleaning

The top is dishwasher safe. The package includes 3 carbon filters, 1 foam filter, 2 cleaning brushes and a mat. Food grade material and a cat fountain are safe for your pets. The pump is quiet. The pump lasts 3-4 years. The water level is visible through the window. Dry running protection can be achieved with an auto power-off pump. The circulating system uses a replaceable round filter to purify the water, remove hair, dirt and food particles, and catch the hair and debris. 3 flow designs encourage drinking by aerating the water for added oxygen and freshness. Pets are encouraged to drink more water from a source of running water. There are 3 different drinking modes. Wonder Creature pet fountain only takes a few minutes to set up and disassemble.

Brand: Wonder Creature

👤We got a second fountain from Wonder Creature. We worry about not having enough water and burning the motor when we travel because the first one is not good. I would like to tell you a few things that made us think this fountain is the best for our cats. It is clean all the time. Cats and small bugs tend to get trapped around the edge of the water line in the open fountains. We usually have to empty the fountain and clean the base on a daily basis. The top of the fountain was made of steel, so it stayed clean for at least a week, and there were no water stains on the edge. The other fountains from wonder creature are very loud. When there is no other activity around and I sit next to the fountain, I usually hear the water flowing sound. Our cats appreciated the blue light from the fountain. The lighting in the fountain serves a purpose. The light changes colour when there is not enough water in the reservoir, and at the same time the motor stops working to prevent burning out. When we leave our cats at home when we go on trips, this new safety function is very reassuring. The package comes with a cute silicone mat to keep the floor dry, brushes for cleaning, and additional filters. If you want to keep your cats happy and healthy, you should get this fountain.

👤When I received this, I thought it would be small. I was wrong. The puppy is stuffed in a container and has a bit of water in it. I bought it to replace a drink. There was no easy way to tell when the fountain was going to run out unless I opened the garage door or heard the motor running dry. With this model, I can see the built in light color by looking in the window. When the water goes below the minimum level, it blinks red and stops working, so I don't have to worry about burning out the motor if I don't get to it. For many cats! A great product.

👤The only cat water fountain that I could find on Amazon had an auto shut-off for when the water gets too low, so the motor doesn't burn out if the bowl runs dry. After a week, our cat has started drinking from it, however after only one week, the amount of water coming out of the pump has dropped. Is the filter already blocked? I will add more when I find out if it is the filter.

👤Everything was great at the beginning. The motor is already dead after only 2 months of use. The light still works, but it's no longer pumping water. Very disappointing!

👤I already owned the Lotus Pet Fountain, but I thought I would give this model a chance, and I am very glad I did. It is just as quiet, so quiet that you wouldn't even know it, except for the occasional whisper-quiet sound of water hitting the tray. It is an improvement in every way. The model that my cat is using has almost all of the water hidden underneath the tray, which means that he can only get to the water at certain times. There is a gauge on the side of the fountain to keep an eye on how much water is left, and refilling is as simple as just pouring a jug of water onto the tray and letting it filter through. You get three filters with the fountain, which should last you a few months, and you also get a couple of brushes for cleaning. There is no switch to turn the light on and off, so there is a constant blue illumination to the water, but it is not intrusive at all and makes it easier to gauge the water level. My cat gave the usual wails of protest, but within a couple of hours he was drinking from the new fountain, and now I have the peace of mind that his water. There is no downside to this product at the current price.

2. PETLIBRO Fountain BPA Free Dispenser Large Size

PETLIBRO Fountain BPA Free Dispenser Large Size

Even when the water level is low, the fountain runs ultra quiet and encourages drinking. The Bubble fountain and free-falling stream can increase the fun of pets. The automatic pet water fountain is made of high quality material that is safe and easy to operate. It can provide water for your pet in case of a power outage. The large drinking space and visible water level of 2.1L Petlibro dog water dispensers is suitable for small and medium pets. The transparent window makes it easy to see the pet's water use. The cat drinking fountain has a large carbon filter and sponge filter. The water tray is covered with a 6.7* 0.35 inches filter. The pre-filter foam in the pump can extend the pump life. The easy to set up and clean nature of the Petlibro cat water dispensers makes it easy to assemble and disassemble. It's recommended to change the filters for your pet's health.

Brand: Petlibro

👤Things are mostly working. The mold is on the filter. The picture is attached. I feel like I will spend a lot on filters. I might not use filters or replace the water daily. 2. Once the water reaches 50% of capacity, the water doesn't "Spring" At that point, it could only slowly flow. The motor stopped working after 2 weeks. I will be changing to 1 star.

👤A long hair stuck between the body and the base of the product. The rest of the hair is stuck after I pulled it. I wouldn't have given this a one star review if the base was relocated. I can get the hair out of my face. I have to look at that hair strand that is my pet's, every time I try to fill the water for him. It is not a good feeling.

👤I wanted to jump out of my window after running that other one the past week. My little one has a disease that is stage 3. There is no reserve on that one and if the power goes out, there would be no water. The Petlibro is quiet and has a small reserve, but I would like it to be bigger and more round. The company sent an email with instructions and a thank you for choosing their product after you purchased it. I would like to thank them for the silence. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤The water stream with the spout my cat likes was weak after a few months. I contacted the company and they were helpful and sent a replacement pump. I had the same problem. Despite weekly cleaning and even running through the dishwasher, I noticed that the pump parts which had slime were not cleaned manually. I can't return it on Amazon anymore, so I asked for a credit or refund. I haven't heard back yet. It was a couple of days ago. I won't be using it anymore since it isn't working well. I have been using a regular water bowl with my cat and adding extra water in my cats food until I find a new type. This is the first pet fountain I've purchased, and it's a great one. I was hesitant about buying a fountain because I was afraid it would be more trouble than it's worth and that the water would get dirty and be hard to clean. I loved this idea so I caved. I chose this fountain to try first as it was new and highly rated, looked small for my cat, and had a good system. This turned out to be correct. My cat is very quiet and scaredy. I see her drinking from it and watching it. It was very easy to disassemble and clean. It was plastic, which is less sensitive. When it comes to fountain, I read that ceramic andstainless steel still have some issues. Her other bowls are made of ceramic or steel. I thought this was the only plastic bowl she drinks from and that it was easy to clean. The company was very responsive when I asked a question. I would recommend a small or single pet. There are a few other fountains that are worth a try.

3. Stainless Dispenser Ultra Quiet Automatic Replacement

Stainless Dispenser Ultra Quiet Automatic Replacement

PetSafe brand has been a leader in pet behavior, containment and lifestyle innovations for nearly 30 years, and they help pets and their people live happily together. The ORSDA cat fountain water bowl holds 67oz/2L large capacity that provides your cats or dogs with a constant supply of fresh, filtered running water. The best dog water bowl dispensers are when the dog's owner is on a short trip. The pet water fountain is made of high-grade and durable material. The cat drinking fountain is made of 304 STAINLESS materials that are easier to maintain than plastic ones. The locking lid design makes it easier to drink from. It's easy to clean and disassemble the cat bowl. The dishwasher is safe and free of harmful chemicals. There is a bonus with the bundle of 3 cleaning brushes. Quiet working. The water in the cat fountain softly bubbles over the tower and allows timid or shy cats to drink from the bowl. The dog water fountain comes with extra accessories to offer better shopping experience, such as replacement filters, non-slip silicone mat, and cleaning brushes. The best bang for your buck.

Brand: Orsda

👤This dish is made of steel and has a carbon filter. Extra filters, a silicone mat, and a second spout were included. Unless the cats are lapping at it, there is no noise. They were a little hesitant at first, but within a few hours they were happy with it. They seem to be drinking more water. The cord is long. It's easy to assemble. You can't tell when the water level is low. I panicked when I came home because I thought the pump might explode. It didn't. I put more water on the dish and it started again. It took 4 days for this to happen after I set it up. I have cats. I'll be refilling it every few days to make sure this doesn't happen again. I would highly recommend this fountain.

👤We had the fountain a couple of months ago. After our previous fountain stopped working, we purchased this. Our cat was drinking water from it as though nothing had changed. We noticed a change in her behavior a couple of weeks later. She is five years old, and for the first time, she decided to drink the water from the bathtub. She's never exhibited this type of behavior and we thought it was odd. The fountain was starting to rust away and break down after we looked further into it. The metal is in the water. We can only assume that this has contributed to our cat's refusal to drink from the fountain. This is not something one would expect from a product with a high price. I will update the review if the seller can contact us and make this right. If they haven't done anything about this issue, then assume they haven't done anything.

👤I wanted the cats to drink more water. The fountain arrived 24 hours ago and attracted their attention. It is completely steel. Cats with plastic food and water utensils will have a black/ grey appearance under their mouth. It is hard to cure once they have it. This is not a well known fact, but it is true. My children and I are very happy with the fountain.

👤I took back my previous review. I think that's correct. We have had some issues with this bowl. The cats like it when it works. The spout doesn't discharge water all the time. We clean it daily to make sure it isn't blocked. The fact that it's made of steel was initially great, but it's just like a cookie tin at Christmas. You need to open it to make sure there is water inside. You have a hard time opening it because the water is all over the place. You can't tell how much water is in this thing unless you open it. You have to check to open the water to refill it. Wrestling with the top is messy and not fun. Sometimes we have to pry it open with a spoon or screwdriver. I had to share my issues with this bowl because it was too late for me to return this item.

4. Petaholic Fountain Automatic Upgrade Multiple

Petaholic Fountain Automatic Upgrade Multiple

The cat water fountain has a water capacity of 2 liters/67 ounces and has 3 water flow settings to provide continuous water for cats or dogs. The cat fountain water bowl is translucent and you can easily see the water level. The pet water fountain has an upgraded carbon and ion exchange resin filter, a 4-layer purification filter, and prevents the cat from drinking more water. In the world of cats, flowing water is cleaner and more delicious. The cat water fountain has a low-consumption pump that is quiet and energy-saving. The low-consumption pump extends the service life of the pump as much as possible while saving electricity, and the cat fountain's working sound is lower than 30db so you and your pet can relax sleep. The pet water fountains for cats are made of PP resin, which is a high quality material, and the water fountain is free of the harmful substance, BPA, so that your pet can drink clean and healthy water all the time. The high-quality material of the cat drinking fountains makes it easy to disassemble and clean, ensuring a clean and fresh water source. The Petaholic cat water fountain has upgraded filters. The water fountains for cats have been inspected. 60 days full money back is provided by them. They will give you a satisfactory answer if you have any questions about the pet fountain.

Brand: Petaholic

👤My husband and I have several cats, one of which has some anxiety issues and another who likes to drink tap water. Even though it said it was quite, I was a bit worried because one of our cats is very scared. You wouldn't be able to tell the fountain is on if it weren't for the rippling water. Our tap water cat notices the water is running and doesn't need his servants to turn it on for him to drink. Excellent purchase. I would buy again.

👤The cat fountain initially was pleasant and ambient, with the soothing blue glowing light as well as the trickling sounds of the fountain. The unique filter system is easy to maintain and works because the proof is in the rejected water, which doesn't go to the pet. The fountain's motor stopped working after a month. I replaced my old fountain with this one because I had the one from my brand. It has worked and done the job, but has no light. The motor is still running after 3 months. The other one had a light with it.

👤My cats love drinking from the faucet so I thought it would be a better alternative. It is easy to assemble. The cats were a little nervous at first but now drink from it regularly. It's not completely quiet but it's very pleasant if you're not bothered by any sound. If you like the sound of running water, it might be soothing.

👤It was nice at first, even though the water pressure is weak. They seemed to like it. It stopped working after less than a month. The water was in the dish. Going to look for a better option. Was able to return.

👤The fountain is cute. My pets use it. I have two animals. The noise level is easy to maintain. Sometimes I don't even notice it. I have to listen to see how the stream is coming out. I would suggest buying it. I'm thinking of putting one in another part of my home. It's a plus to have hair when you're on vacation.

👤The assembly of this unit is very easy. I got it because my animals love to drink out of the faucet when it's running, so it's a great way to make them happy. All of my cats won't drink out of the regular water dish because it's only my dog who uses it. The flow of water doesn't allow nasty build up on top of the water. The price point is a great place to spend your money. Shipping was fast. I would purchase again the next day after ordering.

👤This fountain was the cheapest I could find. It has been running since mid November. Replacement filters are less expensive. My pets are happy and hydrated, so the cleans are easy. I think their kidneys will thank me down the road because they miss the backyard puddles of spunk-water.

👤I have tried a few of them but they were metal. I think it affected the taste of the water. My cats seem to be drinking more from this one. I bought two for different areas of the house. Nice product! The little daisy on the top works well for my cats if they don't like it.

5. PetSafe Drinkwell Replacement Filters Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell Replacement Filters Fountain

FRESH, FILTERED WATER. The replaceable carbon keeps the water clean by removing bad tastes and odors. Better value. Generic brands have less carbon than PetSafe brand filters. You can simply replace the carbon filter when you clean your pet's fountain. They are available Monday through Saturday to answer your questions.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I've been buying these for a couple of years now and have never had any issues. They would keep the water clear for a while. We went through all four filters in 3 weeks after the last box was terrible. The bowl became slimy and stained after a few days when the water stopped flowing. There is no reason why this should happen because I clean my fountain and use poland spring water to fill it. I bought a new pump thinking it was the cause of the problem, but now I know it was the filters. The filters continue to release carbon into the water no matter how much you rinse or soak them. I don't care how harmless the box is, I don't want my cats to ingest that much carbon dust. I won't be ordering these filters again because they are not the same quality that they used to be.

👤I am an expert on the PetSafe fountain. I have had mine for 18 months and I could probably make a video about it. I don't have time. The original Drinkwell filters are what I buy now. I was wrong to think that I would save money by buying a 12 pack of Chinese knock-off. Don't buy a Chinese imitation. The water stops flowing completely when they start to accumulate gunk in the next few days. It made me wonder what the hell is in them to make them jam up. Depending on your water source, it will make a difference. I use a tap when I find an abandoned bottle of water, but I pour it in the bowl. I do a breakdown on the fountain every 5 days. It takes 5 minutes. Get a toothbrush and an abrasive sponge when you fill a sink with dish washing detergent. Take apart the pump assembly with a knife. Remove the plastic cover from the magnetic shaft with a knife. It's best to clean it out, as it can accumulatebacteria from saliva in the motor. If you don't flush everything under the faucet, you'll get your pet sick or have scurvy. The sponge needs to be looked at. This fills up with hair. It can turn into abacteria farm if you don't wash it out and replace it every 2 weeks or every 3 filters. The sides of the porcelain fountain upright areCalcium build up. It can be made smooth again with a sponge or a scouring pad. Don't try to fill it in the sink and walk it over, I learned the hard way. Don't plug it in yet, dry it out. To get the water out of the motor, blow on the A/C connection and then fill the pitcher. Plug it in after pouring it up to 1/2 inch. The bowl should always be 1/2 inch from the brim. If it doesn't pump when you plug it back in, you need to disassemble the motor assembly and clean the tube. I've had chunks of the plant stuck in there. The product saves me time, but the benefit to your pet is an attractive watering hole that encourages drinking more. There is a person named JT.

6. Pioneer Fountain Stainless Steel 128oz

Pioneer Fountain Stainless Steel 128oz

Your pet is attracted to circulating drinking water. There is a replacement charcoal filter for clean and pure water. The dishwasher is safe. Refer the user guide for Pum Trouble shooting steps. 128 ounces. Refer to the product instruction guide. Any home d├ęcor can benefit from modern design. The maintenance guide shows how to clean the pump monthly. There are more details in the user manual.

Brand: Pioneer Pet

👤The parts swap modification makes this unit great, alleviating the issues people are having with the pump, water and filters. The picture is attached. Hope it helps. I used the pump from my previous unit. You can buy this pump on Amazon. I cut the stem from the dry-erase marker, but you could use any marker. The lettering on the plastic was easy to remove and there was no ink left inside. I replaced the stock filter and pump-cup with an Amazon one that seems to do a better job than any carbon filter, and I did away with the stock filter and pump-cup. The results have been amazing. I haven't had to replace the filters yet, but this eliminates the need for them as you just cut another piece of the pad when it's time to do so. I can replace the filter about nine times with the size I cut from the pad. Not bad for $8. I used scissors to cut a small slit in the pad to fit over the pump. The picture shows how the pad fits. I've been running this unit with these mod for a while now. The pump was set to 80%. There are no slimy water issues. The pump is protected by a pad. The pad is washed off quickly. The cleaning schedule has been halved by this setup. I've used tap water and a pitcher of water. I didn't like any other pet fountains because they were too plastic, noisy, expensive, and hard to clean. I wanted to make this work. I hope this helps people who are looking for a pet fountain and are tired of all the drawbacks. The picture is attached.

👤I wish I had ordered this fountain a long time ago. I have been using a PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain for three years. It was a big pain to clean. It's so many pieces. I put it all in the dishwasher but it took me a long time to rinse and clean the motor since I have six fur babies in my home. I have been looking for a fountain that would give me some relief. I wouldn't order it for the longest time because it didn't have multiple spouts for the water to rain down like the 360 did, and I wasn't sure about it. I decided to give it a try. The Big Max fountain has less parts to clean than the 360 and the bowl is much easier to clean. I don't have to clean it as often because I spend less time cleaning. I have been using it for over a week and it still looks clean and there is no hair in it. The water was hairy and slimy every time I cleaned it. It needed to be cleaned every five days, but it was so painful. I highly recommend this fountain to all pet parents. If you want it to be easy to clean. My fur babies took right to it too. Maybe because they were already used to it? If your babies are not used to this type of thing, it might be best to leave their bowl or fountain out. You should make sure they are getting the hydration they need. The video shows the different pieces of the fountain. You will need to clean the motor weekly in the video. I said that without thinking because I am so used to cleaning the fountain weekly. It's a good idea to clean it weekly if you have a lot of fur babies using it. To preserve the life of the motor, be sure to clean it every time you clean the fountain. I recommend buying the fuzzy craft sticks that look like pipe cleaners. I cut them in half and used them to clean the tight areas of the motor that no one else seems to be able to get into. There is one final note. The fountain took me about 12 minutes to clean, compared to the 30 minutes the 360 took me. If you find my review useful, please let me know and if you have any questions or comments, I will answer them as quickly as possible. Thank you for taking the time to read my review. It's a good thing.

7. Fountain Water Automatic Cat Replacement

Fountain Water Automatic Cat Replacement

The hexagonal honeycomb design of the cat water fountain, coupled with the non-slip silicone dots at the bottom of the water dispensers ensure the safety. The stable design of the cat water fountain makes it hard for your kittens and puppies to push over it. Kastty ceramic pet fountains are made from high-strength thick gauge CERAMIC material, which is hard for anything to stay and grow, yet also dish-washer safe for low maintenance. The best choice is the Kastty cat fountain, it has no issues of poor steel or plastic smell. Kastty cat water dispensers have a 3L basin which lasts longer per fill than most similarly priced ceramic water fountains, which makes it ideal for larger pets and multiple pets. The thicker and reinforced ceramic version on the market is made to last and won't be tipped over by pets. The unique pagoda style pet water fountain feeds your pets from all directions and heights, and it has multiple drinking options for all ages. A fresh supply of water is always available, serving cats' health to the fullest. TheIDE and OPEN Basin. When power is off, the OPEN style basin that doubles as a bowl is still free to use, even if it is below the drinking dish. The basin is large enough for multiple cats to share and drink from all sides, without having to fight for a turn. The pump auto shuts off when the water level is low, and the light on the LEDs transfers from blue to red to remind you to refill. Quieter: The 4 free-falling streams entice cats to drink more, while making nearly zero noise, because they are flow-guided, which is different from most that cause annoying falling water noise that drives you crazy. The cat water fountain can barely be heard due to the silent pump and the flow-guided ramparts, which makes it easier for timid cats to approach and light sleepers to sleep soundly.

Brand: Kastty

👤I wish the blue light was brighter so my dogs could see it better at night. The water is flowing. I like that the White dish is not powered and that it helps my dog navigate the dish, because she is almost blind. It's Ceramic helps keep their water fresh. My wife and I are happy we bought this one.

👤The pictures of a Dalmatian and 3 dogs are not what they seem. Our cat's head almost covers the whole fountain. The product is easy to assemble, clean, and quiet. I'm dropping my rating to 3 stars because my legit review was rejected. This makes the seller seem unreliable.

👤I received it today. I can not hear it. I like it so far. I will update if the motor quits.

👤The dogs have a bowl. A medium size dog and a puppy. Product is heavy ceramic and is easy to fill without a unit. It's worth the money.

👤So far, so happy with it! Cats like it. It was very easy to set up. It's easier to clean it than the other brands I've had. It's very quiet.

👤My four legged critics love it. I find them drinking more water. It is.

8. PETKIT EVERSWEET Fountain Replacement Filtration

PETKIT EVERSWEET Fountain Replacement Filtration

The Filter Unit+ is applicable for the water fountain. If you want to use the Pet Water Fountain, you need to purchase the PETKIT Filter Tray+. The Filtration function has been improved. The PETKIT Filter Unit+ filters remove pet hair and most other impurities, giving your pet cleaner, water. This is a notice. Before installing the new filter, please soak it for 10 minutes in the clean water. Do not forget to reset the device after you replace the filter. The package includes 5 filters.

Brand: Petkit

👤After one week of use, the filter turned to orange and we replaced it with a new package. The orange color of the filters is the sign to replace them, but it should last at least a month. The quality of the filter has gone down. I was very disappointed with the purchase.

👤I have been using the fountain and filter for a year. The quality of the filters is good and I change them every month. Their quality dropped after the Pandemic. I have to change the filter every 3-4 days because it gets dirty and gross so quickly. I wish they had another brand of filter that I could use.

👤There are worms in the filter. It's not acceptable. I change the water and clean the unit. I'm worried about my cats' health.

👤I have owned a pet drinking fountain for a year. I haven't had any issues with the filters. I put it in the fountain on 8/23/20 and it was discolored when I went to fill it up. This filter lasted 2 weeks and a day today. The fountain on SmartMode should last longer than 2 weeks. A new set of filters was ordered. If the filters aren't lasting as long as they're supposed to, I may need to look at other pet fountain options. You can get a color reference by looking at pics, one of which is a new filter next to the moldy one.

👤It feels like the filter lasts a few days. The water keeps getting bigger. The complaint was filed through Amazon. The new filter lasted barely two weeks after they sent me a replacement. Please have some quality control on the filters, I don't know if this is because of COVID, but please. Two different shipments with the same faulty results doesn't sound like an accident.

👤The filters were bought to replace the original ones that came with the fountain, and they were hated to see what was left behind after a month of use. We wash the PetKit fountain every 2 weeks and never had an issue with the original filter. After a month of use of one of the replacement filters, we found orange/pinkish gunk around the filter and parts of the fountain. We decided to reduce the filter usage time to 1 week to see if we would get the same result. The filters are not cutting it. The newer replacement filters are an issue since we're putting water from the fridge into the fountain. We were disappointed to see that it was just a small packet of the two materials in each of the compartments. The images made it seem like the entire section was filled with it. We absolutely loved the fountain. If the filters aren't doing their job, there's no way we'll continue using it. Replacing the filter after a week is not ideal.

👤I am not sure how well these filters work, but they should not be as expensive as they are. I only use bottled water for my cats. I clean the fountain thoroughly every week and the longest I can get out of the filters is 3 weeks. They need to be changed every 2 weeks, so they are not cost effective in the operation of the water fountain. The above review has been updated. Over the past few months, I have found that the quality of these filters has declined and they do well to last a week. We only use bottled water because we have 3 cats. I change the filter weekly. If I order them today, they will be delivered between October 16 and November 6. I need them now, not later. I like the fountain, but will definitely be looking for something else.

9. Operated Fountain Sensored Regargeable Dispenser

Operated Fountain Sensored Regargeable Dispenser

There are three modes: auto IR sensor, timer and constant flow. A water fountain has 3 modes for different needs. The backup battery lasts when the cat fountain auto switches to the battery supply, and the SENSOR mode auto feeds when the pet approaches and stops. Timer mode provides 1min and 5min, which is ideal for caged pets. Multiple pets have a constant flow. The water dispensers have two power options: DC power and a large battery that can be used in case of a power cut. The two options give you non-limitation locations where to position the fountain and saves you the hassle of buying batteries. The filter replacement indicator will turn on when the filter reaches the life span to remind you of a change so that you don't end up with harmful substance in the water, faulty filters and illness to a cat. When the battery level is low, the low power indicator will turn on red to remind you to plug it in and charge it at the same time. The water fountain for both cats and dogs lasts longer than you travel per fill. The PP cotton layer and charcoal are all food grade and the use of high-end coconut shell activated carbon filter ensures the strongest filterability of catching everything. The plastic top is more difficult to clean than the steel one. Quiet, low power, auto shut-off is what the long-lasting pump has. The true silence below 38db is the reason cats trust it and drink from it and cat parents can sleep soundly in harmony with it. The pump has an auto shut-off feature that can be used when there is no water or a pump filter, and it works well even when there is no water or a pump filter.

Brand: Kastty

👤I initially had doubts about this fountain after purchasing several different fountains. I was pleasantly surprised when I charged it up and started it. The water was bubbling up. The pumps weren't strong enough to pull the water up and out of the fountains. It is almost too quiet, so it is a disadvantage. It is so quiet that my cats don't pay attention to it. They would be drawn to it if it made more noise. I'm hoping they will investigate it and try it.

👤It says just 3 liters. The ad is smaller than I thought, but works for me with one pet. You need a plug or your outlet will need to be able to connect to the internet.

👤The product was easy to put together and no noise was heard. It is quite. I have one cat that is a little Leary of it, but he will get used to it, the other two cats went right to it, and the dogs started drinking immediately. Great product.

👤This fountain is amazing. It can be set to motion activation. I upgraded to this model and my cats and kittens are drinking more. It is also very quiet. Would definitely recommend!

👤Big container, sensor mode, and battery when home electric outbreak, auto shut off pump, easy clean, and common c typeusb which is easy to find for replacement, what else? The best I have ever tried. I don't know how long it will last, but my cats love it as soon as I run it.

👤I don't need a wall outlet to work because I love this portable. My cats love it.

👤A small peg is in the top of the pump to measure the water level. It starts making noise if it drops below that peg. You have to refill it to make the noise stop, but there is still water at the bottom that isn't being used.

👤There is no mess with the battery lasts over a week.

10. WOPET Fountain Stainless Drinking Fountains

WOPET Fountain Stainless Drinking Fountains

The WOPET cat water fountain is made of high quality STAINLESS steel and has excellent corrosion resistance. This material is skin-friendly and friendly for cats with sensitive skin issues. The cat fountain replicates the cat's natural preference for drinking water. It uses circulating filters to keep the water flowing and make cat drinking more enjoyable. The WOPET cat water dispenser has a sponge and carbon filter that help remove odors and make the water softer. The water for your pets is always fresh and pure. The 2L dog water fountain is large enough for cats and dogs of all ages, as well as household with multi pets. The dog fountain can be used to store water for a week without having to refill it. The smooth surfaces, lack of crevices, and a small number of parts made their pet fountain easy to assemble. The construction is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean by hand.

Brand: Wopet

👤It's easy to assemble.

👤It is easier to clean with shir steel. It is easy to assemble. Quiet!

11. PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain Drinking

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain Drinking

The 168 ounce water capacity is great for pets of all sizes. Drinking calories: Pets are encouraged to drink more water from the flowing stream. A replaceable carbon water filter keeps the water fresh. The built-in refill is more powerful and can extend the time between refilling your fountain. There is an adjusted stream. The water flow for your pet can be adjusted. It's easy to clean. The Fountain is dishwasher safe. Their pet product experts can help. Since 1991, the PetSafe brand has been an industry leading U.S. manufacturer of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I use this for three cats, and they seem to like it. It hasn't created a mess in my house, and with regular cleaning and refilling could be set and forget for a few days. The engineers who put this together don't have pets. After a few days, I start to see some dirt on the bottom of the fountain. If I don't dump the water and scrub the whole thing out, the sludgly blob that gets in every crevice will progress to a whitish orangish blob. Remember when I mentioned the engineers? This fountain is hard to clean. You will need several types of brushes to clean this. The bowl looks great, but the water splashes on it. There is a small space behind and beside it. You will have to clean this. The water tower has a filter. It has a tube that is about 1/2 inch in diameter. You need a thin brush. You need to clean it. Look at where the filter is. Those slots that hold it? You need to clean them. You have to use a scotchbrite pad on the end of a butterknife to get gunk out of a brush. The waterfall circulation is the reason you want this fountain. I too. Pets love it. You will see the sludge that builds up inside the pump. You can try to clean it out with bleach water outside the fountain. The sludge smiles at you, because it's going to work. The pump comes apart, that's the secret here. Yes, it's true. I am pretty sure that this works and allows you inside the very center of the sludgys lair. Look at the pump. Do you see the hole it pumps water from? There is a seam all the way around the pump. Pull out the tube that controls the water flow. It will pop off, but it will require more force than you are used to. You are good to go once you slay the beast inside the pump. Who designed this that has tiny doll-like hands that can reach in those crevices? I think of some of the design decisions that were made here.

👤The fountain we bought in November of 2011. Some reviewers have had trouble, but we still have no trouble. The fountain and pump are the key to this success. We disassemble the entire fountain every week. The components are cleaned with a mild liquid dish soap and warm water. The full dis-assembly is what's important here. The fountain is shown in the photos section. The piece that came off the front of the pump is visible. This allows us to clean the fountain. This is very easy. The pump should be unplugged before the cleaning. Put a cup of warm water in a cup of powder dish detergent after removing the front. We plug the pump in while submerged. The water and detergent are brought to the spinning mechanism. The debris is in the water. That is the gunk that builds up. This may be the reason for pump failure. If the spinning mechanism of your pump is not spinning, you can try and fix it by soaking the pump in the water and detergent for a couple of hours. If the front cover doesn't close all the way, don't force it. The flow control valve needs to be lined up. Try again if you turn your flow control slightly. Continue to make slight turns and try again. This weekly cleaning is worth the effort because it does not take us much time and is worth it. The fountain has not required any maintenance. We change the filters as needed. We fill the base with water after cleaning. It is enough water to last a week. You may use more water with dogs or more cats if you use the fountain daily. I hope this review will help you.


What is the best product for dog water fountain?

Dog water fountain products from Wonder Creature. In this article about dog water fountain you can see why people choose the product. Petlibro and Orsda are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog water fountain.

What are the best brands for dog water fountain?

Wonder Creature, Petlibro and Orsda are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog water fountain. Find the detail in this article. Petaholic, Petsafe and Pioneer Pet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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