Best Dog Water Fountain Small Breed

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1. PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain Drinking

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain Drinking

The 168 ounce water capacity is great for pets of all sizes. Drinking calories: Pets are encouraged to drink more water from the flowing stream. A replaceable carbon water filter keeps the water fresh. The built-in refill is more powerful and can extend the time between refilling your fountain. There is an adjusted stream. The water flow for your pet can be adjusted. It's easy to clean. The Fountain is dishwasher safe. Their pet product experts can help. Since 1991, the PetSafe brand has been an industry leading U.S. manufacturer of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I use this for three cats, and they seem to like it. It hasn't created a mess in my house, and with regular cleaning and refilling could be set and forget for a few days. The engineers who put this together don't have pets. After a few days, I start to see some dirt on the bottom of the fountain. If I don't dump the water and scrub the whole thing out, the sludgly blob that gets in every crevice will progress to a whitish orangish blob. Remember when I mentioned the engineers? This fountain is hard to clean. You will need several types of brushes to clean this. The bowl looks great, but the water splashes on it. There is a small space behind and beside it. You will have to clean this. The water tower has a filter. It has a tube that is about 1/2 inch in diameter. You need a thin brush. You need to clean it. Look at where the filter is. Those slots that hold it? You need to clean them. You have to use a scotchbrite pad on the end of a butterknife to get gunk out of a brush. The waterfall circulation is the reason you want this fountain. I too. Pets love it. You will see the sludge that builds up inside the pump. You can try to clean it out with bleach water outside the fountain. The sludge smiles at you, because it's going to work. The pump comes apart, that's the secret here. Yes, it's true. I am pretty sure that this works and allows you inside the very center of the sludgys lair. Look at the pump. Do you see the hole it pumps water from? There is a seam all the way around the pump. Pull out the tube that controls the water flow. It will pop off, but it will require more force than you are used to. You are good to go once you slay the beast inside the pump. Who designed this that has tiny doll-like hands that can reach in those crevices? I think of some of the design decisions that were made here.

👤The fountain we bought in November of 2011. Some reviewers have had trouble, but we still have no trouble. The fountain and pump are the key to this success. We disassemble the entire fountain every week. The components are cleaned with a mild liquid dish soap and warm water. The full dis-assembly is what's important here. The fountain is shown in the photos section. The piece that came off the front of the pump is visible. This allows us to clean the fountain. This is very easy. The pump should be unplugged before the cleaning. Put a cup of warm water in a cup of powder dish detergent after removing the front. We plug the pump in while submerged. The water and detergent are brought to the spinning mechanism. The debris is in the water. That is the gunk that builds up. This may be the reason for pump failure. If the spinning mechanism of your pump is not spinning, you can try and fix it by soaking the pump in the water and detergent for a couple of hours. If the front cover doesn't close all the way, don't force it. The flow control valve needs to be lined up. Try again if you turn your flow control slightly. Continue to make slight turns and try again. This weekly cleaning is worth the effort because it does not take us much time and is worth it. The fountain has not required any maintenance. We change the filters as needed. We fill the base with water after cleaning. It is enough water to last a week. You may use more water with dogs or more cats if you use the fountain daily. I hope this review will help you.

2. HoneyGuaridan Fountain Automatic Dispenser Indicator

HoneyGuaridan Fountain Automatic Dispenser Indicator

The water capacity is ideal for both cats and dogs. It can provide cats with fresh water for a week. The patented pump runs at 7oz. The transparent window makes it easy to monitor the water level, and the indicator shows when the pump stops working. It's built for long-term use. 6L water capacity is great for households with all sizes of dogs and cats. Large dogs don't need to replenish water frequently, the water can be stored for a week. You could go out for a few days and not worry about your pets. The water level window is whisper- quiet. The low-voltage pump lasts 2.5 to 4 years. The water level window has a red float. Free-falling stream aerates the water for added oxygen and freshness. Pets drink more water. Your pet's hydration helps prevent diseases. The pet water fountain has a Triple Filtration System. They use a replaceable round filter to purify the water, remove dirt and food particles, and catch hair and debris in the water to prevent your pet from getting sick. The automatic water bowl is made of quality PP, it is safe to drink, and it comes with a quick-release part for easier cleaning.

Brand: Honeyguaridan

👤I have 2 great Danes, a 16 year old mutt butt and 3 cats, one of which can't jump to well anymore, and this is amazing. My animals are very picky about their water and it has been a nightmare with two great Danes because they get slobberies in the water and no one wants to drink from the bowl after one of them gets it. I had to change the water multiple times a day because we don't have the best well water and it was costing me a lot to fill the bowl. This is amazing. The constant water flow has eliminated the slobberies and I don't mind using the tap because I don't need to buy water. I got it for the cat that can't jump on the table and get her own water, but this blew away all my expectations. Very happy. I only had one day to experience it. If you have a multi animal household, this is a must have. It's wonderful, it's wonderful, it's wonderful, it's wonderful, it's wonderful, it's wonderful, it's wonderful, it's wonderful, it's wonderful, it's wonderful, it's wonderful, it's

👤It was great for 9 days. The water pump motor failed on day 10. I tried to shoot everything, even though the instruction book didn't have any. Plugs and outlets were checked. I tried to contact the company, but they didn't reply back in an email I had to find through their website. The manufacturer can't be found online. There hasn't been anything back from this past week. If I don't hear back, I'll probably return the whole thing and order something else.

👤I have a lab, a mini Aussie, and a Frenchie in my house. This holds 1.6 gallons and is perfect. I thought it wouldn't be enough, but they drink out of it and the water doesn't get gross. I have to fill it up with my dogs. It is very easy to set up.

👤Great idea. If it is a tad bit not flat, over flows. The filters don't work. The pump does not work if the filters do not filter anything. To avoid mold, you have to clean and replace the filter. I used it for one dog.

👤The Large Pet Fountain is quiet and we like it. The motor is not loud when the water is low. The container was easy to put together and held a good amount of water. When installing the water level piece, the directions seemed a little confusing. I was unsure how my dog would react to the fountain. She didn't seem to have a problem with it. I would definitely recommend this purchase.

👤I have dachshunds and this was big for them. They were able to drink but couldn't reach the fountain. I gave this to my son because he wanted a long legged dog. This holds a lot of water. It was very easy to assemble. It is easy to wash. The water pump makes a humming noise. It is not loud but can be heard from a distance. It's easy to add water to this.

3. IPETTIE Fountain丨Ultra Plastic丨Water Fountains Replacement

IPETTIE Fountain%E4%B8%A8Ultra Plastic%E4%B8%A8Water Fountains Replacement

The Tritone Cat Water Fountain is made of high-quality natural ceramic, eco-friendly, easy to clean and way better than plastic fountain. The pump and tank have a foam filter surrounding them to prevent hair and other debris from entering. Carbon and charcoal help remove bad odors. There is a quiet operation. The pump runs with low consumption. The water dripping through the strainer into the bowl is the only sound you can hear. The pump will run dry and burn out if the water level is not raised above the mark on the cone. This water fountain can provide enough water for a pet to drink for 2 weeks or more, great for short trip lovers, as you will be free from frequent water replenishment and no need to worry about water shortage of your furry babies! Their pet product experts can help. The water pump has a 3 year warranty.

Brand: Ipettie

👤I gave this fountain 5 stars because it is good quality, however, I have had a few issues with the filters. The square foam filter was modified to use a Scrub Daddy sponge. I have had this since July, and it seems like the foam filter is not dense enough to collect enough of the food and hair particles that make their way to the charcoal filter pack. The charcoal pack is ruined once it gets dirty. Some gunk doesn't wash out. I'm including a few pics of how I modifed the sponge. It was easy to cut the Scrub Daddy to the right size as it stays very firm when dry, and it feels like a soft sponge when used in hot water.

👤The bad: I have 4 cats and a small dog and they all love the fountain. It's attractive, quiet, and doesn't get slimy because it's not plastic. Some of them like to drink directly from the bowl area while others like to lap at the water running down the tower. Everyone is happy! The direction of the wind. If you have hard water, the "tower" part of the fountain and the inside of the filter cover accumulate hard water deposits. I have a white fountain, so you can't really see it, but I imagine you would see the blue one. It's very easy to remove the deposits: I just immerse the parts in white vinegar or a mix of water and water and let it sit overnight. Then rinse with water. The whole unit needs to be cleaned at least once a month. I don't mind doing it for some people. It's a neutral issue for me. Had it not been for the pump, this would have earned 5 stars. When I plug my fountain back in, there is a delay of anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes before the pump kicks on, because I have unplugged the pump before. The pump did not kick on until noon today, and was plugged in several times, with savesay The pump hasn't gone out completely, but it is showing signs of abnormal function. The next thing I have is a pump that costs almost $20 to replace. The pump is only 12W. Why is it so expensive? When I have to replace this pump, I will be looking for a basic low voltage aquarium-type pump which costs less than $12. I will show how the non- expensive option works out in this review.

👤My 18 year old cat is drinking water again. She and I both love it. It's quiet too. She wouldn't use the two fountains I bought because they were small. She drank out of it many times a day, so it's good for her to get some exercise going to it. I think the fountain has helped her improve her health. I bought a second one for her to put in the other side of the house. The other fountains were made of plastic and almost all of them had ceramic parts. We add water to the bowl so we don't use the charcoal filters. We clean it once a week. Thank you so much!

4. Loomla Large Capacity Drinking Fountain

Loomla Large Capacity Drinking Fountain

Their pet fountain has a large capacity water tray that will last you all day long, so you'll always have enough fresh and cool drinking water for your pet. You won't have to refill the water for your pets. The animal water dispensers can hold a lot of water and the water tray is wide enough for a large pet to easily drink from. Your pet will be hydrated during its time with you. Pets will be entertained by running water and drinking from the fountain. The pet water fountain is very quiet for daily use. With a dog and cat water dispensers, you can keep your pets hydrated and healthy. Keeping up with their needs has never been easier with this quiet motor. Give your pets fresh drinking water with this easy and quiet device. The design is transparent. The dog water fountain has a textured transparent design. This will allow you to easily observe the level of your pet's drinking water so that it never runs out. You can save time by filling up their standard bowls with fresh liquid all the time. Your pets will get fresh water whenever they need it, without any hassle on your part. The water fountain for dogs and cats has an indicator light that will show you the water level in the tank. It's a good way to see your pet's hydration needs. If they have enough water, no more guessing. The light can be turned on or off with the help of a switch on the wire. You will be able to provide your pets with the water they need with the feature of the pet fountain. It's easy to clean water bowls. The automatic pet fountain is easy to clean. You can take care of your pets in a better way than cleaning their water bowls. It takes a few minutes to disassemble the animal water dispensers. It is possible to clean your pump every week or two to make sure the water for your pets is safe. All Life Stages is an age range description.

Brand: Loomla

👤I bought this for my boxer because he's a very sloppy drinker. This item has reduced his sloppiness by 95 percent. There is no more water on the floor. The manufacturer says that it will help to keep the water fresh. I have to clean this every three days. It's worse than the bowl I replaced with. After a couple of days, the filters smell like an aquarium filter. I'm going to try it without a filter to see if it helps. It's pretty bad when you can smell the stagnant water after a couple of days in the room. Reducing the spillage of water is great. I would have a regular water bowl if I had to clean this more.

👤The fountain was assembled quickly. There is a small black accessory that needs to be placed in the pump in order for the fountain to work. When we pulled the contents out of the plastic, we missed this small piece. The instructions did not state that it was a separate part. As part of the pump, it was drawn in. We knew something wasn't right after the water wouldn't flow to the top. It's funny. It has two barriers for the pump. The sponge is black. An extra layer of protection is nice. The blue light is relaxing. The size, shape, and amount of water it holds is impressive. It's good for multiple cats. The Catit fountains had a serious problem with tipping and this makes it more stable. Some cats play too hard. It's funny. This is a simple design for a pet fountain. Extra features that are currently on the market would be great. When the water is low, or if the pump goes dry, there are features that change the light color. This won't be an issue if you just keep it topped up. I would buy this fountain again. The last Catit is likely to be replaced.

👤This thing is great. I read through a lot of the bad reviews and came back to give it 5 stars, but I was shocked to find that it wasn't rated higher. After trying several of these over the past few months, I'm pretty positive that this is the first dog drinking fountain they've owned. This guy takes first place by a huge margin over 3 others that I've tried. Some of the fountains seem to be going for a real fountain-like display, and in doing so, you end up with tiny streams of water that don't quench your thirst and have a tendency to be noisy. This has a central overflow waterfall design which circulates the water more quickly than others I've tried and makes it nearly dead silent. The water level gets a bit noisier when it's nearly empty. When a water pump doesn't have water, it gets noisy. That's why they call it a water fountain. The noise reminds me that the dogs need water. If you fill it past that mark, there will be no more noise. The basin of water available to your pet at any given time tends to be relatively small, even with higher capacity models. My lab mix could clear out the last one in about 10 seconds. Leaving him to rely on a small stream of water from the plastic tree tops. We all know that when our pets are in disagreement, they give a look. I found him standing and giving the same look to our last two fountains on more than one occasion. This one has a basin that circulates the water well. The volume of water being circulating with this design is probably twice what I've had before. Solid design for sure. This guy has capacity capacity. If I let it go all the way to empty, a good fill will last anywhere from a couple of days to 3-4 if I let it go. If I can avoid it, I've started keeping a pitcher handy and topping it off when I feed them. If it happens, I'll squeeze a bit more life out. We will see. It is refilling. The design makes it easy to see the water level and large basin and high water flow make it easy to just pour from a pitcher. We've tried almost all of the others that required you to pour just a little at a time and wait for it to trickle down or make it into the filters. Someone changed their rating because there wasn't a fill line. It's a bowl. You should be fine if you don't fill it past the bowl end. This approach allowed me to be stress free without even thinking about how to complete the task. Click the button on the power cord if there is a light on. I didn't notice the button until weeks after I started using the fountain. It's easier to see the water level. It's true! Cleanliness is not understanding some of the comments. The water bowl has a protective layer of food and hair on top to keep the water from being stagnant. When our little guy had to drink after his big brother, he would show his disgust as he was a bit less sanitary. This was the beginning of the path we are on now and is a success with the fountain. If your expectation is that this will make the water taste better and make all the junk in your dog's teeth disappear into thin air, you may want to consider purchasing a Britta pitcher instead. If you have a messy mouth dog, this is not going to help you because the circulation does a lot to keep it a bit cleaner. The thing is sturdy and fits together nicely, it doesn't make a lot of noise, it holds plenty of water for our two dogs, and it serves the purpose of providing some water that isn't completely pure. The price is half of other high capacity models. Not bad. I didn't get paid for this review, I just came back to give a rating after filling the fountain this morning, and I couldn't let the pettiness of a few detur others away from what I've find to be a great product. Hopefully this review will help those fountain shopping for the first time get a feel for some things. You will thank me later if you just buy this one.

5. PetSafe Stainless Fountain Whisper Quiet Encourages

PetSafe Stainless Fountain Whisper Quiet Encourages

60-OZ WATER CAPACITY. The fountain has the perfect amount of water for cats and small dogs. It's perseverance that's fascinating. Bubbling water flow encourages pets to drink more and helps promote good hygiene. A 12 pound cat needs 12 ounces of water per day, so your pet needs 1 ounce of water per pound. The material is high-GRADE STAINLESS. The pet fountain is made with high-quality materials that are scratch resistant. Quiet operation. The soft bubbling water makes pets feel comfortable drinking from the fountain. The design is slanted. The modern fountain design looks great in your home and sits nicely in smaller spaces. It's from every angle. Your pet can drink water from the tower or bowl and your cat can drink from the fountain at any side.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The Drinkwell bowl was replaced with this water bowl. It took too long to clean the 360, it became cumbersome and it was nice. There are too many plastic parts. It was ordered last month and it is wonderful. It was very easy to clean. Not many parts. My cats like it. Do not use any of the filters that are sold with it. I bought a pack of filters with a small amount of charcoal inside. Water flow came to a trickle after the filters turned yellow. There is no way that these filters will last a month. This was with foam around the motor that is supposed to catch cat hair. I bought a canister of aquarium charcoal from Amazon and a Reusable Fish Tank Charcoal Filter Bag from Amazon. The mesh bags and charcoal combination worked well and will last at least a week before needing to be cleaned. The mesh bags are not disposable. I don't use the pre-filter because I don't think it's necessary. I have never seen anything caught by it. This water fountain is a 5 out of 5. It is perfect for my cats. Highly recommended.

👤Poor design causes the pump to need constant replacement. The pump has to pump water through a plastic chamber with a filter inside because it is resistant. The pump fails frequently and needs to be replaced every few weeks. The filters cause a mess in the bowl within hours. I have a small chihuahua who doesn't slobber and doesn't drink a lot, so I know the immediate slime build up is not from her. I bought a different pet fountain on Amazon that I like better. Please see my review for that product.

👤This little fountain is quiet, easy to clean, and my cats loved it. Water is replaced daily, the unit is washed out weekly, and we have multiple cats. I have had to return 2 of these in the last few months, as the pump fails after a while. If there was an option to just replace the pump, I would do that. I had to replace the entire device. We've replaced the pump on our own several times since I got the Drinkwell. I don't know what the difference is. The pump is the same as the one in the 360. This was the main reason I chose this as a smaller fountain to add to our home. I will always recommend the 360. I can't do the same thing for the Seaside.

👤I bought this on August 21st, 2020 and will be writing a review on October 6th, 2020. My cat likes drinking from the unit. I had it in less than 2 months. There are spots on the fountain 'cone' section. The water at my house is not corrosive, and I usually put the water in the fountain from a Britta filter pitcher, so the development of rust in a short period of time concerns me, as it seems PetSafe used a very low grade of STAINLESS steel to make this product. Pet safety is not assured by the presence of Rust in water.

6. URPOWER Fountain Automatic Dispenser Adjustable

URPOWER Fountain Automatic Dispenser Adjustable

The new look of the pet fountain looks great in the home. Pets drink more water when the free-falling stream falls. The 51oz water capacity is perfect for cats and small dogs. The water valve allows you to change the flow of water for your pet. The cat water fountain is easy to install and disassemble, making life easier for you and your pet. The water fountain is free of harmful chemicals. A low- noise pet fountain. The Ultra low noise AC Pump can work at night.

Brand: Urpower

👤The product was easy to assemble after it arrived a couple of days ago. I thought it was great. I realized the big downside when I started filling it with water. What is the problem? The lines are so close together that I will have to refill the fountain every day to keep the water from going below the MIN line. What is the MAX line? The MAX line isn't actually the MAX. If you fill the device to the MAX line, the small amount of splash from the fountain will push the water out of the bowl. Stay below the MAX line when they say MAX. The MAX and MIN are too close for this to be a long-term solution. Would not buy again.

👤I thought it was hard to assemble. I was able to assemble it in 5 minutes after taking a day. She drinks from it all day and plays with the water.

👤Highly recommend! My cats love it, they drink more water from the fountain than from the regular bowl, it's more interesting for them. The item is easy to wash.

👤My cats love this fountain. My Russian blue started drinking again. I turned it on. The first two fountains I bought were Catit brand. The first style was okay, but the second was terrible.

👤It broke in about a week and could have been great. The fluid level dropped below the water limit. It was below the water limit for a little bit. I wouldn't think it would break so quickly. If it gets low, the water level sensor would shut it off. Some products had this. I assume that the emails are trying to get me to take my post down. I keep getting terrible products through Amazon because of awesome reviews. How about you guys spend more on your product by cutting into your margins and not shelling out money to have people change their reviews? Make sure your drop ship suppliers have good quality. Beyond dumb.

👤I bought this because I wanted my blind cat to know where the water bowl was. I didn't think the other cats would fall in love with it. They love it. The vet said this is good for them. They have clean water to drink. I would like it to be bigger.

👤The perfect pet fountain is the URPOWER Pet Fountain. It's not big where it takes up a lot of space, as you can see in the photos. It's convenient to put it in the kitchen or a different room. The fountain is easy to disassemble, making it easier to clean and switch the filters. It is easy to disassemble, but also easy to reassemble. One thing that makes the fountain unique is that you can separate the pieces. From the bottom tray all the way up to the motor. The noise is not loud. You will hear a different noise if the water level is low. Normally is fine. The water fountain has a hard water stream in the middle. There's no worry about the water splashing on the floor. The weight of the Fountain is 3.307 pounds and the length of the Cord is 1.5m.

7. PETKIT Stainless Automatic Ultra Quiet Auto Shut

PETKIT Stainless Automatic Ultra Quiet Auto Shut

The water bowl and filter tray are made of 304 steel. 46oz/1.35L The Silent Water Pump reduces noise to 25%. The water is pure because of the Fur-proof mesh screen, activated carbon filter and ion exchange resin. The pump will shut off if the water level is too low. In case of a power outage, the back-up battery solution allows a 7-day independent power supply. The 5Vusb adapter is not included.

Brand: Petkit

👤The motor is in a separate base and it is a solidly constructed device. The whole thing is well engineered. I took off a star because it has no plug-to-usb power transformer. I have a spare so it is not a big deal to me. I think that you should not have to buy an additional accessory to plug it in.

👤Some pets could be at risk from this fountain. I am concerned because the pump is not cleaned frequently and the pump can't be opened because of the biofilm. It is a piece of metal. The pink layer on the pump was white out of the box. Keep your pets safe by searching what vets say about biofilm. The fountain gets noisier after the second month of having it, before shutting off after 2 more weeks, which is probably caused by the build up. The modern design is the only reason this is worth a single star. Unless they design a way to clean the pump, or you are planning to replace the fountain every 2 months, this fountain is just a costly health hazard for your dog or cat.

👤I like to use PetKit products. I have a lot of things, including 2 older model water fountains. The water fountain was my first purchase. I bought more products from PetKit. They have great designs and excellent customer services. I trust their product and company so much that I have an ease in my mind that they are behind their product. If I have a problem, they will solve it for me. Since I have an older model of the water fountain, I decided to compare it with the newer model. The new look is very modern and clean, it is slick compared to the old model. The tank was made of steel instead of plastic, which was a big plus. The newer model has less components inside its water tank, which is easier to clean. We don't have to buy different filters because they both use the same one. The model has a charging base that is easier to detach and clean. Don't fill the water to "max", it will be easier to transport. The bottom part of the models needs to be dry when connected to power. The new model was much easier to use. It has back-up power by using 5AAA batteries, and can be connected to power with a plug not included. The design is very thoughtful. You can see from my video that it runs very smoothly and there is no sound at all. When a new version is published, it is not better than the old version, but this is not the case. The newer water fountain works better than the old one and the price is not much higher. I am more than satisfied with this new purchase and will continue to support Petkit's products.

👤I bought my second unit for a different room. Pink slime is a reference for some of the negative reviews. This is not a fault of the fountain and will happen under the right circumstances. The design of the mostly steel slows the process. These are a solution. Use city tap water instead of reverse osmosis water. The city's tap water is safe to drink. If calcium build up is a problem in your area, you may need a water softener. You can simply clean the fountain every 3 days. Proper cleaning is not hard. Plastic bits and steel with dish soap and water. If you want to reuse the filter a few times, rinse it. The electric motor needs to be cleaned and boiled for 30 seconds. You can run a fountain with hot soapy water. It's very well! Do not use beech in any way. It's bad for cats and it's bad for the steel. If you want to dry the motor, you can use a hair dryer on the electrical connection, but you will need to seal the end prior to washing. This is the best cat fountain period. I give this a 97 and the other 10 cat fountains I've tried don't even break 80 points. It is almost perfect. I will be looking forward to an upgraded version in a few years. That's good. Drop the money and come back here and thank me a month later. It's almost entirely steel. The pump and the dish on top are both very high quality plastic and seem to resistbacterial growth. Almost all pet fountains have water running through them. This is not productive. The filters are a good place to growbacteria. The fountain cycles on and off in smart mode, which means that the filter is not exposed to running water and thusbacteria cannot grow in the medium. The pump is replaceable and easy to clean. Also, note: All cats must be cleaned every week. This is a health thing and you could get away with it once a month. The fountain has no growth ofbacteria from cats mouths because the water is stored in a reservoir without light exposure. Don't bleach for the love of god. H2O2 is safe for pets to drink in small quantities, but it isn't a cat pheromone. H2o2 converts to H2O over the course of a few hours. The fountain is great from the cats point of view. The shallow dish makes it nearly impossible for a cat to accidentally get their nose into the water while drinking, which is a problem one of my cats has had with every other fountain. It is roughly at the same height as a cat. The cats notice the fountain when the pump is on and off. The idea to drink inside their heads is subconsciously planted by the fountain. My cats are drinking more water. It's easy to fill and clean. I would add the option for a porcelain or steel dish as the main drinking dish. I would pay $30 for that as an after market feature. It is cheap for what it does. The filters are obscenely priced, but the company has to make money. The filters do last a long time since the pump isn't always running. I wouldn't mind spending $20 a year on filters for a fountain. If you want to replace the filter every month, it would cost $60, which is still a good value. There are a few fountains that are close to this one, but they are all lacking the design, function and user experience of this one.

8. CooZero Dispenser Automatic Ultra Quiet Replacement

CooZero Dispenser Automatic Ultra Quiet Replacement

The ideal present for a pet lover is Lu&BaA. Their ultimate goal is to provide you with the best service. Lifetime Enthusiastic After-Sale Service and 24 months warranty are offered by them. If you have a question about your purchase, please feel free to contact them via e-mail. The pet fountain has a 2L large capacity and 3 different flow designs. There are three different modes of the pet fountain, each suited to meet the needs of a variety of pets. Pets are encouraged to drink more water from the free-falling streams. The recirculation system allows you to provide your pet with water throughout the day. The pet fountain's recirculation filters are made of activated carbon, ion exchange resin and non-woven fabric. They form a triple system to purify the water and remove the harmful particles from it, so that your pet can drink fresh, healthy water throughout the day. The pet fountain adds a pre-filter sponge around the pump to make it better for the pump to last longer. The pet fountain uses an ultra-silent pump that makes almost no noise, making it a great choice for light sleepers. You can put the water fountain in your bedroom if you don't want your pets to be scared by it or if you don't want the noise to interfere with your daily life. Their pet water fountains come with a smart light that reminds you to refill your water quickly. When the amount of water falls below the lowest mark of the water level, the pump will automatically shut off to remind you to add more water to the fountain. You don't need to worry about equipment damage when you go out. The water dispensers are made of high quality environmental material which is durable and long- lasting. Simple structure design makes it easy to disassemble and clean. Each fountain has a silicone pad that catches spills to prevent them from slipping. If you want better product life, please clean the pump every 2 weeks to prevent pet hair from getting into it and causing it to malfunction.

Brand: Coozero

👤I wanted to avoid the tacky colored ones. This one is perfect. My cats love it. I thought the wall plug was just ausb plug, but they included it too. This is one of the best ones I have ever purchased because you can use a wall plug or a wall accessory with theusb ports. Others have a really clunky charging device. The color is easy to not run into at night. I wish they had other colors. I would love a purple one.

👤The small square fountain is on the small side compared to other fountains. After 2 years, the Catit fountain that we owned previously was larger than the one shown in the video, but it had reached its service life, and we didn't have anLED light that we wanted to try. I couldn't find replacements for the small fountain that uses a small filter. I asked a question on the product page, but it wasn't answered yet. The fountain stopped working after a month. The power is on, but the pump is not working, so we can see it from the light. The light is brighter than we prefer. We like the idea of light, but not as bright as at night. I don't like to see the filter through the top. My other fountains don't hide the filter. The fountain is plastic. Be aware that some animals have aversions to plastic.

👤Two of our cats stopped drinking from the first two fountains after a few days. One of them wouldn't touch it after we cleaned it and changed the filters. They preferred to drink out of small plastic cups. I believe it's because it has a cover over the water bin. It's nice that it has multiple streams so that more than one cat can drink at a time. Someone mentioned that they can't find filters. They haven't tried very hard. The filters that go with the fountain are in the frequently bought together section on Amazon. Our cats are no longer drinking from cups after we bought this.

👤I was a bit skeptical about the quality of the fountain. It was easy to put together and keep clean. It is not loud. It got my elderly cat to drink more water because all 3 of my cats love it. The little flower spout is cute. I think this fountain is great.

👤I like how this one is designed, it's nice to look at. The frosted white color is appealing to me. It is small, easy to clean, quiet, and perfect for a small cat, as my cat is not hunching over to drink from the tray or the fountain. The water is fresh all the time because of the unit that filters it. You could put a mat under the fountain to make cleaning easier. My cat loves it and I am very satisfied.

👤I only had it for a day and my dog loves it. Pull up on the top of the water to remove it. She drinks directly from the accumulated water, even though she isn't used to drinking out of the flowing water. It is not loud. It is very therapeutic. It doesn't seem like it's enough to hold 2L, but that doesn't matter to me. I don't have a bottle to check. I didn't use the manual to assemble it. The placemat is made of silicone.

9. Huicocy Stainless Ultra Quiet Automatic Dispenser

Huicocy Stainless Ultra Quiet Automatic Dispenser

The material is durable and lustrous. The cat water fountain is made of food grade 304 food grade steel and will not cause scaling. The cat water fountain is made of steel and provides your pets with drinking water. The cat fountain is your ideal choice. Even if the pet fountain's power is turned off, your cat can still drink sanitary water for 2 weeks because of the open water storage framework design. The cat fountain is perfect for a family. An ultra-quiet operation. The cat drinking fountains use an ultra- quiet water pump. You don't need to worry about the water fountain affecting you and your pet. For life, a free replacement of an ultra- quiet water pump. It only takes 5 minutes to install or disassemble the assembly structure of the Pet Fountain. It is easy to clean. The cat water fountain is made of steel. The three-layer frittata system. The cover and cotton filters remove the bad smell and hair and hair regrowth. The water can be kept clean for a long time through the advanced circulating system. They support a full refun or replacement. If you don't like the dog water fountain, return it to them within 60 days and they'll give you 100% of your money back.

Brand: Huicocy

👤I bought this because of good reviews. It leaks! I have to go to work so I don't have time to investigate. I will only leave one star if I can't fix it. Home from work, added video to show the dripping. I'm very disappointed. Customer service was quick to reach out and offer a free replacement, and it's already on the way! The seller and Amazon are above and beyond over this unfortunate issue. I will add more stars once I see that the replacement is defect free. Stay informed! It's perfect, the replacement came in already. 5 stars!

👤This fountain was received on 7/18 and today is 7/21. The fountain stopped working. The water flow had stopped when I walked by the fountain. I thought it was low on water. Despite having a good amount of water, it wasn't flowing at all. I unplugged and plugged it back in. I pulled the water mat that was under it to see if it was dry. The blue cap that is supposed to stop water from escaping out of the power cord "tunnel" has been malfunctioning. The concept is great. That cap is a big issue for me. Really sad that this didn't work. Hopefully it will work for someone else.

👤The design is solid, but it is probably just a copy of another brand's design. It's impossible if they have a defect. The rubber cover on the cord can't be touched because the tube goes above the water level. My cat likes this thing. She and my cat used it immediately. It is also large. It was difficult to find a design that was right for me. The power brick has been missing from orders but I did get it, it's packaged in its own little box, which is unfortunate but I did get my power brick. I think the power cable is more than 3ft. I think this is an under reviewed product because the design is not original, but I suppose as long as the quality is good, that's okay with me. I like that my cat drinks out of SUS 304 like I do with my water bottle, it's a lot more sanitary with proper cleaning, and I like that my cat drinks out of it. The pump needs to be cleaned every 2 weeks. It's perfect if you clean the whole bowl every 2 weeks. If quality gets worse, I'll update this review. I've owned it for a short time and I'm very happy with it.

👤Cats seem to like bubbles vs flow, which seems to be their preference. I have 2 cats that drink it down to needing to be refilled in 3 or 4 days so I clean it once every 3 days. The knocks. The package I received had no wall outlet plug, but I have a lot of phones I have collected over the years. I was surprised at the cost saving measure. If it is not assembled correctly, it will leak. If the water plug is not correct, it will leak all over the floor. This is a design flaw, as the rubber water plug sits on a metal tube that theusb cable runs through. The design could have been better. I am taking this apart to reassemble it because it's leaking. I'm either going to remember how to assemble this or I'm going to throw it and buy something else. The only reason this didn't get sent back was because the cats don't like a large fountain.

10. Zcaukya Automatic Dispenser Gravity Fountain

Zcaukya Automatic Dispenser Gravity Fountain

The Automatic Cat & Dog Feeder Set is made from food grade material that is safe for pets. The set includes: automatic cat feeders, water dispensers, antiskid mat, spoon, brush, and more. Novel design. The anti-skid pad of the base can be used to prevent your pets from overturn the water fountain. The water dispensers have spiral and spring valve design to make sure it won't leak. You can replenish in time if food and water run out. A top is domed. The cylindrical design can hold the most food or water in the smallest area. The bottle and case are easy to clean. The side cut-out handles on the base allow you to easily lift the water and cat feeders. Their Cat Feeder and Water Dispenser Set is a great choice for when you have to stay away from home for a few days. Cats and dogs can eat and drink themselves with the gravity supply system. It saves you time. If you are dissatisfied in the first 30 days after you receive the item, you will get a full refund. Life-time customer service and 2 years of Assurance. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Zcaukya

👤I'm amazed by the amount of reviews that say they wish these had come with instructions, if you can't figure out how to assemble these, you probably shouldn't own animals. Highly recommend.

👤The product is the same as advertised. Good quality and easy to assemble. I like the scooper too.

👤We received a 4 stars review when we purchased it. Great product. If it gave us instructions, it would have given us 5 stars. There were a few rubber pieces for the feeders, but no instructions. The pups are happy. The product doesn't stay on tightly enough so when the food is finished it comes off. Our pups are still under the age of 1 and they love to bite and get into things. Our dog wanted to be curious and stuck her head in the bowl. My son was home. The Animal Control was unable to remove it from her. She was angry and frustrated. We put security cameras outside to watch our pets.

👤The pressure release stopper for the water unit makes changing the water dribble free, which is a good improvement over the original set. The gravity feed works well. The scallops in the base are easy to pick up. All in all very pleased.

👤We love that we can give our cats water and food when they are out, so they don't have to wait for us.

👤Water and kibble dispensers work fine. My cat food is small and doesn't slide into the bowl as shown. There is a small amount at the mouth of the opening. I have to fill the bowl by shaking it. I bought this to feed my cats.

👤Works well! No issues! My dog and cat love each other. Does what it is supposed to do.

11. Fountain Stainless Ultra Quiet Fountains Dispenser

Fountain Stainless Ultra Quiet Fountains Dispenser

The large cat water fountain has a wide drinking space for small and medium pets. 2.5L/84oz water capacity is enough for a cat for 2 weeks. It's perfect for short trip lovers. The cat fountain is made of 304 STAINLESS STEEL which is dishwasher safe and is not harmful to the environment. The cat drinking fountain has a quiet pump which makes barely noise. You won't worry about your pet getting frightened or being disrupted by noise. It has a light that will give you a hint if you kick it at night. You can change the flower cover or petals to achieve different flow modes: flower waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain. Each mode has its own needs for various pets. Pets should drink more water. It takes 15 seconds to install or disassemble this cat waterer. It's easy to clean, just place it in the top rack of your dishwasher. The gearshifts cat fountain water bowl has a carbon filter and pre-filter sponges that can remove bad taste from your pet's water and extend pump life.

Brand: Polame

👤I love the fountain. I have tried many different types and brands and this is my favorite so far for function and price. It is worth the price. The pump seems more robust than any of the other fountains I have tried. The carbon filter is a circle that fits around the pump, which is great because I have others that slip into grooves and I find they slip out too easily. This one doesn't. There is no question in my mind that the other filter is the same as the others, and it is easy to place upside down. The flower runs soundlessly if you remove it from the top. The blue light is my only complaint. I don't know if I can turn it off or not. The light in this unit is too bright, but the water splashing sound is almost silent. If your cat gets a rash in their chin from plastic bowls, that won't be an issue with this fountain as the top is made of steel. It should be easy to clean and keep clean. I will update this review after I use it for a while. It is a bit expensive but it is worth it.

👤Two cats prefer to drink out of the sink rather than the water bowl. I was concerned that they were dehydrated because we have a hot summer. Our cats love Polame car foundations. There is something about running water that is attractive to them. The kit contained 3 water filters, 2 cleaning brushes and a mat. The instructions were clear to follow.

👤I gave away a large water fountain from another company because it was difficult to clean. I wanted a smaller and quieter unit. This one is very sick. The cats can see the water streams because it is quiet and has a blue light at night. I no longer share my bathroom sink with the one who could jump that high because they are drinking more often. I just ordered a second one for the main level of the house and I like it so much.

👤There is nothing I don't like about this fountain. I tried several others and gave them away. I will use it, I ordered it. It is perfect. I want my male cat to drink distilled water and that is a better way to get it. He drinks a lot more water out of this than he ever did out of a bowl. He loves it. He seems to get more from the bubbler, so I keep the flower off. I had trouble with other fountains because they lined it up. My cat had trouble drinking out of it when it seemed to stop. It took me an hour and a half to figure out how to line it up. I ordered the fountain because it had a notch to line up the bowls in the video. No more problems! It goes right into place. It is easy to clean and the pump has 4 rubber feet to push into place. It is very easy to assemble. This fountain is made of completely steel, except for the pump and tubing. My doctor wanted me to get that, but there aren't many. I thought the price 888-739-5110 My cat and I are very happy to have found this fountain.


What is the best product for dog water fountain small breed?

Dog water fountain small breed products from Petsafe. In this article about dog water fountain small breed you can see why people choose the product. Honeyguaridan and Ipettie are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog water fountain small breed.

What are the best brands for dog water fountain small breed?

Petsafe, Honeyguaridan and Ipettie are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog water fountain small breed. Find the detail in this article. Loomla, Petsafe and Urpower are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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