Best Dog Water Fountain for Large Dogs

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1. Dispenser Stainless Intelligent Fountain Cleaning

Dispenser Stainless Intelligent Fountain Cleaning

The top is dishwasher safe. The pet fountain has a top with a carbon filter, foam filter, and 2 spouts. Food grade material and a cat fountain are safe for your pets. The pump is not loud. The pump lasts 3-4 years. The cat fountain has a water level window. Dry running protection can be achieved with an auto power-off pump. The pet fountain uses a replaceable filter to purify the water, remove dirt and food particles, and catch hair and debris. It provides clean water to your pets. A source of running water encourages pets to drink more water than still water. There are two spouts and four different drinking modes in this fountain. It makes your pets drink more water. The Wonder Creature pet fountain is set up in a few minutes. It's easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance.

Brand: Wonder Creature

👤I was contacted to serve as an early adopter in exchange for a review. This is the third water bubbler I have used. While I have been compensated for writing a review, I am quite pleased with the unit and the improvements that have been made. The motor of the bubbler could burn up if water levels dropped too low. The unit I adopted in September added an automatic shut-off and a red warning light as the levels dropped into a danger range. This upgrade has retained that feature. The lotus style unit was round and only had one spigot style that shot out 6 streams of water. When my cats drank from it, they came away with wet whiskers, and I couldn't imagine them enjoying being wet. The particulate matter could fall into the tank if it escaped the filter. I cleaned it and replaced the water, but sometimes I would see cat hair or small insects floating. This time, the changes seek to address the problem. They made the filter fill a smaller footprint with a sloped plastic lip in order to direct particulates into the filter. This is an improvement. The small sponge filter is in front of the motor and has been added inside the tank. The pump pulls water in, but some things get caught in the sponge. This is an improvement. The tank is slightly larger than my last one. The water level is close to the maximum line, but it takes slightly more than the other units to fill the bubbler. The noise bubblers can make has been taken note of by them. The units became audible when the level dropped. The unit was still silent even though the level had dropped below half. The older daisy model and a new one that only produces 2 jets are the new tips for the bubbler. Cats can drink from the pan between the jets. The base line price of the units has been dropped. Even better. The replacement filters I used on the lotus style bubbler cannot be used on this one, and the square filters come in a pack of 4 with 2 additional sponge filters for roughly the price I paid for 6 round filters suitable for the older versions. I don't know how long the sponges last, but I'm pretty sure they will be enough for at least 6 months of use. I am very pleased with this unit. The company reads the reviews, thinks about how to improve the product, and changes the design accordingly. That's a refreshing change for consumers. We had no issues with the unit until this weekend. The blue light seemed dimmer than usual, and when I took the unit to the kitchen for its regular cleaning, the pump didn't work. We disassembled the bubbler, cleaned it, and cleaned the pump. The light is dim and we fear the motor is going to poop out. I ordered a new pump. It will solve our problem with luck.

2. Huimpet Indicator Quadruple Filtration Dispenser

Huimpet Indicator Quadruple Filtration Dispenser

The latest pump that runs super quietly is included in the Huimpet cat water fountain. The smart pump will last more than two years. When there is a water shortage, it will power off. The circulation system of the cat fountain provides maximum oxygenation for the water. Pets like drinking water and the bubbling fountain makes them want to drink it. The design of the 7 makes it impossible for pets to wet their beards when they drink water. They can protect their spine. The Huimpet pet water fountain comes with 2 replaceable filters and a pre-filter sponge. The former can remove odors and bad tastes. The hair and debris will be caught by the pre-filter sponge. Large Capacity and Emergency Water Storage is great for small and medium pets. Even if the power goes out, the top tray can hold some water. The Huimpet cat water bowl fountain is easy to set up and operate. The dog drinking fountain can be assembled or disassembled in 15 seconds.

Brand: Huimpet

👤I have gone through a lot of different types of water bowls for my cat, this one is the easiest to clean and the only one I have to worry about is the filter. I don't have a loud home. I can't hear this thing at all. The small animal watering system is $30.

👤This lasted for a week. When I fill it up it works, but at some point after it overflows and I meet a pool of water all over my floors, it stops working. I clean water right after. I thought it was my cats because they dip their paws in the water before drinking, but then I realized they can't empty this entire container by just doing that. I began to observe it. I really liked this but I am disappointed.

👤When I put this together, my cats were excited as well. I thought this would be great for them. It comes with an extra filter, but you wake up to find a huge puddle of water on the floor. It has been a few days since you bought the fountain. Maybe it is the cats? Sometimes they are messy. They paw at the water. The water keeps getting everywhere because I realized the fountain overflows. I took out the filter to see if there was any food stuck in it. It has been a few days so I wouldn't expect a filter issue, but I decided to change it anyway. The issue is resolved when I change it. When I just installed the fountain less than a week prior, I was not happy. The filters don't last very long. I don't think it's worth it to have to buy new filters every week. I was processing a return. If you buy this, you will need to change the filter every few days to avoid a mess. I don't think it's worth it. There are other ways to tell if a filter is dirty and if it lasts longer than a few days.

👤My cat and dog were given this. It does not make a lot of noise. The bad part is that the water in the fountain overflows when my dog drinks from it, because the filter won't let the water trickle through from the top fast enough. It leaves a big mess on the floor and I am afraid that we will start a fire or kill one of the animals because there is water all over the floor while the fountain is still plugged in. I have to stop everything, rinse out the filter and tray, mop up the mess, and dry everything off multiple times a day just for it to do it again after a little while. I would look for a different fountain. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

👤It's really quiet. I put it down and the chonk took to it. I have not had to deal with customer service. The house looks good. The man says four claws up.

3. PetSafe Drinkwell Stainless Fountain Drinking

PetSafe Drinkwell Stainless Fountain Drinking

Encourage pets to drink, because they are naturally attracted to running water, and this 128 oz fountain can help prevent urinary and kidney diseases through increased hydration. The bowl is designed for cats and dogs of all sizes, and it has a large drinking dish for multiple pets. The wide free-falling stream aerates your furry friend's water for freshness while constantly circulating to help preventbacteria growth. Quiet operation, the pump is submerged for quiet operation, and the receiving ramp reduces the sound and splash of falling water. The pump is easy to disassemble and the parts are made of plastic. The 1 gallon fountain has a carbon filter that will remove bad tastes and odors for your cat and dog.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I have owned this fountain for a year. Our cats liked it, like other positive reviews have noted. It might need a quick weekly rinse with the filters bought. It was assumed that the bowl would be easy to clean. Wrong on both counts. Behind the plastic grate is the filter. Water is free to flow around the filter since there is no seal. This is similar to dropping a filter in a bowl of water and calling it "filtered water." At best, optimistic. The hair and saliva are collected and dispersed through the entire flow of water. The black plastic spout has three pieces that snap together. If you don't have an old toothbrush, some powerful cleaner, or a spare hour or so, you won't be able to clean out all the channels, grooves, and tabs. They aren't wrong when they say that the bowl is easy to clean, but they aren't clear about the other parts, which are plastic and react poorly with hard water. The gunk on the pump made it hard to use. It required cleaning because of debris getting stuck in the impeller, which was solved by whacking against the side of the sink. The time between required cleanings has shrunk as the fountain is impossible to clean without a heavy duty Disinfectant and a thorough cleaning of the slide, upper spout, lower. I gave up on the battle when it wasn't worth it anymore. It was an insult to injury to break one of the tabs that secured the large black plastic assembly to the bowl, which meant lining up the pump with the spout became difficult. The slide became loose when the black plastic tab securing it to partially break was removed many times. The trouble was not just that. You could have a kid in the off chance. I would recommend this product for the science class project where they need to demonstrate the growth ofbacteria in a favorable environment. I would not do that in other cases. I think pet fountains are great, but you should look for a fountain that has a filter that works well and has as few plastic parts as possible. This one needs to be changed.

👤If you want to clean, use a toothpick to get the hair/slime bundles from the slit. Use a compressed air can to spray out any left over. Get in there. I was surprised by the amount of grossness in that area. It makes a huge difference once it's out. One of my cats stopped using the fountain after it started to run a bit louder. I was considering replacing the pump because I thought it was getting weaker. I had to figure out how to clean the slit more intensely. It's running well and is silent again. I love this fountain. My cats drink more and the water is not stagnant. The filters can be found at petsmart and petco. It's easy to clean if you take it all apart. Anything will get slimy. There are stains on the bowl. They're not rust but a pin sized discoloration. This has not gotten any other damage. If you have more than one cat, I would recommend this to you if you don't drink enough water.

4. Stainless Oneisall Ultra Quiet Dishwasher 2L

Stainless Oneisall Ultra Quiet Dishwasher 2L

The Wonder Creature pet fountain is set up in a few minutes. It's easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance. It's dishwasher safe. The cat water fountain is made of 304stainless steel, which is more resistant to orrosion. It is easy to clean the dishwasher. The water flow helps attract pets to drink. It takes only 1 minute to install or disassemble the drinking fountain, and it helps prevent urinary and kidney diseases in pets through increased hydration. The 1.5W pump is super quiet when running, and only the sound of water flow can be heard, even if it runs at night, it will not affect your sleep. The open bowl design makes it easier to see the water level in time to add water. If the metal fountain for cats purchased from oneisall can not work within 101 days, please contact them to get a free replacement.

Brand: Oneisall

👤We have tried many water fountains and this one is the best. Cats love drinking from it and it is easy to clean.

👤The water bowl is more useful than a plain water bowl because Kitty likes it.

👤It was very thin. My cats love it, but it is difficult to position the motor to spout. Cleaning the motor to spout is hard but it takes a little rearranging it to get it lined up. It is as quiet as they say. When the water gets low, it gets louder so you know it's time to put water in it.

👤It's cleaner than standing water. The filters are easy to clean. I sell about 40 ounces of water every other day for my cats. It is quiet. Completely satisfied.

👤My puppy loves these and chews like crazy. The set is well made. The price is reasonable for the pieces. Don't hesitate.

👤The puppy loves these from the first time he sees them. Great for small dogs. This was selected based on reviews. Thank you anazon and welcome to my life!

👤I wasn't sure if my dogs and my cat would use it, they were unsure at first, but they were able to drink from it. It is easy to take apart and clean when I clean mine once a week. The plastic fountains are covered in the steel.

👤Me gusto y al usuario.

5. OWNPETS 0 6Gallon Dispenser Automatic Replacement

OWNPETS 0 6Gallon Dispenser Automatic Replacement

Ownpets is a pet drinking fountain that is great for small to medium dogs and cats. A free-falling stream of water makes pets drink more. Pets can get fresh and delicious water with their pet drinking fountain with replaceable filter. You can't hear the sound of water with the super quiet pump. It won't make your pets frightened or upset. The top fountain, streams and bowl are the different drinking options for cats and dogs. The lower drinking area is designed for small pets and the upper falling water area is for larger animals. The pet fountain is easy to clean and install, it is made of food grade materials.

Brand: Ownpets

👤Been using for about 4 weeks. Both cats drink from it. It is easy to clean. The motor opens up for cleaning. I have had it for a while now, and my cats like it. They drink from the streams and the pool of water at the top. It is easy to clean and reassemble. Very happy. There was an update on 1/27/2020. I have received 3 requests to rate this fountain. The previous problem with getting correct size filters was solved when I had it for several months. I wash and clean the filters. I replace the filter when it is cleaned. This works best for us with 2 cats using it.

👤I'm afraid I'm going to have to knock a couple of stars off my original review. The design of the fountain is still very pleasing to the eye. The company that makes the fountain makes it almost impossible to get replacement filters, so I would not be happy with it. The filters are too big to fit in the fountain. I was only able to find them on the Canadian Amazon, but I couldn't order them here in the United States. The manufacturer says to email them and they'll reply with a week or so's worth of filters. They will sell out quickly if you don't order them immediately. I don't know why they play this game, rather than just making the filters available for ordering. I'm ordering a new pet fountain from a different manufacturer. I don't want to have to replace my pet fountain every year because the filters are impossible to find. I've tried other types of pet fountains, but this one is the best. It's easy to put together, it's an affordable option, and it's easy to tell when the water is low because your pets have a choice of drinking from the basin or the flowing water. One of the fountains had a problem with the water pump being weakened after 6 months. There was no basin to drink from since the fountain wasn't open. The little flower on top of the fountain had a trickle of water in it, but it was not very practical. The fountain was useless because our cats couldn't drink from it. Even if the water flow decreases, the design of this one will allow the water to circulate. They can drink from the basin because it has an open design. The way that it cascades down from the upper basin should allow them to drink from the water if they prefer that. I'm happy that the whole fountain won't be rendered unuseable if the motor in the pump weakens. It was difficult to determine if the previous fountain was running low on water. It was almost impossible to see the water level in the front window, even though it was supposed to be there. It's possible that there is another model with anLED light that is more expensive, but it also makes it easier to read the water level, and it's possible that theLED didn't work upon putting the fountain together. You can see the water level with the open design of this one. Adding water to it is as easy as filling a cup and pouring it into the basin. This fountain has the best design we have seen so far, and is very reasonable.

6. PETLIBRO Replacement Stainless Adjustable Dispenser

PETLIBRO Replacement Stainless Adjustable Dispenser

The 67oz/2L Pet Lido is compatible with the model of the water fountain. Package contains a set of 4 filters and 4 sponges that are easy to replace. Your pet is healthy. A cotton layer, activated carbon, and ion exchange resin make up the improved filter. It can remove hair, heavy metals, and improve the taste of the water so that pets can drink clean and fresh water all day, which helps to increase water consumption and reduce the risk of urinary tract infections. If you want to prevent the carbon dust from entering the water, you should soak the filter in water for 15 minutes and rinse it under running water. The number of pets using the fountain and the amount of drinking your pet does should dictate when to change the filter.

Brand: Petlibro

👤More! Can't say enough about that. I was hoping to find a bigger pack. I don't have to spend 17 dollars every two months.

👤I thought the first set was a bit steep. The kit comes with a black ring filter that fits around the pump to keep hair out, and a carbon filter that is activated when the water goes into the main bowl. The filters are easy to clean. The activated carbon filters don't seem to work as well. The filters fit into a cup under the lid that holds the water from the fountain part back into the main water bowl. The water in the bowl just kind of flows over the top of the filters. I drink regular tap water and have a cat. The activated carbon filter gets slimy in the cup after a day or two, even if he's getting tap water. I have one cat, so I would recommend using the black pump filters and cleaning the entire bowl and filters once or twice a week. I keep the water near the "max" level by pouring a little water in every day. The water is changed every few days. I clean the whole bowl. I don't think the activated carbon filters do much. The price has gone up to $17.99. If you change out the water and clean the bowl every few days, you can skip the carbon filter and still have clean water. This might help a little, but it's probably better than nothing. If you're using decent tap water, the bowl works great without the carbon filters. I'm probably going to leave these out of our home. The moral to this review is to keep the cat water bowl clean and to give him fresh water every day. My cat loves this fountain bowl, but it's not a substitute for giving her fresh water and cleaning it regularly.

👤The cats wouldn't drink out of the fountain because the water was very low.

👤This product was brought for my dog and cat. The water was good. The unit lasted 3.5 months. I can't figure out how to get the pumped to work again after it stopped working this morning. I went to the company website to see if I could find a replacement pump. No one could get it to work. I need a new water fountain. I don't recommend this product.

👤They are filters. There isn't much to say about them. They are packaged in a box board. They are expensive. It is not worth it to replace the black sponge filter at the same Frequency as the white charcoal filter. I like the fountain. I love how easy it is to clean and that it is not plastic.

👤The Petlibro water fountain has genuine replacement filters. The price is a little higher than expected, but the cost per filter doesn't seem to be that bad. Getting original filters is a plus.

👤So. The filters do what they are supposed to do. They are easy to clean. The Petlibo pump has a problem. The first one lasted about 2 months and the second about 4 days. I was disappointed. I returned the pump so I am returning these.

7. PetSafe Drinkwell Premium Replacement Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell Premium Replacement Fountain

Fresh water can be maintained with an Activated carbon water filter made from coconut shells that removes bad tastes and odors from water. Generic brands contain less carbon than PetSafe Drinkwell branded filters, which contain 50% more carbon. PetSafe brand has been a leading US manufacturer of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products since 1991.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I think these filters are malfunctioning. They need to be analyzed for a toxin in a lab. My cat has a rare case of hemolytic anemai, where the immune system destroys the cat's red blood cells. My research shows that a toxin is the cause. My other cat is not that bad. Maybe she has a stronger immune system. I stopped using these filters because they cause the water to foam 2 days after cleaning the fountain thoroughly and build up on the pump. Is it a bug or something in the filters? I had to pay my vet $600 for end of life care so I can't afford to get these analyzed. I'm very sad. I have been using fountains for 12 years and have not had any problems, so it wasn't my fault. There are other filters. I had never had a problem with these filters until this year.

👤I have had my Drinkwell Platinum fountain for over two decades and I have used a lot of filters which I thought were from the PetSafe vendor. The fountain water stayed clean because the filters were original and I had between 2 and 4 cats at the same time. The filters used to come in a foil package. The design on the filter was not something I paid attention to. I received 12 filters in a plastic covering after I ordered this pack of 12. I don't know if the pamphlet I took next to it came with the package or not, but I did take a picture of it. These filters are horrible and I don't believe they are an original equipment manufacturer. They do not last more than a week. They take a few minutes to rinse the carbon off. They don't match the design of the filters on the PetSafe site, which is 2 squares and 6 squares. They get black mold on the filter after a week. Since I finished up some old ones a couple of months ago, I have used 8 of the 12 filters. I don't understand why the water was foamy. When I cleaned out the Drinkwell weekly, there was slimy black mold on the filters. The water quality was terrible when I tried to wash it off. I had to throw them out. I am not sure if the manufacturer cheapened out on these filters and changed their design but kept the old filters online. I ordered 7 packages of 3.

👤The 12 pack of filters came in a box of individually wrapped plastic bags, but with no "Drinkwell" labeling, even though they are advertised as Drinkwell filters. I assumed this was how the filters were packaged and given to my pets. I have been using Drinkwell fountains and filters for over 15 years and have never had an issue. The fountain was getting dirtier and needed to be cleaned more thoroughly. Maybe it's just the pets drinking more, and that's the reason? The vets and I have not been able to find the cause of one of my cats' weight loss and gastrointestinal inflammation. We talked about a food allergy, but I also thought about the filters, and when I noticed changes in my cat, I introduced the 12 pack of filters. I went to a standard water bowl after removing the fountain. I'm still following the vet protocol with a change in diet and administering medication, but am curious to see if there will be any improvement and will update my review accordingly. I don't recommend these filters at the moment because they emit a large amount of charcoal, even after thorough rinsing, and they build up very quickly after a filter change. I would go with the standard foil sealed Drinkwell package if it was clear that it was an aftermarket product. Thank you. My cat passed away after the vets suspected it could have been cancer, but no definitive tests were done. He had a different cancer than the one that caused him to become septic, but no tumors were found and his abdominal fluid did not show cancer. The specialty vet did not have the ability to test the filters. I have never used a fountain again. I don't have to worry about suspect filters anymore because I clean and refresh my water bowels daily.

8. Fountain Automatic Dispenser Waterer Replacement

Fountain Automatic Dispenser Waterer Replacement

The indoor water fountains are great for pets since they will be well hydrated by the automatic waterer, and you won't be woken up by a thirsty cat in the middle of the night. The portable battery can be used during a family trip. The basin has graduations on it so that it can easily check the remaining water and cat's daily water intake. Small to medium-sized cats, dogs, birds, and other pets can benefit from the Large Capacity Cat Fountains. Multiple pets can use the big bucket of dog water fountain. When you are on a business trip or travel, there is no need to worry about your furry friends' drinking problem. The cat bowl has a transparent baffle. A transparent water level window is used in the design of the pet water fountain. Through the window gap, you can see the water level. Adding water and cleaning is convenient. Changing the water and cleaning the cat water dispensers can keep your pet healthy. The water level should not be lower than the MIN mark. The cat drinking fountain has an ultra silent pump, which makes barely noise, is a great choice for a light sleeper. The pump of the cat waterer has a light. Your pet can drink water in the dark. The blue light can show the water level. There will be a noise when the water is too low. Please add more water. The cat water fountain has a premium carbon filter and is free of the harmful chemical BPA. It has clean water for pets. The PP cotton pad can remove hair, and the ion exchange and activated carbon can remove chlorine and heavy metals. The sponge around the pump could be used to improve the filters. Their cat water fountain has a faucet mode. The free-falling stream can increase the fun of pets. There are two different ways to drink water. Pets could drink from the tap or the storage water bowl. The flow stream is more attractive to your pets.

Brand: Fordenzo

👤The pet fountain is nice. It's very easy to assemble. I've uploaded some pictures of what the assembly process looks like. The company includes the AC plug and not just theusb cord. The only downside I have with it is that I can't plug in the fountain. I live in an older house with few outlets. There's nothing wrong with the product. I have to rearrange my feeding trays because I need more outlets. I don't hear the pump. It is very quiet. I forget that it's plugged in. The blue light is relaxing. It helps light up the feeding area in the night if my dog needs some water. It's easy to refill. I don't know how long the pump will last. It has been running nonstop for five days. They sell replacement pumps on the Amazon product page. The instructions say to clean the pump/basin with soap and water. Our water here is very hard and I may have to clean mine sooner. According to the instruction manual, the filter should last for up to four weeks. I may have to do that more often because of the water quality. I can't complain about the quality of the electric pet fountain.

👤If I want to go on a short trip for a few days, this fountain keeps my mind at ease because it has a huge capacity for water. The filter only took my cats a few days to get used to. They are well hydrated and wash off at the fountain. It is easy to assemble, remember to keep the sponge around the pump in a way that it does not accumulate cat hair and cause damage.

👤There were upside down jug water dispensers. I had to clean it after my 6 months old kitty tipped it over and made a mess. It was suggested to me that I try a fountain with a water base so it wouldn't tip over. This was the second time we tried to find this fountain. My cat was scared of the first one because it was too laud. He could still move it because it was too small. There is a This one is perfect. It's too heavy for my cat to tip over, it holds 3.2 liters of water. It's also very quiet. The water fountain and tray were secured with the help of the jelly pads I used to stick phones to the dashboard. My cat tried to move it, but it was not successful. Since I switched, there have been no spills. Kitty likes drinking from it.

👤I set mine up yesterday and I love it. I don't drink out of it. It's easy to set up, it's quiet, and the cats are drinking out of it. I have about 5 water fountains for my cats, and this one is one of the best ones so far. There's another one that I love. It's frustrating that there are fountains that work great at first, but within a few months the pump stops working and I have to clean them out a few times a month. I'll order another one if this one lasts for a while but it's priced right. It's a good thing.

9. Loomla Large Capacity Drinking Fountain

Loomla Large Capacity Drinking Fountain

Their pet fountain has a large capacity water tray that will last you all day long, so you'll always have enough fresh and cool drinking water for your pet. You won't have to refill the water for your pets. The animal water dispensers can hold a lot of water and the water tray is wide enough for a large pet to easily drink from. Your pet will be hydrated during its time with you. Pets will be entertained by running water and drinking from the fountain. The pet water fountain is very quiet for daily use. With a dog and cat water dispensers, you can keep your pets hydrated and healthy. Keeping up with their needs has never been easier with this quiet motor. Give your pets fresh drinking water with this easy and quiet device. The design is transparent. The dog water fountain has a textured transparent design. This will allow you to easily observe the level of your pet's drinking water so that it never runs out. You can save time by filling up their standard bowls with fresh liquid all the time. Your pets will get fresh water whenever they need it, without any hassle on your part. The water fountain for dogs and cats has an indicator light that will show you the water level in the tank. It's a good way to see your pet's hydration needs. If they have enough water, no more guessing. The light can be turned on or off with the help of a switch on the wire. You will be able to provide your pets with the water they need with the feature of the pet fountain. It's easy to clean water bowls. The automatic pet fountain is easy to clean. You can take care of your pets in a better way than cleaning their water bowls. It takes a few minutes to disassemble the animal water dispensers. It is possible to clean your pump every week or two to make sure the water for your pets is safe. All Life Stages is an age range description.

Brand: Loomla

👤I bought this for my boxer because he's a very sloppy drinker. This item has reduced his sloppiness by 95 percent. There is no more water on the floor. The manufacturer says that it will help to keep the water fresh. I have to clean this every three days. It's worse than the bowl I replaced with. After a couple of days, the filters smell like an aquarium filter. I'm going to try it without a filter to see if it helps. It's pretty bad when you can smell the stagnant water after a couple of days in the room. Reducing the spillage of water is great. I would have a regular water bowl if I had to clean this more.

👤The fountain was assembled quickly. There is a small black accessory that needs to be placed in the pump in order for the fountain to work. When we pulled the contents out of the plastic, we missed this small piece. The instructions did not state that it was a separate part. As part of the pump, it was drawn in. We knew something wasn't right after the water wouldn't flow to the top. It's funny. It has two barriers for the pump. The sponge is black. An extra layer of protection is nice. The blue light is relaxing. The size, shape, and amount of water it holds is impressive. It's good for multiple cats. The Catit fountains had a serious problem with tipping and this makes it more stable. Some cats play too hard. It's funny. This is a simple design for a pet fountain. Extra features that are currently on the market would be great. When the water is low, or if the pump goes dry, there are features that change the light color. This won't be an issue if you just keep it topped up. I would buy this fountain again. The last Catit is likely to be replaced.

👤This thing is great. I read through a lot of the bad reviews and came back to give it 5 stars, but I was shocked to find that it wasn't rated higher. After trying several of these over the past few months, I'm pretty positive that this is the first dog drinking fountain they've owned. This guy takes first place by a huge margin over 3 others that I've tried. Some of the fountains seem to be going for a real fountain-like display, and in doing so, you end up with tiny streams of water that don't quench your thirst and have a tendency to be noisy. This has a central overflow waterfall design which circulates the water more quickly than others I've tried and makes it nearly dead silent. The water level gets a bit noisier when it's nearly empty. When a water pump doesn't have water, it gets noisy. That's why they call it a water fountain. The noise reminds me that the dogs need water. If you fill it past that mark, there will be no more noise. The basin of water available to your pet at any given time tends to be relatively small, even with higher capacity models. My lab mix could clear out the last one in about 10 seconds. Leaving him to rely on a small stream of water from the plastic tree tops. We all know that when our pets are in disagreement, they give a look. I found him standing and giving the same look to our last two fountains on more than one occasion. This one has a basin that circulates the water well. The volume of water being circulating with this design is probably twice what I've had before. Solid design for sure. This guy has capacity capacity. If I let it go all the way to empty, a good fill will last anywhere from a couple of days to 3-4 if I let it go. If I can avoid it, I've started keeping a pitcher handy and topping it off when I feed them. If it happens, I'll squeeze a bit more life out. We will see. It is refilling. The design makes it easy to see the water level and large basin and high water flow make it easy to just pour from a pitcher. We've tried almost all of the others that required you to pour just a little at a time and wait for it to trickle down or make it into the filters. Someone changed their rating because there wasn't a fill line. It's a bowl. You should be fine if you don't fill it past the bowl end. This approach allowed me to be stress free without even thinking about how to complete the task. Click the button on the power cord if there is a light on. I didn't notice the button until weeks after I started using the fountain. It's easier to see the water level. It's true! Cleanliness is not understanding some of the comments. The water bowl has a protective layer of food and hair on top to keep the water from being stagnant. When our little guy had to drink after his big brother, he would show his disgust as he was a bit less sanitary. This was the beginning of the path we are on now and is a success with the fountain. If your expectation is that this will make the water taste better and make all the junk in your dog's teeth disappear into thin air, you may want to consider purchasing a Britta pitcher instead. If you have a messy mouth dog, this is not going to help you because the circulation does a lot to keep it a bit cleaner. The thing is sturdy and fits together nicely, it doesn't make a lot of noise, it holds plenty of water for our two dogs, and it serves the purpose of providing some water that isn't completely pure. The price is half of other high capacity models. Not bad. I didn't get paid for this review, I just came back to give a rating after filling the fountain this morning, and I couldn't let the pettiness of a few detur others away from what I've find to be a great product. Hopefully this review will help those fountain shopping for the first time get a feel for some things. You will thank me later if you just buy this one.

10. PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain Drinking

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain Drinking

The 168 ounce water capacity is great for pets of all sizes. Drinking calories: Pets are encouraged to drink more water from the flowing stream. A replaceable carbon water filter keeps the water fresh. The built-in refill is more powerful and can extend the time between refilling your fountain. There is an adjusted stream. The water flow for your pet can be adjusted. It's easy to clean. The Fountain is dishwasher safe. Their pet product experts can help. Since 1991, the PetSafe brand has been an industry leading U.S. manufacturer of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I use this for three cats, and they seem to like it. It hasn't created a mess in my house, and with regular cleaning and refilling could be set and forget for a few days. The engineers who put this together don't have pets. After a few days, I start to see some dirt on the bottom of the fountain. If I don't dump the water and scrub the whole thing out, the sludgly blob that gets in every crevice will progress to a whitish orangish blob. Remember when I mentioned the engineers? This fountain is hard to clean. You will need several types of brushes to clean this. The bowl looks great, but the water splashes on it. There is a small space behind and beside it. You will have to clean this. The water tower has a filter. It has a tube that is about 1/2 inch in diameter. You need a thin brush. You need to clean it. Look at where the filter is. Those slots that hold it? You need to clean them. You have to use a scotchbrite pad on the end of a butterknife to get gunk out of a brush. The waterfall circulation is the reason you want this fountain. I too. Pets love it. You will see the sludge that builds up inside the pump. You can try to clean it out with bleach water outside the fountain. The sludge smiles at you, because it's going to work. The pump comes apart, that's the secret here. Yes, it's true. I am pretty sure that this works and allows you inside the very center of the sludgys lair. Look at the pump. Do you see the hole it pumps water from? There is a seam all the way around the pump. Pull out the tube that controls the water flow. It will pop off, but it will require more force than you are used to. You are good to go once you slay the beast inside the pump. Who designed this that has tiny doll-like hands that can reach in those crevices? I think of some of the design decisions that were made here.

👤The fountain we bought in November of 2011. Some reviewers have had trouble, but we still have no trouble. The fountain and pump are the key to this success. We disassemble the entire fountain every week. The components are cleaned with a mild liquid dish soap and warm water. The full dis-assembly is what's important here. The fountain is shown in the photos section. The piece that came off the front of the pump is visible. This allows us to clean the fountain. This is very easy. The pump should be unplugged before the cleaning. Put a cup of warm water in a cup of powder dish detergent after removing the front. We plug the pump in while submerged. The water and detergent are brought to the spinning mechanism. The debris is in the water. That is the gunk that builds up. This may be the reason for pump failure. If the spinning mechanism of your pump is not spinning, you can try and fix it by soaking the pump in the water and detergent for a couple of hours. If the front cover doesn't close all the way, don't force it. The flow control valve needs to be lined up. Try again if you turn your flow control slightly. Continue to make slight turns and try again. This weekly cleaning is worth the effort because it does not take us much time and is worth it. The fountain has not required any maintenance. We change the filters as needed. We fill the base with water after cleaning. It is enough water to last a week. You may use more water with dogs or more cats if you use the fountain daily. I hope this review will help you.

11. NPET Fountain Automatic Dispenser Quadruple Action

NPET Fountain Automatic Dispenser Quadruple Action

The water capacity is great for multiple pet households. No need to replenish water frequently and it can meet the drinking needs of cats, dogs, birds and other pets of various sizes, but also could store water for a week so you could go out for a few days without worrying about your pets. Waterfall Mode: Wide waterfall, increase water oxygen content. Let your pet return to nature in fountain mode. Pets will drink more water if they are attracted to the leaf shape mode. Each mode has its own needs for various pets. It is easy to know when to clean and change water, so that your pet can always drink clean and healthy water, and the water tank is easy to clean. 50% less noise can be found in ultra quiet and low consumption pump models. The automatic water bowl is made of PS material and can be used safely and securely. Simple quick-release structure is easy to remove. Filtered WaterNPET pet water dispensers have a high-density and high-content activated carbon filter, which can effectively maintain water quality, increase oxygen content, and protect the health of pets.

Brand: Npet

👤I have used water fountains for my cats for at least 15 years. I thought I would try something different because they sell my old faithful style anymore. It is very stylish, has a large surface area for two cats to drink, and is very easy to assemble and clean. The main thing I liked about it was that it didn't have a night light and the water poured directly over it. The water would run under the filter if it was in the fountain. The large surface area for drinking allowed the water to evaporate very quickly. The water clouded within three days and the sponge type filter had a pinkish film coating on top, it did not do a good job of keeping the water clean. The filter/fountain is for hard water deposits. I shouldn't have to change the filters three times a week. I am sorry I had to return the fountain.

👤A dog likes fresh water. She won't drink it until I change it. Since I am not home all day, she needs to drink water. It's very easy to put together. There are two different water flows. Either a cascade or flower detail. I like the flower. The instructions are easy to understand. There is an extra filter. I like the filter. She will fall back to avoid it in the water if she drops food crumbs. There is a plug. All clear. It looks sleek. It works well. There is a measurement on the sides. Since I have a mastiff, I'm going to have to give it as a gift. My boss's dog is a small dog and it works better for them. They love it! I am getting her a bigger one because I love the concept. Cats or small dogs are great. It is very easy to clean.

👤The reason I bought this fountain is because the pump on my Catit Flower Fountain broke and Catit wanted $16 from me to replace it. I spent an extra $10 on a brand new fountain after I said no. The first thing I want to say is that it was handed to me directly from the delivery person. No packaging what so ever. It was a box, no tape, and a shipping label. This made me skeptical about the whole thing. I opened the box and unwrapped it. The pieces were in good condition. It came with a cleaning kit. Two brushes, one big and one small. No one talks about this. That was a nice surprise. The flower top was scratched and blurry, like someone had sanded it. Everything seemed fine except for that. The pump is threaded through the hole. There was no extra piece to cover the top of the wire before placing the top attachment of the fountain. It was fixed by having part of the top. Very smart. It took me 35 minutes to open the door. The pump. Oh my gwad. Good luck to anyone who doesn't have nails. I bought this one because it looked easy to clean the pump in the cleaning video. The lady pulled out the insides and scrubbed them. No, welp. It wasn't. I had to claw and dig my way in, until I took a thin piece of cardboard and slid it in between the top and the bottom. I broke 3 nails trying to get this thing off. Jezz. I dunked the filter in the water for 10 minutes after I cleaned it. I put a full water bottle on top because it floats. I put the fountain together after 10 minutes. The pump has to be pushed to get it to work. It doesn't touch the bottom of the tank. It floats a bit. I wish they would put a bigger pump in. It will pump just a tiny bit more powerful if you put a 300 L/Husb in it. Give it a taller spout, you have the room at the bottom. It might be a precautionary measure so the pump doesn't get stuck. The Catit pumps need to be raised because they get clogged so easily. The top snaps on, I love it! There is no way to spill the fountain while you are walking. The bottom portion of the water is very safe. When I get to the mat the water has spilled everywhere, unlike Catit where the top slips and slides. There is a No water until you plug it in. The waterfall attachment was super quiet. I tried the flower. It sounded like a babbling brook or a rock fountain. It was very noticeable. You can barely hear the TV when I have the AC running. I can't tell if the cats are drinking from it or not. I popped the top off of the flower attachment to let water out because one of my cats likes drinking water from the top of the flower. I will let you know how easy it is to clean after the first month when I have to pull it apart. All in its very large. The water is clear and fast.


What is the best product for dog water fountain for large dogs?

Dog water fountain for large dogs products from Wonder Creature. In this article about dog water fountain for large dogs you can see why people choose the product. Huimpet and Petsafe are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog water fountain for large dogs.

What are the best brands for dog water fountain for large dogs?

Wonder Creature, Huimpet and Petsafe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog water fountain for large dogs. Find the detail in this article. Oneisall, Ownpets and Petlibro are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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