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1. Comsmart Fountain Stainless Automatic Dispenser

Comsmart Fountain Stainless Automatic Dispenser

Make sure to clean the pump every two weeks for the health of your pets. The latest pump is designed with a motor technology that is ultra quiet with only 1.5 watt low power consumption. Making your pet dream. The upgrade cat water fountain has a blue light that can show the water level at a glance. It helps to replenish the water in a timely manner. The blue light makes your home glow. The pet water fountain is made from food-grade material, which is safer and more durable than plastic cat fountain. The water is fresh and meets human health standards. The flower cover or petals can be turned to achieve 3 different flow modes: flower waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain. The free-falling stream is more attractive to your pets. It has a water capacity of over two liters, which is enough to satisfy the drinking water of pets throughout the day. The cylindrical water dispensers occupies less space than the cubic dispensers.

Brand: Comsmart

👤I'm returning this because it's a dangerous product and I switched to a 1 star. When I got this product, I immediately washed all parts and followed the instructions on putting the filter in. They liked drinking out of it. The cats started having problems after we gave them the water bowl. I stopped using the water fountain and switched to a normal bowl when I realized how bad it was. I spent $600 on tests for my cats at the vet to make sure they were healthy, but if it was a heavy metal poisoning, it wouldn't come up on a report. Their symptoms are starting to decrease after they switched back to just a bowl. If they have long term damage, I'm going to file a lawsuit. Don't buy this cheap imitation, go to a store like Petsmart, or skip the filter.

👤Cats like fresh water. There is a night light, a pump, and a filter. We only need to add water once a week and it looks fresh and clean, unlike our former drinking bowls. I am cleaning the unit for the first time today. It comes with two cleaning brushes and several filters, which you can reuse. If you wait too long, the fountain unit will get clogged and you will not be able to clean it. The water would get dirty after a while because it did not have filters. We will clean and refresh the fountain if we care about our pets. I think this fountain is worth it because it is better than before.

👤It worked well while it lasted. It only lasted about 2 months before it stopped pumping water. It only lights up now. The pump was taken apart to fix it. After taking it apart and putting it back together, I didn't see anything. I think it's very sensitive to debris. If the light comes on and the pump stops working, just pull the pump apart and rinse it out, and it will probably work again like mine did.

👤I love this fountain. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and they all use it. It is silent, has a great light, and comes with a mat. It is perfect for the price. I ordered one for my cousin.

👤I loved the fountain for a couple of days, then it started leaking and I had to refill it. I contacted the seller and they told me it would take too long to send another one, I'm not sure how to respond, I paid for one, why wouldn't they replace it? I'm not very satisfied with the product, but I'm not offered a way to replace it, so I'm stuck with it.

👤I would recommend this product to anyone with a pet. If you have a cat that has problems with the urinary Tract, this is a must-have item. My cat was not able to urinate or defecate for a week because of a diet change. I got this fountain because of that. My cat was back to normal within a week after taking the fountain. My cat thanked me for the fountain. My kids didn't check his water bowl often, so it was not uncommon for me to find it empty at the end of the day. If you don't let the water level go down to pump level, this fountain will take care of that worry. It's easy to follow the instructions in the pamphlet. You must be religious about cleaning the water pump. The pump needs to be cleaned if the fountain gets really loud after changing the filter. Since I have a long-haired cat, I have to clean the pump at least once a week. The pump is easy to maintain. The pump is easy to disassemble. Before scrubbing and rinsing, soak parts in warm soapy water. I recommend drying the parts with a paper towel. The metal plate needs to be cleaned weekly. A happy pet saves money in the long run. It's recommended that the filter be changed every two to four weeks. I find that varies based on a number of things, including the number of pets, long or short hair, and how often they are used. You can hold the filter under the water if you don't have time to soak it. You can extend the life of the filter by removing hair or lint every few days. I advise changing the water if you see black gunk on the base. As long as you keep it well-maintained, it will run quietly. I put a schedule on my phone. The cord is connected to the pump. It can be difficult to thread the cord up the side of the base while connected to the pump. It can get in the way while you are cleaning the pump. I would love to see a wireless pump that could easily be disconnected from the cord. This product would be perfect if it had a Brita water pitcher like indicator. When the filter needs to be changed, make it change color. I hope this doesn't deter people from getting one. The advantages are worth it. Beautiful ambient blue light makes a cool night light for all. There is a The metal plate is healthier for pets and the fountain can be used with or without flowers. There is a If the water pump is well-maintained, it is silent. If the water is well-maintained, it can be applied to other animals. I've entertained the idea of trying a sip myself. My cat drinks better water than I do because I use filters in this fountain.

2. IPettie Fountain Stainless 4 Stage Filtration

IPettie Fountain Stainless 4 Stage Filtration

Each water flow design can meet the different needs of pets. This toy-like design, various forms of water flow, and bold colors can encourage your cat to drink water, which is beneficial for your pet's health. It is recommended by veterinarians that the cat water fountain be made of STAINLESS STEEL. The system provides a healthy and oxygen-enriched waterfall for pets. Money saving can be achieved by replacing round filters, sponge filters and water pump. The pump can be washed. It usually lasts 2.5 to 4 years with the Ultra Quiet Pump. The pet fountain has a light that will illuminate your room in the evening. Cats prefer running water with a flower than gently bubbling water. Adding oxygen and freshness to the water is accomplished through the aerate the water.

Brand: Ipettie

👤The fountain is great, but the instruction manual is terrible. The model number for the filters isn't provided, so it notes how often to replace the filters. I have tried to get new ones, but both have been wrong. I would like to return the fountain and get a different one.

👤I have been looking for a flower water fountain for a long time. I stopped using the Catit flower fountain because one of my cats was getting allergies to plastic and it got dirty very quickly. I have a cascading fountain that is made of steel, but I wanted a flower one because they drink more water with the flower. I grabbed the fountain when I found it. It had no reviews when I bought it. I am very happy that I did. I noticed that my cats were drinking more water. It makes no noise. I set it up for a week and just cleaned it, and it stayed clean and fresh. My cats will ignore the water fountain in the living room and go to the bedroom for drinks if I have it in my bedroom. I love this! Highly recommended!

👤There's some good and bad here, first off the plug wire runs into the basin itself, and you have to remove the pump, and some plastic pieces in order to fully clean the unit. The plastic bits that hold the cord in place are fragile and don't remove easily, making me fear they'll be easily broken. The plug itself is not necessary for something like this and feels more obtrusive than necessary. It's too easy for cats to get their paws on the plug. The filter is a plastic plate that is already discolored after just two weeks of use. I bought this because of the sanitary quality of the steel over the plastic fountain, so disappointing that it isn't all smilng. The flower spout is plastic, but I knew it from the pictures. It's worrisome that they're struggling to find a source for the replacement filters. When I first put this in, it was louder than the cat fountain I replaced and I was going to return it, but it stopped being loud and has worked quietly ever since. Weird. It is now quiet, the cats like it, and most of it is steel. My cats like to drink from the water well, which is fine, but if yours is a lapper, this could be an issue.

👤Our cat loves it, and I haven't found anything I don't like. I would like to see them develop a system that would allow me to make a lot of water available on an as needed basis. Otherwise it is perfect. We went through a lot of Drinkwell fountains. It is what I was looking for. It is easy to clean and sturdy. It is a small enough size for our space to hold a fair amount of water. There are water flow options. The picture shows the damage to my wood moldings from the last one. There are very few plastic parts here. The Drinkwell brand pet fountains only had a single option of STAINLESS STEEL, which was a huge relief to me. The fountain is simple, and it has a brush for cleaning. The fully submersible pump has a decent length that is easy to detach for cleaning. We only had this a short time and it is so quiet that I can not speak to the pump's longevity. The light is a bonus. I can see it at night without being too bright. I am very impressed with this product. I did a lot of searching before I found this fountain. It was worth the wait.

3. AONBOY Fountain Silent Drinker Activated

AONBOY Fountain Silent Drinker Activated

In case of a power outage, the back-up battery solution allows a 7-day independent power supply. The 5Vusb adapter is not included. The cat fountain is made of cotton, coconut shell, activated carbon and ion exchange resin. It can improve the taste, remove the smell, and improve the water quality. It is possible to provide your pet with fresh and clean water. The 2L cat fountain is suitable for small to medium-sized pets, without the need for frequent refilling of water. The cat fountain can provide enough water, free your steps and make you travel worry-free if you are on a business trip or traveling for less than 3 days. The built-in light and translucent design allow you to monitor the water level at any time without having to open the cat drinker. The cat fountain can be found in the dark thanks to the lighting function of the lights. Anboy water pump has 1.5W low power consumption and ultra- quiet operation. The cat water bowl won't affect the sleep of you and your pet. The water pump is more eco-friendly. The best cat companion will be this one. Each water flow design can meet the different needs of pets. This toy-like design, various forms of water flow, and bold colors can encourage your cat to drink water, which is beneficial for your pet's health.

Brand: Aonboy

👤Less than 24 hours was spent after only one day. The pump made a weird noise that sounded like something was stuck inside, but I didn't find anything. I heard a loud noise from my toilet. This is the loud ass water fountain. I'll be returning it soon.

👤My cat likes it. She has a cute little water area.

👤C'est la cinquime fontaine eau pour chat, je dois acheter en cinq ou six ans, la dernire fontaine a eau, j'ai déj. Alors, il n'était mentionné nulle part qu'il fallait obligatoirement. L'encore est obligatoire d'acheter des filtres unique. Certes la fontaine n'est pas cher. C'est purement et simplement de la publicité mensongre. Vous fortement d'acheter sur le fontaine. I encore le fois. Je considre sur hors norme et qu'ils fonts. Leurs choux gras sur le matériel secondaire obligatoire. Passez sur celle-ci.

👤Ich bin die Suche. Ihren positiven Rezensionen und die Optik gut gefallen. The Brunnen ist angenehm. Ihren pltschern ist beruhigend fr meine Katzen. Tiere benutzen ihn gerne und trinken seitdem. Ich entschieden die Blume. Ich ist optisch, so fr meine Katzen angenehmer. Wenigen Handgriffen, auseinander nehmen und komplett reinigen, ist das Brunnen. I am bentige, I am 2 minutes. Imnach ist das praktisch. Angenehme Atmosphre ist das dezente blaue leuchten. Ich bereits in solche BrunnenerFAhrung gemacht.

👤Non so perch non l'abbia acquistata. I mio gatto ha sempre bevuto l'acqua corrente dal rubinetto. Non fosse il massimo sebbene fosse potabile. Dopo l'incertezza iniziale, il mio Leo ha preso coraggioed. I primi 2 giorni. L'acqua ovviamente non stagna, con consiglio di cambiarla almeno. I led blu non invadente e non pu spegnere. L'unica pecca, sono i filtri. I filtri di ricambio costano quasi quanto la fontanella stessa. Speriamo solo. "Speriamo della duri" 1 mese dopo, ha semplicemente smesso di funzionare. 20 euro + 15 is what it is.

👤Al comprarla era un poco esceptico. Comprob su muchas. Bonita, con una luz azul, por la noche, pero nada molesta. Es un filtro de montar. No saba cmo, ami gatita la encantado, tena mis dudas xq solo tiene dos meses. iba A llegar y amigos. Se pasa bastantes. Ahora, por ponerla un pero dira. De momento calidad. De 10.

👤Ich hat den Brunnen in meinen schlaf zimmer gestellt.

4. OlarHike Stainless Dispenser Dishwasher Adjustable

OlarHike Stainless Dispenser Dishwasher Adjustable

The drinking bowl on this model of water fountain is elegant and looks great in your house or apartment. The dog fountain is made out of 304 STAINLESS STEEL and will last for many years. The water fountain is dishwasher safe. The sleek and stylish pet fountain is the perfect solution for individuals who want to keep their pets hydrated but don't like hearing a high-pitched sound at night. There is no sound to disturb a sleeping owner. The low noise pet fountain prevents pets from getting too thirsty before bed. An automatic pet water fountain that can be adjusted by the flick of a switch will give your cat a cool treat. The water dispensers for cats and dogs are so attractive to them because they like to drink running or moving water. The water flow can be controlled to make it more tempting for pets to drink. The fresh water pet fountain has an activated carbon filter and water pump. The pet water fountain has a pre-installed sponge that removes hair from the surface of the bowl while also keeping it clear inside to prevent flies and mosquitoes from breeding. A cat water fountain is perfect for the Multi-Pet Family. The cat water fountain allows you to provide your pets with fresh, constant access to healthy hydration. There's no need to refill or worry about running out because the model pets fountain has two liters of storage capacity. The automatic 2-liter pet fountains are perfect for pets, because their owners go on short trips without them.

Brand: Olarhike

👤I thought I'd leave this first review to help other people who may be considering this fountain. This is small, it claims to hold 2 liters of water, and it sounds and looks like it. Right. If you have a multi-pet household, I'd recommend looking at a larger version of the fountain, it would be worth the extra effort. I've tried at least three pet fountains so far, and this is the fourth. I had the plastic ones but found out that they were prone to holding ontobacteria so I wash my fountains every couple of days. I was worried about using plastic in other ways. I tried another model that was similar to this one but the water flow was so silent that my cat couldn't hear it. I tried a 'cupcake' style ceramic one and it was the most pleasing, but it was H-E-A-V-Y, which was a minus for me, but it may be a plus for others if they have rambunctious pets. My cat liked the ceramic fountain. I was too paranoid that I was going to chip or break it every time I washed it, so I washed it every few days. I didn't like the open trough design that used forced air for heating and a/c and that there was always debris in the bottom of the trough even though I cleaned it every other day. If there is a power outage, the open trough design may be preferred by pet owners who travel as they won't have to worry about their pet having access to water. I don't travel and if I do, I have a friend who will stay with my little one. The ceramic fountain went back. The fountain seemed to check off all the boxes that I needed. Check. Is it a type of steel? Check. Waterflow that makes some noise but not much is intrusive? Check. There is a bonus: You can adjust the force of the water flow at the spigot where the water exits via a lever. The design is lightweight and easy to put together, and disassemble, for me. The design of the pump was a departure from the standard square pumps you see in other fountains. The pump is quiet. I like the engineering of the fountain. The top tray gently slopes downward towards a slit, beneath which sits a charcoal carbon activated filter encased in what I believe is some kind of paper weaving. Probably not. The filter is easy to install. The water in the shallow trough is always clean, as it doesn't linger there for long. After passing through the first filter beneath the slit, there is a round 'foam' like filter that protects the pump from debris and hair. There is a side note. Even though the fountains have built-in filters, I strongly recommend filling them with water that is free of harmful substances for your pet. If you start with cleaner, purer water, you'll be in a better position for your pet. The pet won't use it if these design cues are used. I'm happy to report that my little girl took it very quickly, and I put it down very quickly. The hum to the motor is expected but it's barely noticeable and not bad for my cat. I keep my cat's food and water on the floor because I change them every few days. It's also more comfortable for the cat and they absorb any extra water that winds up on the floor. The placemat serves as a form of sound insulation as well, since it helps to quell any noise or vibration that comes from the hard wood floors beneath. I should have mentioned that the top piece or lid fits within the lipped rim of the lower basin so as to prevent it from accidentally coming loose. I am not experiencing any problems with the lid coming loose, but it does not lock into place. If you have rambunctious pets, you may want to go with the heavier ceramic style fountains as they will stay put and can also be used as a boat anchor. That's my two cents of advice. . I hope this helps someone. Good luck!

5. PETKIT EVERSWEET Automatic Water Shortage Filter Change

PETKIT EVERSWEET Automatic Water Shortage Filter Change

The EVER SWEET 2S Drinking Fountain is suitable for cats and small dogs. The circulation system helps give dogs and cats more oxygen in the water. The pump will shut off if it senses there is no water in the fountain bowl. Monitor your pet's water intake. The water level window in 2S will give you a better view of your pet's water use. You can add water with the help of the light. It is an efficient way to manage your pet's water use. The smart light can remind you of the working status of the water dispensers. It will remind you when you need to replace the filter. There are two modes of play available, SMART and Normal. The pet fountain is equipped with a high performance purifying filter which is composed of cotton layer, coconut shell activated carbon and ion exchange resin. The water for your cats, dogs, and small animals is provided by the filters. The pump has low energy consumption and is ultra- quiet, which will give you and your pets a good night's sleep. You can't hear anything. The machine can work normally if you follow the instructions to use a 5V adapter.

Brand: Petkit

👤This is my favorite fountain design for pets. The good is that the water basin and pump can be disconnected from the base allowing you to fill it. The basin holds two liters of water and is covered, which makes it less prone to evaporation than other designs. The primary filter has more than carbon in it. The pump inlet has a secondary filter around it. It shuts down if the pump is low. It keeps the water fresh. It is very quiet. It is not dishwasher safe because it is made out of plastic. I like to sterilize my cat's water dish and food bowl occasionally, instead of just scrubbing them. The basin, stem, and filter cover could be easily released. The smart mode is supposed to reduce flow at night. This doesn't seem to be smart to me. I wish they would have used the IR sensor to turn on the water when a pet is near. The filters are supposed to be replaced monthly. Without bright lighting, the water level gauge is hard to see. The instructions are not done well. I had to watch their videos on the internet to figure out how to put it together, take care of it, and what the modes actually do. I think the bar for pet products is really low, even though it is a great fountain. If petkit chose better materials, this product would be better. It is still the easiest to use.

👤The fountain looks very nice to me. The instructions were easy to follow. I just assembled it and took it apart, so I haven't had to clean it yet. I know it will be fine. One of my cats is a little hesitant to move water, so I like the smart mode. He has his own way of drinking water. I got the petKit elevated bowls and I love them. Well done petkit. Hopefully the fountain continues to work well.

👤The pet water fountain is very easy to use. I've had many others before it which seemed to have problems, such as: pump dying due to no water, pump clogging from debris and just overall low quality filters. The water fountain seems to have a solution for all of those issues. When the water runs low, it turns off. It's a concept that other fountains seem to have missed, and is a feature that can save your pump. A bright blue light comes on when the water is low, telling you to top off. If you're like me and don't check the fountain every day, it's easy to extend the life of your water fountain. The water fountain has two filters. okay The top grid seems to serve as one since it doesn't have two. It collects debris that stays out of your water supply and away from your pump. The filter is located away from the pump. The fountain has a pump that shoots water up to the top. The water goes through the top grid and back to the reservoir. It's forced through the large disc filter when it's going down to the reservoir. This will keep the nasty stuff out of your pump. It's easy to check the filter to see if it's time for a replacement, and I love this design. The only issues I have are that refilling the water fountain can take a while, and the cord was too short. The design means that you can't simply pour water in through the top, since it has to be processed through the filter. Unless you want to take the top assembly off the fountain, you'll need to refill it slowly. The cord is a bit shorter than 3 feet, which made it difficult for me to keep the unit in my kitchen that has high electrical outlets. This probably wouldn't be a problem for most people. I'm very happy with this unit and my cat is too.

6. PetSafe Drinkwell Multi Tier Fountain Automatic

PetSafe Drinkwell Multi Tier Fountain Automatic

100OZ CAPACITY: It's perfect for cats, dogs and multiple pet households. It's great for senior pets. The multi-tiered design of the fountain is great for senior or arthritic pets who can't bend down to drink. It's perseverance that's fascinating. Increasing hydration through flowing water helps promote good pet hygiene. A 12 pound cat needs 12 ounces of water per day, so your pet needs 1 ounce of water per pound. No sickly pets. If your home loses power, the open-bowl design of the fountain will allow your cat or dog to still have access to water. Fresh, flowing water. The foam filter catches pet hair and debris to keep your cat's water clean. There is a clean and filthy place. Good pet hygiene is promoted by the constant water circulation.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The cat tried to drink out of the sinks because I forgot to fill his bowl. I got him this. I like the option of a filter. Been using it for a month. It's not loud to me. It sounds like my fish tank is running. Let's be honest, you need silence if you need quiter, so stick with a stagnant bowl. I accidentally left some soap in it the first time I cleaned it, so don't do that again. The power plug is located at the bottom of the power cord. You think it's weird. I mention that. I didn't think about where the water dish used to be. The cat got relo'ed because it wasn't close enough to an outlet. When you clean it, you'll need a toothbrush like device to get around the top dish grooves that run around the outside, as well as around the sides where the pump goes. I mentioned it because I threw out a toothbrush a few days ago and didn't think about cleaning it. If you don't clean in this spot, you will have soap in your sink and your cat will be in it. It's pretty stupid proof for assembly. The motor only fits one way. The top only fits one way. The cover that protects the water is easy to remove and replace. Except for two things, 1) Replacement filters. Who doesn't pay attention to the black or white side of the old filter? The guy is this guy. If you get the black side of the filter facing the black motor, you should put a Sharpie on the back of the bowl. There. The instructions for putting the new filter in are printed in the manual and can be found online. You can use the marker to find out which way the replacement filters go into the machine. Depending on which you identify with, you're welcome future or past self. This is a good purchase so far. I refill it once a week to make sure the water level doesn't drop. It depends on your pet's climate. I can fill the bottom bowl near the top because my cats are not spaz. I can't speak for you. They could be a spaz. You have a lot of wacky pictures. I have a reminder on my phone to fill up the water. You have it. Cats are happy in the sink. There's enough water for a weekend in Vegas. Replacement filters are cheap. A quick clean once a month. You're going to have more fun and productive things in life. We're here because the cat stays alive, right?

👤I can't recommend this product enough. The previous Drinkwell Platinum pet fountain was difficult to clean and had a lot of plastic crevices in the interior design that were breeding grounds for disgusting germs. It took 2 hours to scrub out those nasty crevices. The fountain is dishwasher safe and can easily be separated into 2 plastic compartments. It makes cleaning very easy. The process of refilling it is much simpler than the Platinum version, and you just pour water directly into it. It is very cheap compared to the Platinum version. I think this product is better than PetSafe Drinkwell's more expensive, difficult to clean, and less sanitary verion. I would have liked to have bought this fountain first.

7. Fountain Stainless Intelligent Dispenser Cleaning

Fountain Stainless Intelligent Dispenser Cleaning

The top is dishwasher safe. The package includes 3 carbon filters, 1 foam filter, 2 cleaning brushes and a mat. Food grade material and a cat fountain are safe for your pets. The pump is quiet. The pump lasts 3-4 years. The water level is visible through the window. Dry running protection can be achieved with an auto power-off pump. The circulating system uses a replaceable round filter to purify the water, remove hair, dirt and food particles, and catch the hair and debris. 3 flow designs encourage drinking by aerating the water for added oxygen and freshness. Pets are encouraged to drink more water from a source of running water. There are 3 different drinking modes. Wonder Creature pet fountain only takes a few minutes to set up and disassemble.

Brand: Wonder Creature

👤We got a second fountain from Wonder Creature. We worry about not having enough water and burning the motor when we travel because the first one is not good. I would like to tell you a few things that made us think this fountain is the best for our cats. It is clean all the time. Cats and small bugs tend to get trapped around the edge of the water line in the open fountains. We usually have to empty the fountain and clean the base on a daily basis. The top of the fountain was made of steel, so it stayed clean for at least a week, and there were no water stains on the edge. The other fountains from wonder creature are very loud. When there is no other activity around and I sit next to the fountain, I usually hear the water flowing sound. Our cats appreciated the blue light from the fountain. The lighting in the fountain serves a purpose. The light changes colour when there is not enough water in the reservoir, and at the same time the motor stops working to prevent burning out. When we leave our cats at home when we go on trips, this new safety function is very reassuring. The package comes with a cute silicone mat to keep the floor dry, brushes for cleaning, and additional filters. If you want to keep your cats happy and healthy, you should get this fountain.

👤When I received this, I thought it would be small. I was wrong. The puppy is stuffed in a container and has a bit of water in it. I bought it to replace a drink. There was no easy way to tell when the fountain was going to run out unless I opened the garage door or heard the motor running dry. With this model, I can see the built in light color by looking in the window. When the water goes below the minimum level, it blinks red and stops working, so I don't have to worry about burning out the motor if I don't get to it. For many cats! A great product.

👤The only cat water fountain that I could find on Amazon had an auto shut-off for when the water gets too low, so the motor doesn't burn out if the bowl runs dry. After a week, our cat has started drinking from it, however after only one week, the amount of water coming out of the pump has dropped. Is the filter already blocked? I will add more when I find out if it is the filter.

👤Everything was great at the beginning. The motor is already dead after only 2 months of use. The light still works, but it's no longer pumping water. Very disappointing!

👤I already owned the Lotus Pet Fountain, but I thought I would give this model a chance, and I am very glad I did. It is just as quiet, so quiet that you wouldn't even know it, except for the occasional whisper-quiet sound of water hitting the tray. It is an improvement in every way. The model that my cat is using has almost all of the water hidden underneath the tray, which means that he can only get to the water at certain times. There is a gauge on the side of the fountain to keep an eye on how much water is left, and refilling is as simple as just pouring a jug of water onto the tray and letting it filter through. You get three filters with the fountain, which should last you a few months, and you also get a couple of brushes for cleaning. There is no switch to turn the light on and off, so there is a constant blue illumination to the water, but it is not intrusive at all and makes it easier to gauge the water level. My cat gave the usual wails of protest, but within a couple of hours he was drinking from the new fountain, and now I have the peace of mind that his water. There is no downside to this product at the current price.

8. PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Fountain

70 OZ WATER CAPACITY. The fountain is perfect for cats and dogs. The two free-falling water streams encourage pets to drink more and help prevent diseases of the urinary and kidneys. The open bowl design is used. If your home loses power, the open bowl design of the fountain will allow your cat to get water from any side. FRESH, FILTERED WATER. The water is refreshed by the carbon filter and the foam filter. It's great for senior pets. The tiered design of the fountain is great for senior or arthritic pets. There is a clean and filthy place. Good pet hygiene can be promoted by the constant water circulation and scratch-resistant ceramic material. Simply disassemble the pump and place it in the top rack of the dishwasher for easy cleaning. There are comparable filters and pumps. The Fountain uses a number of items, including the PetSafe Drinkwell Carbon Filter No.6 and the Drinkwell Replacement Pump.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I like it so far. Set it up and the 65 lbs dog dove in while the 8 lbs cat stared him down while waiting for his turn. She drank her fill immediately after the purchase. We were shocked. I knew we would have to make some changes after a few hours. This thing is loud. Do I have a plumbing leak? Loud. I would panic when I noticed the leak. Is that dishwasher? Is the tap running? There is a It's wonderful if you find it. The sound is reduced and they can still hear it. I still hear it in the kitchen, but not as much. Over. The house.

👤This fountain was delivered to us. I like the way the fountain is designed and I am an inventor. I had it plugged in ten minutes before I knew my wife would not like the noise of the water fountain. Don't give up on the fountain for those who are bothered by the splashing sound. The fountain is completely silent and difficult to clean with my simple modification, which uses two 5-inch square white ceramic saucers. The photos show how to make a simple mod. The saucers are held down by gravity. They don't interfere with the function of the fountain, but they do mess with the look. We prefer quiet, so you have to choose. Hope this helps people who can't stand the noise. The manufacturer should widen the bottom of the tower.

👤We thought it worked for two cats. We cleaned the unit twice a week after we disassembled it and followed the instructions. We replaced the filters on a regular basis. A fly got into the water and bypassed the sponge and was sucked up into the pump. You wouldn't know that there were dead fly body parts inside the water if you took the pump apart and only a few pieces. I could not fix the smell of the water because it was so funky. I took the pump apart and found dead fly body parts. This happened less than 4 weeks after we bought the water pump. We stopped using the water dish because both cats who drank out of it came down with giardia, a disease that can be contracted from drinking contaminated water. Yeah. My animals don't have access to any other water sources. It took my vet five seconds to figure out where it came from. I didn't return the water bowl or any of the parts because I was afraid the company would resell it to someone else. It is not clean. It is repulsive. It's in the trash. Boo.

👤Over the past few years, I've purchased several pet fountains, and it's starting to make me think that I should start my own fountain company, due to how bad most of these things are. It's like the manufacturers try to find the worst internal parts they can to make the fountains last longer. Next, to the pagoda. I own two of these, one for my two cats and one for my two bunnies. I've had the first one for about a year now and it's been great. It works, which is more than I can say about most of the others. One thing that people need to keep in mind is that if you want your fountains to last, you need to clean them weekly. You need to clean any fountain if you want to avoid problems. Many reviewers just set up the fountain and complain when it breaks, but a lot of the time it's due to forgetting to fill the fountain so the pump burns out when it runs empty, or they just don't clean it. I think the fountain makes it easy to keep clean and should last a long time. Fountain is very simple, it only has two ceramic pieces, a pump, a rubber gasket, and a piece of foam that acts as a filter for hair and large particles before they hit the charcoal filter. Many fountains are difficult to assemble, this one is very easy. It's easy to clean. You can use the recommended brush kit to clean the outside and inside of the pump after you toss the two ceramic pieces in the dishwasher. I trust the design of the fountain to not hold mold in hidden areas like some of the other ones I've seen, because it's so simple that mold can't hide if you're cleaning everything properly. You can buy replacement pumps on Amazon for a reasonable price, and you can also buy replacement parts on the website. I had to replace the pump twice due to the bunnies biting the cord, nothing wrong with the pump itself, as long as you keep it clean, and most reviewers likely are not disassembling the pump and cleaning it with the recommended small brush. The ability to replace parts shows that they are meant to last. The fountain has taller and shorter pets. Some fountains are built for dogs and cats. My cats drink from the top of the fountain where the water spills over, and my bunnies drink from every angle. The water is clean. Many fountains start to look like swamps after a week or so, the Pagoda stays so clean that it's deceptive, and you almost forget you need to clean it regularly. The water recycling and flow is great, so water doesn't have a chance to pool in parts of the fountain like some of the plastic ones do. Water noise is loud, it might be a con for some people. It's kind of relaxing and soothing to me. I don't mind at all. This is a great fountain for pets. The cheap ones are hard to assemble and are not last long. I recommend this fountain to people who have pets.

9. Dispenser Stainless Intelligent Fountain Cleaning

Dispenser Stainless Intelligent Fountain Cleaning

The top is dishwasher safe. The pet fountain has a top with a carbon filter, foam filter, and 2 spouts. Food grade material and a cat fountain are safe for your pets. The pump is not loud. The pump lasts 3-4 years. The cat fountain has a water level window. Dry running protection can be achieved with an auto power-off pump. The pet fountain uses a replaceable filter to purify the water, remove dirt and food particles, and catch hair and debris. It provides clean water to your pets. A source of running water encourages pets to drink more water than still water. There are two spouts and four different drinking modes in this fountain. It makes your pets drink more water. The Wonder Creature pet fountain is set up in a few minutes. It's easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance.

Brand: Wonder Creature

👤I was contacted to serve as an early adopter in exchange for a review. This is the third water bubbler I have used. While I have been compensated for writing a review, I am quite pleased with the unit and the improvements that have been made. The motor of the bubbler could burn up if water levels dropped too low. The unit I adopted in September added an automatic shut-off and a red warning light as the levels dropped into a danger range. This upgrade has retained that feature. The lotus style unit was round and only had one spigot style that shot out 6 streams of water. When my cats drank from it, they came away with wet whiskers, and I couldn't imagine them enjoying being wet. The particulate matter could fall into the tank if it escaped the filter. I cleaned it and replaced the water, but sometimes I would see cat hair or small insects floating. This time, the changes seek to address the problem. They made the filter fill a smaller footprint with a sloped plastic lip in order to direct particulates into the filter. This is an improvement. The small sponge filter is in front of the motor and has been added inside the tank. The pump pulls water in, but some things get caught in the sponge. This is an improvement. The tank is slightly larger than my last one. The water level is close to the maximum line, but it takes slightly more than the other units to fill the bubbler. The noise bubblers can make has been taken note of by them. The units became audible when the level dropped. The unit was still silent even though the level had dropped below half. The older daisy model and a new one that only produces 2 jets are the new tips for the bubbler. Cats can drink from the pan between the jets. The base line price of the units has been dropped. Even better. The replacement filters I used on the lotus style bubbler cannot be used on this one, and the square filters come in a pack of 4 with 2 additional sponge filters for roughly the price I paid for 6 round filters suitable for the older versions. I don't know how long the sponges last, but I'm pretty sure they will be enough for at least 6 months of use. I am very pleased with this unit. The company reads the reviews, thinks about how to improve the product, and changes the design accordingly. That's a refreshing change for consumers. We had no issues with the unit until this weekend. The blue light seemed dimmer than usual, and when I took the unit to the kitchen for its regular cleaning, the pump didn't work. We disassembled the bubbler, cleaned it, and cleaned the pump. The light is dim and we fear the motor is going to poop out. I ordered a new pump. It will solve our problem with luck.

10. CAT CARE Automatic Ultra Filtration Impurities

CAT CARE Automatic Ultra Filtration Impurities

The Huimpet cat water bowl fountain is easy to set up and operate. The dog drinking fountain can be assembled or disassembled in 15 seconds. Fun, healthy, and delicious are what the patented Filtration System is about. That is what the water fountain does. The CatCare Water fountain is different from the other pet water dispensers in that it is dedicated to water health and taste so that they can bring your pet with human grade drinking water. The patented high-tech innovative filter can remove particles and harmful pollutants. The water bowl dispenser has a 35 dB pump and a silent ramp design that makes it noise-free. The sound of flowing water is great for light sleepers and can be kept together with your pets in your bedroom. The 0.25W ultra-low power consumption water pump can be powered by a laptop or mobile power supply. Cats and dogs can drink from multiple water fountains, which will increase their interest in drinking water. The cat drinking fountain has a large drinking area and quiet water. The free-falling stream on the U-shaped wide surface makes drinking funny and furry friends fall in love with it. The 2.5L/84oz water capacity is ideal for small to medium pets and multiple pet families. The cat care drinking fountain can meet one cat's water needs for a week. It's convenient to carry when traveling, because you don't have to worry about the cat drinking water. The transparent window of the Pet Water Bowl makes it easy to observe the water level and add water at any time. The hexagonal honeycomb design of the cat water fountain, coupled with the non-slip silicone dots at the bottom of the water dispensers ensure the safety. The stable design of the cat water fountain makes it hard for your kittens and puppies to push over it.

Brand: Cat Care

👤It is quiet. You can not hear it. My dogs drink from it. They will not go to their old bowls for water. I would like it to be taller and a little bigger so my dogs can drink from it.

👤I bought this fountain for my cats and they love it. It was easy to set up. Most fountains leave a water mess. It is definitely worth the purchase.

👤This is convenient. The cats got used to it and it's already replaced their water bowl. When I'm out of town, I don't have to worry about putting out fresh water for them. I can be sure that they're not getting nasty water because the fountain has a filter that pumps the water through. I love it!

👤Our 2 cats don't drink much water, so their old water bowl would often start to develop some gunk from sitting stagnant. The water fountain was the perfect solution. We fill it up about once a week and the continuous circulation and filters ensure that the water stays fresh. Our cats seem to like it. The pump is silent so it doesn't scare them. Good value and smart design.

👤My cat doesn't like water. She will sit and meow until the bowl is changed. She loves running water and this water bowl is perfect for her. She was there to check it out when I set it up. She gave it 5 stars.

👤This product will provide fresh water for our cats throughout the winter and summer.

👤The fountain is easy to assemble and quiet. Within 24 hours my cats were using it. I will use this fountain for the rest of my life. Thank you so much!

👤We thought our old water fountain was quiet, but it was definitely noisy. We were surprised by how quiet it was, and our cats quickly took to it. The product is designed with care and passion for the fur babies. If you're looking for a sleek, simplistic design that's easy to clean and maintain, look no further. The switch is easy because the filter is on the outside. Will keep an eye out for what other pet products this brand will come up with because this definitely went above our expectations.

11. Flurff Fountain Automatic Stainless Dispenser

Flurff Fountain Automatic Stainless Dispenser

The Flurff cat drinking fountain has a quiet and low consumption pump, which is absolutely silent. The free-falling stream can increase the fun of pets. Flurff automatic pet water fountain is made of high quality ABS material and is easy to operate and clean. The water storage capacity is about 88oz. It's suitable for small and medium pets and has a large effective drinking space. The transparent water level window makes it easy to monitor the pet's water use, and the latest generation pump will stop working if there is no water. The Flurff cat water fountain has a wide range of filters, including activated carbon, pre-filter sponge and sponge filters. The triple system filters hair and other debris to remove odors and make running water for your pet pure. Flurff cat water dispensers are easy to set up and clean because they are easy to assemble and disassemble. It's recommended to change the filters, clean the pump and fountain every 2 weeks for your pet's health.

Brand: Flurff

👤I am impressed with the fountain. The Pros: holds about 2 liters, I just refill every day and clean under running water once a week. It's easy to clean, no need for a dish washer, I just rinse it under water. The water is not as dirty as my previous fountain because the motor is enclosed. I used to see a bit of "floating foam" after 5 days with 2 cats, but I don't see that with this fountain. I just remove the plug from the sockets and wash the fountain. The water is cold because of the steel. I was surprised that there was no time for adaptation, both cats drank from it. One cat drinks from the bassin and the other drinks from the nozzle. The price is reasonable. I don't know what it is about this fountain. I used to need a dish drying mat under my old fountain, but not with this one. You can't hear the motor. You can hear the sound of water. I can live with the blue light despite my dislike of it. I have only had it for 2 weeks and will update the review if something changes.

👤I have always wanted to get my cat a fountain. Most of the fountains on the market are made of plastic, which is hard to clean and not dishwasher safe. Flurff has a clear tank which is easy to clean and it is safe for my cat to drink without worry about plastic poisoning. The package contained a water storage tank, a filter tank, 2 packs of water filters, a water pump, and a manual. The instructions on the manual are very easy to follow. You can see from the picture that there are three layers of the water filter. My cat is going to have clean and safe drinking water. There is a The water pump has a switch on it that allows you to decide whether you want a fountain or just running water. It is very quiet. The fountain will not disturb my life with noises because my cat has no problem approaching it. He learns how to drink from the fountain after I finish setting it up. There is a Do it if you're still struggling with whether or not to get the Flurff. You will not regret it, it's a game-changer. :D

👤Instructions are very detailed and easy to install. You can use a portable power source to power it. I was surprised by the noise it made. You can barely hear it. This would be great for your kittens. I love it!

👤My cat loves it and so does my kids, they are jealous the new kitty gets all the cool stuff. The design works well.


What is the best product for dog water fountain battery powered?

Dog water fountain battery powered products from Comsmart. In this article about dog water fountain battery powered you can see why people choose the product. Ipettie and Aonboy are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog water fountain battery powered.

What are the best brands for dog water fountain battery powered?

Comsmart, Ipettie and Aonboy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog water fountain battery powered. Find the detail in this article. Olarhike, Petkit and Petsafe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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