Best Dog Water Dispenser Large Breed

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1. Dispenser Gallon Feeder Silicone Feeding

Dispenser Gallon Feeder Silicone Feeding

The overall size for a waterer is 11”* 5.9”*11.4” suitable for most dogs. The auto water storage has a high capacity. Large automatic dog feeding device. Large dogs can store food for 1-2 days. The large feeding mat is made from Non-Toxic Silicone. The best after-sales service.

Brand: N\c

👤These are convenient for me. I could have used a bigger bowl and it would have been easier to refill.

2. Zone Tech Self Dispensing Feeder Dispenser

Zone Tech Self Dispensing Feeder Dispenser

The Zone Tech pet dispensers rely on gravity to ensure a consistent supply of fresh water and dry food for your pet. Premium quality. The Zone Tech pet dispensers are made with materials that are pet friendly to ensure their strength and longevity. The wide-mouth. The Zone Tech pet dispensers have an extra wide mouth to easily pour a gallon of dry food and a liter of water. The Zone Tech pet dispensers have side cut-out handles along the base for easy lifting and non-skid rubber feet for secure placement. It's easy to clean. The Zone Tech pet dispensers are easy to clean.

Brand: Zonetech

👤I paid over $30 for these because they looked big in the picture, but they are not big enough for a big dog picture, so I ordered them for my 100 lbs Great Pyrenees, they arrived today in a small box, which would be great for the cats. Just arrived about 5 minutes before I was going to write this. This is the reason I order so much from here, thanks to the easy returns made by Amazon.

👤We kept them for the cats because they are excellent quality and love that you can fill the water and carry it over without worrying about it spilling.

👤The water dispenser works well and the bowl is being filled with water as it is being consumed, but the food feeder is a different story. It doesn't self dispose at all. The only way to fill the food bowl after it is emptied is to tilt the feeders. The food is stuck between the food storage tank and bowl. There is no self filling. I bought this for the weekends when I wasn't home. I have to place more food bowls around the house to make sure my pets have enough to eat.

👤They work well for what they are. The hole for the food is the same as it was. They are so expensive, that's my biggest complaint. It seems crazy that a small plastic container would cost so much. I hope they hold up.

👤Our cat doesn't come with us on vacations. She likes to be outside so she sits in the garage most of the time. The water jug is clean. It won't spill if you turn it upside down. We change the water every week to make it last longer. The food bowl isn't great. It does not autofill itself and causes a clump of food to be shaken to use correctly, even though I have tested it with the Meow Mix brand foods. I think it will work well with small sphere-shaped food, but have not tried that yet.

👤Food is trapped and needs to be pulled down.

👤It works well for small animals. The water bowl was too small for my big dog and the area around it would flood. It works well for my cats.

👤I would not choose this one again. The food is hard to refill.

👤My dog is happy with his new bowls. He's always had a water dispenser, but he's a little upset about it. I don't know if it's because the bowl is deeper or if it's because it's like a constant flow of water when he's drinking. The cod bowl is good, but we have to move the biscuits down as he hasn't figured out how to eat from the back. He is a collie. My cat and dog share the same water bowl and the dog is taking more water as he has a kidneys issue. I paid for them and they are worth it.

👤I sent you tan.

👤The water bowl was always getting knocked over when the kittens played fight, but this one doesn't. Don't worry about the cats going hungry or having no water when you go out.

3. Dispenser Automatic BPA Free Gravity Feeding

Dispenser Automatic BPA Free Gravity Feeding

Just for animals. Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens, and small furry friends. The auto dispenser combo uses the power of gravity to refill your pet's food and water bowl when it gets low. It's a stress-free way to make sure your friend has food when she's hungry. The Feeder and waterer is made of 100% recyclable,BPA-free clear bottles and bases, which is the first material for health and environmental choice. Simple Cleanup: Food bottle has an extra wide opening which makes for easy cleaning and fast refill, and water bottle locks in place to prevent spills and knock over. The space-saving footprint is ideal for kitchens, laundry rooms, garages and other indoor areas because it provides a continuous flow of food and water. If you have any questions, please contact their amazing customer service.

Brand: Ciconira

👤Our Boston Terrier has a perfect size. Water and food last about a week. The water is hard to see the level in, so we put a ping pong ball in the water jug to make it easier. There is a helpful hint.

👤I looked all over Amazon for something to give my Great Danes. They are easy to clean and work wonders. When the water dish is almost empty, the valve inside will let all the water out, which will cause the bowl to overflow and onto the floor. We have to keep an eye on it when it gets low as we are tired of cleaning up the water from the floor. We have a mat under them, but it can't hold all the water. These are perfect for my Great Danes.

👤I went on vacation and it was a perfect place to keep my kitten. He had access to food and water, even though I had family checking on him.

👤I love it, my dog stares at the food and doesn't like to eat it, and my cat loves how it spreads the food, so this will help me have peace of mind with my baby.

👤There was no paperwork at all. The food and water dispensers were easy to figure out, but the cap on the water dispensers was not assembled when it arrived. I was suggested to contact the seller by the Amazon chat. What is the purpose of Prime if items are not usable when they arrive? It continues to be a huge pain every time I refill it, even after figuring out how to work the water dispensers on my own. When parts are taken apart, they fly across the room. I lost one of them and my cats are drinking water from a bowl until I can replace it. Who thought this contraption was a good idea? The food dispensers works well. I found the piece in my possession. I removed it immediately, but the disposal now sounds like it's eating a spoon. This product bent one of the moving parts and destroyed my disposal.

👤Our cats are happy with these. They promised to stop drinking from the sink, but not to sleep in it. We got these to replace their food and water dishes because filling up their water bowls a couple of times a day was a pain. The water lasts longer than we need it. We change it every other day so it doesn't get stagnant, and it's more cost effective than one of the filters. Sometimes the food bowl doesn't refill completely because the food dispensers don't drop food perfectly every time. One of the cats cries and meows about being able to see the bottom of the bowl, so it's just a reminder to check them and change the water more frequently. A light tap on the top will make the cat stop being pretentious. That's right!

👤It is much easier with these. I don't have to refill the food and water bowls every day. It is definitely worth the money.

4. Automatic Feeder Dispenser Gallon Double

Automatic Feeder Dispenser Gallon Double

Automatic pet water dispensers are Eco-friendly and can be used anywhere. You can rest assured that your pets will be well taken care of, with the large capacity 3.8L pet water dispensers, you can have water for your pets for up to 10 days. Automatic pet water ensures a consistent supply of fresh drinking water, ideal for cats or dog animals. Automatic pet water dispensers with rubber feet for secure placement, side cut-out handles for easy lifting and cleaning are part of the humanization design. It's perfect for busy parents who don't need to worry about their pet's food.

Brand: Phabuls

👤This product works. I replaced my dog and cat water bowls. I don't need to fill their bowls at once. It saves a lot of trouble. It is very strong and not flimsy. My pets love the water cooler.

👤We had been looking for a water source for our dog. The first one we had was no longer made and any others we tried were either cheap garbage or just didn't work. The dispenser is a little cheap, but it works well. It is a little smaller than we wanted. It has a bottle with a top to prevent spills. It has a spare pin because it can break easily. The bottle broke when I put it back on. There was no way to get in touch with the manufacturer. The seller eventually saw my review and sent some spare stoppers. This should last a long time if you put the bottle on correctly.

👤The blue cap on top was misleading. It makes you think that you can take it off and fill it. Nope.

👤The plastic of the bowl is warped and won't connect together, it looks nice but price is high for the quality. The plastic that you connect to the hole pops back. A little disappointed.

👤Most people have a container for water. The electric water feeders I tried were not cheap and the filters cost more. If you fill this with water and clean the base, it will prevent spills. Water replacement can be as little as 2x/month. If the power goes off, you don't have to worry about filters.

👤We only had the bottle for a couple months, but it is still usable even without the spring. The water can only come out when there is room, so it's not a deal breaker for us. It looks nice and does what we need.

👤I love this bowl. They've thought about everything. This is easier to clean and keep clean than the ones where the dish has an overlap. Always wash the dog's body of water. Even though the one that comes with the second water cap looks strong, they give you a second one. I'm not sure where the rubber things are and no instructions to advise, so I wonder. The packaging is nice.

👤Water ispensed without leaking. When you put the water tank on, the valve snaps. It fills the bowl just enough. There is a solid plastic construction. A quality product.

5. PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain Medium Sized Households

PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain Medium Sized Households

Water flow can be changed. You can choose how fast the water flows from the falling stream, or turn off the water stream for quieter operation. There is a 1-GalLON WATER CAPACITY. The plastic fountain is perfect for cats and dogs. It's perseverance that's fascinating. A flowing stream of water encourages pets to drink more and helps to promote good pet hygiene. A 12 pound cat needs 12 ounces of water per day, so your pet needs 1 ounce of water per pound. No sickly pets. Even if your power goes out, the open bowl design holds water. FRESH, FILTERED WATER. The water is refreshed by the carbon filter and the foam filter. It is easy to clean. The fountain is dishwasher safe and designed with no hard-to-reach places.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I have had this for 6 months and have 2 Great Danes. I got it because one of my Great Danes was getting a lot of utis from not drinking enough water. The Mr Clean type sponges make cleaning much easier, if it gets noisey adding water or cleaning, it will really help decrease the noise level, you really do need to replace the carbon filters and sponge when they get gross/smell so your dog. My dog is drinking a lot of water. She has a bad time on a lot of antibiotics and committed suicide after we purchased it. My Great Danes are not afraid of anything, and I am no longer woken up at night by the growling, barking Great Danes. It is dishwasher safe once you get the hang of it. - The dogs can only drink 1 gallon before it needs to be refilled because of how the motor runs. I wish it was quieter, I wish it was self cleaning, and I wish my dogs wouldn't get slobber on the ceilings.

👤This product is great. It is low maintenance. I clean it once a month. I am not sure what the other people are complaining about. I upgraded from a Petsafe drinking fountain. This one has a better filter.

👤When I plugged the motor into the tube, it didn't provide enough force to allow the water to flow out of the tube. I disassembled the unit thinking that I assembled wrong the first time and started all over again, so I asked my daughter to help me make sure I followed the instructions correctly. There was no water coming out of the tube. I looked inside the tube to see if there were any obstructions that would cause the water to come out. The water was flowing, the pump was working, but it didn't have enough force to get the water up the tube. I rearranged the item after I disassembled it for the second time. I'm returning this item and the filters I bought back to Amazon and requesting my money back. I ordered a brand of water fountain from Amazon. Don't purchase this brand in the future.

👤I blew off the negative reviews thinking they just got bad units and I could do better. I feel like a right fool for not listening because my hardwood floors are bubbled in the nooks where this thing was. After two months, it failed catastrophically and then leaked water underneath for another month before giving up the ghost. I have the outdoor 450 oz version that works well, but please don't mess it up.

👤Doesn't push water hard enough to make a fountain. The manual says to turn flowcounterclockwise to decrease flow. The tube has no function. The foam filter stops the water from entering the carbon filter, but it doesn't matter because the pump and the impeller are not strong enough to push water up.

👤I was excited to use this for my rabbits after reading all the great reviews. It was easy to assemble. I filled it with water and plugged it in. There was no water coming up to the top of the fountain. I double checked to make sure it was set to max flow. The fountain was disassembled and the pump was not attached to it. The water was barely pushed out of itself. I double checked everything again. I'm returning for a refund because I'm not sure if I got that one in a 1000 bad pump or not.

6. Aspen Lebistro Water Dispenser Capacities

Aspen Lebistro Water Dispenser Capacities

Automatic refill: The cat dog water bowl is perfect for pet parents with busy lifestyles who want to keep their pets hydrated. There is a sewer free water station. The dog and cat water bowl has a spill-resistant lip to keep floors safe and a stable base to prevent tipping. They have a variety of products to keep pets fed with fresh food water. Aspen Pets provides every day essentials for pet parents, dogs cats, and more. Just for animals. Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens, and small furry friends.

Brand: Petmate

👤The design flaw should be disclosed to the pet parents. The design of this unit was made to make sure that most of the water is available to the front of the unit, which is where pets drink from, but there is a void in the back of the unit where water can't normally flow. I had to dismantle the unit when I tried to flush it out because it was designed in a way that I couldn't get the water out. It was possible to take it apart. It was not easy to remove the top section from the bottom. If you get this, you will need to clean a lot more than you are used to, and it can be difficult to find mold that causes illness.

👤I don't usually need instructions when figuring things out, I'm a smart person. I figured this out after turning it a few times and lifting up on it, but it doesn't have a slight turn and lift. There are two areas that allow you to lift the reservoir out. You're left guessing because you can't see the alignment. No instructions were given as to whether or not it needs to be cleaned before use, how to clean it properly, how to keep it from spilling out, etc. I have had a similar waterer for many years. When pushed in, the spout can allow water out. After this long, it finally cracked and poured water as you tilt it downward. The new unit has an open hole so water spills out in an uncontrollable manner when you tilt it. The trough for the water is not well made. There are areas in the trough where water can collect and start to grow. They sent me the wrong color. They sent me blue after I ordered black. It's not critical, but it's now quite unattractive in the spot I have it. I would just order a different product if I had to do this again. This didn't solve the problem I bought it for, was the wrong color, and is worth less to me than the price I paid.

👤The best auto waterer I have had. I wasn't impressed with the size of the feeder but that was my fault for buying it based on price and not actual size. I was looking for something to give our dogs. It wouldn't work for large dogs like our German Shepherds. It is great for the cats. They used to paw at it because the water was so clean that they couldn't see the bottom. This is a good thing since some of the others go green after a while. We clean it once a month. And never had a green one.

👤It is an automatic water machine. 2.5 gallons of water is easy to fill and clean. Sometimes it is hard to separate the locks, but it fills great and locks in place. The worst part? It leaks. I thought it was just condensation under the bowl, but my floor and placemat are always wet. The original water dispensers lasted 10 years before they started leaking. Within 3 weeks, this one started leaking. It's unacceptable for the price.

7. Pet Zone Designer Adjustable Stainless

Pet Zone Designer Adjustable Stainless

It's ideal for all life situations. The designer diner is an elevated dog bowl, dog water bowl, and pet feeders. Their raised dog bowls and dog bowl stand can be adjusted to fit any size dog. These collapsible dog bowls are perfect for travel or home use because the legs can be easily removed and tucked under the feeding platform for easy storage. Put the pet feeders away for a neater space when needed. A healthy dining experience. The elevated bowls for dog food and dog water can help aid in digestion. Raising dog bowls reduces stress on joints and bones, and is an ideal raised dog bowl for large dogs. Rust resistance and easy to clean. The dishwasher is safe for easy cleaning and the dog bowls are rust resistant. Traditional ceramic dog food bowls and dog water bowls are not a good alternative. A maximum of 56 ounces or 7 cups of dry dog food can be found in each dog dish.

Brand: Pet Zone

👤I was worried about the quality since some people say it's flimsy and crappy, but I have mine against the wall and have no issues. I bought this because a bowl on the floor may cause neck pain for my dog. He seems to be eating more often, but still takes some food into his mouth and puts it on the floor to eat a piece at a time, so maybe this purchase wasn't necessary. He pushes his food around with his nose and the stand hasn't shook. The quality is great for the price.

👤It took him a minute to eat and drink but he was happy with his new bowl stand, he doesn't have to bend to put his neck in place.

👤It will feel a bit flimsy at first, but once you put it against the wall you will have an awesome product. My Finn loves it! I don't have to fill his bowl every hour or two because he drinks a lot of water. He spills more water than he drinks, and with the bigger bowl and stand, I no longer have water on my floors. Would buy again.

👤The stand works well for my lab. Bowls are not as heavy as they could be. He does not push the stand around. I don't think he will knock it over. It works as intended, even though it is smaller than I thought. The ones at the pet stores are not as nice. The top of the stand has a ridge around it, as well as around the bowl holes, and water collects all across the stand. A big mess. Going back. I like the elevated stand for feeding and will keep looking for a better design.

👤There are 2 stickers on the photos on Amazon that say "Made in USA" and the instructions on the box say "Made in China". The bowls are made in India. Absolutely false advertising!

👤The dog's water bowl was left with rust after only a few weeks of use. It is easy to assemble and works well for the purpose, but because of the ridges, it is hard to clean, and the dog drinks water, it traps water along the edges.

👤The item is made of cheap brittle black plastic and flimsy metal bowels. The item is overpriced for what you are getting. It is the same quality as a dollar store item. The buyer was very remorseful.

👤I was skeptical at first because I have a large dog, but it was perfect for him. He's on a diet and the bowls are small. It worked out for me. He hasn't knocked anything over, it's perfect for his neck. I love it!

👤All looked great until used. We don't have a wet-mouth type dog, and I'm wiping the tray surface with water slobber. Bowls should be raised with trough sides to allow water to flow back into the bowl.

👤I've been looking for a raised dog feeders for a while, some didn't sound sturdy enough, some moved when the dog ate from them, and some seemed to move when the dog ate from them. Even though it is more expensive, I took a chance with it. It's great my frenchie loves eating from it, it doesn't take up a lot of room, and the bowls are a good size. Would definitely recommend.

8. Dogit Design Drinking Fountain Original

Dogit Design Drinking Fountain Original

A continuous supply of fresh and clean drinking water for your pet dog or cat is provided by recirculating water flow. The large surface area of the pet water fountain adds oxygen to the water. It comes with one triple action filter that is able to absorb odors, collect debris, and absorb tap water. Large dogs, older dogs, and dogs with arthritis, muscle, and joint problems can benefit from an elevated dog bowl. The pet fountain holds 200 ounces. Ensuring that there is an abundant amount of water for several days or multiple dogs.

Brand: Zeus

👤This is the second fountain I've purchased. I looked for a replacement for the first one that stopped working. The replacement was more than the fountain. I bought another one because of that. It sounds silly. I hope they don't fail, I'm giving them another chance. My dogs and cat love it. It holds a lot of water that stays clean and fresh for a week depending on how many pets are drinking from it and how sloppy they are. You have to be careful with what you use. It will make it harder to clean if you use anything that can scratch the plastic. I use a microfiber sponge. Sponges are shredded on the sharp edges. To clean the center where it's hard to get to, cut a sponge into thirds and use them only for cleaning the tight spaces where the bigger sponge doesn't fit. If you use hemostats, you can hold the small sponge. There is an update. There are a few suggestions that may extend the life of your pump. Change or clean your filters frequently. The pump may be damaged if the pump intake gets blocked. Remove the grill, cap and the impeller from the pump when you clean it. There is a hole where the impeller comes out. Reunite the parts of the pump. I use a toothbrush to clean the crevices. Don't let the bowl run dry. This will cause the pump to get hot. If you want to see the filter, take the funnel top off the pump. If necessary, replace the filter. The water should be put on the sides of the filter. Plug the top back in. Oh, and before I forget. It costs less to buy the bundle and value pack separately.

👤I looked online to see if there were larger bowls after refilling his bowl for the fifth time. I thought I would give the Drinkwells a try, but for less than 20 dollars, the value is better. 3x. 1xwk- refill with water. The filters are cheap, the maintenance is low, and filling with water 3 times a week instead of 3-6 times a night is a blessing. My friends love theirs as well and I have recommended them to all of them. Still working like a horse! I love this fountain. I have to fill it up every other day, but my boy loves his water. He likes to put his toy in here. It's still worth it.

👤I bought one of these last summer and loved it, but I always made sure to plug it in when we weren't at home because the plug would get very warm. It worked for a long time and made my dogs happy. The pump stopped working after 6 or 8 months. The unit was still under warranty, so I contacted customer service. I was told to open the pump and clean the impellers to see if it solved the problem. They offered to replace the pump at no charge after I gave them the faulty one. I decided to buy a second one on Amazon because of the low price and the fact that it was quicker. I received it on the 7th. I was happy to see that the plug had been changed and no longer got hot, but the pump didn't work the same as the first one. The 2nd one broke just over 30 days of use. The pump is not working. I loved the bowl when it worked. The new design is worse than the old and it is not reliable. Customer service was responsive, but didn't resolve my problem unless I spent more money and time to get the unit back. I thought I had found the perfect water bowl for my dogs. It didn't work out.

9. Lixit NO Drip Water Bottles Dogs

Lixit NO Drip Water Bottles Dogs

The Lixit top fill water bottle is made for large dogs, unlike other water bottles that are marketed for dogs. The tube is made from 304 American steel. They finish their tubes until they have a nice finish. The Lixit top fill dog bottle has a lid on top that allows you to fill it from the top. There is no guillotine. This bottle has a Patented no-Dimer valve. If the valve starts to leak, it can easily be rebuilt. There is a dual mount. The Lixit top fill bottle can be mounted outside or inside the cage. The 44oz bottle has a large open-ended clamp that can easily be removed from the cage. The Lixit Top Fill water bottles are assembled in the USA.

Brand: Lixit

👤If it leaks, don't be upset, it's a very quick fix. Thanks to my husband. We got the first one for my puppy last week, and as soon as I filled it up, it began to leak. Everyone who had an issue said it would. My husband looked at it. The bottle is made of plastic. Two pieces are joined together. If you run your finger along the nozzle portion, you can feel a little bit of a bumping sensation. He shaved the razor blade box cutter off. It works like a dream now. No leak, no drips. My puppy loves it. We decided to get another for our two chihuahuas. It arrived today. It was leaking at the nozzle and you could screw it on. I shaved the little bumps off, and it worked. Sometimes plastic isn't perfect. Don't give up on this product. It's great.

👤We love the bottles and have 14 of them. They are attached to semi-permanent custom crates in our van for travel and at home. We have never had a nozzle leak when the parts were installed correctly, and we have had a few plastic brackets break, but they just randomly snap. If they've been knocked hard, we've had them break. The only issue we have had is where the nozzle screws on to the bottle. I use teflon tape and no more leaks after seeing people shave the bumps off. It's a good thing. The water is clean and easy for the dogs to get out of.

👤I was disappointed at first. I was going to repackage it and send it back, but I wanted to make sure I did everything right before looking for another one. I was told to take apart the spout and reassemble it using the pictograph. I noticed that the plastic plunger had a small extended tip that was facing down towards the rubber seal, when I took it apart. I added water and switched it to the correct position. I have a leak proof contraption for my puppy. I made a poor attempt at showing what I fixed. I think it's a great size for the price and quality.

👤It started leaking before I could even finish filling it up after I received it. The customer service rep was on vacation when I contacted them, but I received a response almost immediately. She said to reassemble the tube parts and it works now. There is a chance that some of the product is assembled incorrect because the company uses USA Adults with Disabilities.

👤This thing works for me because I have a kennel with bulldogs. Anyone who says it drips or the dog doesn't like it doesn't know how to train one or follow instructions. I have many of them and have not had a bad one. I have used many other bottles, but this one does not leak. It was easy to fill. It works if you use peanut butter on the nipple. I use a tie-wrap to make sure it is tight and doesn't move side to side. If the dog chews on plastic, a small piece of wire works. You can get it mounted securely if you don't have to remove it from the cage.

10. VaygWay Self Dispensing Pet Waterer

VaygWay Self Dispensing Pet Waterer

The VaygWay Pet Drinking Bowl is made with premium quality non toxic plastic material and components that ensure the safetiness of your pet and the longevity of the item. The perfect design of the VaygWay Pet Drinking Bowl makes it easy to put it on the floor and pick it up. It's easy to clean. The dog drinking bowl can be cleaned. You can wash the water gallon individually by detaching it from the water dispensers. The VaygWay Pet Drinking Bowl is a great tool for keeping your pets hydrated while you're away. As long as the water gallon still has water in it, it fills out the bowl automatically. It's easy to store. The VaygWay Pet Drinking Bowl can easily be stored when not in use.

Brand: Vaygway

👤Don't waste your money. If you spend a bit more, you can get a spring to make sure it doesn't leak when placed in a bowl. The concept and size is great, but this one is very cheap. We needed a big one because we have four rabbits that go through water like crazy and this one is not easy to handle because it gets so heavy and when you flip it over to put it in water it starts pouring out and you can't put the bottom on it. One day my husband accidentally dropped it while trying to quickly get it on so the water wouldn't go everywhere like it always does and it slipped out of his hand and almost hit our rabbits. The weight could have hurt it. We stopped using it after this happened. It would be a great water bowl if it didn't start pouring water after you put it in the bowl. We got a smaller one that has a spring in it so it doesn't start putting out water until the spring is pushed on by the water bowl and it's wonderful. It is worth having to fill the bowl twice a day. It would have been perfect if this one had that feature.

👤I like the fact that I don't have to do the water dish a lot. I have a dog and cats. I always refill the water bowl. I don't have to as much. I think it takes about 4 days to get it to be empty. It is very easy to change the water. Not big or bulky. The addition made the house run more smoothly.

👤This product is great for my cat. She would always dump her water dish over my wood floors. That has stopped with the self-dispensing water dish. It is very easy to fill the water container. Water will not run out if you turn the bottle upside down.

👤I've had a waterer for about 3 months and I'm happy with it. The design of the bottle valve is very clever. When the bottle is in the base, the valve opens. The valve closes when you pull the bottle out. I think the bowl fills up to halfway up the sides.

👤I put a water container on my patio for the cat that adopted me. I put the full container in the freezer at night. I put it in the base and add a cup of cold water the next morning. It is hot during the day, the ice is not completely frozen, and there is cold water for the cat. I add ice cubes to the base later in the day. It works great and it wasn't expensive.

👤I've had lesser versions of this concept before. I have a feeling I won't need another one for a long time, because this one is the best I've tried. I used to have a brand that was garbage because barely any water would come out. There was no way to stop the water from spilling when you turn it upside down to place it in the bowl. This one is completely different. The water bowl is full. Thick plastic. When the container is connected to the bowl, the magic lid will only give water. This has made it easier to water my bunny babies. If you don't clean the bowl with every refill, it will build up over time, but it is easy to wipe out. Great design all around!

11. Podinor Stainless Puppies Feeding Weaning

Podinor Stainless Puppies Feeding Weaning

A bowl is just a bowl, right? That's not the case. Most pet food bowls are made from something. Chemicals in plastic could disrupt your puppies. Plastic accumulates deep scratches that can be hard to clean. Ceramic is not as durable as it could be. The ceramic bowl is no longer safe for use because of one drop or bang. This dish is convenient and thoughtful for young puppies. The bowl is dishwasher safe and clean. The raised center and low rim make feeding time easier for puppies and keep them cleaner. Dog bowls made of steel can easily be cleaned with dish soap and warm water. They are also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean them. These bowls stack easily inside one another for easy travel or easy storage. It is healthy for your four-paw companions to be durable for long time use. The first step is to make agruel - mix dog replacement milk into their dry puppy chow; the second is to offer thegruel to the puppies; the third is to re-unite the puppies with their mother; and the fourth is to increase the amount of solid food. The pups can last up to 7 weeks until they are 3-4 weeks old.

Brand: Podinor

👤The product description is not accurate. The bowl shown on the right is a true 15in. I purchased this item from a store on line. The bowl shown left is a bowl that is 15 inches in diameter according to the product description. I measured the bowl, it was only 11 inches. There is a big difference. The metal is thinner, more flexible, and of a lesser quality. I placed another order from Amazon for the same product and both bowls arrived smaller than stated in their description.

👤This was used for my litter of 5 French bulldog puppies and they all went to their forever homes. They used to be able to eat at the same time and have enough space to share. If you have a lot of larger breed dogs, you will probably need two.

👤I haven't used this yet, but I'm hoping it will be enough for our litter that hasn't arrived yet. I think it is small and shallow, but hopefully it will serve its purpose. I think it will make me wish I got a bigger one.

👤This is my first time with a litter of pups. The bowls are easy to clean. The pups are not complaining because it made my life so much easier.

👤After finding an abandoned pregnant dog and finding 8 puppies in my home, this bowl was a lifesaver. I had never raised puppies before. I couldn't figure out a good way to feed the puppies all at once after they weened. I bought two of these and they worked out great. There are 4 puppies in each bowl. The bowls are sturdy and the puppies had a chance to eat. If you care for large litters, I recommend you. There is a CON: The puppies became competitive eaters, knowing they were sharing, which is a con to using this bowl. They grew out of competitive eating in a few weeks.

👤It's so easy to keep puppies out of the food bowl with these, they have their own space and it's so easy to use. There is room for all animals to be shared with our cats.

👤I have a couple of feed bowls. This one is larger and a little lighter than the one I've had for a while, but it seems sturdy enough. It held enough food for a litter of 9 pups. The design of it makes it hard for the little pups to put their paws in the dish, which leads to disastrous results. This is a must-have item if you breed.

👤The idea of this was smart but the puppies will still step in the food and make a mess so not worth it. If you use bedding such as chips or pellets, the sides are low. The puppies can't eat out of the water and food that is covered in the bedding. I used a heavy duty baking bread dish. It's heavy and thick glass, so they couldn't dump it.

👤Nourrir toute la portée de chiots. J'adore.


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