Best Dog Water Bowl Dispenser Large Breed

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1. Lucky Farm Automatic Animals Stainless

Lucky Farm Automatic Animals Stainless

Brand new and high quality. Heavy gauge for long life They will send the hose that was shown in the first picture. 304stainless steel is clean and sanitary. To avoid traumatic infections caused by scratching, the smooth edge is polished. The float water level floating principle control the inlet and outlet water switch to achieve a constant water level effect, keeps enough water and always clean water. The package includes an automatic water bowl and 1/2. Don't include installation hardware.

Brand: Lucky Farm

👤I just installed it and will leave a 4 star review. Things need to be mounted correctly to our home. A 1/2 mason bit, hammer drill and concrete anchors. I need a female to male reducer for the water line. I needed to cut off the extra length on the concrete anchors so they wouldn't interfere with the float. I used Teflon tape and channel locks to make sure the fittings were tight. It might take me 30 minutes to install, but I have all the tools I need. It worked like it should. I will upgrade to five stars if the float lasts at least a year.

👤This is an outdoor water bowl with a water line. Anyone have a water line in their house? Probably not. With a broken leg, I have to go to the hardware store to purchase a set of hose line fittings that will hook up to my typical hose line outside. Excellent forward thinking. You only had one job. Following up. This product is not good even with the correct fitting. The cheap plastic float doesn't work right when it hangs at an angle. It leaks from the cheap plastic fitting, but the bowl itself leaks from the top, because it hangs on an angle, making it think it always needs more water. I would burn it if it wasn't steel.

👤It works well for my dogs. It is difficult to keep up with water in the summer so this is a great solution. The company doesn't include all the parts he will need to hook it up to the water line outside. I followed the instructions of another reviewer and bought the right one. It is difficult to keep up with water in the summer so this is a great solution. I did not mount my own. I said it in a flower pot so that it would be easier to dump it. The company doesn't include all the parts you will need to hook it up to your water line outside. I followed the instructions of another reviewer and bought the Anderson Metals Brass Garden Hose fitting.

👤Does it work? No, as for me? I thought it would come with a rubber stopper for the side that you don't put the float on. The water runs out the hole and it never stops running. Maybe they forgot the black rubber stopper, which is in the picture. I don't see a phone number to call to get an answer. I wanted it to work. It is difficult to adjust the float to stop if you put it in the right hole. If you put the float through the left side it will be easier to adjust because the knob is in the front. The metal hose that comes with the water feeders will not fit on an outdoor water hose according to another reviewer. You can buy a fitting at either Home Depot or Lowes. I have an outdoor water line. I ran a seperate line and got a fitting for the metal hose.

2. Flexzion Dispenser Replenish Automatic Antimicrobial

Flexzion Dispenser Replenish Automatic Antimicrobial

When the water level is low, the automatic pet watering system replenishes your pet's water supply. Don't put the dishwasher in; it will cause stain and odor. The PP plastic material is not made to be resistant to high temperature. PP plastic is easy to clean. Pets can stay hydrated with this waterer. It's an excellent option for single or multiple pet households. The handle area has a non-skid rubber feet to keep it stable.

Brand: Flexzion

👤This might be a bit of a wild ride, but bear with me. I learned the hard way that it's important to exercise extreme discretion when selecting a gravity waterer for your pet. Years ago, I bought a cheap waterer from the store, thinking I could use it for less. The feeders were the lesser two evils and didn't top load. For a long time, the waterer was a pain in my hind end. It was not able to stop the water from pouring out. Most of it ended up in the sink or floor as I tried to get the contraption right-side up. There is a mess. Every time. I don't think the leaf village will be calling me to arms anytime soon, as my current level of skill with handling that piece of shit never improved. I lost my balance twice and gave my door a bath that it didn't deserve. Flexion made this piece of work in order to make me less suicidal when I want to give water to my snot-nosed razor machine of a cat. This thing won't spill your water. If you see fit, you could add ice. If you have had issues with me in the past, this will help you a lot. I will take the ice pick to its predecessor.

👤I wish I'd bought this years ago. Adoption agencies should give these to family members that have been acquired. We have a very snobby dog. He's snobby about water. He likes to drink water that is cold outdoors and in a mug that says 'For Fox Sake'. He doesn't like large bodies of drinking water. We saved trips on the coffee mug refill by purchasing the Flexizon. Snob took a while to get used to the dispensers. He would drink and then he would panic and retreat for cover. The bubbling seems to be his new friend. The item is very easy to use. Solid plastic and reliable mechanics!

👤I got this product for my cats. The jug was filled with water. Put it in the ground. Put it on the floor. The water kept pouring out of the base's bowl after it over filled. The water was dumped on the floor. I thought maybe I messed it up. I put it in the shower. I ran the water through the jug. The jug never filled with water, so it never worked. The shower faucet couldn't fill the jug because it was leaking so quickly.

👤My dog had a misdiagnosed case of diabetes and it makes them very lethargic and it's crazy that I bought this just around the same time, I noticed my 20lb dog would finish almost this whole thing in a day! I brought him to a vet who treated him like a human and he told me to measure his drinking so I could easily add the amount he's allowed to drink for the entire day. I'm happy to say that he's in great health, he only takes the drug once in the morning and once at night, but I was surprised that he bit me the first time in 11 years. I put his regular bowl of water next to this so he can pick this whenever he wants, it's great for me because I don't have to change anything. I don't want him to drink still water. The best purchase I've ever made for my dog is the one I bought. The O-Ring is a little messed up, but it hasn't affected it. Thank you for making this.

3. PetFusion Gravity Dispenser Automatic Transparent

PetFusion Gravity Dispenser Automatic Transparent

The large cap is easy to use. The large water bowl has a lock on it for added security. The water is supplied by gravity to ensure a consistent supply. It's perfect for busy pet parents. Modern design and thoughtFUL footprint from many competitors, less bulky and a more modern silhouette all around. When refilling the water is easier when the lid is off the base. The transparent bottle and white base blend in with your kitchen. The PP plastic is made of safe and sanitary material. Reduced seams and water release areas help to eliminate build up in the lower basin. The wide-stance reservoir helps prevent spills. The water basin, lid, and reservoir are easy to clean. The water basin and lid are dishwasher safe. The water bottle should be washed with soap and warm water.

Brand: Petfusion

👤It's perfect for what I needed. After my cats discovered it, they didn't drink from much else. They were freaked out by the air bubbles, but once they realized what it was, they were fine with it. On filling it up. I've read reviews that said it makes a mess when you turn it right side up, but I've found that it was related to how fast you turn it over. Imagine it as a foot, with the bowl part as your toes, if you turn it slowly. Imagine putting your foot down before your toes, and then letting your toes touch the floor slowly. If you put the locking mechanism on correctly, you'll never have any issues.

👤I am not happy with the water bowl. It is nice that it is large to hold more water, but the locking mechanism doesn't work well. The lid to the water part doesn't stay locked in place, you are supposed to flip it over and let the water out, but the water comes rushing out and makes a mess. My kids can't do it themselves and when my husband and I do, we make a mess of water. When it's unlocked, more water goes everywhere. The front of the bowl is cracked because the plastic is too thin and not strong enough to hold the heavy container on top. Think twice before buying.

👤Our two dogs, an 80lb lab mix and a 15lb Boston Terrier, love the water dispensers. Our lab mix is notorious for accidentally knocking over things. The locking feature has prevented spills so far. The wide mouth allows easy cleaning. I can see when it needs a refill. A great product.

👤In the important information section of the product page, it is mentioned that this product requires a special technique when filling it. I was disappointed that the product arrived with no instructions, so I got extremely wet the first time I used it. Product support for the company is very responsive. They follow up quickly. The opening of the bottle is facing up, so you need to attach the bowl while that is happening. A seal is formed by the bowl locking into place. If the 16 to 20 pound load is something you can manage, you can invert the whole assembly smoothly. It's manageable if you wait until the dispensers is nearly empty before you remove it for refilling. The downside is that you have to discard the water that's left in the bowl before you put the bowl back on the bottle. The technique for removing the bottle that didn't quite work for me is worth looking into. Overall a recommended product. The cap on the bottle has two holes, but that's not a big deal.

👤This is not the first time we have had a gravity water dish. We have at least two set ups for our pets. Over time, the little button thing that releases the water when needed tends to give out. We get our money's worth. After 5 years, the last one died. I was looking for a replacement when I stumbled across this one. I was interested in how much water it holds. 2.5 gallons sold me because we have 4 dogs and 3 cats. It didn't have the same setup when we got it. It has holes in it, which means it will be better. The lock feature was something I liked. Water is going everywhere, no more getting bumped. This thing is awesome. Highly recommended.

4. Waterer Stainless Steel Water Fountain

Waterer Stainless Steel Water Fountain

It is recommended to wash the bowl and change the water frequently and to feed your dog a fixed amount of food. The Gravity Feed Pet Waterer Bowl keeps your pets hydrated with a constant flow of fresh water even when you're not at home. No batteries or electricity required. The design allows clean water to flow into the dish when needed. The bowl helps prevent build up to encourage healthy drinking. The unit is secured in place with rubber feet. It is easy to clean. The bottle is easy to refill and clean. There is a dishwasher safe on the top shelf. The waterer is perfect for dogs, cats, and pigs. The innovative pet water bowl is a great gift for pet owners and can be used for birthday, holiday or new pet adoption presents.

Brand: Etna

👤I would give it zero stars. The jar is made of flimsy plastic that dents easily. The jar has a lip at the bottom. It becomes very difficult to remove it if you push it in. It is a barb and won't come out. It is wobbly if you don't push it in. The design of the jar's connection to the base is terrible. The jar is made of plastic and dents. I decided to return it on the first day, but I think the jar will not last long. I looked at other reviews and found out that the bottom of the steel may not be good, as it was reported that it would rust out over time. It is rather expensive, so there is no reason to buy it. You can save money by buying a different product.

👤Solid steel is good quality. The bottle has a white plastic cap that restricts the water flow and makes it hard to remove, it's just toss it. I'm sure you can find a lot of bottle options at your local grocery store. The base is the most important thing here. It's perfect for cats. I had to throw this out after a year. I don't think the steel is truly shirring and it was getting a lot of Corrosion. I cleaned it a few times with an SOS pad, but it's one of those situations where plastic is better than metal. See the picture.

👤I really wanted to like this thing, but I hate it and send it back. I thought this would be great because I'm lazy. I wouldn't have to refill my water bowls. I didn't have to refill the water for two days. I don't have much patience for things that don't do what they're supposed to do. I couldn't get the flimsy plastic bottle off the base when I needed to refill this thing. I have said a lot of bad words while trying to remove it. The base is not made of steel. There was a small patch of rust on the bottom of the dollar store quality metal. This thing is not worth the money. Get one of the plastic ones if you pay a little more.

👤This product is hard to use. The jar is very difficult to open and close. The water jug is too heavy and the dish is too light. I have used many different brands of pet waterers and this one is the worst.

👤Not happy. I almost cut myself on the metal when I tried to remove the water bottle. The plastic waterbottle is cheap and doesn't fit in the opening, but I wish it could be made of glass.

👤It was overpriced for what you get. I had to remove the cap to allow more water to flow. The bottom of the bowl is barely covered by the cap. The container is not as good as the one in the picture. It will work, but I wish I had done more research. This was the first set that I found that was made of scuplture.

5. PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain Medium Sized Households

PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain Medium Sized Households

Water flow can be changed. You can choose how fast the water flows from the falling stream, or turn off the water stream for quieter operation. There is a 1-GalLON WATER CAPACITY. The plastic fountain is perfect for cats and dogs. It's perseverance that's fascinating. A flowing stream of water encourages pets to drink more and helps to promote good pet hygiene. A 12 pound cat needs 12 ounces of water per day, so your pet needs 1 ounce of water per pound. No sickly pets. Even if your power goes out, the open bowl design holds water. FRESH, FILTERED WATER. The water is refreshed by the carbon filter and the foam filter. It is easy to clean. The fountain is dishwasher safe and designed with no hard-to-reach places.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I have had this for 6 months and have 2 Great Danes. I got it because one of my Great Danes was getting a lot of utis from not drinking enough water. The Mr Clean type sponges make cleaning much easier, if it gets noisey adding water or cleaning, it will really help decrease the noise level, you really do need to replace the carbon filters and sponge when they get gross/smell so your dog. My dog is drinking a lot of water. She has a bad time on a lot of antibiotics and committed suicide after we purchased it. My Great Danes are not afraid of anything, and I am no longer woken up at night by the growling, barking Great Danes. It is dishwasher safe once you get the hang of it. - The dogs can only drink 1 gallon before it needs to be refilled because of how the motor runs. I wish it was quieter, I wish it was self cleaning, and I wish my dogs wouldn't get slobber on the ceilings.

👤This product is great. It is low maintenance. I clean it once a month. I am not sure what the other people are complaining about. I upgraded from a Petsafe drinking fountain. This one has a better filter.

👤When I plugged the motor into the tube, it didn't provide enough force to allow the water to flow out of the tube. I disassembled the unit thinking that I assembled wrong the first time and started all over again, so I asked my daughter to help me make sure I followed the instructions correctly. There was no water coming out of the tube. I looked inside the tube to see if there were any obstructions that would cause the water to come out. The water was flowing, the pump was working, but it didn't have enough force to get the water up the tube. I rearranged the item after I disassembled it for the second time. I'm returning this item and the filters I bought back to Amazon and requesting my money back. I ordered a brand of water fountain from Amazon. Don't purchase this brand in the future.

👤I blew off the negative reviews thinking they just got bad units and I could do better. I feel like a right fool for not listening because my hardwood floors are bubbled in the nooks where this thing was. After two months, it failed catastrophically and then leaked water underneath for another month before giving up the ghost. I have the outdoor 450 oz version that works well, but please don't mess it up.

👤Doesn't push water hard enough to make a fountain. The manual says to turn flowcounterclockwise to decrease flow. The tube has no function. The foam filter stops the water from entering the carbon filter, but it doesn't matter because the pump and the impeller are not strong enough to push water up.

👤I was excited to use this for my rabbits after reading all the great reviews. It was easy to assemble. I filled it with water and plugged it in. There was no water coming up to the top of the fountain. I double checked to make sure it was set to max flow. The fountain was disassembled and the pump was not attached to it. The water was barely pushed out of itself. I double checked everything again. I'm returning for a refund because I'm not sure if I got that one in a 1000 bad pump or not.

6. CZPET Dispenser Electricity Unplugged Automatic

CZPET Dispenser Electricity Unplugged Automatic

The pet water dispensers use gravity to replenish water. This allows your pet to drink fresh water. Storage capacity is 2.5L/84oz, size is 16 x 28 x 27 cm. It lasts about 3-6 days for small and medium pets. It is recommended for busy pet owners. The water dispensers are made of healthy and eco-friendly material. It is sealed to keep dust out. No need to worry about your pet's safety with this product. The product is easy to disassemble and install. It's suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The product has a 6 month warranty. If you have a complaint about the quality of the product, you can use their return or replacement service.

Brand: Czpet

👤I am worried. A cat can go on their own with supplies. I like the fact that there is more than one thing. Even though I have a person who comes by when I am out of town on a daily or every other day basis to check on food and water and liter, I always think the worst. What have you been up to? The bowls will be dry and wet. A large bowl of dry food can be used as a fail safe and can last up to 5 days. I have 2 liter boxes that can hold 10 or 15 days of waste. I have a water fountain that my kitty loves, but if power goes out or something happens to the pump, what will he do? I have this. It can hold a good amount of water for a dog, but for a single cat it could go for 3 or 4 weeks. The mechanism works well and does not overflow the bowl. The bowl needs to be cleaned once a week because it will get dirty from food on the fur or tongue. We worry more about that than our pets, who will drink out of a puddle in the road. My kitty could survive for a couple of weeks with this and a large bowl of food.

👤The water dispensers really impress me. It's very heavy duty, no flimsy parts here. The parts are very thick and solid and it's made of a very hard plastic. It has a matt finish that looks and feels good. It's easy to assemble and disassemble. We'll see how it holds up over time, but I have faith that it will be very durable. Excellent design and materials. I may get a third.

👤My cat thinks the water bowl is a tub and I come home to a pool of water on the kitchen floor daily. This solved the issue! It's very easy to set up, not requiring anything but gravity, and water as well. The jug should be locked in the plastic cover if it wants to put more water in the dish.

👤I took the time out of my day to write a review because it helped me so much. I don't have to replace water for a few days. I am a busy worker and this helped me save time. This was fantastic and the credit goes to the maker. Keep rocking.

👤My cat likes to drink water. The water dispensers can be used without noise. It is very easy to install and disassemble. The customer service team sent me a note that said that if the water is not drained after washing, the water inside may run onto the floor. It doesn't spill water when you put it on the dispensers. It doesn't splash onto the ground. I would recommend it to my friends who have pets. I like its design, price and appearance.

👤The water dish is for our cats. I'm not drinking it but our dog likes it. He empties it once a day. It would be great to have a second bottle. Everything was easy to put together. It is easy to clean. Water does get into the base, but it doesn't dry out quickly. It's easy to clean and easy to towel dry.

7. Automatic Feeder Dispenser Medium Capacity

Automatic Feeder Dispenser Medium Capacity

The cat feed and water dispensers are a part of the pet food mat. The size of the pet feeders is 12712 inches. It can hold about 6 pound of food and 3.8 liters of water. Your pet will enjoy fresh food and clean water. There is a pet water separator. Dog feeders are made of natural material. Cat feeders can be used anywhere. The pet water dispensers can last about 7 days for small pets, 3 days for big pets. Don't worry that pets will be hungry. The folding bowl can be used when you're not around. The automatic cat feeders prolong the time between refill by allowing pets to empty the bowl. There are side cut-out handles along the base for easy lifting. If you are dissatisfied in the first 30 days after you receive the item, you can get a full refund. Life-time customer service and 2 years of Assurance. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Pawzone

👤It is easy to assemble and fill. Food and water can be easily flowed into the bowl. The cats immediately took to them. They don't have a plastic smell that turns them off. One of the best sets I've ever purchased. Highly recommended.

👤This was a great purchase. I use this for my cats when we are away. The food stays fresh because it is put out as they eat. Same with the water. I am glad I bought this. Excellent product, good quality. Smaller dogs would benefit from this.

👤It works great, it's a small feeder and water dispensers. I didn't put it down because it came with a mat. The Cheez-it box is a family size box. Two chihuahuas and a german shepherd share food and water and we are using this for them. I think both dispensers should last a full week.

👤I was somewhat skeptical, but I am very happy. I have two cats and the food lasts about a week. Open the top and dump the food in. If it is empty, it could fly out the serving dish. As they eat the food, it replenishes itself. My cats are very nervous, but they took to it quickly. Remove the bottle, fill it, then pop it into place. The air bubbles in the dish will scare the cats at first, but they got used to it quickly. Everyone should get this. The serving dish is small so they would probably go through it quicker.

👤The container holds the food well. The container holds less water. I thought my cat was messing with it and making the entire container of water spill out onto the flour, but it wasn't. The bowl is still filled even after it overflows into the floor. I started filling the bowl, which was completely against the purpose. I bought this to be able to leave for a few days and not have to worry about their water situation. Total disappointment.

👤It is easy to clean and remove. The feeders are perfect for my dog. It doesn't leak. Excellent quality at a good price. A nice mat is included. Don't hesitate to order it. Highly recommended.

👤I like the color, the strength, and the ease of keeping them clean. The water dispensers work well. I have an issue with the dry cat food. The cat doesn't like to see a full bowl of food when it comes down into the bowl. They eat what is in the bowl and then meow to me about the food not falling in the bowl. I changed the food to see if it was the same size as the one I was eating. No matter what, it does the same. I have to pull the food forward when I am away so I am nervous about going away for more. The size is perfect for 3-6 days.

👤We started using them all the time after we bought them for our cats.

8. PetSafe Healthy Station System Stainless

PetSafe Healthy Station System Stainless

Water capacities are 64 ounce, 128 ounce or 320 ounce. Drink all the time. The gravity water feeders allow you to keep your pet hydrated all day long. Sturdy construction. The locks in the reservoir are made of BPA free plastic to help prevent spills. The water bowl is hygienic. The bowl is more sanitary for your pet. The dishwasher is safe and easy to clean. PetSafe brand's U.S based customer care experts will be happy to help. Since 1991, the PetSafe brand has been an industry leader in the manufacture of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products.

Brand: Petsafe

👤James Brains is the host of the Brains Report and he has a video review of the PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station. The PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station is one of the main reasons we like it. The child likes to play with the water. The amount of water available to him is reduced by this water station. He has shown little interest in it. 2. I didn't have to read the directions to use it. Pop and fill and replace. It is a PFR operation. 3. Remove the bowl and use the dish scrubber to clean it. This was given to our two cats and dog for Christmas last year. We have a tradition of getting each other water bowls. Sharing water and water receptacle is a sign of friendship and love, like in the movie Stranger in a Strange Land. The pets were in the water. The cats like licking it. We have not had any issues with rust, and we like that you can see the water level to know when to add more. I don't think it would fit in our dishwasher, but it's safe, and it'sBPA-free. Our home d├ęcor was greatly improved by this model. People used to say, "Ewww, let's leave." They stay for hours at a time. Some visitors take their shoes off. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't like giving their pets water a lot. We only have to fill it once a week. I don't know how you would use this if you don't have pets. Maybe for a weird play? I don't know. It is your problem. Five stars! If you have a question, please reply. I can help.

👤I read the reviews to see what the positives were. I decided I still wanted it based on those. I am including pictures with my feedback to refute the negative reviews. The leakers did not put the plug over the hole where the optional filter would go. The hole was plugged before I used it. If you want to remove the canister and replace the metal tray, you have to lock the canister back in place and then push the spring in to stop the water flow. Our dogs have been drinking quickly and we have not had to clean them up often. I expect to clean the tray more often when the weather is cooler because they have long facial hair. I like the option to clean the tray. The canister is mostly opaque. I can see through it to see if it is empty. It is difficult to see because it has just been refilled. The line is more noticeable when it is lower. I am able to see it, but it may vary depending on one's own visibility. The lock and symbols are hard to see. One reviewer colored the symbols with Sharpie and I may do the same. I have not found it hard to identify so far. I am very happy with the purchase. The previous water dish was gross and impossible to clean. I don't have to worry about fitting a sponge or hand into the jug to clean it because it can be done inside. It is easy to do. I should have taken that picture. I hope they are helpful. The reviewers that liked the product mentioned a few things so I am combining their tips with my own. This water dispensers is definitely something I recommend.

9. PetSafe Stainless Fountain Whisper Quiet Encourages

PetSafe Stainless Fountain Whisper Quiet Encourages

60-OZ WATER CAPACITY. The fountain has the perfect amount of water for cats and small dogs. It's perseverance that's fascinating. Bubbling water flow encourages pets to drink more and helps promote good hygiene. A 12 pound cat needs 12 ounces of water per day, so your pet needs 1 ounce of water per pound. The material is high-GRADE STAINLESS. The pet fountain is made with high-quality materials that are scratch resistant. Quiet operation. The soft bubbling water makes pets feel comfortable drinking from the fountain. The design is slanted. The modern fountain design looks great in your home and sits nicely in smaller spaces. It's from every angle. Your pet can drink water from the tower or bowl and your cat can drink from the fountain at any side.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The Drinkwell bowl was replaced with this water bowl. It took too long to clean the 360, it became cumbersome and it was nice. There are too many plastic parts. It was ordered last month and it is wonderful. It was very easy to clean. Not many parts. My cats like it. Do not use any of the filters that are sold with it. I bought a pack of filters with a small amount of charcoal inside. Water flow came to a trickle after the filters turned yellow. There is no way that these filters will last a month. This was with foam around the motor that is supposed to catch cat hair. I bought a canister of aquarium charcoal from Amazon and a Reusable Fish Tank Charcoal Filter Bag from Amazon. The mesh bags and charcoal combination worked well and will last at least a week before needing to be cleaned. The mesh bags are not disposable. I don't use the pre-filter because I don't think it's necessary. I have never seen anything caught by it. This water fountain is a 5 out of 5. It is perfect for my cats. Highly recommended.

👤Poor design causes the pump to need constant replacement. The pump has to pump water through a plastic chamber with a filter inside because it is resistant. The pump fails frequently and needs to be replaced every few weeks. The filters cause a mess in the bowl within hours. I have a small chihuahua who doesn't slobber and doesn't drink a lot, so I know the immediate slime build up is not from her. I bought a different pet fountain on Amazon that I like better. Please see my review for that product.

👤This little fountain is quiet, easy to clean, and my cats loved it. Water is replaced daily, the unit is washed out weekly, and we have multiple cats. I have had to return 2 of these in the last few months, as the pump fails after a while. If there was an option to just replace the pump, I would do that. I had to replace the entire device. We've replaced the pump on our own several times since I got the Drinkwell. I don't know what the difference is. The pump is the same as the one in the 360. This was the main reason I chose this as a smaller fountain to add to our home. I will always recommend the 360. I can't do the same thing for the Seaside.

👤I bought this on August 21st, 2020 and will be writing a review on October 6th, 2020. My cat likes drinking from the unit. I had it in less than 2 months. There are spots on the fountain 'cone' section. The water at my house is not corrosive, and I usually put the water in the fountain from a Britta filter pitcher, so the development of rust in a short period of time concerns me, as it seems PetSafe used a very low grade of STAINLESS steel to make this product. Pet safety is not assured by the presence of Rust in water.

10. Old Tjikko Dispenser Automatic Self Dispensing

Old Tjikko Dispenser Automatic Self Dispensing

Natural gravity supply system can save electricity and be more secure. Fresh water and food can be found anywhere. The material isBPA Free. Their water dispensers use food grade plastic material, which is non toxic and good for the pet's health. Keep your pet away from inferior plastics with 100% new material. Automatic pet watering system with big capacity 3.8L waterer. One waterer with 1 gallon capacity can last about 4 days for small pets and 2 days for big pets, you can rest assured that your pets will not be thirsty. The waterer with spring valve design prevents large amounts of water leakage after tipping over, non-skid rubber feet for secure placement. You can split the barrel and wash it once a week. The use of hot water is forbidden.

Brand: Old Tjikko

👤The water dispensers works. The food was not very good. I had to prop up the back so food will come out on its own, instead of having to shake it every day. Doesn't flow as it should. If you left the food on the ground, your animal would have to paw at it to get it. I wouldn't recommend it. I took one star off my review because I was contacted by email from the shipper and told I could get a half refund if I edited or removed my comment. I will not be bribed to be dishonest about my purchase. If this is how they do business, shame on them.

👤When we go on long weekend trips and take a beach vacation, we buy 2 sets for our cats. If one of your cats doesn't see it as a challenge to empty the kibble feeders, these hold enough food and water for 1-2 cats for 7 days. If you use a regular water bowl on your return, our pets love fresh water as much as the rest of us. The vendor of the product contacted me and said that they were sending a replacement water bottle. I would have returned the product if I had enough time to turn it around. The other one is working perfectly and I'm assuming it's a glitch. Vendors that are proactive in resolving issues are great. I recommend that you order in advance so that you can work with the vendor or Amazon to replace it if necessary, as this is a product intended to provide unattended care for your furry friends.

👤It was almost a home run. I didn't want to hire a pet sitter while I was gone. I came across this combo item after I decided to go with a gravity feeder. When I saw this, I felt safe buying it, because I hadn't even thought of getting a water one. I was right to do that. It has been a great product. I received them quickly and they were easy to assemble. I tested them out a few days before I left to make sure they would work, and if I found any issues, I would have time to fix it. You want to not leave for 3 days to find out they didn't eat all weekend. All was well. The food is the only thing that prevents this item from being outstanding. The food doesn't spill into the bottom pan unless you move it along. My cats have to paw out some food or stick their faces into the hole if they want it in the empty pan. When I am home, I usually put my hand in the slot and pull out the food from the pan so it's not awkward for them. I would like it to spill out, but it doesn't. I am able to use it without fear because it doesn't prevent them from eating. The product is easy to use, but it's important to do a test before you leave for a vacation.

11. Road Refresher Slobber Eliminates Messiest

Road Refresher Slobber Eliminates Messiest

No more messages. The floating plate on the Road Refresher protects the water base from dust, dirt, and debris. The base has a floating disk on it that controls the amount of water your pet can drink. This function keeps long ears and snouts dry and the area around the bowl clean and clear of drips, splashes and slippery wet surfaces. Slow and Steady: The clean water from the pet bowl is continuously flowing through the floating lick plate. The ideal amount of water for your pet can be found in this slow feeders. It is possible to reduce the risk of choking by regulating the intake of food and drink. The base of the bowl can be secured to any surface with the included fastenings. The no-skid base and no-slopper combination make it the perfect item for use in cars, RV's, boats, and any other outdoor activity. The Road Bowl is a must-have for pet parents because of its playful paws. The extra-large (48oz) dog water bowl is great for multi-dog homes, while the small (20oz) water bowl is great for puppy bowls. The design of the Road Bowl keeps long ears dry and out of the water, which is a benefit for breeds with long ears. The Road Refresher pet bowl is easy to clean, lightweight and heat resistant, and it is finished with smooth rounded edges. It is easy to fill, clean and take on the go. The dishwasher is safe.

Brand: Road Refresher

👤I bought the Road Refresher No Slobber, No Spill Dog Water Bowl for my puppy to discourage her from splashing in her water bowl and flipping her water bowl over. Her regular Amazon Basics Bowl was a bigger problem than this one. She stuck her paw in the bowl and submerged the floater when she first saw it. She splashed the water out with her paws and pulled the ring off the bowl. She chewed up the rest of the bowl. She put the bowl in the air, flipped it over and dumped the water on the floor. The large bowl held a lot of water. A very old dog may benefit from this bowl. The puppy dismantled the bowl in less than 5 minutes.

👤It was a longshot but we tried it. You will be able to see in the video that it did not work. The mechanism functioned exactly as it was supposed to. It only releases a small amount of water at a time and I think that should prevent drips. It's not enough for my monster. There is a water trail leading from the dish to his bed. Oh well. I guess I am back to the drawing board.

👤I have to praise this product. I have a dog that created a lake after she drank and my husband wouldn't let her water bowl stay in the house. I had to let her in the garage a lot. I researched a few brands and decided to stick with this one. It is easy to fill and works. I fill it up like a regular water bowl, even though the directions say to take the lid off and fill the line. You can see how much water is available by looking at the picture. The dogs have access to more water than the bowl does. This reduces the mess. I will admit that there are times when my dog is thirsty and I find it on the ground, but it is nothing compared to what it used to be. My husband allowed me to move the water bowl back inside. I am happy.

👤After losing our sweet, gentle, quiet 13-year old Lab mix, we decided to welcome another Lab puppy to our home. Our last Lab was a perfect gentleman and walked around the house like Eeyore. The new puppy is crazy. He's just as sweet as sugar. Like most Labs, he is energetic. I work to exercise him so that he's tired and not as energy efficient as we would like him to be. He picked up on training very quickly. He does everything with as much gusto as his body can handle. Including drinking. He's serious about his hydration. He was a water bowl slobberer from the day he was born. I have had dogs my whole life, but I have never had a water bowl slobberer. My luck is over. He tries to dunk his head in the water bowl when he drinks, and if the water bowl is large enough, he'll happily dunk his paws in it as well. I'm pretty sure he's half lab and half fish. The amount of water my dog can hold in his mouth is insane. He always forgets to swallow the last gulp he takes. Always. I have ceramic tile in most of my home. I'm so fed up with my butt being busted almost every 15 minutes because of the invisible trail of water leading from his water bowl to whatever grabbed his attention the second he decided to stop gulping, that I stopped eating. I'm fed up with having 13 towels surrounding his water bowl in all directions, at all times, because he's able to bounce over them like Super Dog. I would rather have a dog that chews up my shoes. I was in need of a solution. The Road Refresher Dog Bowl was entered. It arrived on our doorstep last night. After a long play session, the puppy decided to drink water. Voila. It doesn't stop 100% of the slobber, but it does stop at least part of the slobber. He dripped 3 or 4 drops instead of a half gallon of water. My 13 towels were able to handle it. Same thing this morning. It's good! I would hug the inventor if I could. Thank you so much! It's still awesome after a full day with it. The only problem we have seen so far is that our puppy tries to drag the bowl around the room when it's empty. Thank you for the included velcro.


What is the best product for dog water bowl dispenser large breed?

Dog water bowl dispenser large breed products from Lucky Farm. In this article about dog water bowl dispenser large breed you can see why people choose the product. Flexzion and Petfusion are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog water bowl dispenser large breed.

What are the best brands for dog water bowl dispenser large breed?

Lucky Farm, Flexzion and Petfusion are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog water bowl dispenser large breed. Find the detail in this article. Etna, Petsafe and Czpet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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