Best Dog Water Bowl Dispenser 5 Gallon

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1. Petmate Waterer Water Dispenser Sizes

Petmate Waterer Water Dispenser Sizes

Automatic refill: The cat dog water bowl is perfect for pet parents with busy lifestyles. There is a sewer-free water station. Easy- grab cutouts allow pet parents to easily lift the pet water bowl without spilling it. They have a variety of products to keep pets fed with fresh food water. The base and bottle of the Pet Cafe are not dishwasher safe. Petmate has been around for over 50 years and is passionate about their dogs, cats and furry friends. Just for animals. Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens, and small furry friends.

Brand: Petmate

👤I thought it was a good way to get water to our puppies that are 5 weeks old. After a day of using it, we had to refill it with fresh water. The plastic twist on cap is cheap. There is a small piece that came off of the plastic stopper. Our puppies could have easily swallowed the plastic end piece and the plastic end piece was floating in the water. Your pet could choke on the pieces. Absolutely unacceptable! Do not buy.

👤I contacted the manufacturer through their website and explained the situation. They are sending me a replacement lid because of the faulty ones. If you end up with a broken lid, I highly recommend taking this route. I bought two of them in April. I only have to refill them once a week for my five animals because of the amount of water they hold. I bought them in April and noticed that one of them would pour out water when I flipped the container into the bowl. The lid had split. I have been trying to find a replacement lid or a way to contact the seller, but no luck. I noticed the reviews while looking at it. This seems to be an issue with almost every lid. I would have looked at the reviews before buying the product. I wouldn't have bought them if I'd done that. Don't waste your time with this product, it will be hassle free.

👤Don't say 4 sizes in the title with zero size option. I thought this would be good for my cats. This is only good for small dogs or kittens. I have a normal-sized cat that can't get to the bowl without turning her head in weird ways. The next issue is that it won't provide water to the bowl. The opening of the bottle is so tight that it will only release a few drops at a time and stop with barely any water in the bowl. The entire purpose of the unit was defeated when I had to tip the bottle. The picture shows a white cap on the bottle, but I didn't have it. I can't recommend this product because I just got a better bottle that has a cap with a hole to feed better, but it's missing, so maybe that would have helped. Too small, missing part, and just won't work.

👤The jug is on top of the bowl. There's a small bit of a fit, but nothing too strong. We have 4 cats and they all use it. When the water gets low enough, it will make a noise that can 888-565- The cats are pretty fun to watch when they stare at it. It will last a couple weeks with four cats if we fill it all the way up. We usually only fill a third of the way and change it every week or less because it feels gross to leave water around that long. It's a good idea to wipe it down between fill ups to get rid of any dirt that may build up over time. There will be a small amount of oil around the water bowl if one of the cats drops food into it. We have had a waterer for 2 years and it has held up. The plastic is still flexible. When it was new, the cap worked the same way. The cats have never acted like they dislike the feeders. One of our cats is still obsessed with the sounds of the glugging. She'll sit in front of it as soon as we fill it up and set it down, hoping it will keep going after it's already done. The cats would stop drinking if it glugged them, but now they are unphased by it. If we did need to buy another one, we would simply buy this one again. We would recommend a friend to buy one of these. They're great!

2. VaygWay Self Dispensing Pet Waterer

VaygWay Self Dispensing Pet Waterer

The VaygWay Pet Drinking Bowl is made with premium quality non toxic plastic material and components that ensure the safetiness of your pet and the longevity of the item. The perfect design of the VaygWay Pet Drinking Bowl makes it easy to put it on the floor and pick it up. It's easy to clean. The dog drinking bowl can be cleaned. You can wash the water gallon individually by detaching it from the water dispensers. The VaygWay Pet Drinking Bowl is a great tool for keeping your pets hydrated while you're away. As long as the water gallon still has water in it, it fills out the bowl automatically. It's easy to store. The VaygWay Pet Drinking Bowl can easily be stored when not in use.

Brand: Vaygway

👤Don't waste your money. If you spend a bit more, you can get a spring to make sure it doesn't leak when placed in a bowl. The concept and size is great, but this one is very cheap. We needed a big one because we have four rabbits that go through water like crazy and this one is not easy to handle because it gets so heavy and when you flip it over to put it in water it starts pouring out and you can't put the bottom on it. One day my husband accidentally dropped it while trying to quickly get it on so the water wouldn't go everywhere like it always does and it slipped out of his hand and almost hit our rabbits. The weight could have hurt it. We stopped using it after this happened. It would be a great water bowl if it didn't start pouring water after you put it in the bowl. We got a smaller one that has a spring in it so it doesn't start putting out water until the spring is pushed on by the water bowl and it's wonderful. It is worth having to fill the bowl twice a day. It would have been perfect if this one had that feature.

👤I like the fact that I don't have to do the water dish a lot. I have a dog and cats. I always refill the water bowl. I don't have to as much. I think it takes about 4 days to get it to be empty. It is very easy to change the water. Not big or bulky. The addition made the house run more smoothly.

👤This product is great for my cat. She would always dump her water dish over my wood floors. That has stopped with the self-dispensing water dish. It is very easy to fill the water container. Water will not run out if you turn the bottle upside down.

👤I've had a waterer for about 3 months and I'm happy with it. The design of the bottle valve is very clever. When the bottle is in the base, the valve opens. The valve closes when you pull the bottle out. I think the bowl fills up to halfway up the sides.

👤I put a water container on my patio for the cat that adopted me. I put the full container in the freezer at night. I put it in the base and add a cup of cold water the next morning. It is hot during the day, the ice is not completely frozen, and there is cold water for the cat. I add ice cubes to the base later in the day. It works great and it wasn't expensive.

👤I've had lesser versions of this concept before. I have a feeling I won't need another one for a long time, because this one is the best I've tried. I used to have a brand that was garbage because barely any water would come out. There was no way to stop the water from spilling when you turn it upside down to place it in the bowl. This one is completely different. The water bowl is full. Thick plastic. When the container is connected to the bowl, the magic lid will only give water. This has made it easier to water my bunny babies. If you don't clean the bowl with every refill, it will build up over time, but it is easy to wipe out. Great design all around!

3. Old Tjikko Dispenser Automatic Self Dispensing

Old Tjikko Dispenser Automatic Self Dispensing

Natural gravity supply system can save electricity and be more secure. Fresh water and food can be found anywhere. The material isBPA Free. Their water dispensers use food grade plastic material, which is non toxic and good for the pet's health. Keep your pet away from inferior plastics with 100% new material. Automatic pet watering system with big capacity 3.8L waterer. One waterer with 1 gallon capacity can last about 4 days for small pets and 2 days for big pets, you can rest assured that your pets will not be thirsty. The waterer with spring valve design prevents large amounts of water leakage after tipping over, non-skid rubber feet for secure placement. You can split the barrel and wash it once a week. The use of hot water is forbidden.

Brand: Old Tjikko

👤The water dispensers works. The food was not very good. I had to prop up the back so food will come out on its own, instead of having to shake it every day. Doesn't flow as it should. If you left the food on the ground, your animal would have to paw at it to get it. I wouldn't recommend it. I took one star off my review because I was contacted by email from the shipper and told I could get a half refund if I edited or removed my comment. I will not be bribed to be dishonest about my purchase. If this is how they do business, shame on them.

👤When we go on long weekend trips and take a beach vacation, we buy 2 sets for our cats. If one of your cats doesn't see it as a challenge to empty the kibble feeders, these hold enough food and water for 1-2 cats for 7 days. If you use a regular water bowl on your return, our pets love fresh water as much as the rest of us. The vendor of the product contacted me and said that they were sending a replacement water bottle. I would have returned the product if I had enough time to turn it around. The other one is working perfectly and I'm assuming it's a glitch. Vendors that are proactive in resolving issues are great. I recommend that you order in advance so that you can work with the vendor or Amazon to replace it if necessary, as this is a product intended to provide unattended care for your furry friends.

👤It was almost a home run. I didn't want to hire a pet sitter while I was gone. I came across this combo item after I decided to go with a gravity feeder. When I saw this, I felt safe buying it, because I hadn't even thought of getting a water one. I was right to do that. It has been a great product. I received them quickly and they were easy to assemble. I tested them out a few days before I left to make sure they would work, and if I found any issues, I would have time to fix it. You want to not leave for 3 days to find out they didn't eat all weekend. All was well. The food is the only thing that prevents this item from being outstanding. The food doesn't spill into the bottom pan unless you move it along. My cats have to paw out some food or stick their faces into the hole if they want it in the empty pan. When I am home, I usually put my hand in the slot and pull out the food from the pan so it's not awkward for them. I would like it to spill out, but it doesn't. I am able to use it without fear because it doesn't prevent them from eating. The product is easy to use, but it's important to do a test before you leave for a vacation.

4. Meleg Otthon Automatic Dispenser Replenish

Meleg Otthon Automatic Dispenser Replenish

The water bowl has a small float valve that keeps the bowl full even for large dogs and many dogs sharing it. High-quality food-grade plastic material, safe, healthy, and environmental protection, perfect care of your love pet, and 100% new material, save money, are some of the things that high-quality food-grade plastic material,BPA-free, safe, healthy, and environmental protection Automatic feeding device, saving time and safety, is 3.8L large capacity. Their water feeler makes it easy to work, date, rest, and don't worry about your pet's drinking water. A transparent barrel, easy to confirm the amount of water, and a non-slip base make the design user-friendly. The barrel body is easy to clean and rinse with water. It's a good idea to clean once a week. It's easy to operate, just remove the spring mouth of the bucket, put it in the clean water, and then fix it to the base, especially for office workers or single owners, who don't mind if the pet doesn't have water to drink.

Brand: Meleg Otthon

👤3 A.M. creeps up. The house is quiet. I hear footsteps. My Pit Bull woke up and was ready to take a big drink that would wake the house. SLURP SLURP I think to myself. There's not enough water to last him. I got him a water bowl and got rid of the other one. The water lasted the whole night, nobody in the house slept that night. Some say that the water has lasted for a long time. The water bowl is great for dogs so you don't have to worry about them going thirsty.

👤My dogs and cats have a nice big water dispensers. We couldn't keep up with their water bowls and one cat liked to dump them. No one has knocked this over, it is up against the wall. It has plenty of water for several days. It's easy to use and fill. I'm not sure how we would be able to clean the inside of the jug.

👤This is what I was looking for. The thin plastic bottle sits poorly on the base of many other dispensers. I was happy to find and order this perfect dispensers. The base and bottle are sturdy. The cap on the bottle makes it easy to put it on the base without making a mess. I think this is a great idea.

👤It's perfect for our cats. Our 2 cats had no problem adjusting to these, we purchased a week before our vacation. When you don't have family or friends to check in on your cats on a daily basis, it's a wonderful product. It was delivered quickly and packaged well.

👤Absolutely disgusting! The containers have slots for food and water to be opened. I used a knife to pry the bases open after Maggots and flies came out. I don't know why my dog likes drinking rain water outside. I know! There are openings at both ends of the food bowl, and no lid that connects in any way. It rests on top. There is always dog food.

👤This is the best cat bowl I have ever purchased. My cats went to the bowl. There is a lot of room in the bowl for whiskers. It is easy to refill. The screw-on refill caps reduce spillage that has always plagued other designs. No more spills. Cats are happy. I ordered two more after buying one.

👤I have a cat water fountain that I use to give my cats more water and food. They don't drink out of it. The food stuck in the bottle doesn't come down when the bowl is empty, but they did eat from the food dispensers. The water dispensers are ok if I tip them over, but the food dispensers are horrible. When it's full, I've lifted it gently to move it to a different location and the bottle is not attached to the base so it spills food all over. Terrible design. The bottle should be locked into the base. My goodness.

👤My cat is very messy. He doesn't usually eat over his bowl. He now eats over the bowl and there is less food on the floor. Even though there was still food in his bowl, he would begg me for food. I think he couldn't get the food in the corners of the bowl. He licks the new bowl clean and less begging. I have to take the bowl to the sink to clean it out everyday because he drops it in the water bowl portion. It's nice to not have to fill up the water multiple times. It's better than any other normal bowl and it looks good.

5. Automatic Feeder Dispenser Medium Capacity

Automatic Feeder Dispenser Medium Capacity

The cat feed and water dispensers are a part of the pet food mat. The size of the pet feeders is 12712 inches. It can hold about 6 pound of food and 3.8 liters of water. Your pet will enjoy fresh food and clean water. There is a pet water separator. Dog feeders are made of natural material. Cat feeders can be used anywhere. The pet water dispensers can last about 7 days for small pets, 3 days for big pets. Don't worry that pets will be hungry. The folding bowl can be used when you're not around. The automatic cat feeders prolong the time between refill by allowing pets to empty the bowl. There are side cut-out handles along the base for easy lifting. If you are dissatisfied in the first 30 days after you receive the item, you can get a full refund. Life-time customer service and 2 years of Assurance. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Pawzone

👤It is easy to assemble and fill. Food and water can be easily flowed into the bowl. The cats immediately took to them. They don't have a plastic smell that turns them off. One of the best sets I've ever purchased. Highly recommended.

👤This was a great purchase. I use this for my cats when we are away. The food stays fresh because it is put out as they eat. Same with the water. I am glad I bought this. Excellent product, good quality. Smaller dogs would benefit from this.

👤It works great, it's a small feeder and water dispensers. I didn't put it down because it came with a mat. The Cheez-it box is a family size box. Two chihuahuas and a german shepherd share food and water and we are using this for them. I think both dispensers should last a full week.

👤I was somewhat skeptical, but I am very happy. I have two cats and the food lasts about a week. Open the top and dump the food in. If it is empty, it could fly out the serving dish. As they eat the food, it replenishes itself. My cats are very nervous, but they took to it quickly. Remove the bottle, fill it, then pop it into place. The air bubbles in the dish will scare the cats at first, but they got used to it quickly. Everyone should get this. The serving dish is small so they would probably go through it quicker.

👤The container holds the food well. The container holds less water. I thought my cat was messing with it and making the entire container of water spill out onto the flour, but it wasn't. The bowl is still filled even after it overflows into the floor. I started filling the bowl, which was completely against the purpose. I bought this to be able to leave for a few days and not have to worry about their water situation. Total disappointment.

👤It is easy to clean and remove. The feeders are perfect for my dog. It doesn't leak. Excellent quality at a good price. A nice mat is included. Don't hesitate to order it. Highly recommended.

👤I like the color, the strength, and the ease of keeping them clean. The water dispensers work well. I have an issue with the dry cat food. The cat doesn't like to see a full bowl of food when it comes down into the bowl. They eat what is in the bowl and then meow to me about the food not falling in the bowl. I changed the food to see if it was the same size as the one I was eating. No matter what, it does the same. I have to pull the food forward when I am away so I am nervous about going away for more. The size is perfect for 3-6 days.

👤We started using them all the time after we bought them for our cats.

6. Zcaukya Automatic Dispenser Gravity Fountain

Zcaukya Automatic Dispenser Gravity Fountain

The Automatic Cat & Dog Feeder Set is made from food grade material that is safe for pets. The set includes: automatic cat feeders, water dispensers, antiskid mat, spoon, brush, and more. Novel design. The anti-skid pad of the base can be used to prevent your pets from overturn the water fountain. The water dispensers have spiral and spring valve design to make sure it won't leak. You can replenish in time if food and water run out. A top is domed. The cylindrical design can hold the most food or water in the smallest area. The bottle and case are easy to clean. The side cut-out handles on the base allow you to easily lift the water and cat feeders. Their Cat Feeder and Water Dispenser Set is a great choice for when you have to stay away from home for a few days. Cats and dogs can eat and drink themselves with the gravity supply system. It saves you time. If you are dissatisfied in the first 30 days after you receive the item, you will get a full refund. Life-time customer service and 2 years of Assurance. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Zcaukya

👤I'm amazed by the amount of reviews that say they wish these had come with instructions, if you can't figure out how to assemble these, you probably shouldn't own animals. Highly recommend.

👤The product is the same as advertised. Good quality and easy to assemble. I like the scooper too.

👤We received a 4 stars review when we purchased it. Great product. If it gave us instructions, it would have given us 5 stars. There were a few rubber pieces for the feeders, but no instructions. The pups are happy. The product doesn't stay on tightly enough so when the food is finished it comes off. Our pups are still under the age of 1 and they love to bite and get into things. Our dog wanted to be curious and stuck her head in the bowl. My son was home. The Animal Control was unable to remove it from her. She was angry and frustrated. We put security cameras outside to watch our pets.

👤The pressure release stopper for the water unit makes changing the water dribble free, which is a good improvement over the original set. The gravity feed works well. The scallops in the base are easy to pick up. All in all very pleased.

👤We love that we can give our cats water and food when they are out, so they don't have to wait for us.

👤Water and kibble dispensers work fine. My cat food is small and doesn't slide into the bowl as shown. There is a small amount at the mouth of the opening. I have to fill the bowl by shaking it. I bought this to feed my cats.

👤Works well! No issues! My dog and cat love each other. Does what it is supposed to do.

7. BENTOPAL Dispenser Auto Refill Fountain Required

BENTOPAL Dispenser Auto Refill Fountain Required

It is convenient to use. The water will come from the hole when your pet touches the floating disk. If you have a question about their product, please contact them. They are happy to help. To make sure, use 1.5V dry batteries. The auto refill works. Dogs and cats can drink fresh water 24 hours a day, even if you are out. The dog bowls will refill automatically if the dog water dispenser is less than 400ml. Water will keep running if the voltage is low. Dry batteries should be changed. If you make it under the sun, your pets will get hot water. It is easy to set up the cat water fountain, keep the foucet on and keep your pets hydrated. Question 1 The water won't stop, it may be the water flow that is too much. Don't use the 1.5V dry batteries, it doesn't work. When you have a question about using, contact them.

Brand: Bentopal

👤The dog bowls have less than 400ml water capacity. The set up of the cat water fountain requires no specialized skills. Not only for large dog water bowl dispensers, but also cat supplies.

👤I was expecting it to stop when I connected it, but it just kept filling. The bowl kept filling with the bowl that I took out. It says that it's not supposed to do that. Sending it back.

👤It does not work as advertised for those of us who are not engineers. We should be told about a missing piece. I kept the water low and thought the first bowl might have been faulty but the second bowl didn't work. The water doesn't stop when the bowl is full. I kept it because I am working from home so I can go out more often and make sure my dogs have fresh water. Save money.

👤It was broken when I received it. I opened the case to see if I could fix it. It wouldn't have lasted long if the board hadn't been protected from the water.

👤Even though the mechanism clicked, the water bowl overflowed and never shut itself off. Even though you can hear the magnetic actuator being engaged, it is not strong enough to interrupt water flow. You would want this to fail-closed so in the event of low power, the valve would default to closed/off.

👤We have been trained to buy wasted materials. The first unit worked for a week. It is ridiculous that our expectations have been lowered. Cheap goods mean that. I would pay more for better quality. Does anyone care? The planet is amazing. Being polluted. Garbage from China.

👤I thought it was sufficient for large dogs. It is easy to assemble, but small. It would be better suited to a cat or small dog. I was not happy with the size.

👤Didn't work from the beginning. We missed the return window after moving in. Also a small bowl.

8. Aspen Pet Lebistro Water Dispenser

Aspen Pet Lebistro Water Dispenser

Automatic refill: The cat dog water bowl is perfect for pet parents with busy lifestyles who want to keep their pets hydrated. There is a sewer free water station. The dog and cat water bowl has a spill-resistant lip to keep floors safe and a stable base to prevent tipping. They have a variety of products to keep pets fed with fresh food water. Aspen Pets provides every day essentials for pet parents, dogs cats, and more. Just for animals. Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens, and small furry friends.

Brand: Petmate

👤I used to own a Le Bistro, the same size, for my last dog. It was a simple move. You filled up the bottle, which was just like a five gallon water bottle for a regular water dispensers, and you sat it down on the stand/bowl. Simple, easy, no fuss. They have a mess with a wide mouth on the bottle. It spills water no matter what I do. I end up with a mess and water all over the floor if I try to put the bowl on it upside down. I don't like this thing and I don't want to fill it all the way up. They messed with a winning design. I won't be buying another one.

👤It was broken when it arrived. There are clips around the edges that allow you to take it apart for cleaning. When I put it down, the contents of the 'jug' were already in the bowl, and then they were released onto my floor. I was able to get around the issue by using hot glue to seal the areas where the clips wouldn't hold. I was already stuck with the product, so it wasn't an ideal solution. I wouldn't recommend this. You can get a picture of one of the broken clips by looking at my photo. There were two broken clips. A broken return was sent to me. Either is not acceptable. Buy at your own risk.

👤The design and quality here is terrible. If I could, I would give 0 starts. The old Le Bistro was used as a chew toy and I was finally replacing it after 15 years. This version is cheap and flimsy and the gap between the base and the top makes it unsanitary. I can't imagine leaving this just sit and waiting for my dog to get sick. Since it was a replacement and I was going to use it immediately, I took all the stickers off and washed it before I noticed the gap. I don't think I can get it back. Don't waste your money, it's a big disappointment.

👤I like this product. I used to have an open bowl for my animals to share, but it always got dirty and I didn't clean it enough. The system keeps the bowl a bit cleaner by being a less open area, but because it needs to be refilled regularly, I pick the whole unit up and clean it more often than I did the other bowl. I don't spill as much because there is a lip on the bowl, unlike my old one, where there was a lot of mess when I picked it up. I feel that my animals are happier with it than the old bowl. It might take some getting used to for scared cats who don't like the sound of water.

👤There are several brands that have been around for a while and the people at the ASPEN seem to have tried to cash in by creating a really badly designed version of what is easy to use in other brands. The water bottle's lid is made of a brittle plastic, which will break if you put it in the top of the tray. There is no lid in other designs. You just need a neck that extends into the water bottle. The other water bottles for dispensers in offices across the country have a sturdy narrow neck and no cap to screw on. The bottle is not cleanable because of the gap behind it to catch debris over time. The dog can drink from the ramp at the reservoir. In most other dog water dispensers, the bottle has a small hole in it that the dog can fill with water. The dogs drinking area is effectively closed off, so that's why the hole is kept clean. The back area of the bottle is open to the area the dog drinks out of, if you look at the picture. This is bad engineering because the design has been around for a long time and is much better. The dog drinks from also has a lip, which makes it more difficult to clean. I can't believe that the company did a poor job making what had already been designed. If they changed the design to avoid conflict, they lost.

9. BLUERISE Automatic Waterer Dispenser Fountain

BLUERISE Automatic Waterer Dispenser Fountain

Premium quality dog and cat water dispensers and automatic dog feeders are made with non toxic plastic material and components that ensure the safetiness of your pet and the longevity of the item. Automatic refill: The dog and cat food dispensers give out water slowly. It's perfect for busy pet parents. Large pets can be accommodated with this hold. There is a sewer free water station. The cat feeders have a spill-resistant lip to keep floors safe. The bowl and bottle should be removed for easy washing. The dog and cat water bowl is easy to clean. You can wash the plastic gallon on top of the food and water bowls. The top lid and base of the pet food container are made of transparent PET, which allows for checking food levels at a glance.

Brand: Bluerise

👤Convenient to fill and I don't have to refill daily. I was afraid to go away for a week without someone checking on my cat's food because the cat food once eaten out of the main bowl doesn't want to refill in the bowl but stay in a small heap. It was bought to avoid this.

👤My dog hates eating and drinking from metal. I had to use food enhancements to get him to eat and I had to use a deli container for water. I had to fill his water 3 times a day. He is gaining weight and drinking more water than he has in a year with these. We have struggled with his eating and drinking habits for a long time. I forgot what it was like to have him eat healthy, and am very grateful he is getting back to his ideal weight. I would like to thank you for the easy to use and clean product that my picky dog loves using. It doesn't fit under the bathroom. There is a faucet. I have to fill the water in the kitchen. I get the extra steps. I am also healthier.

👤It works well for stray cats that come by my house. I don't have to feed daily. The only thing with the container is that you have to shake it to get more food to come out of the bowl as it gets lower.

👤I bought these recently and they are useful. This saves me from going to refill the dog food everyday because I get busy. It usually lasts a few days before I have to refill my pups. I recommend.

👤They don't leak when you put the bottle on the bowl. I bought this for my dog which is a border collie blue heeler and I wish I would have gotten the bigger ones for her.

👤The water and food containers stop when they are supposed to. I think it will be a good purchase. I will have to wait and see if it works after the FattoGhatto starts.

👤I was worried about ordering these since my cat ones don't lock together well, but they are great because my dog can't get them unlocked or spills his bowls, and I don't chew on them.

👤A dog is stuck in a food container. It should fit, not like we buy big bites. I learned the hard way how to lift it from the bottom. There wasibble spilling everywhere. I think I should have kept it the way it was, but you know what I mean.

👤I use these for my animals. The water bowl is clean. It has a spring loaded spigot that will let you fill the bottle and put it on the base without spilling. I would purchase again.

👤Those are great. The plastic is thick. It's easy to refill.

👤Trop lĂ©ger pour qu'il puisse tre renversĂ©. L'accepte pas le retours.

👤I have to take food down with my hand because it is not refilling.

10. Filters Petmate Replendish Mason Fountains

Filters Petmate Replendish Mason Fountains

A pack of 12 filters and a strap. It is compatible with Petmate Replendish and Petmate Mason. Keep the water tasting fresh by removing odor and impurities. The filter needs to be replaced every 2 to 4 weeks.

Brand: Petstandard

👤Generic filters. The original petmate brand filters were not as good. Won't last more than a month. There is a different picture of packaging than there is inside. It was pretty disappointing with the quality.

👤This is a good deal for the filters. I keep the orange streaks away from the dogs' eyes and mouth by having them drink from anything that has water with filters. They won't get angry if they lick their paws. For anyone with a white dog, you know what I am talking about. You keep them on the water until the hair grows out. The new hair will not be orange. Be patient. There are a few different types of dog bowls on Amazon. They can be given bottled watered. Any of these ways work. It's perfect for me to have a back up filter.

👤I swap the filters every 3 weeks because they are a bit smaller. The price makes up for that. I have a large Replendish bowl for 3 dogs and refill it 4 times, then swap it for a new one. We live in an area with hard water and a chlorine smell and things are removed. The replendish bowl gets really stinky after 3 months. I put the bowl and container in the bleachy water and let it sit for two days. You have a nice smelling bowl after that. I keep a regular bowl of water.

👤I thought I liked the replacement filters. The instructions don't say to remove the plastic packaging around the filter. The original Petmate tank had a plastic-wrapped filter installed. I added water to the tank and have been refilling it for a month. I decided to change the pre-installed filter with one of the replacements because it had a film wrap. Went online for instructions and saw that it needed to be removed and washed. I snapped the tank on the bowl after installing the strap, which was difficult. The strap is floating in the tank. The snap doesn't fill well. Hope my kitty isn't thinking about what's in the water. Suggestions for the next refill are accepted.

👤The Replenish Water Fountain Feeders have a cheaper alternative for the manufacturer's brand filters. You have to change them more often because they cost less and do a good job. The filters that cost more last longer. You have to consider convenience against the economy. If you don't mind changing them monthly, it may be worth the extra money to buy the more expensive name brand filters.

👤These are replacement filters. They come with replacement straps. The little wave of fear that comes when you think you lost the strap is something anyone who owns a water dish knows. The self-filling mechanism doesn't work properly without the filter, so these are a must for anyone who owns this product. I am satisfied with the quality of the filters.

👤I usually buy the Petmate branded filters for my dog bowls, but this came up as Amazon's pick, so I decided to try it. You can't go wrong trying it out at the price. They seem to act the same as the other brand. I used to pay half as much for a year's supply, but now it's the same price.

11. Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer Dispenser

Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer Dispenser

The Gravity Waterer is perfect for pet parents with busy lifestyles and can be used with the Petmate Replendish charcoal filters. The base and bottle are easy to assemble and clean with the charcoal filter. Food and Water: Keep fresh pet food and water with a variety of products including bowls for kennels, gravity water bowls, automated food bowls and travel accessories. Petmate has been improving the lives of dogs, cats, and pet owners with a variety of leashes, toys, carriers, and more. Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit, and more are some of the brands that Petmate makes.

Brand: Petmate

👤Works well! It has a filter for the water as well. The fake lid on the top does not open. The bottle is not opened, so you can remove the lid. The bottle has a cap on it. I thought it would be easy to remove and fill it in, but I realized that it would be hard to fill it with water as it would run out of the bowl. The water needs to be a bit of a vacuum in order to not over-flow. The "jar lid" does not open.

👤My dog loves this waterer. I had to replace the one he had for a long time. I researched a number of different waterers before purchasing this one. I was concerned about the ability to keep it clean. The old one had a feature where the water bottle came off for easy access to cleaning. That feature is not present in this one. Cleaning is not a problem. The wide mouth makes filling easier. It's easy to get off the base. I like that it has a charcoal filter. I am not sure if it is necessary as I am not sure what it is doing. I think I'm giving my fur baby cleaner water. It is possible to use without the filter, but they are easy to replace. Just have to remember to change them. It is very cute. The dog is protective and won't share with the cat, so I have to buy him one as well. The bottle portion of mine had a few dents, but they are barely noticeable once it is filled, and it wasn't worth returning for such a small defect. The top of the bottle is only for decoration to make it look like a mason jar, as other reviewers have mentioned. It is plastic.

👤I wanted a better experience. It misses the mark by a mile. An automatic pet waterer is designed to go a long time without having to fill or worry about your pet not getting a drink. Jars don't open at the top to fill to max capacity or refill without having to disassemble. As soon as the bowl fills, the jar is always 1/3 empty. Unless I add water directly, the bowl won't fill more than half way. I believe the combination of the dense square filter crammed and latched on top of the small holes prevent water from flowing through completely as a gravity waterer should. The angle is off according to some reviewers. The filter is putting too much pressure on the holes and preventing water from entering the bowl due to the water weight on the filter. It's pretty disappointing.

👤I am angry! I am 63 years old and have two dachshunds. I wanted a water bottle with a filter that I could keep filled from the top because I can't lift a gallon of water from my wheelchair. I thought it would be great, since I have a few things in my kitchen with a Mason jar design. When you take off the LID, it doesn't open the BOTTLE. I bought two of these, one for inside and one for outside, but I can't use them at all, so I'm just going to throw them away. I have to throw out a lot of stuff. This is false advertising, which is illegal.


What is the best product for dog water bowl dispenser 5 gallon?

Dog water bowl dispenser 5 gallon products from Petmate. In this article about dog water bowl dispenser 5 gallon you can see why people choose the product. Vaygway and Old Tjikko are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog water bowl dispenser 5 gallon.

What are the best brands for dog water bowl dispenser 5 gallon?

Petmate, Vaygway and Old Tjikko are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog water bowl dispenser 5 gallon. Find the detail in this article. Meleg Otthon, Pawzone and Zcaukya are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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