Best Dog Waste Bags for Dispenser Station

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1. Simpletome Dispenser Waterproof Oxford Zipper

Simpletome Dispenser Waterproof Oxford Zipper

Simpletome used double-layer 1680D waterproof oxford, reinforced sewing thread, and better plastic buckle for leash, harness or waist belt. The plastic bags dispensers have a crack knocking noise. Keep your dogs quiet. Quick POOP bags. Access is available. Pull your next poop bag from the poop bags holder right now and you'll save time and hassle. No more searching for pet waste bags when you walk outside. You will love this dog bags holder. They used a brand called Japan YKK to make sure you have a good experience. The zip is easy to open and close, and it has passed thousands of tests. One gift dog poop bag is included. 15 bags/roll to test the dispensers. Can be sustainable after a few years. More than just a pouch bag holder, can hold small parts. If it is broken, there is a free replacement in one year. Simpletome customer service is free.

Brand: Simpletome

👤The product is sturdy and well made. I gave it one star for ease of use. The soft fabric bag collapses against the roll inside making it difficult to pull out a bag. The item was supposed to be replaced, but I improvised by using the cheap plastic bag dispensers. I heat molded a thin piece of plastic that was cut to 126mm x 58mm into a barrel shape so that it would fit inside the dispensers. Look at photos. The bag is not able to collapse against the roll when used. I would pay more for this item if it had a cutout for the bag. It seems like an easy item to source, but I spent a lot of time designing, measuring, cutting, mold and trimming it.

👤I just love this product. I like how easy it is to put the new bags in the container. We could air dry and hand wash it when it gets dirty. The hook that holds it onto the leash is so durable that I love it. In the last 4 months, we've had 3 different dog bag holders. The plastic ones are difficult to use and are not sturdy. The bag holder is simple and genius.

👤I keep many different dispensers attached to the handle of Atlas' leash. He's a very active dog and tends to make the leash snap tight. The bags flew everywhere when the other dispensers fell off. The bags don't come out easily all the time. I just put the bags in and it works.

👤The design of the bag holder doesn't work as expected, but I like the appearance and quality of it. The rubber opening for the bags doesn't really work. The roll of bags pull up tight against the inside of the holder so you can't pull them all. If the inside were lined with plastic, the roll of bags would spin as you pull them, but as designed now, the bags get stuck so we have found ourselves feeding the bags from out of the top zip area. The product's purpose is defeated by a workaround.

👤I replaced the plastic clasp with a metal one. I don't want to lose it. There is one roll of waste bags. I would like a holder for two rolls. I carry a spare in my pocket. It does what it's supposed to do.

👤The leash is easy to use and will last a long time compared to the cheap plastic ones.

👤I leave this connected to our dog's crate in the car and it doesn't clang around making noise when we hit bumps!

👤I don't like the idea of plastic items that break and fall apart. The problem is twofold. The little hole in the front of the bag makes it difficult to get the bag in. The second problem is getting the bags out. Most bags are on a plastic spool, and the bags will spin around as they are used, and the case will start to spin as the bags get used. I hold the top and bottom of the case as I pull the bags out, but it's a design flaw, and I wouldn't recommend this item to anyone.

2. Hammer Swivel Waste Bags Count

Hammer Swivel Waste Bags Count

The 20-pack of dog waste bags have an easy-tear seam for quick bag retrieval. Pick-ups are clean. Arm & Hammer dog poop bags are scented and have activated baking soda to eliminate odors, perfect for long walks when waste cannot be immediately dispose of. Also works with standard dispensers. Standard sized waste bag dispensers require bags to be unrolled from the outside. It is easy to remove pet waste from walks or the park with a dog poop bag roll. The Arm & Hammer's plastic poop bags for dogs are 2 times thicker than standard grocery bags and can hold large quantities of waste.

Brand: Petmate

👤Don't waste money when a bag does the same thing. You can buy these instead for only 4 cents a bag, which is less than 23 cents each. The Arm and Hammer are a little heavier. The generic will work just fine if you have a dog pooping glass.

👤These work well. A lot of reviewers say not to bother with these because a plastic grocery bag will work fine, and they're right. I had to adjust the grocery bag several times during the course of the job because it was bigger than the bucket. I would rather spend a couple dollars and have something that fits and doesn't require me to use my hands to fix the bag. Isn't that the reason we all bought the Bin Pooper Scooper in the first place? It's a good thing.

👤I bought several boxes of these for $2 each. Same bags. A box of 20 bags. Suddenly $9 a box? These are not the same bags that come with the rake scoop kit. The bags that came with it were designed to fit on the bucket with a slot for the handle. These bags are the same as grocery store bags, but they are more resistant to damage. There are bags with handles. Even though I seal the bags and put them in a trash can with a tightly sealed lid, the flies have no difficulty finding them even though I don't have any odor control. Don't buy these if you're buying them because of the Arm & Hammer name. A&H will not offer any customer service on this product or the rake and swivel poop scoop kit, even though they are prominently advertised as "Arm & Hammer" products. A&H customer service is slow to respond. I can't think of a worse customer service experience than when I tried to email them. I won't be buying these again because Petmate has better customer service, but they have raised the prices but not the price.

👤The Arm & Hammer Bin Scooper was the reason I got two packs of these. They are basically cheap grocery bags. The handles break when I try to attach to a hook. There is a pain in the butt. Don't waste your money! The sample that came with the scooper was higher quality than the sample that came before it. These aren't the same. A Walmart bag will work better. Again, I say, save your money.

👤They send you a sample for the bags when you purchase the Petmate. The sample bags are very durable. I decided to purchase a full pack because I loved them so much. I was disappointed to find that they are much thinner than the sample. They fit the bin perfectly, but after a few sweeps it starts to get holes around the bottom edge where you are pooping, that's how thin they are. I will be looking for alternative products after cancelling my subscription.

👤This is ridiculous. In February, these were $2.39. They waited until they got good reviews and made the price sky high.

3. AmazonBasics Waste Bags Dispenser Leash

AmazonBasics Waste Bags Dispenser Leash

There are 900 bags of dog poop with black dispensers. Keeping hands protected and minimizing odors are some of the benefits of using polyethylene bags. A carabiner-style clip for attaching the dispensers to a leash is included. Each bag is 9 by 13 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The purchase of these bags was great. Like another reviewer, we just got in the habit of separating a bag ahead of time, and there were no issues other than a slight difficulty separating from roll. I bought another box this month and had a bad experience with a bag that was completely open bottom seam, I didn't realize until I was walking through darkness. I had to wash my hands at least ten times in order to get the smell of poop out of my house because I was not as far away as some reviewers. The most disgusting experience I have had with my dog is the hundreds of dirty diaper changes over the course of two daughters' lives. I had to rip the bag with the good hand before I could pick up the remaining poop after the first run off. We only received the box recently, but we have many more rolls remaining. I plan to return the product. I would rather pay double or triple for bags that work.

👤I was happy to see that the AmazonBasics line now contained this staple, as I have used doggy waste bags for years. I use two other brands, Bags on Board and Downtown Pet Supply. The Amazon brand is a little wider at 9” than the other two and is comparable in size. The height of the bags on the board varies depending on the style. The largest that I have used is 14” high, compared to 13” of the AmazonBasics and 12-12” of the Downtown bags. The bags come in the same width roll, which allows the bag dispensers to be interchangeable, though the included Amazon dispensers seems to be a bit more roomy, allowing for easier dispensers of a full roll. The Amazon bags are a basic black color, which helps to hide the contents, and they were packaged in a nice box. They feel thicker than the other brands. They seem more secure to me for picking up the waste and for tying and carrying. The printed up arrow with text "open this end" helps avoid the struggle of trying to open the wrong side of a bag while hanging onto dog leashes.

👤I don't know why people are saying that the bags fit in the dispensers. I don't care if the thing breaks, the dispenser is a freebie. The bags are large. I don't know what the price is for the 240 bags. I bought 900 bags for 1 cent each from Ross/Marshalls. I get a better deal at PetSmart than I do when I use 7 bags every time my dog poops.

👤I am a dog poop expert because I have two German Shepherds. I've picked up a lot of fecal material. I use bags to pick up my dogs after they are in my yard and on walks, I find the only way to keep up is to pick them up immediately. I've tried many different poop bags and some of them are normally used for parks. I have been using Amazonbasics poop bags for over a year and have written a review, but I didn't need the helpful votes because I wanted to thoroughly test them. They don't fail or break. The lowest failure/breakage rate of any bag I have ever used is what I would say. They are the right size for an 80 pound load from a German Shepherd. They will handle smaller loads as well. They are dark and opaque. Does anyone want to see the load? They are not colored. They add a gross artificial scent to the natural poop smell and seem to be slightly thicker than other bags. I haven't confirmed it yet, but it seems to be the case. When picking up a hot mess, some competitors bags are so thin they feel dicey. Did I mention they are black? Black is the only color that should be used in poop bags. Nobody wants to carry a turd in a bag for the duration of their walk. "Hello Dave, nice seeing you today, I'm holding the turd in a bag with the leashes", said the man with the hand holding the turd. Do you want that turd to be silhouetted by the morning sun in a translucent blue bag or do you prefer a black bag? They have a nifty dispenser. This is a nice low profile black and I know that many competing products do the same. AmazonBasics brands are usually geared to be very basic/value products, but they are a good value and the best I have tried at any price. Everything you need in a poop bag is here. If you are looking for a way to carry around your best friend's poop on your walks or just pick it up in your yard, look no further. These are not good.

4. PET Biodegradable Compostable Eco Friendly Certified

PET Biodegradable Compostable Eco Friendly Certified

Composted poop bags made from bio-based material can be composted in municipal and industrial aerobic composting facilities where pet waste is accepted. The highest Eco-Certified is by US standards. Their dog waste bags are vegetable-based and contain no plastic, which is 100% Earth-friendly. Pet parents can use the Compostable Dog poop bags. There were no problems for the plastic ban places. The first bag will not be torn when you use the sticker. The bags have a "open" arrow that makes it easy to tear off the bag and detach it from the roll. The standard size of poop bags for dogs is 9-1/8" flat bottom.

Brand: Pet N Pet

👤The bags are thin and difficult to open. This is definitely true with these. If I wanted better quality bags that are easier to open, I would go with the Earth rated brand. The problem with these is that they are just plastic bags made of recycled materials. The Pet N Pet bags are made from recycled materials. I decided to not buy the bags that were easiest for me to use in order to protect the Earth a little more.

👤I covered the full bag with six inches of dirt to see if it biodegraded. Sixty days later, there was no sign of that green bag or poo. I'm happy with these bags because they're not as durable as the plastic ones, but I'm careful not to pock my finger through them.

👤Excellent! I am not going to compost, but these are fast composting and no plastic. I use bio bags for my compost and they sell do poo bags, but I took a chance on these as some of my dogs are mega poopers and these hold up, plenty big enough. I do double poop with the smaller dogs, but there are no incidents of burtsting yet. It feels so much better to use something that is truly green, will 100% buy again and will be encouraging friends to try it. I can't stand that fake perfume smell on some bags, they have a faint smell of a natural scent, if you put it right to your nose, it's corn. I didn't think I'd be so crazy over poo bags. Don't leave yours full on the trails, invest in a poosack and carry them with you to a bin, Cheers.

👤Compostable is better than "biodegradable" when it comes to poo bags. I was very happy to find these bags. They work well and are economical. We have these on a subscription for 3 months, and that might be too much for our dog.

👤The bags are made from 100% plant based material. The bags are easy to open and tear. The rolls fit in my dispensers. After I put the poop in, the knot still has a long tail. I did not receive a batches with holes. The bags are large enough to hold a lot of stuff. It's great for travel or everyday use. I will buy from Pet N Pet again.

👤Over the past 2 years, I have bought these bags 3-4 times. These bags were thick enough to pick up poop without my fingers getting dirty. This latest shipment is junk. You can check out my photo. You can see through them now. They are so thin and flimsy that it is easy to poke a hole. Nope, will look for another brand.

👤It makes sense that these bags are expensive. I don't want to add to the landfills by using regular plastic bags. Almost everything will break down at some point in time and leave traces, so "biodegradable" does not mean much.

👤I feel qualified to say that these bags do not rip or tear, and they do, in fact, break down quickly. If it's a hot mess, dump the poop into the toilet and flush it. Throw the bag into the trash or compost. I hope that as more companies try compostable bags, some competition will drive down the prices.

5. PawPail PawBag Air Filter Combo

PawPail PawBag Air Filter Combo

The accessories are specifically designed to be used with the pet waste station. Their pet waste bags are leakproof and last up to 3 months. There are harmful odors and chemicals in your dog poop container. Their patented interface makes it easy to replace PawPail PawBags. The magnetic filter basket interface makes it easy to replace the air filters. The magnetic filter basket interface makes it easy to replace the air filters.

Brand: Pawpail

👤Like the product.

👤Excellent quality and concept, nice tray to hold the bags. The platic bin has a metal cage in it.

👤Since the roll lasts forever, you rarely need to refill it, but there is great customer service with the retailer.

👤The refill bags for the pet waste container are $29. I just need the bags.

👤I have only used it during the winter months, and it has not caused any problems. Waiting to see what the summer brings.

6. Bags Board Strong Proof Inches

Bags Board Strong Proof Inches

Bag on Board Dog poop bags are a proven solution for dog poop removal, containment, and disposal. It's less gross to use your bare hands than it is to use a complicated scooper. New, larger bags. The new, larger size of the waste pickup bags makes it easy to tie up, and it can hold even a large dog's droppings. It's easy to steal. The colorful rolls of poop bags come in a convenient, space-efficient box. Strong and durable dog waste bags are thick enough to hold any mess and dull your manual sensation so you can pretend you are picking up anything else. There are 315 empty bags that are rolled with lines for an easy tear away roll. It is available in classic blue.

Brand: Bags On Board

👤The larger size aids in doing the "hold by the corners, flip the poop 4 times, tie the corners" technique, which is why I find these far superior to the older smaller style ones. There is a huge hint. People torment themselves by using those dispensers. They are big and bulky, don't fit in pockets well, and are annoying as all get out when the bags are near the end of the roll. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then "eh.", and be well. If you do, you will get 1. Cut a rubber band. 2. Go through the middle. 3. Tie it tightly. 4. The knot needs to be put in the center of the plastic spindle. You now have a tight wound that is easy to get rid of, and you can use two fingers in a peace sign shape under the rubber band and pull.

👤One person! You only had one job. I used to grab bags at the pet store. Never a problem. I decided to read reviews and get some bags. The dog has been walking more. I use the first one and it falls out. I don't know how that happened. Oh well. Pick it up again. poo falls again after a few steps The bag was open at the bottom. It fell on my foot. ARG. I double bag another bag. Take a few more steps. The bag and poo fall out again. The entire roll was garbage. The bag's bottom comes apart. My dog's poop is not heavier than average. Got home, threw away the roll and got out of the box. It seems a bit stronger than the first roll, but still with pressure or weight, the bag comes open at the bottom. You have one job? To hold the poop. The first bag failure I've ever had, and the fact that I just bought 15 bucks worth of bags, makes these other reviews fake.

👤Every time I try to open a bag I have to say a curse.

👤I have big dogs. They are big. It is nice to have more space in the bag for big poo than it is in the standard bags. When one of my guys got upset, the bags never leaked. The bags are deeper than they should be. I know that the bags will fit in a standard size dispensers. I don't care about the cute little dispensers. I have to pick up loads. It would be easier if the bag was a bit wider. I think the bag is meant for a bigger dog. I didn't mark them down since I was just so grateful to find a bag that almost always gets all of my dogs pile in one bag instead of me having to use two. Overall 5 stars.

👤I have been using bags from Bags on Board for a long time. I wish they'd kept them the way they used to be, they have now changed to a larger size. The bags are larger, but also thinner. I poked a few holes in them. The bags were large enough. I don't have big dogs. I don't have small dogs either and the old size was fine. If bag thickness hadn't been changed to adjust for the larger size, it would have been okay. I wish they'd kept the paper tabs, instead of using the clear ones. The paper tabs can be torn easily, but the new tabs have to be cut with a scissor, otherwise the bag underneath gets torn. I hope the old bags go back to them.

7. Hammer Waste Refills Blue Count

Hammer Waste Refills Blue Count

Disposable waste bag refill. Dog waste bags for dispensers are scented with baking soda to eliminate odors, perfect for long walks. It is easy to dispose of pet waste on-the-go with a dog poop bag roll. If you want to quickly clean up after your dog or cat at home or on a walk, you should use a variety of waste management products. They have your pet covered. Petmate Arm Hammer is a cat litter that's tough on odor. Just for animals. Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens, and small furry friends.

Brand: Petmate

👤I found these when I was looking for a refill for my son's diaper baggies and thought they were a much better value than the ones made for babies. The baby ones have a floral scent to them, but they are somewhat unsterile. They are the same size as the diaper bag dispensers and do a great job of trapping the smell.

👤Some bags aren't sealed correctly. After trying to pick up some poo, I discovered this. It was filthy and I had to walk all the way home. Do not recommend them. They are thin and transparent.

👤We were using the bags for cat poops. We took in an outdoor cat who had stomach issues and was pregnant, and she was so happy to go to the litter box. The old lady could clear a room. We were bagging it up and tossing it. These bags worked well. When you open the bag, it starts releasing it's scent and it smells great, especially when compared to the misery that our newly acquired house guest was going through. We discovered the Litter Genie, which is a fine product to address this issue, but these bags were a life-saver until we got around to doing a lot more research for our problem. I'm sure they'd work well for dogs.

👤My wife and I had our first child. All of the baby gear I bought was recommended by friends and family. There was a diaper pail that held dirty diapers. We found that any diaper with baby poo would cause a stink in the surrounding areas, even with scented bags and a storage system that was supposed to reduce smell. We use the plastic bags and occasional clean ups instead of the pail. The price is cheaper on Amazon than it is at Target. I would recommend a 2:1 ratio for one bag and two diaper bags. The trash can in my hot garage doesn't stink because it is scented, because it is once per week. This is a better solution than the diaper pail.

👤The bags are large enough to clean out my cats' litter boxes. It does a great job of keeping the smell contained. The bag opening can be snug or perfect to fit the head of the scooper into the bad to dump the litter. I have two litter boxes with different scoops. My metal one fits perfectly in the bad to not have litter fall out during transfer. My plastic one is the same size as the opening and it is difficult to transfer litter. I want to keep using my plastic bags so I will be buying a smaller scoop.

👤The price for a 180-count of bags easily beats Target and other retailers. I thought they were the same size as I had been using. 14 inches tall by 8 inches wide are significantly bigger than the 10 inches tall ones. I don't use them in a dispensers, but if you do that it might make them a pain to reload. I didn't expect the scent to do anything against the kitty litter droppings.

8. Five Star Pet Unscented Dispenser

Five Star Pet Unscented Dispenser

There are 270 bags, 18 rolls, 15 bags per roll. The bags measure 9 x 15 inches. Double bottom seals are easy to open in all conditions.

Brand: Five Star Pet

👤No longer will you stand in the cold and rain, trying to open a poop bag and pick up your pet's feces, because you can separate 2 sheets of plastic, stuck together, and pick up your pet's feces before he or she scarfs down that discarded chicken bone/ You have discovered poop bags that open. The first time you try to open them. Don't spend your money to save yourself from countless moments of aggravation and colorful swearwords.

👤These are the best poop bags. It's made in the USA and it's easy to open. I have a small dog that is awalker when she poops so you have to pick up multiple spots. If you want to not lose what you already have in the bag, you have to keep snoozing the bag. The bag will fall on your hand. People with dogs know what I mean. Sometimes you run out of bag and get poop on your hand, or you have difficulty tying the bag. Not with these bags. This issue is eliminated by the extra length. I like how easy it is to open them. I have to open other bags by spitting on them, but I don't want to ruin the other bags. Sometimes gross but necessary. These are the bags I will use in the future.

👤I re-ordered after I was very happy. The thickness of the bag seems flimsy and now has a scent. I expected the last ones to be unscented. I have not used this product yet but I am not happy with the changes I see. I may be looking for a different bag when I finish this batches of 270 bags.

👤I would have liked to find a bag that was more sustainable but I couldn't find one that wasn't the same as the ones I used before. I think I can trust these. I don't have to double bag as I did with the last brand because of smell and see-through-ness. I am very pleased with this product. I liked my original bag case but the one they sent with the bags was pre-programmed so I grabbed it and left. It worked out well. The plastic clip is good for now, but I might have to replace it with a metal one. The price was better than I would have liked. The bags are black and not transparent.

👤I'm one of those people who can't open poop bags. The dog is trying to separate the two sides of the bag while I stand in front of a poop. I searched for easy-to-open bags on Amazon and I'm happy to report that they are great. It's partly because they're textured, but also because the two sides are not as tight, so much easier to separate. They're so much better than any other brand I've tried and there are still days when it takes me a moment. The fact that they're a little bigger is a positive. When you rip one bag off the roll, remember to open the other side.

9. Pet Waste Bags Clean Refills

Pet Waste Bags Clean Refills

180 strong quality bags. There are 9 rolls, 20 bags per roll. The bag is marked at the perforation for easy separation. The bags are 12.5 x 8.5 inches.

Brand: Downtown Pet Supply

👤I didn't use one of the dog scoop replacement bags until this morning after I ran out of another brand's bags. My God! These are terrible bags. There are positive reviews for these. These are very thin. The pooper scooper's blades are so thin that they perforate the bag. There are blade holes all over the pooper scooper before you have the bag threaded on it. These bags are small. I have a portable pooper scooper and the bag is so small that I can't thread it across the entire width of the scoop. I needed a larger bag to cover the front claws of the scooper for easy pick-up. When you put a new bag out at the seam there is a lot of work to separate the plastic in order to expand it. I was really upset that I bought so many replacement bags that were useless for the task. I can't tell you how cheap these bags are. There are better ones out there.

👤Picking up poop is a part of being a good pet owner. I always have bags on hand in case my Yorkie goes everywhere with me, because I have a Yorkie that I walk to the park every day. These bags are great. They are big enough to tie so the smell and contents stay inside. They have paw prints on them and come in a variety of bright colors and black. They have a plastic canister. You slip a roll in and they come out at the same time. The bone can be clipped to a backpack or a leash. It keeps the bags from rolling away. These bags don't completely hide what is in them, but they do the job and they don't rip. I have never had a bag split or my finger pop through it. Thin but strong. If I have to pick up poop, I might as well do it in colorful bags. I will buy them again when I need them.

👤The bags are great for what we need. We use these for both the dog and cats. I order the rainbow colors with paw prints, 500 bag count, and they last us a long time. We have 4 pets and they are used daily, several times a day, for 4 litter boxes and our 50 lbs boy. It holds up in terms of quality, and is a better price than the supermarkets. The colors and pawprints add a bit of fun to a chore that is dreary and never had a rip or tear. It came quicker than I expected. They arrived on time after the seller sent it out. I don't need the bone dispensers that come with each order so I don't have to throw them out. They come in a big bag so there is no packaging waste. Very efficient. It can't hurt to ask if the rainbow colors can have a bit more variety, such as adding purple instead of black. The product, price and service were great. I will continue to order from this seller.

10. Dispenser Eco Friendly Leak Proof Unscented Technology

Dispenser Eco Friendly Leak Proof Unscented Technology

The Arm & Hammer's plastic poop bags for dogs are 2 times thicker than standard grocery bags and can hold large quantities of waste. The plastic bags are from Pei Technology. The bags from Gorilla Supply break down much more quickly than the average plastic bag, they only take about 12 to 36 months to break down under common environmental conditions. No waste. The bags are compatible with their patented bag dispensers to ensure an easy and hassle-free experience. Extra thick and sturdy poop bags are made strong enough to pick up your dog's poop without the risk of tearing; keep your hands clean and away from bad smells with 100% waterproof material. A value pack can supply more than one year and has a great price for 1000 count poop bags. It is easy to use and easy to take. The large pet waste bag is designed to fit all dogs and cats and has a hook for easily removing a bag from the roll. It is easy to use and easy to take. The large pet waste bag is designed to fit all dogs and cats and has a hook for easily removing a bag from the roll.

Brand: Gorilla Supply

👤There is an update. The bags have changed a lot. It is more difficult to open. There are photo reviews. The old bags have reviews from them. These bags are terrible. I have switched to theEZ Pickup bag brand on Amazon. The old gorilla bag was plain and simple and it was important to me to reduce waste. I have purchased these bags for many years and have not had a complaint. Like the quality and the dispensers. I am a person who stays out of the public eye. I always buy black bags. I don't want frills or colors. I don't want these to be noticed. These are for holding poop and not to be noticed. I was shocked to open this box and see that these are printed top to bottom with a picture of a poop bag. I am stuck with 1000 of these and I don't know what to say. I will be moving on. These went from being very nice to very bad overnight. I feel stupid with these bags.

👤For one thing, all the pros are big enough. My dog is 55 lbs and has a decent dump size. I have always been able to pick up everything in one bag and have plenty of room to tie it up. There was no inner tube. The bags are rolled on themselves, so there is no extra tube on the inside. It's not a big deal when I have to open it to adjust the bags. The box they come in is small, so easy to store the extra bags, and it also fits onto my leash loop. It's bio-degradable... The company doesn't say that they are earth-friendly. I'm listing this as a con because the terminology used is confusing and made me think they were not real. They are "earth-friendly" because the bags are made of plastic that break down within a few years instead of centuries. If you leave a pile of poop bags out to bake in the sun, they will not break down in a land fill. There is a thread on the website called, "Are "earth-friendly" dog poop bags like Pogi's really better for the environment?" It's not all that earth-friendly to leave piles of dog poop all over the place, and it's not shoe-friendly either. It is a box of 1000 rolls with no inner tubes and in a small cardboard box, which is kind to our planet, because there is very little packaging involved. I have been very satisfied with this purchase and probably won't need to get any more bags for a few years at least, which is one less thing for me to think about.

👤After 2 years, my giant box of doggy bags ran out. The ones I got were based on price and reviews. It is less effective than the Amazon brand. I definitely felt poo with this bag, it's not something I want to feel. It is by inch of doo doo. The brand of Amazon is higher quality. The free ones at the dog parks are what this one feels like. The box and the dispensers are pretty cool. Next time, probably in two years. The higher quality bags will cost me more.

11. SNV DESIGNS CADILON Changing Dispenser

SNV DESIGNS CADILON Changing Dispenser

All components of the poop bag dispensers are matched in color for a cool, consistent look for any style. Dog bag and solar light are changing colors. You can stake it in the ground or mount it on a fence. Convenient access to dog waste bags. It's great for outdoor uses such as lawns, backyards, and camping. The bag rolls can be used with the unit. The bag rolls can be used with the unit.

Brand: Snv Designs, Inc.

👤I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend, who just made a fenced area for several of our puppies. I think it's a good price for what the rest of them are costing and I like the idea of solar lights and the colors changing. I will buy it again if you get some light and it is not shaded by the trees.

👤The bag holder is attached to the fence. It has a solar light that helps the dog see it. I put up a home made sign and haven't had any dog poo left behind since, I'm not sure how many have taken advantage of them. It's a reminder when I walk my dog to grab a bag before I leave. Love it.

👤I used these to set up the "potty stations" at the National Specialty dog show. They worked well. They were mounted on a post so they were easy to see and use. They were a huge hit and people commented most about them in the post show survey. Next year's show committee will use them again.

👤This thing is amazing. I bought three for my half-acre property. Friends come over with their dogs when we have two big dogs. It's no longer a chore to get a bucket and shovel in the yard if they are placed around the yard. It's just picked up and thrown away because it's so convenient. Looks great. I'm going to buy more so I can place them outside in public space by the house where people seem to forget their own poop bags, with a great price point. The bucket and shovel method worked well for my husband. He has never used the bucket and shovel again since he bought it.

👤I left a 3 star review because the light wasn't working. After they read my initial review, SNV Designs called and sent me to trouble shoot. I decided to shoot it myself because we never connected. I didn't read the directions. They are cool now that they work. I apologize to SNV Designs. They called and sent me an email. I'm in the reputation business and they handled it better than most. Highly recommend these now!

👤The solar light doesn't work but the convenience of the bags being outside is a plus. The light is very dark out at night and I was looking forward to it working.

👤It was perfect! There are a lot of dogs in our neighborhood, but very few poop stations. I live on the corner. The poop in my yard has stopped since I got them. I put signs to draw attention to them, but have since removed them. The lights work well in the sun. I have had them for a little over a month and had to refill one of them. I'm not sure grocery bags would work well. It's a hollow cylinder with a rubber feed cap. The discreet style is great.

👤This is wonderful. I put this up outside of our house to keep lazy dog owners from allowing their dogs to poop all over our yard and sidewalk. The bag system is easy to use and the light is cool. Don't forget to remove the strips from the solar battery. I think that's correct. I was confused as to why it wasn't charging the first day, then realized they had strips covering the contacts for the solar battery, so it wouldn't waste itself in storage/shipping.


What is the best product for dog waste bags for dispenser station?

Dog waste bags for dispenser station products from Simpletome. In this article about dog waste bags for dispenser station you can see why people choose the product. Petmate and Amazon Basics are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog waste bags for dispenser station.

What are the best brands for dog waste bags for dispenser station?

Simpletome, Petmate and Amazon Basics are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog waste bags for dispenser station. Find the detail in this article. Pet N Pet, Pawpail and Bags On Board are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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