Best Dog Waste Bags Compostable

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1. Compostable Biodegradable Thickness Leak Proof Unscented

Compostable Biodegradable Thickness Leak Proof Unscented

Their pet waste bags are vegetable-based and non-GMO. They leave behind just water, Co2 and Biomass when they are placed in a composting environment. Top rated dog poop bags! TV AUSTRIA Home Compost is certified to be of the highest standards. You can save up to 15% today with subscribe and save. All of their bags are leakproof and odorless. Pick up those poops with confidence. GIving back to their animals. Your purchase helps them support real dogs in real need. They are passionate dog owners. Why is there a PLANET POOP? Plastic stinks and integrity matters. They only sell plant-based bags. What you see is what you get. It looks earth friendly because it is!

Brand: Planet Poop

👤I like that this brand has bags that are non-biodegradable. I have been using the style with handles for over a year and have saved them for when I need them. Extra-long with handles. . They were out of stock in my most recent order. The only bags that were in stock at the time and for what I needed were the ones without the handles. The user experience is not as good as the ones with haNile's. When you get halfway done with a roll, the bags all get holes. Every single bag I have used has at least one hole in it. I have to use a second bag and strategically line it up so the holes are not overlap but I would rather that they were the alternative. My fiancée has not been as lucky as he walks the dogs in the early morning and at night when it is dark so he doesn't notice the holes until he picks up the poop. I don't know why these bags can't be made in a similar way to the style with handles, but I will not be buying this style again and don't recommend it. The style with handles should stay in stock.

👤I decided to purchase these after buying a bunch of different brands of poop bags. They are by far the best I've used and they break down into nothingness over the course of several weeks in the outside. I put a plain bag in the sun and exposed it to the elements. It will break down in about 2 weeks and after 3 weeks there is nothing left. Will you get dog poo on your hands? No. The bags have a soft feel to them. They are strong. I have a small dog that makes poop the size of a large man's palm and it picks it up easily. We ran through all the first batches and rebought them because we don't want to cause more pollution than we need to.

👤I bought some bags in a local store, but they were too big for a dog bone shaped carrier I keep attached to my dog's leash, and they were difficult to tear off. I decided to try them. They are wonderful. They fit in the container and are separate from the roll. I will definitely order more when they run out. Delivery is fast too.

👤Who doesn't like to stand in the cold and try to open a poop bag while your dog is on a leash? These bags are wonderful because I am not. They are easy to open with or without gloves. They are strong and thick. If you have kids that get carsick, they do double duty as a great vomit bag in the car. I keep a roll of these in my purse and car. It will come in handy.

👤The bags are slightly longer, which is great because we have 2 dogs and we have a lot of poop to pick up! They are thin but not torn. I'm amazed by the quality of these bags. I'm happy that they are friendly to the environment. I hope the quality stays consistent.

2. Hammer 71041 Easy Tie Waste 75 Pack

Hammer 71041 Easy Tie Waste 75 Pack

Disposable waste bag refill. Dog waste bags for dispensers are scented with baking soda to eliminate odors, perfect for long walks. It is easy to dispose of pet waste on-the-go with a dog poop bag roll. If you want to quickly clean up after your dog or cat at home or on a walk, you should use a variety of waste management products. They have your pet covered. Petmate Arm Hammer is a cat litter that's tough on odor. Just for animals. Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens, and small furry friends.

Brand: Petmate

👤They dropped the quality on these, but they used to love them. That are nice and large, but they are so thin it's ridiculous. Now they are almost transparent. It's no longer nice and durable. After a year of loyalty, bought these. Light blue is what the photo is now.

👤The Petmate 71034 Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper came with two bags that were very large and strong. I bought this box of 75 count. The smaller bags in this box are what came with the Bin/Rake. I can't find a link to see what bags I need to buy. Can anyone help?

👤These used to have a fresh scent and were made of a thick quality material and were one of the most reliable bags. The Arm&Hammer folks must have gotten to the Green Energy Kooks to thin out the amount of plastic they use because the last box they bought was very thin and split open at the bottom seam. Reducing the amount of plastic in your bags will save the world. I'll save money and spend it on a thicker product.

👤These bags work well. They can fit in my single cat's waste, which I scoop out of the box daily, and still have plenty of room to tie the bag shut. I can't understand why these bags get a negative rating, other than that the listing may be misleading, and I don't have that other item, but I can speak to that. They don't cut the odor as well as I would like. I can smell them in the garbage if I open the lid, and I suppose it could be worse if they were a lesser value, or brand name. I can definitely recommend these bags.

👤The bags are advertised with a pooper scooper. They don't fit in the bucket. The attachment ears are too small. The problem was solved by attaching 2 hooks to the bucket sides. You can either pay 6 bucks for 6 A&H golden bags or modify their scooper and get 75 blue bags for 3 bucks. I like the design of the product, it works well for its intended function, and I don't have to do the plastic bag hand pick up chore.

👤baggies for my cat. Before I got my cat, I was researching litter disposal systems and decided that the best option for me was to scoop my litter box twice a day and dispose of it in baggies. The bags are supposed to keep odors out of the trash, so they work as intended. I use pine litter that already masks litter odor very well, and the combination is definitely one that I highly recommend.

👤The product through Amazon was inconsistent. I ordered these bags to help with my cat litter management. Went to buy through a different seller and had to spend a bit more. The product box looked the same, but the bags were very fragrant. They make me sick. I will be throwing them away. The last box had great odor control. I was very upset that I didn't get the same product.

3. Dispenser Eco Friendly Leak Proof Unscented Technology

Dispenser Eco Friendly Leak Proof Unscented Technology

We use recycled materials in their packaging and roll cores because details matter. The plastic bags are from Pei Technology. The bags from Gorilla Supply break down much more quickly than the average plastic bag, they only take about 12 to 36 months to break down under common environmental conditions. No waste. The bags are compatible with their patented bag dispensers to ensure an easy and hassle-free experience. Extra thick and sturdy poop bags are made strong enough to pick up your dog's poop without the risk of tearing; keep your hands clean and away from bad smells with 100% waterproof material. A value pack can supply more than one year and has a great price for 1000 count poop bags. It is easy to use and easy to take. The large pet waste bag is designed to fit all dogs and cats and has a hook for easily removing a bag from the roll. It is easy to use and easy to take. The large pet waste bag is designed to fit all dogs and cats and has a hook for easily removing a bag from the roll.

Brand: Gorilla Supply

👤I don't love you but I need you. Chuck goes through 2 to 3 bags per day and we just started to finish up with the AmazonBasics brand of bags which were just fine. I decided to try a new brand. How does it stack up? The size is the same as the Amazonbasics, but the thickness is a little thinner. I did a finger poke test and it was the same as the competition. I tried rubbing it against a piece of paper to make it look like I grabbed poo off of the concrete. The rolls are smaller than the amazonbasics because they don't have a plastic core. It's weakness is that it's much more see-through. It's not completely transparent, but it does show through a lot more than the black bags. Value Competes with the cheapest out there. The person is a dispensers. On one hand, it feels like plastic, but on the other hand, I like the tab that separates the last bag as you pull it. It is very neat. I was a little worried about it tearing bags, but so far it has not. My main issue is that I need to open the next bag to get to it. Is it green? It's a good idea to list the bag as biodeficiency, it may last years upon years. They're a bit smaller and more see-through, but I'm happy with them, especially with the price.

👤I have been using these bags for a week now and just ran out of the first roll. The bags are not as thick as the ones I paid $13 for at petsmart, but they are not as thin as the ones my apartment office gave me. They are a perfect medium and for the price, I am very happy. The dispensers are really great. We don't have to look for the edge in the dark when we go out before bed. The listing states multiple times that it is for 1000 bags and a free dispensers, but as you can see from the photo, the dispensers are in the top front. When you get the box, you realize that the dispenser is taking up a lot of space, but it has one roll in it. You only get 48 rolls of 20 bags and a free dispensers. In the future, you won't need the dispensers, so you'll get 960, not 1000, and you can order a different listing without it.

👤When I picked up my dog's waste, the bag had no closed end, and fell out the other side when I tried to tie it. I thought I had a good one, but I got another and they are all sealed. The whole roll is flawed and the bags are not sealed on one end. All of them are open on both sides. I'm not buying from this brand again, but I hope the rest of the box of bags aren't like this.

👤These bags are solid. I've used 500 so far, without a bag failure or defect. I have two dogs, a 90lb one and a 47lb one. Over the years, I have used many bags. Some are weak, some smell terrible, and some are hard to open. I have no issues with these bags. The only thing missing is a marking to show the top of the bag. The seam on the bottom is where I usually look for it. The bags come with a dispenser that lets you grab the next one.

4. Wooflinen Eco Friendly Biodegradable Waste Unscented

Wooflinen Eco Friendly Biodegradable Waste Unscented

Sustainably made in compliance of the standard. Their bags are easy to separate and certified Compostable. The best bag for people who care about the environment. Premium quality. Their soft touch bags are thick and large enough to pick up after the largest dogs. They are used with their own dogs and fosters. They use five pounds of water to test their bags. Pay it forward. Every purchase of their dog poop bags helps a partner foster network or animal rescue organization. Risk free: 100% SATISFACTION. The company is located in the OC of Southern California. They want you to like it. Return your product if you have any issues with it. Returns have no effect on their donations. They still donate even if it's returned.

Brand: Wooflinen

👤I got these 8 months ago and they have been great. There was no break. It is easier to open the plastic ones. They refuse to open when your dog is in the yard with the homeowner watching. I wondered how they would hold up in the cold. I carry the goods for 1-2 miles in the rain and have not seen any signs of falling apart. I clean the back yard with them. I dump my collection container once a week on garbage day. My collector is a plastic basket. They are exposed to the weather, but not standing water. The smell factor is the same as plastic. I double bag if sir dog gives me a sample that is fragrant and I know the nearest garbage can.

👤The poop bags are great. They are easy to open after ripping from the roll and I take my dog out in the cold winters.

👤The only complaint I have is that I don't get to the first bag on every roll. The first bag tears on 4 out of 5 rolls if I remove the sticker.

👤These are the bags that I was buying before, but they were not the ones that were really eco friendly. Don't be fooled by green coloring, read the labels carefully. The packaging is the only gripe I have with this product. There is a small window in the cardboard box. The cut-out isn't big enough for anything to fall out, and being an earth friendly product, one would think they would not incur such unnecessary waste.

👤The first priority is to be eco-friendly. We will continue to use these bags. They do the trick for our poodle that poops a lot on walks. We double up on bags occasionally, but not often. I wasn't sure if I liked them at first, but they have a softer feel than some of the plastic bags. We have adjusted and I feel less guilty adding to the dump with these more eco friendly bags. We will keep on with these.

👤So far, so good. I took a chance on these because I was using another brand that was no longer available. I was skeptical at first because they seem so thin, but they have held up well to my 2 large dog's waste. You get 15 bags per roll instead of 10. I will order them again if they don't disappear off the market.

👤I bought these bags for a long time. The quality has gone down. Each order has bags that are split in a row. The next bag is completely sealed. The bag split after I picked up my dog poop. I had gloves on and my hands were messy. These bags are eco-friendly. No more.

👤It is easy to use. Quite large, and high-quality. They're made of corn, and that's great. I have been using them for a week and I love them.

5. Pogis Compostable Poop Bags Biodegradable

Pogis Compostable Poop Bags Biodegradable

Their poop bags are plant-based, have zero plastic, and are certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials. Their poop bags are thick enough to ensure there are no messes, and large enough to fit the largest dogs. cardboard is made from recycled materials. The roll is easy to open with a clearly marked opening side. All standard sized dispensers fit the 18 Fragrance Free Rolls in the Super Pack.

Brand: Pogi's Pet Supplies

👤Our dogs are puppies, so I waited about a month to review them. They are close to 30 pounds and are about 4 and 5 months old. When the dogs were a bit younger, I could easily get a few piles into a bag. The piles are getting bigger. The first day of eliminations made that nearly impossible. It was messy and awkward because I didn't have a second bag with me. Two bags will be with me tomorrow. The bags are strong. They sit in a bin for a few days before I do anything with them. I have not had tears or leaks with using them. I would buy them again.

👤I wanted to replace food storage bags. I tried another brand of bags made to be for food storage from Amazon, but they were too small and flimsy, and so my cheese didn't stay moist. I assumed that the poop bags would work because they are the right size and unscented. They seem to be doing the job so far. The bags for food storage are not as strong as the ones sold for cheese storage, but as long as the bag doesn't twist, the cheese will stay moist. There is a smell to the bags. I haven't seen that odor transfer to my food. I was surprised that a company would use PLASTICIZED labeling on a cardboard box and put a decorative sticker on it. The small sticker on the roll of bags seems unnecessary. Most of the time, I prefer to avoid plastic. Pogi Brand, wake up! Change to more eco-friendly packaging. Don't send me a sticker that I didn't ask for. You can pack the bags of rolls without using a sticker.

👤I love these bags. I loved the non-compostable version. People think a bag is a bag. Some bags are too thin. Some bags have a bad smell. Some bags have terrible holes that cause them to be damaged and unusable while being played with. These are not those bags. I am not sure how they compost, but I am sure it will be fine.

👤I have been using these bags for over a month and have not had a break. They feel light weight and thin, yet flexible and sturdy, and they have a soft texture. I have used these for multiple waste pickup that included sticks or times where I had to pull grass with it for a clean pickup, but still no tears or breaks in the bags at all! I did a stress test, poking my finger through a clean bag, and I got to the first knuckle before the bag broke! The little stickers on each roll are easy to remove. I only had a bag tear when I lifted a sticker off a new roll. I can usually open each bag with one hand. I don't have to lick for grip. You can see where the top of the bag is with the images. I will buy these again.

6. AmazonBasics Waste Bags Dispenser Leash

AmazonBasics Waste Bags Dispenser Leash

There are 900 bags of dog poop with black dispensers. Keeping hands protected and minimizing odors are some of the benefits of using polyethylene bags. A carabiner-style clip for attaching the dispensers to a leash is included. Each bag is 9 by 13 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The purchase of these bags was great. Like another reviewer, we just got in the habit of separating a bag ahead of time, and there were no issues other than a slight difficulty separating from roll. I bought another box this month and had a bad experience with a bag that was completely open bottom seam, I didn't realize until I was walking through darkness. I had to wash my hands at least ten times in order to get the smell of poop out of my house because I was not as far away as some reviewers. The most disgusting experience I have had with my dog is the hundreds of dirty diaper changes over the course of two daughters' lives. I had to rip the bag with the good hand before I could pick up the remaining poop after the first run off. We only received the box recently, but we have many more rolls remaining. I plan to return the product. I would rather pay double or triple for bags that work.

👤I was happy to see that the AmazonBasics line now contained this staple, as I have used doggy waste bags for years. I use two other brands, Bags on Board and Downtown Pet Supply. The Amazon brand is a little wider at 9” than the other two and is comparable in size. The height of the bags on the board varies depending on the style. The largest that I have used is 14” high, compared to 13” of the AmazonBasics and 12-12” of the Downtown bags. The bags come in the same width roll, which allows the bag dispensers to be interchangeable, though the included Amazon dispensers seems to be a bit more roomy, allowing for easier dispensers of a full roll. The Amazon bags are a basic black color, which helps to hide the contents, and they were packaged in a nice box. They feel thicker than the other brands. They seem more secure to me for picking up the waste and for tying and carrying. The printed up arrow with text "open this end" helps avoid the struggle of trying to open the wrong side of a bag while hanging onto dog leashes.

👤I don't know why people are saying that the bags fit in the dispensers. I don't care if the thing breaks, the dispenser is a freebie. The bags are large. I don't know what the price is for the 240 bags. I bought 900 bags for 1 cent each from Ross/Marshalls. I get a better deal at PetSmart than I do when I use 7 bags every time my dog poops.

👤I am a dog poop expert because I have two German Shepherds. I've picked up a lot of fecal material. I use bags to pick up my dogs after they are in my yard and on walks, I find the only way to keep up is to pick them up immediately. I've tried many different poop bags and some of them are normally used for parks. I have been using Amazonbasics poop bags for over a year and have written a review, but I didn't need the helpful votes because I wanted to thoroughly test them. They don't fail or break. The lowest failure/breakage rate of any bag I have ever used is what I would say. They are the right size for an 80 pound load from a German Shepherd. They will handle smaller loads as well. They are dark and opaque. Does anyone want to see the load? They are not colored. They add a gross artificial scent to the natural poop smell and seem to be slightly thicker than other bags. I haven't confirmed it yet, but it seems to be the case. When picking up a hot mess, some competitors bags are so thin they feel dicey. Did I mention they are black? Black is the only color that should be used in poop bags. Nobody wants to carry a turd in a bag for the duration of their walk. "Hello Dave, nice seeing you today, I'm holding the turd in a bag with the leashes", said the man with the hand holding the turd. Do you want that turd to be silhouetted by the morning sun in a translucent blue bag or do you prefer a black bag? They have a nifty dispenser. This is a nice low profile black and I know that many competing products do the same. AmazonBasics brands are usually geared to be very basic/value products, but they are a good value and the best I have tried at any price. Everything you need in a poop bag is here. If you are looking for a way to carry around your best friend's poop on your walks or just pick it up in your yard, look no further. These are not good.

7. Biodegradable Unscented Vegetable Based Eco Friendly Thickness

Biodegradable Unscented Vegetable Based Eco Friendly Thickness

Top rated dog poop bags! The Compostable is certified by theASTM D6400 USA. 60 bags on rolls with 10 bags per roll. How they're different. They focus on quality. Their vegetable-based poop bags are leak proof and extra thick. 2. They are. There is a small business in Royal Oak. 3. They give back by donating a portion of every purchase to animal rescue groups. The bags were the best ever. They are easy to open. This type of material opens itself. They are still strong. I've been using them for about a year. Every bag has been consistent with high quality. My dog's business is dealt with by them. If you love the planet, love animals, and want to support a small business, these poop bags are for you. Why do customers like dog? It's easy. Other dog poop bags are made from thin material. They use plastic that takes decades to break down and end up in the earth and oceans. Their bags are strong and durable, but they break down in 90 days. Keeping parks and landfills plastic free is important. They guarantee your satisfaction. Their bags are good for you, your pet, and the planet. They're so confident you'll love their Pet Supplies with Purpose that they're giving you a risk free purchase. If you're not absolutely thrilled, just let them know and they'll give you a full refund. A portion of your purchase goes to animal rescues and no-kill shelters. Their mission is to provide a risk-free experience, and they have many happy customers to prove it.

Brand: Doggy Do Good

👤I've purchased these bags in various sizes for a long time. A year or two. I refuse to buy any other bags. These are substantial, not thin, and don't have that powdery substance that other bags do. When the snow melted, I grabbed the bags that were sitting outside my garage and buried them under the snow in anticipation of trash day. I threw them next to the can. The garage is going to be a mess now that the weather is warm. Neither one of those things happened. No mess, no stink! The story is true. There is a The cat litter bags I used were very easy to tear and didn't keep the odor in. Dog do good bags! I only use the larger bags for cat litter. I'm so obsessed, I hand them out to friends and neighbors, and plan to donate some to the local rescue at PetSmart that still uses plastic!

👤The bag has a large opening that can hold waste. I think it's for dogs. If you have a cat with urinary problems, you need this bag. It's great for all the time, but at night when he goes a lot, I can fill this bag with at least 5 pees and a poop. It's easy to load the bag with a large opening when you're tired and can't see. This bag is not broken with 5 large pees. I love it.

👤These poop bags are great. They're vegetable based, so they're also compostable. If you take it to an industrial composter, it will not break down in regular trash, and it will be Compostable/biodegradable. Even if you don't compost industrial compost, these bags are still a great alternative to plastic bags because you don't have to worry about getting the right mix. Some of their proceeds are donated to animal rescues.

👤We worry that the standard bags for dog waste will be found in our dumps 75 or 100 years from now, and that's the reason for the use of bioabsorbable bags. These bags are strong and easy to use. They are long enough to be easy to tie and can be looped around the handle of many dog leashes for easy access. I doubled my order on my second purchase because I agree with everything I said in the review. I have two suggestions. Put a prominent mark on the roll of bags to show where to tear off a single bag. 2. Provide on your website some information about how your plastic is different from other plastic bags. Why do you think it's 'biodegradable'? When buried in a landfill, how long will it last compared to other plastic bags? Thanks for a great product!

👤This company gives back. They seem legit on that fact and don't just use it as a sales ploy. It felt like you were more giving to the cause based on the price. The bags are very sturdy and give you a good amount. We have had a single order with our new puppy for over two months. The carrier that comes with this is very nice. The bags are very sturdy and give you good protection. The perforations are snug on the roll and tear easily, meaning they don't just unroll like crazy. I will order these bags. The company does give a fair amount to charities even though they are more expensive.

8. PET Counts Unscented Doggie Refill

PET Counts Unscented Doggie Refill

A value pack can provide more than a year if it has a 0.02 count. The environment matters. The bags are made from recycled materials and meet USDA Certified standards to offer a much green way to dispose of dog waste. Large dog poop bags. The bags are large enough for all sizes of dogs and cats. All standard-size leash dispensers are compatible with each roll. The purpose of PET N PET is to be a part of sustainable living. The poop bags are made of bio based materials. They are actually 16.66% thicker than before and are strong enough. From now on, let's benefit their earth. The sticker of the bags is easy to use and doesn't tear the first bag. The bags have a "open" arrow that makes it easy to tear off the bag and detach it from the roll.

Brand: Pet N Pet

👤The bags are not 100% Compostable. Oxo-biodegradable and composted. ... There is a subtle difference between oxo-biodegradable and compostable. The oxo-biodegradable bags leave small particles behind as they break down, and they can be problematic.

👤I was a little too obsessive about buying doopie bags. I read a lot of reviews. I was not disappointed when I bought these from PetnPet. They are the same size and thickness as the bags I bought before. The bags work well for picking up after a large animal. I like the green colour, it matches her harness and life jacket. I am a bit obsessive. It's a good thing. Good deal good bags. If you care about people seeing what you are carrying, get the black bags. The green are a nice colour if you don't. There are a few other plus points in no particular order, just as I thought of them. The little sticker that you have to pull off to start the roll is easy to remove and does not tear other bags. 2. These are so easy to pull off that you don't have to tear bags or find the end to tear off. 3. They have a centre core so they roll easily. Cardboard is good for recycling. 4. The bottoms are sealed. There were no holes sealed. 5. Thankfully it wasn't scented. These ones are not fake nasty migraines that cause gross perfumey "scent" on them. We all know what it smells like. Fast free shipping for 7 bags. Customer service is friendly.

👤The product I purchased was no longer in stock. I saw people complain about the description being misleading and the bags being hard to separate. Check the other rolls if you encounter any of these issues. Return the other rolls if they are the same. You may get one detected. I haven't had these issues yet. The bags are larger and easier to separate from. One reviewer said that the bags were flimsy, but the bags are not. The cardboard core was another complaint. The plastic ones hold up well and spin just like the core. I have to give a 5 star review due to the ease of use. If they were bad, I would send them back and swap them for another box to make sure it wasn't just a quality control issue. These are highly recommended. It saves you money in the long run. I used the final bag after buying the previous product last May. I paid 14.99. I think these will last longer since it's more bags.

👤A good supply of poop bags is the norm in our household, having had over 20 dogs in the past 3 decades. The best ones we have used have been bought from Costco, but the supply is sporadic at best. The bag from the store is 1 1/2 inches longer. It is still sufficient to pick up large poop from our Rottweiler and seal it. There is a This Pet N Pet is a better alternative. The reviews are not representative of its actual thickness. For its intended purpose, find these more than adequate. The center cardboard roll is not an issue because we're using a poop bag pouch instead of plastic cylinders. These are the best value for the quality. It is easy to pull apart and open. The printed indicator makes finding the opening easier. The boxes of bags should be good for a year with our dogs. Will be buying them again.

9. Doggy Good Biodegradable Vegetable Based Environment

Doggy Good Biodegradable Vegetable Based Environment

Rolls fit in all standard sized dispensers. Top rated dog poop bags! 60 bags on rolls (6 rolls of 10 bags per roll) are Certified Home Compostable by OK Compost & TV AUSTRIA and the Biodegradable Products Institute. How they're different. They focus on quality. Their poop bags are extra thick and leak proof. Composted in your properly managed compost is 100% Eco-friendly. 2. They are. There is a small business in Royal Oak. 3. They give back by donating a portion of every purchase to animal welfare organizations and environmental non-profits. The bags were the best ever. They are easy to open. This type of bag is more open than cheap, thin bags. They are still strong. I've been using them for about a year. Every bag has been consistent with high quality. My dog's business is dealt with by them. If you love the planet, love animals, and want to support a small business, these poop bags are for you. Why do customers like dog? It's easy. Other dog poop bags are made from thin material. They use plastic that takes a long time to break down. Their bags are strong but break down in Home Compost. Keeping parks and neighborhoods clean. They guarantee your satisfaction. Your purchase will do good for you, your pet, and their planet. They're so confident you'll love their Pet Supplies with Purpose that they're giving you a risk free purchase. If you're not absolutely thrilled, just let them know and they'll give you a full refund. A portion of your purchase goes to animal rescues and no-kill shelters. Their mission is to provide a risk-free experience, and they have many happy customers to prove it. They're so confident you'll love their Pet Supplies with Purpose that they're giving you a risk free purchase. If you're not absolutely thrilled, just let them know and they'll give you a full refund. A portion of your purchase goes to animal rescues and no-kill shelters. Their mission is to provide a risk-free experience, and they have many happy customers to prove it.

Brand: Doggy Do Good

👤These bags are not as eco-friendly as they seem, and they are not Compostable at home. Microplastics, which are actually worse for the environment, are left behind by bags that are not compostable at home, so they may break down into smaller pieces of plastic. Since they cannot be composted at home, they are not as safe as other types.

👤I don't know who came up with the wrong measurement for these bags. Someone was lying when they said that the bags were.8 liter. If you picked up dog poo with these, we would return it.

👤These bags are great. They smell of maple syrup. I found this out when I came home and found every roll had small teeth marks on it. They don't smell as good. My terrier is usually well behaved, but she likes anything that smells like food. Will keep them out of her reach.

👤The Bernese produced a lot of room. They were kept in the screened porch even though they were not bio-degradable because of the humid summer. A bit pricey compared to other bags. It's more difficult to separate one bag from the next on the roll, compared to other bags I've used. They did not do a good job keeping odors in, but I don't expect that with bags that are not made from fossil fuels. I'm going to try other bags to see if I can get something that is easier to use and still has an environmental component. I will return to these bags if I can't.

👤I've bought these bags a few times and have never been dissatisfied. The first rolls I ever bought weren't wound tight enough so it was hard to get them in my dispensers, however, I've bought a few boxes since and they've all been perfect! I placed the bags in the flower bed because I was curious if they would break down. They have begun to break down almost two months later. The bugs were happy. The bags are actually unscented, which I prefer, even though I marked "scent" as 5 stars. I love that a percentage of the bag's proceeds goes to animal rescues.

👤I am rearranging them. I like the feature that is non-biodegradable. The bags are tough. I don't own a dog, but I use them to dispose of my kitty liter waste, which is quite heavy. There is still room to tie a knot in one bag. I love using these bags to reduce my use of plastic. They keep the litter fresh until garbage day. The price is reasonable for a small family-owed company.

👤I get the wrong size. I need the larger size for my cat litter scoop because it doesn't fit in the small bags. I have a bunch of small bags that I don't need, are too late to return, and I paid for them.

👤This is the only bag we intend to use with our puppy for the foreseeable future. We are new dog owners and wanted a bag that was 100% eco friendly, not a bag that would degrade into microplastics, which some 'degradable' bags do. My environmental engineering friend gave us the thumbs up after we found this. The bags come on a box and a spool made from recycled paper. Some of the company's profit is donated to local shelters. We have not had a defect or tear in any bag in 3 weeks with a puppy who eliminates 4-6x per day. The standard size is what we have. Pros: 100% bio-degradable. The standard size is larger than the plastic baggies we had before, which is great for people with larger hands. Not sure if this is a pro. It's appreciated. The bags are thicker than the plastic bags and might have trouble in a dispensers. This was not an issue for us. The company's larger baggies might have trouble in a dispensers.

10. EcoLeo Litter Waste Bags Earth Friendly

EcoLeo Litter Waste Bags Earth Friendly

The design was for cat people. Plastic grocery bags are no longer needed. Their pet waste bags are made from vegetable-based materials and are strong enough to hold heavy clumps of kitty litter. Individual bags are easy to pull, as are opaque white and unscented. It's easy to clean theTTER box so you can spend more time with your cat. Simply scoop waste into the bag and tie the handles to dispose of it in the trash. Please dispose of these bags after use. They aren't meant to be re-used multiple times. Their jumbo size bags will fit any litter box scooper. Extra wide and long is not wasteful. When the gussets are expanded, the closed measure is 18.6 inches. Pick up large dog poo in your trash can or compost bin. Corn based, earth friendly, cat poop bags are Compostable to USA standards. The alternative to plastic bags is purrfect. In a natural environment. Help keep the environment and wildlife safe. If they love it, they'll buy it back. No questions were asked. They are a small business owned by women. Their household has more cats than humans. They partner with non-profit cat rescues to test and verify their products before they are released.

Brand: Ecoleo

👤I ordered the smaller quantity to see if I liked them. I would scoop all the boxes into the same bag if I were a cat household. These bags have been fantastic, I needed something large enough and durable to replace them. The material is stretchy and almost reminds me of a non- inflated balloon, they're just slightly smaller than a standard grocery bag, but plenty large enough for me to scoop each box. I have been using these for a few weeks now and will definitely be ordering the larger quantity. I received a stamp of approval from this household.

👤I was very pleased with the quality of the 40 I ordered originally. I was disappointed when I ordered them again. They are very flimsy. They have to be opened and peeled apart. It takes me at least 2 minutes to open one of these bags, and some of them peel apart at the seams. I throw away a few bags for every bag I open, and it is not like I am opening these like the Incredible Hulk. I had just picked up litter and the seams split. Cats and litter are all over the floor. It was a great end to the day. I am angry, I am disappointed, and I am frustrated. Don't buy these bags if you don't like wasting time and money. I expected better for the amount of money.

👤I've been using these bags for a long time. The size is even bigger because they are not oil-based. I use a small bucket to collect droppings and pees. The previous bags were tight for the diameter of the bucket, so they sometimes ripped when I stretched them to fit. It's perfect now! Thank you!

👤I have 5 cats and that's a lot of poop. I used one for the morning clean and the other for the evening, but I wasn't sure about them at first. I gave them a true test and they were able to hold 2 whole cleanings for 5 cats in one bag. Awesome. I like that it's easy to close the bag. The bag should be kept open when I'm cleaning. Some of the poop missed the bag when one side tried to flop over. They're very resilient and that's important to me. I used to use grocery bags that didn't work.

👤These bags are more eco-friendly than the plastic bags I've used in the past for litter disposal, and they are more sturdy. If you're careful, the opening is large enough to allow a large scooper to deposit its treasure. The handles are long enough to tie up, but not as long as others I've used. These and similar bags are more expensive than other bags, so people who prefer to be more supportive of the environment don't use them. I had to pull the bags out of the box just to get to one because the bags were stuffed in such a way that they wouldn't give one at a time. Apparently, any genius doesn't include how to re-stuff the box the right way. Good bags.

11. Resistant Plastic Guaranteed Leak Proof Measures

Resistant Plastic Guaranteed Leak Proof Measures

There are a variety of products with more favorable prices. There is a description. When you pick up poop, never worry about your hands because the bags are leak-proof. High-quality perforations make it easy to separate the poop bags. The dog poop bags are made with corn starch blend which is more friendly to the environment. There is no pollution. These bags for poop make picking up after your dog less of a nightmare. The pet poop bags are large enough to handle the largest deposits. If you have a question about the dog bed, please contact their customer service team. The pet poop bags are large enough to handle the largest deposits. If you have a question about the dog bed, please contact their customer service team.

Brand: Sivomens

👤I thought they would be better.


What is the best product for dog waste bags compostable?

Dog waste bags compostable products from Planet Poop. In this article about dog waste bags compostable you can see why people choose the product. Petmate and Gorilla Supply are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog waste bags compostable.

What are the best brands for dog waste bags compostable?

Planet Poop, Petmate and Gorilla Supply are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog waste bags compostable. Find the detail in this article. Wooflinen, Pogi's Pet Supplies and Amazon Basics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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