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1. Zesty Paws Salmon Oil Dogs

Zesty Paws Salmon Oil Dogs

The Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids found in wild caught Alaskan Salmon Oil and Salmon Meal help dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes feel their best. This powerful canine formula is made with a source of the omega 3s that help to nourish skin and coats, while also promoting brain and heart health to ensure that your dog gets the care he needs. These treats have vitamins that help with dry, itching, and irritated skin, as well as giving coats a soft and healthy feel. As canines age, they can experience pain in their hips and joints, which can lead to reduced movement. Joint pain relief and flexibility may be supported by the Omegas in this supplement. Salmon bites are manufactured in FDA-registered facilities that are certified to be free of antibiotics and free of hormones, so you can be confident that your pet is getting the best possible care.

Brand: Zesty Paws

👤The senior Weimaraner has a lot of the standard issues. I started giving him a prescription that cost $4 a day along with a hip supplement and salmon food. The costs for the medications were high, and the food didn't agree with him. I decided to try this supplement after I switched him back to his duck food. It was too good to be true that this product would replace a prescription and supplement. It does. It's seriously. My dog has a coat that is soft and smooth. He is no longer stinky because of the skin oil. His itching is very small. His ear infections have been resolved. He has more energy than I have seen in a long time. I took him off the prescription and supplements after a week of eating salmon bites. He would stink to high heaven, have limited mobility, and be itchy. The next test will be a bath, as my goofy dog is allergic to water. If he can survive without the use of the drug, I will be buying stock in the company. There is an updated version of this. Apoquel was needed for the itching. The itching was less severe and my dog was less miserable than he would be if I waited for the medication to arrive. After three days on Apoquel, we are back to eating salmon bites. They are part of his diet.

👤Our Aussie was scratching a lot and it was driving us crazy. I think she didn't like it very much. Her coat was dull and coarse. We tried Benadryl and switched her to a limited ingredient dog food because we knew it was an allergy. We were starting to worry that she had developed an allergy to something in our new home that we wouldn't be able to find, and nothing really helped. As a last resort, we gave salmon oil a try after seeing someone recommend it. We are not even halfway through the bottle because these things have changed her life. Her coat is starting to go back to its soft and fluffy state after she stopped scratching. The experiment blew them out of the water and I had low expectations. I don't know what caused her to develop those symptoms, but I know they stopped once we put her on these supplements. I am very happy we found them, and I can't say enough nice things about them. Our 7 year old dog loves them so much that she is finally willing to learn some new tricks we have been trying to teach her for years. It took 6 years of asking for a handshake and only a month of salmon chews. Who knew?

👤My male dachshund had a big, raw hot spot under his arm, which he had been suffering from for most of the summer, and had been taking steroids. He licked his groin area and paws and seemed miserable. I gave it a try after ordering it. The smell and taste of this made him hesitant to eat it. He ate the chew from my hand. I also gave Gia, his sister who has no skin issues, this. After taking this daily for 30 days, the scars from thebacterial infection have completely cleared, and he no longer chews on himself like he used to. It was a miracle for us. He doesn't seem to mind itching. I bathed him about once a month. If your dog is experiencing any skin issues, has allergies, or needs a boost in vitamins, I highly recommend this. I am happy to have found something for them, and will be ordering this from now on.

2. VETRISCIENCE Canine Plus MultiVitamin Dogs

VETRISCIENCE Canine Plus MultiVitamin Dogs

There are over 25 balanced ingredients in the canine Plus Senior that are not found in most dog foods or ordinary multivitamin supplements. There are viTAL MINERALS. The vegetable soft chews provide vital minerals that support proper composition of body fluids, bone structure and helps to maintain healthy nerve function. It is recommended for geriatric dogs to have full support, which includes physical and mental well-being. Good healthy habits should not taste bad. They worked hard to make these chews so delicious that your dog will want more. It has never tasted so good. Their mission is to help pets live happier, healthier lives. All of their products are formulated by veterinarians in the USA.

Brand: Vetriscience

👤I don't write reviews but I feel compelled to because this product worked so well for our dog. When our boy turned 10, he began to have progressive problems controlling his back legs, and the vets thought maybe he had a tumor, but they said there was nothing to do but live with it. We tried expensive joint chews, but they didn't help him. We tried these chews and they really helped. He had an easier time with his legs. We took him off for a week to see if it worked. We never took him off them again because he improved after being put back on. I think he felt better when he was on them, it didn't just improve his leg function. We lost him after 2 years on them. They made those last two years easier. I'm so thankful for that. Excellent recommendation.

👤My dog eats them even though he doesn't care for them. They seem to help. Since I gave him these, he has not lost his keys or remote.

👤My dog has to be the pickets eater. When his sister died, he stopped eating. We've tried every kind of dog food the Pet Store has to offer. We have made him a special meal and set a place for him at the table. He won't even look at the treats that are there. Most of them! We were worried about our little guy a lot. The vet told us to make sure he has a good supplement. The vet recommended this vitamins. The test would be if he ate the vitamins. We had no problem getting him to eat it. If he didn't eat that day or the next, we knew he would need vitamins to stay healthy. It's important to know that your pet will be healthy.

👤I would love to have my dog for 15 years. It's on them sooner. My dog's health was rapidly declining, and he had lost his hair and his nose was dry. We knew something wasn't right. Her body was shutting down. She takes two days due to her size. The dog is moist and healthy. She thinks they are a treat. Nice and soft. She seems to be aware and has more energy. Making homemade soup to put in with her dog food was one of the things she did to help. The Vitamins have made a huge difference in her life. We weren't sure if they'd make a difference. After 2 weeks, we noticed a change in her. She is getting everything she can at this point in her life. She will be with them until the end of her days. It is worth the money. There is a difference in her appearance, so I wish we had a before and after picture. The tail looked like a rat with small hair. Sad. All nice and thick again. Her coat is growing back and she acts healthy as well.

👤My GSD is 10 1/2 years old and in good shape physically and mentally most of the time, but she was starting to have "senior moments". She would try to get on top of everything. I did a lot of research, took her to my vet for a checkup, and asked my vet about the senior vitamins. He recommended them. I have been giving them to her for about 6 months now and the difference is amazing. A friend of mine gave a bottle to a friend of mine that has an 11 year old dachshund and he is amazed at the results.

3. Omega Fish Oil Dogs Supplement

Omega Fish Oil Dogs Supplement

Plano Paws Wild Caught Omega 3 for Dogs is made with pure Anchovies, Herring, Mackerel, and Sardines from the clear ocean waters off the coast of Iceland. Their pet liquid fish oil is safe and effective, and it is human grade and distilled to remove all harmful toxins and heavy metals. Their fish oil for dogs liquid pump makes it easy to give your dog Omega 3 oils, they need to stay healthy and happy. You can squirt the fish oil onto your dog's food. Their Omega 3 fish oil dog supplement is all-natural and contains healthyDHA and EPA omega 3 for dogs. Dog fish oil supplements can help with allergy and itch. Plano Paws makes dog treats, dog health supplies and dog supplements. Plano paws lives by 3 core principles. 1. Safe ingredients. 2. Outstanding performance. 3. Excellent service.

Brand: Planopaws

👤We used the first bottle and didn't expect much immediately. The dogs were growing their fur back close to using the last drop. The fur is starting to get shiny and we ordered a second bottle because we were happy with the first bottle. It helps digestion as well. Our pity had a bad smell and now it smells like a normal poop. I gave this product a 5 because it works well with time and patience. The doc says nothing works at night. You will see it after the 3rd week.

👤I have a senior and a puppy who have benefited from adding this supplement to their food daily. My senior has arthritis and my puppy has sensitive skin, but both have had a softer coat recently as well as less itching. I love that my kitchen is made with high-quality ingredients and doesn't smell like fish after I use it. I will be purchasing again.

👤Plano paws Omega 3 Fish Oil for dogs is free from the smell of fish oil. I like fish oil more than Salmon Oil because it doesn't stink. If you prefer this method over the pump, this dog fish oil comes with a disc-top lid that makes it easy to measure with a spoon. It is made with only four natural ingredients and is made from sustainable sources. Anchovies, herring, mackerel, and sardines. Before you put the pump in the bottle, open the pump. Scan the bottle and watch a video on how to open it. I scanned the code and watched the video after opening the pump. It was easy after that. I have a slow internet and it took a little while for the video to load. Our old guy has shown improvement in his joints, and our dogs have benefited from less itching. Thank you Plano! Th.

👤We were at our wits end with my dog's itching. I usually buy the human capsule of fish oil to add to his food. This is messy and smelly and not effective. I tried this product and the itching has decreased. He has become a picky eater in his older years. He won't wait until I put his dish down to eat a few squirts of this in his food. He is goingbbling it up. I haven't seen him in a while, but he licks his bowl clean. Highly recommend this product. Some people are upset with the pump. The clear plastic on the tube on the bottom should be held in the same position as the upper nozzle. It will open. I used pliers to hold the bottom piece.

👤One of the boys has been loving the oil. This one isn't bad, unlike other oils we've tried. Maxx, my dog, licks his bowl clean. I think their allergies have improved because of how their coats have changed. It's a great price and you're highly recommended.

👤My 10 year old Weimaraner has taken fish oil. Her coat, which any Weimaraner owner will tell you is not soft, is really soft right now, like when I got her as a 10 week old puppy. I would recommend this product to all dog owners, especially those with older, high energy breeds.

4. Bo Tree Pets Multivitamin Enhanced

Bo Tree Pets Multivitamin Enhanced

Bo Tree Pets is a premium dog food that is fortified with premium-grade hemp oil extract, Omega 3-6-9 vitamins, and pet essential vitamins. Lowering dry and itchy skin can be achieved with the help of higher doses of vitamins like Vitamins C and E in every serving. Adding vitamins can restore softer and lustrous coats. Are you worried about leaving your pet to go back to work? Their product is ideal for any pet with anxiety separation and helps to minimize the feelings of being home alone or out and about. A few drops will help keep them calm and focused. Relieve JOINT PAIN AND INFLAMMATION is what it is. A bacon-flavored natural anti-Inflammatory their pet oil for dogs and cats helps reduce arthritis pain, muscle soreness due to age, active play, or other problems in the hips or knees. Large dog breeds have the potential for Hip Dysplasia and other diseases. Bo Tree Pets is made in the USA, safe and effective, with all of the oil coming from Colorado. They want your pet to get the highest-quality ingredients that you can rely on.

Brand: Bo Tree Pets

👤I have been using Bo Tree Pets Multivitamin Enhanced Hemp Oil daily with my two senior cats. I started out slowly with my cats, only a few drops a day, and have increased over time. They are really benefiting from this product. One is 17 years old and has been slowing down. The older one is often followed by the younger one. Both cats have had great results. My oldest kitty is more active and playful, and my younger one is more tolerant of the older one. I have caught them lying in close proximity of each other, something that has never happened before. They seem to be happier. I am very pleased with the high quality of this product, and that it includes beneficial oils and nutrients. I ordered the larger bottle so they wouldn't have to stop eating it.

👤There is no other way to describe our dog. He is high strung and always wants to be active. We noticed a huge difference in his destructive energy when we gave him this. He seems to be mellowing out a lot. The product works in the short term and I am excited for him to experience the benefits of the added vitamins and enhanced skin and coat.

👤My dog couldn't jump on the couch, had trouble walking, and just wasn't doing well. Within a few weeks, she's up and down on the couch, like it's no big deal. She has not been able to do that in a long time. I bought some for my mom's senior dog to see if it helped. I highly recommend it.

👤My seniors of 9 years old are having hip problems and are experiencing joint pain. It is starting to become difficult for them to get to the restroom. A friend of mine recommended this product to me, and I decided to try it out myself, since I know it works well for dogs. They seem to be getting better since I started giving them it.

👤I got this product because my dogs can be very hyper at night and I wanted to find something to help them sleep. I have been using it for a few days now and it seems to work well and the dogs seem to like it.

👤We only gave this to our cat and two dogs for a week. It seems to be helping them. My cat won't eat her food for a week, but the dogs seem to take it, and Crocker doesn't scratch as much.

👤My daughter has a large tumor around her neck and chest for the past 2 years, but she seems to get around better with the use of Bo tree pets oil.

👤This oil works well for my dog. With the 4th of July coming up, she can relax with the loud fireworks. I recommend this to anyone who has a dog that can not take fireworks.

5. Alaskan Pollock Supplement Supports Inflammation

Alaskan Pollock Supplement Supports Inflammation

Does your dog, cat, ferret, horse, or energetic ball of fur have a dull, dry or coarse coat? Their fish oil supplement will help support healthy skin and coats. You will want to hug them more. Dry skin,itching,quenching,shedding, and allERGIES? Is your pet constantly scratching or itching because of dry skin and allergies? Natural allergy defense is supported by the essential fatty acids in fish oil. Your pet will be happy playing rather than scratching. Is it related to inflammation, joint problems, and arthritis? Have you noticed that your pet is playing less? Omega 3 in fish oil supports a healthy immune system and helps support joint and bone health. Normal activities will be enjoyable. The MSC is certified sustainable. Their fish oil is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council, meaning they help to guarantee healthy oceans and safeguard future seafood supplies. A wild catch from Alaska. Their oil comes from fish caught off the coast of Alaska.

Brand: Vital Pet Life

👤There are 3 of us. We used to get these crazy pills from our humans. Humans found fish oil and we love it. We will give them funny looks until they put it on our food. We eat it allllllllllll up once they put it on our food. It helps our fur. Our humans love that they can use the pump and not have to open the capsule. We miss the entertainment of our humans having to mess with silly capsules. This is 10 out of 10 paws.

👤It is so easy to put it in their food. I give my dogs some morning and night time and they love it. One of my dogs tries to lick it as it leaves the bottle.

👤I love this product. We use it for our dog and our foster, and they are told how soft/shiny their coats are all the time. When she came to us she had a coat that was falling out. I would definitely recommend it. You can see the shine because the pics were added for cuteness.

👤I use it in my dogs food. His skin and coat are in better shape after using this.

👤I tried a lot of different things and nothing worked, so I decided to try it and my dog is running around like a champ with no problem that I recommend it.

👤He acts like it's not in his food. What more is there if the quality is good?

👤I was told to try salmon oil to see if it would help my cat with his allergies. I can tell that it has subsided a little, but his fur has become soft, and that has been a great side effect. The pump is cheap and sometimes doesn't fully extend, but I like it and will keep buying it!

👤My dogs like this oil. I use fish oil in the winter to help with dry skin issues from the hot dry air in the house. A hairless dog was taken in by us recently. Her hair was very thin and her skin was dry. I've been giving her a pump for almost two months. She has a nice coat of fur and her skin is no longer dry or flaky. My other dogs have nice coats. The oil is put in a container with a good pump and goes all the way to the last few drops. The price was good and it was not smelly. I would recommend this oil. We have 7 dogs so price is a serious factor in my purchasing.

6. Rx Vitamins Essentials 226 80g Powder

Rx Vitamins Essentials 226 80g Powder

Calcium is used for bone health. Your dog's immune system is supported by the Spirulina. The beef liver is rich in iron and is defatted. The dog gets its energy from malt dextrin. The growth of goodbacteria in your dog's stomach is encouraged by the growth of the chicory root.

Brand: Rx Vitamins

👤I contacted Rx Vitamins to see if this could be a fraudulent product, as my vet was concerned we were using this for our dogs. The products that are found on Amazon or similar sites are not authorized by Rx Vitamins. Only your vet knows what's best for your pet so our formulas are sold through veterinary professionals.

👤The container is half full on arrival. The stated weight is what I weighed it at. I bought this for my girl because it doesn't contain phosphorus. I gave it to my other dog after she died. She gets upset when I give it to her, she gets restless and she wants to eat grass. I would stop giving her it for a while. The symptoms came back when I reintroduced it. I may pour it out at the end of my driveway since it looks like it came from there.

👤I added this supplement to my dog's diet several years ago after my vet recommended it because of the toxic products found in commercial dog food. My dog has been eating this powder once a day for the past 5 years. Since then, he has had two vet visits, not just regular checkup and vaccination. He's healthy, happy, and vigorous. I used to have to get these supplements from my vet. The product I found on Amazon was much more user-friendly. I highly recommend this supplement if you want to provide good all-round nutrition for your dog.

👤I bought vitamins for my dogs. I believed that it would last at least a couple months and be worth the price. I was very disappointed when I opened the container. It was very misleading. I don't like when companies try to fool customers by packing a small amount of product in a large container. What a rip off!

👤We thought we would lose our dog many months ago because he has an inoperable cancer. I found an article about minerals helping with bladder disease, but it was only available in England. Our vet is taking a daily supplement of vitamins and minerals, which we give along with the pill she is taking. I can't say for sure that it's helping, but I can say that our vet is pleasantly surprised that she is still running and playing, even though she is in pain. We started giving her this supplement on her food six months ago, and we were told she probably had less than 3 months. She loves the taste. If you have a dog with TCC and are going the Piroxicam route, I would recommend trying these minerals as well. It can't hurt.

👤I have used this product for my dogs for 5 years and have mostly purchased it through their vet. The container was different when it was delivered today. I returned it because I don't feel comfortable giving it to my dogs as it might not be the real product.

👤I've bought this twice from a vet who sells other products on Amazon. She said that this is the one to help with balancing your golden retriever's raw, meals as I was trying to but went to air dried and since was much more convenient I must've bought at least over $3,000 of that so far. I bought the supplements because I have a lot of animals and I wanted to give her something to eat, but I was happy because she liked her meal. It's cheap and formulated by Dr Robert silver dvm. It doesn't taste like junk as I always taste it, and I had faith that she'd eat that hard work of minds. It's possible that she might have been reluctant. Happy! She's very important to me. Brandy 2 is a Golden retriever that is already 8 years old. I don't know if I have that long, as God knows how important we are to each other.

7. Vitamins Supplements Multivitamin Grain Free Vitamin

Vitamins Supplements Multivitamin Grain Free Vitamin

Dog venom for puppies. All sizes for small to large breed. The essential supplements not found in most puppy food are included in the 120 Natural Peanut Butter flavored soft chewable puppy treats. All-in-one puppy vitamins for coat, skin, immune, heart, brain, and bone development. Puppy essentials for your puppy starter kit. Glucosamine chondroitin for dogs, MSM, and Omega 3 Fish Oil for dogs are included in the dog joint supplement. Calcium and D3 are important for bone growth. Their puppy supplements contain organic Hemp Powder and Flaxseed. Dog oil for shiny coat and allergy relief. Prebiotic + Digestive Probiotic for Dogs, 1 Million CFU, 5 strains of the best dog probiotic, including lactobacillus acidophilus, are included. Dog has a supplement for itching skin, bad dog breath, and coprophagia. Multi vitamins A,B,C,E are included. All of their dog vitamins and supplements are Grain Free, No Corn, No Soy, No Salt, No Sugar, No Artificial Additives. The lab was independent and tested for safety.

Brand: Strawfield Pets

👤My dog is 4 months old and he loves these. They work well. I was worried that her puppy food wasn't giving her all the vitamins and supplements that she needed, she also needs glucosamine for her joints as she grows, and they are grain and chicken free. Her coat is very soft. Will continue to buy! A good one.

👤Although I like all the ingredients in this vitamins, it's a struggle to get my two Yorkies to eat it. They took a sniff and ran. They refused to eat when I tried crumbing one vitamins up and mixing it with their favorite dish. I can't have these vitamins because my furbabies would rather starve than eat them.

👤Good ingredients and great quality are what these are. Cute heart shapes too! My puppy won't eat or touch them, he spits them out or won't touch them. Customer service was great and gave good suggestions on crumbling into his food. He won't eat his food because he is smart. We have tried a lot of their products.

👤I can't get her to eat the product because it's made of good ingredients and only if I break them up and hide them in a treat or something she likes. I won't let her dictate what she eats so I give her treats or something. To get these eaten is not something I will consider long-term. She will eat vitamins and minerals. These are currently on the shelf.

👤I use the hemp-flex for my older dog and it has made such a difference that I got the puppy formula for my young dog if it was time for him to take it. I haven't given them to him yet. I give him one in the morning and one at night because he is very hot.

👤She seems to like them because they don't smell like peanut butter. She smells them and plays with them, but she always eats them. I think she likes it. It makes me feel better to know that she is getting the supplements she needs.

👤I decided on these products because of the vitamins and the beneficial organisms in them. I have tried to get my puppy to eat them, but he won't touch them. He wouldn't eat his food if I tried to break it up and put it in his food.

👤My dog doesn't want to eat these. She ate a small amount after I broke one into small bites. She vomited after eating some. I am changing the probiotic I buy.

8. Dog Multivitamin Hemp Supplement Supplements

Dog Multivitamin Hemp Supplement Supplements

The Daily 9-in-1 Formula is an essential daily multivitamin for dogs. Their dog chews promote a healthy immune system. Promote healthy skin, a shiny coat, and eliminate dry, itchy skin with the help of organic hemp and Flaxseed. Dog health includes hip and joint health. Hip and joint supplements are an excellent supplement for dogs. Inflammation, pain, and mobility can be alleviated with the use ofHemp, Omegas, and Colostrum. The Immune System and Digestion and Heart are supported by Omegas andHemp. Colostrum and YEA-SACC are treats that promote a healthy digestion. Fight heart disease with the help of Flaxseed, Taurine, and Folic Acid. HEMP MIRACLEBENEFITS A more robust immune system and healthy heart function can be supported by a more robust immune system.

Brand: Fur Belly

👤My dog is 14 years old. He is slowing down a bit. He doesn't have the same pep in his step as he used to, and our walks are getting a bit shorter. I bought a product from this company to help him with his stomach issue. I thought I would get him the multivitamin because it is an all around healthy product. After we crumbled it up in his food, he didn't have any problems with it. I didn't think it would give my dog more energy, but that's exactly what it has done. He is jumping up and down on the couch. Our walks are getting longer. Very happy with the product.

👤Two months ago, we brought home a dog and a puppy. After we brought him home, we found out that he had Parvo. We were very worried. Our dog was cured after a series of vet visits and one night at the vet's. We decided to give him vitamins to keep him healthy. Many vitamins help dogs fight diseases. We give it to our Australian Sheppard since it is a treat. They love the treats. Both of them want to play all the time. We haven't had any issues with our pup and will continue to give these vitamins to make sure we don't in the future.

👤A 7 year old Rottweiler has recently shown signs of hip problems. The pills have been amazing. We give her half of the recommended dose. She is getting up quicker, walking without her limp, and her energy level is up. As things get worse for her, we will be able to increase the dosage and it will help. I just added this product to my subscription.

👤After getting down to half of the container, I noticed better movements, like jumping on my bed. He is a very Itchy Beagle, and that has improved as well. I will keep buying the product for him. I gave it 3 stars because it doesn't smell like a dog would like it. He won't eat it out of my hand, so I just crumble it in his food, which is easy. The company mailing me a cute little doggy card thanking me for the purchase is a great way to get to know their customers.

👤A great all-in-one vitamins has been effective for our dog. There aren't many vitamins with hemp on the market for dogs. The price is 888-666-1846 We only feed our dog natural ingredients and this company sticks to that, so we stick with them. Customer service is great. We love fur bellies.

👤I have three dogs. I used them as treats in the morning, one of them is really picky. I wouldn't have to stir it with my picky eater because I would break it down. When they said it was a soft chew, it was a soft chew. I don't need a knife or muscle to pitch it. You could see the difference after a month. They had more energy, shinny coats, and the best part... The girls were not eating grass. Yes! We love this stuff. This Mama is happy to know that they are healthy and happy. We know that our boy is going to be a Golden retriever in the future. Today is Charlie's 3rd birthday. I want to start sooner than later to make him happy, healthy, and strong. Fur Belly, thank you for all you do for my fur balls!

9. Zesty Paws Omega Alaskan Treats

Zesty Paws Omega Alaskan Treats

Omega bites are delicious chews that are rich in Omega 3 and help dogs look and feel their best. AlaskOmega is a premium ingredient that comes from Wild Alaskan Pollock and provides a clean and pure source of Omegas. The skin is healthy. The formula contains vitamins, Omegas, and E, which may help with hot spots and dry, itching, irritated, and flaky skin. Soft and shiny coat are daily soft chews that help pets with dull, dry, brittle, and shed prone coats by providing vital natural sustenance that promotes more shine, strength, and softness for your canine. Hip and joint health, immune system function, and cardiovascular activity are supported by these grain free bite supplements.

Brand: Zesty Paws

👤You answered a question about palm oil being bad for dogs. I was concerned that you mentioned that the palm oil is sustain-ablysourced, but I didn't find anything on the website or the product label. The AlaskOmega used fish oil and palm oil, which is the 5th and 2nd listed ingredients, is not sustainable. I don't think it's possible to say that palm oil is sustainable right now as wildlife and forests are being devastated. I was disappointed to find that the USA product I was looking for did not provide Omega for my rescue dog. Back to the drawing board.

👤This ingredient can be bad for a dog. Why would a company make products for dogs use an ingredient?

👤My 100 pound lab is too weak to even get up and is lying in bed. She was put on an IV all day by the vet to recover from her two days of vomiting and sputum. Don't let your dogs go through this. This is a bad remedy according to my vet. Don't buy! There is an update. This is the fifth day. It was horrible. My dog is starting to get up on her own. How do I know it was a product? She hasn't had them in five days but she has been throwing up. The vet has done everything she can. It's waiting for a game. I know there are great reviews, but if there is a chance that it will make your dog sick, don't do it.

👤This is a great product. My Great Dog had hair loss and a dull coat. See the pictures. She gets 3 pieces a day per her weight, within a month. I will not go back. She looks great! Everyone asks about her coat. So soft, so shiny. It's recommended to people that ask me. I give it to my dogs. I would like it to come in a larger container for me.

👤My lab is crazy because he has allergies. He stopped scratching after 2 weeks and the hair in the house was gone. I had to mix them in with his food because he wouldn't eat plain. He tried these in his food and it worked out well, he still won't eat them plain. I ran out of these and the itching and shed came back. Any dog with dry itchy skin is recommended.

👤I bought this for my puppy after I noticed that he had a lot of hair. I was told this would be a great product. I tried it and my dog didn't like it. I tried sneaking it into his food and breaking it into pieces, but it didn't work. He doesn't like it. I noticed that he is not the only one. I think some dogs like it and others don't. The product failed to work on my dog. There is a I give Ollie a vitamins for his hips and bones, and he chews it like a champ. This one is not a yes.

10. All One Dog Vitamins Supplements

All One Dog Vitamins Supplements

If you're on the fence about which supplement is best for your dog, this is the place to start. All-in-one is a daily nutrition support for your dog. Support for hip, joint, skin, coat, and gut. 120 soft chews. One of the most common benefits customers tell them from all-in-one is how shiny and healthy their dogs coat looks. You have to look under the coat to see the youthful skin. It must be the Omega 3-6-9! Glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support, and probiotics for absorption of other essential vitamins and minerals are included in the all-in-one. It was designed to increase the health and well-being of your dog. Soft and easy to eat, it is easy to serve whole or crumble over food to enhance any meal. These treats are enjoyable to eat because of the consistency, taste and texture. They will take their customers word for it. All of their dog supplements are made in the USA in an FDA audited facility. Since 1994, their facility has been manufacturing top quality pet health supplements and training aids and is one of the most trusted in the industry.

Brand: Healthy Solutions For Pets

👤I was looking for a supplement to help me stay young. The reviews were great and I liked the ingredients in these chews. I decided to try them out. I give these to him as a treat because he likes the taste and I have been giving them to him for a couple of weeks. He has an improvement in his coat and energy level. I am happy that I found a product that he liked.

👤I don't know if the chews taste good, but my little guy loves them and I rated them 5 stars. I bought the joint support relief chewies for Moose because he is getting older and has started to limp. So far, so good! He likes the way these taste. It's only been a few weeks. He is skipping and limping less. It's hard to tell if he has more energy because he seems to have more energy than this chew. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it.

👤I keep my Australian shepherd's coat in good shape by giving him vitamins. He loves these treats so much that he gets excited when it is vitamins time. I have only been giving them to him for a short time, but his coat is shiny and clean, and I haven't noticed any scratching since I started the regimen.

👤I was afraid to give these to my baby because of the smell. It's not a dog food smell. It's like they have something.

👤My dog loved them, but they made him sick. He vomited every day while taking these. I wasn't sure at first. I stopped giving them for 2 weeks and then gave him one again, but he vomited all over the house after 10 minutes.

👤We use this product as a treat for our dog. He looks at it and it smells pretty good.

👤The chews are good for my dog. One bottle of the ingredients will last four months. The price is definitely worth it.

👤The ingredients are good and my dog loves to eat them.

11. PupGrade Daily Multivitamin Dogs Sizes

PupGrade Daily Multivitamin Dogs Sizes

We tested their formula extensively to make sure it was the best source and dosage of important ingredients your dog needs to maintain excellent health, but it had to taste amazing as well! Every day, your dog will beg for these Multivitamin chew treats. Their Daily Multi is designed to meet the specific needs of your dog. The Multivitamin chews are a great supplement to your dog's diet. Your dog will benefit from their chews, and they can also be used as a treat. The Daily Multi contains a blend of vitamins, essential fatty acids, and amino acids to make sure that your dog has a healthy coat and skin. Many dogs suffer from deficiency of vitamins that affect their skin and coats causing irritation and excessive malting. MEAT FLAVORED CHEWS. Other chews and tablets are not enjoyable for your dog. Their chews have gone through rigorous taste testing to find the perfect blend of flavors so that your dog will enjoy them and keep coming back for more. Buy with confidence and you will get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're not happy with your purchase, you have 30 days to return it. If their products aren't a good fit, they won't make you or your dog jump through hoops to get your money back.

Brand: Pupgrade

👤I need to say more. I have a dog. Almost 4 years old. He is a little overweight. I wanted to give him vitamins to help him have more energy and I wanted to give him some kind of vitamins. I crumbled the vitamins into his food because he is a picky eater and he vomited on the second day. He had blood in his watery diarrhea on the 3rd day after taking it. I stopped giving him the vitamins because his poop is better and he has an appetite again after I stopped. Never again! I would like to get my money back. I used 3 pills. I don't know if I should ask.

👤I gave my husky, age 3, 55 lbs, just one of these things and he's been sick for 3 days. Puking, and diarrhea have zero energy. He was perfectly healthy before I gave him the pill. I was fooled into getting these for him by the false positive reviews. I feel responsible for giving my dog this poison because it's important to his health. Don't buy these for your dog.

👤It's a bit pricey if you have a large dog. All of the first order was used. At the end of the month, there was no difference. My dog doesn't like flavor and he eats anything. Not for someone with a fixed income. Dr Jeff has put too much of a price tag on people who don't need it.

👤I did a lot of research on vitamins for my puppies. My puppy was not growing because he had a bad stomach. We couldn't stop the diarrhea even though we tried food and took him to the vet. He had to take chicken and rice for about 3 weeks after the vet put him on the diet. We used to use this to help him grow. He was given everything he was missing. His coat got better. We gave it to someone. She is growing great and loved it. I would recommend anyone who needs to take vitamins.

👤If you have a small dog who is under 25 lbs, you should be careful. My baby swallowed it and it was stuck in her stomach. She was sick when she got up the next day. The only things that came up were gastric juices and half vitamins. She got it out. I might try to crush it in her food. I will return them if this doesn't work. I don't know if they work. I gave her a second chew.

👤My dog and long hair dog are picky eaters. I have tried to buy vitamins for them but I have to give it to them at home because they smell it and walk away. I will write another report on the vitamins after I see how they affect my dog, this is the first one that they picked up when they smelled it, and they chewed it up.

👤The male Ridgeback has always had a sensitive stomach. He would get gas frequently. He has had the issue since he was 11 years old, even after trying different diet. We noticed a marked change after feeding him these vitamins. Even if he eats a little people food, he doesn't have to worry about the gas issue anymore. Both of our dogs are 11 years old and seem more playful than before. 100% recommend!


What is the best product for dog vitamins multivitamin oil?

Dog vitamins multivitamin oil products from Zesty Paws. In this article about dog vitamins multivitamin oil you can see why people choose the product. Vetriscience and Planopaws are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog vitamins multivitamin oil.

What are the best brands for dog vitamins multivitamin oil?

Zesty Paws, Vetriscience and Planopaws are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog vitamins multivitamin oil. Find the detail in this article. Bo Tree Pets, Vital Pet Life and Rx Vitamins are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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