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1. All One Multivitamin Supplements Dogs

All One Multivitamin Supplements Dogs

Dog vitamins are a natural supplement that is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that may not be present in your dog's food. Their Multivitamin for Dogs is free of dairy, grain, filler, by-products, and chemicals that may cause problems or harm. A dog vitamins is made in the USA. It's easy to make a dog's taste buds happy with the tasty and easy to chew vitamins. There is no wrestling to get your dog to take their vitamins. Dog vitamins for small and large dogs are included. Dogs up to 50 lbs. can get 1 chew/day, and 51 lbs. and up can get 2 chews. The best Vitamins for dogs should be made with limited, All-Natural ingredients. They care for their pets as much as they do.

Brand: Balanced Breed

👤The product we found was perfect for our 9 year old Boston Terrier, who is still spunky, but has been slowing down a little. The product was received quickly and our boy loved it. The peanut butter is one of his favorites. I think he would take over his food if we gave him one every morning. The quality of the product is excellent. The reviewer said that they do not contain yeast. I'm familiar with the different types of yeast that aren't present in this product. Our dog has a few skin allergies, which were not triggered by this product. We've been giving these to our dog for over a week now and so far he seems to be sleeping a little less and playing a little more. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to give their dog a supplement that will help them with their health. Will be ordering again and again.

👤My 5yo rescue, Bandit is not good at seeing things, and one of them will have to be removed. As a dog owner, I didn't see much of an improvement, even though I was recommended Zesty Paws. I was looking for an alternative and found a balanced breeds natural mix. Balanced Breed has helped with energy levels and quality of life. I found that after 3-4 days he was more active around the house and wanted to play with our other dogs more and be around me more. I don't recommend Balanced breed to dog owners. Will be ordering again.

👤My dog likes them. The packaging can be stacked and is easy to repackage. He seems to have more energy than an older dog.

👤My dog likes them. He feels better after eating these. I bought them for him because he is an old dog and picky eater.

👤One of my dogs tries to not take it. I have to break them in half and give them to my other two before she will eat it. The dog is Goofy. It seems to be making a difference.

👤My dog is very eager to take them every morning and I would recommend them to anyone.

👤Can't use because of yeast allergies.

👤I feel confident giving these to my dog because they are organic and not made with harmful ingredients. I have seen an increase in my dog's energy since I started giving her these. I will purchase again.

2. Nutri Cal High Calorie Nutritional Supplement 4 25 Ounce

Nutri Cal High Calorie Nutritional Supplement 4 25 Ounce

Puppies who need extra calories and vitamins are ideal for the gel. The vechicle recommends appetite stimulants, calories booster, and weight gainer for picky eaters. The high-Cal is a concentrated source of vitamins and minerals. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are essential for a healthy heart, skin, and joints. It is easy to administer, easily-digested gel and support a healthy appetite.

Brand: Tomlyn

👤When I got my chihuahua rescue, she was 2.5 lbs and the vet said she should be 4 lbs. That is a huge difference for a tiny pup. It was difficult to keep her weight up because she was picky about what she ate. One dose of this gel in the morning was all it took for her to recover. Her homemade food was approved by her vet. She reached her goal weight. Great product!

👤I was so upset that my pregnant female refused to eat for 13 days that I was getting so concerned that I read some females refused to eat. I started giving her the diet pill 4 times a day on her 10th day. On the 14th day, she regained her appetite. I think the Nutrical helped her stay healthy. It's a good thing.

👤When I received the nutri-cal back in March, I remembered that my dog and puppy had been given it, and that the little one had been sick, and the older one was not eating her food as well as her regular appetite. I didn't think it was caused by the diet. I try to feed them again on July 19th, but the little one is having a soft stool and the older one is not eating for the entire day. If the situation gets worse, I will take them to my vet. The smell of the product is different. Will definitely check with the vet to get more information. My dog's health is more important than getting my money back. I will never buy the product again and I will throw them away.

👤It's great for pups recovering from worms or battling parvo, and it's also great for runts to get a little boost after birth.

👤My dog is 17 years old and may be on her last days. It was a relief to find something that would give her the energy and nutrition she needed to live. I wish other brands would make it easier to give a dog a needle because this was not the easiest thing to give a dog.

👤I love this product. It has saved many puppies during my time of dog breeding, and is always a staple in case we have a puppy that spirals out of control.

👤The product arrived on time. This is a good way to give a dog more nutrition because we have a new pup. The dog seems to like it and we wanted to get her off to a good start and this gel should help.

👤My Chi wasn't eating. She is 2 lbs. I was worried that she would get weak and fragile. She is eating well again after liking it. I want to keep a healthy dog away from the vet.

3. PETJOY Complete Health Daily

PETJOY Complete Health Daily

The vitamins found in the soft chews promote healthy living with top ingredients such as vitamins A, B12, copper, Choline, and other essential vitamins. 30 soft chews per container, 1-2 chews per day depending on weight. Great taste is guaranteed! Your pets will love this food grade quality. Made in the USA. Domestic and international ingredients were used to create a shipping in the US. Increased activity levels. Your pets will live a long and happy life. They will get essential vitamins in this soft chew, which they may not be getting in their daily pet food.

Brand: Petjoy

👤I have two 20lb pugs and have been using the formula for a while with good results. Each day, 1/2 a tab is added. I'm supposed to give my dogs two tabs a day now that the formula has been changed. A 30 day supply with a monthly purchase is now a 15 day supply with a twice a month purchase. The monthly cost is double what this equates to. That is not acceptable. Explain to me why the cost remained the same. You are forcing me to look at something.

👤The dogs just think they are getting a treat and I have not seen any change.

👤This is a product for dogs. My dog wouldn't eat it. Great taste is guaranteed! I'll keep pushing it on her, but she's turned up her nose at it so far. I haven't tried it yet, but it doesn't smell good. I will give it another week before I return it. I'll amend this review if she likes it. The puppy will eat it, although reluctantly, she's reluctant to eat anything she's supposed to, but loves to pick up trash in the yard and gnaw away.

👤The stuff did nothing for my dogs.

👤I liked the fact that this product was all natural, but I knew I would buy it more often because it only had enough to support 10 days of vitamins. I moved to another product because the containers I bought never came with the advertised 30 pieces.

👤It appears that my review improves our dogs mobility and energy level. I'm happy to give her a better review once she has eaten them all.

👤Our dog had an allergy after a week and we had to take him to the vet.

👤My dog won't eat them. They have a smell for medicine so they don't like it. I bought them because of the comments. Dogs loved them! Very disappointed.

4. Tomlyn Calorie Nutritional Puppies Nutri Cal

Tomlyn Calorie Nutritional Puppies Nutri Cal

It supports a healthy appetite. A concentrated source of vitamins and minerals. It's ideal for sick or choosey eaters. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Brand: Tomlyn

👤This is a must have for small dog owners. I like the Tomlyn version the best. I only use it when he's not eating. A typical Yorkie is Munchy. Very picky eater. He won't have a hypoglycemic episode, so this product gives me peace of mind. I use this product daily for my dogs. If your puppy has a hypoglycemic episode and you forget to bring this with you on your outing, you can get a package of honey at the nearest restaurant or drive through. I keep a tube of this in my pocketbook. I took a picture of Munchy waiting for his food. June.

👤Each time we have a new pet, our vet has recommended this product. It helps avoid the fear of low blood sugar that can occur when puppies are young. An inch of this maple gel is all we need for our dog to get some. We followed the vet's guidelines and gave this three times a day until the dog is six months old. Before giving your pet any supplements, check with your vet. If you give the tube more than twice a day, it goes really fast. I would buy a multi-pack if it were more affordable, but our puppy will not need it for a while. A few years ago after our older dog had surgery and her appetite was not back to normal, the vet recommended we use Nutri-Cal. She regained her appetite for food after this.

👤The description says 8.5 ounces. I received a tube that was . It was a ripoff. I only got half of what I paid for.

👤My dog is either very picky or has no appetite. He was only 3 lbs. when we could barely get him to eat anything. He loves this gel. We give him a small amount of food before we give him his meals. He is growing fast and is a 7 lbs.

👤We've ordered this product 4 times and all have gone well. Our chocolate lab was recently diagnosed with Mega-E, and we knew he had trouble keeping food and liquids down. He loves this as a treat and I purchased it to help supplement his lost items. I use this with my training because he does his task and I kneel down and gently squeeze the tube so he licks the gel. He gets a pea size multiple times throughout the day, but we don't exceed the recommended dosage. Since he's an only pupper, we don't have to share since he cleans the tube entirely, and since he's so food motivated, he doesn't have to share. He tolerates this well and I haven't seen him swallow it like a liquid. This is a good recommendation for any dog owner who needs to supplement their nutrition. I offered a second tube to an adult chocolate lab I was sitting with, but he didn't like the smell or taste, so I didn't bother with it. He refused. Maybe some dogs are not interested in anything.

5. Under Weather Nutritional Supplement Palatable

Under Weather Nutritional Supplement Palatable

There is maintenance of 888-548-5870. The tube is measured to make sure you give your dog the correct amount. The gel supplement is filled with healthy substances to help your dog gain weight if they aren't eating properly. If your dog isn't getting proper nutrition, this supplement is usually recommended to help keep it well. Ready Cal is packed with vitamins and minerals that are important for your dog's health. Omega fatty acids are essential for brain and coat health. Your dog will get a shinier coat if you give them Omega fatty acids.

Brand: Under The Weather

👤My cat was dying because she couldn't eat and was too weak to drink. She was getting care that was Hospice type. I didn't want her to starve to death. I searched for a cat food that was high in calories and low in fat to make up for her lack of eating. I decided to try it out. I had to use a feeding needle to get my sick cat into a feeding tube, but she was able to tolerate it and I was able to get her to start eating again. Half of her face is paralyzed because of Horner's Syndrome. She would have died without this. I'm very thankful I found this product. There is enough product in the packaging to feed an entire herd of cats, and the price is quite affordable, which makes it easy to get the product. I still give her a small amount every few days because it keeps her fur soft. She's adapting and hopefully will get better but without this product she wouldn't have a chance.

👤I thought it was a small tube. Wrong! This is the size of caulk that you would load up in a caulking gun. My 16 year old cat had a really high level ofthyroid reading and was wasting away. The vet prescribed appetite-stimulating drugs. He was so thin that I was worried. I gave him a finger or two of this a day, so I had to gently open his mouth and rub my finger on his tongue, and just doing this for a week made a huge difference. He put on weight and is now stable on his medication. He had no stomach upsets or nausea, and his energy level increased. He ripped off one of my throw pillows, meowing, and picked up the tassel with his teeth and threw it into the air so that he could slap it across the room in mid-flight. I think he's doing well, especially for a 16 year-old.

👤Some people write bad reviews, others write about how much, and the directions aren't good at telling you how much, which is ridiculous, but I'm not about that. I squeeze it out from the inside of my hand, starting from the top of my finger tip to the middle, it's not going to kill them to give it. Some of these people are ridiculous, so you give them more, so what if it hurts or kills them? The more calories the better, especially if they need it, and if you're giving it to them, they are in need! I give it twice a day to my picky and bad eaters, or to those that really need it. I have a cat that needs it a lot, and his fur has become soft and shiny. It's great stuff, my cats love it, but if they don't, I open their mouth and push it on the roof of their mouth, but not where I'll hurt them, I do this in one smooth and quick action. I've become good at it because I take care of both cats indoors and out, I help cats that have been badly hurt, and I rescue cats that are sick, so I need to be able. This is a life saver for your cats, so get brave, and just do it, and don't worry about the dosage. There is a Go and get her done. It's great.

6. Nutri Cal Calorie Nutritional Supplement Ounce

Nutri Cal Calorie Nutritional Supplement Ounce

It's ideal for dogs who need extra calories and vitamins. The weight gainer for dogs is recommended by the vet. Extra energy for hunting and working dogs is provided by the high-cal pet supplement. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are essential for a healthy heart, skin, and joints. It is easy to administer, easily-digested gel and support a healthy appetite.

Brand: Tomlyn

👤One of my children had an oral surgery and couldn't eat food. He wouldn't eat bland food either. I saw him lose energy and weight and become skin and bones. He wasn't getting the vitamins and minerals he needed, and I started to lose hope. When I found this product, I ordered it as quickly as I could, and refreshed the Amazon app on the day of delivery. I ripped into the packaging and offered this to my little guy. He was confused and hesitant at first, but he became interested quickly. I gave him more than he was recommended for. After this meal, he rejected his food but was eager for more. I keep a running supply of food for my tiny man when he doesn't eat all his soft food. This has been recommended to another friend of mine who has a senior Yorkie that is very picky and this has reduced the stress of dinner time when she's not eating.

👤We got our original tube from the vet, but then ordered more, which we didn't need because of the success of the first tube. Our very old fellow was struck down with a stroke that we thought was a stroke. The vet told us that he would like to recover, even fully. Good news. We couldn't get him to eat. He refused to eat despite being sick with extreme nausea. It was getting closer to days. The vet took more and even liked the taste after he squeezed some of it into his mouth. We only had to give him the correct amount a few times, but he quickly became hungry and switched to normal food. He would've eaten eventually, but he was getting weaker quickly, and his condition was already improving. I highly recommend this stuff for dogs who have an improveable condition but are not related to food processing problems.

👤It is difficult to use. When applying to the mouth of a dog, be sure to use your legs and a good mount. I had to hold mine down to get her to open it. She was 17 years old when she rode a bull for 8 seconds. It must taste like a dirty bucket on a shrimp boat. She didn't like the flavor, but she has to do what she has to.

👤I have a 12 yo rescue, mixed terrier, traced him back to a breed I never heard of before. He put his head on my chest the first night I bought him. I know! He has to be close to me. To mee. I can't believe it, even as I type pill or two, he never refuses it. He has gained a pound and a half since I ordered over 18. Remarkable! She was diagnosed with bladder cancer 7 weeks ago. I don't know how to go without him. I use this to sneak him.

👤When my poodle was carrying her pups, we needed to make sure she ate well and included a lot of nutrition. She likes the taste of it. It has corn syrup in it and I am very careful about the downfalls of concentrated sugar. She ate all of her food if I put a bit over her food. She has helped and nursed her pups during her pregnancy. I would recommend it to people who are very picky. It's a little pricey but it's an important part of my pup's diet. I will use it occasionally after the pups are old.

7. PreserVision AREDS Vitamin Mineral Supplement

PreserVision AREDS Vitamin Mineral Supplement

The vision is 2 eyes. The formula uses a number of vitamins and minerals to match the formula recommended by the experts at the National Eye Institute. Ares 2 is a sequel to Ares 1. PreserVision is the #1 doctor recommended eye vitamins based on 20 years of clinical studies to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced Age-related Macular Degeneration. Ocuvite eye vitamins for general eye health and PreserVision for age-related eye health concerns are included in the eye vitamins for healthy eyes line. The eye care experts are Babasch and LOMB. John Jacob Bausch opened an optical goods store in Rochester, New York. Since then, the company has focused on innovation and quality in eye care products. The Bozch and LOMB eye enhancements are mentioned. Eye health is more than good vision, and they're focused on all aspects of healthy eyes. If you've used other supplements based on the AREDS or AREDS2 study, try their eye health vitamins and supplements. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Preservision

👤I got these for my brother after reading glowing reviews. He started to complain about pain in his body. We had no idea what it was. We went to the hospital after being interviewed and realized that the vitamins were the only thing different. My brother had a rare reaction to these. Some people had trouble with this medication, so I am not saying that it doesn't work. I am telling you to consult a doctor before using it.

👤I bought this at the request of my doctor. The problem with the product is in the packaging. There should be 120 capsule in the bottle. I decided to count the capsule with this bottle because I ended up with a single capsule left after buying the last two bottles. There was only 118. I wouldn't mind if this were an isolated incident, but this is the third bottle in a row that didn't have a correct amount included. I will cancel any future orders from this company and make my purchases with another brand.

👤I wish everyone would use this to prevent maculer degeneration, an awful disease of the eyes. After using this product for over two years, my unaffected eye has gotten stronger and I no longer need glasses. Do yourself a favor, take care of your gift, and use the AREDS 2, because you don't want to risk your vision.

👤My eyes were damaged by computer use. After 3 weeks, there is a noticeable improvement.

👤I started taking this because I was told that I have the beginnings of a disease. I have been taking this product for about a year and have not had any side effects. I can't tell if it's having a beneficial effect yet but it's better than not doing anything. Some reviewers say that this is very expensive and that you can buy the ingredients separately at a cheaper price. Really? A bottle of 120 soft gels costs $22.00) and lasts me two months. 36 cents per day is what it is. If you were to buy Vitamins C and E, Zinc and Lutein separately, you would be paying a lot more. You would have to take more pills. Everything you need is here. My opinion.

👤I don't know if this supplement works, but when your vision is failing, you try anything you can think of. I am in the early stages of a disease. If you live that long, it will progress into complete loss of central vision, because there are currently no medical solutions. The good news is that our peripheral vision will not change, so we will be able to navigate safely into our 80's. We won't be able to read, do puzzles, or watch tv from a couple of feet. I've researched everything I can to find a cure or at least a way to slow the progression of this disease, like anyone else facing such a situation. An AREDS 2 Supplement is the only scientifically promising way to slow the progression. There is an indication that Calcium Citrate might help, but the evidence is not very strong. I take Preservision in order to stem the tide. It appears that the best preparation for the event is by the company known for it's quality. I follow the path recommended by my doctor and eye doctor. There isn't much more to say. I don't know if PreserVision made a difference, but I believe that if something currently available can make a difference, this is it.

8. Only Natural Pet Nutritional Supplement

Only Natural Pet Nutritional Supplement

Provide a full SPECTRUM OF ESSENTIAL VITAMINS AND MINERALS - support your dog needs for peak health and performance, leading to a better quality of life, all while reducing your vet visits and pet health costs. Dog vitamins for joints, cardiovascular system, immune system, digestive system, nervous system, urinary system, endocrine system, and blood composition. Support your dog's ability to properly absorb the essential vitamins and food ingredients. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are important for cellular health and many other benefits. A bacon flavoured soft chew can be fed to your dog as a treat. It was made in the USA. Only Natural Pet products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Natural Pet uses the highest quality materials. They want to provide you and your pet the highest quality products.

Brand: Only Natural Pet

👤A dog that had over 300 ticks on him was saved. I think these helped nurse him back to health, but I can't be sure it wasn't the science diet I was feeding him. 3 stars because they are ridiculously expensive for 60 vitamins that they need to take several times a day, there are other very good options at a much lower price.

👤I added these to my dog's diet. A chocolate lab was having hip problems when he was 8 years old. I took him off of regular dog food, and started feeding him human food, and now he's jumping around like a pup again, I added this vitamins to his diet, and he's doing great. The fur is very shiny. Animals have been living on food forever. If you see a dog eating food. They always look better.

👤I like the new packaging. The seal on the previous packaging fell apart. My dog used to like eating these, but now he doesn't like them as much as he used to. I think I'm going to move to another vitamins after they dropped out of the "Subscribe and Save" program.

👤My boy got a nice treat. He likes it. I give it to him after eating. He can't wait for it. If he bites the piece, I have to break it up in small pieces so he won't get stuck.

👤While giving this to 2 puppies, one adult dog, and one senior dog, it could not tell a difference. I used this for 3 months and couldn't tell if it was good or bad. Will look for other products. I don't think I could make a recommendation based on my experience.

👤These vitamins are great for my two small Yorkies. I tried other vitamins and they refused to eat them so these are a winner for us.

👤I don't have to worry about my pups getting all the right nutrition from what I feed them, even if it is store-bought food or food I make for them. One of them didn't like the taste at first. I had to make her eat it. They like the taste but will not eat the vitamins like a treat. They eat it in their food.

👤Maybe it works. They can't tell me if they do.

9. PetHonesty Dog Multivitamin Glucosamine Chondroitin

PetHonesty Dog Multivitamin Glucosamine Chondroitin

PetHonesty's 10-For-1 Multivitamin chews combine a well-rounded blend of the most essential vitamins and supplements for dogs' overall daily health. Save 15% off of your dogs favorite chew with this two pack offer. Joint Health with Glucosamine soft chews have high amounts ofGlucosamine and other joint support ingredients that reduce joint inflammation and increase mobility and flexibility in your dog. Improve Digestion with 1 Billion CFU Probiotics - These one a day dog vitamins contain a lot of the good stuff, which helps keep your dog's bicyle running smoothly. Egg shell meal and Omega's from krill oil can help heal dry, itchy, and flaky skin and increase coat strength, shine, and overall health. Immune System + Heart Health with Vitamins A, C, and D3 - A blend of vitamins with anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant properties improves immune system and keeps heart strong and healthy. Soft chew treats are appealing to dogs, making it easy for you to improve their health.

Brand: Pethonesty

👤Eddie is a 10 year old cocker spaniel. I researched what I should give him and found this product. I can honestly say that he has got his pep back in his step after taking two a day for a few weeks now. I give them to him because he gets excited for them. They are cute little heart shaped nibbles and I am so happy I found them. He doesn't seem to be very slow to get up these days. They are helping Eddie. The difference is obvious.

👤I don't leave reviews on Amazon but I think it's my duty to protect other people's dogs. I bought this product because I thought it would be good for my dog. She is already a healthy dog. I wanted her to be healthy. She got a lot of sickness after three days of giving her dog vitamins. It cost me $180 at the vet. The doctor told me that the dog vitamins were the cause of her inflammation. Terrible product play. Don't buy this and protect your dogs.

👤I bought the 10-In-1 Multivitamin Snacks about two weeks ago, and I have seen an improvement in my dog's condition. I have a girl who will be 15 years old in January. My senior dog can have many issues and I am no exception. She had an operation on her knees seven years ago and was prescribed fish oil. She has been doing well, but recently she had a bout of diarrhea and was losing weight and acting sluggish. I tried various remedies, including chicken and rice diet and Sam-E pills. Nothing was helping. I was desperate to find a solution and decided to give these a try. She got better. Her stools came back to normal after almost immediately stopping her scurvy. She seems to be walking better. I live in Florida and the weather has been cooler recently, so I'll have to see if she's Mobility is due to the pills or the temperature. This product has everything I was giving her, including the added benefit of the other ingredients. I think the probiotics have helped her. These snacks have been a lifesaver for her, and a relief for me, as I said, it has been only a few weeks. I give her two snacks with her food, one at noon and one at p.m. She is a picky eater and will not eat many snacks, but she likes these if I add them to her food. I am very pleased with this product and grateful for the solution to my dogs ailments.

👤Palm Fruit Oil is mentioned as being toxic to dogs by another reviewer. One of our dogs vomited both days she ate this product, but the other had no issues. We are not going to test this one any more. Hope this helps other people.

👤I don't believe this item originally contained Palm Fruit Oil, I contacted the company about it but never got an answer as to whether they changed the formula or not, or if it was just a mistake.

10. HUGGIBLES Multivitamin Digestive Supplements Longevity

HUGGIBLES Multivitamin Digestive Supplements Longevity

Dogs and cats are welcome. A complete all-in-one supplement with powerful anti-Inflammatory keeps your pet healthy and happy as they age. Decrease your pet's pain and maximize their hugg, high level of antioxidants and powerful inflammatories support your pet's wellbeing and reduces their suffering so you can have more happy days with your dog. Enhancing the longevity, healthiness, and happiness of your furry friends is what they do with their proprietary ProVitae blend. The solution is a centralized LIQUID. Liquid solutions are effective for dogs who don't like taking vitamins. They will get all the benefits if you drop this into their favorite food. Quality ingredients. High-quality ingredients are used in Huggibles. They don't use harmful chemicals or additives.

Brand: Huggibles

👤I was so pleased with the product that I had to say something. I had to change my dog's food because of his sensitive stomach. I needed to find a way to give him proper nutrition. I was trying to find vitamins that wouldn't make him sick, as I had read that vitamins can make you sick. The reviews are correct. My dog has not had a bad reaction to the smell or taste of them, and he looks forward to eating them as a part of his day. I would give your dog a treat to get him to eat it. My positive review is that they gave no bad reaction and my fur baby is finally getting all the nutrition he needs.

👤My dog is a chihuahua. The reason for my rating is that he eats them five times. He eats it because I reward him for it. It is almost as if he knows it is a supplement. It smells like fish. I would probably test out other brands because of the taste, but I wouldn't be upset if I got this as a gift, it supports dogs health. It is now two months later and my dog doesn't even want a whiff of it. My dog gets tired of eating the same food over and over again so maybe that is the problem, however he never liked it to begin with. I think he just accepted it because I praised him for eating it. I try to sneak it into his food. He is pretty smart by now. Will try to find a different brand. I'm not sure if I recommend since my dog is picky with food but a chicken flavor would help. It serves its purpose and my dog was healthy for weeks.

👤I feed my dogs home cooked food so it's important to me to add vitamins and other supplements. No problem, our Boston will take Zesty Paws. Our Chihuaua mix wouldn't take any vitamins I tried as he is suspicious of anything added to his food and won't take chewables. The amount of water. He eats his food without missing a beat because the dropper dose is so small. It's a lifesaver! A little spendy but not out of line for the class.

👤My dog was better at taking these. I halved the chewable for her weight because she is over 10 lbs. She eats them without hesitation and doesn't mind the taste. She might turn her nose away if she is giving a little attitude, but she will eat it herself if she puts it by her gums. No adverse effects, skin issues, upset stomach, etc. The smell is not bad. It is similar to yeast and "vitamin tablets". It is a very similar smell to yeast growth medium and Marmite. I love that my purchase is stretched out with each tablet, since it has been almost 2 months since I bought it, and I am only halfway through. It's great for the price, and my dog will get some supplemental nutrition.

11. Vitamins Supplements Multivitamin Grain Free Vitamin

Vitamins Supplements Multivitamin Grain Free Vitamin

Dog venom for puppies. All sizes for small to large breed. The essential supplements not found in most puppy food are included in the 120 Natural Peanut Butter flavored soft chewable puppy treats. All-in-one puppy vitamins for coat, skin, immune, heart, brain, and bone development. Puppy essentials for your puppy starter kit. Glucosamine chondroitin for dogs, MSM, and Omega 3 Fish Oil for dogs are included in the dog joint supplement. Calcium and D3 are important for bone growth. Their puppy supplements contain organic Hemp Powder and Flaxseed. Dog oil for shiny coat and allergy relief. Prebiotic + Digestive Probiotic for Dogs, 1 Million CFU, 5 strains of the best dog probiotic, including lactobacillus acidophilus, are included. Dog has a supplement for itching skin, bad dog breath, and coprophagia. Multi vitamins A,B,C,E are included. All of their dog vitamins and supplements are Grain Free, No Corn, No Soy, No Salt, No Sugar, No Artificial Additives. The lab was independent and tested for safety.

Brand: Strawfield Pets

👤My dog is 4 months old and he loves these. They work well. I was worried that her puppy food wasn't giving her all the vitamins and supplements that she needed, she also needs glucosamine for her joints as she grows, and they are grain and chicken free. Her coat is very soft. Will continue to buy! A good one.

👤Although I like all the ingredients in this vitamins, it's a struggle to get my two Yorkies to eat it. They took a sniff and ran. They refused to eat when I tried crumbing one vitamins up and mixing it with their favorite dish. I can't have these vitamins because my furbabies would rather starve than eat them.

👤Good ingredients and great quality are what these are. Cute heart shapes too! My puppy won't eat or touch them, he spits them out or won't touch them. Customer service was great and gave good suggestions on crumbling into his food. He won't eat his food because he is smart. We have tried a lot of their products.

👤I can't get her to eat the product because it's made of good ingredients and only if I break them up and hide them in a treat or something she likes. I won't let her dictate what she eats so I give her treats or something. To get these eaten is not something I will consider long-term. She will eat vitamins and minerals. These are currently on the shelf.

👤I use the hemp-flex for my older dog and it has made such a difference that I got the puppy formula for my young dog if it was time for him to take it. I haven't given them to him yet. I give him one in the morning and one at night because he is very hot.

👤She seems to like them because they don't smell like peanut butter. She smells them and plays with them, but she always eats them. I think she likes it. It makes me feel better to know that she is getting the supplements she needs.

👤I decided on these products because of the vitamins and the beneficial organisms in them. I have tried to get my puppy to eat them, but he won't touch them. He wouldn't eat his food if I tried to break it up and put it in his food.

👤My dog doesn't want to eat these. She ate a small amount after I broke one into small bites. She vomited after eating some. I am changing the probiotic I buy.


What is the best product for dog vitamins multivitamin gel?

Dog vitamins multivitamin gel products from Balanced Breed. In this article about dog vitamins multivitamin gel you can see why people choose the product. Tomlyn and Petjoy are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog vitamins multivitamin gel.

What are the best brands for dog vitamins multivitamin gel?

Balanced Breed, Tomlyn and Petjoy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog vitamins multivitamin gel. Find the detail in this article. Tomlyn, Under The Weather and Tomlyn are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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