Best Dog Vests for Medium Dogs with Harness

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1. ICEFANG Tactical Harness Working Pulling

ICEFANG Tactical Harness Working Pulling

Please choose the right size base on the ICEFANG size chart. The most load bearing point is the dog shoulder position. Dog Pulling, Stitching by Bartack and X in box pattern on each joint and heavy load point. The Buckle is on the chest and belly. One heavy duty V-Ring near dog's neck for short leash, another one sewon the rear of harness for normal walking with long leash, 1x. No pulling front clip will make the dog's leg off the ground and you can control the puller with few effort. The hook and loop panel are on the side of the harness and can be different sizes. Allow your dog to carry gear in training and daily walking with the help of two 12 inch strips of molle. You can Aslo Hook Dog Bowl, water bottle, and toy through D shape Carabiner are not included.

Brand: Icefang

👤It looks like it was made well. It's important to make sure it fits correctly because there are a lot of straps to adjust. I had to wrestle my dog to get it on her. That is always fun. I won. Her neck measurement is 21 inches. She is between 60 and 70 pounds. I had to return the Large because I ordered it too large. She didn't have a large chest. She is comfortable wearing it now, but I need to adjust some of the straps. She doesn't seem to mind that it's a little heavy. It will be great for our cold, snowy winters, but I may have to find something cooler for our hot humid summers. She is barely 1 year old and has some filling out to do, but the XL will grow with her if needed. The large was not a good fit for her because of her deep chest and narrow waist. If your dog is deep chested, you may need to size him up. It looks nice on her. I checked all the straps and buckles and it feels sturdy. It has a lot of positive reviews and appears to be well made. It is easier to make adjustments once they are made. She is all in if she knows it means walks. She wasn't sure what I was trying to do because she isn't a clothes wearing dog. I hope the front leash connection helps with that, she is a puller and chokes her. It did with my first dog. This will not choke her. She is a stubborn little thing with a lot of power, so I have tried a lot of different things. There are instructions with it. They were very helpful. It is not something I would keep on her all day.

👤I ordered this harness for my escape artist. It is very well made. A heavy duty harness. The harness is easy to use. I didn't think there was a harness that could be escape proof, but this one is! I know my boy will miss the game of "mom chase me" but he is enjoying his new harness and long walks.

👤My machine is 65 pounds. I have tried many high priced tactical vests and he has destroyed them all. Don't waste your money on inferior vests, this one is the best. Thank you for the super-adjusting and rugged...

👤Whenever you see a tactical dog harness, it's usually a dog that should accompany John Wick. That is not Sumo. Sumo was told at her last vet visit that she needed to lose 15 pounds. The harness is called the XL. I have had to use a training collar for years because she is 95 lbs of pulling machine, and anything resembling a harness thus far has resulted in a sore arm. I wanted to look for a harness that was tactical. The ability to attach MOLLE pouches gave her the ability to start working on our walks to help with weight loss. The second reason was that I could find an option that could serve both. The whole system works like a thunder coat for high anxiety dogs, because it has a liner that hugs her entire body, instead of a thin strap around her underarms. She pulls less with the extra comfort on our walks, but if she starts to pull too much, I have a handle that I can grab and regain control again. This is the best solution I have found for my dog, and I am very happy with the build. She has enough straps to stretch around her belly. The buckles are sturdy, and I like that there are more comfortable ones closer to her head.

2. Tactical Harness Pulling Adjustable Handle

Tactical Harness Pulling Adjustable Handle

No Bull Lash CLIP. There is no pulling with this dog harness with 2 leash clips and 3 durable handles. There are 4 colors and 3 sizes of the X Deserter K9 Harness. It's perfect for dog hiking, daily walking or training. ToughBUCKLE: Two UTX buckles and two quick release metal buckles are in the OneTigris large dog harness. The dog harness has 3 top handles. IZE INFORMATION: The large tactical dog harness is made in 1000D nylon and soft padded. Quality after-sale guarantee. OneTigris large tactical dog harness has a one year warranty. They will reply in 24 hours if you are not satisfied with dog vest harnesses.

Brand: Onetigris

👤It looks great on our dog. I don't know if it's comfortable for him. He doesn't seem to mind at all. I had to return the medium I ordered for Large. Even after we loosened the straps, it still didn't fit him, even after taking his measurements multiple times. I saw labs, German shepherds, and golden retrievers in the model pictures and it made sense that he was not huge. I would say go bigger if you are on the fence about what size to get. I don't like that it covers him and he can't go potty while wearing it. What are we supposed to do on walks? I will not be able to use it as his harness for walking.

👤I love this harness. It's well built, the metal buckles up front are really secure, the secondary side buckles are high quality plastic and the velcro is good. I feel my dog is well taken care of. She seems to like it. It adjusted well to her body. The handles on top are great for hanging onto her when she gets excited. It looks bad but it's practical and safe, I highly recommend it. Highly recommended!

👤We have tried every harness there is. He was contained by nothing. He pulls. He lunges at other dogs. Other harnesses could hurt our boy. The harness we are using is perfect. There are 3 handles on the top. There are metal rings for the leash. It hugs him like a thunder vest would. It makes handling him much easier. There is a We can put patches on the vest. We tried a medium size vest, but it was a bit snug, so we ordered the large and it was perfect! If your measurement is towards the top of the medium, order the large.

👤One Tigris is a great product. The large Tactical K9 harness is perfect for our Rottweiler, Matilda, who is 11 months old. There is plenty of room for her to fill out. MOLLE panels have a lot of patch space as well as places to attach accessories.

👤I should have known it was Tigris. I would love it. The brand never fails to impress me and always holds true to its quality. This harness has been one of my favorites. There is a It looks great on my service dog. My dog was very happy to try it on and wear it. If you buy the bags, you can add the patches to it as well. It has three handles which made me happy when I need to grab on to them or if my dog leads me. It has three d rings, one in the front of the harness and two on the back. My dog is 55 lbs and wears the large, it fits perfectly on him. You will love it if you buy it. I am very happy with it and am very impressed with the quality and style.

👤He's full grown and is in the size Medium. The straps had to be pulled tight. It's ok that new isn't broken in. I didn't need a harness but the lack of a lift and pull to get him in the truck was my reason.

3. Downtown Pet Supply Adjustable Harness

Downtown Pet Supply Adjustable Harness

Please review the size chart in the image on the left to make sure the harness is properly fitted. Slip this harness on and off your dog in seconds. Breathable mesh dries quickly and reduces tugging and pulling on your pups neck. Heavy duty d-rings for leash attachment are included. Small is 14 - 15 inch chest and 11 - 12 inch neck.

Brand: Downtown Pet Supply

👤I ordered a size L for my poodle mix. I would usually order a medium dog. I am very happy I got the size I did. It is a great harness. Exactly what I was looking for. Excellent quality. My dog needs a harness when he pulls me on a walk. I would definitely recommend this one.

👤The fit guide was followed exactly. My dog was large. Put it on him and it looked right. My dog was fastened to a seatbelt using this harness. Everything was secure. While our vehicle was moving, my dog tried to jump out the open car window, but was unsuccessful. He came out of the harness. He is at an emergency vet hospital waiting for surgery. They have to wait for the bruise on his lungs to heal before they can anesthetize him. We are out a minimum of $6000.00 if he doesn't make it.

👤This is a great purchase. We are happy. It is very affordable. It was half the price of other harnesses we tried, but twice as cute and comfortable. Our puppy loves it so much that she doesn't mind keeping it on. She is about 3 lbs. We ordered a size S because we were worried about the reviews saying to size up. We ordered the size xs for her because she will be 5 to 6 lbs full grown. It works perfectly! I like it. It is so cute. I added pictures to show how well it fits. The harness is perfect.

👤The dog harness I rec'd is smaller than described. It appears that the description includes inches of material that is closed over each other.

👤Shipping was fast. The medium fit my dog perfectly. It is very easy to put on.

👤I ordered a small. It fits my Maltese perfectly. I have had to exchange many mesh vests for my Maltese because some were too small or too large for him. I was expecting the same when this vest arrived, but I was pleasantly surprised. He sleeps in it and it is very comfortable for him. We are taking him in and out for potty breaks all day long because he is not fully potty-trained yet. He is not pulled up by the leash when it is taut because the rings to hook the leash onto the back of the vest are a little high. This vest is for my Pip.

👤Very pleased with the harness. I was initially concerned about the quality. I bought 2 small dogs, one red and one blue. I have two dogs, a 14lb one and a 12lb one. They fit perfectly. Harnesses are easy to clip to the leash, and dogs seem happy in them. What a great purchase! The previous halter cost $20.00. I don't see a difference in quality. I believe that dogs would be happy if they were left alone for a few minutes without a leash. We don't do that. They don't struggle against these halters. Basic solid color harnesses are a great value.

4. Rabbitgoo Tactical Military Adjustable Training

Rabbitgoo Tactical Military Adjustable Training

Large dog vest has a neck length of 24.8” and a chest length of 31.5” Large Breeds such as German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Golden Retriever, Huskie, Labrador, Akita, etc. are ideal. A professional working dog vest is also good for hunting and all outdoor companion dogs. Military-standard material is a heavy duty vest made of nylon with sturdy stitching and is suitable for all field use. Two Metal Shoulder Buckles can be used to keep your dog safe while working, hunting, or training. The air mesh keeps your dog comfortable and protects his skin. A practical design for versatile use is the mole system. There are multiple hook and loop panels that show your dog's personality. There is a wide range of uses for personal service, law enforcement, hunting, or outdoor recreation. The dog safety harness has two Metal Leash Attachment Points for safer dog walks, one Front Clip for No-Pull control or dog training, and one Back Clip for casual walking or jogging. Extra control and easy lifting aid are provided by the reinforced top handle. The dog harness is easy to use with full adjustment. 5 fully adjusted straps allow for a snug fit with maximum mobility.

Brand: Rabbitgoo

👤We went to play fetch after we got this vest. I need to work on the vest adjustments to get a better fit for my dog. It was supposed to be green. I think I got tan. I ordered a large and cinched it down to fit her, as I expect her to keep growing.

👤There are lots of players in this field that offer L/XL harnesses for working dogs, but this is the first to fit that role properly. Plastic on the belly and sides is enough. There are a lot of leash point rings. 1 1/2 in. It is nice and clean harness sewing, no unnecessary joints, stress areas are box-stitched for maximum strength. My Malamute was measured to the middle dimensions as given for the size of the harness, yet most of the belly webbing was consumed on his big chest. It is easier to cut excess than add. Generous "saddle" to cover the withers, spread the stress and strain over the back, not on narrow areas. Generous chest pad, appreciated. The grab handle on the shoulders is sturdy and convenient. We don't use all of that on the withers saddle, but there are plenty of things we can use for trails and back-country trekking. It's easier to remove than to add it. This Malalmute is a trim extra-large male and can pull like a freight-train in spite of his 9 years. This harness serves to keep him under control and out of trouble, so I have to lift him off his foreleg to prevent me from becoming a human sled.

👤I wish I could tighten it more, but I am trying to get my dog to gain a few pounds so who knows. The straps only tighten or loosen one way so it makes it hard to know if it will fit or not, if you don't know how to get your dog's measurements, it has a lot of room to loosen up but it doesn't fit me.

👤Looks great. Give good control with the handle.

👤I bought two for my dogs. The biggest problem was that both of the harnesses came apart while I was walking my dogs. I thought it was a mistake. We took a break and I put the harness back together. The same thing happened with the other harness. The strap on the bottom is used to adjust the length of the harness. My dogs seem to like wearing the harnesses and they look great. I recommend that you check the bottom strap before you take your dog for a walk if you buy one. I am not happy with these harnesses, and I wish I had not bought them. I am trying something simpler that I hope will be more reliable. When the harness came apart, I had no worries about stopping on the side of the street and fixing it, because one of my GSD's is calm and laid back. When vehicles drive by or we meet other walkers, my other GSD can go "redzone". It could be a huge problem if the harness falls apart. We were lucky that no one showed up while I was fixing the harness. I put the leash on the dog's collar just in case.

5. Matilor Harness Breathable Harnesses Medium

Matilor Harness Breathable Harnesses Medium

The Matilor dog harness is made of durable air mesh that is lightweight, comfortable, and quick-dry. The step-in design makes it easy to put on and take off the vest. The Double D ring is strong and has a safety lock. Machine wash, cold, gentle cycle, no bleach, don't tumble dry. The pack includes 1 harness and 1 leash.

Brand: Matilor

👤I thought I'd post a review since there aren't a lot of reviews for how these work for cats. For the last 2 1/2 years, we've been walking Mystery and Mayhem. We had cheaper halters that worked well, but they loosened up. They stay adjusted throughout our outings. Mystery and Mayhem love their walks and lounging on the porch on hot days, so they don't try to get out of their halters. If you don't get the right size for your cat, they won't be able to get out without some difficulty. Mystery is 10 lbs heavier than Mayhem and they are both wearing a size small. If we had the Velcro completely covering them, it would be tight on both of them, so they might be okay in a slightly larger halter. The mesh is lightweight and neither seems to be annoyed with it, but that will take a bit of time to get used to. The leashes that came with them are very sturdy. It's not a big deal, but the clip that keeps things together sticks up and it doesn't seem to be adjusted.

👤I got this for my mini poodle puppy and so far it's so good. We got the medium because he is supposed to grow a few more pounds, but it does fit perfectly with the clip, and we hope he grows into it more. We used to use a harness that had to get the head through, but this one is so easy to put on and take off!

👤The extra small is a Papillon-Chihuahua mix called Little Gracie. It is easy to put on and take off, and it looks great on her. We love it!

👤This is the 3rd harness that I've purchased for my rescue dog. I'm leaving this review because I want to help other people judge the size of brands. I landed on the perfect harness after my little girl came to us looking a little thin. I ordered a small. She is 3 years old and the x-small would fit her. I think we'll be putting on a little weight. She cannot wiggle loose in this harness, it fits at 7 lbs. There is a small room for her to grow a couple lbs. If your dog is growing at 7 lbs, you should get the x-small. I got the small if not. It's a great harness, but still comfortable. If she ever grows out of this one, or I just want another color, I'm most definitely buying this one again. It comes with a nice leash. Highly recommended! It's a good thing.

👤These run very small. I have a small beagle that is recognized as a small beagle by the AKC. She is very small. I was not able to attach the medium because it was barely clipped. She should not be considered a large. This is way off...

👤I was dissatisfied with the size of the harness I ordered for my 27lb frenchie. It fits my chihuahua just fine and my puppy is 21 lbs on the tight side. I can use it for those dogs, but not the one I intended to use as they are very small. I don't recommend the harness but I do like the leash and would recommend you don't leave it outside in the sun because the foam on the handle looks like it's the kind that would dry and crack, but is very nice and comfy for the price and serves its purpose If your dog is a large breed that likes to pull, the harness is made of a thinner mesh material on the flat side, not a lot of cushion that can wear out over time. It serves its purpose while on a budget. I will go to Petsmart later today and get a harness that is true to it's size, but I wish it was bigger. If you order a large harness, I would recommend a size up if you want a dog over 21 lbs. If the harness ran smaller and the dog fit it better, I would have been happy with the purchase and would recommend it to anyone.

6. Tactical Comfortable Adjustable Camouflage Detachable

Tactical Comfortable Adjustable Camouflage Detachable

The 1000D nylon fabric is waterproof and comfortable and dries fast. While hiking, canoeing, camping, and training, protect your dog in comfort. Each strap is adjusted. Please adjust every strap until it is comfortable for your dog. It can hold up a whole day even when you have fun. There is a Molo system and 3 disposable gloves. It has a Waist Bag, Utility Pouch, and First Aid Bag. The sides of the vest are designed so that you can balance out the weight by moving the pouch around. Water bottles and other dog tactical gear can be put in. There are hook and loop panels on top of the vest, you can personalize them. There is a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Their priority is your satisfaction. If you have a question about their products, please contact them. The Customer Service Team will always be there for you.

Brand: Aiwai

👤This product is good. The chest strap is the only thing that's needed. It would have been better if it had it, but it wouldn't work as well without it, and the dog is uncomfortable if one side is heavier than the other. The strap would hold it in place. The bags are interchangeable and you can change them, but this is much easier on the dog. It becomes easier to manage with a little practice.

👤The button on the pouch broke. I used a rivet to fix it. The front strap was thin and cheap. Less padding. I cut it off. Stitching seems ok. I will update if it fails. The dog is 17 months old and has 150 lbs and 33" to the shoulder. If he does not break this thing, please forgive the broken button and change to 5 stars.

👤It is a perfect fit for my dog because he needs free movement without restriction. He's like a bull in a China shop and can easily break things. We've been looking for a collar or harness that can hold him for more than a week. This is a great investment. Especially for the price and with all those bags.

👤I have a dog and a dog mix. He is very tall and long. I ordered the small one. It's too big. The felt-like material across the chest is very cheap and the Velcro seems to be pretty tough. This is a decent vest and is great for long hikes. There are a lot of pouches that are very sturdy.

👤My doggo is liking it. He has his own treats and bags. This thing is strong and light. I trust it when I take him for a walk.

👤My dog was borderline in length, so I ordered large pouches of high quality. Not in this case, usually bigger than small.

👤The back of the one I got for my service was all over the place, no matter how you adjusted it. It was a long day and there was pain in the butt. The materials are well constructed.

👤It is comfortable and durable. It comes with three bags that can fit in it. It is great for poop bags, treats and other things.

7. ALBCORP Tactical Dog Vest Harness

ALBCORP Tactical Dog Vest Harness

The no-pull dog harness is designed for canines in the police, military, and search and rescue service. In black and coyote brown, and in medium, large, and XL. The service dog vest has a hook and loop closure on it. There are two D-rings at the back and a front D-ring to stop your dog from pulling. The front D-ring can be used as an ID or tag holder. There are hooks and loops on both sides of the service dog harness. The dog harness has MOLLE loops on the sides. You can clip lightweight items for your dog to carry. The nylon is heavy-duty and has sturdy stitching. The mesh padding of this vest allows for a snug fit while the straps create a snug fit.

Brand: Albcorp

👤Two words come to mind for this harness, sturdy and heavy duty. Pros -durable. There are plenty of areas for patches, easy to adjust, and heavy duty D rings for leash options. The fabric is stiff and not very absorbent, and can cause a bit of chafing around the underarm area if you are not paying attention when breaking it in. We don't use this for a service dog, I have an 85lb reactive lab/collie mix. I love how this keeps him from breaking free of the harness when he lunges. When I leash my dog to the top D ring closest to his head, he behaves better because I don't transmit as much tension to him.

👤Love it. My dog is 42 lbs and has a medium that is cinched up to the max on the belly. Maybe it could have been a small thing. Adding safety/reflective orange and a name badges is similar to the velcro spots. It is nice that clips have locks on them. I've had harnesses come unbuckled.

👤I bought this safety gear for my apprenticeship. She had complained to the local supplier. I bought a Distributor Harrness on Amazon to replace the first one, and it was absolutely useless. I bought this for my girl to make sure she is safe while in a vehicle. I am trembling. It looked like she wouldn't fit a medicine with a small room to relax. I took my chances and got the large. I had to do a little bit of work to make it fit. It is perfect. No rubbing or slipping. I use the handle to secure her in the car. The material is high quality and can be used in a crash. I had to adjust the barbs when I gave it to her. TWEEKING THEM. A small amount. The extra gingham is perfect for the coming months because of the adequate room to grow. I wanted her to wear it. I had her wear it around the house for a few days before our first road trip. I only take it off when it's nap or bed time. I love it. When she reaches full size, I hope the XL will fit. This is a high quality instrument. I'll have no complaints here. When the time comes, be purchasing the XL.

👤I ordered the larger size for my dog. All of the measurements were in the same size chart. I thought I had found a sturdy harness for him. It is very well made. The harness was too short. I think it's because of his loose skin. I contacted the seller and they were very nice, but they said there wasn't anything they could do. It's important to know that the measurements could be different for different breeds.

👤This harness is great for working with a real puller, it offers a lot of control, and if your dog knows how to back out of a standard harness. There are three options for buckled on a leash, and it is possible to adjust it both in the front and around the middle. The only downside is that it may become hot across the back of the harness when walking on a sunny day. I have not had this problem. It may not be an issue at all, it's just something that can happen. I'm very happy with the harness so far, it's been a big help.

8. Voopet Emotional Reflective Breathable Adjustable

Voopet Emotional Reflective Breathable Adjustable

Distribute the traction pressure of the service dog vest evenly over the body to prevent choking. The Oxford soft mesh vest is all-weather and is made of all-weather material. The dog reflective vest is made of tough nylon cloth that gives visibility in low light and soft padding that makes it a comfortable fit. It's easy to adjust service animal toxicity. The vest has a chest slide strap that can be adjusted to fit a variety of puppies small dogs. It's perfect for daily walking, running, jogging, hiking, training and outdoor fun. Dog service est is a conscientious thing to wear. The vest is scratch-resistant, abrasion resistant, durable, lightweight and soft. Simple switch design makes it easy to take off. The patch is replaceable at will. Depending on your needs the dog work harness can be available in a variety of models, such as therapy dog vest, in training dog harness, emotional support dog vest, and calming harness. 100% SATISFIED: They want to provide the best shopping experiences and high quality products. All problems will be solved within 24 hours if you send an email to them.

Brand: Voopet

👤I love its color. I am shocked at the number of reviews on this site, there are dogs where the harness is on upside down, rubbing on the back of the dogs neck or it's way to big. The person who trained your dog should have shown you how to fit the harness. The top of the harness goes no where near the back of the neck. The straps should not be near the dogs as they will rub and be uncomfortable. The harness is great for dogs over 7 lbs. It is more cost effective than ordering from other places. Don't just buy this and take a untrained dog in public. It takes hours of training to have this privilege, and I am all for someone training their own. I believe that many people can benefit from a trained dog. I know how much it helps, but please don't cheat. If you haven't spent a lot of time with your dog, don't call it a service dog. It puts other service dogs at risk.

👤I like that my 5 lbs girl can feel the diffrence when she is working. I had to sew the straps to fit the propor. I cut off the handle and replaced it with a patch because she isn't going to support my weight. There are some pictures of my Junie. I am hoping this vest will make people stop asking questions. I don't think it's a big deal that some of the stitching is a lil wonkie, but it's not enough that it's noticable.

👤I got an XS for my cats and it fits a little loose. I had to put rubber bands on it. My cats enjoy going out in this harness and they have no issues on walks.

👤I've been using this harness for a few months now, and I have noticed the care taken to make it comfortable for my dog. My old one did not have flaps under the buckles to protect her skin, but this one does, which is great! My other model has something between her legs, but this model does not. This prevents it from sliding from side to side. The soft lining of the webbing between the legs makes it very comfortable and does not rub her skin. The lettering is very clear. It is a wonderful harness for a service dog. The Service Dog lettering is temporary, but it sticks very well. I will be buying the same brand again in a couple of years.

👤I was completely shocked when this arrived. I had to return a 50$ service vest for my service dog because it was terrible. I wondered how good a 17$ vest could be. The straps and chest strap are snug. There were no issues with the size. Before ordering, I used a linen measuring tape. My previous patches fit perfectly. I was surprised by this purchase. She was easy to control and she was able to read my patterns in this vest. This was a good find, I am very happy!

9. Zonadeals Soft Plaid Puppy Harness

Zonadeals Soft Plaid Puppy Harness

The size Medium is the neck girth of 14''. The chest girth is 16" and the leash is 59''. Before ordering, please measure your dog/cat carefully and refer to the size chart. Quality material is made of 100% polyester, which is soft, lightweight, and breathable. The air-mesh dog harness is designed to reduce tugging and pulling on your pet's neck. It was comfortable and safety performance. The reflective material will make your dog more visible. If your dog is on the road, drivers have a long time to react. The reflective straps are nice. The beige plaid design is a classic pattern that is always in demand. Simple style suits almost any breed of dog. Your dog is cute when wearing it's clothes. The hook&loop and quick-release buckle make it easy to slip on or off your dog. Double D-rings allow the harness to connect securely. It's great for all outdoor activities.

Brand: Kooltail

👤I like the looks of the harness but the size of the XS was too small for my 10 pound Yorkie, even though he was within the size range indicated in the description. I might order in small. I ordered the S after returning the XS. It's comfortable, good looking, and easy to use. I am changing my rating to four stars. I am deducting one because of the incorrect size.

👤Perfect! He can't get out of it if it's near his trachea. The double safety is secured with a clip and a ring. I put it on "Bradley" and just play with it. He is 12 pounds. No more worried about him getting loose when walking him.

👤I get a lot of praise for this harness. She's about 13 lbs. I have the medium. The best part is that it pulls her from the chest, not the neck. There is enough space around the armholes to not rub. It has a buckle after connecting at the back. It's lightweight and great for hot weather. It is cotton and it washes in the machine. Highly recommended!

👤Thank you for that! I have a 4.13 pound dog in Colorado. Finding a harness was nearly impossible, we like to be outdoors and go on adventures. My parents were afraid of losing me so they didn't go much. This made me sad. I am not even 2 yet. I want to explore. This harness fits like a glove, not too tight but snug. The coloring is lovely and relaxing. This harness is as big as I will get and I think it will last awhile. If you have a small dog and need a harness, try this one. My mom bought me an xs because my chest is 13 years old. Have a great day!

👤I like this harness. I've tried others and none were as comfortable or easy as this one. It is worth it. When removing the harness, my dog was a little frightened by the sound of the velcro, but she adapted quickly. I talked to her as I put it on. It's strong. There is no chance of her getting out of the harness. She has a clip and 2 D clips that keep her safe when she pulls. I've had it for a couple of months now and we walk about 6 times a day. It still looks new. I like the style of Burberry. She's 14 lbs. I got the medium and it fit her perfectly. It is soft inside. It doesn't bother her. She waits while I put it on and off, lifting one foot and the other stepping into it. I can put it on with one hand. I was happy with my purchase.

👤The harness we use to strap our dog into our car seat is really nice. We had to get him something that would keep him on the leash after he backed out of his collar twice. It is a must if you have a dog car seat. It is sturdy and attractive. This harness is very good.

10. CBBPET Tactical Breathable Reflective Military

CBBPET Tactical Breathable Reflective Military

AJUSTABLE SIZE is a medium dog's neckgirth, it is easy to wear with 2 quick-release buckles and 4 fully adjusted straps. The dog tactical harness is made of a two-layer structure. The inner layer is a mesh material with excellent quality, and the outer pattern is Oxford cloth with sturdy stitching. Two plastic shoulder Buckles can pull 1500 lbs. The tactical dog vest has strips of reflective sewn on both sides and it has excellent night visibility. The Sturdy Hand-held Handle. The handle is large enough to grab the harness. Make it easier for the owner to control the running and walking of the dog by slowing it down. There is a satisfactory warranty. Refer to the chart. If you have any questions, they are always here to help.

Brand: Cbbpet

👤I followed the size guidelines before ordering, I have a dog mix of 50 pounds or more, and it's close to being accurate. The straps are tight in some places but loose in others. I've seen a lot of reviews that said the quality was cheap and theDurability was bad. It doesn't feel like the smartest vest, but it is cheap. I added some extra threading to the leash loop to make it stronger. The reflective portion of this vest works well with a bright light. Time will tell about the rest of the vest. If you decide to throw a patch on there like me, the portions are 1.5” x 5.5” After chewing on a strap for a few seconds, Oakley didn't seem to mind it. I haven't had this vest for a while, I wouldn't say 2 months. The vest wouldn't tighten down as much as I wanted, and the straps on the vest wouldn't come loose as I was trying to get him out of the situation. I had to cut one of the front straps with a knife because of the distress and the straps not coming loose. The performance of the vests in this situation has now earned me a 1-star rating. It would not be a good idea.

👤If you're just looking for something that your dog can wear around the house in, then this is a good choice. If your goal is to have a product that serves the basic function of a harness, then hard pass, then that's what you're after. I didn't buy this because I wanted to jump out of a C-130 with the puppy strapped to my chest. It would be a fun take on the standard harness program. Our daughter is crazy about the patches. I didn't expect that one of the primary attachment points would be completely free with only a week or so of regular use. After we got her back from boarding, we took her for a walk with the harness on, and we did it right after we got the harness off. The leash went slack on the first use after the break. I grabbed the handle as I realized that she was a free agent. The D-ring on the chest attachment came off because of the stitching on the retaining loop. A rescue dog named ZOE. We had her for about 5 weeks. She's got a nose and puppy energy that she might have been a problem in the urban environment if she'd gotten away from me. It might have taken a lot of effort to get her back. The harness is supposed to counter pulling with the chest attachment. Figure 3 walks a day during the 5 days before we boarded her, but the attachment failed on walk number 16 or so. That's not acceptable in my opinion, it speaks to sheer incompetence or a lack of care on the part of the manufacturer. The clowns who made this clearly can't be bothered to build a product that will serve its primary function for more than a hot minute, they don't deserve your money.

11. VavoPaw Vehicle Harness Adjustable Carabiner

VavoPaw Vehicle Harness Adjustable Carabiner

Strong security. This car vest harness is specially designed to prevent pet dogs from running around in the car to distract the driver's attention and further protect dog's safety. It is easy to use after the pet wears it, hook one end of the safety belt with it and insert the other end into the safety belt sockets. The universal fit for most of the car models is due to the carabiner. It is soft and convenient. This vest harness is made of a strong Oxford fabric, filled with a soft sponge, and lined with an elastic mesh cloth to make dogs feel comfortable. The X-shaped structure harness allows your dog to wear it. In case of emergency, great stability will protect the pet. Workmanship is an expatriate work. The edges are treated with exquisite stitching workmanship and come with a D-ring to make it easy to install a strap. It has an excellent quality.

Brand: Vavopaw

👤I bought two of these for my dog. The harnesses were easy to use, but the large size just fit my Golden around the body, even after adjusting the straps to the max. These may be a little small. They seem to be constructed well. They come with a strap that does the job. I bought a better strap from Amazon and it had some "Springly give". The "Give" cushions the tug when pulled on by the dog. I am saying there are better straps out there, so I am not putting the strap down. I think this is a fine harness and my dogs were very happy to go on our first ride. The VavoPaw was easy to put on compared to the other harnesses I've had.

👤I would not recommend using the seat belt buckle. The seat hook style latch is on the seat belt buckle. My dog stepped on one of the seat belt releases and had to be re- secured. The child safety seat hook style latch is used in the rear seat. You will have to do your own research to find the right one for your vehicle. Traveling with a loose dog in a vehicle can be dangerous for the dog, the driver and any passenger.

👤I am very happy with these so far. Measure your dog before ordering. Both my 55lb and 70lb dogs have large lean chests. I looked at a lot of harnesses. Looking for the best price. They are sturdy and easy to put on.

👤We bought 3 of these harnesses for our two golden retrievers and labradoodles to use in the car. They are also safer for walking them. They seem to like them and don't want to get naked.

👤We searched high and low for an option for our yellow lab. The harness and zip line was a perfect solution for our F-150. We were able to get him in the car so that he could lay down comfortably. While the zip line isn't crash tested, I still felt safe because I was able to make our car rides enjoyable and relaxing for everyone. We bought an XL for our boy because it was snug and secure, yet comfortable, and he was able to wear it for the entire day.

👤I am pretty impressed with this purchase. I wasn't sure what size to get, so I was worried that it would be weird. I bought a medium for my dog and it fit well. He is a chihuahua and Jack Russell mix. He is short and has a lot of weight on him. It comes with a carabiner that is very secure and a strap that can be used for a seatbelt. I think this was a good purchase.

👤It's easy to fit my dog. He Hugs his chest but doesn't put a lot of pressure on him. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤My german shepherd is on the right. The seatbelt is not long enough. Does not fit. Had to come back.


What is the best product for dog vests for medium dogs with harness?

Dog vests for medium dogs with harness products from Icefang. In this article about dog vests for medium dogs with harness you can see why people choose the product. Onetigris and Downtown Pet Supply are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog vests for medium dogs with harness.

What are the best brands for dog vests for medium dogs with harness?

Icefang, Onetigris and Downtown Pet Supply are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog vests for medium dogs with harness. Find the detail in this article. Rabbitgoo, Matilor and Aiwai are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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