Best Dog Vests for Medium Dogs Anxiety

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1. MCHY Anxiety Vest Relief Calming

MCHY Anxiety Vest Relief Calming

If you're not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it for a full refund. MChy dog anxiety vest can help reduce your dog's anxiety during loud noises, fireworks, strangers, separation, vet visits, car & air travel, barking & licking and many other situations. The vest is made of lightweight fabric and has a high percentage of Viscose Fiber. Their pet's skin won't hurt even if they put on the shirt for a long time. The chest size of the dog is between 11-15 inch and the weight is 14-22 pound. Similar breed is Jack Russell, Yorkie, Maltese, Puppy,Mini Schnauzer, and Shih Tzu. Measure your dog's chest size before purchasing. If you purchase an incorrect size, please contact them for a replacement. Highly recommended by millions of trainers and veterinarians. Extra loops are provided inside the package, if any missing can contact them, the loop is very important. They want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Works like a mother. A dog vest that applies gentle, constant pressure on a dog's torso has an amazing calming effect. Symptoms include panting, shaking,liking, bolting, eliminating in doors, and more.

Brand: Mchy

👤Didn't think it would work. I am impressed. My dog is afraid of fireworks. She shakes a lot. Her head and nose are very hot. This helped keep her calm. The small fit her perfectly.

👤My senior dog baby is anxious. She began pacing and panting just out of the blue. She wouldn't sleep at night. She was pawing me. She had a checkup. We were trying everything because she is in good health. When she was most frantic, this shirt calmed her down. It helped both of them. I was stressed out by seeing her suffer. I asked her if she wanted her shirt when she began to pant. She looks at it. She stands still for me to put it on, and in a couple of minutes she begins to relax. The other things like a calming spray did not work for me so I am happy I bought it. It will give her some relief. It's cheaper than the name brand shirt, but it's very effective. I liked the price and effectiveness. It is difficult to know what will work and what will not. This is definitely worth the money spent.

👤I thought that I would finally get some sleep during a storm. It did not happen. My dog had always done the same thing. She whined and barked. It was a complete waste of money. I am exhausted.

👤The dog was more anxious because it didn't calm.

👤She doesn't like loud noises, thunder, or fireworks. The other Pom didn't care. She seemed to like the vest when we tried it on. I think she feels safe because I have put it on her three times. We will see.

👤The thunder shirt was light weight and soft and it stretched nicely. It was defected on one side and there was a big strip of Velcro on the other side. We had to twist it around her neck in order to attach it to the other part, it was very difficult to put it on, we just know we have to twist it in order for it to work... It cost the same as Petsmart and Petco. We like the style and color, and my dog is a large Shepherd chow mix, and it worked for her, so it is a must buy.

👤The name brand thunder vest seems to work, as well as the fit. There is one major flaw. When you open the straps, they are loud and you can take it off. It's the worst thing to rip the straps open when your dog is struggling with loud noises.

👤This shirt is great for a small dog. I put it on our older dog and he is mostly calm now. It is light and stretchy and is easy to clean. He has stopped pacing and panting which is a big relief. I would recommend this shirt to any small dog.

2. WINBATE Adjustable Jacket Keep Training Dogs,Camouflage

WINBATE Adjustable Jacket Keep Training Dogs%EF%BC%8CCamouflage

There are 6 sizes: X- Small, Medium, Large, X- Large and XX- Large. The dog is a noxious thing. The dog anxiety jacket is designed to calm the dog. The dog anxiety jacket works by applying gentle pressure to your dog's torso, just like having the owner hug it. It's recommended for thunder, fireworks, travelling, vet visits, and separation anxiety. The dog anxiety jacket is convenient to adjust, allowing you to pick the perfect level of pressure for your dogs. The D-ring is connected to the dog's leash to distribute the pulling pressure to the body to prevent Choking. The nylon handle is rugged and makes you and the dog more intimate. Extra control is what it is best for. The keep calming vest has two layers. The top layer is made from a material that is free of AZO dyes and heavy chemicals. Adding visibility is provided by a long reflective stripe. The last layer is made of crystal velvet, which makes the dogs comfortable and calm. Size "S" is suitable for dogs chest size of around 16 to 18 inches, neck size of 9 to 12 inches, and back length of 11 to 12 inches. Similar breed is Terrier,Shih Tzu, Mini Schnauzer, Jack Russell. Measure your dog's chest and neck size before purchasing. Since customer satisfaction is their top priority, they want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the product you have purchased. If their dog shirts don't meet your expectations, they will give you a 100% money back guarantee.

Brand: Winbate

👤It is easy to get on. Our dog is very excited about the handle on the top of thevest. It is easy to stop his motion by grabbing the handle. Our dog is a terrier. The person is afraid of thunder. He has seen a change in his anxiety when he wears this vest. He can handle the smaller boomers, even though they still shake him up. We had this vest on him twice, but he wanted it on. He is pawing at the vest. He would stop complaining when we put it on. He will tell us when to take it off. Did the vest stop the anxiety? No... It makes a big difference. Anything our Baxter wants to wear is beneficial for him. We made one of the Best Buy vests.

👤It seems to work on Fancy. The small seems to be a little big for her. It is worth the money for this. My child is a rescue and must have been frightened by loud noises. I don't know if it's water resistant or if it will stretch since it's a tad big. I'm able to get it snug on my girl even though it's a little big. Thank you so much!

👤The jacket is too big for my puppy. It is fully constructed. My puppy can either grow bigger or grow out of his anxiety.

👤Even when she is on the move, it's easy to put on. She looks very cute. I like the handle. I bought a couple. She could have a clean one all the time.

👤The price arrived quickly and is light for summer. She won't let us wash it. It helps keep her calm.

👤It was a perfect fit. My dog likes this. It is water resistant. Love it.

👤It's lightweight, it doesn't stretch as much, and it would fit different size dogs of this size. It works well for my dog who is afraid of storms.

3. Dog Cooling Vest Harness Breathable

Dog Cooling Vest Harness Breathable

The cooling vest is easy to fit and will help keep your pet calm and comfortable. In hot weather, it can stop the dogs from panting. The ice pattern is printed for a sense of cool. Cool wearing experience for your pet is offered by the cooling material. Even when wet, lightweight fabric is still lightweight. The cooling shirt uses a cooling process to bring down your dog's temperature. It is easy to wash the dog cooling jacket after soaking it in cold water. Lay flat to dry. Wrap and leave in the fridge for a better cooling result after a few washes. Choose from a range of sizes for the dog or cat vest. It is easy to fit. S: Neck 12.6" Chest 17.5" Length12", M: Neck 14.15" Chest 21.25" Length 15", L: Neck 15.75" Chest 23.5" Length.

Brand: Dociote

👤The shirt is well made and lightweight. My dog has a dachshund-like body so it doesn't cover her entire back, it does seem to run small. I used the size chart, but the shirt does not cover the area where her hair is thin.

👤I needed a little face for my dog that was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I need to make sure the freestyle sensor doesn't get dirty. The only problem is finding the right size. The first one I ordered was perfect until we got the diabetes balanced and he put on a little weight. I ordered the next size that was too large. Before you choose the size, I recommend you measure your dog.

👤My dog likes it. He's not trying to take it off. It seems to help with his anxiety. It's comforting to him. This works for my dogs. I put it on when he is having an episode. My dog will start pacing up and down and acting strange, like he saw a ghost... I'll put it on him until he calms down. It seems to help.

👤The small fits my dog perfectly. He is able to enjoy playing in the heat twice as long because he is not very heat tolerant.

👤We bought all three sizes. Xs was small. Good. The large was correct. It helps in the heat. When the dogs got back from their walk, they would feel good. The price was great.

👤I'll use it on my sewing machine because it's big on my fur babies. She likes it big.

👤It's light weight and big. I bought a medium and it was swimming with my dog. If that's true, it almost fits my 70 pound pitbull mix. I'll be giving it to my mom, who is long and chubby. Hopefully it will fit.

👤I bought this to protect my dog from the sun because he doesn't like it on his back. He doesn't mind wearing it, but the size that I ordered doesn't cover his entire back. It fits okay.

4. YEPETS Anti Stress Relaxing Calming Midnight

YEPETS Anti Stress Relaxing Calming Midnight

We provide 30 days free return and 24 hours service for you if you purchase their dog storm anxiety jacket. Please email them with any questions. The chest girth and recommended weight are what you should consider when choosing a dog's size. Good Bye to anxiety, fear and over excitement: Designed to provide comfort. Full time is huge. Firework anxiety, noise anxiety, excessive barking, emotional distress, fear of thunder, travel anxiety, shaking, and more... The cotton and spandex are comfortable. It can be washed with cold water. The reflective logo is perfect for night walks. It's easy to take off. It takes a few minutes to put and take off, giving your furry pal a comforting HUG and flexible sensation to move around easily. Made with love, inspired by Brad. Take some time to measure your dog.

Brand: Yepets

👤I was absolutely certain that this wouldn't work, and I'm happy to report that I was wrong. We got this for our peanut before the 4th of July, and we are amazed at how well it works. She will usually dive under the bed or run for the closet when there is fireworks or thunder. She was as chill as she's ever been with the thunder jacket on. The fireworks on the 4th are the worst. You would hear her snoring if this was a video. Thank you for making our best friend at ease.

👤My dog is scared of loud noises. I was expecting to work after buying the anti-stress suit. It did. She was not acting scared after putting it on. I will use it a lot. I think it's a great idea.

👤My dog is afraid of thunder and fireworks. He'll either seek me out or stick right next to me, so I'll either follow him to my bedroom or stay with him there. The last few times we've had thunder, we've used the anti-stress suit. He was sleeping peacefully on his bed. Excellent improvement!

👤My dog is very anxious. During storms, this "jacket" seems to calm her down. I measured her and it was a little big. She needs to wear a t-shirt under it so she doesn't get hurt.

👤This item worked well. I took the stress off of myself and my dog when he was active. This item is recommended by me.

👤It seems to have helped our Sam. He was able to lay down and not pace the floor like he usually does.

👤Brownie feels comfortable walking around the neighborhood because it is easy to put on.

👤The Jack Russell/Whippet/Greyhound was swimming in the jacket after we bought a medium. Maybe the dogs breed shape a factor? The t-shirt is a nice fit and was returned for the small. We leave with a rating of 3.

5. Sweater,Stretchy Pullover Apparel Anxiety Sweatshirt

Sweater%EF%BC%8CStretchy Pullover Apparel Anxiety Sweatshirt

The dog fleece vest is made of baby-level fleece fabric, which is soft and cozy, and the fleece clothes can protect your dog from the cold weather. Various applications. The dog stretchy pullover is perfect for daily wear, photos, outdoors, indoors, parties and underwear shirt for winter, which can be used as ordinary dress, pet pajamas and sleeping suit as well. There is a small pocket on the back of the dog's coat that you can put some snacks or waste bags in when you are outside. There is a leash hole on the back of the dog's winter vest. Pure color is the truest. This dog fleece sweaters can show off your dog's true colors, and the playful, simple and healed friends can become trend leaders in autumn and winter. It's perfect for Teddy chihuahua. Cats and dogs are easy to gain weight in autumn and winter, but this pet fleece sleep shirts can fit them all! 6 sizes and 2 colors are suitable for small medium dogs and cats.

Brand: Qbleev

👤The shirt felt good to me. I was expecting a bit heavier fabric. The fit was correct but I had to shorten my legs because my dog kept tripping on them. I measured her twice, she's a medium tall hound mix. Maybe I could have gotten a smaller size. It keeps my dog covered in the winter snows for the price.

👤It was delivered to the wrong address. The customer service people are helpful, polite, and resent the item and are not suppose to bill me again for the replacement. The quality of the craftmanship was disappointing. The edges have not been sewn with a surger machine. It will probably come apart when washed.

👤I would call this a t-shirt. It is the most soft thing on the planet. There are no back leg openings in the picture. If your dog has hip dysplasia or arthritis, this would be perfect, because you don't have to manipulate their back legs to put this on. I think the small is the right size for my 11 pound dog. It is not a sweater, it is not a jacket, it is not a coat. We wear it as pajamas. I was afraid that it would ride up over night, but it does not. I highly recommend this t-shirt for dogs with back leg issues. The shade of pink is pretty. I would buy it again.

👤I received it today. There are some small stains on it that are similar to what it had been used before. I hope they come out when I am done. The fabric is soft and will work indoors. It is cooler at night so plan on sleeping with it.

👤I cut the sleeves a little shorter to fit because they were too long.

👤The dog jacket is soft. It stretches well to pull on my dog to sleep.

👤Can't use them. It's much bigger than stated.

👤The dog vest is soft and nice. It is not fleece. I wouldn't call it a sweater or warm.

6. Etdane Breathable Impatient Fireworks Thunderm

Etdane Breathable Impatient Fireworks Thunderm

The fabric is made of 30% cotton, 5% spandex, and 65% polyester. meet the needs of the dog. The inner layer cotton makes the shirts more comfortable. It is durable and ant-wrinkled because of the surface layer. Adding spandex makes the clothes more elastic. Reduce dog's anxiety. Being pacified is a way for dogs to get over their emotions. Dogs can move their attention and improve their sense of security by wearing calm clothes. Without an anxiety suit, dogs will hide, trembling and hit to achieve their goals, which can cause physical and mental damage. Even if you don't hold the dog in the arms, it will still keep warm and form a natural umbrella on the pet with high quality cotton that will allow you to get a timely rest and recovery time. It is easy to wear because of the elastic fabric and belt design. Soft fabric in the neck, chest, and legs won't make you feel tight. A good alternative to a traditional vest is the design of jacket.

Brand: Etdane

👤The ziper in Maine was perfect. The sun will get one or two more because the praise was great. Avry One, bless you.

👤I got this for my brother's dog for Christmas. He adopted a baby from a home that had been used as a storage facility for drugs. My brother says the jacket helped him calm down.

👤It is difficult to put on your dog. The zip is being lined up. The dog is moving.

👤I'm very disappointed. The clear plastic pouch was covered in dog hair when I opened it. I could pull it off with my hands. I thought I paid for something new.

👤My dog is still anxious.

👤I put this on my dog and she relaxed. She has separation anxiety. I found it easy to put on. Both of them love it and so does she.

7. QIYADIN Comfort Anxiety Breathable Calming

QIYADIN Comfort Anxiety Breathable Calming

This shirt will help reduce your dog's anxiety during thunder, thunderstorm, loud noises, travel, fireworks, flames, strangers, separation, vet visits and many other situations. Thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers recommend the dog anxiety vest. It is possible to make an anxiety vest that is soft like a mother's hug. When the dog is restless, the massage part on the back of the coat makes them happy. The thunder vest is a safe and effective way to help your dog stay stress-free. The anxiety vest is easy to wear and clean. The neck and back of the anxiety body wrap are designed to fit your dog better. The jacket is easy to carry and can be cleaned by machine or hand. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Please choose a correct size for your dog. The chest size is 13 to 17 inches and the weight is 8-14 pounds. The breed is similar to the Cairn Terrier. If you choose the smaller size, it will be used. The wrap can be adjusted to fit your dog or puppy. Dogs have a reflective strip on their neck and back. This vest is made of durable fabric and contains a number of soft materials. It is elastic and allows continuous mild pressure.

Brand: Qiyadin

👤My dog is a rescue and is very anxious, we have tried many things to calm him, but this coat works the best. He is happy to wear it and it is made with quality fabric so it has lasted him. It's easy to wash.

👤My dog became frightened of thunder after the storm. She has never experienced thunder in 11 years. We had a storm move in the day I got this. Put the shirt on her and it calmed down. I am surprised how well this worked.

👤I received this and tried it on my puppy, but he is still scared to go outside, and people thought this could help, but it still isn't working.

👤This vest is great. If you have a pet that is afraid of storms. You need a vest. My dog just sat down and didn't shake or cry. The item is the best I have ever purchased.

👤It works well with an anxious dog. My other dog liked the sound of the Velcro and pulled it off. It was in pieces within two days.

👤I like this shirt but would prefer the neck to have a strap instead of loops. I am afraid it is too tight on his neck. My dog is around 4 lbs.

👤Only use it once, and it will work great.

👤It fit my Pit perfectly, but the fabric ripped when trying to separate it. He has stopped shaking.

8. ThunderShirt Polo Anxiety Jacket X Large

ThunderShirt Polo Anxiety Jacket X Large

Thousands of vets, trainers, and pet owners recommend ThunderShirt because of its 80% success rate. Combine the calming power of the ThunderEase with the use of it. The original dog wrap. Due to a variety of environmental stimuli, the patented ThunderShirt design applies gentle, constant pressure to calm anxiety, fear, and over excitement. DRUG-FREE CALMING: It is possible to give your pet a drug-free tranquilliser without training or medication. It's great for rescue dogs. They stand behind the shirt. If you're not happy with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund. Making affordable, effective, easy-to-use solutions for real problems faced by real pet families is what thunderworks is committed to. The Calming and Walking innovations can be used to solve pet problems.

Brand: Thundershirt

👤The Maltese-Yorkie mix is very anxious when fireworks are going off. She stops and refuses to continue walking if the door of the car slams. Her typical behavior during a storm includes crouching low to the ground, crawling around looking for a place to hide, and panting. We were hesitant to try the anti-anxiety medicine because of the side effects. I reluctantly bought the ThunderShirt thinking I would just get ready to request a return label when it didn't work for her. We put it on and she started to shiver, but settled down within five minutes. I put it back on her after we experienced a terrible afternoon storm in FL. She sat on the top of the couch like she always does on sunny days. She was calm and relaxed. I kept the packing/box for a return because I thought it was a coincidence. We feel like the worst parents in the world for not getting the most amazing thing ever, the ThunderShirt, sooner. Our dog climbed into bed despite the loud noises of multiple families shooting off fireworks and the loud booms of a local park shooting the professional, super loud fire works. She was as calm as could be after the noise went on for two hours. I can't believe it. Our wrapping went in the trash as we will never return our shirt, and will most likely purchase a second one because I don't want to ever be without one again. Our dog received an amazing blessing.

👤We've tried everything to help our dog. Classical music is playing for her, and even a daily prescription for a drug. She becomes an absolute Hurricane of destruction when she is mildly afraid, unhappy, or unattended for a short time. She can houdini her way out of anything that is designed to contain her, and a few weeks ago she tore down an entire wall of our house when we tried to let her have a room to herself. Since moving to our new house, we've had no luck and so we decided to buy a shirt. I've used off-brand garments like this before. The destructo-dog shreds them after getting them off. We decided to try the actual name brand because we found one used "like new" for much less. Yeah... no. This doesn't do anything for her. I'm pretty sure that she was a little more still for a few minutes, but she felt a little stiff and was reacting as a paralyzed dog would. I was hoping for more. The first rain showers came a few hours later, and so did my dog's behavior. We have to put her in a crate at night so that she can't get into the bedroom and we can't sleep because of her nervous behavior. If you try to force her into the crate, she will scream loudly. We have tried everything and seen the vet many times to address her issues, but unfortunately her issues are deeply ingrained and she was classified as previously neglected or abused when I got her. I'm still keeping this shirt around on the off-chance that it will bring her down from a 52 (on a scale of 1-10) to a 50 during a major fireworks display or thunderstorm, but I can say that this has not been the lifeline so many suggest it is for. I don't think it's a good idea to shell out big bucks for something that may work for milder cases.

9. PremiumCare Calming Infused Anxiety Separation

PremiumCare Calming Infused Anxiety Separation

Help your dog relax. Their calming treats help your dog cope with external stresses, enhances brain function and has a calming, relaxing effect for dogs that are responding negatively to stress. Their soft chews are made in the USA in a compliant facility and are safe for your dog to eat, and they are made with natural ingredients like passion flower, ginger root, and chamomile. Promoting a mellow effect and well being is what it is called. Their treats have a calming effect on your dog's nerves and are great for keeping your dog from responding negatively to environments that can cause stress, and may help curb destructive behavior and cope with external stresses brought on by loud noises, vet or grooming visits, moving, or travel. Their all-natural calming formula helps maintain a normal emotional balance, it also promotes relaxation with Organic Passion Flower, L-Tryptophan, and Valerian root. If you don't see a difference in your dog after 30 days, you can return the chews for a full refund.

Brand: Premium Care

👤He's named after the dragon. He also watches the show. He's 9 months old and growing fast. He's mostly a German Shepherd/Siberian Husky, with a small percentage of mutt and wolf, according to Embark DNA. Now that I've given you a description of my dog, let's discuss why I bought him these treats. First of all, she has high anxiety. Some might think that that is common in those breeds. You would be correct. There is a The dog has been to the emergency vet three times and each time he vomited and nearly vomited up the lining of his stomach. He was going to die. They ran all the tests. Completely healthy. Cause? There is anxiety. The dog has to be with people. Not just any human will do that. No. He wants his parents. Sometimes we have to go somewhere. Daddy is working. When Daddy goes to work, he has a baby with him. Yes, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that I mentioned he's huge. Sometimes mom has appointments and has to crate him. Dear God. The dog ate through his crate. I was gone for an hour. An hour! When I got home he was howling at the dogs. I heard him before I got home. I haven't mentioned his other issues. His need to chew has cost us a lot. I will stop there. The baby needed help. The vet gave him tranquilizers. I turned to aholistic treatment because I didn't want my dog to be prescribed drugs. This stuff isn't a miracle worker. He wasn't a perfect dog over night. There is a It does give him some relief, without knocking him out. A knocked out dog will never learn. He is still a giant puppy. Behavioral training is in progress. With this stuff, I can actually work with him. I knew he was smart, and now he's eager to learn. There is a He was nothing like that two months ago. He loves these things. A little too much. He gets a hug from his dad at the door and heads to the treat jar. He has to do several things in order to get each one. He goes crazy over these just as much as he does his actual treats. The terrifyingly anxious dog that was given tranquilizers to keep him from vomiting his stomach lining is now off the hard drugs and is comfortable in these treats. He loves them, he's no longer zonked, and he can learn. They get five crowns. I give them five stars.

👤This product works well on my 10mo old husky. He needs to be calm for car rides and sometimes going to doggy daycare. Kicks in quickly and lasts through the night.

👤Beware! The first chew I saw looked like this, with a piece of blue plastic sticking out of it. I don't know if they work because I wouldn't risk anything.

10. ThunderShirt Recommended Solution Fireworks Separation

ThunderShirt Recommended Solution Fireworks Separation

The age range describes all life stages.

Brand: Thundershirt

👤My experience with the shirt is positive. It did reduce my dog's anxiety, but not eliminate it. The shirt looks well made. I have not owned it for a long time, but there are no signs of wear or flaws. Before you start, read and follow the directions. I focused on the lower scoring reviews before buying. I am comfortable that many people did not follow the directions given to them, resulting in a poor outcome. Don't introduce your dog to the ThunderShirt during an event that makes them anxious. They will associate the bad event with the Thundershirt. Follow the directions on how to make the first exposure positive for your pet.

👤Our lives were saved by this. It was literally. We had a very anxious rescue dog, and we were having a hard time with her. She had accidents on the floor and would bark all the time. She was so scared that she wouldn't let anything relax her. We found the shirt. It calmed her down. She went from being scared all the time to relaxing on the couch and going to the dog park. She was a brand new dog when she wore the shirt. We have bought 3 new ones since buying our original one. Each lasted about 6 months with constant use. We used almost all of the hours it said to use. It worked for us, and we never had any problems. We would go for baths, wash the shirt, and go to the groomers. I was happy with the quality of the product, and the price was a good amount of time. This is a great way to help an anxious dog. The only negatives was that it was very difficult to remove the fur stuck in the velcro. I don't know how that would be avoided, but I think it was a great life saver and I would recommend it!

👤Within 10 minutes of being left home alone, my APBT would tear up furniture. I got the large size for him and it fits him well. His chest is 29 inches and his neck is 19 inches. I chose Large because it was too big for similar sized dogs and I had read other reviews that said it was too big. We left him home alone for up to 2 hours and he didn't destroy anything.

👤Henry is blind and he howls when he thinks he is alone. I was skeptical about the shirt because it didn't work well with medication. I am surprised by how well it works. When I put it on him, he wags his tail and goes to sleep. Henry is an 11 year old special needs rescue and he gives 5 stars for making him feel better. The dog is relaxed and not stressed if you follow the instructions and introduce the shirt in Times. Don't just put it on during a storm and expect it to work. It is vital that it is on the right way, it can be confusing first time, so double check the instructions.

11. YESTAR Comfort Anxiety Calming Thunder

YESTAR Comfort Anxiety Calming Thunder

If you are not satisfied with the help you receive, simply return for a full refund. It's a good idea to reducue axiety and keep calm. The dog shirt for thunder will help reduce your dog's anxiety when thunder, thunderstorm, loud noises, travel, fireworks, flames, strangers, separation, vet visits and many other situations are present. Thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers recommend the dog anxiety vest. Works without medicine. The thunder jacket is soft like a mother's hug and will keep the dog calm. When the dog is restless, the massage part on the back of the coat makes them happy. The thunder vest is a safe and effective way to help your dog stay stress-free. The anxiety vest is easy to wear and clean. The neck and back of the anxiety body wrap are designed to fit your dog better. The jacket is easy to carry and can be cleaned by machine or hand. Dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Please choose a correct size for your dog. The chest size is 13 to 17 inches and the weight is 8-14 pounds. The breed is similar to the Cairn Terrier. If you choose the smaller size, it will be used. The wrap can be adjusted to fit your dog or puppy. Dogs have a reflective strip on their neck and back. Soft materials. This vest is made of durable fabric and contains a lot of fiber. It is elastic and allows continuous mild pressure.

Brand: Yestar

👤The Pit Mix has the perfect temperament until you put her on a leash. She loves to walk, but she pulls because of anxiety created by other dogs and traffic. I decided to look for solutions to the anxiety that I was feeling after trying a lot of different harnesses and collars. The YESTAR Comfort Dog Anxiety Relief Coat was the answer. It would be called a night and day change. Isiah still gets distracted. It's easier to keep her calm. We can easily correct her when she stops pulling as much on the leash. The construction and material are topnotch. I'd give it 5 stars but it's a little small. It's doing the job and we could have gone with a smaller size. I reached out to the seller using the information in the package, but no response was given after 2 days. It is possible that support is an issue.

👤Great product! It was easy to put on. My dog has been helped with his social anxiety. This along with many other things has helped calm down my dog who has a meltdown whenever a bike, runner, or animal comes near. The purchase is definitely worth it. It works just as well as most other products, but for a fraction of the cost.

👤This is a thing that I love. A dog came from a puppy mill. She is always nervous when people come to our house. She has a habit of waking up multiple times during the night. She sleeps through the night when we have this on her because she is more comfortable and not as stand-offish towards our visitors. We cover her ears and cuddle while we take it off because she is scared of the loud sound of the velcro. If your dog is anxious, give it a try.

👤We found a shirt that fits our weight. The thundershirt seems to keep her calm. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤I like this product, but it's a problem that he can't wear outside because it's easy to rip on branches.

👤When we put it on her, it was just perfect.


What is the best product for dog vests for medium dogs anxiety?

Dog vests for medium dogs anxiety products from Mchy. In this article about dog vests for medium dogs anxiety you can see why people choose the product. Winbate and Dociote are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog vests for medium dogs anxiety.

What are the best brands for dog vests for medium dogs anxiety?

Mchy, Winbate and Dociote are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog vests for medium dogs anxiety. Find the detail in this article. Yepets, Qbleev and Etdane are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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