Best Dog Vests for Large Dogs with Pockets

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1. Service Harness Reflective Adjustable Removable

Service Harness Reflective Adjustable Removable

The easy-to-use belly buckle makes it easy to wear, good for on the go service dogs. Pulling pressure is evenly distributed to the body. You can create a custom fit for your dog with the padded back and neck straps. This vest is made from nylon and has a D-Ring for leash and ID tags. Ensure your dog is safe while out for a walk with reflective patches.

Brand: Misthis

👤The ULDATE was held on Dec. 5, 2018. I put the snap latch on my service dog and walked her to the house. I want one that works. I wanted this for her. As soon as I took the device out of the package, I felt like I was in a movie. If I have ever seen a harness, this device has to be military grade. Being a 100% P&T disabled veteran, I need something that works and controls the big Shepherd that I have, and she will love this. She wears a service vest. It is not close to this thing. I ordered a special leash as well. I needed two D rings so I could use a different leash. I have a leash for it. I ordered the patches of "PTSD dog" and "Do not pet" so I can switch out one of the attached patches on this device, which is very difficult for me to go out into public due to my post traumatic stress disorder. I will give you an update if there are any issues, but I am really excited to see her jump for joy when she sees her service vest and is ready to roll the way she is with the one she has now. If you offer a 2 D ring device like this, I can change the leash to one I really would prefer, please let me know.

👤My dog was 29" in length and 18" in width. I got the large and the neck part was too small, even if I had it extended as far as it would go, which isn't much. The chest won't fit if the next size is 35"girth. Seemed really well made. It was too tight for me to even try, so I can't speak for the clip's dependability. They have a dog in their pictures and I am very disappointed. I was hoping that I could find a half vest that looked nice on my dog, who is a mix between those two breeds. I won't be buying the larger size unless she grows another 6 inches. I couldn't trust that tiny plastic clip that held the neck piece around her neck, even when it was adjusted to the largest size, because she had a big Shepherd that was still growing.

👤The harness fits perfectly on my dog. The height of the dog is right for me because I am short. My dog is big and strong, but she settles down quickly when she gets that jacket on. She walks well with it and it is comfortable for me as well. Well done!

👤The vest was just received. Well made straps are nice. My dog has straps on it. The clip that connects the chest strap was disconnected. I pushed it in again and gave it a small tug, thinking maybe I didn't clip it all the way in. The two clips were separated again. I took the vest off my dog to see it. The clip did not show any damage or cracks. I can only assume that the clip is bad. The smaller clip on the neck strap is very strong. I just started a replacement request but Amazon decided to give me a full refund. I have to wait for a few days to get my money back. I will try another vest after the refund is over. I can't recommend this vest. If something can be done to fix or replace the clip, I would be happy to update this review. If there is no update, you can assume the seller didn't do anything.

2. Service Vest Straps Matching Leash

Service Vest Straps Matching Leash

The materials are the strongest on the market. Large and small breeds will love the fact that there are no more frayed tags or accessories. You don't need a certified harness for everything from doctor visits to grocery shopping. It's suitable for all breeds. The only premium service animal vests that accommodate supplies such as saddle bags and backpacks, as well as providing pockets for food, bowls, medications, or extra gear for working dogs, are sold separately. Convenient apparel for on-the-go assistance service, therapy, in training, and emotional support K9 of any breed is made easy by the belly buckle. Each harness set comes with a padded, neoprene handle for handler comfort and reflective silk-screen Service Dog lettering for safety and identification.

Brand: Industrial Puppy

👤I bought 2 for my White Shepard and 1 for my Service Dogs, my Sable, in training. They are a good idea, but they slide side to side. I had to put a regular chain collar on her and not rely on the harness but for "LOOKS" because she was able to slide out with ease. My White's build is thicker around her ribs and it was uncomfortable for her to lay down because it slid side to side. White Shepards are trained instinctively from a puppy and require very little instruction and work well off of hand signals. A Regular Shepard... It requires a lot of training. I wish I could put the personality of my dog into my car. I would have two perfect girls. I love them with all my heart but my daughter is a handful and is starting to calm down. I returned the harnesses because they were more difficult than they were worth. They were well made for most of the time. The clip strap that goes across the chest would be better if it was more flexible as it gets filled with dog hair and is so long that I could have cut off my dog's fur. My dog's fur is so thick that it got stuck instantly and it was so difficult to clean it out. I would look to buy if they were fixed so they didn't slide side to side. I liked the color and the material they were made from, but I realized they wouldn't work for me to hold onto them as I needed to assist me in walking.

👤I like this harness and leash for my dog. The harness and handle of the leash are padded and made of good quality materials. My beagle is very comfortable in it. She was proud to be strutting her stuff in this harness. I love that it is pink. It is very easy to get on and off. The chart is accurate. I will order one for my mom's dog as well.

👤I ordered a small but my dog fell in between an extra small and a small. I wanted the fit to fit her with clothing on and without, so I asked the manufacturer about it. The manufacturer told me that I should get the extra small. It works great. The bonus leash clearly shows your dog is a service dog. Measure your dog carefully. My dog is an 18-pound rat terrier and the extra small fits her with clothes on and when she is naked. The seller has been excellent with their service and I highly recommend this product. The harness was shipped in 2 days.

👤The service dog theme was great. The leashes were strong. She reached 30 pounds and the plastic clasps and connectors broke. The stitching and the plastic buckles were not strong enough to hold a puppy. The reflective stitching and the patches were great. If you have a smaller dog that is not pulling at the limit of the harnesses, then this would work for you. If your dog is testing the limits, this product won't hold up. We had to return the broken ones within two months. It's just lucky that we didn't lose our dog. The pictures show metal but what we received was plastic.

3. AIWAI Comfortable Adjustable Camouflage Detachable

AIWAI Comfortable Adjustable Camouflage Detachable

The 1000D nylon fabric is waterproof and comfortable and dries fast. While hiking, canoeing, camping, and training, protect your dog in comfort. Each strap is adjusted. Please adjust every strap until it is comfortable for your dog. It can hold up a whole day even when you have fun. There is a Molo system and 3 disposable gloves. It has a Waist Bag, Utility Pouch, and First Aid Bag. The sides of the vest are designed so that you can balance out the weight by moving the pouch around. Water bottles and other dog tactical gear can be put in. There are hook and loop panels on top of the vest, you can personalize them. There is a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Their priority is your satisfaction. If you have a question about their products, please contact them. The Customer Service Team will always be there for you.

Brand: Aiwai

👤This product is good. The chest strap is the only thing that's needed. It would have been better if it had it, but it wouldn't work as well without it, and the dog is uncomfortable if one side is heavier than the other. The strap would hold it in place. The bags are interchangeable and you can change them, but this is much easier on the dog. It becomes easier to manage with a little practice.

👤The button on the pouch broke. I used a rivet to fix it. The front strap was thin and cheap. Less padding. I cut it off. Stitching seems ok. I will update if it fails. The dog is 17 months old and has 150 lbs and 33" to the shoulder. If he does not break this thing, please forgive the broken button and change to 5 stars.

👤It is a perfect fit for my dog because he needs free movement without restriction. He's like a bull in a China shop and can easily break things. We've been looking for a collar or harness that can hold him for more than a week. This is a great investment. Especially for the price and with all those bags.

👤I have a dog and a dog mix. He is very tall and long. I ordered the small one. It's too big. The felt-like material across the chest is very cheap and the Velcro seems to be pretty tough. This is a decent vest and is great for long hikes. There are a lot of pouches that are very sturdy.

👤My doggo is liking it. He has his own treats and bags. This thing is strong and light. I trust it when I take him for a walk.

👤My dog was borderline in length, so I ordered large pouches of high quality. Not in this case, usually bigger than small.

👤The back of the one I got for my service was all over the place, no matter how you adjusted it. It was a long day and there was pain in the butt. The materials are well constructed.

👤It is comfortable and durable. It comes with three bags that can fit in it. It is great for poop bags, treats and other things.

4. Vevins Service Dog Vest Petch

Vevins Service Dog Vest Petch

The fabric is made of nylon. It's used for dog vests, harnesses, backpacks, saddlebags, collar, and any other type of accessor. The hooks and loops dog patches are easy to attach to the service vest. It's perfect for anyone who trains service dogs. Refer to the size from the reference picture.

Brand: Vevins

👤I like it. Still smaller than excepted. If you bought one online, you should know that real service dogs don't have registered IDs. It is a doctor's note that says you need a Service Dog.

👤I bought a group of patches that said "Not all Disabilities are visible". My younger daughter has a lot of issues with her mental health, but she is training a service dog for her so that if something happens to her, she can get help. People have judged her on her looks and put my daughter into a panic when she was buying a pop at the gas station. The dog was able to calm her down enough to get her back home after a panic attack. Without the dogs helping her, she would have been in a corner. Don't judge a book by its cover. You don't know what that person's life is like.

👤My service dog was trained to turn her back on people who were cooing at her. Shopping trips are quicker now.

👤I love these! It's easier to fit the patches you want on your harness because they are small and take up little room. Good quality. I'm very impressed, as I got these for a pair of SD. There is a I ordered a pair for myself and my dogs because I liked them so much.

👤I fell in love with the patches when I first saw them. They fit perfectly on my dogs backpack, I like the color and it is true that not all disabilities are invisible.

👤They look great on my dog's vest. I like the one that tells people how to respond if they observe my sd doing his job. It says to give us space and not to call the emergency services if I get injured. They look great against his vest.

👤It would be great if it came with 2 of each patch. How does it work to sew on a vest or cape?

👤The size is smaller than I expected. I wanted to change them out with her old patches but they are small and I have only 2 on her vest. I was hoping the Medical Alert would keep people from questioning, but I think it will be ignored.

5. Tactical Harness No Pull Adjustable Training

Tactical Harness No Pull Adjustable Training

IZE INFORMATION: Their dog harness is made from 1000D nylon and has padding. M: 16"-23"(Neck); 24"-32"(Chest); 10"(back) The dog harness has a top handle for traffic control, 4 quick release buckles for easy on and off, and one leash attachment point at the front. The style is quirky. The dog vest harness is not designed to carry heavy weights and they advise against relying solely on the grab handle to carry your dog. There is a full length 9 by 2 heavy duty loop panel at the top of the ID badges and a smaller panel on the neck strap. Their easy walking harness is available in 4 colors and 4 sizes, perfect for hiking, daily walks, and training sessions. Quality after-sale guarantee. OneTigris large tactical dog harness has a one year warranty. They will reply in 24 hours if you are not happy with dog vest harnesses.

Brand: Onetigris

👤We ordered this harness for our dogs. Both of us received different harnesses. The one he received is very well made, it holds its shape well, the handle looks well made, and the d-rings are metal. The one I received is very thin, and crinkles like a plastic bag. The leash attachment points are made of plastic and it doesn't hold its shape very well. I don't trust the plastic to hold my dog as he is very strong. The harness I received was very cheap and didn't live up to the other products.

👤We use these harnesses daily for biking and walking. We do a minimum of 8 miles a day. Our pups love to run fast so they pull hard, and bikejoring requires the dog to pull you. After nearly one year, the harnesses don't show any signs of wear. The dogs are important here in South Florida and they seem to be well-ventilated. We bought these because our pups could carry their own gear. They were comfortable enough for bikejoring. We bought patches that make the harnesses look even better and make it easier for us to modify them for each dog. The quality of the OneTigris products is great and we bought all of our rescue dogs from them. A dog is 80 lbs. Large chests with smaller heads are what Catahoulas have. The medium was purchased for him. This size worked well. We ordered a large for the thicker straps. The other pup is a large Alaskan Malamute mix. We bought him a large grey vest. He could fit into the medium, but we bought the large because of his length. The medium was too short. Since we purchased these harnesses, they have plenty of room to grow and fill out. Our Mastiff mix has had to be changed several times because he fills out. If you are looking for quality, usefulness, and a great aesthetic, choose this harness and all the other OneTigris brand items. You will not regret it.

👤This harness was great to start with. The mole pouch I bought fit perfectly, and the harness stopped my dog from pulling. He thought he had a job. My dog is a 7mo German shepherd, weighing close to 90 lbs, but he is all long and gangly. The harness looked like a bikini on him, which was not what I intended. I wanted more body coverage. Oh well. The adjusting straps didn't stay tightened after about a month of use. I had to re-tighten them every time I put it on, but I didn't think it was that big of a deal. We went camping for a week and the adjustment straps just slid off. The harness fell off. Luckily my boy has little interest in being anywhere except by my side, or he could have been hit by a car or taken off into the woods. This happened many times, and even looping the excess straps back through the buckles didn't make a difference. If he bends over, the straps will slide all the way out, and the whole thing will fall off. There is no pouch or weight on it. I was very disappointed that this harness was not a reality for me.

6. Tactical Harness Pockets Military 2×Metal

Tactical Harness Pockets Military 2%C3%97Metal

The dog harness has 3 extra pockets for carrying. There is a small pocket for an ID or dog tracker. MOLLE allows bags to hold water and other items. If you go hiking with your dog a lot, hands-free transport is easier. PERSONALized dog identificationHook and loop panels sewn onto both sides of a tactical harness is easy to attach patches for easier identification. It's perfect for service and therapy dogs as others will find it easier to identify. The dog harness has 2 sturdy metal D-rings in the front and back to provide extra security when the leash is attached. The front ring is used when you need no-pull control for training and the back is used when you and your dog are outside. The dog is made of metal. The harness is made of nylon and resistant to UV and mold. Breathable interior mesh fabric to prevent overheating and protect their skin from the elements. 2x Plastic Buckle on chest and belly position is 1000 lbs proof-load test. It is possible to adjust the size and care. Please choose the right size base on the chart.

Brand: Hard Land

👤The side pockets are about 5 inches deep and over 7 inches wide, and they are bullet proof. It would be pretty cool. Have had someone point a gun at my dog before, so I might buy it. I got a large dog for 85 lbs.

👤Wow! It was very surprised by the quality. It was very well constructed. I returned a brand I bought about 8 months ago. I knew it was not going to hold up. It's perfect for my dog to run through the woods.

👤Estba por regresar, pues lo saque a pasear. Cul fue a una persona. No tienes puesto los lazos. Volv a sacarlo para la prueba, en ningn momento se le afloj. Mi pastor belga malinois tiene 1 ao recomiendo L. Aunque un M creo. viene para ese tipo de razas. Mi compra con contenta.

👤Bien fabricado y hasta ahora ha soportado el uso de el perro.

7. Purchase Training Reflective Patches Ordering

Purchase Training Reflective Patches Ordering

There are two freeremovable reflective patches for each side of the harness. It's easy to attach your leash with the D- ring on top. Premium and custom fit straps are available. The material has reflective stripes on each side. It is easy to put on and take off with the side quick release buckle.

Brand: Doggie Stylz

👤We bought this for our puppy. She is very content with her family, but she is timid with strangers. She looks like she's part bear, part sheep, and part teddy bear. She would get bombarded with moans and awwwes when we took her out to socialize. A zombie mob that feeds off of fluffy cuteness. She was frightened even more and moved in behind me. I tried to escape from the swarm with a large object on my calves. Talking to the crowd didn't work. It's difficult to convince people that dogs love them, but this one wasn't easy to win over. We used operation red vest. Best decision ever. It arrived quickly. It was nicely packaged. It was stiffly. It was well made. It's true with wiggle room for growth. It was like fresh hope in a box. We went out into the world with her protective vest on. Straight into their dens! I was worried because she looked so cute in her new duds. A limited edition stuffed animal with vest action. I thought people would ask themselves why a cotton ball was being used as a dog. 85% of the people were very respectful. We saw mostly smiling faces. There are still a few moans. They were able to control the urge to reach out. A few people spoke to me and I was given the chance to explain that we were trying to show her that strangers were not that big of a deal. It's another part of daily life. I mean that in the best way possible. By the end of the first day, she was approaching people on her own and even letting a few people pet her. She has shown improvements in bravery and social skills over the last week. Great purchase. There were no complaints.

👤My dog is training to be a service dog. I had a hard time identifying a quality vest that she was wearing. I bought this vest after she had her temperament test and basic obedience completed. Heavy nylon canvas and nylon web straps are securely attached to the vest, and there are thick plastic easy release buckles and heavy duty metal D-ring. The reflective band across the chest is at the smallest setting. If something changes, I will update. Replacement patches are available and the patches are secured with hooks and loops. We will be able to use this vest with the service dog patches in the future. My dog's chest was 21", so I bought a medium. She will quickly grow into it, even though it is a little loose. I have her wear a vest for identification while I use a leash and collar. If you are thinking of training your dog for service or therapy, you should use a vest to identify him. This vest is perfect for that purpose. Highly recommended.

👤I have a standard Rat Terrier that is in training. I bought a small as my puppy's girth was only 14.5" but it was still too large for me. I kept the small and ordered an XS which fit better. My pup is a service dog and needs to be socialized. I had a problem with people wanting to pet a puppy and everyone wanting to be pet him. It's hard when a puppy is raised on a farm and needs to be socialized without people around, as well as being frightened by people. This vest has made it easier for people to train and socialize, since they no longer have to ask to pet. Thank you so much for making this vest. Not all pups or dogs that are in training are the size of a German Shepherd or Labrador.

8. SERVICE Non Pull Waterproof PREVENTS Accidents

SERVICE Non Pull Waterproof PREVENTS Accidents

If you have a problem with the saddle bag for dogs, never hesitate to email them and they will make it right. The extra small vest harness can be adjusted to fit any neck/head size. The service dog range can be used to show that the dog is working. There is an extra front D ring for the no pull option. High quality materials and embroidered wording. A safer place for all is colorcoded with wording to prevent accidents. There are various sizes and ranges of leads, coats and harnesses.

Brand: Dexil Limited

👤Since I bought this vest, I have tried other styles but none were as comfortable as this one, and the dog performs her service much better in this vest. I bought a red one this time because it is more visible and taken more seriously. It has held up better than the first one, even with daily use. I returned to 5 stars. This is the only vest I will ever wear. The harness fabric separated from the piping on the second use, and the edges of the fabric were damaged. I had to remove the star. I would recommend this for short-haired dogs, because my dog's curly hair covers a lot of the surface of the harness, so I think her status as a service dog in training would be taken more seriously with a different style. Pros is a well-made harness with sturdy hardware, solid edging and stitching. I made the mistake of having it upside-down at first and thought it didn't fit, so I made sure the harness fit around my dog's head. The dog is in a harness. Leash can be used on top or under the dog's neck and offers excellent control both ways. My account was credited immediately after the prompt returns for size issues. I ordered the medium because it was supposed to fit 19-28” but reviewers said the harness ran small and the dog was too large. The medium we received required a minimum of 22 inches of girth for your dog to fit in. Small fits 15 to 24” and was perfect. It is better for short-haired animals to have long curly hair.

👤Absolutely love this vest! It's very lightweight and comfortable for me when I'm traveling. Even though it's cheap, it's built very well. The materials are great and the embroidery is great. This is our favorite vest. It is a little tight around the neck, but my basset has lots of skin flaps around her neck, so it is not a complaint. I can't explain how good this vest is. It is very light for summer. My Basset is going to be retired and replaced by a bigger dog, and I will be buying the same vest for her. I would recommend this vest to anyone with a service dog. Since it's not a full on vest, you may get stopped for people thinking you have a fake service dog, even though mine isn't. If you don't have a real, trained, and qualified dog, don't buy this just so you can bring it with you. It is illegal. I would recommend this vest to you if you have a realSD.

👤I bought a harness that was small. I bought a large dog that seems to be made for a small variety of dogs that don't exist. That was small too. I have a dog. The mix is 24 lbs. He can't have a collar on his neck. The piece that goes under his belly is able to accommodate his belly gerth. The extension piece underneath the belly that it junctions into to hold it in place is so short that I can't imagine it could fit any dog. I modified this harness to fit my dog. I had to buy a dog collar that was the same color as the harnesses after I bought the harness. I sewed in the extension I had cut off from the dog collar after opening the stitches. I sewed a loop in the remaining end that the buckle goes through to fit around his belly so he can actually wear it. Whew! It's not worth it.

9. PET ARTIST Tactical Harness Training

PET ARTIST Tactical Harness Training

2 nylon quick release snaps each 125 LB proof-load tested are well constructed. Double assure the load bearing with hook and loop pad beneath the belly. The parts are reinforced. Front D-Ring is sealed, sturdy and effective no pull to control your dog with less effort. 2 back clips work well for different purposes, as well as to hang the dog. The nylon handles are strong enough to grab the harness when walking in the crowd or lifting the dog. The fit is convenient. Make sure your dog is wearing the correct adjustment positions. The whole harness is soft. A full coverage design protects the dog. This vest won't slide to one side and annoy the dog because it is balanced properly. It was easy on and off. There are 2 molle straps + hook and loop strips panel + 3 nylon loops on each side. The whole package has a tactical vest harness, waist pouch, tools pouch, EMT bag, and 2 US flag patches. A gift for you. Medium: chest:20.5-27.6",back:14.5", Large:chest:24.4-31.5", back:16.5", professional k9 training hiking walking for medium large dogs in Training, Police,Military, Adventure Hiking and all Make sure your dog is measured before you order the Harness. Please contact them if you did not receive the pouch or patch.

Brand: Pet Artist

👤I was looking for a new vest for my service dog and found this one that I could use. I wasn't expecting much for what I paid. It was an interim solution until I could afford a Ray Allen vest. It's not yet known if it will hold up like Ray Allen. The stitching looks good. Her chest area is better protected than most of the other vests that are offered for sale on here. How well will the chinesium used in the cobra buckles hold up? I will give you an update on that. She will fit right in if she hangs out with a bunch of Spec-ops dogs. You might want to keep an eye out for behavioral changes if it doesn't happen. Staying out for a couple of days at a time and not talking about where you've been. It will make a noise about something and walk away. I will update this with any issues that come up.

👤I needed a vest with handles to help my dog walk after he had his hind leg removed due to bone cancer. This vest has saved us both. I had already purchased two other vests, but none of them offered the support and comfort that this one did. The handles allow me to lift and move him with ease. It's easy to adjust, take on and off, and it's perfect for a recovering pup. I don't have to worry about his skin getting irritated because of the mesh lining. I don't worry about it ripping because it feels very well made, I couldn't ask for better quality. Very happy with the purchase!

👤The wife was walking the dog and had her harnessed. The dog was almost hit by a car because of the stitches that ripped out on the front D-rings. She put any pressure on the stitching when she utilized the back D ring. We were lucky our dig was not injured. The stitching on the buckles is not strong enough to make a difference. Over the years, we have purchased 10 harnesses. It's hard to find that fits comfortably, can't escape from, and has no pull ring in front to apply patches. Graysee, the pictures show that you can wear the harness even while hanging out around the house. It's easy to adjust to and she doesn't get offended on long outdoor excursions. She had never been on a leash or played with toys before we rescued her. There are many animals in our neighborhood. Safety was our number one concern. Her habit of darting towards animals and pulling during training made a no pull ring a must. We wanted the harness to be durable and not snap when she jerked and lunged. We wanted to make sure she was not able to escape. This harness exceeded our expectations. It is comfortable and secure. It adds support to her back and makes her harnesses more stable. The stitching is very well made. This is the one to buy if you are looking for an all around harness.

10. ICEFANG Tactical Harness Military CB Molle

ICEFANG Tactical Harness Military CB Molle

Please choose the right size base on the ICEFANG size chart. The most load bearing point for the metal Buckle is on the dog shoulder. When Dog Pulling, 2 x POM buckle (250 lbs Proof- Load Test) on belly position;Sewing by Bartack and X in Box pattern on each joint and heavy load point. If you want to control the dog, you have to connect the leash to the front clip and make the dog's leg off the ground. There are two strips of mollee, one small, one medium and one large. You can Aslo Hook Dog Bowl, water bottle, and toy through D shape Carabiner are not included. There are three strips of hook and loop panel sewn onto the other side of the molle.

Brand: Icefang

👤Purchase in October and March. The metal chest clip failed. Your dog will be killed by this stuff. The dog is attached to the lead by the D ring. The dog gets off the lead because the harness fails, which can be fatal in traffic or critical situations. The harness wouldn't meet the demands of K-9 or Service Dog work. The single stitching at stress point is a major design flaw. I had to reinforce it. Every day before and after service, inspect your equipment to make sure it is safe. You should not hit the street until your equipment is checked.

👤I got a large size for him. He is an 80lb European Doberman. It is the smallest of the litter. It's hard to find things that fit Dobermans. He has always been on the leash. This has reduced that. He looks handsome. I can handle him better now. We love it. Thanks!

👤I bought both of these and another brand's harness at the same time for my two Great Danes. The IceFang was the better harness. It fit better because it was more flexible to fit the different shapes of the dogs. I think this is a better design. It doesn't rub or ride, which helps keep their fur in good order while not annoying the dog. The no pull ring in the front has helped me train them not to pull on their leash, and the metal front buckles offer a confidence that they wont break under their extreme pull. The underside of them has a fabric that keeps them cool in the summer. The size seemed to be right. My dog's chest was 38 and 39 inches, which is the size for the big dog. I only had to make small adjustments to the straps. I would highly recommend this harness to any large breed owner.

👤I only fitted it to my Cane Corso because I received it today. The fit seems fine so far, but I wanted to make sure I shared the picture for size reference for others.

👤Heavy duty snaps. Heavy duty plastic snaps on the sides of metal buckles in the chest area. It is easy to slip on over the head. Lifting up your pups legs while trying to get them to hold still is not necessary. This one is very easy. Buckle the sides of the shirt and slip over their head. Done. It may take ten seconds. It is not a no-pull harness. I believe it was advertised as such. The malinois puppy is still learning and this doesn't slow him down.

👤I like the quick releases. It is easy to put on and take off. I received a lot of questions and comments. It's comfortable on my dog. There's fabric that overlaps. She is at ease in it. I have a small dog. I put it with packs and patches for personalization. People stop you all the time to ask where to get the harness.

👤Absolutely love this vest. The quality is topnotch. The gear we use in the Marine Corps is very similar. I would recommend this product to anyone. I don't like people to pet my Weimaraner as I train her to remain calm around strangers. This was a great way to get the word out about the Do Not Pet policy.

11. Hanshengday Vest Training Harness Military Water Resistant Backpack Pet

Hanshengday Vest Training Harness Military Water Resistant Backpack Pet

You can get 2 free patches if you buy a tactical dog harness. This is a notice. Before ordering, please read the size chart. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have a problem or advice. Their high quality nylon and soft padding make it a comfortable fit. The dog harness has four quick release buckles for easy put on and off, and one V-ring on the front for dog leash attachment. MOLLE System: Each side has two MOLLE straps as well as hoop and loop strips panel to attach molle pouches or ID panels. There areHook and loop panels for Attach Morale Patch, one full length strip of 9 long 2 wide heavy duty loop panel on the top for ID badges, and one long strip of 2 wide loop panel on the neck strap. There are different sizes and colors available. It is possible to reduce the likelihood of receiving unsuitable size or return by measuring your dog. Before purchasing, please check their dog size chart. Your shopping experience is their first priority.

Brand: Hanshengday

👤We tried a lot of vests and nothing was right. I was hesitant to try this vest because it is a military type item. I didn't want to make my dog out to be a veteran. I was relieved that no one has asked since we bought it. He is a very broad chested boy and the strap configuration products came off frequently. The three straps are great. I don't have to worry about adjusting him. He seems to like the vest. I like the pouches. He has a collapsible water bowl, a seatbelt harness, and emergency instructions. I would like to see a water bottle holder added. I didn't return the last vest because I wanted to keep the water bottle holder. Otherwise, a great product.

👤I got this for my dog. I thought the shorter version would be less restrictive. The German Shepherd is still in training. It was easy to put on since my hands are very disabled. My dog is still growing so I like having the Velcro to adjust the fit. The straps only make it difficult for me to adjust. One reviewer said you have to use one on each side for balance, but I like the Molle attachment. The vest slid to one side when I tried to use it on one side. My dog doesn't seem to mind the vest. It looks like it was well made. Hope it holds up because it will be used a lot. The patches and molle pouches were included. Good value for money.

👤It fits well and is very happy with it. I got an xl for Shepard because it fits him perfectly with room to grow.

👤Pipper says that Goofy doesn't go there. Excellent quality.

👤Our golden retriever loves it. It doesn't bother him at all. Highly recommended.

👤It does bunch a bit. It is durable and breathable.

👤If you have a big dog, make sure you get a large size, I like it and I'm glad I bought it. It is very strong and will last very long and my dog loves it.

👤My German Shepard retriever mix well bags are small and can't carry a water bottle.

👤This fit my dog perfectly. We were a little worried, but it fits well. If another dog comes up to him, we can use the handle at the top of the vest to grab him and pull him away. We can take him to places with us and he can go to the hospitals again now that he has the vest.

👤Comodo y practico, incluye una bolsa de multiples usos. Para la botella de agua, nuestra perrita corre y brinca con toda libertad, por el precio.

👤El chaleco tiene alimentarias por la parte de enfrente.


What is the best product for dog vests for large dogs with pockets?

Dog vests for large dogs with pockets products from Misthis. In this article about dog vests for large dogs with pockets you can see why people choose the product. Industrial Puppy and Aiwai are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog vests for large dogs with pockets.

What are the best brands for dog vests for large dogs with pockets?

Misthis, Industrial Puppy and Aiwai are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog vests for large dogs with pockets. Find the detail in this article. Vevins, Onetigris and Hard Land are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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