Best Dog Vests for Large Dogs Service

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1. Demigreat Service Harness Reflective Adjustable

Demigreat Service Harness Reflective Adjustable

Pulling and choke can be prevented. The dog harness has three metal traction rope loops on the back and chest, which are reinforced. The front clamp is perfect for dogs that pull and for dogs that are training. The rear clip can make a dog walk. This design can evenly distribute the pulling force on the body to prevent suffocation or neck strain, which offers much more comfort and security. The dog vest sling is easy to put on and take off, because it has two buckles on the chest and neck. It's easy to adjust the size to fit the dog's body and make it more comfortable. The dog harness is reflective. The reflective tape of the Damigreat dog harness can reflect ambient light in extreme low light conditions, so as to ensure that your dog can stay visible even when walking or running at night, and comes with 2 service dog patches, 2 in training patches and 1 dog paw patch. The dog harness is soft and comfortable. The outer layer is made of reinforced nylon. It is strong. The inner mesh design increases the comfort of walking and protects the skin of your dog. Demigreat advantages They are committed to providing reliable products for dog owners. They will do their best to help you solve the problem if you contact them in time. If you want to make sure that the harness matches your dog's size, you should select the size by measuring the dog's chest widest part and neck. The dog's weight should not be used as a factor in choosing a size or guess.

Brand: Demigreat

👤This is not worth as much as it costs. It was very flimsy. My golden dog slides sideways. Absolutely disappointed.

👤There are 5 patches, it is pictured with 2 service dog patches, 2 training patches and a flag where I am pointing. The vest that was missing the flag was replaced immediately after I notified Amazon. I got a different vest and patches after I returned the second vest because it was missing the flag. The vest was made well, it fit well, and it was easy to get on and off, and the price was very reasonable. I notified Amazon of the error and they were looking into it.

👤Not as sturdy as the original vest purchased which is warmer and the original one slides from side to side, so wishing for a better vest, and it still slips all over the place, even with the straps tightened. Light weight fabric. There are hooks on the side. It was nice under the belly pad. The small top body comes with patches. Not that durable 7 will last as long as the other vest. The current item cost is decent. This vest is made for dogs under 9 years old and 45 pounds. The fabric is light and not that durable, good for summer 10. I'm not sure how the vest will hold up. The price is decent. I will purchase a padded vest from another vendor. You wish your vest to be noticeable, pending on your use and size of dog. This is a small dog vest that is great for running around town. I want my dogs to be comfortable.

👤This thing is garbage. It doesn't stay on all of the dogs. It slides to one side even when tightened.

👤The harness does not stay in place, as others have said. My dog only wore this to work and it didn't seem very comfortable, he would shake and roll on his back a lot more than normal. After a month of giving it a shot, the patches don't fully stick, if yours is anything like mine. I'm disappointed but I suppose that it slides because I pull the leash in the front. It's not worth the hassle.

👤So far, so good. It is a perfect fit after following the directions. He's moving and I hope it stays in place. Once we use it, I will update my review. I still love this vest and have been using it regularly.

👤I like the color. It is well made and seems sturdy. It slips sideways, which is a distraction in training and work. I think it needs to be the right fit to prevent this and my dog will grow into it. Right now, it's a little big. It covers less area, which is better on hot days. It is a good price for service dog owners who struggle financially so I think it is a decent value.

👤Me gusta el material. Me gusta el color, lleg a tiempo. No se ha roto, pero un perro grande. Me gustando el material. No se moviera a los lados, no se peq en mi mascota, le hubiera dado 5 estrellas.

2. JSXD Harness Adjustable Reflective Material

JSXD Harness Adjustable Reflective Material

The dog vest harness is made of high quality nylon material with high density to prevent it from chewing or tearing up. This dog harness has a Breathable mesh lining with soft sponge padding plate that can comfortably fit the dog's skin and hair. The surface of the service dog harness is made of honeycomb texture, which will make it more attractive when the pet dog wears it. The easy walk dog harness has Sturdy Metal D-Rings for safer dog walks. The extensional part of the D-rings is not easy to rip off. Pulling pressure is distributed evenly to the body. The D-Rings can be used to stop your dog from pulling on walks, it's perfect for dog training, dog behavioral control, or strong pulling dogs. The dog harness is made with buckles. 3M reflective straps and Sturdy Handle make sure your dog is safe at night. The D-ring is a safer place to connect the dog leash on crowded streets. The high-end harness is perfect for daily walking, running, hiking, training, hunting, outdoor adventure and more. A dog harness with a fabric handle on the back helps you control and assist your dog, and it is very convenient to interact closely with your pet dog outdoors. The vest has a chest strap that is easy to use. The fit of this pet harness can be changed using the slide adjusters at the chest and neck. The Hassle Free Overhead Harness is easy to put on and off. buckle it up, and here you go, with the harness over your dog's head. For more control, grab the top handle. No worries about falling out. The dog vest harness has the sizes for Small Medium Large breed. More choices are provided by multi colors. If between sizes, choose the larger size and be sure to set aside 1 inch, it's recommended for Labrador, husky,Boxer and German shepherd.

Brand: Jsxd

👤Nugget, my lab dashuand mix, is a squirrel chaser and I am concerned about the impact he has on his neck when he takes off on a leash. My concern has been resolved by this harness. The medium harness is very comfortable and fits his large chest very well. It doesn't bother him under his arms. He was wearing it all day and napping in it. It is easy to put on. It will be easy to put on over his coat. The fact sealed the deal. It also fits his pug buddy who is between 28-30 lbs with large chests. It is a good buy. I think this harness is very good.

👤The size is medium but it's not right for my dog. His other harness is medium in size. I'll change it if I can get the smaller size.

👤It is very easy to adjust straps. The design looks sharp. My dog knows he looks good in this harness.

👤After a few adjustments, this harness fit my Blue Heeler perfectly.

👤Did not last more than two and a half months.

👤The product was exactly what I needed.

3. VICARKO Tactical Adjustable Military Training

VICARKO Tactical Adjustable Military Training

The VICARKO Tactical Dog Harness features a MOLLE hook & loop system, 4-layer material, and a titanium Delta clip for leash attachment, which are all crash tested to provide optimum comfort, durability, and safety. Stay safe and have fun! The VICARKO Tactical Dog Harness is made of neat stitching and 4 padded linings that are 1000D nylon material, which is breathable mesh. The handle on the top of the vest is extra wide, which makes it perfect for aggressive dogs. The VICARKO Tactical Dog Harness could be custom-fit to your dog's form and 100% escape-proof with 4 tri-glide adjustment clips and 4 available sizes. The quick-release buckles are made of metal. The VICARKO Tactical Dog Harness is easy to maintain, made of strong, waterproof ripstop fabric, which makes it more convenient for daily maintenance.

Brand: Vicarko

👤Absolutely dangerous. I was almost home on our walk when it broke, but I was able to use the leash. This could have led to my dog being hit by a car. Every customer should be reimbursed and the product recalled.

👤The bags are slightly longer and taller than I needed, but I kept them because there aren't many choices to pick from any of the vendors. The material is thin and doesn't seem to be very durable, but it will be used mostly when I go to the stores or doctors appointments. It works well with the harness and patches. I would like to add my own in the front. You can see how much space it can hold in the front pocket. I don't want her restricted in her movement so I won't be using the strap that goes under the dog. I will remove them. The snaps on the back seem very strong. The material might not last more than 6 months depending on what you carry and the weight. It is suggested for moderate use and carry. I could be wrong.

👤Excellent product! Excellent for the price point. It is lightweight and stiff. The back panel is sturdy. The handle is too small for real use. The main harness body is very stiff and very durable. I'm concerned about the fact that the dog is stiff, but I think it's fine for medium-long coated dogs. There is a poly coating on the inside of the saddle bags that is resistant to water. A weight/panel is sewn into the bag lid and helps to maintain the shape of the flap. A nice touch! The bags have an attachment method. The molle has cross straps that go under the belly. I believe this was done to prevent interference with the mesh panel on the back and also to allow for use of the top bungee attachment cords for vertical storage of a water bottle, umbrella, flashlight, etc.

👤The harness is very sturdy and professional for my purposes. I can carry my emergency medication without a bag in the room for patches.

👤The metal piece to connect your least came off after the first week. The stitching came from regular use on a dog who is trained and walks multiple times a day. We attached the leash to the handle. The stitching came out on the neck buckle and separated from the harness. It is no longer usable. Very disappointed! It is a great harness, but it didn't perform to standard. The harness turned out to be what we were looking for. It is a lightweight vest that can be used in hot weather. It's perfect for our needs. It was very well made. I bought this to see if we would buy another dog for our other dogs. I will definitely be looking at purchasing at least one more.

👤I like this bag. My dog carries his own things. I can hike without carrying an extra bag. It's amazing to see him carrying bags. He is a big boy and his weight is less than a pound. I don't think it is straining him. He has not gotten the hang of understanding the bags. They've held up well after he bumps them against walls and bushes. The buckle is my only complaint about these bags. My dog is a big boy and even though the straps were loosened, they wouldn't reach him. I had to cut them off for him to wear the bag. I wanted to include it in the review but I didn't check the length. If you're looking for a way to upgrade your dogs storage capacity, I would recommend these.

4. BARKBAY Tactical Training Adhesion Reflective

BARKBAY Tactical Training Adhesion Reflective

Military Specifications Material The nylon construction has extra strength and resistance to dirt and water. It's good for police dogs, military dogs, and all outdoor companion dogs. 3 heavy-duty quick release buckles allow you to install the harness in just a few minutes, 4 fully adjusted straps give a snug fit and maximum mobility, and the harness is easy to adjust and off. MOLLE System & Dog IdentifiedMOLLE system on for carrying essentials. The chest has an ID panel display area. The whole package has a tactical dog harness and a service dog patch. Two heavy alloy metal leash clip attachment. There are two front and back clips for walking or jogging. The handle is reinforced for additional control. Escape-Proof design is for more safety. Large Breeds such as Border Collie, Samoyed,Shiba lnu,Siberian husky, are ideal for reflective trim.

Brand: Barkbay

👤We were looking for new harnesses for our dogs. We got 2 Large Grey dogs after we measured them. We decided to go for the L size because our dogs were in between the M and L limits. Our dogs are mixed and were adopted off the street, so I can't offer breed specific sizes. We knew that the harness had a grabbing handle on top, hook-n-loop panels, leash clips on both the front and back, and name patches. This harness has it all. You could tell this was a good harness from the box. It feels strong. This harness is made out of material that will probably last a long time. It took a while to adjust the straps, since they feel thick and hard to move, but hey, this is a good thing! It means once those straps are adjusted, you won't have to worry about the straps going loose. It isn't the cheapest harness, but you get what you pay for. This harness has the same specifications as several other harnesses, and it gives you more bang for your buck. Others with the same specifications were more expensive. The harness seems to be comfortable, the dogs don't seem to mind it at all, so as far as comfort goes, 5 out of 5. I would recommend this one.

👤My boy does not mind that I found a harness that fits. It was very well made. I am very happy, but that is not easy as I am. Better to shop at Amazon. This harness is the best I have ever purchased. You will get the hang of it even though it is a bit harder to adjust than the instructions.

👤This harness is great. It was exactly what we wanted for our Blue Heeler, except that she ate it through a strap, making it worthless. This is not a flaw in the product, but an unfortunate circumstance.

👤I received a harness. It is made with high quality materials. I only gave it one star because it only had the front leash clip. The back leash clip was missing. I ordered a replacement and hope it comes with both leash clips as advertised, or I will return it again for a refund.

👤The fit of the harness was not good. We ordered the right size and both dogs were too small. We couldn't get them to fit in a size that was supposed to allow for flexibility. It would have been too tight for comfort to give them away.

👤Buckles are Sturdy, Practical, Stylish, and Strong. It looks like it was made and sewn well. The fabric is very sturdy and soft for the skin. The 2 silver colored buckles to attach a leash are the best I have seen on any of the halters we have bought. The fabric on the last KONG halter was torn and shredded after the dog got caught up in dense bushes in the woods while chasing a deer. Time will tell if this fabric will shred or tear like that one did. If you want to attach things to your dog's halter for Jim to carry on his hikes, I would recommend this halter. There is a lot of strength in the elastic string that you can use to hold small water bottles, pocket knives, solar phone chargers, etc., as well as a lot of strength in the Velcro that you can use to attach small pouches of snacks.

5. Voyager Step Air Dog Harness

Voyager Step Air Dog Harness

This is a notice. Your pet's breed or weight are not directly related to size. If you want to make sure your pet is fit for your order, you should print out their Size Guide and use the measuring tape to fit your pet. This lightweight pet harness is perfect for walks all year round. There are retractable bands. Two reflective bands on the sides of this harness make it easier for your pet to see. Three layers of security are achieved with their hook and loop fastening, double D-rings and buckle. Go, step in, and clip! This simple and easy-to-wear vest harness is what you will use to step into your next walk. Click on the button to add to the cart.

Brand: Best Pet Supplies

👤I love this harness! I think my dog does, it is soft, has double security features, looks great, and fits perfectly. At 6 months old, my frenchie is 17 lbs. I bought him a large. It's important that reviews include the size info. I was thankful for those who did. When you buy this, make sure to leave a review and include the size you bought with information or pictures on your dog's size. If he grows out of his large, I will buy this again. I will probably buy more in other colors if he doesn't, it looks like it fits him so well. Frenchies have sensitive backs. This harness would be great for any dog who has back problems. It's not recommended to walk dogs like this on collars. So get them a harness. Their back will thank you for it.

👤I bought a medium for my cat. I think I would have been able to go a smaller size. I gave it one less star because it is a harness made for dogs, but it is a bit bulky for a cat. I like the support it gives him, it's better than the thinner strap ones that pull on his joints and shoulders. He seems to walk with me more than he did with his previous harness. He got used to it quickly after it threw his balance off the first day. The front neck area was big for him, but I secured the Velcro in a diagonal fashion, tighter near his head, and now he is more secure. If you're an inch into the next size, I would recommend going a size down. If the harness is a little too big, the buckle would be more helpful and secure. Your neighbors will still make fun of you for walking your cat. The item was shipped quickly.

👤The harness I used on our yorkie was not strong enough or safe enough for him. I was worried that he would slip out while we were traveling. Our little guy is 5 1/2 pounds and has a 7 inch neck and 11 1/2 inch girth. I bought the XXS size of the harness and it fit him perfectly. It fits his body well, is wide enough, snug enough, and sturdy enough to make sure Kirby stays safe. I found a collar and leash that matches the harness on Amazon, and I'm picky like you. I keep his collar on at all times, and add on a harness when we leave the house. I found a bag that matches the color of Amazon and attached it to his leash that carried poop bags with room for keys, etc. You can find links below...

👤My dog escaped from his harness on a busy street. He had to pull back so much that it was empty. He ran down the street and a bystander pinned him against a tree to stop him. If he can do it, I know others can too. I will be avoiding anything that they can escape out of with ease. Proceed with care.

6. ICEFANG Tactical Harness Military CB Molle

ICEFANG Tactical Harness Military CB Molle

Please choose the right size base on the ICEFANG size chart. The most load bearing point for the metal Buckle is on the dog shoulder. When Dog Pulling, 2 x POM buckle (250 lbs Proof- Load Test) on belly position;Sewing by Bartack and X in Box pattern on each joint and heavy load point. If you want to control the dog, you have to connect the leash to the front clip and make the dog's leg off the ground. There are two strips of mollee, one small, one medium and one large. You can Aslo Hook Dog Bowl, water bottle, and toy through D shape Carabiner are not included. There are three strips of hook and loop panel sewn onto the other side of the molle.

Brand: Icefang

👤Purchase in October and March. The metal chest clip failed. Your dog will be killed by this stuff. The dog is attached to the lead by the D ring. The dog gets off the lead because the harness fails, which can be fatal in traffic or critical situations. The harness wouldn't meet the demands of K-9 or Service Dog work. The single stitching at stress point is a major design flaw. I had to reinforce it. Every day before and after service, inspect your equipment to make sure it is safe. You should not hit the street until your equipment is checked.

👤I got a large size for him. He is an 80lb European Doberman. It is the smallest of the litter. It's hard to find things that fit Dobermans. He has always been on the leash. This has reduced that. He looks handsome. I can handle him better now. We love it. Thanks!

👤I bought both of these and another brand's harness at the same time for my two Great Danes. The IceFang was the better harness. It fit better because it was more flexible to fit the different shapes of the dogs. I think this is a better design. It doesn't rub or ride, which helps keep their fur in good order while not annoying the dog. The no pull ring in the front has helped me train them not to pull on their leash, and the metal front buckles offer a confidence that they wont break under their extreme pull. The underside of them has a fabric that keeps them cool in the summer. The size seemed to be right. My dog's chest was 38 and 39 inches, which is the size for the big dog. I only had to make small adjustments to the straps. I would highly recommend this harness to any large breed owner.

👤I only fitted it to my Cane Corso because I received it today. The fit seems fine so far, but I wanted to make sure I shared the picture for size reference for others.

👤Heavy duty snaps. Heavy duty plastic snaps on the sides of metal buckles in the chest area. It is easy to slip on over the head. Lifting up your pups legs while trying to get them to hold still is not necessary. This one is very easy. Buckle the sides of the shirt and slip over their head. Done. It may take ten seconds. It is not a no-pull harness. I believe it was advertised as such. The malinois puppy is still learning and this doesn't slow him down.

👤I like the quick releases. It is easy to put on and take off. I received a lot of questions and comments. It's comfortable on my dog. There's fabric that overlaps. She is at ease in it. I have a small dog. I put it with packs and patches for personalization. People stop you all the time to ask where to get the harness.

👤Absolutely love this vest. The quality is topnotch. The gear we use in the Marine Corps is very similar. I would recommend this product to anyone. I don't like people to pet my Weimaraner as I train her to remain calm around strangers. This was a great way to get the word out about the Do Not Pet policy.

7. ALBCORP Reflective Service Harness Polyester

ALBCORP Reflective Service Harness Polyester

The vest has reflective features and two service dog patches. The D-ring is made of tough nylon/polyester and Sturdy handle. It was nice. The vest is lightweight and has padding. Your animal won't feel it. Attaching a Service Dog patch with hook and loop panels. Change your identification in a matter of seconds. The dog harness has a strap. The size XXS can hold girths from 15 to 18.

Brand: Albcorp

👤The largest size the company had was only for dogs with a 38" chest. I ordered the vest because I couldn't find a larger one, but my mastiff is a little larger than that. I was hoping it would work out. When I tried it on him, the straps wouldn't connect. The vest was too small for the dog and it looked silly. The vest is really good quality and looks professional, so it was a shame. I immediately returned the vest. Albi, the company's owner, sent me an email asking about my purchase. I told him that I was pretty upset but that it was okay. I was going to have a custom vest made. He told me that his Amazon store was ordering a larger vest. He kept me updated via email on the entire process so that I could purchase the 45" vest as soon as possible. He gave me a discount for my troubles, even though none of it was his or Amazon's fault. The vest fit my dog perfectly. I'm so excited to finally have my dog recognized and respected in his vest, it's been a long time coming. I was prepared to spend three times as much on a less sturdy vest. I will make sure that I keep Albi and ALBCORP in mind for all my needs.

👤I have a dog that is in the process of being trained to be a service dog. I have a number of mental disorders. It is not necessary to have a service vest for a dog in the US. Some of the questions from the general public and business owners when my service animal enters public places can be alleviated. I ordered an xxs for my animal and it fit perfectly. It is light weight, comfortable and took him no time to adjust to it. He wears it for 14 or more hours a day and doesn't notice. Thank you for the great product. My dog also thanks you.

👤I was having a hard time finding a vest for my service dog as he is a great dane. After ordering it, I was frustrated as it was listed in prime but I didn't receive it for two days. The arrival date was pushed back two weeks when I re-ordered. I contacted Amazon and they made the issue right for me the next day. I was very pleased with the quality of the vest I received. The material is strong, the handle is sturdy, and it fits my phone perfectly. I would recommend this vest to anyone, but I wish the strap around the neck was more padded. I would prefer it to be in a better camouflage pattern for veterans like me. Thank you for making a vest that works for me.

👤A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The $0.50 plastic quick release strap buckle broke and is not replaceable. I would give this 5 stars if they had simply designed the straps to allow removal and replacement. The vest is destined for the garbage because of a design flaw. Even with a sewing machine, there is not enough strap length to cut the old one off.

8. Service Harness Reflective Adjustable Removable

Service Harness Reflective Adjustable Removable

The easy-to-use belly buckle makes it easy to wear, good for on the go service dogs. Pulling pressure is evenly distributed to the body. You can create a custom fit for your dog with the padded back and neck straps. This vest is made from nylon and has a D-Ring for leash and ID tags. Ensure your dog is safe while out for a walk with reflective patches.

Brand: Misthis

👤The ULDATE was held on Dec. 5, 2018. I put the snap latch on my service dog and walked her to the house. I want one that works. I wanted this for her. As soon as I took the device out of the package, I felt like I was in a movie. If I have ever seen a harness, this device has to be military grade. Being a 100% P&T disabled veteran, I need something that works and controls the big Shepherd that I have, and she will love this. She wears a service vest. It is not close to this thing. I ordered a special leash as well. I needed two D rings so I could use a different leash. I have a leash for it. I ordered the patches of "PTSD dog" and "Do not pet" so I can switch out one of the attached patches on this device, which is very difficult for me to go out into public due to my post traumatic stress disorder. I will give you an update if there are any issues, but I am really excited to see her jump for joy when she sees her service vest and is ready to roll the way she is with the one she has now. If you offer a 2 D ring device like this, I can change the leash to one I really would prefer, please let me know.

👤My dog was 29" in length and 18" in width. I got the large and the neck part was too small, even if I had it extended as far as it would go, which isn't much. The chest won't fit if the next size is 35"girth. Seemed really well made. It was too tight for me to even try, so I can't speak for the clip's dependability. They have a dog in their pictures and I am very disappointed. I was hoping that I could find a half vest that looked nice on my dog, who is a mix between those two breeds. I won't be buying the larger size unless she grows another 6 inches. I couldn't trust that tiny plastic clip that held the neck piece around her neck, even when it was adjusted to the largest size, because she had a big Shepherd that was still growing.

👤The harness fits perfectly on my dog. The height of the dog is right for me because I am short. My dog is big and strong, but she settles down quickly when she gets that jacket on. She walks well with it and it is comfortable for me as well. Well done!

👤The vest was just received. Well made straps are nice. My dog has straps on it. The clip that connects the chest strap was disconnected. I pushed it in again and gave it a small tug, thinking maybe I didn't clip it all the way in. The two clips were separated again. I took the vest off my dog to see it. The clip did not show any damage or cracks. I can only assume that the clip is bad. The smaller clip on the neck strap is very strong. I just started a replacement request but Amazon decided to give me a full refund. I have to wait for a few days to get my money back. I will try another vest after the refund is over. I can't recommend this vest. If something can be done to fix or replace the clip, I would be happy to update this review. If there is no update, you can assume the seller didn't do anything.

9. Purchase Training Reflective Patches Ordering

Purchase Training Reflective Patches Ordering

There are two freeremovable reflective patches for each side of the harness. It's easy to attach your leash with the D- ring on top. Premium and custom fit straps are available. The material has reflective stripes on each side. It is easy to put on and take off with the side quick release buckle.

Brand: Doggie Stylz

👤We bought this for our puppy. She is very content with her family, but she is timid with strangers. She looks like she's part bear, part sheep, and part teddy bear. She would get bombarded with moans and awwwes when we took her out to socialize. A zombie mob that feeds off of fluffy cuteness. She was frightened even more and moved in behind me. I tried to escape from the swarm with a large object on my calves. Talking to the crowd didn't work. It's difficult to convince people that dogs love them, but this one wasn't easy to win over. We used operation red vest. Best decision ever. It arrived quickly. It was nicely packaged. It was stiffly. It was well made. It's true with wiggle room for growth. It was like fresh hope in a box. We went out into the world with her protective vest on. Straight into their dens! I was worried because she looked so cute in her new duds. A limited edition stuffed animal with vest action. I thought people would ask themselves why a cotton ball was being used as a dog. 85% of the people were very respectful. We saw mostly smiling faces. There are still a few moans. They were able to control the urge to reach out. A few people spoke to me and I was given the chance to explain that we were trying to show her that strangers were not that big of a deal. It's another part of daily life. I mean that in the best way possible. By the end of the first day, she was approaching people on her own and even letting a few people pet her. She has shown improvements in bravery and social skills over the last week. Great purchase. There were no complaints.

👤My dog is training to be a service dog. I had a hard time identifying a quality vest that she was wearing. I bought this vest after she had her temperament test and basic obedience completed. Heavy nylon canvas and nylon web straps are securely attached to the vest, and there are thick plastic easy release buckles and heavy duty metal D-ring. The reflective band across the chest is at the smallest setting. If something changes, I will update. Replacement patches are available and the patches are secured with hooks and loops. We will be able to use this vest with the service dog patches in the future. My dog's chest was 21", so I bought a medium. She will quickly grow into it, even though it is a little loose. I have her wear a vest for identification while I use a leash and collar. If you are thinking of training your dog for service or therapy, you should use a vest to identify him. This vest is perfect for that purpose. Highly recommended.

👤I have a standard Rat Terrier that is in training. I bought a small as my puppy's girth was only 14.5" but it was still too large for me. I kept the small and ordered an XS which fit better. My pup is a service dog and needs to be socialized. I had a problem with people wanting to pet a puppy and everyone wanting to be pet him. It's hard when a puppy is raised on a farm and needs to be socialized without people around, as well as being frightened by people. This vest has made it easier for people to train and socialize, since they no longer have to ask to pet. Thank you so much for making this vest. Not all pups or dogs that are in training are the size of a German Shepherd or Labrador.

10. FIVEWOODY Tactical Training Adhesion Reflective

FIVEWOODY Tactical Training Adhesion Reflective

It's easy to adjust. Take off the product with 2 quick-release buckles. 4 fully adjusted straps allow for a snug fit with maximum mobility. The material is durable. Their heavy duty vest is made of 900D nylon and is suitable for all fields use. Two rings can pull great force, making sure your dog is safe during training, hunting, and any other occasions. The air mesh protects your dog's skin and is padded in every load point. The use of the Molle System is to allow your dog to carry gear in training. There is a wide range of use for law enforcement, hunting, and personal service. The best friend is included in the ID Badge. It is compatible with thePALs. You can use the pouch to hook the dog bowl, water bottle and toys. There is maximization control and security. One of the metal leash attachment points is used for No-pull control or dog training, and the other is used for casual walking or jogging. The SATISFACTION WARRANTY. Refer to the chart. If you have any questions, they are always here to help.

Brand: Auroth

👤I have a golden retriever/lab mix that is 90 pounds and he only wants to protect me and my other dog. I take them out on walks and one of the dogs goes nuts. He is strong and powerful. I tried to hold him back. This harness allows me to control him with very little effort. It is amazing! My mom is buying two for her huskies after I told her about it. Thank you for inventing this! It is the best thing I have ever purchased. It fits him perfectly and is also durable. I got a bigger one.

👤There is an update on NOV. There will be spurts of stretching in 2020. I responded to the customer service that reached out to me. If the changes I wanted to see had been made, I would have paid again. Even after eming them, I haven't heard anything back since they said it to me. BOO! StrAPS STRETCH! I have to twist the chest straps around a few times to make them tighter. The small should fit because my dog has a 24 inch chest. The neck is tight but hard to get over as it is bigger than his head. There is a This is the perfect harmony if SIZING were better. I was worried that it would be too small for my dog. He has a large neck and chest. I can get the straps, but not quite snug enough, but I have tried other harnesses and they work just as well. This is the small, double checked, inside it has S for the size. Why don't hounds know that a dog's head can be bigger than his neck? I have to adjust the neck straps to get this over my dog's head. The neck has no clips like the chest area. You have to check the straps every few days because they loosen in a short amount of time. This has been the best I have found so far, despite the SIZING issue. The fact that my dog, who should barely fit into this, just backed up and out of it is not good. I just said in. He ran to the door after we were close to it. Imagine if a dog came by.

👤I was struggling with my Pit Bull puppy. Leash training was bad on my shoulder. She wouldn't stop pulling. The harness I purchased has made a huge difference. Does she still pull? Yes, a small amount. The way she was before we got this was different. She is learning how to behave on a leash. And... I feel like I have control over her now that we are around other people and other dogs. I can put signs on her harness because of the added bonus. I bought some that said "do not pet" and "ask to pet". The harness is a winner.

👤I want to wear this dog vest. It is made from soft mesh and metal. It has reflective strips. It fits my dog very well. There is a flaw in the design. They are supposed to follow the standard and allow for accessories to attach to them. The company has no idea of the mil-spec or how to cut corners. Their molle is too small to allow the attachment bands to go through. I wanted my dog to carry her stuff when hiking. The vest is useless without that function. So disappointed. If you want to use the vest the same way as I do, don't buy it unless they fix the issue. The seller recently contacted me and told me that they were working on a fix for the issue with the new supplier. If you need the Molle attachment function to work, you need to confirm with the seller any product updates.

11. Rabbitgoo Tactical Military Adjustable Training

Rabbitgoo Tactical Military Adjustable Training

Extra Large Dog Molle Vest has a neckgirth of 26.3 and a chestgirth of 36.4. Large Breeds such as German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Golden Retriever, Huskie, Labrador, Akita, etc. are ideal. A professional working dog vest is also good for hunting and all outdoor companion dogs. Military-standard material is a heavy duty vest made of nylon with sturdy stitching and is suitable for all field use. Two Metal Shoulder Buckles can be used to keep your dog safe while working, hunting, or training. The air mesh keeps your dog comfortable and protects his skin. A practical design for versatile use is the mole system. There are multiple hook and loop panels that show your dog's personality. There is a wide range of uses for personal service, law enforcement, hunting, or outdoor recreation. The dog safety harness has two Metal Leash Attachment Points for safer dog walks, one Front Clip for No-Pull control or dog training, and one Back Clip for casual walking or jogging. Extra control and easy lifting aid are provided by the reinforced top handle. The dog harness is easy to use with full adjustment. 5 fully adjusted straps allow for a snug fit with maximum mobility.

Brand: Rabbitgoo

👤We went to play fetch after we got this vest. I need to work on the vest adjustments to get a better fit for my dog. It was supposed to be green. I think I got tan. I ordered a large and cinched it down to fit her, as I expect her to keep growing.

👤There are lots of players in this field that offer L/XL harnesses for working dogs, but this is the first to fit that role properly. Plastic on the belly and sides is enough. There are a lot of leash point rings. 1 1/2 in. It is nice and clean harness sewing, no unnecessary joints, stress areas are box-stitched for maximum strength. My Malamute was measured to the middle dimensions as given for the size of the harness, yet most of the belly webbing was consumed on his big chest. It is easier to cut excess than add. Generous "saddle" to cover the withers, spread the stress and strain over the back, not on narrow areas. Generous chest pad, appreciated. The grab handle on the shoulders is sturdy and convenient. We don't use all of that on the withers saddle, but there are plenty of things we can use for trails and back-country trekking. It's easier to remove than to add it. This Malalmute is a trim extra-large male and can pull like a freight-train in spite of his 9 years. This harness serves to keep him under control and out of trouble, so I have to lift him off his foreleg to prevent me from becoming a human sled.

👤I wish I could tighten it more, but I am trying to get my dog to gain a few pounds so who knows. The straps only tighten or loosen one way so it makes it hard to know if it will fit or not, if you don't know how to get your dog's measurements, it has a lot of room to loosen up but it doesn't fit me.

👤Looks great. Give good control with the handle.

👤I bought two for my dogs. The biggest problem was that both of the harnesses came apart while I was walking my dogs. I thought it was a mistake. We took a break and I put the harness back together. The same thing happened with the other harness. The strap on the bottom is used to adjust the length of the harness. My dogs seem to like wearing the harnesses and they look great. I recommend that you check the bottom strap before you take your dog for a walk if you buy one. I am not happy with these harnesses, and I wish I had not bought them. I am trying something simpler that I hope will be more reliable. When the harness came apart, I had no worries about stopping on the side of the street and fixing it, because one of my GSD's is calm and laid back. When vehicles drive by or we meet other walkers, my other GSD can go "redzone". It could be a huge problem if the harness falls apart. We were lucky that no one showed up while I was fixing the harness. I put the leash on the dog's collar just in case.


What is the best product for dog vests for large dogs service?

Dog vests for large dogs service products from Demigreat. In this article about dog vests for large dogs service you can see why people choose the product. Jsxd and Vicarko are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog vests for large dogs service.

What are the best brands for dog vests for large dogs service?

Demigreat, Jsxd and Vicarko are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog vests for large dogs service. Find the detail in this article. Barkbay, Best Pet Supplies and Icefang are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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