Best Dog Vest Harness and Leash

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1. Timos Harness Reflective Adjustable Harnesses

Timos Harness Reflective Adjustable Harnesses

Sturdy Fabric Handle with soft padded Oxford on the back helps you better control and assist your dog, and reflective straps ensure your dog's safety while out for a walk even at night. If your dog pulls a lot, don't use the collar to lead her. Attach the D-ring in the front of the harness. The dog harness is made with metal leash rings for safer dog walks. Use the chest attachment clip to stop your dog from pulling on walks, it's perfect for dog training or dogs who tend to pull. The back one is great for walking. It is easy to put on and take off this safety harness. The 1680D Oxford fabric isBreathable. The dog harness has a mesh lining with sponge padding. The fit of this pet harness can be completely tailored for your pet using the slide adjusters at the chest and neck. SIZING & FIT Please make sure your dog is the right size before purchasing. To see the size chart for more information on the dog harness for small to medium dogs, no pull.

Brand: Timos

👤The picture is to show my dog's size, he is wearing his old harness, as this one didn't fit. I got this harness for my 16 month old pitbull, but it was too small, I think it's cute. The harness on his chest was too small. I don't think he's that big of a dog, but maybe it was my fault for not getting the extra large harness, he has plenty of room to grow into even more. If you have a dog bigger than a small border collie, I would go with the extra large. I found this design on Amazon in the price range and I am keeping it for my smaller dog because it is so cute. It is very soft. It runs small, but it is great, just not sure how it will hold up against wear and tear yet.

👤It's perfect for room to grow, and looks cute on the puppy. Thank you for asking what it is supposed to do.

👤I wanted to try the harness on my puppy. She is a bully because she is broad chested. I ordered the larger one for her because she is far from done growing. I adjusted the straps to the smallest settings for her and it fit her well. It was easy to put on and there were quick release clips on both sides of the back piece. The harness appeared to be very comfortable for her and she didn't fight it. I wanted to see how it would fit my older male bully. Bosco is barrel chested as well. He was easily accommodated by this harness. The straps were half way cinched so there was room for a bigger dog. The man seemed comfortable and could move around easily. He did not fight the harness. The straps are not easy to adjust while the harness is on the dog, but I wouldn't consider that a game change for me. I like the design, the fabric and the quality. The harness appears to be strong. It is a no pull harness, so it will help me in leash training. Great product. Would definitely recommend. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

👤Timmy is a hybrid pup, we're not sure what breed he is, but we know there's a chihuahua, Chinese crested, and possibly a vampire bat. We're not sure if he's a dog. If you've ever seen a maned wolf, or a newborn equine, he's about 14-15" long and dripping wet. Something is not right with this dog. The small harness fit him well despite the scraggly body, small head and large bat ears. He seems to like it. He doesn't like things on his body, so the only thing we were able to get on him was a web of straps. He did not try and take off a finger when we put it on him, which is a good sign. I think he saw the quality, it is very well made. He looks quite gentleman when he wears purple. It feels soft to the touch and is easy to use. I feel safe with him, I don't think he's going to kill himself, and I'm sure he can't slip. A very good product. It is recommended. There is a review of a dog harness.

2. PETAGE Tactical Reflective Military Adjustable

PETAGE Tactical Reflective Military Adjustable

The bell terrier is 14"-19" (35.5--48.6 cm), and it has a weight of 22-35 lbs. It's ideal for small dogs such as chihuahua, Havanese, corgi, Pug, Puggle, Terrier, etc. A professional working dog vest is also good for hunting and all outdoor companion dogs. Two metal leash attachment points for dog walks are included in the dog safety harness. The handle is large enough to grab the harness quickly and easily, and it is sewn tough. The heavy duty vest is made of 1050D nylon and has sturdy stitching for extra strength. The air mesh keeps your dog comfortable and protects his skin, while the padded load points keep your dog safe. Two V-rings can pull 1500 lbs. Molle System UseMOLLE system is equipped on both sides with 1.5" strips of Molle Sewn. There are multiple hook and loop panels that show your dog's personality. There is a wide range of use for personal service, law enforcement, hunting, or outdoor recreation. You can hook dog bowl, water bottle and toys with it. Please reference the sizing chart. If you have any questions, they are always here to help and will answer them within 12 hours. You can contact them by logging into your account and choosing your order. Click on the contact seller if you want to. Click on one of the seller's product listings to contact them. Click the "Sold by" on the right-hand side of the page. The "Ask a Question" button is on the seller's page. You can choose a topic for your question or comment.

Brand: Petage

👤We love it! We needed a seatbelt harness for our girl, so we did a lot of research and bought a crash-tested one. The seatbelt clip is made of metal. In an emergency, you can pull and go. The clip and velcro held in a sudden stop. My pocket pittie is in the Large size. I took off a star on the show because the straps are so flexible. After a day of being out and about, we slide them tight to fit her, but the straps don't hold well, so they go back to the longest length. I hope it makes sense. We are going to use tacky or hot glue to create a rigidness that will stop the strap from sliding back into place. Our girl loves it because she doesn't itches or shakes, she runs to the door hopping like a bunny when we show it to her, and she has associated it with going for a ride. I would recommend this harness.

👤My 5 month old french bulldog, Gizmo, is 15 pounds and her neck is only 12 inches, so she's definitely on the smaller side, but I anticipate that she will fit perfectly. I already had a few things around. I put them on until the name tag shows up. Overall. I would recommend. It was $10 more for the same thing if I checked it against Wal-mart.

👤The harnesses we planned to use to star on a YouTube channel aren't going to work. I tried to add a metal accessory to my camera, but it wouldn't fit. I have to see if I can figure out a solution or buy a different vest. The hook/loop is too wide for single contact point attachment. We love the vests. * Don't get me wrong, these are great, but my dogs seem to love them. I would suggest some improvements, but they could be associated with walks and the car. I would like to see the handle wrapped. The elastic strap is useless. I was hoping that we could put a water bottle under it. If you want a good harness for your kids that is easy to carry and doesn't look military, this is what you want. We have two German Shepard brothers who have full harnesses that allow you to pick up your dog with a lot of molle and loop panels, but this is the harness we go to most. The weather is getting hotter. You will be set if you get a bungee leash with a traffic handle.

👤It was fitted to my son. He is an australian/german shepherd mix and almost a year old. I had to change it to the smallest size because I didn't measure him. He seems to like it more than his old one. It has padding and a strap that is too large to fit in the slides. One less thing to worry about if we go on a night walk is the reflective threads. I haven't figured out the cords yet, but I'll get to it. It's nice to have another seat belt for him.

3. AMTOR Harness Adjustable Reflective Medium

AMTOR Harness Adjustable Reflective Medium

The no pull dog harness and Leash Set has closed flat metal rings, easy links to traction rope hooks, not easy to swing, prevent suffocation and pull,ensure the comfort of the dog during wearing and prevent dogs from being lost. The dog harness has four straps that can be adjusted to fit your dog at all angles, making it difficult for your dog to escape the dog harness by retreating during walking, while still providing some room for growth. A comfortable cushion cotton is added to the handshaking part of the traction rope to prevent the hand from being injured due to excessive tension. It is convenient and comfortable. The dog harness is easy to wear and remove, and it has a quick snap and safety lock. The locking function on the two snaps makes it safer, 100% sure that it won't fall off. It's safe to walk day and night with bright reflective strips. The dog vest harness is made from high-quality and durable NIKE flynet fabric, which is soft and comfortable, and can prevent chewing or tearing. The mesh lining and sponge pad of the dog harness provide extra comfort and protection, and the overall design fits the dog's body skin and hair.

Brand: Amtor

👤The harness is great quality. It was a pleasant surprise to have a free leash. The harness has been a great change from the collar. It loosens a bit after walking. We had to re-tighten it after a while. We ordered a small for our dog, which had to be returned for a larger one. The harnesses are small so I'm not sure if I should go with the next size up.

👤I canceled my order and purchased large because the reviews said to order a size up. He wore it well without any problems and it was a bit loose after the altercation, but that wasn't a big deal. Excellent material. Very strong. I think it was a good purchase. I was not disappointed.

👤Great harness. Good quality. I like the color. I see a lot of the same harness at the Dog Parks, so it's clearly a quality item.

👤The harness was too small for my dog, even though I went by the size chart. It didn't come with instructions, which was not a big deal. It seemed heavy to me and it didn't fit. I tried the Medium after returning it.

👤The dog harness is very nice. It's easy to put on and take off, and it's also easy to fit snug. Leash doesn't pull when walking. Highly recommend the price.

👤The harness is wonderful. No complaints at all. I like how it locks twice. He walks as if he was taught by a trainer, if you have a Scottish terrier, they are very strong dogs.

👤My dog has a great harness. Looks cute too! I think it's a good idea.

4. AMTOR Harness Adjustable Reflective Extra Small

AMTOR Harness Adjustable Reflective Extra Small

The no pull dog harness and Leash Set has two D-rings, easy links to traction rope hooks, not easy to swing, prevent suffocation and pull. The padded design reduces tugging and pulling on your dogs and cars neck. A small dog harness with Magic Tape,buckle and double D-rings work together to protect your pet. The reflective strips give good visibility in the dark. The dog harness is made with soft mesh fabric, which is high density, soft and comfortable, and can prevent chewing or tearing. The dog harness is suitable for large dogs and cats. The dog harness has a traction rope of the same color, and a comfortable cushion cotton is added to the handshaking part of the traction rope to prevent the hand from being injured due to excessive tension. It is convenient and comfortable. The dog harness for small dogs can be put on or off in a few steps. Put their front feet into the hole, close the hook and loop fastening, and snap the buckle.

Brand: Amtor

👤This has made my dog more comfortable. In the past, harnesses have pulled or triggered some sort of sensitivity on my dog. She is more encouraged to go on walks after this. This has helped her with her exercise and potty training. It has a reflective band which is great for night or early morning walks and it is adorable, but it would not come off if it was on accident. It has a material that is great for all weather types. It came with a leash. The leash is comfortable to hold and walk on. I feel safe putting my dog in his harness. I know that she is happy with us. It is not tight or loose which is what I wanted. This is a great price for a great quality. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The harness is soft and Breathable. It's tight around the rib cage and under the arms on my chihuahua, it's a little weird. I think it would be awkward for a dog to have a rib cage that is so much larger in proportion to the neck. The leash is cute and the inside of the handle part has a plush cushion. It is very comfortable on the wrist or hand.

👤My dog hates it. That's right! It is too big for her and too small, but she will grow into it. We can take walks when she is old enough, but I will try to train her to like it. It is very cute. I got her a mint green outfit. It is very cute against her hair.

👤I recommend the heavy duty dog harness with dog leash, it is easy to put on and take off, it is not a problem for my dog, it is 888-282-0465.

👤It was very rude on my poodle. She likes it. Too.

👤The dog doesn't mind it at all, it seems very well made. You can't beat the money. The customer service of this company is second to none.

👤I love this harness. My puppy is 3 months old, a cavatzu, and it fits so well. I like how I can adjust it around his chest, and I feel better about the clasp and the Velcro because it is very secure. My baby is only about 6 lbs and a foot tall, and we got him a small one that fits. The leash that comes with it is very nice. I am not afraid that it will break from a small tug. My little boy looks very handsome and the product is very good.

5. PoyPet Harness Reflective Adjustable Soft Padded

PoyPet Harness Reflective Adjustable Soft Padded

We have developed a dog harness that is comfortable, safe, durable, and highly functional, which is suitable for the hot summer. They're sure this product will make you and your baby dog very happy. Warming tips: If you have any questions during use, please contact them, they will solve them for you asap. This no pull harness has snap buckles for both the body and neck, so it's easy to put on and off. The harness won't hurt the dog's ears and it won't cause the dog's head to slip. No fighting and no laughing. The front metal D-ring is great if you have a dog who is still learning not to pull on the lead. If the dog pulls, they turn around and face you, so they can stop pulling. It is soft and non-toxic mesh padded, and it has a distribution of pulling pressure to the body. A soft handle on the top of the harness allows you to keep control of dogs when they go crazy or need help. It is perfect for walking dogs up steps, stairs and cars. The leash has a soft handle that protects your hand from tugs and pulls and gives you more control. The harness and leash have reflective trim. It is great for safety when walking at night or dusk with car lights. The reflective fabric is a great option for taking your dog out to pee before bed so that you are safe in the busy city neighborhood. TheROTATING CLASP: There is nothing more annoying than a twisted leash. The leash can't be twisted by this solid Metal clasp. Their training leashes last longer because of the heavy-duty zinc-alloy clasp. Premium components for strength. Warmly note: Measure the dog's neck and chest before buying. Carefully check the size chart.

Brand: Poypet

👤I ordered a medium for my dog but it was too large. My fault is that I didn't measure snug enough. He has lost a lot of his fur. Jessica from the company's service rep sent me the size I needed and I didn't need the medium returned. The replacement arrived in 2 days. The harness and leash are very secure and easy to use. I have had the best harness for my dog. The clip for the head/neck section allows removal without going over the dog's head if it is a sensitive area. I am giving them 5 stars for their excellent service. I would buy again.

👤I bought this harness to replace the soft harness I received from the rescue. She was able to escape from the harness when she became frightened. The PoyPet harness is very strong. The adjustment is difficult, but it is expected as it means that the adjustment will stay put. The neck part of the harness has a lock on it. The red button on the harness should be unlocked when putting on and taking off for reviewers who think the harness has to go over the head. It doesn't need to go over the head to fit around the neck. The padding on the leash handle feels wide in the palm, but I am very pleased with it and I purchased it for the harness. The seller was very helpful and I was followed up with more information about how to adjust the harness. I would definitely buy this product.

👤We wanted to love them. I thought these were well made when we received them. The harnesses and leashes had some weight. The first time we tried them, the harness was difficult to fit and one of the adjustments to be sewn in made it impossible to fit it correctly. If they made one, I would have used an extra small. The Boston's are on the smaller side. The adjustment on one side loosened on its own. Our dog pulls so I think that is the reason it loosened and moved around on her frame. They included the leash so we didn't have to buy a separate one. The harnesses smelled like a tire shop. It took a few days for the odor to go away. The maker could improve this by making an XS for the dog. The underside of the harness can be adjusted for greater adjustment. The model needs some improvements, but it has some redeeming qualities.

👤Her harness and leash are very much in love with her. I needed something that wouldn't choke her when we walked. This is very comfortable for her. If she pulls the hand strap, it won't cut off my circulation. I highly recommend this!

👤I received an xsmall harness for my puppy. I think it's ok, but the neck is very difficult to fit and you can't make it big. The chest strap is too long. The leash weighs more than my dog. It's too heavy to use on my pup. I don't understand why they wouldn't fit the leash with the harness. I am very disappointed and wish I hadn't ordered it. The vendor reached out to me as an update on the review. She said that my dog was small for the small size and offered a refund. Customer service is great here. This is a sturdy product. It may be too much for a small dog.

6. Zonadeals Soft Plaid Puppy Harness

Zonadeals Soft Plaid Puppy Harness

The size Medium is the neck girth of 14''. The chest girth is 16" and the leash is 59''. Before ordering, please measure your dog/cat carefully and refer to the size chart. Quality material is made of 100% polyester, which is soft, lightweight, and breathable. The air-mesh dog harness is designed to reduce tugging and pulling on your pet's neck. It was comfortable and safety performance. The reflective material will make your dog more visible. If your dog is on the road, drivers have a long time to react. The reflective straps are nice. The beige plaid design is a classic pattern that is always in demand. Simple style suits almost any breed of dog. Your dog is cute when wearing it's clothes. The hook&loop and quick-release buckle make it easy to slip on or off your dog. Double D-rings allow the harness to connect securely. It's great for all outdoor activities.

Brand: Kooltail

👤I like the looks of the harness but the size of the XS was too small for my 10 pound Yorkie, even though he was within the size range indicated in the description. I might order in small. I ordered the S after returning the XS. It's comfortable, good looking, and easy to use. I am changing my rating to four stars. I am deducting one because of the incorrect size.

👤Perfect! He can't get out of it if it's near his trachea. The double safety is secured with a clip and a ring. I put it on "Bradley" and just play with it. He is 12 pounds. No more worried about him getting loose when walking him.

👤I get a lot of praise for this harness. She's about 13 lbs. I have the medium. The best part is that it pulls her from the chest, not the neck. There is enough space around the armholes to not rub. It has a buckle after connecting at the back. It's lightweight and great for hot weather. It is cotton and it washes in the machine. Highly recommended!

👤Thank you for that! I have a 4.13 pound dog in Colorado. Finding a harness was nearly impossible, we like to be outdoors and go on adventures. My parents were afraid of losing me so they didn't go much. This made me sad. I am not even 2 yet. I want to explore. This harness fits like a glove, not too tight but snug. The coloring is lovely and relaxing. This harness is as big as I will get and I think it will last awhile. If you have a small dog and need a harness, try this one. My mom bought me an xs because my chest is 13 years old. Have a great day!

👤I like this harness. I've tried others and none were as comfortable or easy as this one. It is worth it. When removing the harness, my dog was a little frightened by the sound of the velcro, but she adapted quickly. I talked to her as I put it on. It's strong. There is no chance of her getting out of the harness. She has a clip and 2 D clips that keep her safe when she pulls. I've had it for a couple of months now and we walk about 6 times a day. It still looks new. I like the style of Burberry. She's 14 lbs. I got the medium and it fit her perfectly. It is soft inside. It doesn't bother her. She waits while I put it on and off, lifting one foot and the other stepping into it. I can put it on with one hand. I was happy with my purchase.

👤The harness we use to strap our dog into our car seat is really nice. We had to get him something that would keep him on the leash after he backed out of his collar twice. It is a must if you have a dog car seat. It is sturdy and attractive. This harness is very good.

7. Kindacoool Harness Reflective Adjustable Storage

Kindacoool Harness Reflective Adjustable Storage

The large dog harness is made of nylon and high density nylon. The mesh lining with sponge padding plate gives your dog more protection. The neck and chest stirrups are adjusted. Medium to Large dogs that are recommended are the Golden Retriever, Labrador, Alaska, German Shepherd, and Akita. Measure the size carefully before buying a present for your puppy. The no-pulling harness has two sturdy metal leash rings, a front clip for discouraging pulling, and a back clip for casual walking or jogging. The reflective straps of the carrier ensure that your dog will be seen even at night. Their dog vest harness has 4 fully adjusted buckles that can be adjusted to fit the dog's neck and chest. The slide lock on the clasps makes it difficult for the dog to break free, and the locking feature on the 4 buckles makes it difficult for the dog to jump. The dog leash is made of strong rock climbing rope and durable hook. The padded handle makes it easier to hold and wrap around your hand. Dog leashes can be seen on late- evening walks. Great for running, walking, and training. The elastic buffer design of the dog seat belt can be adjusted in length between 53 and 74 cm. The elastic buffer on the restraint can help save your dog from injury. Ensure your dog's safety and give you a relaxing driving experience.

Brand: Kindacoool

👤The harness is difficult to adjust, but when you find the right fit, it seems sturdy and heavy duty for your dog. It is a decent set for the price, but I can not speak to its full function, because I have only fit it on my dog. It is nice that the whole set comes with a seat belt.

👤My dog has a small neck but his girth is a medium and he is a growing larger puppy. New Huntaway. He was able to get a small bite into the harness, but it was torn very easily. I'm not sure if it's the material or if he got it on a seem. I love the harness and he did the same. It was quick to put on and he was comfortable with it. The reflective material and leash are perfect for when we are out at night.

👤My friend recommended it to me. The handle is comfortable and the leash is just right. My fur baby is safe on the road now that I have a car safe belt.

👤I was surprised that it was very sturdy and durable. My fog seems to be comfortable wearing the harness, and for all that comes with it, I would give this two thumbs up! I love it!

8. SVAVO Pull Dog Harness Reflective

SVAVO Pull Dog Harness Reflective

If you want to purchase a large dog harness, please measure around the widest part of your dog's chest. The vest is suitable for most small and medium dogs, such as chihuahua, dachshund, corgi, Pug, Puggle, Terrier, etc. The harness vest is easy to put on and take off due to its 2 fast-release buckles. The safety lock design makes it hard to slip off. It's convenient for grab and assist your dog. The dog harness has a comfortable padding that can evenly distribute the pulling force and prevent choke. The front chest ring can be used to hang a dog tag and prevent your dog from running rush, and the back one can be used for safer dog walks. The harness is easy to use. The nylon straps of this overhead dog harness are connected to the adjusting buckle to make this harness flexible and safe. The straps can be tailored to your puppy's growth needs. This dog vest has reflective material that makes it easy to find your dog at night. The comfort dog harness is made of light and soft padded and will protect the dog's skin and reduce the risk of injury. Breathable air mesh helps to keep your dog cool. Make your dog walk more enjoyable with this no pull dog harness.

Brand: Svavo

👤I ordered this for my puppy to use as a seatbelt in the car. It works well. My small dog wears a harness like this and I attach it to the seat. I use one of the dog rope attachment that connects to a leash. I bought two of those things years ago and realized they don't work well with two dogs unless they are perfect. It's funny. You can use any type of accessory, but I connect those to the harnesses so they have enough slack to put their head out the window, but they can't jump out. It's a much safer option than getting their neck yanked if they are hooked to a leash and most people don't seatbelt them in. I've had close calls with some of the dogs, so I'm going to do this with all of them. I had to adjust the large for my dog because I ordered it too large. My dog was not happy about it and he is still learning, but we got it going and he likes it. It's very strong and well made. It is on the thicker side. The clips have safety features. I don't plan on walking him with this, but it works well for that. I'm confident that he will be as safe as his sister is. There were no complaints here. If you are going to use a harness like this, make sure you check the areas underneath their legs where the edge of the harness will be rubbing. One of my dogs developed an oozing scab from her harness that I had no idea was forming and she didn't let me know. I think it's better to be loose than tight.

👤I bought the large because my dog's girth would have been 1 inch larger than the medium, the front is too loose for her, and the back is too loose for her. The loops in the front of the buckles are hard to adjust. She needed a large when the measurements were taken. If she pulls just a little, does it bind her front leg? Will not adjust any further.

👤We need to use a harness most of the time when walking our dog. We need this harness for the desert and the beach, where he often goes in the water. It is easy to put on and fits him well. The locks on the clasps make sure your dog doesn't escape. We will be using this harness for a long time. This is the best one we've used so far.

👤Our dog doesn't like harnesses; if they're too tight around his neck, he freezes. This harness gives him breathing room while we walk him on the streets. This harness, made in China, has reflective straps that respond perfectly to street and headlights, thanks to its easy to attach plastic clasps. Our dog loves it.

👤This seems to be sturdy. It was easy to use. It's easier to handle my dog.

9. Matilor Harness Breathable Harnesses Medium

Matilor Harness Breathable Harnesses Medium

The Matilor dog harness is made of durable air mesh that is lightweight, comfortable, and quick-dry. The step-in design makes it easy to put on and take off the vest. The Double D ring is strong and has a safety lock. Machine wash, cold, gentle cycle, no bleach, don't tumble dry. The pack includes 1 harness and 1 leash.

Brand: Matilor

👤I thought I'd post a review since there aren't a lot of reviews for how these work for cats. For the last 2 1/2 years, we've been walking Mystery and Mayhem. We had cheaper halters that worked well, but they loosened up. They stay adjusted throughout our outings. Mystery and Mayhem love their walks and lounging on the porch on hot days, so they don't try to get out of their halters. If you don't get the right size for your cat, they won't be able to get out without some difficulty. Mystery is 10 lbs heavier than Mayhem and they are both wearing a size small. If we had the Velcro completely covering them, it would be tight on both of them, so they might be okay in a slightly larger halter. The mesh is lightweight and neither seems to be annoyed with it, but that will take a bit of time to get used to. The leashes that came with them are very sturdy. It's not a big deal, but the clip that keeps things together sticks up and it doesn't seem to be adjusted.

👤I got this for my mini poodle puppy and so far it's so good. We got the medium because he is supposed to grow a few more pounds, but it does fit perfectly with the clip, and we hope he grows into it more. We used to use a harness that had to get the head through, but this one is so easy to put on and take off!

👤The extra small is a Papillon-Chihuahua mix called Little Gracie. It is easy to put on and take off, and it looks great on her. We love it!

👤This is the 3rd harness that I've purchased for my rescue dog. I'm leaving this review because I want to help other people judge the size of brands. I landed on the perfect harness after my little girl came to us looking a little thin. I ordered a small. She is 3 years old and the x-small would fit her. I think we'll be putting on a little weight. She cannot wiggle loose in this harness, it fits at 7 lbs. There is a small room for her to grow a couple lbs. If your dog is growing at 7 lbs, you should get the x-small. I got the small if not. It's a great harness, but still comfortable. If she ever grows out of this one, or I just want another color, I'm most definitely buying this one again. It comes with a nice leash. Highly recommended! It's a good thing.

👤These run very small. I have a small beagle that is recognized as a small beagle by the AKC. She is very small. I was not able to attach the medium because it was barely clipped. She should not be considered a large. This is way off...

👤I was dissatisfied with the size of the harness I ordered for my 27lb frenchie. It fits my chihuahua just fine and my puppy is 21 lbs on the tight side. I can use it for those dogs, but not the one I intended to use as they are very small. I don't recommend the harness but I do like the leash and would recommend you don't leave it outside in the sun because the foam on the handle looks like it's the kind that would dry and crack, but is very nice and comfy for the price and serves its purpose If your dog is a large breed that likes to pull, the harness is made of a thinner mesh material on the flat side, not a lot of cushion that can wear out over time. It serves its purpose while on a budget. I will go to Petsmart later today and get a harness that is true to it's size, but I wish it was bigger. If you order a large harness, I would recommend a size up if you want a dog over 21 lbs. If the harness ran smaller and the dog fit it better, I would have been happy with the purchase and would recommend it to anyone.

10. Kurgo BlackPet Certified Seatbelt Enhanced

Kurgo BlackPet Certified Seatbelt Enhanced

CRASH TESTED SAFE. Most broadly sold crash tested harness; crash tested at a university testing facility following child car seat standards; and enhanced strength harness is crash tested for dogs up to 75 lbs. It is adjusted and compatible. Five adjustment points for a custom fit on dogs of all shapes and sizes; a broad padded chest plate for extra protection and comfort. The dog seat belt is fastened. Dog tether is compatible with any car seat belt system and can be used as a lead for training. The large size fits dogs with a neck of 18 to 30 inches and a chest of 24 to 34 inches.

Brand: Kurgo

👤I bought 2 for each dog. I wanted them to be in the car when we traveled between NJ and FL. One of the first things I liked was the fact that when we stopped at a rest area, the dogs were secured in the car until we freed them. When we opened the door and took off, there was no concern about them getting out. Air bags did not go off, but seatbelts were locked, as we were hit from behind in a fairly minor accident. The dogs were fine. When I mentioned the accident, I was told that the company's policy is to replace a harness that has been worn during an accident for free. The company is sending me new harnesses and seat belt tethers for free. For a small fee, they will replace a harness that a dog chewed. I am very happy with this harness and also with this company.

👤The advertising was very disappointing. The harnesses were not crash tested. They failed the initial strength test. A lot of research was done to find out. I bought 5 of these for my dogs. It's only useful as a walking harness. I should have done more research. The results can be found at

👤I bought this to keep my dog safe. I didn't plan on using it for short trips around town. We were t-boned by a car that was going very fast. My dog was buckled into the backseat. We were hit very hard. She would have hit the passenger door if she hadn't been buckled in. She could've been hurt badly. She was just as excited to go on the next car ride as she had been before. I will not take my dog in the car without him. Ever.

👤If you have a traditional dog, this is a great product. If you have a greyhound or an Italian greyhound, this probably won't work. I reached out to the company before buying. They told me what size to order after I gave them the measurements. I was concerned about the harness fitting with their deep chests, but I was reassured that they would be fine. I bought 2 of them. They don't fit. They ride up on their backs. They have it on top of their chests. They are a great harness, but not for every dog. Despite my best efforts, I'm out of money on two harnesses. I begged them to be honest with me if their harness wouldn't work, as these breeds are hard to fit properly. I was willing to pay for something that would work. They were more interested in making a sale than in integrity.

👤I have a dog. I keep my car nice and cool with the A/C running and I haven't had any issues with the metal clasps getting hot in the sun. The clasps are easy to use once you get the hang of it, and there is a small learning curve for your first 3-4 rides. I like knowing that he's safe. I slammed the brakes once while driving because of a car in front of me stopping quickly, but I was protected by wearing this. He would have hit the dashboard. He hung "mid air" over the seat after slipping off the seat. I had to pull him back up and he looked at me in disbelief. He wasn't very happy about it, but he was still safe.

11. CBBPET Tactical Reflective Military Breathable

CBBPET Tactical Reflective Military Breathable

The large dog necklace is easy to wear with 2 quick-release buckles and 4 fully adjusted straps. The dog tactical harness is made of a two-layer structure. The inner layer is a mesh material with excellent quality, and the outer pattern is Oxford cloth with sturdy stitching. Two plastic shoulder Buckles can pull 1500 lbs. The tactical dog vest has strips of reflective sewn on both sides and it has excellent night visibility. The Sturdy Hand-held Handle. The handle is large enough to grab the harness. Make it easier for the owner to control the running and walking of the dog by slowing it down. Refer to the sizing chart for the SATISFACTION WARRANTY. If you have any questions, they are always here to help.

Brand: Cbbpet

👤I followed the size guidelines before ordering, I have a dog mix of 50 pounds or more, and it's close to being accurate. The straps are tight in some places but loose in others. I've seen a lot of reviews that said the quality was cheap and theDurability was bad. It doesn't feel like the smartest vest, but it is cheap. I added some extra threading to the leash loop to make it stronger. The reflective portion of this vest works well with a bright light. Time will tell about the rest of the vest. If you decide to throw a patch on there like me, the portions are 1.5” x 5.5” After chewing on a strap for a few seconds, Oakley didn't seem to mind it. I haven't had this vest for a while, I wouldn't say 2 months. The vest wouldn't tighten down as much as I wanted, and the straps on the vest wouldn't come loose as I was trying to get him out of the situation. I had to cut one of the front straps with a knife because of the distress and the straps not coming loose. The performance of the vests in this situation has now earned me a 1-star rating. It would not be a good idea.

👤If you're just looking for something that your dog can wear around the house in, then this is a good choice. If your goal is to have a product that serves the basic function of a harness, then hard pass, then that's what you're after. I didn't buy this because I wanted to jump out of a C-130 with the puppy strapped to my chest. It would be a fun take on the standard harness program. Our daughter is crazy about the patches. I didn't expect that one of the primary attachment points would be completely free with only a week or so of regular use. After we got her back from boarding, we took her for a walk with the harness on, and we did it right after we got the harness off. The leash went slack on the first use after the break. I grabbed the handle as I realized that she was a free agent. The D-ring on the chest attachment came off because of the stitching on the retaining loop. A rescue dog named ZOE. We had her for about 5 weeks. She's got a nose and puppy energy that she might have been a problem in the urban environment if she'd gotten away from me. It might have taken a lot of effort to get her back. The harness is supposed to counter pulling with the chest attachment. Figure 3 walks a day during the 5 days before we boarded her, but the attachment failed on walk number 16 or so. That's not acceptable in my opinion, it speaks to sheer incompetence or a lack of care on the part of the manufacturer. The clowns who made this clearly can't be bothered to build a product that will serve its primary function for more than a hot minute, they don't deserve your money.


What is the best product for dog vest harness and leash?

Dog vest harness and leash products from Timos. In this article about dog vest harness and leash you can see why people choose the product. Petage and Amtor are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog vest harness and leash.

What are the best brands for dog vest harness and leash?

Timos, Petage and Amtor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog vest harness and leash. Find the detail in this article. Amtor, Poypet and Kooltail are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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