Best Dog Vacuum for Shedding

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1. Pet Control HQ Adjustable Temperature

Pet Control HQ Adjustable Temperature

The Pet Control HQ dog blow dryer has a built in 1100W heater and a quiet yet high-velocity (HV) blow force, which makes it ideal for fast grooming. The K9 pet dryer is 5X more powerful. The Pet Control HQ dog grooming blow dryer has forced-air settings that go up to 1200 grams blow force and can be adjusted to give you the best blow dryer for your dog. The high-velocity force blow dryer is focused on the 4 insulated Polyurethane nozzles that give it a massage-like pressure that blows away dust and debris without burning your hands. AJUSTABLE HEAT - NO BURNT FUR SMELL: Pick just the right amount of heat to give any sized dog a spa-grade groom at home with a heated flow that keeps them warm in winter months without overheating sensitive skin, turning fur. The high-velocity dryer is for dogs. The first thing you'll notice about the dog hair dryer is that it's built for daily grooming use on the biggest of dogs and thickest of undercoats. This dog blow dryer is portable and lightweight with a molded handle that makes it easy to grab and go, and the hassle-free hose extends to a full 83-inches when not in use. Your dog will enjoy dog bathing if you have a professional dog grooming kit.

Brand: Pet Control Hq

👤This was bought a month ago. I have 3 large dogs. Our German Shepherd had clumps of hair on her hind legs and sides, which she loved, but there was always more, and my labs hair was just everywhere. The groomer charged a lot. I thought I would buy one and see. I blow their coat to get the fur out and then dry them after a bath. The shed has hemoed so much. Less hair is getting everywhere. After the initial blow out there was a lot of fur flying. I did it again about 5 days later and it was less fur. It takes 3 towels for the dogs to dry off after playing in the lake. It took 10 minutes per dog. The dog might be a couple minutes less. I paid for one trip to the groomer to blow out 3 large dogs coats, but I hope it keeps working. It is worth it. I would have bought this years ago.

👤Very happy with the unit. It is very powerful and can heat up quickly. The setting is very strong. It was low to Med. You don't really need to dry your pet. Quality is very good. The cord and hose are long enough to reach most areas. Customer service was able to talk with someone quickly after ordering an extra hose. This is a better option than using 3-4 towels to dry my dog off. You really need this in the winter. They can get cold when towel drying leaves them damp. It would be a good idea to buy a dryer for your pet. You will not regret it.

👤My dog hates being washed or dried but she is a Newf so it is not negotiable. The dryer is simple to use and stays cool even with the heating element turned off. She has plenty of wind power to blow through her coat. I was able to start on a slow pace until she got used to the noise and feel. She doesn't like it, but we're managing.

👤I was looking for a dryer that would help dry my pets after bathing. I have tried other dryers but the noise scared the dog. The hair dryer can cut down on the drying process. The unit is easy to use. The materials for the hoses are very sturdy. The dryer is very easy to use.

👤This is the product that you will need if you are looking for a compact pet dryer. I received this product in a timely fashion considering the Covid-19 crisis at hand. This product is perfect for storing because the package is smaller. The product is sturdy. The machine never slowed down or lag while the hose popped off. The air pressure and temperature can be adjusted with the easy to use dials. I would recommend this dryer to anyone.

👤We have a white husky who is very adventurous. Mud and water come with adventure. We used to have to use a blow dry and towel dry to get him dry. The dryer is a treasure. It gets him as dry as possible so when he gets the post-bath zoomies he doesn't have to worry about the water getting all over the house. He blows his coat twice a year, which causes lots of shed on top of the regular shed. The combination of this and a grooming brush will help him de-fluff and reduce the amount of tribbles he leaves all over my house. The product is great. It is easy to use and move. It is dry very well. It helps with brushing. I think it's worth the investment.

2. Kodahome Deshedding Compatible Attachment Extension

Kodahome Deshedding Compatible Attachment Extension

A patent design to shed pet hair in any season, with excellent performance on dogs and cats, save time and energy, never fight with floating fur anymore, do it indoors (rather than outside) and enjoy a relaxed life, is the Innovative Pet grooming tool. One-handed operation to groom and collect the pet loose hair into vacuum automatically, one push button to flip the comb only, is easy. It's not necessary to remove it from the comb. The vacuum hose handle is widely compatible with most vacuums. Use tips include: Choose the suitable connection method based on examples of images and video, adjust the vacuum noise if necessary, train the pet to be familiar, and enjoy the grooming time through treats only at the beginning. The package contains a grooming tool, 3.3ft Reinforced Extension Hose with an instruction book and a 30-day online service. If you have a query about connection or use, please do not hesitate to contact them, they can provide the best solution.

Brand: Kodahome

👤The delivery was fast. I got the product in 2 days. I only have a cheap upright vacuum from Dirt Devil and was once very skeptical about the compatibility of this product because there is no hose available from my vacuum. The installation process was very easy and it worked well with my vacuum. I love this product and recommend it to others.

👤I bought the best thing all year. I have two sharks. It fits both of them. I have huskies. It takes a bit of work to build up trust because it is attached to a vacuum cleaner, but my dogs love it so it works great! I love this product. The job is done without a lot of mess.

👤The only downside is that our dog has short hair and the comb is a little sharp and a little big, so I can't get a good suction on him, it works really well on my cat. She feels fresh and clean after getting her hair done. Both of them sit for it well. I would look at how it works with long hair animals. It's very easy to use.

👤I have a German Shepherd who seems to shed a lot and make a new dog every week. This is the first tool I have used that she didn't mind at all and it picked up all the hair without it flying everywhere and ending up all over me! She would get used to it after I combed her hair. It was worth every penny.

👤I was unsure if this would work for my dog. It's one of the best purchases I've made. My dog has short hair and a double coat. I hated brushing him because it took me 1.5 to 2 hours and the hair would fly all over my clothes and face, so I wore a face mask. I said there had to be a better way. I might as well try this because I was willing to pay for the price. I'm not sure if this would work on long-haired dogs, but I'm loving it for my dog. I can brush him in the house because it gets a ton of hair off him. I don't have to use the furminator anymore, but I still use a glove brush to get his top coat. This attachment is equal to or better than furminator.

👤I had no idea this item was so easy to use. Pressing a button cuts down brushing time. It is easy to use and clean. I love it! It was used on cats and dogs.

👤Should have different lengths of teeth. It's not good for long haired large dogs.

👤Nice idea. It is the same as your vacuum attachment. It didn't fit my vacuum, so I sent it back.

3. Furminator DeShedding Waterless Spray 8 5 Ounce

Furminator DeShedding Waterless Spray 8 5 Ounce

A unique blend of natural ingredients. No chemical dyes. It helps reduce excess shed without bathing.

Brand: Furminator

👤I sprayed it over her coat. I allowed the product to do its thing while taking her for a walk. We went back outside after I grabbed my brush. The brush was pointless and I used both my hands instead. I did this for over 10 minutes and the fur kept coming off at a good clip. I probably needed to do this for 20 minutes. Next time I won't use the brush at all. I recommend it. It might work well. Make sure that you are outside. It has a pleasant smell and my dog liked the massaging of her coat. If you use your hands like I did, it leaves a trail that can be easily washed off.

👤My cats fur is coming out in clumps after using this. The animal ED was where my kitty ended up. I thought I would try this, but he has never gone bald. Going to the vets this afternoon. $600 and counting!

👤I know what I am dealing with when it comes to corgis. This spray can help. After I got his coat out with the Furminator brush, there was still a lot of hair falling from his top coat. This helps a bit. I use a brush for those hairs. In the morning, there used to be a lot of hair in his crate. We use a lot of things when he is going through a phase of shed. We have to get the undercoat shedded.

👤I was very happy to find a spray that was waterless for our wonderful Border Collie. The reason for a four star review is that it seems to work very well. I had to manually apply the solution to the small bowl that I poured it into. The spray nozzle does not release enough to apply to a wiggly fur baby. It worked well when I poured a small amount into the bowl. I rubbed it in from neck to tail. We found that there was less hair in the grooming comb the day after we brushed him. I don't know if there is a shed eliminator on the market, but this tool helped us keep our sanity and avoid taking our Border Collie to work with us every day. It would be nice to take him to work. It's a good thing. This is a sticky substance and can get weird in the fur. It doesn't have a good scent, but it isn't bad. It's pretty neutral. I hope this review helped you. If so, please click the button.

👤I have been using this formula for a long time. The formula is very thin and watery and the label is different than the one shown on the item page. Does not work the same way. Our deshedding treatments are taking longer than usual and not coming out as good. I know why this item was cheaper than normal. I would rather spend the extra money on the original formula and cut down my time on the actual deshedding process to maintain the quality. We saved a few dollars upfront, but had to double the concentration and spend longer to achieve a lesser level of performance, which cost more in the end. Not worth it!

4. IPettie Upgraded Settings One Button Professional

IPettie Upgraded Settings One Button Professional

It has always been difficult to dry and brush pet's hair at the same time after a bath. iPettie is the solution for you. The 2 in 1 design makes it easy to remove matted hair and tangles from your pets. The soft pins on the brush are elastic and can reach deep into your pet's undercoat without scratching their skin. The one-button hair removal design makes it easy to remove the hair from the brush. 3 heat settings are used: low, med, and high. This dryer uses a lower heat setting than a human hair dryer to protect your pet from getting burned. * 100% safety guarantee. The hairdryer will stop working when it's too hot. As the double wall design cuts off the heat, your hands won't feel burn. Motor life is extended by preventing lint build up. The new slim handle is easy to hold and use. The dryer is small and light.

Brand: Ipettie

👤It is not hot enough to burn the dog. This is wonderful and I am very appreciative. It gets the job done. I give my poodle a bath at least once a week because their hair can't be left to dry and tangle up. I use a leave-in conditioner for my dog. My dog is small. I can dry her even though she tries to bite the blow dryer. I just point the dryer at her face and it works like a charm. Very happy.

👤I had to share how great this product is. My corgi-Sheltie mix has a thick, poofy undercoat, it doesn't matter how often you brush him, his fur is everywhere. Even if I use my industrial strength hairdryer, Drying him usually takes forever. It took me 20 minutes to get my fur baby dry, but with this 2-in-1 it was much easier to groom him. He hated the experience, but he was happy that the torture ended a lot faster, because he hates air that blows on him.

👤I have an adult dog, we have had him for about 5 months, and we all hate bath day. It is not a picnic for me, my SO or my dog. It took about 3-4 hours from start to finish, with a bath taking about 30 minutes. We would just get him to a damp undercoat and a dry top coat and let him dry off the rest of the way. He hates my blow dryer and the sound level is the same as before. It takes less time to dry, I don't need two hands, and he became compliant after an hour. It took only two hours from bath to drying, as opposed to four. The brush is large for a small dog, and the cord is a little too short. I have to hold it close to the brush. It is worth it. When we do it at the start of the day, it's usually after bath time. I feel wiped out after the whole situation and I feel frustrated, anxious, and stressed out for the rest of the day. We are ready to go on with the rest of the day after using this.

👤I like the heat settings so it's not as hot on her paws and belly, so I'm giving this 5 stars. The brush part of this contraption has been a great help to me because my corgihua dog's fur is pretty much with all the crazy undercoat. It's not as quiet as I would like it to be, but it still freaks her out. I have to hold her. It's easier since it's a brush and dryer in one. I can hold her.

👤My cat tried to kill me. I used it for the brush to get my cats used to it. The dryer was supposed to be quiet. The hair dryer was too loud for a cat. The noise scared them so much that they didn't want to use it to dry them after a bath. I think this would work better for dogs and cats that are less sensitive to noise. The drying power is good for a small item. I used it when my hairdryer broke. It took longer to dry than it did to air dry my hair.

5. Furminator Shedding Tool Large Dogs

Furminator Shedding Tool Large Dogs

It reduces the amount of shed up to 95 percent. The deShedding edge is deep beneath your dog's short coat. It was used by veterinarians and professional groomers. The button on the rejector cleans and removes hair from the tool. It is guaranteed to reduce shed better than any brush, rake or comb.

Brand: Furminator

👤I have a Blue Heeler and I want to make another dog.

👤If your dog has long hair, do not buy this product. I paid $50 for this thing after I used it a few times.

👤The yellow model that is being advertised as the one being sold is not mine. It is blue. The one being sold is not what is shown in the picture.

👤I didn't order a brush. I ordered a brush for a large dog. I don't know where it is for long hair dogs. I consider him long hair because I have a 100 pound GSD. The first furminator brush I had, it worked differently, so I am not sure if I will be happy with this brush. Do I need two different brushes or just use this one? I will say that the brush does what it says, it takes off an under layer of hair that I have never seen before. Need more time to make a decision.

👤I bought a Furminator 10 years ago and it still works. The handle broke after a month after I ordered a new one. Very disappointed!

👤As soon as I opened the Amazon box, I knew I had been fooled. The fit and finish are not as nice as my neighbor. The plastic guides on the ends of the bush face are missing, which means you have to be more careful with it. It still works to brush my husky, but I wish it was a legit furminator.

👤Where to start? A dog is a 1 year old dog. He is growing out his hair. It has been bad. I have been brushing him with traditional brushes and it felt like I was getting a lot out but he still looked homeless. The FURminator is the best thing ever. I immediately started brushing my dog after getting it out of the package. His hair was coming out. I was talking with every brush. I would press the button and it would be time to brush. He had a sibling by the time we finished with half his body. He has 2 after brushing. Please buy this for yourself, not for your dog. His coat is starting to look better, and that has helped me reduce the number of times I have to vacuum. Thank you, FURminator.

👤Maya thought we brought her home when we brushed out the hair on the first use. She looked at the pile of hair and wondered if she wanted to play. This brush is very impressive. She was still shed even though we were brushing with other brushes. The brush has helped us cut down on hair loss and saved us from ourselves. We highly recommend!

👤This is not a product for double coated dogs such as husky, Malamute, lasa apso. The product is dangerous and should not be used on dogs. This is like a shaver and it is ripping the fur. It left my dog in a terrible state and we had to seek vets advice. The vets have had many problems with the same brand. Please be aware.

6. Defurry Cordless Professional Stainless Undercoat

Defurry Cordless Professional Stainless Undercoat

There is a patent in China for a pet vacuum cleaner. The pet vacuum cleaner can remove hair from the body. If you have loose hair, go directly into the bin. Few hair tangles on comb teeth and just need to push the button to release the hair. The hair is cleaned efficiently. The pet grooming vacuum has a high vacuum pressure of 20kPa and a high motor speed of 100krpm. The pet vacuum cleaner can remove hair from the body. When the comb is turned back, the hair on the teeth will go into the dustcup. There is a silent operation. It's important for some small pets to have low noise. Multiple uses for a bed, car, and keyboard. A mini motorized bed brush can clean the hair or fur on the bed or sofa. An extra tool could be used. The system has 5 stages. An extra inlet filter is provided for your change. The running time is long. Up to 60 minutes of continuous cleaning power is provided. The charging time is about 5 hours.

Brand: Defurry

👤It is what I needed. Like I said it was bad. That's a good thing. There is only one problem. The hose does not work with the attachments. Duck tape was my fix. Who put this stuff together? My tip is to make all parts usable.

👤I use the brush head connected to the vacuum unit, and my dog loves it, but I don't use it all the time. I used to vacuum up his hair. I tried to vacuum him directly one day. I did a lot of crazy things to keep my dog clean. He gets excited when I break out the duct tape. I used to rub the tape down on him. He loves the attention. Our dogs are always surprising us.

👤This may not work for a single person if your cat is incorporate and ornery. Joseph hates his orange tabby because of the noise it makes. I thought it would be quieter. My cat doesn't like it when I use it as a dust buster.

👤The product is well designed. The battery life could be improved. The noise of the vacuum is frightening my pet.

👤It would be great if it had a belt attachment. Something like that.

👤The brush is the most genius design I've ever seen, it's the only way to get fur while brushing, and the vacuum would suck the fur directly from it. My bed and sofa have been saved. It works well on my dog. My cat doesn't like it very much, but she doesn't get scared or mad. It feels good to get a lot of fur in a short time. I don't have to put the one in the closet at this point.

👤Pets don't really do anything. Kinda disappointed. The other attachments are pretty good.

👤Not enough air. Not as quiet as I 888-276-5932

7. Pet Grooming Tool Kit Dyson

Pet Grooming Tool Kit Dyson

The Dyson v15 v12 v11 v10 v8 v7 animal vacuum cleaner has a full clean pet grooming tool and extension hose. Not for other models of vacuum cleaners or for the name of the company. The grooming tool and hose work together. The grooming brush tool reaches beneath the dog's undercoat to gently remove loose hair without hurting the skin. Can't replace de-shedding tools with sharper edges. The tool's size is more friendly for larger dogs. If the cat won't overreact for vacuum cleaners, use only if you have a vacuum cleaner. If the vacuum is on, just click the button on the brush and the hair will be sucked in. The extension hose can be extended up to 63 inches for more flexibility, and can work with other non- motorized attachment for dyson.

Brand: Fullclean

👤The design of the toothbrush tilts the head down into our dog. The metal brush pins are thin and cut rough, which causes them to scratch our dog's skin. The pins were described as similar to a standard shed rake, but that's not the case.

👤It was difficult to remove the hose from the Dyson vacuum when I used it on our dog. I had the same problem when I used it again, and when I disconnected it, I saw that the little plastic part that holds the hose in the vacuum had broken.

👤This was given to my dad for Christmas and is great for the dogs.

👤This vacuum accessory will not wash off the cat hair. My cat loves it and it has made a difference to the environment.

👤I would like to be able to stop it when I need to.

👤I have a yellow lab that sheds a lot of fur. I was worried that she would be afraid of this. She laid there like a champ. We filled the container with dog hair. The comb portion of this has short comb prongs so it's not digging into her skin while pulling her hair into the Dyson. Don't use this on your high setting, it pulls at the skin. I would give this 10 stars. If your dog is afraid of the vacuum, she will be too. The vacuum has to be close to the pet.

8. LANMU Grooming Attachment Cleaner Converter

LANMU Grooming Attachment Cleaner Converter

Pets and pet lovers will love this gift. You can groom your pet's hair pain-free. Your pet will feel great with this brush. Your pet will love being brushed and groomed, it will leave their coat soft and shiny. It's great for long-haired dogs. It is top quality and worth the money. If you do, you can get one for yourself and one for a friend. Most long and medium haired dogs and other animals are suited for the LANMU grooming tool brush attachment. The pet groom tool can remove dog hair that is loosened by the house. A grooming tool is used to remove pet hair. The dog groom brush is compatible with Dyson V6 DC35 DC45 DC58 DC59 DC62 DC25. DC26 DC 27 DC41 DC47 DC50 vacuum cleaners are compatible with V7 V8 V10 V11 V15 vacuum cleaner. Risk-free shopping is ensured by the 1-year warranty and friendly after-sale service provided by LANMU. Risk-free shopping is ensured by the 1-year warranty and friendly after-sale service provided by LANMU.

Brand: Lanmu

👤Our place has a lot of hair on the floor. We just bought a Dyson and it's changed our lives. The pet tool works great, we wanted to add it to it. You need to hold the dog and the groom at the same time, so it's a little uncomfortable to hold the gun and groom at the same time. The product is good.

👤The problem with this attachment is that you need two hands to operate, so you need a pet who will sit still as you will not have a free hand.

👤The dog grooming tool concept is fine, but the kit is missing some items. To groom, you must depress the spring tensioned brush head by hand. It isn't difficult when you hold the dog still and use the Dyson V7 to keep it engaged. They sell a hose and atrigger lock. They sell the whole kit for $43 on Amazon.

👤I attach the vacuum to the comb to get the hair off the cat because he is scared of the noise. You have to move the comb closer to the main vacuum hole to remove all the hair.

👤When we have enough fur from the hindquarters of our German Shepherd to fill a pillow, we usually just pull out the vacuum cleaner, but when we have too much fur, we have to pull it out. I purchased this in the hopes of getting a better brush. It fit my Dyson perfectly. It is difficult to hold the Dyson and push the lever on the brush at the same time, especially when the dog is not sitting still. It took my husband to distract our dog so that I could give him a thorough vac brushing. It was worth it. Attach the Dyson, press the lever to expose bristles, brush dog, and release lever, repeat as necessary. Here's the scam. It takes two hands to operate this: one to press the power button on the Dyson and the other to use the bristle brush lever. The brushing of the animal is interesting. I bought the extender hose so that my husband could hold the Dyson, and then I could just press the lever and brush.

👤This did not fit my Dyson V8 but if I pressed the button and let it remain depressed it worked fine and just about changed my mind about getting rid of the dogs in the office. It did. The owner began brushing the dog ferociously and with what seemed like wreckless abandon causing the fluff to fly into the air and straight into my nose where I had been hoping to prevent said hair from entering in the first place.

👤The tool is useless if you don't get the attachment to lock the brush so that the bristles stay out, or if you get the hose like attachment so that you can just move the brush while keeping the lever pressed. Without the other two attachment I was forced to hold the vacuum in one hand and move the setup up and down my pets fur. It was really tiresome. Back it goes!

9. FURminator Professional Products FurVac Accessory

FURminator Professional Products FurVac Accessory

The firearm tool is separate. Before purchasing, the FURminator DeShedding tool must be purchased separately. The cleaner hose sizes are comparable. The attachment is not compatible with outdoor vacuum brands. There are two annexments included. It fits most vacuum brands. The vacuum tool nest has a tight fit for the correct brush handle. Attach the FURminator deShedding Tools to your pet hair removal tools. After the deShedding tool has accumulated some loose hair, press the FURejector button and watch the hair disappear. Use FURminator pet products for professional-quality, at- home grooming results.

Brand: Furminator

👤I took a chance on this despite the bad reviews since most of them complain about it not fitting their vacuum or not including the brush. I am so glad I did. It works great! There is no way to contain the hair that comes from brushing my husky. The furminator has a little adapter underneath it. When the brush is full, you just press the release button and the hair is sucked into the vacuum. Genius! I used a shop vac because I thought it would hold more hair than a typical house vacuum, and I thought the suction would be stronger.

👤I have a dog. It is upsetting how much my dogs are gone. I already owned the brush. It used to look like I sacrificed 17 small animals in a tribal ceremony when I was done brushing them. Thanks to this fur, there is no more of that. It was like sweet angels started to sing when I got my dog close to the vacuum. It works well and it got more hair out of my dogs. I don't know how they are not bald. I use it twice a week. There are less dog hair and tumbleweeds in my house. The struggle isn't as real as it used to be. This is something to buy.

👤I don't usually write reviews but this thing is awesome and other people should know it. We have had a furminator for a long time but it has always been difficult to use because the fur doesn't come off easily even when you press the button, and then hair is everywhere. This thing is very simple. Some reviews were not good. I got it. I did, and the boy was happy. VIOLA my furminator is very effective and useful after I hooked it up to my shopvac. All the hair disappears when you push the button. It's contained in the shop vac, not on my shirt, on the floor or on the dog, it's easy to dispose of. It took me about 5 minutes to deshed my dog, he has medium length hair and a lot of it. He is usually done in 30 minutes. My dog can now lounge on the furniture without me having to vacuum it.

👤This product is amazing. I have a Dyson Animal DC25 and it fits the hose perfectly. After nearly 30 minutes of grooming, I stopped filling the vacuum canister because my dog was getting restless. I would give the product a couple of stars because of the design flaws. 1. The Furminator can't be firmly held in place because of the thin strap. I had to stop and re-fasten it while grooming the dog. 2. The top piece of the accessory comes loose during use and causes it to lose its suction. I had to stop many times to make sure the top and bottom pieces were connected. It was worth every penny.

👤I tried a Hoover and a Dyson and it didn't fit on a standard house vacuum. It can fit on a shop vac. The hair is not vacuumed into the vacuum when you are combing the dog. When the hair clumps are dropped it goes into the vacuum. It works well, even though it has two minor issues. We are using it on a Newfoundland and it left his coat incredible in a short time. The Furminator Vacuum accessory is a must have.

10. Shed X Dermaplex Liquid Daily Supplement

Shed X Dermaplex Liquid Daily Supplement

Shed-X is a daily supplement for dogs that can eliminate excessive shed in 3 to 6 weeks. Shed-X provides your dog with the best sources of essential fatty acids, like anchovy, sardine, flaxseed, wheat germ oil, Zinc, and Biotin, to reduce excessive seasonal/non-seasonal shed. Shed-X liquid supplement for dogs contains the exact ratios of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals required to treat, enhance and maintain the optimum condition of your dog's coat and skin. It is easy to add Shed-X daily supplement to your dog's food to get the benefits, such as decreased shed, a beautifully thick, shiny and soft coat, and improved skin condition. SynergyLab's Shed-X products are available at a price that pet parents can afford. They know your pets are more than just pets, because they are pet parents. All stages are described in the age range description.

Brand: Shed-x

👤I am not a fan of products that make promises. It's most likely the result of years of believing that a product will take 20 years off my face. I was skeptical that Shed-X would stop my corgi's shed. I was going to build a harness for this dog so that she could pull a Swiffer behind her at all times. There was a cloud of hair wherever she went. As she walked across the room, you could see it fall off of her. I thought of shaving her, but I was afraid she would be mistaken for a pot bellied pig. I think it has cut it down at least 70%. I put my Shed-X into one of those athletic squeeze water bottles and just add a squirt when I'm mixing her food. It doesn't leak like the original packaging. If I could find a face cream that would give me 75% of their 20 year promise, that would be great.

👤This product is amazing. My double coated Shiba Inu sheds less and less with proper monthly grooming and use of this product. It makes my allergies less of a problem. The bottle is porous, it seems, because oil seems to leak out no matter what I do. I keep a paper towel under it and shake it up to cover the closed spout. I wipe it all down when I close it. I have to replace the paper towel every couple of weeks. Can this be fixed? Thanks. Otherwise... I love this stuff.

👤I don't know how well the product works because I haven't given it to any of my dogs. I don't know how much to give my dogs, so I haven't given them it yet. I don't know how much to give them because the directions are unclear and there is a mistake. I think I know what it is. Should be a Tsp? Is it a good idea to skimp on which Tbsp? Is that what they meant, or was it something else? I would guess. I would like to avoid giving my dogs too much and someone ending up with a GI issue, as well as not giving them enough, thus requiring me to continue my twice daily sweeping ritual. Is it possible that they just want me to know that I shouldn't change anything after 30 days? I decided that I wouldn't be the first person to notice the directions. I searched through the questions hoping to find the answer. I read about cats, horses, leaking bottles, shelf life, an increased pooping observation, and a basset hound who seemed to shed more after 30 days when his person adjusted the dose. I had the terrible misfortune of being delivered the very first and/or one and only bottle with these confusing directions, so please send help so I can update my product review.

👤We bought a new house with hardwood floors after we noticed how bad our buddy's shed was. It was all over the place. I couldn't keep up with how much hair was caked on the floor. The stuff has been great. His shed dropped 80-90% over the course of a few weeks. He told me its breakfast time at 7 years old. I add this liquid to his food and he scarfs it down. His coat seems a little softer and shinier, but as long as he can help me out on cleaning by not leaving much, that makes me happy. I haven't seen any change in bathroom habits or dog fart issues so that helps too.

11. Upgrade Version Pet Grooming Glove

Upgrade Version Pet Grooming Glove

The upgraded version is: The slip-on grooming gloves allow you to brush away dirt and loose hair from cats and dogs, while the enhanced 255 silicone grooming tips mimics the touch of your hand for a soft and relaxing massage. The hair removal product is perfect for long, short and curly haired dogs, cats, horses, and other pets, grooming the hair quickly, gently and effectively; The hair sticks to the glove, making it easy to peel and throw hair away. The five finger design of the bath brush allows you to groom hard-to-reach places like tail or face without hurting their skin. It has a wrist strap for a comfortable fit and is skin-friendly, free from any materials which could cause skin damage, and soft rubber ensure gentle massage and grooming without painful removing of fur or scratching the skin. There are two blue DELOMO pet gloves, one left-hand and one right-hand.

Brand: Delomo

👤I am editing my review. I gave this product only 3 stars because it didn't work for my dog. The retailer immediately contacted me and offered a full refund. The customer service was quick. I have a small Rat terrier and a chihuahua mix. He has short hair. My dog likes the massage he gets from the gloves. The hair did not stick to the gloves as it does with long haired dogs. Everyone is curious about how this would work on short haired dogs.

👤Four lovely feline friends live with us. After we replaced all of our carpets with new flooring, we noticed that there were hair balls everywhere. We needed to improve our grooming skills. The first time we used it on our cats, they weren't sure about the "big hand" coming after them, but it only took once before they started begging to be groomed. The "tumbleweeds" had vanished within a couple of days, and the lint tray in our dryer was a clean one. Our cats are calmer and happier because of the product. I call it a tranquilizer for cats. Our tabby has become calmer than she's ever been. I recommend these gloves for any pet.

👤Some people love and some people hate reading reviews. I don't think these should get a bad review because the cat likes them. Why can't you return them? I never have a problem with Amazon. Anyway... My cats love them. One cat likes them, the other doesn't. People complain that their hair isn't coming off. You want perfect in everything? It's difficult to get hair off. If you do it right, it will peel off in a hand-shaped piece. My cats likes the brush more because it feels like being petted. My other cat is a whore, and I have to brush his body with the glove on his face. He lets me do it for up to 10 minutes before he gets tired of it, as most cats will eventually do, if you hold out that long. Pull up around the edges of the glove and peel off the fur. I did this pic because it usually comes off in 1 piece unless you are tired. I would be happy to answer questions. I've had cats my whole life.

👤I almost never write product reviews, but I would really like to write one for these Pet grooming Gloves. We have two German Shepherd dogs. It seems that just looking at them makes hair fly off of them. The Furminator is only used on the backs and sides of the dogs due to their tender joints and aging. I thought I would give this product a try. The gloves do not remove as much hair as the Furminator, but there are other advantages to using them. They can be used over the entire body. The dogs like to be massaged, which all areas can be. The dogs love it. As soon as they see the gloves, they start dancing, smiling, and hip-checking each other to be first in line. It seems that the quality of their coats is actually better since they've been using gloves. Their coats are glossy. The gloves have been great for my aging hairy dogs, and will be my only grooming aide for the girls. There is more to say. Give them a try.


What is the best product for dog vacuum for shedding?

Dog vacuum for shedding products from Pet Control Hq. In this article about dog vacuum for shedding you can see why people choose the product. Kodahome and Furminator are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog vacuum for shedding.

What are the best brands for dog vacuum for shedding?

Pet Control Hq, Kodahome and Furminator are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog vacuum for shedding. Find the detail in this article. Ipettie, Furminator and Defurry are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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