Best Dog Urns for Ashes Small Chihuahua

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1. Stainlee Steel Premium Engraved Creamtion

Stainlee Steel Premium Engraved Creamtion

The height is 7.1 inches. The measurement is 3.4 inches. The material is STAINLESS STEEL. The pet urn can hold ashes under 75 lbs. The pet urn is made from high grade sturdy steel. It was built to last so that your loved ones are treated with respect. TheScrew-top lid provides a secure and reliable seal that keeps your loved ones ashes dry. The urn for dog and cat ashes is a fitting remembrance of the life and love you shared. It makes a great gift for a pet who likes a peaceful and beautiful place to rest. Do not hesitate to buy the free return service. If you feel this is not the right pet urn for your loved one, you can return it for a full refund at the same time if you have other requirements.

Brand: Youdear Memorials

👤It's well constructed for the price. Losing a pet is almost like losing a family member. Our Mia will be remembered forever.

👤Promptly delivered a beautiful shade of blue. The inscription is beautiful.

👤The urn is sturdy and cute. This is the right size for what we needed. Unfortunately, we needed 2 of them. I bought blue and purple. The front of them has a saying engraved on it. Would recommend.

👤It was the perfect size for my boy.

👤I was very satisfied with this product.

👤My dog passed away. I got an urn. Her ashes were perfect. It is a cute urn.

👤The Urn is beautiful. I am glad we decided on this one, even though it is sad that we had to purchase it. Shipping was fast. It arrived a week and a half early. Thanks for making a hard situation a little easier.

👤My boxers ashes are in this urn. I would suggest getting a large breed one.

👤The material is esperaba, bonito color.

👤I love it! I used it for my dog's ashes.

2. Keepsake Dog Memorial Pets Decorative Sympathy Cremation

Keepsake Dog Memorial Pets Decorative Sympathy Cremation

We offer a satisfaction guarantee on how deep and rewarding the connection between pet owners and pets can be. Their main concern is customers satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with any of their products, they will give you a full money back satisfaction guarantee. There is a statue on the top of the memorial. A simple memorial for your loss angel. The Keepsake Urn has a Material 6.25" *3.6" The dog urn was made of waterproof cold cast. A perfect memorial for a lost pet. It makes for a great decoration on your house, office, shelf, or desk. The ashes box is open. The Souvenir should be placed in the lid from the top. The lid is not sealed. Please put the ashes in a sealed bag. There is a satisfaction guarantee. Rewarding the connection between pet owners and pets is something they understand. If you are not completely satisfied with any of their products, they invite you to take advantage of their full money back satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Boleshu

👤It reminded me of my basset hound who died recently. I fell in love with this urn when I saw her dog beds. The ashes are going to be split so I bought two. This is the perfect size to keep on my stand. I want to thank the person who designed the perfect urn, from the bottom of my heart. Its perfect!

👤It was perfect. This item is of good quality. The ashes of my dog fit perfectly. The decoration on the top looks like my dog is sleeping. If I ever need to move the box, I want the lid to be sealed.

👤It is perfect for the ashes of our dog. It is an excellent choice for your fur baby to rest in.

👤Really beautiful. It was a perfect size for the baby.

👤I am happy I decided on this urn. It is a constant reminder of the time we spent together.

👤The product is beautiful. It's for small animals. It's a heavy weight and very attractive.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. It is a great way to display and hold your pet's ashes. It is a very sturdy piece.

👤This is wonderful. It was well made. There is a sweet presence on my shelf.

3. ENBOVE Cremation Ashes,Pet Urns,Photo Ashes,Wooden

ENBOVE Cremation Ashes%EF%BC%8CPet Urns%EF%BC%8CPhoto Ashes%EF%BC%8CWooden

If you want to express your love for your pet with a beautiful pet urn, give your loved one the quality they deserve - a high quality urn to hold their ashes, a quality urn for you and a peaceful place for your pet ashes. There are dimensions and acuity. The overall size was 6.3inch X 4.3inch X 4.3 inch. The volume was 117 inches. The photo is 2.1inch X 3.3inch. A portion of the ashes of big pets or the ashes that weigh less than 30 lbs. are held in a funeral urn. These carved paw prints are unique and can be personalized with your pet urn. To get to the bottom of the urn, you need to remove the base with the 1Phillips head screws. A beautiful urn is a perfect final resting place for their loved ones. The fancy urn will be eye catching from any distance. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, they will give you a 100% refund within 90 days. They want to offer the best customer service on Amazon.

Brand: Enbove

👤This is the cheapest thing ever made. The first off is water proof. I don't think so. The product was thrown together as quickly as possible. They don't pride themselves in their work. The box is not square. The paws have stickers on them. There is no cover to protect the photo. It's definitely not true. It smells like pine. There is glue all over the box and it was mailed in a plastic bag. As soon as I saw this, I processed for a refund. Looks like it was made in China.

👤This was perfect. It is a simple box that holds our dog's ashes. We bought a second one for her brother who passed away a couple of years ago and moved his ashes to this box to match. They are on our mantle. Thank you for making a great product.

👤We have never kept a pet's remains. Our golden retriever was one in a million. We wanted to remember her this way because we are still stunned by how much we miss her. We have a huge hole in our hearts, but having this near is comforting. This is a great option for a small to medium dog's cremated remains. It looks better on a mantel than a metal urn or something similar. The bamboo material is very nice. "You're gone from our lives, but never from our hearts" is a little off. It should be either life or hearts. That's okay. The sentiment is what matters. It would be better if it had a sleeve, glass or plastic cover to hold the photo in place. It's difficult to cut a photo to fit since it's not a common size, so make sure you have a few copies ready and measure multiple times. Two-sided tape was used to hold our photo in place. It is recommended.

👤I was confused when I received the urn. I thought that a piece of plastic or glass would be used to hold the picture in place. I don't think it was thought out. My husband said he would fix it up so our pet would have a nice urn. Our pet loved us so much that we were going to make sure he had a final resting place. I should have looked closer or picked something different.

👤The box is done well. I will keep Charlie's ashes there. When he passed, Charlie was 7.5 lbs. He was cremated with a blanket and his ashes fit perfectly in the velvet bag and box he was returned to me in. I folded the bag so it wouldn't fit much more than what I've described. I wish there was a protective sheet to protect the picture. I will put glue in the picture and then cover it with a protective sheet to keep it from getting dust.

👤Price Point / Value: 4.5/6 Quality: 4.5/6 Recommendation: 4.5/6 Overall: 4.5/6 The urn box is made of wood and has a picture on the front. It has 2 paw print decals and is engraved with a nice saying. The opening on the bottom is confusing to me and also has a small screw in it. It's not small or big at 6 x 4” and would look great in any décor. It comes with a guarantee that you will like the quality of the urns. A good picture frame dog urn box is what I would recommend.

4. AngelStar 5 Inch Pet Urn 49555

AngelStar 5 Inch Pet Urn 49555

If you're not happy with it, they'll give you a money back. The photo area is 2 inches by 3 inches. The urn is 85 inches in diameter. It's a great gift for someone who has recently lost their pet dog.

Brand: Angelstar

👤The urn is beautiful. I wanted my Perlita's ashes to be stored in a pet urn that was appropriate for her beauty. It was very hard for me to start talking about the loss of my Perlita after I received this item. There are paw prints on the top of the urn and a beautiful saying in front of the opening for your pet's photo. There are screws at the bottom of the urn. I put my pet's ashes in a bag and put it in a wooden urn. I put the bag with her ashes in another small container in case the ashes spill through the tightly closed bag and then put the container with her ashes inside the urn. There was a lot of space left in the urn for Perlita. The urn is beautiful, but I don't like the color of it, O was hoping for a better color, but it's still a beautiful urn.

👤I ordered this for my Maltese because it looks like it would fit my little girl. I was pleasantly surprised to see it is nicer than I thought, I was worried it would look cheap but it is very nice and heavy. It doesn't feel cheap either. The paws are cute. I'm very happy with it, it seems fitting for her personality, it's a little bigger than I thought, but that's no problem.

👤It is a nice holder of my dogs' ashes. I put Chester's ashes in a container, put a photo of him in a picture frame, and hung his collar off of the box. I hung Riley's collar on the other front corner after he died, because I added his ashes, changed his photo, and put his ashes in a container. It's more of a tribute to them than a death urn. I got the same container for my friend's dog that died recently. The ashes are in there.

👤Our urn was received today. I appreciate that it was packed securely. It is heavy and worth the money. I would have paid double for this one because I love it so much. The shipping was fast and I was very pleased. I'm happy our baby has a resting place. Thank you.

👤This is the second one that I bought. The urn looks great. It is easy to fit the ashes of our dog. The front face of the urn has a photo of your animal in it. The screws are removed to place the ashes from the bottom. They are always in our living room.

👤Very happy with the purchase. The 55lb springer spaniel came in a velvet bag. It fit here. His collar didn't but that's fine. The bag fit well. We put figurines on top of the baby picture. I think it looks good. I know ashes can be frightening but this is not. We miss you Duff! In our hearts.

👤It is a sturdy urn and very pretty. I put the ashes of my dog inside and it fit, but it doesn't leave much space left. I wanted to put his collar in there as well. I don't think I will be able to do that as it doesn't look like it will fit, but I am still going to give it a try. The picture size is the biggest issue. I had to cut a wallet size because the pictures of my dog wouldn't fit in it, so I only had his head.

5. NEWDREAM Cremation Large Keepsake Memorial

NEWDREAM Cremation Large Keepsake Memorial

Most of them are sad when they lose pets. They hope that their pet urn can bring some comfort to you and your friends who are sad because of the loss of your pet. Large and medium-sized dogs under 100 pounds are suitable for the dog memory box. The photo is 4.3"H x 3.5"W. Show favorite photos, angle dog size: 2.3 "(H) x 2.3" Most of them are sad when they lose pets. They hope that their pet ashes box can bring some comfort to you or your friend who is sad because of the loss of your pet. A memorial box is a beautiful way to express their Condolence when losing a cute baby. If you have a question, please contact them, they will solve it for you within 24 hours.

Brand: Newdream

👤Nice urn. The box did not come with a screw to tighten the back, and the paint was already chipping when I opened it. I ordered a name plate to make it look nicer. It was large enough to hold my dog's ashes and one of the toys he had with him.

👤You can paint, stain or leave the unfinished pine box as it is. The front panel is easy to put in a display and can be taken with a plastic and cloth bag.

👤The item is beautiful but I have broken wood. I have marks on them.

👤Para la ceniza de Ma.

👤I have been trying to make this work, but it won't. I lost my German Shepherd and now his container won't seal. I would be embarrassed.

👤I was very happy with the product. It arrived much sooner than expected. His ashes, his collar, his baby teeth, his sweater, and a card all fit inside the box perfectly. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤L'article correspond to ce qui est affiché. Livraison rapide et le tout est le tout.

👤It was a perfect tribute to my dog Shiloh.

6. MignonandMignon Personalized Necklace Portrait LCN AP

MignonandMignon Personalized Necklace Portrait LCN AP

The necklace is personalized with an animal portrait. The holiday gift for a family memorial mom is a necklace. Birthday gift for women for her pet. The best gift ever is a necklace. Under $25 A round disc with a pet name.

Brand: Mignonandmignon

👤I cried when I opened the necklace after I lost my girl in the fire. It looks like her picture and I am very happy with it. It was great to turn around time.

👤Wow. Just order them. The photo says it all. I didn't expect much for 20 dollars, but I am very happy with the work they have done. The photo was uploaded quickly and easily. I didn't have to wait long for delivery because of the personalization, it came early. I couldn't have asked for more. It is a beautiful tribute to my baby. I'm happy to have something to wear and remember him.

👤The necklaces I ordered were for a Gifts exchange. I wanted to get one of the cats for my giftee because they lost one of their cats recently. When I asked if the necklaces would be sent in the same package, the vendor responded quickly, and they went out much quicker than I had expected. The recipient was very pleased with the way they arrived. They look great, they look good, and they have good attention to detail. I will definitely order from this vendor again.

👤My girlfriend's dog died and I got this for her. It has been about a month since she wore it and it hasn't gotten messed up. It is a beautiful necklace. I was moved to tears when I opened the box. It looks like her dog. The product is amazing.

👤I bought one for my wife after our dog died. When we received the charm, I was very happy to see his face engraved on it, and I attached a close-up photo of him to the order as instructed. My wife can keep him close to her because she loves it.

👤It's perfect. I wanted something like this to remember my cat, who has cancer. Thank you.

👤Stunning quality. The picture looks exactly like my dog. It was a lovely surprise that item arrived sooner than expected. I wore it for less than a week and have not seen a green stain on my skin or tarnish to the necklace or charm. Highly recommended.

👤I can't say enough good things about this product. I don't wear water as the main metal is brass and it is plated over with the kind of color you choose. The price is cheap with your dog's photo and name. It looks like a baby that was lost before Christmas. Has a lot of detail. If you want a longer chain, I would order that separately. It fits below the beginning of the bone on me. It might be too small if you have a thick neck. The pendant is perfect. I am going to make a charm bracelet for each of our 6 dogs, one still living, the other 5 that passed, and I will get one make for each of them. Will do the cats after that. A great way to carry photos of babies. Thank you for the memorial.

7. Best Friend Services Ottillie Cremation

Best Friend Services Ottillie Cremation

Solid aluminum design with carved paw prints. The threaded screw top is easy to maintain and secure. This memorial will honor your pet. Express your love for your pet with a beautiful pet urn, give your loved one the quality they deserve - a high quality urn to hold their ashes and act as a fitting tribute to the love you shared. These pet urns are engravable and can be personalized with beautiful and unique designs. Small 0 30 lbs, Med 31-65 lbs, Large 66-110 lbs, and the big one is the size of a pet.

Brand: Best Friend Services

👤My cat passed away recently. I had promised him that I would have him cremated so I would be able to keep him near. The urn is perfect. It is very heavy and holds his ashes. It is a nice decorative piece. I would give anything to have him back. There are no paw prints on the top or back. If you found this review helpful, please take a moment and hit the button. Thank you.

👤This is a lovely urn, perfect for the remains of my wonderful and loyal dog, Frodo, who sadly passed away a few months ago, after having 13 wonderful years with him. Even though he was about 75 lbs., I chose the XL. I wanted an urn that was tall. The urn next to the urn of his Cat Companion, Ari, sadly passed away recently, and here is a photo of it. I can get some comfort by looking at the urns with the remains close by.

👤I just opened the box after buying it two days ago with Amazon prime. I bought a small slate with paw prints for my cat's ashes. I am extremely picky and I am blown away by the color, feel, look and overall quality of the dog. I had to tell everyone that this is perfect because I was so happy that I got on Amazon. He was already in a blue velvet bag when I picked up his remains, even though it had come wrapped and protected well. It's made of a solid material that won't break even if it falls, and it has a screw on top so you don't have to worry about it falling. I just want to say that this urn made me happy. I am proud of my gorgeous boy, who is in a perfect piece. It's hard to believe, but the picture really doesn't do it justice, and you won't be disappointed.

👤After the death of my companion, I bought this particular urn. I was very pleased with the quality of this item and the fact that it was dog specific with the paw prints on it. The lid is very secure. My dog was 75 pounds and I ordered the large. I would have been fine going with a medium if I had to do it over. Every web site had different weight guidelines for large and medium with this model. I had to return a medium so I ordered a large. The price on Amazon was reasonable. There was only one complaint that was negative, and that was the paw prints that were etched into the urn that were considered to be sharp. The urn's surface is smooth to the touch and the paws are flush with it.

👤The boy was diagnosed with Lymphoma on January 25th. We assumed he wouldn't have a lot of time since he was 12 years old. The gold one stood out to us the most. We used to call Germ our Golden Boy because of his shiny golden coat. The shipment arrived on the day he died, Feb. 4th. The Large was ordered because Germ was around 80 pounds and it fit perfectly. The quality is sturdy and not cheap. He was a big part of our lives so we wanted to make sure he had something beautiful to rest in. If you are looking for a similar company, I recommend this one.

8. Cremation Keepsake Stainless Memorial Holder If

Cremation Keepsake Stainless Memorial Holder If

Honor your pet by keeping their ashes in an elegant urn. This durable cremation urn is designed for sharing. MINI KEEPSAKES. A handcrafted miniature cremation urn designed for sharing portions of cremated remains ashes among family members can hold pet ashes, flowers, dried flowers,earth from a grave site, or a lock of fur. The Small Urn has a screw-top lid. If the urn is dropped or bumped, the lid will remain closed. The keepsake urn is made of Premium Grade Stainless Steel and will never rust, corrode, or stain. The finish will not tarnish. Just like the memory it represents. The gift is IDEAL. The mini urns are meant to be shared among family and friends. A velvet pouch was given as a touching gift. Each Urn is small and fits in your hand and is meant to be a small remembrance.

Brand: Dletay

👤This was a lot smaller than I thought. That is my fault, not the seller or the designers. I shouldn't have read the description at all, but I fell in love with the words and am still feeling that way. I had to put my dog to sleep on July 1 this year. I didn't want to have to bury her so we decided on cremation. I put her in a cedar box but wanted something different. The saying caught my attention. If loved could have saved you, you would have lived forever. Those 11 words grabbed my attention. I was upset when my order arrived. I realized that it was the right size to keep in the car. It would be great to have a small piece of har with me no matter where I go. Thanks to this company and the small size of the urn, she will always be with me.

👤I lost my Yorkie on Monday. I don't have her ashes back yet, but it was an excellent purchase, so I'm writing this review. The words that were said resonated with me, it was exactly how I felt. I loved my baby when she was 15. My mom and I had a very close relationship with her, so when she passed, we were both there to say goodbye. We clipped a small amount of her fur to keep and I bought this tiny urn for her. I knew it would be very small and that it would work perfectly. I will put a small amount of her ashes into the one I got my mom. I bought a small urn to hold the rest of her ashes. This is the first time I have had to do this, she was my first dog as an adult, so I am very grateful for access to things like this that help memorialize our pets and say goodbye with words we could not come up with when we grieve.

👤Our cat will be able to continue traveling with us in the RV with this little urn. The urn is small, sturdy, and won't come open, it's threaded, and it's pretty. It was perfect for him to keep camping.

👤The perfect resting place for my dog. He was 2.3 lbs and this urn is small, but made with great care. The letters were etched and the color was perfect. It makes me happy to know that he's safe and that the place is well written. It's the best purchase I've ever made.

👤I can't give it a bad rating because I didn't read the description before I bought it, but this urn is very small. It's an urn for ants. It was well made, other than the size. The lid is tightly held.

👤These are small. I saw the measurements and knew that. Absolutely perfect gifts. Excellent quality. All of the ashes are kept inside. The top screws are snug. Our kids loved receiving their own personal Mallie ashes for Christmas. They all had tears in their eyes. I made cute notes for the kids.

9. Homelix Cremation Ceramics Memorials 4Lx3 6W 2

Homelix Cremation Ceramics Memorials 4Lx3 6W 2

I am sorry that you have lost your lover, but I will be with you forever, I used to give you a high-five. The small size cremation urn is perfect for dogs and cats up to 12 lbs. The weight of ashes after cremation depends on the size of the skeleton. An elegant, simple and durable memorial for your lover is Beloved Companion. Tin foil wrapped can lid is not only eco-friendly, but also allows better seal effect. This pet urn is made of high quality materials and is adorned with a picture of your dog.

Brand: Homelex

👤If you buy this, I'm sorry. I'm sure your pet was loved by you. This is perfect for a pet that is 14 lbs or less. My husband loves this and it is perfect for our cat.

👤If you are reading this, I am so sorry for your loss. Angel Rose, my family's beloved teacup chihuahua, was deserving of a final resting place that was equally as beautiful as she was. I can hug it whenever I want to think of our girl.

👤Considering the circumstances, it was a perfect choice.

👤I would like to say to anyone that has lost a family member. I am so sorry. They are in heaven. I lost my baby, Duke, a day ago. I wanted to give him a place to rest so I could see how special he was. The lid is very secure and perfect for him. I will have his name written on the words that are spelled correctly. It's small and perfect for members over 20 lbs. I'm sorry for your loss.

👤The velvet ash bag is a nice touch, but if you use the urn, it may not be big enough. My kitty was only 6 lbs. She placed her ashes in a plastic bag and a velvet bag in the urn and it took up all of the room. I try to remember her soft face when I hold the urn, because my heart is broken.

👤This is a cute urn and I never planned on having to buy one. I like the writing and design. The vet said that he will fit in, even though I haven't received my pet's ashes yet. I miss my baby a lot. It was definitely worth the investment and I would love to have my baby back. I mourn Boo.

👤I have a sick dog. She isn't going to last forever. Been looking for something unique. This fits the bill. It is very well made. The lid is snug. It is heavy enough to keep it from being knocked over by my cat. It's the perfect vessel for a dog.

👤When it arrived, I was surprised it wasn't broken in pieces. Amazon put it in a plastic bag with no padding because of the poor packaging. I needed white. I liked the paw print. The cell on the lid is closed so I won't complain. The opening is small. I only needed it to share our fur baby with my daughter because it wasn't big enough for the original.

👤Sie ist wunderschn, weil weile gedauert hat. Ich ist es fr meine Katze. Es is hat reingepasst. Vielen Dank und I wrde bei meine anderen Katzen.

👤Einst fiel ist die andere Urne ins Auge. Ich berhaupt bereue. Sie ist wunderschn anzusehen. In den Bestattungsinstituten ist die Urnen. Die Asche passte hier. Es ist man geizig, aber das Preis Leistungs Verhltnis ist total. Die Empfehlung fr jeden ist, um das Euro brig hat.

👤Allo stesso prezzo, ma complessivamente non ho trovato nulla di meglio. I dettagli e ben fatta.

10. Just Fur Them Memorial Picture

Just Fur Them Memorial Picture

This beautiful Pet Urn is made from high quality poly-resin, which is hollow for you to place your beloved dog, cat, or any other fur baby's ashes. A pet memorial picture frame can be used to remember your pet who has crossed the bridge. They don't offer engraving services on this Pet Urn. It's perfect for inside or outside use, you don't have to worry about leaving your beloved friend behind, you can take them with you, it's perfect for resting your special friend without the fear of moving. The stone can be placed in the garden, but it's lightweight and can be mounted on the wall inside your home or placed on a shelf. A unique and thoughtful pet loss gift for someone who is grieving the loss of a pet. Their dog urn is a beautiful gift that will bring comfort and communicate your sympathy. The pet stone has a touching poem about remembering you is easy. It's a heartache that never goes away. Beautiful Gift is a unique way to express your grief and help honor a beloved pet. You can keep all of your friends items together in a beautiful quality keepsake case when you receive a memorial garden stone. If you have any questions, they will get back to you and they will guarantee Quality. A pet remembrance gift is a way to remember a pet that has passed away.

Brand: Just Fur Them

👤The urn is very pretty. One of our dogs was put to sleep because of tumors in her spine. She had 3 surgeries to remove tumors. The tumors spread very fast this time. She couldn't walk anymore and couldn't eat. We didn't want to put her through any more surgeries when she was 13 years old. She was brave. She was in pain and never complained or whined. She was happy. Her brother from the same litter has been sad and has been looking for her. We are trying to make him feel better. I will save it for him. Hope it won't be used for a long time.

👤I liked the strength of it. I don't like the size of the picture holder, it's hard to get a big picture. It didn't offer to engrave your pet's name on it. My husband told me that there was no place on the order form for the engraving.

👤The company was good to me. I would buy from them over and over again and I wish there were more companies like them. Period. 1000000 percent perfect. Customer service is perfect! They wrote to me and told me how much they cared. Who does that in this world? I don't Wait to get my windchime from them.

👤I love the memorial. I like being able to keep it inside or put it outside. If you want, you can change the picture. The piece is beautiful and I had the name Diamond engraved on the metal. If you want, it can hold several different animals. Excellent piece.

👤I love my memorial! Do you want to engrave it? There is no engraving service in the town.

👤It's not worth $50. Even though it's described as outdoor/water safe, this photo is after one rain. You can't see the photo because the moist is stuck inside.

👤The wall mounts are terrible. It fell off the wall after we put it up. It's great but hanging is a pain. Sit it on a shelf if you buy it.

👤The product was poorly put together. The wall mount brackets fell off and a hole opened up in the ashes area. The ashes stayed in the unit because I Silicone it.

👤This is the best way to keep my angel's ashes. Our engraver is engraving a plaque for us and we have a nice photo to put in as she rests peacefully on her favourite place on the verandah. I chose this one because we had so many options where to put her and we could hang it if we wanted to. I have a beautiful case to keep my things. This is a perfect memorial with so many options, it is lightweight but strong, and the quality is very good.

11. Memorial Jewelry Forever Cremation Necklace

Memorial Jewelry Forever Cremation Necklace

A cremation urn pendant, a snake chain, and a gift box are included. Premium Grade Stainless steel pendant and chain will not rust, corrode, or stain. A gasket is used to keep your pet's ashes safe. This could be used for jewelry, urns, and necklaces. Holds small amount of dried flowers, dirt, special messages, hair, perfume, cremains and ashes, perfect to memorialize your loved one forever and keep your loved one close to your heart at all times. The design of the two circles is stylish and beautiful, the love in the middle represents the heart that loves you, this jewelry can either be worn or displayed at your home in an elegant display dome or jewelry box. No matter where you go, take the best memories of your Love with you. This is a risk-free buy, and you can personalize any word you want.

Brand: Memorial Jewelry

👤The quality is good and it's cute. I've received a lot of praise. It's hard to get ashed in the heart because it's small. I was able to make it work. It is a great sentimental item.

👤I had to say goodbye to my beloved Boston and found this amazing ash holder for her ashes in my car. She loves car rides and goes for one daily. The value for the money is perfect for my needs and it is thick and durable.

👤My 6 year old cat was put to sleep. My husband put his ashes inside and it meant a lot to me. The quality is amazing. When I move, it makes a jingle. I hear it every time. I put my hand on it to tell my kitty I love him.

👤This looks pretty in the picture, but not in reality. It's small and it's useless to put ASHES in it. I trashed it on the first day.

👤I didn't have the strength to split her ashes so I put some of her fur in it. It is on the larger size. I haven't taken it off since I got it, and it doesn't pull hair like some necklaces do. It has a paw print on it.

👤I didn't wear it for 24 hours. I had it screwed on tight as well. I feel like junk. I had another one that wanted to change it up.

👤The heart stopped working in less than 24 hours. I'm very sad. One would think that the products of this nature would be more secure.

👤I ordered two for my daughter. I could have our puppy with us all the time. These are beautiful and durable. Excellent quality and a great price.

👤Thank you for making things a bit easier at this time.


What is the best product for dog urns for ashes small chihuahua?

Dog urns for ashes small chihuahua products from Youdear Memorials. In this article about dog urns for ashes small chihuahua you can see why people choose the product. Boleshu and Enbove are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog urns for ashes small chihuahua.

What are the best brands for dog urns for ashes small chihuahua?

Youdear Memorials, Boleshu and Enbove are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog urns for ashes small chihuahua. Find the detail in this article. Angelstar, Newdream and Mignonandmignon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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