Best Dog Urns for Ashes Necklace

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1. MOROTOLE Necklaces Memorial Cremation Stainless

MOROTOLE Necklaces Memorial Cremation Stainless

The Memorial ashes necklace set has high-quality cziber and is black and white. The surface is nickel-free and lead-free. It is suitable for sensitive skin. The necklace bar pendant is 1.26''(32mm) in size. 0.2'(5mm) The necklace chain is 60mm in length. The net weight of each pendant is 6g. Everything will be better, you will never lose the memory, and your loved one will be close to your heart at all times. He or she will always be with you. The neutral design of this pendant makes it ideal for both men and women. The necklace gifts are unique. Some items will have a special meaning for your family and friends. It can hold a small amount of things. That will help keep the memories of your loved ones close to your heart. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Morotole

👤The size of the pendant urn is perfect. The chain is perfect and the quality of the steel is great. The pin and funnel worked well. You need a clean and well lighted space where you can focus and concentrate. You need to work with very small amounts of ashes. A steady hand can put small amounts in at a time. Some of the reviews have said that it doesn't have to be messy. When filling the urn, hold it as it will not stand on its own. Slow gentle movement is important. It is not hard, but time consuming. This item is very good. I don't sleep or shower with this, but wear it all the time, and my Dad is with me.

👤We missed the return window due to a delay in receiving my nephew's ashes, but we just filled this set up a week ago and the black stone fell out. A teenager who is not doing anything but playing video games is wearing a piece. There was no hard core activity that caused the stone to fall out. We put the stone back in the box because we thought it was the way it was made, and we waited until the time was right to fill it. When people have already lost a loved one and are dealing with grief, the last thing they want to do is have to deal with mediocre quality items to keep their loved ones close.

👤My two Persian cats passed away about five years apart. When the last one passed away, I decided to buy pendants for their ashes, since they were both cremated and in separate urns. The chain is very thin and the pendants are attractive. It seems like it would break quickly. I am afraid to wear it because I would lose the pendant. The pendant is so small that it's hard to put a small amount of ashes into it. If I had read the listing more thoroughly, I would have bought something else.

👤I got these for my dad and baby brother's ashes. Even though we got an urn for his ashes, it was hard for us to deal with losing him, he committed suicide on the day before his 19th birthday. They are fantastic material and came in fast. My dad and I love them. We got them filled with his ashes and I refuse to take them off. My baby brother will always be with me.

👤We loved it when we got it. The cap was filled and reinstalled. She wore it for 3 hours before the top broke and fell off the chain. She can now hang it on her makeup lamp because we had a good chain and plug. Afraid to wear it outside because it will break and get lost. It looks amazing in person, but is very fragile.

👤The product looks nice, but it is difficult to fix because the diamond doesn't line up anymore, and the top loop broke right off. I put the ashes in the necklace. It was very frustrating to have it break on me. I can not return it now. The round necklace is not like that. I liked the idea of having two different necklaces. I got the black ones and the paint started chipping off the pendant piece. It has only been a couple of weeks. Those who buy urn necklaces have a significant sentimental value. I would suggest investing in a better product to feel safer.

2. Cremation Stainless Memorial Necklace Keepsake

Cremation Stainless Memorial Necklace Keepsake

The pet cremation jewelry is 0.78 inches in size and inside the mini urn box is 0.27 inches. They hope that the person wearing this necklace can achieve their life goals. The urn ring is made of high-quality 316L STAINLESS STEEL, which has high resistance to rust, corrosion and tarnishing, which requires minimal maintenance. The cremation necklace is suitable to wear and has urn ashes for pets, a small amount of a loved one ashes, soil, special messages, hair, perfume, etc. It should be filled with anything that reminds you of something. A necklace box is a gift. It's a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. The best choice to keep good memories is the package. They will definitely help you with any questions you have.

Brand: Oinsi

👤Its perfect. Exactly what I wanted. The whole piece is beautiful. You don't have to worry about the piece coming open or your ashes spilling or it falling off, because the chain goes between the clasp on the outside piece. There was a time when there were two beautiful boy kitties, and they loved each other very much. They were always together, either in the same room, or on their mom, whom they loved very much, and she, of course, loved them with all her heart. One day Mac got very sick, and had to be hospitalized for a week and a half, and then he got very sick again, and then he got to come home with his mom for a month. Its perfect. Thank you so much. It arrived a week earlier than it was supposed to so it was awesome.

👤I love this pendant. I lost my baby boy, Harley, three weeks ago and have been lost without him. I wanted something to be able to have him close to me, but everything I found made me wary of it. The design is perfect. The small urn is locked in the paw cage and is a great size. I am very confident that this will stay on my chain. The pendant is very sturdy and well made, it has a great weight and feel to it. It is shiny and smooth. The quality is great. It took me a little longer to get here, but it arrived a lot sooner than I expected. I highly recommend this item and the company. Their customer service is excellent. Thank you so much for the beautiful product and the ability to keep my love close to my heart.

👤This necklace is wonderful! We lost our 16 year old dog, he was loved, pampered and special to our family. We miss him daily but having this with me always makes the day a bit easier when he runs through my mind. I wear this every day except while showering because I didn't see a gasket in the urn to make it water proof. The skin was not turned or stained. I love the necklace.

👤I bought this to be able to keep my boy with me at all times, but when I received it, I realized I had ordered the wrong color, so I contacted the seller to get the correct color, and they sent me the one I wanted for free. The nickels are very well made and beautiful and the seller is amazing.

👤I have been looking for a cremation necklace for a long time. I narrowed it down to this one and 2 others. I am very happy that I chose this one. The chain and pendant are both made of steel. If I wore it everyday, it would tarnish. There is a large compartment inside the paw print. I have ashes from my cats and dogs. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to carry their fur baby.

3. Memorial Jewelry Forever Cremation Necklace

Memorial Jewelry Forever Cremation Necklace

A cremation urn pendant, a snake chain, and a gift box are included. Premium Grade Stainless steel pendant and chain will not rust, corrode, or stain. A gasket is used to keep your pet's ashes safe. This could be used for jewelry, urns, and necklaces. Holds small amount of dried flowers, dirt, special messages, hair, perfume, cremains and ashes, perfect to memorialize your loved one forever and keep your loved one close to your heart at all times. The design of the two circles is stylish and beautiful, the love in the middle represents the heart that loves you, this jewelry can either be worn or displayed at your home in an elegant display dome or jewelry box. No matter where you go, take the best memories of your Love with you. This is a risk-free buy, and you can personalize any word you want.

Brand: Memorial Jewelry

👤The quality is good and it's cute. I've received a lot of praise. It's hard to get ashed in the heart because it's small. I was able to make it work. It is a great sentimental item.

👤I had to say goodbye to my beloved Boston and found this amazing ash holder for her ashes in my car. She loves car rides and goes for one daily. The value for the money is perfect for my needs and it is thick and durable.

👤My 6 year old cat was put to sleep. My husband put his ashes inside and it meant a lot to me. The quality is amazing. When I move, it makes a jingle. I hear it every time. I put my hand on it to tell my kitty I love him.

👤This looks pretty in the picture, but not in reality. It's small and it's useless to put ASHES in it. I trashed it on the first day.

👤I didn't have the strength to split her ashes so I put some of her fur in it. It is on the larger size. I haven't taken it off since I got it, and it doesn't pull hair like some necklaces do. It has a paw print on it.

👤I didn't wear it for 24 hours. I had it screwed on tight as well. I feel like junk. I had another one that wanted to change it up.

👤The heart stopped working in less than 24 hours. I'm very sad. One would think that the products of this nature would be more secure.

👤I ordered two for my daughter. I could have our puppy with us all the time. These are beautiful and durable. Excellent quality and a great price.

👤Thank you for making things a bit easier at this time.

4. Fanery Personalized Necklace Customized Cremation

Fanery Personalized Necklace Customized Cremation

The necklace has a photo engraved as black-and-white image and full-color image in the front side and text engraved on the back side. The image will be adjusted to fit the dog tag. You can open it on the bottom and hold things like ashes, hair, nail, dried flowers, special messages or perfume. The urn necklace is a great way to remember a pet that has passed away and hold their memories. It's a great way to remember your dog or cat. The pet cremation jewelry size is 1.3 inches. The chain length is 24 inches. The pet urn necklace for dogs ashes comes with a gift box. No matter where you go, take the best memories of your Love with you. This dog tag ashes holder necklace is made of high quality STAINLESS steel, it is smooth, no scratches the skin, sturdy and durable, and it will not rust, corrosion, or tarnish. The metal for this necklace is amazing and will last forever. Pets are their family and friends and it's always sad to lose them. This dog cremation jewelry for ashes is a great gift to give to a family or friend who has lost a pet, it will help them get over the pain of losing a pet.

Brand: Fanery Sue

👤When I received my puppy's necklace, it was beautiful. I wore his ashes and found out I had chest pain. I wasn't the only one who wasn't sure what it was made of. I don't want anyone to buy or go through what I went through. I took off the necklace pain and it went away, so please beware of purchasing, the necklace urn is not safe.

👤It looks nice, but I don't wear it. It's clunky and uncomfortable. I put it in a shadow box with my dog's collar and clay pawprint.

👤This is very special. Good heavy chain. I wanted to compliment the person who was impressed. The box was beautiful and well done. She's going to order another one for her dad. Thank you.

👤The screw on the necklace wouldn't go back in it's place after ashes were added, and it was very difficult to add the ashes in the tiny hole that was provided. It is so heartbreaking.

👤The dog tag is made to order. The engraved paw print and personalization make this very special. I clipped the fur and filled it with it. I bought 3 for the special people in my dog's life. I received angel wings.

👤The tags were perfect. When I ordered this item, I didn't know it was going to be better. I'm ordering more for family and friends.

👤I bought 3 nice quality and it was a great way to remember. ur dog is beautiful... I miss mine a lot. The necklace helps.

👤I really liked how this necklace turned out. My son wears it every day to honor the dog that passed. Thank you for the thoughtful gift.

5. Eternal M Cremation Waterproof Silver Blue

Eternal M Cremation Waterproof Silver Blue

A necklace made of a pet urn. There is a gift box for the dog cat memorial necklace. But forever in my heart. There is a container that can be filled with beloved dog or cat ashes. A necklace to remember your dog or cat. A family member can keep a token pets ashes and keep it close to them wherever they go. The jewelry is made of high quality 304L STAINLESS steel and crystal, which will never rust or fade. There is a measuremenmt of Cremation Jewelry across 1.1'' tall and 22 inch Snake Chain. A well-prepared necklace and filling kits. If you have a quality problem, you can send them a message. They will either resend or refunds after they check it.

Brand: Rimzviux

👤Jasper was supposed to be the ring bearer at his owner's wedding, but he was taken too soon with a heart problem and died. She will be able to have him with her at her wedding. The back was engraved with a blue stone on the front that was a paw and a saying.

👤Don't expect to be able to read the writing. If you have long hair, you may want to change the chain out because it will get caught in the clasp. The top stays screwed on, but if you move around on your neck it will cause the top to fall off. The necklace is very small and heavy, so you don't notice a difference in weight when ashes are in it. It comes with a small funnel that you can use to get the ashes in the heart.

👤I almost lost the pendant. I was in a hotel and noticed the pendant was gone. I went to the front desk and asked for a flashlight, but couldn't find it, so I went back to the room and found it. I think I will get some gorilla glue, but I will be afraid of losing it all the time. When I got home, it was over. I do not recommend.

👤It was difficult to load the ashes. I was glad I didn't have to load it full since it was not the main resting place for our pet. The funnel is very small. If there is a small clump in the ashes, it will cause a problem.

👤This is what I was looking for, for my dog that passed away. I will be buying another for my daughter. It comes with a stick to make it easy to put the ashes into it. The chain is very strong.

👤My daughter and I both have one. Since ashes were placed in it, have never taken it off.

👤I broke my other dog's ashes so I bought this to hold them. I like this one because it's a dog paw. It's yellow. Yellow is my favorite color.

👤My grandmother liked it. She lost her fur baby and now feels very close to him. The color and engraving are perfect.

6. Eternally Loved Forever Cremation Necklace

Eternally Loved Forever Cremation Necklace

Quality Dad, Mom or your pet memorial necklace is white gold plated. Close to fill ashes,perfume and others what you cherished most. The Pendant size is 25mm x 38mm. Will come with a spoon and necklace. The bags were printed Eternally.

Brand: Eternally Loved

👤This barely holds any ashes. The pendant is beautiful. It is larger and heavier than expected. It barely holds any ashes. It would be better to make it more hollow so there is more room for ashes. I like the size of the pendant. It holds less than 1/32nd of the total. I bought another urn pendant. It holds the same amount of ashes. I don't understand it! The pendant I bought to hold my dog's ashes fell short. The reason I bought it was the lack of space for ashes. The pendant has 5 stars. I still love this necklace. I love the paw print. I have to get over how small of a fit I can be. I have a TINY bit of my dog to carry with me whenever I need it.

👤The necklace is beautiful, the heart has great weight to it, and my wife ordered it for our "Sophie" who crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. We took it to our jewelers to have a more safety clasp put on it. I had a Magnetic clasp put on it for only $12.00, but my husband bought me some diamond earrings. I got the clasp for free. I wear mine every day, so you won't go wrong ordering this.

👤The necklace is of great quality. The chain and keepsake are great. It has helped me deal with the loss of a pet, and I love what it represents to me. My only complaint is that it's a bit heavy. The quality of the necklace is tied in to the weight of the necklace, so I can't complain much. I think a lighter necklace is less quality.

👤My daughter is happy to have a piece of her baby with her. It is not very heavy but not uncomfortable. I would have given five stars but the charm kept falling off the lid. It is an important function of the necklace to not lose any of our dogs ashes.

👤There is no reason to dislike this necklace. The quality is amazing and the price is good. It arrived before the date. My granddaughter's special dog died suddenly. We were not disappointed that she picked it out. They also have a spoon and funnel. She wears it all the time.

👤If it held more ash, I would give it 5. It holds a very small amount, the ash part is only a tiny bit deeper than the cap, and that's it! I was expecting more room inside but it's not that big. It's very nice and well made.

👤It was brilliant. I bought this for a woman who lost her dog. I didn't know that she wore this constantly, but she did. It is not silver, it is better material. The metal and chain will hold up for a long time. It comes with a small metal funnel to help put the ashes on. The purple rhinestones depicted her birthstone. She was very excited.

👤This is large enough to allow for engraving, and I love that it is carrying my beloved Doberman's ashes. It's a good size and heavier than I thought. I would like it to hold more ashes. The amount was very small.

7. Stainless Pendant Memorial Keepsake Cremation

Stainless Pendant Memorial Keepsake Cremation

ThePaw Dog Cremation Pendant is a perfect size. A beautiful gift box with one 20" chain and a 2.500 extension chain. It was made of high-grade STAINLESS STEEL, anti-perspiration, waterproof, fadeless, allergy free, nickel free. can be engraved. A remarkable way to memorialize a loved one is by using hand crafted Urn Necklace, Cremation Jewelry,memorial jewelry, or remembrance jewelry. It is available in a variety of styles. This limited design paw pendant is for your pet's cremation ashes. You will always have your dog or cat by your side. 30 day money back if there is any quality issue. They will give you the best service.

Brand: Memorial Jewelry

👤I give it five stars as a necklace and pendant. I love it. Just as pictured. I don't understand how this can be advertised as a cremation keepsake. I could fit about half of it in this pendant. I am very disappointed. I wanted to put some of my dog's ashes in it. I don't think that was accomplished. They missed a huge opportunity by not having this pendant be more hollow, so you can put some ashes in it. It appears to have a little space in the top paw. I mean little. Is it me? Is there any ash pendants like this? Is my expectations too high? I know that I wanted more of my baby to be able to stay with me and be close to my heart. I bought another ash pendant. I hope it will hold more. If you buy this pendant to hold ashes, just know that it is limited to the amount of ashes it holds. I shook it to see if there was any space left after I closed it. When I opened it, it didn't move. It is still a beautiful necklace. I will keep it for that. I will try to wrap my mind around the fact that there is a piece of my dog with me. The limited space to hold ashes is the reason for the one star. The other pendant I received held the same amount of ashes as this one did. I don't understand it!

👤We lost our amazing four-legged son recently and keeping a small part of him with us is comforting in our time of grief. It is enough for us to have his ashes. We keep a small part of him close to our hearts. It's the perfect size for us. We are very happy with the purchase of the black models. If you have crazy glue on hand, you can put a small amount on the threaded cap to lock it in place. The end of the funnel was cut to allow more coarse ashes to pass through. I hope this helps other people with their decisions. Sorry for your loss.

👤This is the most special urn I have found in loving memory of my dog who I lost last year, the company was fantastic to me and so far this pendant is just as described, I was looking for one that was definitely waterproof and one that can be worn everyday.

👤Well made and beautiful. The amount it holds was the main complaint I saw. I haven't put my ashes in yet. Its very good quality and pretty. I don't care how much it holds as long as there are some ashes in there. I think it's a small necklace that isn't meant to hold a lot. 5 stars from me so far.

👤Oh wow! I am so happy with this! They are so nice, we bought 2 of them. Good chain, good weight. A really nice souvenir. This item is recommended by me.

8. BEILIN Sterling Eternity Cremation Necklaces

BEILIN Sterling Eternity Cremation Necklaces

Their necklace for human's ashes, Pet's Dog, Pet's Cat, take the memories of your best Love with you no matter where you go, their secure threaded screw top with air tight gasket keeps contents secure even with daily wear. The necklace is made of 928 sterling silver with a stamped that is lead-safe, nickel-safe and cadmium-safe. The Circle of Life necklace has a box chain length of 18 + 2 and can fit 18-19 inches necklaces for women. The cremation necklace is designed to hold urn ashes for pets, a small amount of a loved one ashes, soil, special messages, hair, and perfume. A gift box with silver polishing cloth is perfect for giving or safe keeping.

Brand: Beilin

👤I love this necklace. I think the fact that I was ugly at the time is to blame for the trouble I had putting the ashes in. I feel a sense of peace when I wear it. I loved my blue eyed beagle so much. I don't think I will ever get over it. She was my best friend. I know dog people will get that.

👤When my best friend died, I bought this for myself. My dog was my baby. My entire world. I was very sad. This was perfect because I wanted something to have with me all the time. He can walk this life with me. I wear it all the time. The first chain I bought lasted a few months. It's beautiful. I think it looks great. I feel closer to him when I touch it and hold it in my hand. I'm very sad writing this. I didn't think that something could mean so much to me. I will get another if I ever lose it. It is worth the money.

👤The necklace is perfect for holding a loved one. The necklace is the perfect size, it is a little smaller than a quarter, so it is not big and gaudy. I don't know how much it holds because I didn't fill it. I dropped it off at the funeral home and they filled it for me. I don't think it holds a lot. I would recommend this necklace to anyone.

👤My uncle passed away last week. I wanted a pendant that was simple and elegant, and this one was exactly what I wanted. I had this shipped to the funeral home to be filled and shipped back to me. It is very pretty. I sent pictures to his children and they loved them! They said he would love it. Most memorial jewelry doesn't hold a lot of cremains, and this one is no different. I'm guessing it's around 1/6th of an ounce. I didn't fill it myself, so I can't say for sure. I am very happy with this necklace. I would recommend this if you're looking for quality and simplicity.

👤It is beautiful. It is on a Tiffany silver chain and I have received many nice comments. I wear this in memory of a great man and the circle of life has special meaning to me. It was easy to do, as I thought it might hold more cremains than it does. The value is great.

👤I have been wearing this for almost a year. I lost my dog last year. His ashes and fur are in it. It has been comforting to have a part of him with me. It is subtle compared to other cremation pendants. I swim and shower with it.

👤There is an update. I am very disappointed in this item. The coating is bad. I returned the first one and it was not better. I want to replace it with something else. The clasp broke a month ago. I had to find a silver chain. I could keep wearing it. I wanted to stay in the house. The return window is closed. okay I will find something else. Be cautious about getting anything from this vendor. The quality and workmanship is not good.

9. FaithHeart Hourglass Cremation Waterproof Necklace Black

FaithHeart Hourglass Cremation Waterproof Necklace Black

Are you looking for a gift for your family and friends? Are you tired of cheap Urn Pendants that break after a while? Do you need the most beautiful piece of jewelry to keep your loved one safe? This is it! A unique type of jewelry that is made to hold a small amount of cremated remains, a lock of hair, a pinch of burial soil, perfume, oils, or dried memorial flowers. The gun is made of 304L STAINLESS STEEL and will last long, won't tarnish, or turn your skin green, non-deformable. Smooth and comfortable to wear. CREMATION ASHES NECKLACE A memorial necklace for ashes for men, a memorial necklace for beloved's ashes, a memorial necklace forgrandma, or a memorial necklace for your pet. Unscrew by hand and keep the contents safe. It can hold ashes, hair, dried flowers, perfume, and cremains. You can relive the memories of your loved one forever. FaithHeart Jewelry uses only the finest craftsmanship for their designs. All products are protected from tarnishing, which are lead-safe, nickel-safe and cadmium-safe. All of their products are guaranteed for 90 days, if you find a problem with them, it is not normal. Please email the seller to get a refund or replace. They check every item before shipment, but it may be damaged during the long distant transit. They will be responsible for this small event.

Brand: Faithheart

👤This was what I wanted. It only holds a small amount of ashes. It comes with everything you need to open and close the pennant, as well as a small screwdriver. The chain is long enough to go to the middle part of the body, but the links are short enough to be fastened short.

👤My daughter received a necklace for the dog's ashes. It was difficult to put the ashes in the hour glass. The opening is small and the ashes need to be very fine to get into the hourglass. The necklace didn't go from one hour glass to the other after we filled it. If there are any bone fragments, the openings will block the flow. The necklace top broke off after two weeks of wearing it. It's a great idea, but not well made.

👤The angel is very happy with her and the stone is pretty but not what I was expecting. I chose the light blue March stone because it was my sister's favorite color. I got a stone that was a bit darker. Still pretty. I would have chosen her February birth stone if I had known. I am happy with it. I received my necklace more quickly than it said. I think my sister would like what I kept.

👤Chaining a good quality chain won't be easy. It is a nice piece that holds a lot of ashes.

👤The little pendant looks great when filled with ash. I like this one the best, but alas! It wasn't for me. I was proud to give it as a gift. The chain that came with it was terrible and we had to cut it off and use a better one.

👤The bar was purchased for my rabbits. The tiny funnel was easy to fill even though I was shaking. The setting was easy to change. I am going to glue it down. The chain is sturdy and should hold up against me.

👤My daughter's lizards died in this. She liked the design. The water park is not water proof or resistant as they claim. It fell apart last night and onto the floor. That is very devastating to someone. Don't fall in love with this product. Get something that is higher quality.

👤One of the crosses was plain. There were no stones or crosses. Not sure who to call. If I buy things from China, I get what I paid for. I used an eye dropper. The funnel wouldn't work. I gave 4 stars because they are pretty, but only 4 were correct.

10. Shajwo Cremation Necklaces Cylinder Keepsake

Shajwo Cremation Necklaces Cylinder Keepsake

A unique way to keep a loved one close at hand is Urn Necklaces for ashes. It is a great way to remember your pet, such as your mom dad son daughter grandma grandpa husband brother sisiter cat dog ashes. The urn pendant necklace with angel wing is made from 316L STAINLESS steel, which is waterproof and can last for long time to use. The necklace has a pendant size:0.39”L* 1.5”H and a chain length of 20”-2” extension chian. The memorial necklace comes with instructions. The large capacity design of the necklace has a threaded screw at the top which opens to a tiny storage container. The container will not get wet. This cremation necklace can be engraved, and you can choose the "customize" option. If you have a problem with your order, please contact me. They will give refunds or exchange.

Brand: Shajwo

👤I don't know if we got a faulty necklace, but this thing slowly begins to fall. We raised our dog for 5 years before he died. He picked this necklace after I put some of her in a ring for myself. I woke up on vacation in a hotel and found something on the bed. Her ashes did not fall out. After leaving the aquarium, I noticed that the necklace had been removed. I tightened it and he did the same. We went to sleep at the hotel. I found the capsule on the bed again the next morning. Her ashes came out this time. We had nothing to gather her with and no way to collect her, so we had to brush her down. We were traumatised all over again. Don't buy this necklace. As I type this, I am crying. We wanted to carry her at all times, even though we have her in her urn. What if the person only had a small amount of their pet? Imagine that feeling. I wouldn't recommend this necklace to anyone.

👤After Shadow passed away, I ordered 2 of these for myself and my mom. The pieces of jewelry are gorgeous. I ended up ordering a nicer chain through an Etsy store as the one included was easily broken by pulling on it. The paw prints on the rose gold necklace were done in black, but we ordered white engraving on the necklace, which was my mom's. She doesn't want to return it, but she still likes it. I would have returned it for a replacement if it had been done the same way. The lid was mentioned in a couple of reviews. Over time, it happens, but it has been twice and I have had the necklace for two months. I put a small drop of E6000 around the inner rim and sealed it up. It worked out well. There is no need for us to open it again because we have no plans to add more ashes.

👤I got a necklace to remember my best friend who passed away last week. This way I know that she is with me. The necklace is just as described. I like the wing and paw prints. It can hold a decent amount of cremains in it and appears to be waterproof as advertised, as I have showered with it and it still looks great and the top screws are very tight. I am very pleased with this necklace and think it is a very sweet souvenir that I will keep for a long time.

👤The colors are vibrant and hold up well. The urn kept coming off the necklace because the metal ring that Attach the necklace to the urn was too far apart. It's not a pretty job, but some pliers did the trick. It came with instructions for use, but the funnel tip was too small to allow for the ashes to pass easily. It does justice to my cat's death.

11. YOUFENG Necklaces Forever Cremation Necklace

YOUFENG Necklaces Forever Cremation Necklace

The base for the urn necklaces for ashes for pet is Environmental protecting 316L STAINLESS steel. It is untarnished for years because it is resistant to rust and corrosive builds. The pet cremation urn necklace has a length of 50 cm and a width of 20 cm. The weight is 21.5g and the size is 27*7*6mm. The circle shape of the pet cremation urn memorial pendant is very hot. You can hold the ashes or hair of your loved ones. A unique gift that helps remember the passing of a loved one. It's a great way to remember a special person. The design concept is that the Openable love heart pendant is perfect for everyday wear. A gift that is meaningful and unique. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Youfeng

👤I just wanted to say thank you. Everyone who handled my order. I needed this piece to put some of my father's ashes in and it was here within a couple of days and it made me cry. I was able to get it from the funeral home, which was handling my father's stuff. I will not take it off now that I am wearing it. It was beautiful, even more so than I could have imagined, because it was hear quickly, and I was in a time of sorrow. Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you so much!

👤I like this necklace, it doesn't hold many ashes, but I wear it quite a bit, has a longer chain, and it looks just like the photo, it takes a second to figure it out, but once you have it, it looks just like the photo. It came very quickly, so good!

👤The necklace was pretty. I had to put my Aunt's ashes into the necklace's tiny barrel, which was the most difficult part. I had a hard time getting the ashes through the tiny hole in the necklace. I used the push-pin and tweezers to do this. I had to do it myself because I couldn't afford the necklace from the funeral home. I purchased a number of different styles, including three of this particular style. These were made for my mother and other family members.

👤The necklace does not come with a funnel to help you get the ashes in the urn part, which is the only issue I have with it. Otherwise I love it!

👤My dog is always with me. I thought it was going to be smaller. It is much nicer than I expected. I didn't think it would be so nice at that price.

👤It comes in 3 separate pieces. It is hard to take on and off and you have to reassemble it before you can take it off.

👤We bought 4 of them and they are all great. I would buy again, but I hope I don't have to for a long time.

👤I like that this is made of steel and has a mini funnel that you can use to put ashes in the necklace.


What is the best product for dog urns for ashes necklace?

Dog urns for ashes necklace products from Morotole. In this article about dog urns for ashes necklace you can see why people choose the product. Oinsi and Memorial Jewelry are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog urns for ashes necklace.

What are the best brands for dog urns for ashes necklace?

Morotole, Oinsi and Memorial Jewelry are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog urns for ashes necklace. Find the detail in this article. Fanery Sue, Rimzviux and Eternally Loved are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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