Best Dog Urns for Ashes Medium

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1. Memorial Gifts Picture Remembrance Cremation

Memorial Gifts Picture Remembrance Cremation

If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. It can be placed on a mantel or shelf. Keep your pet's memory alive. Having a pet memorial nearby will provide comfort and bring back good memories of your pet. A pet memorial urn is a thoughtful gift for a grieving friend or loved one. It is made with Cold cast Ceramic. Your pet is deserving of this. The color is grey. You can personalize the memorial for that special companion who is no longer here with the Urn size of 5-3/4"W x 4-1/4"D x 8-3/4"H.

Brand: Better Home Space

👤This was very sad. I was sent a terrible thing after the loss of my baby boy. The picture frame was not centered, the paint was terrible, and they sent me the wrong color. The letters were painted in different ways. I don't think this urn is a good idea.

👤We had to put our dog down. It was hard on us all when she was 15. I decided to have her cremated. I wanted an urn for her. I purchased this one. I don't like that it doesn't seal well. The top can come off easily if it's loose. It is very pretty. I have young children and I have to find something to seal it before I put my pup in it. I don't want accidents to happen.

👤I can't give an honest review because of Amazon's censorship. It was poor and Amazon will censure it.

👤I bought this for my dog that passed away in September and it was a beautiful urn. I ordered it again in January and it has completely changed. In the picture you can see that the fonts is hard to read. The top doesn't close evenly. The paw print is dirty. The color of the urn is bluish grey rather than concrete grey, which was previously received. I was upset that I wanted my boys urns to match. If the manufacturer could fix the situation. I ordered a replacement for this item and it was worse than the original.

👤The driver threw the product up on the deck and broke the urn. The delivery service was not very good. This was my beloved baby who was once full of life passed in my arms in a blink of an eye, he deserves to be in a beautiful stone piece. I can't get a refund without sending it back, it's not easy to do when I work over 100 hours a week. I will be going somewhere else for now. I know I will get what I pay for.

👤As dog owners, we know that the day will come when it is necessary, but I hate that we had to purchase this. We wanted a container for our dog's ashes. This was done well and was done quickly. I placed his ashes in this container and have them look at every day. There is a place to put his picture. A sad little buddy.

👤I am relieved to have this beautiful urn for my friend. The front of his ashes is a sweet and sentimental "verse" that is deeply felt. This is a good resting place for a dog who was loyal and good. If the lid is going to be a place where kids can be curious, I would suggest using a thin line or a couple dots of silicone to seal it.

👤The lid is not closed completely. The paint was not what was pictured. It was more lavender than gray. The paint job makes it hard to read the words. The material it is made from is decent quality, which is the reason I gave it 2 stars.

2. HOMELEX Remember Classic Souvenir Ceramics

HOMELEX Remember Classic Souvenir Ceramics

Extra large onion for a pet up to 120 lbs. The handmade pet urn is perfect for the cremation of your pet. The urn is 5 Inches tall and holds the remains of up to 120 pounds. This urn is beautiful and durable. The size is 5 inches high and 5 inches wide. The can lid is wrapped in tin foil and has a capacity of 137 ounces. When you lose your pet, you need a high quality casket to keep their ashes and pay tribute to the love you share. Excellent quality cremation urns are made by hand and are beautiful. These beautiful ceramics will be perfect and stand the test of time during these difficult times. The cremation urns are rugged and durable. You will be proud of the decisions you make when you see this. If you're not happy with it, they'll give you a money back.

Brand: Homelex

👤I saw this and knew it was the perfect fit for my ashes.

👤This is beautiful, I got it for my dog's ashes. The added bag makes me feel better about what would happen if the urn is knocked over, because the lid is tight and secure. This isn't something you look forward to buying, but I'm glad I got this one for my dog.

👤I wanted to find something more than a bottle. I wanted it to fit my dog's personality. I bought this because my child loved the fruit. I thought a blue urn would fit. This urn is sturdy, feels nice, and classy. Its perfect. I was not sure if this would be small. It was a good size. I'm sure this will be suitable for most people.

👤We had to say goodbye to our dog on Tuesday after almost 13 years of being with us. I knew this was the perfect urn for our boy when I saw it. Pictures do not do it justice, as it just arrived today. I pulled it out of the package and it took my breath away. Our dog had gorgeous blue eyes and the colors of them look like the deep blue in his eyes. Very good recommendation.

👤This is a small urn. It's larger than a large fruit. The lid is easy to get off. It has a fabric seal on the lid. These pictures don't do it justice because the color is gorgeous. You could use it for a lot of different things. I am very happy with my purchase and final resting place.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. It is the perfect size for the ashes of a cat or small dog. I can keep my cat's ashes in my living room without looking weird.

👤I am shocked. I bought the urn for my dog because I saw a picture and thought it was real. On the heavy sturdy side, it has a plastic sheath like inside, a black velvet bag, and ties for his ashes. There are no flaws anywhere. This is worth it. Thank you. Home.

👤A good urn for a cat. Right size.

👤There was enough room for hugs and fur trims for our dog, Timber, who was almost 20 years old.

👤I love this urn. Very happy with it.

👤Exactly what I was expecting. Very happy.

3. IHeartDogs Dog Urn Memorial Gift

IHeartDogs Dog Urn Memorial Gift

It is nice to have a way to remember your dog's life. The urn is a great way to honor your dog's life and also keep their ashes safe. The angel statue will always remind you of the love you both shared, and your dog would be proud to know that. The garden piece is beautiful. The dog is curled up among angel wings with a heart on top. The Urn for Beloved Pets is a memorial that can be used as an urn. Even if it rains, your dog's ashes will be safe in the garden. This stone is 100% Poly-Resin and looks great next to flowers and plants.

Brand: Iheartdogs

👤It would be a very solemn remembrance of Auntie's furboy. When our fur babies pass, we feel broken. They are beside you all the time.

👤The first one was broken. The replacement was in perfect condition. I was very happy with the experience at Amazon.

👤It is a tribute to a pet.

👤The dog memorial statue is gorgeous. It looks the same but is even more beautiful in person. It is really, really pretty. I can't wait to put it with the other things I have around my first service dog's memorial. There is a space in the bottom of the statue that can be used to hold the ashes, but the rest of the statue is open. If you put ashes inside this opening, they will likely fall out because it isn't waterproof. This fastening is not secure in that way, but it is large enough that you could put a collar or a piece of fur inside it. If you were to put ashes in this, I would suggest putting them in a tight vessel first and then putting them inside to make sure they are safe. This stone is perfect to remember a beloved member of the family. Definitely deserves five stars. Highly recommended.

👤The urn has a place that can be engraved but the heart is plain. A beautiful urn for pets.

👤I bought this for a memorial. Her ashes are in a beautiful urn and I wouldn't use it for your pet's ashes. Not sealed and very light. It works for what I wanted.

👤The bottom where the ashes go into the rubber was of poor quality and had to be tapped.

4. Cremation Jewelry Holder Memorial Keepsake

Cremation Jewelry Holder Memorial Keepsake

Some of your pet's ashes can be securely held in pet cremation jewelry. If you want to have your pet close to you, you can either wear the pendent or place it near the urn. Sturdy snake chain has a high polished shiny surface. The top opening screw has a screw on it. Will not be rusted. It is possible to keep your loved one close to your heart by wearing this jewelry. A cremation jewelry is perfect size. A beautiful gift box with a free chain and extension chain. Help a grieving friend or loved one remember their pet with this beautiful pet ashes jewelry. Memorial jewelry, urn necklace, cremation jewelry, and remembrance jewelry are used to honor a loved one. This jewelry will provide comfort and bring back fond memories of the good times you shared with your friend. There are pet loss memorial gifts. It's perfect to remember your furry friend. You can keep your pet close to you.

Brand: Minicremation

👤I'm glad I made this purchase. The necklace is small but works well because it doesn't feel too large to actually wear. It has a screwdriver and funnel. I miss my boy, but this helps.

👤If you're reading this, I'm sorry for the loss of whoever you're buying it for. This is the perfect product for a small souvenir for a man. It has a screwdriver and a tiny funnel. It is small, about the size of a quarter, but it's the perfect size to stick away and still be on you. It would fit easily in a wallet. I would purchase it again because it is beautiful.

👤If you are shopping around for these, I am sorry for your loss. Losing a family member is a big deal. This necklace is made of micro urns. Our dog died less than two weeks ago. My daughter had a special bond with him and I wanted to honor it. I wanted her to be able to carry a piece of him with her because she doesn't get to be around his memorial and remains at home. The small size is adorable and appears to be well made, which makes it hard to say goodbye.

👤It was a bit smaller than we expected, but it was very nice. It was packaged well in a nice box. The chain we got was much longer and thicker. Had I realized this was so small, I would have gotten a shorter chain. My husband loves it and that is all that matters.

👤This is small and you should know that. You can't fit much inside. It seems to be very good. The complete kit includes a tiny screwdriver, mini funnel and a tool to securely pack the ashes inside. The pendant is what I needed to keep my baby close, so I replaced the chain immediately. I don't know if it's waterproof or not, so I take it off to shower. I never remove it. It's a perfect item to keep your child with you. Highly recommended.

👤I wanted to have a piece of Tonka with me after he died, so I was afraid to purchase this. It's lightweight and can be worn with nicer clothes if you don't want to take it off for events like weddings or graduations. There is a It was very difficult to get the ashes in the pendant even with the funnel, and it was also very difficult to open the urn. I had to sit there and try to get as much as I could in it without spilling his ashes over the table. I only give it 4 stars because it's not hard to say goodbye to a pet, but putting them in something to keep them close to you is. I wish I'd bought a wider funnel before I went through the issues I did.

👤It was smaller than I anticipated. I lost my bunny at the beginning of the week and the necklace came before the ashes did. It is nice to have a piece of him with me. It is very simple, amazing and sturdy. I recommend this purchase to my friends who have lost pets as well, I am very happy with this purchase.

5. Pearhead 89005 Pet Memory Black

Pearhead 89005 Pet Memory Black

Your pet's memory will always live on, even if they are gone. There is a gray background mat and a ruler for cutting double sided tape. The box is large enough to hold the ashes of a large dog and all cats, so it can be used as an urn to hold your cat or dog. The box is black and will fit in your home décor. The box can be used to store your pet's favorite toys. To create the print, knead the clay for a few minutes and roll out, press your pet's paw in the clay to create an impression, use a ruler to create a square, and use double-sided tape to stick the print to the gray mat. Pearhead has a wooden paw prints memory box that will fit pets up to 100 lbs. The box is 7.87” H x 4.48” D and has a photo insert and print opening.

Brand: Pearhead

👤It is a perfect resting place for my beloved Roxy. There is plenty of room for her remains, collar and favorite toy. To help other people know if this is right for their pet, Roxy was 14 years old and had an 85 pound labrador mixed breed dog. I bought this at a lower price and found no damage. The box was still taped shut. I am very happy with this item.

👤This is our second purchase. We have the brown as well. One was for our 50lb dog and the other was for our 11lb dog. There are sympathy cards, ink paw print, cremation certificate and collars. There is a picture and clay paw print behind the glass. I added plaques with their names and dates to them. I put a picture of the brown box in the picture. I kept the lid open for a few days because they have a strong smell. They are also very hard to read. I wipe them down. I like placing items in the box. The box should be made of solid wood. It is being used as an urn and I would pay more for it. I put one on top of her puppy bed and the other on a tray with his blanket and shirt.

👤We had to put Oso down while we were on vacation. Our neighbors are very happy that our fur kids are at our home. After blood work and xrays, our vet couldn't figure out why Oso suddenly became sick, so we had to make the decision to lose our sweet boy at only 9 years of age. We were able to film our goodbyes and be with him as he crossed the bridge. We had him cremated and his remains were put in a tin and a red bag. Since I wasn't here, I had to make a decision. I looked and researched a lot before I made this decision. I was happy. The opening is narrow, so you can see that his ashes are in the box, but I didn't think it mattered. His ashes, collar, tags, vet records, and sympathy cards are all tucked away in a box with him. We used the ink print from the vet's paw to make the paw print area. The materials for a paw print have been saved. The front is made of glass. It's really nice. Oso passed away on 5/17/2021.

👤There was no damage. When promised, 2 arrived. Good 4. It's the worst part, trying to add photo and paw prints created by crematorium and getting it perfect, frustrating and not displaying as I wanted. I will make changes in time. The paw print is 4x6 inches but is slightly heavy. I knew it would be a challenge. It was the right choice for my needs. I was given the inside space for my personal items. My cat is still in the original wooden urn that was supplied by the crematorium and it fits well with a bit of space left. She was 12 lbs. If you need the same things, I recommend you. Her paw plaque is about half an inch in thickness. The fit was tight but it worked.

6. Memorial Memory Keepsake Cremation Remembrance

Memorial Memory Keepsake Cremation Remembrance

An animal lover can understand the sadness of losing a pet. When they lose their pet, they found a small degree of comfort in the fact that their cherished heirloom provided a small amount of solace. It is a great way to remember your special family member. Small urns can travel with them and allow them to keep the lost ones in their hearts and lives forever. The overall size is 7.09inch X 4.9inch X 4.9 inch. The volume is 170 inches. The photo frame is 2.36inch X 3.94inch. It is large enough to fit the ashes of a medium to large dog. The natural bamboo box is portable anddurable. Give your loved one the quality they deserve with a good quality pet urn. A photo display. The personalize pet urn allows one picture to be put on the front of the box and carved paw prints on the back. It's perfect for remembering your favorite moments with your friend. They offer a satisfaction guarantee on how deep and rewarding the connection between pet owners and pets can be. Their main concern is customers satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with any of their products, they will give you a full money back satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Bamtalk

👤The product is cheaper than the picture shows. The design is off center and blurry. When the cover is turned upside down, the picture will fall out and the contents will not be protected. I wish I'd gotten something nicer since it was for a gift. I will not be giving it to the person I bought it for.

👤It fit a dog that weighed 160 lbs. It would be barely bigger than that. It was weird to put the ashes in the bottom of the box. I would buy again for the price.

👤I miss my dog, but this is a beautiful piece for his final resting place.

👤I wish I had listened to the reviews about the poor quality of the rest of the box. My dog's ashes won't be resting there. Shame on you for not controlling quality.

👤The writing is similar to the wood.

👤Thank you for making this available to pet parents like me. I got this days after my baby died and I love it, it's a great way to keep him with me.

👤The bottom broke in two pieces.

👤The etching is very light and hard to see. A natural urn with brown etching is shown in the pic. I received a natural urn with etching.

7. PCS Memorial Cremation Engraved Ashes Small

PCS Memorial Cremation Engraved Ashes Small

Small 0-45 lbs, Medium 46 lbs, Large 86 lbs are available. A classic silver pet urn can be used to hold the remains of most pets. Choosing a pet cremation urn is a way to preserve memories. The living room is a good place to display the urn. The threaded screw on the top lid of the urn makes it lightweight and durable. The urns for dogs and cats ashes are sturdy and provide cute paw prints to honor your pet. A velvet bag is provided with this elegant metal pet urn, which arrives in a colorful cardboard box.

Brand: Pcs Pet Crematory Supplies

👤I received a used urn for the first time, and I received a second used one as well. I don't think I would recommend this to anyone if I could only give it a single star, as I think my first review that I did never made it up, so hopefully this one makes it, so no one else has to go through this.

👤I liked it. The size is right. Exactly what I was looking for my daughter. But... I couldn't open it. I tried many different things. My husband was also tired. It will not open. I received a refund from Amazon. I would rather have the urn open.

👤My cat passed away if it had been 15 years. My grandson loved her. She laid by his crib when he was a baby. She is always with him because he was crushed when she died.

👤I bought an urn from a memorial that was heavy and sturdy, and it was quite expensive. I was very happy with that purchase. This one was bought because of the cheap price. It wouldn't be as high quality. It is very light and fragile, like if I dropped it it would hit me. No good for my baby. Returning it.

👤It wasn't the best, but you get what you pay for. When I put my finger on the inside, it was black from the inside. The screw thing on the top is kind of annoying to put on and off, but it is not that bad. Just make sure you wash it, it's pretty cute.

👤The urn was what it was described as. A quality product.

👤The baby of 16 years passed away and was cremated. The Urn I ordered is absolutely perfect. He will always be by my side.

👤The quality and appearance of the cremation urn was appreciated by our family. The delivery was very fast.

8. NEWDREAM Cremation Large Keepsake Memorial

NEWDREAM Cremation Large Keepsake Memorial

Most of them are sad when they lose pets. They hope that their pet urn can bring some comfort to you and your friends who are sad because of the loss of your pet. Large and medium-sized dogs under 100 pounds are suitable for the dog memory box. The photo is 4.3"H x 3.5"W. Show favorite photos, angle dog size: 2.3 "(H) x 2.3" Most of them are sad when they lose pets. They hope that their pet ashes box can bring some comfort to you or your friend who is sad because of the loss of your pet. A memorial box is a beautiful way to express their Condolence when losing a cute baby. If you have a question, please contact them, they will solve it for you within 24 hours.

Brand: Newdream

👤Nice urn. The box did not come with a screw to tighten the back, and the paint was already chipping when I opened it. I ordered a name plate to make it look nicer. It was large enough to hold my dog's ashes and one of the toys he had with him.

👤You can paint, stain or leave the unfinished pine box as it is. The front panel is easy to put in a display and can be taken with a plastic and cloth bag.

👤The item is beautiful but I have broken wood. I have marks on them.

👤Para la ceniza de Ma.

👤I have been trying to make this work, but it won't. I lost my German Shepherd and now his container won't seal. I would be embarrassed.

👤I was very happy with the product. It arrived much sooner than expected. His ashes, his collar, his baby teeth, his sweater, and a card all fit inside the box perfectly. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤L'article correspond to ce qui est affiché. Livraison rapide et le tout est le tout.

👤It was a perfect tribute to my dog Shiloh.

9. ENBOVE Funeral Cremation Loving Forgotten

ENBOVE Funeral Cremation Loving Forgotten

It's possible. If you want to express your love for your pet with a beautiful pet urn, give your loved one the quality they deserve - a high quality urn to hold their ashes, a quality urn for you and a peaceful place for your pet ashes. There are dimensions and acuity. The height is 7.3 inches. The measurement is 4 inches. The weight was 0.48 lbs. 92 inches is the capacity. Most pets weigh up to 50 lbs. and have a funeral urn that fits them. These paw prints are unique and can be engraved on your pet urns. Peaceful place. A beautiful and elegant pet cremation urns is a perfect final resting place for their beloved and loved ones. The fancy urn will be eye catching from any distance. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, they will give you a 100% refund within 90 days. They want to offer the best customer service on Amazon.

Brand: Enbove

👤I bought this urn after reading the previous reviews on Amazon, after losing my dog Adara due to a failing kidneys. I decided to buy this urn, and it was a great one. The urn has a beautiful message and was shipped quickly, and there was a lovely message in the urn. I love this!

👤Losing our senior rescue cat to a sudden stroke was heartbreaking, but seeing the prices of urns at the crematory was upsetting. Go to the rescue! We found the perfect urn to hold our kitty's ashes after just a few minutes of searching, with room to bring another purr box or two to our home. It is a sturdy urn because of the thinner walls. The price was much easier on our wallet than we had expected, and the words are perfect. The craftsmanship is excellent and the threaded lid seals tightly. I would recommend this to anyone.

👤I had my beloved Max E. Cat cremated at $65 and this urn is nicer than most of the urns offered at the pet cemetary. I would like it to be a tad bit smaller. The seller's fault was not the fault of the shipping company. Excellent packaging and a great price!

👤The incorrect color was received. Purchased black and received silver. 2. It feels like something you can find at a dollar store. The writing is made of stickers. 3. I am worried my mother's dog will knock this over easily. My mother has had a hard time dealing with the fact that her pet is no longer with her, now she is losing her mind because everything is going wrong for her. This is not worth 20 bucks.

👤I ordered 3 different urns, and this is the one we kept. The little girl was 48 lbs. Her remains are perfect. This item is a must have for me.

👤The product description makes it sound like the item will have paw prints on it. I received an urn with paw stickers that had glue all around it. I have been trying to clean it, but I will probably not use it. This was not what I wanted for my best friend.

👤The package was thrown at the door 16 feet away. This can be put on Ring doorbell tape. No damage was done to the item. Excellent item and recommend.

👤We knew that this little urn was what we wanted when our family dog died. We're satisfied with it once delivered. It looks like it was made with good craftmanship. The paw prints are brushed metal and chrome. The issue is that we need to remove the pack bag before we put the dog's ashes into the urn as the neck is narrow. We're still struggling with the loss and that's a difficult prospect. Our dear one is kept close by this lovely urn.

👤The urn feels solid with a water tight screw on it. My dog is 27 lbs and he has his favorite ball inside. The paw prints should be engraved. My fault is not reading reviews. I can live with it because they don't look terrible and I didn't have any flaws. I might try to use the stickers as a guide. His ashes are in a metal container and not something that could be easily broken.

10. NEWDREAM Cremation Ashes Keepsake Memorial

NEWDREAM Cremation Ashes Keepsake Memorial

The cat urns for ashes are made of wood which is resistant to wear and is suitable for lost cat gifts. The dog memory box is External and has a capacity of 63 cubic meters. Show favorite photos and capture their faces. The pet photo cremation urn can change the photo at will. Most of them are sad when they lose pets. They hope that their pet creations box can bring some comfort to you or your friend who is sad because of the loss of your pet. Dog cremation box for ashes is a beautiful way to express their Condolence when losing a cute baby. The color of each piece may be slightly different due to the manual finishing process.

Brand: Newdream

👤It's good for the cremation of my sweet cookie. It's a sturdy thing.

👤I fell in love with this urn after looking for it for a few hours. I ripped it off because I disliked the artificial turf more than I thought. I used a hair dryer to remove the glue. I painted the angel cat to look like my cat. The quality is good and it's pretty. It's better without the grass.

👤I try to use photo sizes of 4x6 or 5x7, which work well with most photo urns. These have a smaller viewing window which means using trimmed 4x6 with lots of border space so the face is not obstruction. Otherwise, works well.

👤I bought this for our dog that passed away. The angel wings were broken when it arrived. The screw on the bottom was stripped and has a smell. We had to buy something else. There's money down the drain because it's non-refundable. Absolutely disgusted and disappointed.

👤The container was great for my baby girl. It doesn't take up a lot of space. The picture part is great. They need to make more colors. It is worth the price. Would recommend to other buyers.

👤The box is nice, but the frame is just an opening to put a picture in. The necklace was not included and it was not clear if it was glass or plastic.

👤I liked them a lot. I can put a picture in each urn for my cats who have died.

👤This was the perfect small box to keep our cat's ashes in.

👤The quality is terrible. I know pet urns cost a lot of money. This one is not worth $5. You can't see the picture because the plastic protects it. When put in place, the back slider is loose. Do not buy!

👤These were perfect. I think the catalog from the cremation company was meant to be very high in price. The price was perfect for my cat. The cover is great. Keeps them safe. Thank you! The velvet bag was nice.

👤We had a private cremation for our cat. The wooden urn is beautiful.

👤It's perfect for an adult cat.

👤Very cheap. A previous order was with another seller. Very disappointed.

11. Medium Urns Human Ashes Cremation

Medium Urns Human Ashes Cremation

A velvet bag is provided with this elegant metal pet urn, which arrives in a colorful cardboard box. Keepsake urns for a loved one. The urn is blue. It is the color of peace and tranquility. It calms the mind and helps them find inner peace. It is a loving urn that brings comfort and peace during difficult times. Medics are used for human ashes. The capacity of the medium urn is 64 inches, which is 1 inch larger than the weight of the cremation. It's the perfect size to hold onto and share your loved ones' remains. There is a craft stewardship. Handmade ceramic cremation urns. The professional craftsmen love each process. The ceramic urn is a beautiful reminder and an elegant resting place for your loved one. The 1.5 lbs cremation urn is made to last. urns produced at high temperatures are timeless. The surface of the ashes won't rust or fade. The double screws lid is safe in any situation. Sympathy gifts: The gift box is moss green. It's a kind sympathy gift for sad occasions, for comforting grieving friends or family members, and also for bringing warmth and love to others.

Brand: Vana Kula

👤I wish I knew how big it was. I only had a small amount of ashes. Thank you, Deborah, but I will make do.

👤This urn is true. The two closings at the top make me happy. There is safety. It was too small. I need two of them for my twin sister and me. Too much in price. There needs to be a better way. There are 4 little urns. Thank you Amazon. My mistake. It showed me what I needed to know.

👤This is the perfect size for the curio cabinet shelf. The color is gorgeous. It is very safe.

👤I was surprised by the quality of these urns, they are exactly as advertised. I would definitely buy from them again.

👤The color is amazing, it was my dad's favorite color, and it has a secure screw on to, it's exactly what I was looking for.

👤I love it! The urn is the perfect size for my son's remains, and it looks like the picture. It's really pretty. It was locked inside the Vana Kula box.


What is the best product for dog urns for ashes medium?

Dog urns for ashes medium products from Better Home Space. In this article about dog urns for ashes medium you can see why people choose the product. Homelex and Iheartdogs are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog urns for ashes medium.

What are the best brands for dog urns for ashes medium?

Better Home Space, Homelex and Iheartdogs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog urns for ashes medium. Find the detail in this article. Minicremation, Pearhead and Bamtalk are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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