Best Dog Urns for Ashes Large

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1. Best Friend Services Kennedy Cremation

Best Friend Services Kennedy Cremation

There is a LID and BASE. The Kennedy Paws series pet urn is an elegant reminder of the life you shared with your pet. This urn is simple and elegant and will fit in many settings. The thread top is for a secure seal. The threaded screw top is easy to maintain. This memorial will honor your pet's life. Excellent: unrestricted. The paw print pet urns are hand carved and engravable by your local engraver. Their pet urns are designed to give you something to admire. There is a mortuary unit size cancer. Small up to 30 lbs, Med up to 70 lbs, Large up to 130 lbs, and XL up to 170 lbs before cremation. Money back guarantee. If you're not happy with their hand crafted urns, they'll give you a full refund. They make sure their customers are completely satisfied when grieving for their pets.

Brand: Best Friend Services

👤Just received an urn. It is beautiful and better looking than I expected. It's also very heavy. I want to point out that the dimensions are listed in the wrong way. The small urn is listed as being 6 feet wide at the widest point, but it is not even 5 feet high. It's 4.75" high and 3.25" wide at the widest point. I want people to know that it will work for my cat's ashes, she was very small when she died, but it will still work.

👤Wow! It took forever to ship, but it was worth the wait because it was out of stock. It's perfect for my dog. The pictures are very well made and true. It is beautiful. I can't say enough good things about it. I'm happy I didn't settle for something else. Even comes with a pouch. When my baby girl moves on, she will have a nice place to rest.

👤Sky is a small dog. We had her cremated after she died suddenly. I wanted something nice for her. If anyone finds that helpful, she was 11 lbs. It has nice shiny chrome.

👤I was happy to see the urn when I opened the box. The metal had a shine that I was looking for and the coloring was perfect. Even though I knew a machine did it, the paw prints looked hand done. There was no need to worry about the ashes spilling because the lid was secure. The paw prints going up the urn as if they were going to heaven was one of the reasons we chose this urn. It's a great way to remember your pet after they're gone.

👤It was hard to know that we would have to put our baby down. I picked out an urn for her that spoke to me, so that I could be more prepared and accept her death. She has crossed over. She has a shelf that brings me some peace.

👤My dog died. It was nice how they did everything after she was cremated. I didn't care for the canister and it was expensive at the place. I found a cute ern that was big enough to fit her. I look at it every now and then. I think of her.

👤Absolutely beautiful and solid brass. It's worth the money. It was much better than we expected. You can get a piece of marble, wood, onyx, etc., and have it engraved for about $20-$25 at a trophy shop, but it will be difficult to get it done to the high polished Raku finish. You can either set the piece under the urn or permanently set it under the urn.

👤The opening was small, I had a hard time getting my Great Danes to stay in the running. It made it 10 times more emotional for me. I did it. It's all good. Ceazar was given the perfect final resting place.

👤It has been a very emotional process with the loss of my best friend, but I love the urn. I am.

2. JOFUNG Cremate Funeral Keepsake,Laser Engraving

JOFUNG Cremate Funeral Keepsake%EF%BC%8CLaser Engraving

The cremation urn is made ofstainless steel for a better appearance. The paw prints are carved by laser with high clarity and stability. It has a threaded design on the cap for more security. The package is perfect and wide applicability. The size is suitable for a large pet. 24 hours after-sale service is available. Feel free to contact them if you have a question.

Brand: Jofung

👤I did a black paw print. I thought it would look better. It says for animals over 65 lbs. My sweet girl was a pit bull. I thought it was too small and I hoped her ashes would fit. Surprisingly, they did. I was very happy with it. Daddy's little girl is now in a special place. It's like the size of the 5x7 frame. It shows a rough idea. Hopefully knowing what size my pet was will help determine it. There is a paw print on top of the lid. For a good price, it's beautifully designed.

👤I bought this urn on Amazon thinking I wouldn't like it, we had to put our cat down. It is very nice.

👤I received the one with the house, but I bought the one with the pet paws. No big deal. The urn is sturdy. My dog's ashes do not fit, so it would be perfect. She was a Basset hound.

👤Great product for pet lovers who want to remember their pets but wish the writing was darker.

👤Like many other reviewers. I received an urn that had a small scratch on it. It was in the back and not seen until you picked it up. The material is so thin you can almost hit it. If you are okay with the possibility of receiving a damaged unit, I would not recommend you.

👤The urn is beautiful and we were looking for. Thesealable lid is a plus. Fit our bully.

👤Great size, not too big or small. Good quality for the price.

👤It was perfect size. Beautiful quality. It's a perfect resting place for my dog.

👤I received it today. It's ok quality. There is a big scratch on the side and a small scratch on the lid. Trying to get a refund or replacement from Amazon.

3. INTAJ Handmade Rosewood Handcrafted Memorial

INTAJ Handmade Rosewood Handcrafted Memorial

The pet urns for dogs are made from the highest quality wood, Rosewood, which is known for its optimum Quality and Durability. A wooden urn box is perfect for your loved ones. This Urn is made from Rosewood, a famous wood for its dark brown color with deep strikes andDurability. The wood is used to make furniture. They display cremated remains at home or at office. Since 1992, INTAJ has been manufacturing wooden urns that can be used for pets, humans, and funeral urns. They have the highest quality and fastest shipping in the world. Their urns are perfect for your loved one. personalization and customization are also offered. You can order yours today for the loved ones.

Brand: Intaj

👤The time888-607-888-607-888-607-3166 is the time888-607-3166 to888-607-888-607-3166 to888-607-888-607-3166 to deposit the ashes of our beautiful fur babies. I decided to give this a try after reading a lot of reviews and seeing the beautiful urn, the little paws in the top are a nice touch and a great way to keep the remains of my beloved fur baby in home. I order a second one on the next size small medium to fit our boy who was 20 lbs. I'm using this to transfer a girl who passed a few years ago.

👤Losing a dog is nothing harder than losing a cat. Before this one, I bought another urn. The first one I bought didn't feel right. I did more searching and found this one. It looks good. It was well made. Doesn't look cheap at all. Sturdy work.

👤The reason for ordering this item was sad, but I was satisfied with the handmade pet urn. The quality was topnotch. The style of pet urn I viewed was different due to the raised paw prints. I usually buy the urns at the vet's office. I will order an urn for my pets. I am so happy that my pet's ashes are in a beautiful urn. Thank you!

👤The box is beautiful. I was able to fit the ashes for my dog, but there was no room to spare. I did not give the box a full 5 stars because of some flaws around the paw prints. The screws in the bottom allow the ashes to remain secure, and it is very sturdy. I wouldn't recommend this box for a dog larger than 10 pounds.

👤The box is hard to open. I don't have a small screwdriver. I can't see that well to try. Wanted to come back. I don't want to pay the shipping charge and send this back to India. The box goes to the garbage. Totally useless.

👤My Yorkie passed away in January. I wanted a wooden box to hold her ashes. I keep the box on a bookshelf near my recliner because it is a beautiful way to remember her. The price paid is appreciated by me.

👤This online pet urn is nice. Very happy with it. The paw inlays are special. They were very happy with the product, even though they looked cheap in the picture. Our little girl was our love for 19 years. We have a beautiful urn that we can remember her in, we have her brother and sister next to her in similar urns, and we miss her. Will always be with us.

👤Our beloved Yorkie was placed in this urn. The workmanship is of the highest quality. I would buy this item again.

👤The urn was returned without any issues. The work was beautiful but small for my pet's ashes. Thank you.

👤This is gorgeous. It was just perfect and fast. No chips or dents. We love it.

👤I am very pleased with the quality of the product and I haven't used it yet.

4. HOMELEX Remember Classic Souvenir Ceramics

HOMELEX Remember Classic Souvenir Ceramics

Extra large onion for a pet up to 120 lbs. The handmade pet urn is perfect for the cremation of your pet. The urn is 5 Inches tall and holds the remains of up to 120 pounds. This urn is beautiful and durable. The size is 5 inches high and 5 inches wide. The can lid is wrapped in tin foil and has a capacity of 137 ounces. When you lose your pet, you need a high quality casket to keep their ashes and pay tribute to the love you share. Excellent quality cremation urns are made by hand and are beautiful. These beautiful ceramics will be perfect and stand the test of time during these difficult times. The cremation urns are rugged and durable. You will be proud of the decisions you make when you see this. If you're not happy with it, they'll give you a money back.

Brand: Homelex

👤I saw this and knew it was the perfect fit for my ashes.

👤This is beautiful, I got it for my dog's ashes. The added bag makes me feel better about what would happen if the urn is knocked over, because the lid is tight and secure. This isn't something you look forward to buying, but I'm glad I got this one for my dog.

👤I wanted to find something more than a bottle. I wanted it to fit my dog's personality. I bought this because my child loved the fruit. I thought a blue urn would fit. This urn is sturdy, feels nice, and classy. Its perfect. I was not sure if this would be small. It was a good size. I'm sure this will be suitable for most people.

👤We had to say goodbye to our dog on Tuesday after almost 13 years of being with us. I knew this was the perfect urn for our boy when I saw it. Pictures do not do it justice, as it just arrived today. I pulled it out of the package and it took my breath away. Our dog had gorgeous blue eyes and the colors of them look like the deep blue in his eyes. Very good recommendation.

👤This is a small urn. It's larger than a large fruit. The lid is easy to get off. It has a fabric seal on the lid. These pictures don't do it justice because the color is gorgeous. You could use it for a lot of different things. I am very happy with my purchase and final resting place.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. It is the perfect size for the ashes of a cat or small dog. I can keep my cat's ashes in my living room without looking weird.

👤I am shocked. I bought the urn for my dog because I saw a picture and thought it was real. On the heavy sturdy side, it has a plastic sheath like inside, a black velvet bag, and ties for his ashes. There are no flaws anywhere. This is worth it. Thank you. Home.

👤A good urn for a cat. Right size.

👤There was enough room for hugs and fur trims for our dog, Timber, who was almost 20 years old.

👤I love this urn. Very happy with it.

👤Exactly what I was expecting. Very happy.

5. Memorial Gifts Picture Remembrance Cremation

Memorial Gifts Picture Remembrance Cremation

If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. It can be placed on a mantel or shelf. Keep your pet's memory alive. Having a pet memorial nearby will provide comfort and bring back good memories of your pet. A pet memorial urn is a thoughtful gift for a grieving friend or loved one. It is made with Cold cast Ceramic. Your pet is deserving of this. The color is grey. You can personalize the memorial for that special companion who is no longer here with the Urn size of 5-3/4"W x 4-1/4"D x 8-3/4"H.

Brand: Better Home Space

👤This was very sad. I was sent a terrible thing after the loss of my baby boy. The picture frame was not centered, the paint was terrible, and they sent me the wrong color. The letters were painted in different ways. I don't think this urn is a good idea.

👤We had to put our dog down. It was hard on us all when she was 15. I decided to have her cremated. I wanted an urn for her. I purchased this one. I don't like that it doesn't seal well. The top can come off easily if it's loose. It is very pretty. I have young children and I have to find something to seal it before I put my pup in it. I don't want accidents to happen.

👤I can't give an honest review because of Amazon's censorship. It was poor and Amazon will censure it.

👤I bought this for my dog that passed away in September and it was a beautiful urn. I ordered it again in January and it has completely changed. In the picture you can see that the fonts is hard to read. The top doesn't close evenly. The paw print is dirty. The color of the urn is bluish grey rather than concrete grey, which was previously received. I was upset that I wanted my boys urns to match. If the manufacturer could fix the situation. I ordered a replacement for this item and it was worse than the original.

👤The driver threw the product up on the deck and broke the urn. The delivery service was not very good. This was my beloved baby who was once full of life passed in my arms in a blink of an eye, he deserves to be in a beautiful stone piece. I can't get a refund without sending it back, it's not easy to do when I work over 100 hours a week. I will be going somewhere else for now. I know I will get what I pay for.

👤As dog owners, we know that the day will come when it is necessary, but I hate that we had to purchase this. We wanted a container for our dog's ashes. This was done well and was done quickly. I placed his ashes in this container and have them look at every day. There is a place to put his picture. A sad little buddy.

👤I am relieved to have this beautiful urn for my friend. The front of his ashes is a sweet and sentimental "verse" that is deeply felt. This is a good resting place for a dog who was loyal and good. If the lid is going to be a place where kids can be curious, I would suggest using a thin line or a couple dots of silicone to seal it.

👤The lid is not closed completely. The paint was not what was pictured. It was more lavender than gray. The paint job makes it hard to read the words. The material it is made from is decent quality, which is the reason I gave it 2 stars.

6. Box Beautifully Engraved Urn Ashes Cremation Cats Funeral Box Large

Box Beautifully Engraved Urn Ashes Cremation Cats Funeral Box Large

The capacity of the Creed is 218 liters. In. The Rosewood Urn Box has dimensions of 9.4" x 6.4" x 5 Inches. It's appropriate for an adult with a healthy weight. The box weighed 2.35 pounds. The urn has a hand done design.

Brand: S.b.arts

👤The box was cheap and it was trash. There are cracks and splits in the wood. The cheap brown paper is not adequate for shipping this product, so some of the damage may have been caused during shipping. The wood was not protected. The wood has weird blemish on it. I don't want my son's ashes to be in this box, I have many wooden items in our home. Immediately returning. If it's not made cheaply, it will look like trash when it arrives, so don't waste your money.

👤The box was beautiful. The carving of the tree of life was beautiful. I had to return it because it was too small. My brother is in a box. I wanted to put that box in the more pretty one. It's a shaving too big. If you don't want to do it that way then you should fit in. I plan on getting a bigger box because it is beautiful and cheap.

👤Three weeks ago, my dog crossed the bridge. Her remains were returned in a small tin. I found this beautiful box after checking out urns. I'm very happy with this product. The small box was enough room for at least that amount of ashes again.

👤What we intended was perfect. We needed a bigger box to hold 3 bags of ashes and 2 pounds of remains. It works perfectly. The wood is well designed. One chip ut the place. I was surprised at how a cheap buy turned into a wonderful purchase. Thank you so much.

👤It is a nice box to put a loved one in. You try to open it. You have to push and pull to one side. I had to put wax on one side. It works for something that I won't open very often.

👤It was the perfect option for the cremation of my dad and mom. There was room to put a few items in. Highly recommended.

👤We needed a storage urn for our cat's ashes. This was the exact match for one that was used to return another cat's ashes to us. We have a matching pair.

👤The box is beautiful and it holds the ashes of my fiancée. I found a beautiful box for his remains and it was perfect.

👤More beautiful than was promised. I would recommend or re-order.

7. Memorial Jewelry Forever Cremation Necklace

Memorial Jewelry Forever Cremation Necklace

A cremation urn pendant, a snake chain, and a gift box are included. Premium Grade Stainless steel pendant and chain will not rust, corrode, or stain. A gasket is used to keep your pet's ashes safe. This could be used for jewelry, urns, and necklaces. Holds small amount of dried flowers, dirt, special messages, hair, perfume, cremains and ashes, perfect to memorialize your loved one forever and keep your loved one close to your heart at all times. The design of the two circles is stylish and beautiful, the love in the middle represents the heart that loves you, this jewelry can either be worn or displayed at your home in an elegant display dome or jewelry box. No matter where you go, take the best memories of your Love with you. This is a risk-free buy, and you can personalize any word you want.

Brand: Memorial Jewelry

👤The quality is good and it's cute. I've received a lot of praise. It's hard to get ashed in the heart because it's small. I was able to make it work. It is a great sentimental item.

👤I had to say goodbye to my beloved Boston and found this amazing ash holder for her ashes in my car. She loves car rides and goes for one daily. The value for the money is perfect for my needs and it is thick and durable.

👤My 6 year old cat was put to sleep. My husband put his ashes inside and it meant a lot to me. The quality is amazing. When I move, it makes a jingle. I hear it every time. I put my hand on it to tell my kitty I love him.

👤This looks pretty in the picture, but not in reality. It's small and it's useless to put ASHES in it. I trashed it on the first day.

👤I didn't have the strength to split her ashes so I put some of her fur in it. It is on the larger size. I haven't taken it off since I got it, and it doesn't pull hair like some necklaces do. It has a paw print on it.

👤I didn't wear it for 24 hours. I had it screwed on tight as well. I feel like junk. I had another one that wanted to change it up.

👤The heart stopped working in less than 24 hours. I'm very sad. One would think that the products of this nature would be more secure.

👤I ordered two for my daughter. I could have our puppy with us all the time. These are beautiful and durable. Excellent quality and a great price.

👤Thank you for making things a bit easier at this time.

8. Windhaven Memorial Sleeping Cremation Statue

Windhaven Memorial Sleeping Cremation Statue

Amzlion Pet urns are suitable for dogs ashes, cat ashes, bird ashes and other pet ashes. If you're not happy with their hand crafted urns, they'll give you a full refund. The cast is made using high quality designer resin. The dimensions are 8.15"W x 7.5"D x 4.15"H. A pet urn is suitable for a small cat. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Can be used as a pet memorial statue. This angel pet figurine is a great way to remember your pet.

Brand: Pacific Giftware

👤I wanted to put my pet's ashes in this. I think it is beautiful and a great way to remember my dog. I was able to put his collar on. I am very pleased with the final resting place for my pet, it was easy to use and I found it very nice.

👤I bought this because I didn't want to bury the dog that died suddenly. Tinkerbell was a Jack Russel Terrier. I didn't have the nerve to look for hours and pay a huge price for her urn when she died. I wanted it to be a good price and worthy of her. I debated for a long time on getting it because I didn't feel like doing anything without her. I am very glad that my husband and mother talked me into it. Tink is sitting in front of the tv in the bedroom and I can see her every day.

👤C.J. passed away 17 years ago. I wanted to put his ashes in a special place. I bought an urn. It exceeded my expectations. It is cute and special. There is a small hole to put the ashes in. I had to put them in small bags. The urn is still great and it wasn't a problem for me. My dog weighed 11 pounds.

👤I like this statue. The rubber piece on the bottom was warped and wouldn't fit into the hole correctly, the only issue I had with it. I used a hot glue gun to secure the piece.

👤I had to put my 10yr old Doberman/pitbull mix xena down just 5 days ago. This is the most perfect urn to hold her ashes in, I miss her deeply. The bottom plug is flimsy, but nothing can be done to fix it.

👤It was heartbreaking and disappointing. I got this for Neiko, who passed away on May 1st. I received my package when I picked up my baby. I opened the box and it was beautiful. It's not possible to keep his ashes safe. The bottom plug is terrible. It's worse than a bank and there are little knives holes that can't stay in the urn. I thought it was small, but my baby was only 9 pounds. I spent money on a piece of memory and I will be contacting Amazon to ask them not to sell it for your baby.

👤To make it easier to get a bag of ashes in, the hole needs to be a bit larger. The size of the figure is correct. If someone wanted to use the plug in their garden, they might want to clear coat it. The golden wings are pretty, but they look sloppy. I am not sure if the inside left over pieces of what this is made out of, or if this product was used. I had ashes in my bag and it looked like this figure. I like the product and will be keeping it. The craftsmanship could have been done a little better.

9. BRKURLEG Memorial Keepsake Cremation Protector

BRKURLEG Memorial Keepsake Cremation Protector

Solid wood is used in this dogs/cats keepsake box. Give your loved one the quality they deserve with a good quality pet urn. Keep Precious Memories is a permanent tribute to your pet. Your pet's memory will live on and you can always keep it close with this memory box. One picture can be put on the front of the box with the photo pet urn. It's perfect for remembering your favorite moments with your friend. The dimensions are 6.7”x 5.5” x 4.3” It is large enough to fit the ashes of a medium to large dog. They want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, so they have a after-sale service. They will resolve the issue for you in 24 hours if you aren't happy with your shopping experience.

Brand: Brkurleg

👤I needed this box for my cat's ashes. It is a nice dark wood and all the seams are straight and neat. The back of the box has a screw that allows you to remove it. I took out the backing cardboard from the frame and cut my photo to the exact size I wanted, dropped it in, replaced the cardboard and put the picture holder pins in place. There is a piece of glass that protects the photo. This was cheaper than ordering through the cremation place, as their urns were $75 and up, and for a box like this, over $120. There is a small space between the top of the photo and the box, so I will make a metal plate with her name and birth/death dates on it. I put a hook on the side to hang her collar.

👤I wanted something that could hold his ashes. Even if it was knocked over, our toddler couldn't open it because of the way it was crafted. It is closed with a small screw. The photo slot should be a normal size like 4x6 or 5x7 and you could just print it out and put it in the box. It is not. It needs to be trimmed to make it fit.

👤I bought this urn for my dog that died of cancer. He was a big dog. The urn was more than just a size 888-666-1846 The wood was nice and shiny. I like how the back screws are in place so it won't pop open if dropped or bumped. Adding a photo is a great way to top it off.

👤I didn't know that the box included a plastic bag and a black bag until I opened it. My dog passed away over 12 years ago and I wanted something nice to store him in, but first thing I bought was not what I was looking for, so I looked around more and found this and thought it was nice looking. I put some of his ashes in a picture of me and him and he will be buried at the cottage.

👤I bought this for my dad. It is a nice box. It had a bag for ashes and a plastic bag. The back of the box was secured with 2 small nails and holes. The picture frame was perfect for the photo I had printed for him. Her ashes fit well because she was around 50 pounds. The box is made of wood. It is a great memorial for my dad.

👤My pets ashes are in a nice urn. Overall an excellent urn, finish is great, place for photo great, and overall an excellent urn. The price was great compared to other more expensive urns. Will buy again for my other pets when it's time. I would like to see a suggestion to enlarge the bottom border to accommodate a name plate. Plates were not great because they were 1 inch in width. The plate or the bottom area of the urn could be changed to make it fit better. You can add a brass printed name tag to your current design.

10. Pearhead 89005 Pet Memory Black

Pearhead 89005 Pet Memory Black

Your pet's memory will always live on, even if they are gone. There is a gray background mat and a ruler for cutting double sided tape. The box is large enough to hold the ashes of a large dog and all cats, so it can be used as an urn to hold your cat or dog. The box is black and will fit in your home décor. The box can be used to store your pet's favorite toys. To create the print, knead the clay for a few minutes and roll out, press your pet's paw in the clay to create an impression, use a ruler to create a square, and use double-sided tape to stick the print to the gray mat. Pearhead has a wooden paw prints memory box that will fit pets up to 100 lbs. The box is 7.87” H x 4.48” D and has a photo insert and print opening.

Brand: Pearhead

👤It is a perfect resting place for my beloved Roxy. There is plenty of room for her remains, collar and favorite toy. To help other people know if this is right for their pet, Roxy was 14 years old and had an 85 pound labrador mixed breed dog. I bought this at a lower price and found no damage. The box was still taped shut. I am very happy with this item.

👤This is our second purchase. We have the brown as well. One was for our 50lb dog and the other was for our 11lb dog. There are sympathy cards, ink paw print, cremation certificate and collars. There is a picture and clay paw print behind the glass. I added plaques with their names and dates to them. I put a picture of the brown box in the picture. I kept the lid open for a few days because they have a strong smell. They are also very hard to read. I wipe them down. I like placing items in the box. The box should be made of solid wood. It is being used as an urn and I would pay more for it. I put one on top of her puppy bed and the other on a tray with his blanket and shirt.

👤We had to put Oso down while we were on vacation. Our neighbors are very happy that our fur kids are at our home. After blood work and xrays, our vet couldn't figure out why Oso suddenly became sick, so we had to make the decision to lose our sweet boy at only 9 years of age. We were able to film our goodbyes and be with him as he crossed the bridge. We had him cremated and his remains were put in a tin and a red bag. Since I wasn't here, I had to make a decision. I looked and researched a lot before I made this decision. I was happy. The opening is narrow, so you can see that his ashes are in the box, but I didn't think it mattered. His ashes, collar, tags, vet records, and sympathy cards are all tucked away in a box with him. We used the ink print from the vet's paw to make the paw print area. The materials for a paw print have been saved. The front is made of glass. It's really nice. Oso passed away on 5/17/2021.

👤There was no damage. When promised, 2 arrived. Good 4. It's the worst part, trying to add photo and paw prints created by crematorium and getting it perfect, frustrating and not displaying as I wanted. I will make changes in time. The paw print is 4x6 inches but is slightly heavy. I knew it would be a challenge. It was the right choice for my needs. I was given the inside space for my personal items. My cat is still in the original wooden urn that was supplied by the crematorium and it fits well with a bit of space left. She was 12 lbs. If you need the same things, I recommend you. Her paw plaque is about half an inch in thickness. The fit was tight but it worked.

11. NEWDREAM Ashes Boxes Photo Cremation

NEWDREAM Ashes Boxes Photo Cremation

The dog ashes urn is made of wood and is suitable for lost dog gifts. The finish of the dog cremation box may be slightly different due to the manual finishing process. The external dog memory box is suitable for small dogs. Show your favorite photos and capture their faces. Souvenirs of cremated urns change the photos without disturbing the ashes. Most of them are sad when they lose pets. They hope that their pet ashes box can bring some comfort to you or your friend who is sad because of the loss of your pet. Pet memory boxes are a beautiful way to express their Condolence when losing a cute baby. There is a premium velvet bag, tie and urn bag in every black medium dog urn.

Brand: Newdream

👤I had to return it because my cat was too heavy. The size of your pet does not fit a 40 lbs pet. The bags were missing. Not made that good. My baby was too special to be crammed in that thing. It just didn't seem right to me.

👤I am happy with the product. I don't see how it can accommodate a 100lb dog when the listing says it will. I barely got the rest of my son's ashes to fit in this one because my Koda was 84 lbs. I was able to get them in and close it, even though it was a bit tight. The picture slot is an odd ball size so I had to order a 4x5.3 picture and cut it down to fit. There is a small paint chip on one of the corners. I like the urn. It came with a velvet bag to place him in, instead of the zip lock bag he came in from the vet. Just put the zip lock in there and do not pour ashes straight into the bag. If it was just a little bit bigger and had better paint, it would be 5 stars for me.

👤There were some marks on the top of the box where it hadn't been painted well or something got smudged on it. The inside of the box was covered in black paint, which splattered on spots on the inside while being sprayed. The back of the box was not secured when it was opened and the two screws that were included for that purpose were thrown into the bottom of the box. Cheap product that was overpriced. Poor quality and workmanship. Would not buy again.

👤I bought this product in the Medium size. The package was damaged when I opened it. I had to trim the picture I picked out because the front area is very weird. The box is very small. If you're looking for a box to place ashes and a few toys, you should get the large box or a different product. I had to squeeze everything in the box to get it to close, I have the ashes, a small plush mouse toy, two shoe laces, and a paw print from the crematory. I wouldn't buy this again. It seems cheap and not what I thought it would be.

👤It's perfect for my little guy. I was a little nervous when it arrived, but the ashes fit well. I cut the picture to fit. I believe it's about 4x2 or 4x3. I'm not sure. It looks sleek and well built. I couldn't pass it up for the price, even though I was willing to pay more. There is a small resting spot for my boy.

👤Our little puppies are in this and it is comforting. She looks nice on the shelf with her picture in it.

👤I decided to get one size up so his original urn would fit inside the new one, I looked at the reviews before ordering. It was built well.


What is the best product for dog urns for ashes large?

Dog urns for ashes large products from Best Friend Services. In this article about dog urns for ashes large you can see why people choose the product. Jofung and Intaj are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog urns for ashes large.

What are the best brands for dog urns for ashes large?

Best Friend Services, Jofung and Intaj are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog urns for ashes large. Find the detail in this article. Homelex, Better Home Space and S.b.arts are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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