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1. Natural Stain Remover Pet Homes

Natural Stain Remover Pet Homes

Natural Enzymatic Cleaner is a cleaner that uses natural fruitidases to remove urine and poop stains from carpets and furniture. Pet parents who used to suffer with dog or cat pee smell say that their pet urine odor removal gets out tough stains on floors, countertops, laundry, and more, unlike other brands. Natural Pet Odor Eliminator uses fresh extracts of lemons, limes, mandarins, oranges, and tangerines along with an essential oil formula to attack pet odors and give you clean carpets, dog crates, floors and furniture. Their all-natural Gerrard Larriett quality uses Non-Ionic surfactants to break up any stain and odor (even on hardwood floors), then apply to urine, feces, or vomit stains, then wipe up to enjoy fresh looking floors. USA-Made Child and Pet-Safe scent. Their All American experts created a 100% pet-bed safe enzyme cleaner to give you deep cleaning with a light, pleasing scent that will never overwhelm sensitive pet noses or aggravate allergies, but don't take their word for it, try some.

Brand: Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care

👤I really wanted to like this, but it smells like menthol and it's not good. It's better than pee smell, but not much. I'll stick with my orange that does the job.

👤I was hoping this product would work better than similar ones on the market. Without a sprayer, you waste a lot of solution. The scent is off. It doesn't stop a pet from remarking. The urine odor is not eliminated deep down in the carpet, which is the feature I bought this solution for. The results from less expensive carpet cleaning sprays are the same.

👤The price was good and the size was good. The benefit ended here. There are no instructions on how to use it. I dumped it all into my carpet cleaner. The scent was not pleasant and did not cover the poo smell on the carpet. I was not happy. Even though the orange scented room is worth it, I will be changing back to angry orange.

👤The product arrived on time and was in good condition. The scent is better than the bleach based cleaner I was using. I have dogs who don't like to go outside in the rain. There were several accidents on my tile floors this past week because of the tropical storm conditions. The product was able to clean the floors and leave the house smelling fresh. I don't have to worry about chemicals near my dog's paws. I didn't give it 5 stars because of the smell, but I think it's similar to a clinic, and I would like a more citrus scent.

👤The bag it was in was leaking. The delivery service tied it up in a bag so it wouldn't get all over other mail. The smell was pleasant and I have tried it on some spots. Hopefully it will stop the dogs from using the same spot. Does not deter the dogs from peeing in the same spot. Would not recommend.

👤I put this on another cloth and wiped the area where my fur baby urinated down, it's great. The smell is gone.

👤Our neighbors upstairs broke their toilet and covered our walls and floors in urine and water, but they did the job and got everything cleaned. Make sure that all the windows and fans are open when you use this.

👤This stuff is the best. You can't beat this cleaner, I have cats, and for the occasional spit up. I have a lot of hardwood floors. It's superb. The scent is great. Just right. The job is done every time.

👤It smells terrible. When I tried to use the product, I was gaging. I opened the bottle 2 days ago after ordering it in April.

👤It smells ok but not great. It's stain removal power isn't very good and won't be buying it again.

2. Natures Miracle Urine Destroyer Messes

Natures Miracle Urine Destroyer Messes

Powerful formula is tough on dog urine and the yellow, sticky mess. Light fresh scent. The dog odor control formula will get your home smelling great again. The Enzymatic Formula is a type of Formula. If any bio-based mess is still present, then work continues. Trusted brand. Nature's Miracle is the maker of the pet stain and odor removing products. This formula can be used around your pets.

Brand: Nature's Miracle

👤I don't like buying a product called Urine Destroyer. Every time I order this product, I tell my dogs how disappointed I am to have to spend my hard-earned dollars on something called Urine Destroyer. They don't try to feign remorse. Sigh. My life went terribly wrong. This is a great product with a great sprayer. I use it on the area rugs and it doesn't damage them. Highly recommended for people who did not include living in a house that smells like a barnyard in their life plans.

👤This is a repeat purchase for me, but I am sad to report that the formula for this product has changed a lot since I last purchased it. The product 2 years ago did not foam up, which was most welcome on the few area rugs in my home. The product becomes very foamy and produces a very heavy lather which is nearly impossible to remove from the rug. Please return to the tried and true formula of Nature's Miracle.

👤I used up a bottle of this product that I bought a few years ago and it was very mild and did the job perfectly. The first time I sprayed a spot about the size of a 50 cent piece, the stink of their added "scent" was awful. I am never going to use it again because it has filled the house. I've used Nature's Miracle for two decades and have no idea how they got it into their head to introduce a new smell to your house. I want to get rid of the scent of Nature's Miracle. The rating is for the product only, because Amazon was great in understanding and issuing a refund immediately.

👤My dogs have accidents in the house when the weather is bad. If you're using it on a fresh stain, I've found a way to use it that will get old stains out. I use my Bissel Pet carpet cleaner to clean the stained area. I put the Urine Destroyer in a spray bottle and sprayed the stained area until it was well saturated. It gets everything out of the way. While the formula is fresh out of the bottle, it has a light fresh scent, but it can also give off a sort of pet-like odor when it's on the carpet and the enzymes are busy eating all the pet gunk. It goes away after a few days when the product is done. If the scent stays, I use Nature's Miracle carpet wash over it with a carpet cleaner and it will go away. I only use Nature's Miracle products on my carpets. If you've tried other brands first, your results might be different. Nature's miracle has always worked best for me. Good luck!

👤I have used Nature's Miracle products for a long time. Three years have passed since I last bought this product, because my senior dogs passed away. I turned to Nature's Miracle after I realized my dog had been peeing on our bedroom rug. I didn't read any reviews before ordering because I already knew and trusted the product. There was a big mistake. If I had read the reviews, I wouldn't have bought this product. The smell is bad. This is a real doozy, I am sensitive to fragrance. I couldn't sleep in my bedroom last night due to the sickening sweet perfume odor, and it could be at least a week before I can sleep in my room again judging from how strongly it still smelled this morning. Nature's Miracle says it's a light fresh scent. That really hurts me. "Heavy egregious stench" is what you should try. I turned on the ceiling fan in my bedroom after opening the windows. It snowed last night. I was desperate to get fresh air in the room. I put a towel under the crack to keep the smell out of the rest of the house, but it still worked its way through the system. I put the air filter in the living room to try and make it more comfortable by the morning. Nope. It's still terrible. It clings to the inside of my nostrils, haunting me, even though I could escape by going to work. Thank you Amazon, I'm getting a refund of my money. I will not buy this again. P.S. It made my dog cough.

3. Natures Miracle Set Stain Destoyer

Natures Miracle Set Stain Destoyer

Set-in stain destroyer. It works to separate and lift stains and odors. For use on carpets, hard floors, furniture, and more. It's safe for pets and home.

Brand: Nature's Miracle

👤This is a one star review. Those customers only read the good ones. The pee spot was cleaned with odor-ban. The second with this product. There is nothing different under a black light. The enzymatic is not a real thing. The ban on odor does nothing more than that. I thought the product would remove the spot. The bottle has a guarantee on it. It isn't worth the ink. They got defensive and told me a bull after I called them. It changes a fiber bull. Save money by purchasing odor-ban. It does smell good.

👤Incorrect marketing and labeling of this product. If you have a set in/embedded odor, this particular product is probably not what you need. I had a dog urine stain that I treated with regular nature's miracle when it happened, but months later, when the carpet was warmed up by the summer sun, the whole room started smelling. At that point, we didn't know where the spot was, but we knew that the area smelled. I did my research online, and chose the orange bottle with the words on the front of it. I have been treating the carpet with this version of NM for weeks, and the smell seems to get worse the more I treat it. They told me that I had chosen the wrong product when I called customer service. I asked if I needed this for a set in and embedded odor, just as you marketed the product. I have to buy a different product for the same price, I can't get my money back on this product without printing out the Amazon receipt and lodging a complaint, and worst of all, this is not an enzymatic NM product, so I have to buy a different product for the same This huge area carpet is a family heirloom. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤I have used this many times and I hope it works. It has made my dog's urine smell worse. I have tried this on 3 different spots on 2 different carpets, and the smell is horrible, and it smells like pee now. The smell is so strong that I can't stand it. This is basically orange scented chemicals and water. I don't think there's a urine cleaner in it. I will have to use something else to get the smell out of my rugs after I wasted money on this.

👤Not sure about the reviews here. It worked well for horrible, deep in old carpet vomit stains. There are a lot of large spots. I have a dozen patches of very clean carpet that need to be steam cleaned. It's important to file the directions. It gets worse if you rub in from the center. From inside. Don't rub the press. I needed to apply for a couple things. The scent goes away quickly.

👤I finally got the smell out of the carpet. A friend's dog peed on our wall-to-wall carpet while we sat for a week. I cleaned immediately, but some of the accidents had time to soak in. I hired a professional carpet cleaner after using the "regular" Nature's Miracle, which I don't like. The smell persisted. I thought I would have to replace the entire carpet. I used this with the Little Green ProHeat carpet and upholstery cleaner to make the room smell better. The new formula of Nature's Miracle has a bad smell. The orange is not overpowering. Highly recommended.

4. Natures Miracle Destroyer Mountain 24 Ounce

Natures Miracle Destroyer Mountain 24 Ounce

Airbourne, fabric, and hard surface odors are eliminated with the Advanced Triple-action formula. Instantly breaks down odors.

Brand: Nature's Miracle

👤I use the mountain fresh scent on my dog's bed and other places he sleeps. I love the scent, but you have to reapply it now and then. It makes a difference and my dog likes it when it dries. This product is only for odor control. It is not the bio-enzymes that break up and destroy urine that you usually think of. If your dog pees on the carpet, you want a miracle odor and stain removal. This will cover the scent and leave the pee in the carpet, which will make you unhappy. It is great if you use it for its intended purpose. It is just water, odor control formula, a couple of common chemical preservatives with antifungal and antibacterial properties, and fragrance. There is no bio-enzymes.

👤I have used Nature's Miracle for decades on carpets in multiple homes. I have never had a problem. The current product is the same as a conventional carpet cleaner that can ruin your carpet. It will clean the stain if you use it. A bleach stain will show itself in the days or weeks to come. It is too late and the bleach mark is permanent. The original makers of Nature's Miracle sold the name to another company. The original product that removed odors and stains without harming your carpet is not the original product that is called Nature's Miracle.

👤SCENT: The Mountain Fresh has a pleasant odor and I could still breath after using it, that's a plus. Dog leashes I have a large dog with sensitive skin and severe allergies and it can get infections on a regular basis. The product works wonders on the odors left behind when he sleeps. I have a geriatric cat who is tracking his paws when he pees on the furniture, but he isn't peeing directly on the furniture. If you want to treat cat urine, I recommend spraying it liberally. It works wonders. Children. When my youngest had an accident, I had this on hand. I tried to clean her bed but the smell lingered. This stuff was pulled and it works great for this as well.

👤I buy Nature's Miracle products when my cat sprays her urine to protect our home from cats. I bought it to clean up after a relative had a medical emergency and left urine and feces on their bedroom carpeting for 2 weeks. I knew Nature's Miracle would remove the stains and odors better than any other product I could buy. I'm pleased with the results of cleaning the feces up. It seems like a miracle that the light colored carpeting is clean now. If you're elderly or expect incontinence in the future, don't install light berber carpeting, install vinyl plank flooring and use rugs. Naturals Miracle products can remove stains made by pets and people.

👤My grandchild vomited on my sofa. I cleaned it with my carpet and upholstery steam cleaner twice, the first time with pet odor eliminator and the second time with laundry detergent. Baking soda was sprinkled on the sofa. They were called a professional cleaning service. I found this product on Amazon and sprayed the sofa. The smell is gone.

5. ZORBX Remover All Chemicals Fragrances Instantly

ZORBX Remover All Chemicals Fragrances Instantly

There are elves and fairies. Accidents happen even if you try to keep your pet's pee break schedule strictly. If your pet peed on your couch, what should you do? ZORBX is a pet-friendly urine odor and stain removal spray bottle. It will remove all the stains from the bedding of the pet. As much as they love their four-legged family members, the funky-smelling house and the odorous urine stains left by them irritate them. Urine smells can become overpowering over time. ZORBX pet urine odor and stain removal spray has a fast-acting formula that starts to work instantly on tough urine odors and hard-to-remove stains right out of the bottle. ZORBX pet urine odor and stain removal spray will make your pet smell great. The musty smell is probably caused by the urine stains, dirty saliva, and hair on your pet's bedding. If you suspect that your pet bedding isn't clean, you can use ZORBX scrub-free pet urine odor and stain removal spray. Do you have a couch or a pet bedding covered in urine stains? ZORBX will clean it for you. ZORBX instant pet urine odor and stain removal spray works great on dogs' and cats' urine smells as well as smells from trash cans, bathrooms, and more. Even if you have a stinky pair of shoes, a musty closet, or a couch covered with stains, do you still need them? ZORBX pet urine odor and stain removal spray can be used to remove unpleasant odors and stains. There is a portable swordfish buoy. The spray bottle that comes with instant pet urine odor and stain removal is perfect for a convenient grip. If you are taking your pet along with you on a road trip, you can always be prepared with this pet urine odor & stain removal spray bottle to fight unpleasant urine odors and stains.

Brand: Zorbx

👤I've tried it on many surfaces and it works great to remove cat urine. That's a couch and a lot of laundry. Zorbx doesn't smell like other enzymatic cleaners, so I prefer it. If you want to use Zorbx on laundry, you just stir up some Zorbx in a bucket of water and run it through the wash, because it works really well. You will be a hero for doing it for your boyfriend because he will never know that the cat did something to his laundry pile. It's a good thing.

👤It works ok so far, but I can't smell it, and it leaves a sticky mess on the floor when it's dry. The husband complained that the ceramic tile in the hallway was a sticky mess.

👤Our once large family of pet dogs has dwindled to a single chihuahua that is 21 years old. He is still spry and well trained but in the last year he has started to urinate wherever he wants. I tried every product on the market to clean where he urinated. It was mostly. A perfume cover up doesn't have a lasting effect and the smell returns within a short period of time. My beautiful rug is one of the things he likes to target. We couldn't seem to remove the odor until we cleaned the rug with Zorbx. Zorbx seems to remove the smell and keep him from making comments. The product is pricey. It is the only one that is helping me keep this problem under control and from completely driving me crazy.

👤Trying to get rid of pet smells and perfume smells is one of the worst things you can do. I've tried it on carpets, linoleum, and even cement in the basement, and it works. Tough spots are worth it if you apply two or more times.

👤I have 7 cats and a blue and gold macaw. I have tried many different products to get rid of my odor. The spray was 24 ounces. I ordered a gallon. I am impressed by the ease of use and the effect it has on carpets and flooring. There was an old stain on the curtains. It works better than others I've tried.

👤This stuff is amazing. I have 3 chihuahuas, 2 are geriatric and one is a puppy, they sometimes have accidents. I have tried many different products to get rid of the urine smell from my carpets but nothing has worked. This stuff worked well. It doesn't have a noticeable scent which is nice. I don't like trying to clean carpets and end up covering the smell. The stuff gets rid of it completely.

👤The product worked well to get the smell out of the rug. I tried a number of products, but they wouldn't eliminate the smell. I had to use Zorbex a couple of times to remove the scent, but it was worth it to not have to throw out my rug. The product has a chemical smell when you first spray it, but it will go away quickly. Great product!

6. Pet Stain Odor Miracle Cleaner

Pet Stain Odor Miracle Cleaner

Pets are discouraged from urinating in the same spot again. You can quickly return to having fun with your pet if you have easy clean ups. Chemical based cleaners cannot remove all of the organic matter, such as urine, feces, vomit, blood, and drooling. All of their products smell great. It's very easy to clean every surface in your home with Pet Stain & Odor Miracle. You can use this solution outside in artificial grass and turf, patio, deck and virtually any other surface. All of the products of Sunny & Honey are made in the USA, with the highest quality ingredients available. They believe in providing you with the best products and value. They are serious about this responsibility. The Pet Stain & Odor Miracle was created with your furry kids in mind. The formula is non-toxic and scented with essential oils. This spray solution is Leaping Bunny certified. Let's protect animals and nature together. If you don't like Pet Stain & Odor Miracle, you can return it for a full refund. You have nothing to lose. Click to add to cart Right now!

Brand: Sunny & Honey

👤When we lived in our new house, there were two spots that smelled cat urine, and when I said smelled, it made you throw up. The house is 5000 square feet and you could smell it from the other side. The carpet was soaked in urine. At one point I thought it was a house cat or a small tiger. I pulled the carpet and cut it, nothing helped until this thing came along. After 2 weeks, the smell was gone and it stayed that way. Best money spent.

👤This product smells like pet urine. I have used natures miracle on a couch that my pet peed on and it still smelled like pee. The smell remained even after I washed it. The smell was gone after one application. My sister used it for cat urine, and it was the only thing that smelled like cat urine. Everyone with a cat knows how hard it is to get cat urine out of things.

👤I like this product. I like how it smells. Everyone has their own opinion on what smells good. I have to deal with dog accidents a lot. I've tried many products. The only one that really destroyed the dog urine odor was made by Rocco&Roxy. I can't stand the way it smells. The product works well at getting rid of the odor, and seems to clean a little better. The product has a better smell than the R&R. I didn't like the way the other brand smelled. It did the job. This one does a better job of cleaning than the other one, and it doesn't leave a chemical smell. It has a pleasant smell and leaves your carpet smelling fresh. It will be buying more of this product.

👤This stuff works well. I've tried many other brands of pet stain removal, but this one is the best. I have two indoor cats with hairball issues and they spit up hairballs or stomach acid only after the hairball has passed. Sorry for the TMI. They only want to do this on the carpet and rugs. The stain removal product has a nice, fresh minty scent and is easy to use. I keep a bottle upstairs and downstairs so I don't have to go looking for it during hairball vomiting sessions.

👤It actually works. This was my last attempt before I threw my new couch out. My older cat went to pee on our couch after being upset by our new puppy. It was so bad that you could smell it on our clothes. I put a folded blanket on top of a heavy box and let it soak in for 2 hours. When I sat on the other end of the couch, I noticed my lips were numb, but I moved to another chair and they were fine in a minute. The price is small to pay for the outcome. My dog was laying on it. The smell of urine is gone. I have a slight minty smell. My husband is happy and not complaining about cats being stupid. Our family is very welcoming to Aristotle.

7. Simple Solution Enzymatic Pro Bacteria Cleaning

Simple Solution Enzymatic Pro Bacteria Cleaning

The Simple Solution Stain & Odor Remover is designed to remove stains and odors from dogs and cats. This stain and odor remover has a unique formula that eliminates stains and odors and helps prevent repeat marking. It is possible to safely remove dog and cat stains and odors from carpets, upholstery, bedding, fabric toys, clothing, and other water-safe surfaces in your home. TILE CLEANING You have more options to tackle stains and odor with their patented 3-in-1 nozzle sprayer.

Brand: Simple Solution

👤I was horrified when I saw the old pee stains on my carpets. I wanted to remove the uric crystals and bought two gallons of this. The stains were not removed by saturating them.

👤Simple solution is the best for removing odors from pets. My wife and I have two dogs, one of which is fully house trained and the other of which is a soft coated wheaten. We were worried that the new puppy would pee in our brand new home and leave behind areas that she or our older dog would come back to, to smell or mark their territory. I don't see them coming back to the spots with simple solution and a rigerous cleaning. I've gone as far as looking with a black light, and this product completely cleans the area with no trace compared to other pet products. We were able to house train our puppy in weeks because of Simple Solution. After using multiple other products, I rate this a perfect 5. I would like to thank you for rating and reading my review.

👤This stuff is amazing. We have two giant, puffy cats that produce equally giant and puffy hairballs every now and then, along with a discoloring liquid. Sometimes, if they're feeling slighted, they'll put dinner on the carpet to remind us they're in charge. The carpet was torn by these things. When nothing else would, this stuff removed the stains. Before and after pictures should have been taken. Next time. There will be a next time. One time my husband stepped on a sharp comb we use to comb their hair and it broke his foot. He was bleeding all over the carpet. The bloodstains were removed by this stuff. So. Yes. I make sure we have a bottle of this. My cats are cool despite the blood, barf, and regurgitated dinners.

👤I called the company in February of last year and was told that the formula no longer neutralizes URIC CRYSTALS. The product I used in 2015 was awesome. The smell of pee in my rental unit went from smelling like a bucket of pee to smelling like a mild perfume. I thought that a carpenter was peeing in a bucket and spilling it on the floor, as there were several large, smelly wet spots on the floor. When dog and cat urine dries, uric acid crystals form. When it rains, the crystals pull water out of the air and rehydrate themselves, making the floor wet and the air stinky. Simple Solution used to have chemistry to eliminate the uric acid crystals. I'm afraid that the reviews are for the old formula. The company changed their formula to be in line with California's laws. I hope that the company will bring the old formula back and call it Formula 51, for the 51 states that don't comply with California's laws.

👤It worked for me. The scent isn't overpowering. The passenger side front seat was soaked by our cat. I tried Nature's Miracle before but it didn't work out, and I think it may have had something to do with how I used the cleaners. I tried this product out because it was cheap. After I suspected the urine seeped into the seat, I cracked the windows and let the car dry and air out. We could drive the car after the liquid dried up because the scent was still good. The scent disappeared after a couple of weeks. The work was worth it, and the car is no longer smelling urine. Since soaking, I haven't seen any fabric discolored.

8. Probiotic Enzyme Cleaner Bio Enzymatic Multi Purpose

Probiotic Enzyme Cleaner Bio Enzymatic Multi Purpose

EnZYMEACTIVATED: Natural live cultures seek and destroy organic waste as a food source in their formula. They are active for up to 80 hours after releasing powerful enzymes to break down complex compounds for the probiotics to consume. These products are not like traditional chemical-based products. Simply spray and let thebacteria do the dirty work. The science. Enzymes break down waste particles into smaller pieces that are easier to consume. These smaller particles become food for the Probiotics to digest and break down into two basic compounds, carbon dioxide and water. Ready to use, maximum strength formula provides fast-acting, sustained stain and odor elimination that is reliable and easy to use. Don't measure, mix, or saturate; just give your Bio-Enzyme army time to eat. It is not necessary to rinse with safe ingredients. There will be no film, streaks, or build up in the house. You will have a clean, odor-free environment without the use of dangerous and harsh chemicals. There is a multi-SURFACE. Bastion's Probiotic Stain & Odor Remover can be used on hard surfaces, floors, carpets, fabric, laundry, drain, grease traps, toilets, and more to effectively eliminate stains and odors at their source. Bastion is the #1 solution for cleaning grease, food stains, wine, coffee, urine, feces, blood, and vomit. Family safe and environment friendly. There is no bleach or chlorine in the Bastion Probiotic Stain & Odor Remover. This product is non-toxic and is safe for your family and the planet. It is gentle on people and objects with its water-based formula. It is possible to use it around your home with peace of mind. This product is made in the U.S. and 100 % CRUELTY-FREE.

Brand: Bastion

👤My puppy likes to pee on the hardwood floor, so he found an inconvenient spot. I discovered the enzyme cleaners when I realized that it was not possible to really get deep in the wood to clean it out. This stuff solved the problem.

👤Our regular floor cleaner couldn't remove the gunk that was built up by the front of the oven. I sprayed this cleaner on and left it for a few minutes and it came off like nothing. This is my go-to for gunk on the floors. This stuff is amazing.

👤It's great to add 1 c to steam machines. If you use it full strength and straight as a final neutralize for dust mites or pet accidents, it will work. If you don't add a de foam product, it will make a mess. It's good against allergies if you use a mop on a hard floor. Old musty is brought back to life by All That. If carpet is old or already a mess, then apply this as a Last Run and let it dry out. * If you leave the embedded, you won't destroy the odors. It works if you use correct methods and don't mask Filth. After Renting out a place that needed an emergency carpet clean, we let it dry, but still musty! It killed the smell of smoke and the smell of vomit in the carpets, and it was gone. Two weeks ago, there was a Hall and a 18 x 24. There is no re appearance of stain or smell in carpets and they are not refreshed anymore. I worked as a cleaner for Amazon but cannot get it. If you prefer a healthy environment and have family members who are sensitive to smell/cleaners, this is a must. The spot test is on delicate fabrics. It's a powerful corrector.

👤I already know I will buy it again after I get this. I have cleaned the kitchen and bathroom floors after I poured some in a spray bottle. All spots come out. The floors are clean with a spray and mop. I have pets and this stuff can be used to clean them. It must be the enzymes in it. I will keep buying and using it. I recommend it!

👤The basement of my friend's house was flooded by the recent Hurricane and it looked like the whole city's pee and poop was going to back up into their bathroom. Disgusting! This stuff completely eliminated the smell of urine. Well done! Highly recommended!

👤The product works. It is concentrated. It is strong enough to get the job done but you may need to change it to avoid soapy carpet. Cat vomit can be treated with enzyme cleaners. The sprayer won't stay on the bottle. I poured it directly on the carpet after several attempts to use the sprayer and it fell off of the bottle and spilled. The cleaner works so I didn't send it back. The design of the bottle needs to be improved.

9. Natures Miracle Urine Destroyer Foam

Natures Miracle Urine Destroyer Foam

It works to remove urine and the yellow sticky substance that comes with it. Dog urine messes can be powered out with foam. It's safe for use around pets and home. It's guaranteed to work or your money back.

Brand: Nature's Miracle

👤We had a lot of accidents in a large area and I usually use the liquid version. I thought it would be easier to use. The smell of this product makes me have headaches. When the smell of urine didn't go away on its own after 2 days, I had to use hot water to clean the carpet. The smell was still there. After that dried, I put baking soda on the carpet and left it there for 48 hours. I can still smell it when I'm in my son's room and it's been 4 months. It can be seen through walls and ducts. Use the liquid version. The convenience is not worth the headaches.

👤It smells like chemicals and the cheapest perfume you've ever smelt when you spray it. After having all the windows open to try to air it out, it still smells like chemicals and perfume, even after 24 hours. Our couch was destroyed byMELTED foam in the cushions. We are contacting Natures Miracle to resolve the problem but wanted to warn everyone. You would think that this would be a natural product, but it is not. I looked at the ingredients on the other Natures Miracle products and they were all full of toxic Parabens, which is what your animals are getting sick off of. They don't do testing to make sure the chemicals are safe. The FDA does not regulate chemicals and scents like this, so don't be fooled into thinking that the agency protects the public from toxic ingredients. We should have used baking soda and vinegar in the first place, savesay

👤When my dog had an accident on our bedroom rug, I was a loyal customer of Natures Miracle. It was a no-brainer to purchase this product. I regret that decision. I used this product as directed and was immediately attacked with a synthetic scent that smelled of hospital and fake linen. This SMELL DID NOT CHANGE. I can't tell if it removed the urine smell, but it definitely covered it up with a chemical smell that was very strong. I kept my windows open in January in Pennsylvania and pointed a fan at the stain. The smell? Unrelenting. It is almost March and the smell is still there. I re-washed the area with baking soda and vinegar, and I still can smell the scent of the item that was deposited into my rug. NM suggested I throw the rug away or call a restoration company to clean the scent of the product out of my rug after I contacted them to ask how to get rid of the smell. Not helpful and rude. Don't use this product and stick with the original formula. If this review was helpful, please let me know by clicking theHelpful button.

10. Cat Stain Odor Remover Cleaner

Cat Stain Odor Remover Cleaner

Tough stains and unpleasant odors from urine, feces, vomit, scent markings, dirt, blood and more are permanently eliminated. Use on carpets, rugs, pet bedding, upholstery, clothing, curtains, auto upholstery, litter boxes, crates and carriers, tile, finished wood, laminates, concrete and more. It uses natural enzymes to eliminate odors at the source. It's safe for use around pets. Eliminates old and set-in stains.

Brand: Simple Green

👤Simple Green cat stain and odor eliminator is a great product. The price and the reviews were the reasons I purchased this product. I used a product that I had to get rid of the smell after my cat peed on a down vest. It didn't work. I had to find something that worked because I didn't want to get rid of my vest. I sprayed the vest and within a few moments the smell was gone. I sprayed all over the house. My apartment smells great. One of the reviews said the scent of Simple Green was very flowery. This was not true for me. My house has a fresh scent. My cats don't seem to be bothered by the smell and that is very important to me. The product comes in a gallon bottle and a quart-sized spray bottle. I will use this product for as long as I have cats. If you are looking for a solution to eliminate cat stains and odors, look no further. Simple Green is for you.

👤Keeping litter boxes clean is the priority for me. The Simple Green Enzyme Cleaner has made a difference in my house. It works well in cleaning and killing odors of pee and poop. A spray bottle and a refill bottle are included. Good value for money.

👤I cannot handle smells. I have 10 cats and one or more of them decided to start spraying in the house because of the floral chemical smell. I have tried a lot of different products to get rid of their messes, but all of them have a "coverup smell", and the best part is, it works! After using this product, I saw my naughty cat walk away from the spot he normally targets. It's good! Dawn H. Deltona is in Florida.

👤I will be honest here. Cat urine is a difficult customer to remove completely from. After a few tries of this product, I was skeptical. Gonna get a bit gross here. It's impossible to get rid of spray. Feces and urine are not. We have an ill cat that left me a present recently and after removing any solid and waste. I could saturate the Simple Green spray with it and it was gone in hours. There was no scrubbing or rubbing. A little water and a strong paper towel. I will update as I use more of the product. There is no overly harsh smell.

👤I bought this because of great reviews, and the cat peed in my room. I used a carpet cleaner with a lot of this. I used the entire bottle and the whole bottle of spray. It smelled better for a day and then as soon as it dried, it smelled worse. I returned the empty bottle. So disappointed! Trying to get rid of the smell.

👤I have 3 old cats and although they have their own room, there are often unpleasant odors coming from it. I ordered Simple Green cat odor spray immediately after I found it. It is great! It cleans well, it smells good and it removes urine odor. It is also safe on my hard rock maple floor for kitty messes. I love this product.

11. Natures Miracle P 98143 Advanced Remover

Natures Miracle P 98143 Advanced Remover

Severe messes have an enzymatic formula. The odor of the toughest messes makes it hard to re-soiling. For use on carpets, hard floors, furniture, clothing and more. The age range description is for males. An adult. The components were included.

Brand: Nature's Miracle

👤I don't own a dog or cat. I have a fabric couch and a toddler in potty training. It goes like this. My son fell asleep on the couch in underwear and I didn't dare attempt to diaper him because I wanted to take advantage of this golden hour or 2 that only happens during very specific planetary alignments. He fussed and whined as usual. I went to the couch to see if he needed to go to the bathroom. The entire couch cushion was also soaked after I was suddenly soaked. I was wondering how much the child had let out. It seemed like an entire gallon. I'm going to find the pet. I am out of pet spray. Dump the entire box of baking powder on the couch cushion and get some pet spray. I vacuumed up the powder and sniffed the couch. Word of advice, don't be rude! Milda kept the cat litter in her bathroom. I went to the window to get my Prime truck. I almost flung open the door before he knocked. I ripped open the box and sprayed the entire cushion. I didn't need to go too far. I am happy to report that the smell is gone. It still smells like the spray when I sit there. Hope you enjoyed the laugh, if you have read this far. This product and prime next day arrival is something I am eternally grateful for.

👤I've used Nature's Miracle for a long time. I bought a new formula after my cat started urinating on a new rug. After spraying it, I put it up and thought it was great. The smell was worse an hour or so later, almost a perfume, musty, sour smell. I let the steam cleaner dry after I went over the spot multiple times and it still smelled. I dumped buckets of water on it. Still smelled. I sent the rug off for cleaning because it still smelled bad two weeks later. I thought it was something to do with the rug and the fibers. I rubbed the cat in thoroughly and let it sit after I sprayed it with nature's miracle. I got the steam cleaner again after 30 minutes and just started sucking up the extra nature's miracle. I went over it with water. I cleaned a small spot on the carpet in a brand new home but it still smelled bad and we were having trouble sleeping in the room. I've tried to keep a fan on it, but have had no luck, so I'm not sure what to do. If you can't wash the item in a washer, I wouldn't use this product because it will make you smell like a musty perfume.

👤It has a strong scent that is almost nauseating. The smell will not wash off my hands. I think it does nothing but cover the smell because it smells so strong. I will not be buying it again because I don't think it's worth $13.


What is the best product for dog urine enzyme cleaner hardwood?

Dog urine enzyme cleaner hardwood products from Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care. In this article about dog urine enzyme cleaner hardwood you can see why people choose the product. Nature's Miracle and Zorbx are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog urine enzyme cleaner hardwood.

What are the best brands for dog urine enzyme cleaner hardwood?

Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care, Nature's Miracle and Zorbx are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog urine enzyme cleaner hardwood. Find the detail in this article. Sunny & Honey, Simple Solution and Bastion are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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