Best Dog Urine Enzyme Cleaner Concentrate

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1. Simple Solution Enzymatic Pro Bacteria Cleaning

Simple Solution Enzymatic Pro Bacteria Cleaning

The Simple Solution Stain & Odor Remover is designed to remove stains and odors from dogs and cats. This stain and odor remover has a unique formula that eliminates stains and odors and helps prevent repeat marking. It is possible to safely remove dog and cat stains and odors from carpets, upholstery, bedding, fabric toys, clothing, and other water-safe surfaces in your home. TILE CLEANING You have more options to tackle stains and odor with their patented 3-in-1 nozzle sprayer.

Brand: Simple Solution

👤I was horrified when I saw the old pee stains on my carpets. I wanted to remove the uric crystals and bought two gallons of this. The stains were not removed by saturating them.

👤Simple solution is the best for removing odors from pets. My wife and I have two dogs, one of which is fully house trained and the other of which is a soft coated wheaten. We were worried that the new puppy would pee in our brand new home and leave behind areas that she or our older dog would come back to, to smell or mark their territory. I don't see them coming back to the spots with simple solution and a rigerous cleaning. I've gone as far as looking with a black light, and this product completely cleans the area with no trace compared to other pet products. We were able to house train our puppy in weeks because of Simple Solution. After using multiple other products, I rate this a perfect 5. I would like to thank you for rating and reading my review.

👤This stuff is amazing. We have two giant, puffy cats that produce equally giant and puffy hairballs every now and then, along with a discoloring liquid. Sometimes, if they're feeling slighted, they'll put dinner on the carpet to remind us they're in charge. The carpet was torn by these things. When nothing else would, this stuff removed the stains. Before and after pictures should have been taken. Next time. There will be a next time. One time my husband stepped on a sharp comb we use to comb their hair and it broke his foot. He was bleeding all over the carpet. The bloodstains were removed by this stuff. So. Yes. I make sure we have a bottle of this. My cats are cool despite the blood, barf, and regurgitated dinners.

👤I called the company in February of last year and was told that the formula no longer neutralizes URIC CRYSTALS. The product I used in 2015 was awesome. The smell of pee in my rental unit went from smelling like a bucket of pee to smelling like a mild perfume. I thought that a carpenter was peeing in a bucket and spilling it on the floor, as there were several large, smelly wet spots on the floor. When dog and cat urine dries, uric acid crystals form. When it rains, the crystals pull water out of the air and rehydrate themselves, making the floor wet and the air stinky. Simple Solution used to have chemistry to eliminate the uric acid crystals. I'm afraid that the reviews are for the old formula. The company changed their formula to be in line with California's laws. I hope that the company will bring the old formula back and call it Formula 51, for the 51 states that don't comply with California's laws.

👤It worked for me. The scent isn't overpowering. The passenger side front seat was soaked by our cat. I tried Nature's Miracle before but it didn't work out, and I think it may have had something to do with how I used the cleaners. I tried this product out because it was cheap. After I suspected the urine seeped into the seat, I cracked the windows and let the car dry and air out. We could drive the car after the liquid dried up because the scent was still good. The scent disappeared after a couple of weeks. The work was worth it, and the car is no longer smelling urine. Since soaking, I haven't seen any fabric discolored.

2. Simple Solution Enzymatic Pro Bacteria Cleaning

Simple Solution Enzymatic Pro Bacteria Cleaning

It was designed for the toughest shoes and organic laces. The regular formula of Simple Solution pet Extreme Stain and Odor Remover is three times more effective than it is. Extreme Stain and Odor Remover is a professional strength formula that breaks down and eliminates odors. It is possible to remove dog and cat urine, feces, and vomit from carpets, upholstery, bedding, fabric toys, clothing, and other water-safe surfaces in your home. A new patented 3-in-1 nozle sprayer has been designed.

Brand: Simple Solution

👤Do all cats go to heaven? The one in this story deserves hell. I was going to get rid of my cat to the farthest regions of the country. I thought of dropping her off in the mountains, so she could be eaten by bears. I was reminded that we now live in civilized times, even though I thought of Drowning her in a barrel. I took comfort in putting her out into the cold night to think about what she had done. The dilemma arose when I returned from a weekend trip to find that the lowly beast needed to pee TWICE on my couch. I was not in a position to replace my living room furniture suddenly because the couch was quite old. I was in a dilemma about how to get the smell out of the couch. The matter of determining the cat's fate fell to the side for the time being as I set out on a mission. The yellow spot dried over the weekend, allowing the couch to crust and the smell to enter the fabric. As soon as it was dried, the nasty, acrid, foul smelling odor that can only be associated with cat urine came back with a vengeance, and washing with warm soapy water did not do any good. I had to check the internet for the cure. The answer was clearly Enzyme cleaners. Which to buy? There were many. I chose the most affordable cleaner because I was a frugal woman and I wanted the best reviews. I sprayed the entire couch with the cleaner because I couldn't tell how big the area was. I went to bed after praying for mercy and a cat-pee-free couch. The sun was shining and a single light shone through the window, landing on the spot the cat had defamed just days earlier. I took it as a sign. I braced myself and slowly leaned in. Gods be praised! The smell of fresh laundry was revealed when the stench parted, just like the clouds that day. The smell was not offensive. As I tasted the sweet joy of victory, I danced in my socks and underwear around the living room. I felt apang of compassion when a smile crept to my lips. I might let the cat live to see another day.

👤I would like to leave no stars. I ordered this in March and have been using it on a rug. I followed the directions on the bottle of the product and sprayed the area after my dog had an accident. I moved the rug today and found that there were chemical burns in all of the places where I have used the spray. There is a spot on the backside of the rug where the burns are. I need to figure out how to sand and varnish these burns so that my landlord doesn't take my security deposit. This is a nightmare. I re-read it to see if there were any warnings about using this on wood floors, but there was nothing. It says to leave this on rugs for a few days. Beware!

3. Rug Doctor Cleaning Permanently Neutralizes

Rug Doctor Cleaning Permanently Neutralizes

The strong pro-enzymatic formula can keep carpets clean for up to 24 hours. The concentrate works against pet stains. Fresh blue wave scented solution works to remove harsh smells. More concentrated than other carpet cleaning solutions. It is safe to use around pets and kids. Soft surfaces such as carpets, sofas, pet beds, auto upholstery, rugs and more can be cleaned with an ideal cleaning solution. All leading deep carpet cleaning machines work. The Rug Doctor can be used with the pet pro carpet cleaner. The rug doctor has a deep carpet cleaner. Pro.

Brand: Rug Doctor

👤I don't use a rug machine, so I took a chance with this product. Our dog was going to pee and poop in the living room behind the sofa. We didn't have a clue. The smell was terrible. We knew she was doing something. I looked at our rug after I got one of those black lights. It was repulsive. There were yellow spots on the floor. A regular cleaner was used. The floor smelled better after the carpet dried. The smell was unbearable and the yellow stains were still there. I researched a lot of products for this problem. There is always someone who says that the product did not work for them. I tried this rug and I liked it. It got the yellow stains up and also took the smell out. There were stains from dogs of years past. We haven't had a male dog in at least 20 years. This product took care of everything. It has been about a month since there was a pee smell. Very pleased! The carpet is new. It works in our dirt devil machine. This worked for us.

👤Over the past few years, I have tried a number of different products to clean my Hoover steam vac carpet cleaner, but nothing has worked as well as using this product with 3 ounces of hot water. There was no heavy perfume smell, no sticky smell, and no foam. The carpet came out clean. If you want a job done well for a home machine, I think you should go over the area a few times. If you are like me and have spent a lot of time reading people's reviews of products on Amazon just hoping, you might finally get the right affordable product, this is it! The hot water in the machine helps the peebacteria eat their food. You may have a slight dog smell on the first day in areas that were most affected, but give it another day and it should be great. If you use the product after reading this review, please come back and comment, because I am really hoping this helps someone. I did not lead you astray. I hope it is for others as well. It did not deter my little beasts from peeing in the same area again. We have had a problem for a long time so it may not be a product issue. I still like everything else.

👤I trust this brand because I have some beautiful area rugs that I want to keep looking great. I use a portable steam cleaner with a rug doctor in it. It pulls out any dirt or odors that come from tracking through snow, ice, dirt, whatever I may have on my shoes from living in the mountains. I know this cleaner will take care of any of the things that my dog does, like wiping his mouth on my rug after he's eaten, or rolling over my rug. I don't have a strong scent bothering me after I clean my rugs because the scent on this one isn't over-whelming. It's safe to use a lot. If you use too much, it's going to build up in your rug or carpet. Awesome stuff.

4. ANGRY ORANGE Eliminator Eliminator Deodorizer

ANGRY ORANGE Eliminator Eliminator Deodorizer

The furry love is without the sins. The odor and stain removal products can remove odors like stinky pet urine, feces or even vomit. They take care of unpleasant things, you just enjoy your pet. There is a solution to the problem of URINE ODOR REMOVER. Their formula is made from oranges. Ready to use, no more mixing! Use this pet stain removal on pee, cat urine, and solid waste. Strong and safe. The pet spray has more odor fighting power. It's safe to use around pets and children. There is a multi-purpose dropper. Works on carpets, tile, wood floors, litter boxes, grass, pens, and more.

Brand: Angry Orange

👤Do not use near animals or babies. My two cats got sick after using this, I was confused but admitted to doing so, they said they get animals in here all the time because of this product and unfortunately some don't make it. I was fortunate to get my mine in time. Babies are put in the hospital because of it. Don't buy it, it's very toxic.

👤If I could, I would give this a single star. Does not clean like other brands. The smell and visual remnants remain even after following directions. Don't waste your money.

👤It does smell good. For about 2 minutes. It does not do what people say it does. I don't know what the hype is about it. It is like buying a can of air freshener. The baking soda carpet powder lasts longer. I apologize. This product is not what it says it is. I am very disappointed.

👤The smell of this product was overpoweringly nauseating when we opened the box, even in a sealed plastic over wrap. If you missed the return date, you will give it away to someone who uses it. It may be able to eliminate or overcome pet odors. I will take the pet odors any day.

👤This stuff works. I have some dogs that smell like they are working out in a gym, and I don't know why. I don't have to put on a sweatband or a unitard when they sleep because of this spray. My partner thinks baking is quite delicious. No stinky dog. I'm not surprising him with some sweet goodness from the oven.

👤The price made me hesitant to buy it. I am so happy that I did. I got blessed with 2 beautiful rescue kittens that had stomach issues. I was shocked that one of them had the worst poops I have ever smelled. The smell is amazing, I bought it. It reminds me of a creamsicle. The smell is disappEARED! I bought a deodorizer and a cleaner. They are both worth the price.

👤Everyone makes it out to be hype.

👤I thought it would work better. It is hype up to be not as amazing.

5. Unique 203 1 Odor Stain Eliminator

Unique 203 1 Odor Stain Eliminator

Your pet has the toughest odors and stains. Without masking, it is possible to remove the toughest urine and ammonia odors. Safe for your family and pets. Pheromone removal prevents pets from re-soiling.

Brand: Unique

👤Great for areas that have been damaged. You have to be patient. Less water won't work. Always on more water. I leave the solution in my carpet and padding for 24 to 36 hours and then cover the treated area with a beach towel to keep the solution from getting wet. If you don't get all the smell the first time, let it dry and do it again. Feed your dog all over that room once you are certain you have all the odor. Drop treats on the rug. Do that every day for a month. They prefer not to eat where they urinate. For a couple of months, keep the dog out of the area. It takes them a long time to break bad habits.

👤I have been in animal rescue for 15 years and have used every product. The product is worth every penny. It is the only product that eliminates cat pee smell. I have recommended this product to others and they always rave about it. It's a gem. I'm adding some advice for people who don't like it. If you have cat pee, use it like a full strength weapon. I have washed it in hot water after pouring it on thick bathroom rugs. I had a foster cat jump up and pee on our leather couch and she heard us bringing a cat cage inside for a sick cat and freaked out. I used a damp rag to wipe it off after pouring it full strength, but I found that some of the pee had gone between the seams and there was still a smell in that area. I poured it on there and left it, but today I checked and there is no smell. If the item you are cleaning has a really saturated smell and you are thinking of tearing up tile or throwing out furniture, I suggest full strength and the worse the urine concentration, the more you should saturate. I wish I had discovered this product before we re-tiled the laundry room because there is still some smell under the tiling.

👤A dog with Diabetes insipidus is urinating frequently because of an elderly dog. There are a lot of them. I found this to be superior initially. On warmer days, I get the smell of urine in my house, because it's in the area that they tend to have accidents. In defense of my nose, I have a new nose. My husband doesn't smell it. I used my Clorox spray on it after trying to spray it again. Wow. That worked better. The smell is better and it did not stain my navy blue rug. I switched to the Clorox spray while finishing out this bottle. The smell has been eliminated.

👤The product is being used for throw-ups. It worked on some food stains on dining room chairs. This is the only product that will ever be used again for stains by our family. I plan on ordering the carpet cleanser. When dry, there is no staining, no foaming or anything else.

6. Natures Miracle Set Stain Destoyer

Natures Miracle Set Stain Destoyer

Set-in stain destroyer. It works to separate and lift stains and odors. For use on carpets, hard floors, furniture, and more. It's safe for pets and home.

Brand: Nature's Miracle

👤This is a one star review. Those customers only read the good ones. The pee spot was cleaned with odor-ban. The second with this product. There is nothing different under a black light. The enzymatic is not a real thing. The ban on odor does nothing more than that. I thought the product would remove the spot. The bottle has a guarantee on it. It isn't worth the ink. They got defensive and told me a bull after I called them. It changes a fiber bull. Save money by purchasing odor-ban. It does smell good.

👤Incorrect marketing and labeling of this product. If you have a set in/embedded odor, this particular product is probably not what you need. I had a dog urine stain that I treated with regular nature's miracle when it happened, but months later, when the carpet was warmed up by the summer sun, the whole room started smelling. At that point, we didn't know where the spot was, but we knew that the area smelled. I did my research online, and chose the orange bottle with the words on the front of it. I have been treating the carpet with this version of NM for weeks, and the smell seems to get worse the more I treat it. They told me that I had chosen the wrong product when I called customer service. I asked if I needed this for a set in and embedded odor, just as you marketed the product. I have to buy a different product for the same price, I can't get my money back on this product without printing out the Amazon receipt and lodging a complaint, and worst of all, this is not an enzymatic NM product, so I have to buy a different product for the same This huge area carpet is a family heirloom. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤I have used this many times and I hope it works. It has made my dog's urine smell worse. I have tried this on 3 different spots on 2 different carpets, and the smell is horrible, and it smells like pee now. The smell is so strong that I can't stand it. This is basically orange scented chemicals and water. I don't think there's a urine cleaner in it. I will have to use something else to get the smell out of my rugs after I wasted money on this.

👤Not sure about the reviews here. It worked well for horrible, deep in old carpet vomit stains. There are a lot of large spots. I have a dozen patches of very clean carpet that need to be steam cleaned. It's important to file the directions. It gets worse if you rub in from the center. From inside. Don't rub the press. I needed to apply for a couple things. The scent goes away quickly.

👤I finally got the smell out of the carpet. A friend's dog peed on our wall-to-wall carpet while we sat for a week. I cleaned immediately, but some of the accidents had time to soak in. I hired a professional carpet cleaner after using the "regular" Nature's Miracle, which I don't like. The smell persisted. I thought I would have to replace the entire carpet. I used this with the Little Green ProHeat carpet and upholstery cleaner to make the room smell better. The new formula of Nature's Miracle has a bad smell. The orange is not overpowering. Highly recommended.

7. Professional Strength Stain Odor Remover

Professional Strength Stain Odor Remover

Professional strength. The odor eliminator cleaner works. It can be used on carpets, upholstery, hardwood, tile, and more to remove stains and odors from messes. Their formula is more effective than harsh cleaning agents because it breaks down odor and stain rather than masking them. This product is plant-based and is completely safe for kids and pets. Plants are better at cleaning than harsh cleaning agents. You will actually help the environment by using it because it can help stop pollution as it degrades. This product is made in the United States. A less effective and potentially dangerous cleaner is what other brands buy overseas. Their spray is more than just a carpet stain removal product. Their formula is gentle enough to be left out around kids and pets. It gets the job done. This natural scent is made from plants and is effective at removing pet stains and odors. The scent of Lemongrass will make you feel like you've discovered a miracle cleaning solution. Support a small business in the USA. They are a company made up of like minded dog-lovers who are passionate about source and develop products. You can find a huge selection of Bully Sticks, Bones, Jerky, Yak Chews, Hip & Joint supplements, and more. They never source any product from China, only from countries that you can trust.

Brand: Pawstruck

👤This stuff didn't work for me. My cat sprayed for the first time. We were going to the vet to get him fixed. I used this stuff three times and my car still smells bad. I guess going to have to wash it. I didn't use it right the first time. The old saying goes when everyone fails to read the instructions. LmAO... It does a great job after reading the instructions and actually using it. The smell and stain came out. I wish I hadn't been blonde the first time. My bad.

👤I bought this because my dog was sick and vomited a lot. There is bile and water on the laundry room floor. She had some stools that were not straight. The whole thing was cleaned and mopped up. I couldn't get rid of the smell. I used a lot of different things, including Clorox bleach. The smell kept coming back. I think it was the bile from the vomit. It was within a couple days. I mopped the floor after spraying it with the product and let it dry. The sparrow is gone! I threw the blankets that she had thrown up in the washer for a third time with a 1/2 cup of this product. There was a smell after I washed them. They smell great now. It doesn't say you can do this in the washer, but it worked for me. It is the enzymes! My dog is getting better.

👤I give this 5 stars for removing dog urine odor. I apply immediately after I have used towels to remove the liquid from the carpet. I use the stain & odor remover to get into the carpet fibers. I use more towel to soak up the spray. I have a cream carpet and I don't think it's very successful for stains. I use a combination of the carpet cleaner and the product to get rid of the stain. After I apply the spray, I use a hand held bristle brush to scrub the carpet clean, and then I use a foaming pet stain carpet cleaner. I purchase this product because it takes out the smell completely. It has a faint smell of something. It's pleasant and not offensive. Once dry, there was no smell. The other products smell like orange, which is not good for me. I am sensitive to strong smells. I know what works.

👤When my dog had an accident, this product worked well. It worked when my littlest had an accident. I like the product, it works for odors and stains. It doesn't work for cat urine. It did not help the smell of the cats urine when I used it.

👤I don't usually write reviews on Amazon because I don't feel strongly about a product. I want to tell people that this stuff is amazing. The smell of Nature's Miracle was strong and unpleasant, like some other reviewers have said, after they changed the formula. I used it for dog urine and it had a smell that lingered for days if not longer, and I didn't think it worked because I had to let it dry and re- apply. I researched pet odor-eliminating sprays and they were highly recommended for their effectiveness and not having an overwhelming scent. It works better than Nature's Miracle. It took care of the smell after one application, and there was no residual smell. It can also be used for stains. There was a stain on the carpet. I thought it would work for pet stains. I was skeptical. I sprayed it and the stain disappeared. Highly recommended.

8. Bissell 1990 Eliminator Upright Cleaner

Bissell 1990 Eliminator Upright Cleaner

The purchase of abissELL helps save pets. The mission of the BISSELL Pet Foundation is to help save homeless pets. The best formula for pet odors and stains is from Bissell. For use in deep cleaning machines. The power of oxy will permanently remove stains and odors. Cleans and protects from future stains. Pets are discouraged from urinating in the same spot again.

Brand: Bissell

👤The area behind my sofa was where my dog went to the bathroom. I tried to remove the smell with other soaps, but they failed. I still smelled the peepee. The bottle did the trick. She can't enter her private throne because she has to pee outside.

👤I don't know how this product has so many great ratings. I have two young children and two huge dogs who destroy everything in sight. Once my kids and dogs are on my carpets, they become disgusting again. I was expecting the product to stain in one or two passes. I clean carpets all the time in our home, and if not more. I used half the bottle on an average sized room, but I exert way more effort than usual. To be completely honest, using tide in my machine works better than this stuff. I'm pretty disappointed that this "top notch animal carpet cleaning magic liquid'' did such a bad job. It took me almost an hour to get it out of the stains. I could've gotten my entire downstairs done in that time.

👤After reading all the positive reviews, I had high hopes for this, but it didn't remove the orders. A rescue pup decided to go to the bathroom outside. She began using the boys room to relive herself. I got a carpet cleaner for Christmas and was very excited to try it out. Our son has been unable to sleep in his room because of the urine smell. It made it worse because it didn't get the smell out. The upstairs smells of dog urine. I used the cleaner twice, but it didn't work. It worked well on the rest of the carpet. Our daughter spilled milk on our carpet and we had a bad smell in our living room, so we used a spray to remove it. It doesn't remove the pet urine odor that it claims to remove. Save money. I am on the hunt for another product before we replace the carpet.

👤If you don't like the smell of dog pee on your carpet, this is the solution for you. My dog likes to have accidents and hotdogs, and after a cleaning with this, it's like my dog never left the house. There are magical things in there. The woman walked into the smell of fish. My dog had accidents. It's like walking into a summer cottage without dogs. It will change your life and you'll love your dog more, despite the fact that he'd rather be in the house.

👤I bought this to take care of the smell of pet urine on the carpeted step. After a few soakings, the spot gets hit regularly by our dog. The urine smell is still there despite the different carpet cleaning chemicals I have used. I decided to give it a try. And wow. I was not expecting it to be so fragrant. This stuff made the whole house smell like Febreze for people who are sensitive to scents. I only applied it to a small section a few times as I keep washing until the fluid runs mostly clear and then follow up with clean water. I didn't notice it at first. I walked outside to get something and came back to the house with a nice smell. I was close to where I applied it and it greeted me at the door. I smelled it when I came back in after going outside, but I must have been desensitized to it while washing the carpet. If you are trying to clean and deodorize the carpet, I would recommend this. I need to be specific about that. The majority of the smell was removed from the carpet where it was not visible even a few feet away, but when I get next to the carpet, it is not as bad as it was before the washing. I think there is a better way to get the smell out, but it probably involves washing and drying. I think this is a great product for getting the carpet cleaned and leaving a nice scent for a while. It's perfect for people trying to sell a home or expecting visitors who want to leave a nice scent in the air. I don't recommend that people with scent sensitivity use this product.

9. Zeiff Pro Grade Multi Purpose Enzyme Cleaner

Zeiff Pro Grade Multi Purpose Enzyme Cleaner

Pro Grade Clean - Zeiff Pro-Grade Formulas are the most effective cleaning products that professionals and consumers trust. Whether you are a pro or just expecting pro-grade results, Zeiff delivers Pro Grade Clean. Powerful Cleaning Performance - Their proprietary formula easily cuts through dirt, grease, and oils without leaving a trace. Don't expect a clean house, expect a clean house. When you see it, you'll know it's clean. The Multi-Purpose Enzyme Cleaner is a special blend of detergents, antibiotics, and anti-bacterials that can be used to clean a wide range of surfaces. It's ideal for professional and home use. Deodorizer and odor Eliminator is a highly concentrated digestant for grease, stains, oils, and organic waste. A lavender breeze instantly refresh any space with a pleasant aroma, and it effectively eliminates foul odors caused by urine, feces, blood, vomit, food, garbage and grease. Safe and Effective - The Pro Grade Formulas are free of caustics and dyes, and are pH neutral, pet safe, and cruelty-free. It is made in the USA.

Brand: Zeiff

👤The old Amazon brand cleaner was great. I was really upset that they discontinued it. I decided to give this brand a try. It works, but not as well as the other. We use it to clean homeless camps where the smell of sewage and the old brand worked wonders. Not really. The old stuff should be returned to Amazon.

👤I know that people are missing the Amazon Enzyme Cleaner. That stuff was very good. You never think you'd fall so hard for an enzyme cleaner, but you never think it'd be pulled out of existence without a goodbye. You never know when the good times are. The same thing is presented on here for this Zeiff stuff. It's fine. There are three flavors, but none of them have the same level of scent as the Amazon stuff. This stuff will do in the heavy narration of Amazon Commercial. My heart will always be for ACES.

👤I'm updating my review to reflect my experience with the seller of this product who kindly email me to ask me to change my review so as not to "misrepresent" this product. Let me start by saying that I have said before that this product will be fine for most people, no shade on this company or the product per se. The lovely fragrances in this product will be enjoyed by most people. If you have a legitimate fragrance allergy, or if you have a life-threatening anaphylactic allergy, you may have a similar condition. I'm giving this two stars to be fair to the product in that most people won't have any issues with it, but my experience due to my allergic disability was certainly a one star. I took medication for two days because I believed the other review was going to be a good one. If you are going to give away a free product for a VINE review, you should include the effects of a medical condition, not a preference or sensitivity. Even if the comments aren't what you want, they are helpful in developing the right customer base for your products. I don't think people with legitimate fragrance allergies are a good fit for this product because of my experience with this medical disability. Your mileage may vary.

👤I have been using Amazon's product in my laundry, and I hope it comes back. I had to try this brand since I can't get Amazon's. There is nothing new about this scent. My washer smells like rotting, bitter, grapefruit rind with an underlying whiff of gym socks. I'm hoping the smell gets killed in the dryer or I'll be scrubbing everything that has come in contact with it. There is an update:. I had a reaction to the fabric items that were washed with this product. Itching, redness, etc.

👤I used to use the Amazon brand spray to clean up pet stains on the carpet. I have been looking for it all over the app, but only this shows up. The smell is not as strong as the Amazon brand, but it doesn't seem to work as well. I have to go over spots more than once to make sure everything comes out. It does work.

10. Resolve Ultra Stain Remover Messes

Resolve Ultra Stain Remover Messes

Pet odors can be eliminated with odor stop technology. Freshens with a clean scent. Discourages pet. It works great on everyday stains like red wine, grape juice, and greasy food, as well as tough pet stains like urine, vomit, and feces.

Brand: Resolve

👤I have to get rid of this rug because it smells like urine and it is under my bed. I have never been more disappointed with a product. Ever! I waited to make sure it wasn't going away because the first hour after use was no smell. I was excited. I have a bedroom that smells like a dog urine, but it is not a big amount of urine, it is a small stain from an 8 pound puppy. So bad! It's a good thing. It is really confusing because the carpet smelled like burned hair after I used it. I left a review to make sure I didn't end up in trouble like me.

👤The size of the Resolve Ultra Pet Stain and odor Remover Spray works better than other odor removers. I have used other pet stain and odor removal products that didn't work as well as a paper towel and water. Some of them had a nice scent, while others didn't. This product cleans and keeps the smell away, just need to use as directed and don't let the stain sit. I will purchase this product again.

👤I would love to have a before and after picture. It is amazing how well this product eliminates odors. I always spray my bottle with my spray when my Golden retriever cousins come to visit, because they have little stains on it. It is also great for food and liquid stains. Several bottles are in my personal stock.

👤This product has 5 stars all around it. You can spray it on the carpet and have your pet stains lifted in a matter of seconds. I would spray it and leave it for a few minutes to scrub it, but by the time I got back I couldn't find the stain without feeling for a wet spot. I would recommend anyone with a new or older pet. This can be used on hardwood surfaces as well.

👤Dog piss is not a chance.

👤I used this to remove most of the stains from my carpet, which is 15 years old, without having to steam clean it. My dad is known for putting muddy boots on and spilling liquids on the staircase. I didn't like the smell of the product when I first used it. The cleaner doesn't have a strong scent so I could still smell cat pee. Over time, it removed the scent. The longer you allow it to sit, the better. I found that vacuuming over the area was easier than blotting the carpet.

👤We have been using for a few weeks and have gotten some horrible stains and smells. We always have to worry about the carpet and stains with a 15 month old son. This product works great, I have tried multiple products. It also removes the smell of food or pee. It is easy to do.

👤Small dogs make small messes, but they are still a mess. By the time my second dog was potty trained. I settled on a ritual to clean up. Add water, blot with a rag, spray cleaner, wetvac, and then finish with Nature's Miracle. The cleaner I used before was more of a fabric pretreater than a carpet spray. When I ran out, I decided to try the carpet cleaning spray, Resolve Ultra Pet Stain & Odor Remover Spray, 32oz. I had a product issue when I ordered some bottles on Prime Pantry. It wasn't long before one of my Japanese Chins had an accident. I didn't use the Nature's Miracle, but I went through my usual routine. I was curious to see if the dogs came back to that spot. I was rewarded for my cautious optimism, as the odor seems to have dissipated. Recommended!

11. BioTurf Artificial Concentrate Cleaner Eliminator

BioTurf Artificial Concentrate Cleaner Eliminator

Plastic bottle is the material type. It is scientifically formulated to get rid of the toughest pet odors in artificial grass, breaking down odor-causing proteins to eliminate odors instead of covering them up. The bioS+ technology breaks down ammonia and other odors that cause unpleasant pet waste smells and other organic and non-organic odors. This all-natural cleaner is safe to use around plants and can be used to deodorize your dog's backyard. A clean, fresh scent will give you an immediate sense of relief, reducing the stink for your peace of mind. Their product is useful in smaller spaces like pens and kennels, and larger yards and pet care facilities.

Brand: Bioturf

👤This works better than another brand that did not last a day. It has been good for three days. We are smelling the urine again. It is slight, but there. Unless we can find another brand, we may have to spray weekly. We have 2 small Yorkies that are less than 5 lbs. After reading the reviews, we were hoping this would be great. We're somewhat disappointed.

👤Follow the directions and you will be happy. I bought the sprayer and just fill it with the concentrate, hook it up to your hose and you are ready to go. The water mark on the sprayer is a good place to start wetting your turf. After you wet the area, switch to the BioTurf spray and you are good to go. The pee smell is not as strong as it used to be. I do this every two weeks in the summer and less in the fall and winter because the heat makes the urine smell stronger.

👤If you follow the instructions, this stuff will work. There is a dog run on the artificial turf. The smell of the dogs was terrible. It works great, but it doesn't completely eliminate the smell, but it does knock it down 90%.

👤It helps with the smell for a while. I would expect more at the price point. The Simple GreenTurf deodorizer is 1/3 the price at HD and will give you the same results. You can spray once a week for the same price. I have three stars because it does work, but not long enough for the price.

👤Different brands were tried. None worked. I applied 1 gallon on 400 sq feet of turf. The broom was brushed in. The urine odor was gone. I wet the area when the smell came back. This was during the cooler months. The urine smell is worse in the summer. Hopefully it will hold up. I plan on brushing in more when the area stops working.

👤I had hoped that it would remove dog odors. I haven't found anything that is truly effective.

👤This is the best artificial turf odor eliminator. The scent of the Simple Green version was not as pleasant as it could have been. It is easy to mix this product into a spray bottle.


What is the best product for dog urine enzyme cleaner concentrate?

Dog urine enzyme cleaner concentrate products from Simple Solution. In this article about dog urine enzyme cleaner concentrate you can see why people choose the product. Rug Doctor and Angry Orange are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog urine enzyme cleaner concentrate.

What are the best brands for dog urine enzyme cleaner concentrate?

Simple Solution, Rug Doctor and Angry Orange are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog urine enzyme cleaner concentrate. Find the detail in this article. Unique, Nature's Miracle and Pawstruck are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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