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1. Nudges Steak Grillers Dog Treats

Nudges Steak Grillers Dog Treats

A package of dog treats. It was inspired by the taste, texture and aroma of perfectly grilled food. The number one ingredient is real USA beef. Corn, wheat, soy and animal are not allowed by products. Natural dog treats with no artificial flavors.

Brand: Nudges

👤My oldest dog, a Lhasa Apso, has a sensitive stomach. He was sick with HGE, which was caused by the Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis, and he was confused after having these treats for a week. We have a dog door that our dogs take advantage of, and they never have bathroom accidents in the house. Three nights in a row, my husband and I woke up to huge piles of vomit in the hallway, with blood in them. He always lets us know if he needs to go out at night. These treats were the only new thing he had received. He will be on antibiotics for 14 days because of a $200 vet bill. He is doing better but it could have been worse. The other 4 didn't care about them, but we just threw them away because we didn't want our babies to get sick.

👤Has chicken in it... Why? I don't understand why companies say steak instead of chicken.

👤Occasionally, we give these treats to our Yorkie as a reward for being such an awesome little dude. He is a picky eater. He has a very sensitive stomach but these have not had any adverse effects on his bicyle or his eating habits. These grillers are not tough. Older dogs with fewer teeth can benefit from the chewy texture. I bought these because they are made in the USA. Our little guy loves them so much that he whines to go outside only to piddle a few drops before bolting back inside and running around in joy.

👤I read the reviews before buying. Most reviewers gave them a 4+ rating, despite the fact that several reviewers stated their dog became sick eating these. I bought them and they made my dogs sick. I dumped them. There could be a quality control issue. Whatever the issue, Amazon should warn people about it. I don't care about wasted money. I care about my dogs.

👤The ingredients look safe and reasonable, but after my dog's experience, I looked more closely. He was panting, itching, and had runs for 14 hours after eating the first piece of this product. Was it vegetable glycerin? The fruit? The "natural flavors"? Is it the vinegar? The smoke flavor is colored with vegetable juice and paprika. Maybe it was all of it, and maybe the vegetable juice was beets. We are not going to chance this again. My dog is not normally sensitive, so there's something not right about this. The product is too expensive. Buying steak and cutting it up is more economical. This dog's treats are going to be defined by keeping it simple.

👤My dog is picky about what he eats, and he likes to eat things that he likes. They are actually meat! My dog won't eat any dog biscuits or soft milk bone treats and I was at a loss about what to use for training treats. They are broken into small pieces for training and I stick them out of the end of the kongs. My dog should be eating actual meat, which is what the ingredients are for, and there's no corn, wheat, or soy. He is excited when I open the bag. It's nice that I have a treat that he will eat. Will be purchasing again and again as long as my dog likes them. I'm not sure if my dog likes the chicken better. He loves both of them.

2. Full Moon Natural Treats Chicken

Full Moon Natural Treats Chicken

HUMAN-GRADE: Why would you feed it if you wouldn't eat it? Their treats meet strict USDA standards for human consumption, from the ingredients they are made with to the kitchens they are made in. All natural. Chicken Jerky is made from sliced, whole muscle chicken breast. Each piece is slow cooked in their ovens to bring out the flavors your dog will love. High quality ingredients. Truth is the first ingredient. They cook their natural Chicken Jerky in small batches using honest ingredients like chicken and cane sugar. All natural treats are made from wholesome, healthy recipes. Every bite is full of real meat flavor and free from artificial flavors and colors. The US-GROWN CHICKEN: Full Moon treats are made in the United States using ingredients that are USDA approved.

Brand: Full Moon

👤I first thought it was something wrong with the treats when I noticed my dog was itching. She would vomit a few times a day. When I called the vet, they told me that the majority of the time they find out that a dog is allergic to chicken, it's because of a lot of itching and upset. I didn't think my dog was allergic to chicken. I had an allergy test done on her at theholistic vet. I was surprised that she was allergic to chicken, salmon, carrots, pumpkin seeds, and rice. I changed her diet to beef and she improved. My parents changed their dogs to beef because they were also having issues with their snot, and they noticed a huge improvement in their dogs. We wouldn't have thought it was the case. The original review states that I have started soaking these in water for 15 minutes and then breaking them into smaller pieces before giving them to my dog. It takes about that long for the chicken jerky to break into smaller pieces. I thought this would be a safer option since she eats them so fast. I will put them in her homemade dog food when I can't get her to eat her food. My dog has had a sensitive stomach for years and no matter what food I bought or how expensive it was, she would still vomit after eating. I started making her food. The recipe for homemade dog food is for people who have similar issues with their pups. In a separate large pot mix, I cook a pound of chicken thighs, 2 cups chopped fresh carrots, 2 cups cooked sliced chicken, 2 cups frozen green beans, 2 cups frozen sweet peas, and 1 can organic pin. I mix the rice and vegetables after they are done. Feed the dog twice a day. Hope your dog enjoys it!

👤I bought a few bags of treats. I have never had an issue with mold, but these treats that my dogs love gave them both very loose stools. Everything is back to normal after I stopped these treats. I'm not sure what they are, but my Lab / Border Collie mix dogs can't tolerate them. I will have to throw away the treats. If your dog has a problem, you might want to stop the treats.

👤I have been buying this product for a long time. I opened the new bag for my dogs and saw something shiny. The strip of plastic was stuck to the treat. What damage could this have done? I don't want to think about it.

👤I have been buying these for my dog for a long time and have always been happy with them. The bag I received was full. I can't feed my dog crumbs because they are half the weight of the bag. I hope this is just a coincidence. My dog loves them and I have always been happy with them.

👤My pups get their breakfast first thing after coming back inside from their potty break. I am very careful with dog treats made of chicken, but this one is made in the USA and claims to be 100% human grade. It is getting harder and harder to tell where dog treats are made. Many will show that they are assembled in the USA using raw materials from foreign countries. I have been using this product for a long time and my dogs have never had any problems with it. My dogs love them. They only get half a treat each day.

3. GoodNFun P 94187 Triple Flavor Kabob

GoodNFun P 94187 Triple Flavor Kabob

Dogs love a combination of five flavors. Pork hide and rawhide are wrapped with real chicken, duck and chicken bile. Natural chews help reduce Tartar buildup. A great source of food. Satisfy your dog's urge to chew.

Brand: Good'n'fun

👤My dog died after eating these. Don't feed it to your dog. Always choose a natural product and not rawhide.

👤What a sad day. I thought I was getting a deal for USA made chews. The package was made in China and had an expire date. I should have known something was up because of the image on the back of the package. After all the recalls and pet deaths, I can't trust treats. My friend's health is not worth it. As soon as I pointed this out to a representative, Amazon was quick to return the item. I hope they update the description so that other consumers are aware of it.

👤I'm uploading the photo so you can see that this product is actually made in China. It's not listed on the back of Virginia, but it is made in China. It's an excellent value and I don't get it wrong. I don't think anyone should put their pet at risk if it's not noted that it's made in China. It's fine for electronic and stuff, but not what your pet's health is like, like a phone. I called Amazon to let them know that the girl wouldn't give it to her dog and that it was made in China. You have to look good to see that he is trying to hide. If you're okay with a product from China for your pet, it's a great value, but who knows what's in it. I'm not going to risk it. I believe many people would not buy it if they knew it was made in China. It was kind of blindsided that I saw shipped and sold by Amazon and soft Virginia. When Amazon returns to me, I will update.

👤Oh no. The dog was in the emergency room. They pulled out the center of his body. The rest was thrown in the trash. My yorkies are fine.

👤I bought them and they were recalled. I was able to contact my friend in Hawaii before she fed them to her dog because I sent them to her for her fur baby's birthday. If she weren't my best friend, this would have been embarrassing.

👤My dog likes the "kabob" part. All the other stars are dangerous to pets. Good luck finding it on the package, but the treats are made in China. The company address on the package is in Virginia. I couldn't figure out why my mini dachshund wasn't feeling well for a week. We ran out of these treats two days ago and she's fine now. The China label was visible when I pulled the package out of the trash. There is a China uses Biodiesel compounds to make their glycerin, which is very toxic to humans and animals, even in small quantities. The words "healthy, wholesome, etc" should not be used on the package. But profits are more important than ethics. Every dog is different. I won't be buying any of these or any of the treats that containdiesel again.

4. SmartBones Chews Peanut Butter Rawhide Free

SmartBones Chews Peanut Butter Rawhide Free

Dogs love bone shapes. Dog chews made with wholesome ingredients are rawhide-free. The calories are 2,935kcal/kg 45 kcal/chew. A real peanut butter is made with a vegetable and peanut butter outside. It is easy to digest and delicious. It helps maintain healthy teeth. SmartBones chews have all the benefits of a rawhide chew without the poison. All Life Stages is an age range description.

Brand: Smartbones

👤My sister got me some for Christmas and I brought these. Sam was happy when she got them. I read the reviews and did a lot of my own research, and everything is fine. I would be devastated if my fur baby died. I put a lot of effort to make sure she is safe, and I think she is safe with this product. I will change my review if there are any problems.

👤When my dog gets one after his walk, he tosses it in the air and plays with it for a while before eating it. He is happy when I mention bone time. They are "Amigo" approved. There was no change in stool during the month. My dog consumes half a gallon of water a day, so he digests everything easily.

👤We've all heard of it. This is a dog. It's like heroin for dogs, so don't get your dog hooked on it. I found some rolled up $100 bills in his dog house. He had a lot of hookers come and go. My dog is adict.

👤This is my favorite treat for my shihtzhu pups. This is the most popular variety I've bought. The only complaint I have is price. The 3 had colitis after they 800-273-3217 I've been giving them these yeasts for over a year and I'm not sure if there's a change in their part. They are made in Vietnam. The treat was the least of my expense with the colitis, so I'm watching close. We have not had a problem with this one so far.

👤When I got a Yorkie puppy, I started using these. I call them his breakfast treats. Each morning he looks for one. They have sugar in them. I am very happy with them.

👤I was looking for something to eat. I gave him 4 in a week, but he didn't like them, but he loves them. I have been testing these out for about 2 months. He does well when he only gets 1 a week. This is a great choice if your pet has a sensitive stomach.

👤My dogs love this treat. When I take the bag out of the drawer, they surround me jumping up and taking the bag out of my hands. I make sure I don't run out of this treat because it smells so good. The sight of 5 pups is worse.

👤This is his favorite treat. I'm not sure if the ingredients are healthy, but he plays with the bones before he eats them. It's fun to watch. He doesn't play with other treats.

5. Blue Buffalo Natural Soft Moist Training

Blue Buffalo Natural Soft Moist Training

Blue Bits dog training treats are made with real beef and are an ideal reward for your best friend. There are training treats. Blue Bits are the perfect size for training dogs that love a big treat. They are an ideal puppy treat because of their support for cognitive development. These dog treats don't contain chicken. They are free from corn, wheat and soy. They are free from artificial preservatives and colors like red dye. There are healthy dog treats. Blue Buffalo natural dog treats are made with wholesome ingredients that your dog will love eating. There is one bag of BLUE Bits Natural Soft-Moist Training Dog Treat.

Brand: Blue Buffalo

👤I bought two of them. They were add-on items, meaning they were at a discounted price when you have items in your cart totalling $25 to make the shipping worth it. My dog loves these. She gets them when she is good or bored and I fill her Kong toy with them. It is a good way to give her a toy for a while as she works out how to get them out. My dog likes to eat them because they smell like beef jerky. They are all natural from the brand. This brand is the only one that I feed my dog and she is very healthy, energetic, and has a great fur coat. I would recommend them. Target and other stores usually sell them for around $4.99 and Amazon has sales on them with prime shipping. The purchase made them over $2 each.

👤I had to throw away the items because there is a recall on them. They put lead inside the treats and are poisoning dogs. Will not buy blue buffilo anymore.

👤I feed my dog Blue Buffalo food and decided to give it a try. My dog loves these hard treats. They are small but great training treats. When she rings the bell, I keep them by the door. When we go on a walk to train her, I bring a bag with me as she is a rescue and is scared of other people and animals. I was very pleased with these. My dog is motivated by a brand that I trust.

👤I was looking for a treat for Sir George Harrison. I thought I would eliminate any possible allergens first because he has developed goopy eyes. The other dog lovers said to eliminate chicken first. This seemed to fit the bill because there were very few options. He loves them! He will come to me and offer his paw, high five me, roll over, sit, dance and play dead to get one. We will continue with these treats even if we decide it's ok for him to be on chicken again. The star ratings above were difficult to determine. The quality of the ingredients was good. They were mold free and had a pleasant smell, so I gave them 5 stars. It was a hiccup for me. I asked my husband to take a bite, but he declined. I asked the lady salesperson if she could sell us solar panels, she declined and left. My brother in law was at work, so he probably wouldn't have taken me up on the request. I was out because I was not sure how the treats would affect my sugar. I asked Sir George how many stars would be fair. He responded with loud barks. You get a 5 for flavor. We would purchase again if we could.

👤My little Frenchie loves to eat. I was excited to buy him some treats. He came running after I opened the bag. He took a couple of sniffs when he was held out to him. He immediately spit it out after grabbing it in his mouth, when I threw it on the floor. He hated it! I have never seen him do that with any other treat. Even though we have had the bag for less than a day, it is not returnable. Thanks a lot, Blue Buffalo, for your no service. I will not be buying or recommending your products again.

6. Nudges Health Wellness Chicken Treats

Nudges Health Wellness Chicken Treats

It is easy to tear dried oven jerky into bite sized pieces. Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate help support bone and joint health. Chicken is the number one ingredient. Natural dog treats. There are no artificial flavors orPreservatives in the products.

Brand: Nudges

👤Amazon often sends us old bags of nudgings. They are dark colored and have a rich smell. They are delivered with a light color and smell like plastic. Fresh Nudges are so worth the money and we love them. If we get more old batches, we will stop and shop elsewhere. Please help Amazon with this issue and stand up to customer support.

👤My dog is a picky eater and she loves this item. I wanted to see if the chicken jerky flavor would be as popular with her as the Nudges beef jerky did. She almost doesn't want to eat her regular food after I place these treats in front of her, so go easy. The instructions recommend only one treat per day. Smaller breed dogs like to tear up these into smaller pieces. It's nice to be able to rip up the treats into smaller pieces for small dogs like mine so they don't have to eat the whole piece at once. My fur baby is very picky and I would buy any of the nudges products if they were well received. If you are still reading, you should buy and try. I think your best furry friend will love them as much as I did, and if not, I think Amazon has a good return policy on these.

👤I have been buying these treats for my dogs for a long time. I usually get them at Sam's Club, but with the restrictions of the Pandemic vaccine and the fact that I have cancer, I have been ordering them from Amazon. I had been happy for a long time. The last 3 or 4 times I've gotten these treats for my dogs, the bag has either had a cut in it or a hole, or the seal had been broken. The treats are hard and dark, which is not good for my pets. This was the last time that the problem was fixed by Amazon. I didn't tell them because they don't know where the quality control is. I'm very sad. After the 2nd complaint, I expected more. I'll be taking my dogs to Sam's so they can have their favorite treats undamaged.

👤Not a happy camper. I received this Nudges Jerky Cuts in my order. We live in Arizona and have record-breaking hot temperatures so this product was never left in a hot area. This is a problem with either the manufacturing at the company or the handling of the product after it is received by Amazon. This is ridiculous that a product that claims to be "Made in the USA" and "natural" should arrive to the consumer with a mold growing inside the bag. Will apply for a refund on this product and may not purchase it again from Amazon if I see the packages on the subscribe and save page. I didn't tell Amazon about the item when it arrived, so they can't replace it. I got a package from Amazon that I didn't use before, but I open it to use and it's disgustingly moldy, and I was told I didn't use it before. Only one of the 2 36 oz. pkgs I get was moldy. I think Walmart or Fry's will be getting my order soon. Bezo's is all about money in his pocket.

7. Bil Jac 840235168621 Little Small Treats

Bil Jac 840235168621 Little Small Treats

It was made with real chicken. Chicken liver is the first ingredient in the small dog training treats. The chicken liver dog treats are kept fresh. These small dog training treats can be used as rewards or as snacks to show love and affection. The small dog snacks from Little Jacs are made with no added fat, artificial flavours or sugars, and are only for dogs that will love them. There are ingredients. Chicken Meal, Chicken, Wheat Flour, Glycerin, Phosphoric Acid, Salt, Potassium Sorbate, and Mixed Tocopherols and Calcium Propionate are preservatives. Since 1947, Bil-Jac dog treats and dry dog food have been made in the USA with selected wholesome grains that have never been frozen. Bil-Jac takes a different approach to feeding his best friend.

Brand: Bil-jac

👤Since they're small pieces, you can use it to reward your puppy when you want to lure train outside. Since they're so moist, you end up with bits all over the carpet, and the puppy wants to dig the carpet to get the crumbs. I took a few and left them on the counter to dry out. Puppy likes them! If you have a small dog, they will last a long time.

👤The puppy mill dog we adopted was 8 years old when he was rescued. He had been badly neglected. The rescue vet had to remove his teeth because his mouth was full of infections. He can eat these small treats easily. We like to give him lots of treats and love to make up for the years of abuse and neglect he had before his rescue. These are perfect for him.

👤I knew there was a problem when I opened the box, even though we had ordered these treats a dozen times. The three bags are wrapped together for Amazon grouping. The smell of the treats should not have been present when I opened the box. There was a greasy spot on the box, and all three bags were covered with it. I discarded the original bags after transferring all of the treats into baggies. These treats aren't dry and aren't moist. One of the bags was greasy. I'm not sure if we will give it to our dog or discard it completely.

👤I sent my dog to a trainer, and they introduced me to some of them. My dog loves them. She has learned that if she stays by my side, she will get one if I take her outside. I got rid of all the other treats. This is all you need.

👤My dog likes it. I have been going to her for 13 years and she hasn't turned it down. I don't lick my fingers after she takes it because it's not the flavor I like, but she loves it. It makes her feel good to go out and do her business.

👤I have 8 pups and I have trouble finding a second soft dog treat. You need a knife to cut them because they are soft. These treats are soft. I can easily squeeze them in my fingers, but they are not together. They will not fall apart if you throw them on the floor. My small dogs are called lil jack. They like the chicken but won't eat the banana and pb. These are the soft treats you are looking for.

👤The puppy refused the treats. I think she didn't like the scent. I would like to see them in other flavors such as chicken. The small soft training treats are a good size for my small breed dog. The product was highly recommended. I've passed them on to others. There are no comments from them yet. I'm back to making my own training treats.

👤My dogs like them, but they are not a good size for my puppies. The treats are not all the same size, and I find myself breaking some of them in two, but they usually fall apart when I do that. I use Pet Botanics Treat Rewards Mini. I don't have to break them apart because they are the same price and size, and my dogs like them too.

8. Nudges Steak Grillers Dog Treats

Nudges Steak Grillers Dog Treats

A package of dog treats. It was inspired by the taste, texture and aroma of perfectly grilled food. The number one ingredient is real USA beef. Corn, wheat, soy and animal are not allowed by products. Natural dog treats with no artificial flavors.

Brand: Nudges

👤After giving my dogs some treats, I ended up with a big vet bill. Two days after I gave my dog the treats, she showed symptoms of Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, which my vet said was likely due to giving her these treats. I fed my dog an appropriate amount of food and treats based on her weight and the instructions on the bag, which recommended up to 4 treats per day. I wanted to let people know what happened in my situation.

👤Do not buy them. They made my dog sick. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤My dog's diet was the same as before. I changed brands a few months ago. She loved them. She is 15 years old. She began to have seizures and became sick. She was examined by the vet and had her tests run. Her liver enzymes are elevated. The vet told us to take her off the treats. She has not had a seizure after a week without treats. I would be careful with these treats, not sure what could cause such health issues. She now gets treats made from bacon.

👤I read many reviews before I tried these, they are a moist product and will mold very quickly once opened. My lady pit loves them and I still gave them a try. I was happy to have a treat for her because she is very picky about what she eats. After opening the bag, I found a mold issue and there was only half a bag left. I know that some will go bad before the whole bag can be used. I have noticed that the smaller bags are more expensive than the larger bags. I'll stick with the 16oz size and inspect them before giving them to my lady pit. I noticed one thing when I opened the first bag. They smell great. I wanted to eat them as well. They smell like beef jerky, one of my favorite treats. I restrained myself so my lady pit could have her treat. Just be cautious about the mold after opening the package, hope your dog likes them too. Enjoy.

👤I have been giving my Maltese one treat a day for a year. He needs the soft texture because of his teeth problems. There are different varieties. He likes grilling. He's allergic to chicken so he's allergic to beef. Go figure. There were no apparent problems. Tyson has had problems with frozen food in the past. They say they're made in USA, but it's probably not true. It's difficult to find soft treats that are small. We'll keep on with these for now. My only complaint is that when I order from Amazon, I get a bag with half of the treats broken up. They should package better. Probably won't happen.

👤My dog likes these. They are made in the USA. My Callie will be sniffing in the backyard and if I need her to come inside, I will say 'You want a big stake strip?!' She comes running! Callie has a sensitive stomach, but these don't bother her. Highly recommend them to anyone who loves animals. She loves chicken and I bought the chicken flavor. She loves them both, but it's hard for her to choose.

9. Nudges Chicken Grillers Dog Treats

Nudges Chicken Grillers Dog Treats

A package of dog treats. It was inspired by the taste, texture and aroma of perfectly grilled food. Chicken is the number one ingredient. Corn, wheat, soy and animal are not allowed by products. Natural dog treats with no artificial flavors orPreservatives.

Brand: Nudges

👤Our dog loves these when she is eating, but then she gets depressed and won't eat her regular food when she gets sick, and then she lays around as if she is sick and won't eat her regular food. We are only giving her two pieces, but it is not having an effect on her digestion. She gets sick. Chicken and steak are the same thing. She liked the chicken pot pie and it didn't make her ill.

👤After two days of using these, we had our first case of the disease. This was the only change in our dog's diet and we will no longer be using it. Don't tread lightly...

👤These treats are great for my small dogs. It is usually their breakfast. We have been giving them this for a long time as the ingredients are made in the USA and they are soft and easy for dogs to chew. The price mark on Amazon is very impressive. It's convenient for it to come to my home, instead of going out and looking for them. The packages are fresh and the treats are good. That is a good thing. It's worse to get hard, old treats. I will buy them again.

👤These are the best ones on the market. We are working on our 30th bag. We have always been concerned about what we give our Yorkie. She had a piece in her mouth after we gave her a cheaper brand. These are 100% real chicken and they were not made in the USA. It's almost time to get more.

👤The dog digs it. This is full of sugar, which is not good for a dog. Sugar is present a lot. Too be fair sugar is listed as an ingredient. I would limit consumption. The packet suggests to limit it, but I would limit it more than the packet suggests after tasting the sugar.

👤They were crushed into small bits when I ordered this item. Shame on me, don't do it again. I reordered through Amazon after forgetting about 8 months later. Dogs would do tricks for the little bits after being smashed up twice. If I buy them in the store, they are not broken to bits, but through Amazon, why? I wonder if one of the large packing shelves fell over and crushed this particular product, or if it was Amazon that damaged or "seconds" it. Hmm...

👤I like this size because of my Yorkie, the whole bag is broken in pieces, not one whole one, not sure how to feed her, especially in a hurry going out the door. I think it's usable like a dog food.

👤My dog is picky about what he eats, and he likes to eat things that he likes. They are actually meat! My dog won't eat any dog biscuits or soft milk bone treats and I was at a loss about what to use for training treats. They are broken into small pieces for training and I stick them out of the end of the kongs. My dog should be eating actual meat, which is what the ingredients are for, and there's no corn, wheat, or soy. He is excited when I open the bag. It's nice that I have a treat that he will eat. Will be purchasing again and again as long as my dog likes them.

10. Canine Naturals Chicken Recipe Chew

Canine Naturals Chicken Recipe Chew

Chicken chew sticks are free of rawhide and are safe for your dog. Reward your pet with chews that are easy to digest. lab tests show that chews made from rawhide are more efficient than chews made from other materials. The USA is the source of the chicken. The number one ingredient is their delicious chicken raised in the USA. Their all-natural chicken recipe is safe for your furry friend. All natural chews are made with care and integrity and contain no artificial flavors, colors, or ingredients like corn, wheat, or soy. The long- lasting chew helps clean your dog's teeth while satisfying their natural chewing instinct. The 5” chew sticks are great for dogs up to 20 lbs and a great daily reward for larger dogs.

Brand: Canine Naturals

👤Some of the ingredients come from Mexico. They cause her to have a failed liver. She was a chihuahua. I am going to talk to a lawyer. Do not buy.

👤I'm not happy with the shady practices of companies that try to trick consumers into thinking they are buying American Made. Patented in USA, or made with USA chicken, both terms are used to confuse the consumer into thinking they are made in the United States. Not. The treats are nice for the dogs. I was okay with it being a bit expensive, but upset that the company charges like they paid high wages, but didn't. I would have given it a better rating if the company was more honest.

👤Companies try to get over on consumers by misleading them. The states were made with USA chicken. If you missed the fine print, you will see that these are produced in Mexico. I didn't notice until I opened one of the packages and didn't give my dog one yet. I will return the undamaged pack. My dog ate this in a matter of seconds. The chicken wrap is completely inconsistent. One stick had a lot of chicken and the others hardly at all. See the photo.

👤I bought these for my Maltese. Terrible idea; bad idea. These are not actually chews. He chewed and swallowed in less than 15 minutes. I didn't join him in the Living Rm fast enough, as I expected it to be a real chew. There is a chance of it happening. Another intestinal blockage. I am not thankful! A dangerous treat.

👤All the chicken bones that my 12 pound picky dog loves are made in Thailand or China with rawhide. I have been trying to find rawhide free bones in the USA that she actually likes and so far these seem to be a hit! When she gets down towards the end of the bone, I have to watch her. I am worried that she will choke when there is 2 inches left. I let her chew until the bottom, then I cut up the rest. It is easy to cut them. I wish all the bones had the same amount of chicken on them, but she still eats less of it. I wouldn't let a small dog have bones. They need to be watched.

👤It was delicious! The dog acts like he could eat the whole bag. He can't get enough of them.

👤My dog likes these treats. She loves treats but can't digest rawhide anymore. She likes the taste of rawhide without the bad side effects. These are wonderful treats and we were so happy to find them.

👤Neo loves these treats. We only feed our dog all natural food and it is delicious. I would recommend these to you.

11. Gimborn Stewart Liver Freeze Dried

Gimborn Stewart Liver Freeze Dried

Each small batches of their made in USA dog treats is freeze dried under their own roof in Dayton, Ohio to use with confidence. The ingredients are USDA certified and from suppliers in the US. The freeze dried dog treats are the preferred dog training treats of professional trainers. Reward your dog with a treat and he will love it. The only ingredient in this recipe is a human-grade beef liver. Their natural dog treats are grain free, soy free, and corn free with no artificial colors, flavors, orPreservatives. They are not genetically modified. Reward good behavior and tricks with their great tasting dog treats or use as a dog food topper to add variety and excitement with a boost of raw nutrition and taste to every meal. It's perfect for picky eaters. Natural raw nutrition. Dog food can be messy. The process begins with raw liver and removes excess water to lock in flavor and nutrition. They pack their dog treats in a tub to keep them happy.

Brand: Stewart

👤I opened the container and it was only half full. The entire bucket was 13oz. There is a problem. Container and Container were held for 2.35 Oz. The product was just over 11 ounces. I received another envelope from my last order. It was 2.35 Oz. My favorite dish was my veal. At 21 o'clock. There is a product. I would not have bought it if I thought I was getting less product. I've been buying this at a higher price than I thought, because I thought I was getting more product. I'm not getting the whole container. There is false advertising and very illegal.

👤I have been buying these for years. I wanted others to see how much was in this can. There will be some settlement of the product but it is not 12 ounces. I will be returning this group. The amount they are charging is too high. I am angry.

👤I have been purchasing this item for a long time and the most recent batches I have seen had some odd holes in them and there were live bugs in the box. I am so upset that my dogs were sick last week and had to go to the vet, and now I know why.

👤I have been buying this product for many years. I have recently seen a decline. The smell of the tub is different. My dog has been vomiting and has been sick for a long time. I called the 800 number and they said they were having a problem with the size of the liver. Really! This product has maintained a stellar reputation for a long time, and I believe they need to have surprise plant inspections to investigate the cause of the product's decline in order to maintain their high standards. My complaint is not unique, as there are many similar complaints on the internet. A response would be appreciated.

👤The product is fantastic and I have been buying it for over twenty years. I have always bought them from the pet store, but this time I was going to get them off Amazon. I knew something was wrong when I opened the package. The smell was so bad that my nostrils burned for hours. They were discolored, and some looked rotten. I don't know how a sealed container got wet. It must have been mishandled. I know what they look like. I feel bad for people who don't feed their dogs. Amazon was happy about the refund. Immediate, no hassle.

👤My cats are spoiled. They get HDP freeze-dried chicken breasts every day. We decided to try the larger size of Stewart treats for a change of pace. One of the reasons we bought a plastic bucket was to make sure the pieces wouldn't be crushed or in little pieces. Not the case with Stewart. The pieces are very small and sharp, with a small amount of crumbs in the bucket. A waste of money.

👤I only review products that are the greatest thing since sliced bread or the worst thing since the Marquis de Sade. This product is in the latter category. The smell of the treats was horrible. Two of my three dogs turned up their noses, and the third one backed away as if I were offering her a scorpion to eat. Never again.


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