Best Dog Treats Peanut Butter

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1. Jungle Calling Snacks Peanut Cranberry Sandwich

Jungle Calling Snacks Peanut Cranberry Sandwich

The dog chew bones are made with more than 5 ingredients. Peanut bones butter in cranberry is a great source of nutrition. Your furry friends could benefit from the help with their teeth and bones. Their peanut butter bones can help reduce plaque and tartar build-up. Dog bones can help with dental health. The dog chews bones have a design that is suitable for grasping and biting. Their chews are easy to digest. An alternative to rawhide dog bones. The cranberry flavor of their treats will get your dog's tail wagging. Take your dog for a walk, hiking or travel and have fun.

Brand: Jungle Calling

👤China sells unsafe pet foods and medicines. I would not have ordered it if I had known where it was made. This company will not allow a return. That's a lot about this junk.

👤I'm responsible for the fact that I can't return them. I don't buy treats from Amazon. I'm used to retailers standing behind their products so I clicked before doing proper research. My dog won't lick them. He is a bit of a picky eater but he always tries something before he knows he doesn't like it. I expanded to Amazon for different brands because he gets bored with the same flavors easily. He doesn't like peanut butter treats and won't be able to get them at these. I took the first one out of the package and he walked away. Dogs are aware. There has to be something in it. They are 27% Cornstarch, I read the label closer. How did I miss this? This might be it, because he is rarely, if ever, given afiller. It's hard to know but the ingredient list is vague. They have a great product posting. They are made in China. I would avoid all costs. The NO RETURN policy is the icing on the cake. I almost forgot... I noticed a sticker on the front of the package and wondered what was underneath. I mostly peeled it off. The sticker says no rawhide, healthy teeth, and fiber. The original packaging has a message on it. At some point, they either got caught with grain in them or they switched to cheap fillers and just covered it up with a sticker. They are trying to save more money by not printing the packaging again. Guys, business is shady. Don't think twice, avoid, and choose something better.

👤We have a GS. They last about 4 minutes for her.

👤I have a grown adult husky, a chihuahua, a medium mixed lab and a dog. I thought they would only be adequate for my medium and bigger dogs, but they were soft, easy to chew, and good for all three of them. I was pleading. My dog chewed his bone without any issues. The appeared happy after. That made this mom happy.

👤The chews were advertised as an alternative to rawhide, but they didn't last long, having the consistency of a fruit roll up, just thicker. My dog got sick after eating one. I looked at the back of the package and saw that they were made in China. I will not be buying these again.

👤This was my first purchase for my two fur babies, and I am very happy that they love them. They took them after they took a few seconds to smell. They chewed on them for a long time before they left. I will be buying these again. My babies love a non-rawhide alternative.

👤I ordered these from a deal and after they arrived, I realized they were made in China. The first two ingredients make up the majority of the ingredients. This is garbage. I didn't see a return policy, so they went straight into the trash. I wouldn't feed my pets this mess. Shame on Amazon for promoting a poor quality product.

2. WAG Treats Chicken Waffle Bites

WAG Treats Chicken Waffle Bites

All of the ingredients are made in the USA. American Chicken is the top ingredient. No added poultry by-products, no added corn, soy or wheat. Feed as a reward for your dog. Feed as a whole piece or break it into smaller pieces. Net is net. Chicken and waffle bites are in a bag to preserve freshness. They are proud of their products. If you don't like it, they'll give you a full refund within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385

Brand: Wag

👤I wish there was more in the package for the price.

👤I don't use my boxer to gauge quality because he eats everything. My boxer girl is not very interested in food. She looks at me in a way that says "nope" if she thinks doing something she shouldn't is more fun. She loves these treats, but only one of the few that she sees is the bags she sits in. I know all these things. A full size one works when I need her distracted, but she usually gets 1/3 to 1/2. Consistency and quality are great.

👤My dog loves these. They are easy to break and not fall into millions of pieces. I was disappointed when I smelled it, I thought it was waffles and syrup. Good thing it is for my dog. She likes it.

👤I have never eaten a dog treat, so I felt weird rating the flavor. My parent's puppy is in love with these treats and ignores all other treats. That dog is all about food. I have her attention when I reach for this bag. She would pee everywhere when I visited her in the past, and I have read that she is a submissive person. I had a treat in my hand when I came in the door. After I held the treat out and she got excited, she forgot about her excitement and didn't try to jump on me or kiss me, for the first time. I think we had a better experience greeting each other. I want this dog to be calm and not anxious when non-household members visit, and these treats really took her mind off that. She only had a nose for these treats, so I am glad I got her a 24 ounce bag. Save and subscribe!

👤My dogs are so cute. They are tiny waffles. I got the 6oz to try them out and I usually don't write reviews. The next size gives you more money. You can get 24oz for about $13 or 4x the amount. The pricing is not normal. They are charging a good amount for people to try it. It's good for any constant buyer once they upgrade to the bigger size. It's a joke that the 6OZ is too expensive compared to the bigger sizes. The product is amazing.

👤My dog was crazy for these things. She loves them. Will be buying again. Chicken is the first ingredient.

👤My dog is getting pickier and pickier as he ages so it may be my own judgement, but he wouldn't even try it. He walked away after sniffing it. I didn't rate the flavor because come on now. The treats are a waste of money if your dog won't eat them. Our treats ended up in a box I will bring to a local rescue, so I'm getting "value for money" as my rating considered. Not sure if the thickness rating is based on a standard size that one rates above or below, or if it is meant to mean 1 star is thick and 5 star is super thick. The rating is based on the later.

3. KONG Pack Treat Peanut Butter

KONG Pack Treat Peanut Butter

Dog treat biscuits are delicious and fun to eat with your dog. There are a range of flavors and sizes. This dog treat paste is easy to dispose of. The can is easy to use and keep your hands clean. You should stuff your KONG. Dog toys like KONG Classic and other rubber toys are great for stuffing into treats. A KONG Classic stuffed with Easy Treat is great for rewarding your dog. Kong makes dog treats to meet the needs of dogs to chew and play.

Brand: Kong

👤The product was sprayed out as thin liquid. I thought it would be okay if I froze it inside the Kong toy. Nope! I had a sick puppy. They were very helpful after contacting Kong. They said that the UnbeatableSale, Inc seller is not an authorized one and is selling this illegally. Buy elsewhere. Kong Consumer Relations told me that it was important to note your purchase was made from an unauthorized retailer. Kong has many approved retailers who comply with our quality standards. Unfortunately, there are ways in which unauthorized buyers and resellrs of KONG products do not follow the same quality standards as our authorized partners. To qualify for KONG's satisfaction guarantee, please purchase from a pet specialty retailer or reach out to us directly.

👤The pictures explain themselves. I opened this 24 hours after it was delivered and held down the nozzle for 3 seconds, making a huge mess and wasting half of a bottle. What is happening in the world? This looks like a knock off. I don't want to give it to my dog. This item is not allowed for return. Don't buy.

👤I thought they would get to me quicker from Amazon. They got to me quicker, but this treat is terrible. I tried to give my dog some but it got into her eyes. Don't buy from AMAZON. You can buy from a verified place. Such as Kong, Chewy, etc. You can't put it into a treat.

👤This came out of the can as a liquid and was put in the Kong toy. I wouldn't put this on the floor for my dog.

👤The result is the same, I ordered it via Amazon. I don't want to say it. The product consistency is affected by the shipping. It doesn't last as long. I've bought a pet at a store and it's always been clean. Think spray can cheese thickness.

👤I wish I had read other reviews before buying. Neither can be as thick as it should be. They put out a mess. The consistency was better when I bought this item from Pet Smart.

👤I bought this item on both Amazon and pet stores. The treat I got when I tried to fill it was very watery. Maybe too much water. The consistency was never this thin. Very cold. Will probably buy it from a pet store.

👤The product was not dry. I put it in the freezer to make it more solid after I put it in the Kong. She put it in her crate. She got sick for the first time. I don't think it's a good investment.

4. Buddy Biscuits Healthy Treats Peanut

Buddy Biscuits Healthy Treats Peanut

There are healthy dog treats. Natural peanut butter keeps things simple with soft dog treats. These dog treats are great for small dogs, older dogs or those who prefer a soft texture. Use a low cal dog treat as a training treat, or have a low cal snack in your pocket. Simple ingredients make Buddy Biscuits Soft and Woah dog treats. There was no added corn, soy, yeast, sugar, salt, or artificial flavors. Since 1999, Buddy Biscuits have been baked and boxed in the USA. Customer satisfaction. They take pride in making people and their pets happy. If you have any questions about your order, please contact them. Everyone loves Budy. Buddy is fun, healthy, tasty, and made in the USA, so your dogs will love him.

Brand: Buddy Biscuits

👤The two bags of Buddy Biscuits bacon and cheese soft and schotchkes that I bought were significantly short weight. I tried to resolve the problem by email to Buddy Biscuits. They didn't reply at all. I filed a complaint at the County Weights & Measures lab in San Luis Obispo County, CA, after I took the sealed packages and receipted paperwork to my local store. After applying a legal shrink allowance for dog food products, they determined that the packages were way beyond the excepted tolerance. Short weight products will be taken off sale and a notice of violation will be issued if they are found to be selling this product. Depending on the results of the investigation, a notice of proposed action may be issued. Had Buddy Biscuits only responded to my initial communication, this wouldn't have been necessary. I wouldn't recommend this product right now. I did not get what I paid for.

👤My dogs used to love the soft and chewy flavors of Buddy Biscuits. They were easy to break up into small pieces that my dogs could eat. I noticed that the treats were hard. I thought they were old, but after trying more bags, I realized they had been changed. They shouldn't label them as soft and squishy anymore. The bags used to state that the treats are grain-free, but wheat flour was the second ingredient on the bag. I wonder if the company is aware of their product if they have made multiple mistakes in regards to claims and labeling. I found a soft treat that my dogs like and are able to eat on Amazon.

👤I always remain objective and honest when reviewing products. I always review with information that I feel others would like to know about the product, as I always assume what I'm writing will affect the purchase. I try to go beyond surface characteristics and input into quality, value and application. I will always end the review with an answer as to whether or not I would purchase the item again, which I believe is the most critical question pertaining to the item. Let me know if you want me to review your items. My dog does love these Buddy Biscuits but he doesn't like lettuce. The listing for this item clearly shows that each biscuit is 1 1/2. Most are an inch or less. I was looking for treats a bit larger but figured 1 1/2 would be fine. I probably won't buy these again. The price is not bad but I expected more. I don't like misleading advertising. These are a decent purchase if treat size isn't an issue for you.

👤My dog is 13 years old and she has been addicted to Buddy Biscuits for a long time. She had to go into an oxygen facility for a week, and she wasn't doing well until we visited and gave her some Buddies, and she made a miracle recovery. Coincidence? Not sure. The texture is perfect for her. She worships the little gingerbread shapes, and we believe they are her reason for waking up in the mornings. The seal on the bag has gotten worse over the years, and it doesn't even hold up a day. The seal broke the very next day after we opened the bag, but we are opening and closing it a lot because of our dog. Sometimes it comes apart from the bag and loses its ability to close. Our toothless girl can't eat the treats because they get exposed to air and are hardened. Please improve your packaging. A sturdy container is what our sweet girl needs.

5. Bistro Company Budder Natural Healthy

Bistro Company Budder Natural Healthy

All natural peanut butter for dogs. For thicker consistency, keep it refrigerated. 2 ingredients - peanuts, bacon, and honey. There is no high fructose corn syrup, stabilizers, or artificial sugars. For all dogs, puppies, adult, large and small can enjoy barking. It's an all natural product, just use pup parent discretion when feeding and introducing a new treat, some dogs have more sensitive tummies than others. Use as pill pocket to hide the taste of yucky medicine, and enjoy from spoon, lickmat, bake treats, make frozen treats, and use as pill pocket to hide the taste of yucky medicine. JAR is made in the US.

Brand: Buddy Budder

👤This is Wrigley. Wrigley is a gentle, loving, mostly good boy. Wrigley has an obsession with Buddy Budder. Wrigley recently figured out how to open his treat drawer and helped himself to a few bags of his goodies, so I have to store it in an upper cabinet. I don't want to talk about it because I found it out the hard way. The things I saw and cleaned up that day are still haunting me. Never again. The out-of-reach storage of dog treats. Anyway, I'm not here. Wrigley says that this Buddy Budder is Top Shelf Snackage. It smells and looks the same as regular peanut butter, but it is a bit more watery. I don't have to eat it and he digs it, so it's a win-win situation. It's more expensive than regular p.b., but it can last a week or two. Maybe more. If Buddy Budder hears or sees me open either the cabinets or the freezer, Wrigley launches a full-on assault of bouncing, spinning, tail-wagging, and derpy facial expressions. I am without adequate defense because he weaponized adorableness. Refer to the included photos and keep on reading. You will see a jar of Buddy Budder in the photos. It was a brand new jar of creamy goodness. I was waiting for someone to wait for me to open the jar, mix the Budder with treats, fill the Kong, and toss it in the freezer to covertly grab it. I would've noticed this immediately and saved the jar of Budder from the jaws of death. Skittles knocked my favorite ceramic vase off the kitchen table and shattered on the floor as I turned back to clean up. She had to put in a lot of effort to move it. Is it possible that this vase hurt her in a way that was reminiscent of a Mafia-esque vendetta? I don't know what happened, but my vase was the casualty. My boys appeared ready to help. As they cleaned up the crime scene and offered to spend their allowance to replace what was lost, I began to suspect something. I wanted to believe that my boys' intentions were genuine, but historically, most times it was to get favor for a future request. My kids are amazing, kind, thoughtful humans, but they're also masters of the parental code. I tucked away my doubts and hoped for the best. They were done with cleaning up, but stayed around to chat. I let my mind wander as they talked about video games and videos on the internet. I was struck by the fact that Wrigley and the Buddy Budder were not present during the discussion. I immediately called for him. He was found in plain sight after I checked his usual hiding spots. The slobbery jar, which was littered with bite marks, was dangled casually from his mouth. He looked me dead. I almost tried to take it, but also looked sheepish and apologetic. I'm sorry for stealing, mama. Don't be angry. It will be a cold day in hell when I let you take my jar of Buddy Budder. I knew four things at that moment, one of which was that Budder was a goner. We were going to pay a steep price for this over the next 24 hours. There was no way my boys and the cat were going to pull off the robbery alone. I'm sure your kids were just trying to be helpful, but cats are always knocking things off of tables. Her involvement is unlikely since Skittles has made her life's mission to wage psychological warfare on Wrigley. Cats are a-holes, so there's that. But, my children? They could be involved in an illegal Buddy Budder operation. The answer was obvious. Yes, they could. They begged me to give him "just a little bit more Budder" or "just one extra treat" when I got the jar out to fill the Kong. They were enamored by the doofus. Wrigley had a goofy smile and his tongue was cute as he recruited two kids to do his bidding. Would they have planned and executed such a move? The timing would have to be precise and the acting excellent. The world may never know. The ruse was too advanced for these players. On the other hand, we have a dog that growls and barks at his own farts. Two boys laugh like idiots. Single. Time. They can see it. These are not criminal masterminds. These kids give each other wedgies and try to scare the other into peeing their pants. The dog that likes to sniff butt like a wine tester is trying to connect with the smell by inhaling deep into the glass. If you catch my drift, I'll show you how to walk through the house and feel a cold wet nose going up Main Street. The better the cat is looking at this, the better it is. Pure entertainment is probably for no other reason. Anywho... Yeah, a long journey, huh? I can almost guarantee that your dog is going to go nuts over it. Buy Buddy Budder and you can turn your dog into a raging madman. You can say thank you later.

6. Smartbones Stuffed Twistz Rawhide Porkhide

Smartbones Stuffed Twistz Rawhide Porkhide

The Pork Flavor Chew Surprise Center is made in Vietnam. It was made with real peanut butter. Enriched with vitamins and minerals. Maintaining healthy teeth can be done with chewing.

Brand: Smartbones

👤Puppy wet food can't be found anymore on Amazon. My dog barely could digest the stuffed twistz. It came out the same way. Terrible product. This is the only product I have had an issue with. That is a lot I can say!

👤These are affordable and my dogs love them. These treats are a steal on Amazon. If they don't stock them, they're twice the price at the pet stores. I have been buying them for a long time and the doggos still like them, and it doesn't bother them. It's hard to go wrong with peanut butter. A good treat for aggressive chewers. They work on it long enough for me to finish my breakfast. If I bought all my dog treats at the pet store, I would go broke.

👤I don't know what my Yorkie will like. Her usual treats were different. I don't usually get peanut butter snacks for her. She likes the challenge of getting the stuff out of the middle and chewing it up. It lasts for a couple of hours if I give her one a week. She will chew for a while then take a break. The price is good, they're rawhide free, and they keep my dog busy, as well as hopefully help with the problem of tartar build up, which is an issue for her. I will buy them again for Molly.

👤These treats are great for my service dog and my service puppy. When she does something special to help me, Mu will bring them to me at the table where they are kept. I keep a lot of different treats and chewies on hand. She prefers freeze dried Salmon. They don't stain my carpet or my Service Puppy's paws or mouth. The filling in this does not stain the carpet or the puppy. That makes me happy.

👤Both of my mixed breed rescue dogs have severe scurvy. It was so bad that I took him to the vet and paid for an exam and some testing after the first time it happened to him. They said he was normal. It happened to my other dog and I realized what it was. My dogs were ruined by these and other products. Don't buy anything from this company.

👤I look at the ingredients. Can cause diseases such as canine diabetes and canine palsy. Check with your vet. Get a second opinion if the vet says they are okay. I am a nurse. I suspect that these contributed to her diabetes and pancreatitis, but I can't be certain. Please let me know if you have a VET.

👤This product is better than what I've been reading about, where rawhide and plastic chews can cause great pain and/or trips to the veterinarians, if they get into the throats and stomachs of dogs. There is a Since I have a small chihuahua, I tend to be more careful about what he eats. Since he is small, I don't give him the whole pole at once, I cut it into small sections, and I believe that it will be easier for him to swallow.

7. Canine Naturals Natural Peanut Butter

Canine Naturals Natural Peanut Butter

peanut butter chew sticks are free of rawhide and are safe for your dog. Reward your pet with chews that are easy to digest, independent lab tests show 400% faster digestion than rawhide based chews. They only use real peanut butter to coat their chews to make them taste better. Their all-natural chicken recipe is safe for your furry friend. Their healthy chews are all natural and made with care. Their dog chews will not stain furniture or carpets. HEALTHY SMILES The long- lasting chew helps clean your dog's teeth while satisfying their natural chewing instinct. The 5” chew sticks are great for dogs up to 20 lbs and a great daily reward for larger dogs.

Brand: Canine Naturals

👤Our dogs love them. They are basically inhaling them. They are not for chewers. The dogs eat them as a snack. A puppy with Jack Russell and Pomchi. I bought a Jack Russell for our family to not feel left out when the other two get bully sticks, but she was done in 3 minutes.

👤My dog has been sick for two days after eating peanut butter chews. Not able to eat. Vomiting and vomiting can happen. I wouldn't recommend them. There is something bad in these chews. My vet said they are bad. If I could help one dog owner.

👤I had been giving him and his sister 10 to a pack sticks, but I wanted something bigger. I'm not sure, but he liked it but polished it off quickly.

👤I wish they came in a smaller size, I have to take out a few and see them in 1/2... Two of my fur kids love them, but the other two will take them if nothing else is offered. The rawhide free and peanut butter combo is one of my favorites.

👤I was looking for chews that would last for a long time. They loved the sticks, but they only lasted a short time. I've thrown the remaining sticks away because it gave them very loose stools. It's a pity.

👤We have two dogs. They like chew sticks and peanut butter. The size of these is too thick and long for a chew stick and if cut in half it is less of a treat. If they come out with a thinner one, I will reconsider buying again.

👤My dog loves the sticks. If I pull one of these out, he will do anything. It is a treat that is devoured quickly and will be bought again soon.

👤I would not buy this bag again because it is very small and the ingredients are great. That is a reason not to be expensive. The dogs really liked it.

8. Three Dog Bakery Sandwich 114032

Three Dog Bakery Sandwich 114032

Premium dog treats are made with premium ingredients and are just like the ones you would bake for yourself. The re-closable box keeps the cookies fresh longer. Each tasty treat is baked in the USA in small batches, packed with high-quality, real ingredients like peanut butter, and carob, along with others that you can actually pronounce. Lick'n Crunch is a sandwich cookie that is full of dog friendly goodness. Dogs of all ages and sizes love cookies. Share them because your dog makes every day special. Their crme-filled cookies have an irresistible smell that dogs love. Praise your dog with a cookie that has a crunch. For over 30 years, dog lovers have trusted them to create wholesome treats for their four-legged family members. They love every bite. Let them enjoy their delicious treats.

Brand: Three Dog Bakery

👤These contain sugar and corn syrup that I am not happy about. Dogs do not need sugar. They love these treats. My dog is crazy for them. I tried a cookie and it tasted like a human cookie. I would love to return them. I don't see an option for it in my order. I'm not feeding my dog these anymore. I made the mistake of buying without reading the ingredients when I was introduced to them. If you are going to give your dog sugar, I would suggest you get a cheaper brand sandwich cookie.

👤My dogs love these, they are the size of an ant. I usually give my shihtzus 1 in the morning because they are too many calories. I wish they were in smaller sizes. I recommend that you label these as dog treats because they look delicious. You have to put them in a zip lock bag. They are all open when you open them.

👤These cookies are sealed and can stay fresh until they are used. It takes us a while to get through the box since I have a small dog. My dog loves these sandwich cookies. When I leave for work, she gets 1/2 of the cookie and looks for it immediately. It shows how much she looks forward to them.

👤My dogs love them! Nola will eat anything she can get her hands on, but Daphne is not a fan of chewing. She won't accept most dog treats. Both dogs go nuts at cookie time. They eat peanut butter. I have to warn guests not to eat the cookies because they look and smell like real humans. I've been buying these for a long time, I hope they never stop making them.

👤I got these for the dogs on Christmas and gave a few to the pups, but left them out on the table not thinking about it. When I return from the bathroom, I see my stepdaughter eating some cookies and I want to know where she got them. She points to the open sleeve and says, "the vanilla Oreos right there." I let her know those aren't. They are dog cookies. She paused, looked at me to see if I was joking, and grabbed the box only to realize that she had just eaten a bunch of dog cookies. They look and smell like a chocolate cookie. The dogs were not happy about her eating them.

👤I'm tempted to try the cookies because the dogs love them and they look like a real cookie. There are 3 different flavors. A lot of cookies. I don't know what Carob is, but the dogs love all 3 flavors.

👤I saw these cookies at the fair. The lady at the booth told me that they were for dogs and I was about to bite them. I gave my dog a couple and he devoured them. I took a bite and found they tasted very good. The price is higher than regular dog cookies, but it's worth it. The dog was recommended!

9. Greenies Pockets Natural Treats Capsule

Greenies Pockets Natural Treats Capsule

There is a 60-count pack of Greenies Pill Pockets, made with natural ingredients and trace nutrition. Greenies Pill Pockets are a great way to keep your dog's medicine out of human food. Your dog won't be able to sniff out the medicine, and you'll have a stress- and mess-free experience with Pill Pockets, which come in an irresistible real peanut butter flavor. Drop the medicine into the pill pouch, pinch it closed, and give your best friend a tasty snack. Greenies Pill Pockets are a vet-recommended medicating treat hack you and your dog will love. The medicating pouch makes taking medicine a positive experience for your dog. Treat time into pill pockets.

Brand: Greenies

👤Silky Terrier passed away recently after a long illness. I can't imagine how taking care of her and keeping her comfortable would have been possible without these. She had to take pills every day for the rest of her life. She had many diseases, one disease leading to another. She loved her pill pockets even when she didn't eat. The pockets were large enough that I could easily wrap each capsule, pill, or two small pills into each piece. She thought they were great treats because she swallowed them whole. In the past, I've had dogs that would eat the treat and the capsule would fall out of their mouth.

👤I have a dog with a GI condition. He needs a breakfast and a few pills in the evening. His diet has included a lot of pill pockets for the last 2 years. Each month we have an automatic delivery for 6 bags of 30 Greenies Pill Pockets. The product last month was very dry. Warming the pockets in my hands would make them more flexible. The bags came in a box of 6 and were not re-saleable. I allowed this month's automatic delivery to proceed because I thought this experience last month was an exception. I opened the first bag of the new batches this morning and it was worse than last month. They were more dried out and crumbled and wouldn't wrap around the capsule. This is not acceptable. I have been using Greenies Pill Pockets for 2 years and have been satisfied with the product. My dog likes them. The product works well when fresh, but becomes worthless once it's been there a long time. I was unable to find a best if sold by/used by. The date is on the box they came in. The vendor and consumer would benefit from a certain date. What will I do? 1. Throw out the last delivery. Cancel my automatic delivery subscription. There is a different source for the product. Vent by writing a letter.

👤The dog loves them, but they are broken and crumbled. I'm pretty sure it was damaged when it was in a plastic bag. The quality is good according to the dog. This is my first purchase and I can't tell if it's a quality issue or not. The photo was taken after I opened them after picking them up off the porch. I will come back to see if anything is resolved through Amazon. I need them now, so I would send them back. The replacement bag was the same as the one sent by Amazon. The treats were crumbled. I don't know if it's an Amazon shipping issue or a manufacturer issue because I haven't purchased these from a store. I will try them from a local store if I need them again. I like the freshness and ease of use of the ones that are intact.

👤My dogs love the Greenies peanut butter pill pockets. The taste and freshness are always great. Greenies recently changed their outside package label. I think they changed the package's closing at the top. I never had a problem with the old packaging, but with the new one, the plastic stripping on the opposite side has nothing to stick to, so it has a problem with every other package. I use a clothes pin to keep the package closed. The price of this product continually goes up, so I'm extremely disappointed. If you can get it for the same price as the last time you ordered, you're lucky. I order on Subscribe & Save to get the best price, but I still pay more than I think it is worth. My dogs will take their medication if it's wrapped in a pill pocket, so I may try to make my own. I don't like the fact that peanut butter and corn syrup are the only two ingredients used to make these pill pockets. These are supposed to be peanut butter pill pockets, and dogs are not supposed to have sweets.

10. Old Mother Hubbard P Nuttier Biscuits

Old Mother Hubbard P Nuttier Biscuits

There are small treats. These small dog biscuits are a great addition to your dog's diet and are made with all natural ingredients, including peanut butter, apples, carrots and molasses. All natural. Their delicious biscuit recipes include wholesome natural ingredients such as peanut butter, fruits and vegetables, which are slowly oven baked to preserve the natural flavors. Made in North America using only the finest globallysourced ingredients, they craft delicious recipes with simple, natural ingredients thoughtfully chosen for their nutrition benefits. They have an all natural recipe for every dog's needs and taste, from puppy to senior, small to large breed. Give 'em some love. Since 1926, they've used the same simple methods to bake their snacks, and each home style recipe is crafted from wholesome ingredients so you can feel good about giving your dog a healthy reward.

Brand: Old Mother Hubbard

👤My dog won't eat the treats. He buries them. Maybe I should be looking at my dog.

👤My dogs love these cookies. I got large cookies in small bags after I ordered the small ones again. My dogs can't eat the large ones because they are double the size. They were also burned. There are no returns on these. Thank goodness, Amazon helped me out. There is a I was so disappointed that this happened. I'm afraid to order them again.

👤I don't know if it was cooked over cooked or not, I can't even break it with my fingers, I have small dogs, and poor thing was trying so hard to eat it, I couldn't. I took it away from him because I was afraid of hurting his teeth. I will try to soak in the water to see if it will get softer, but I don't think it will. Saving your money is not worth it.

👤I received my box in August, but I didn't understand why I was having bugs in my room. The dog treat cookies and bag were full of bugs when I opened the box to refill the dog cookie jar. I was giving my dogs treats that had bugs. I threw the box away because the company should be more careful.

👤We found these cookies a few years ago while looking for a cookie for our dog. She gets two cookies before she goes to sleep. We bought two sizes mini and small. She seems to like the mini more. I can't say I tasted them. She really likes them. Old Mother Hubbard Classic P-Nuttier Biscuits baked dog treats are for 4 paws up. The author of Dog Knows Best is Timothy Glass.

👤Exactly as pictured! Our dog likes these treats. Great amount for the price. I will keep buying them. The quality of the ingredients give me reassurance that my pup is safe. He always comes back for more. The amount of treats fills our treat bucket and lasts a long time.

👤Our dogs love cookies. I've bought regular Milkbone biscuits for years and they've been happy with them. I like the Milkbone brand because of its price and large boxes. I decided to try these cookies when Milkbone wasn't available. Our dogs love these cookies, so I'm not going back. They know where the cookie jar is and stand near it. They want treats more than ever, but don't know what makes them different.

👤A dog and a chihuahua don't like these. I tried two flavors from the same manufacturer. He ate a couple I crushed up, but not now. Maybe he ate 3 bones. Can't come back. I will see if the dog likes them.

11. Nutri Chomps Twists Rawhide Free Assorted

Nutri Chomps Twists Rawhide Free Assorted

100% poison free. A safer choice for your dog. This delicious treat is very easy to digest and very delicious. Your pup will love them. Minerals and vitamins are essential. Natural quality ingredients will support your dog's bodily functions. The dog chews are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to help keep your dog happy. There are delicious treats. These bones are great to eat. Real Chicken, Peanut Butter and Milk are great for picky eaters. Your dog will want more. It is easy to manipulate and perfect consecration. It is specially made to satisfy your dog's urge to chew. They created a consistency that was perfect. These treats are easy to digest. The Cary Knives are PREMIUM BRAID STICK. Their dog chews are made with chicken and pork skin, along with real milk or peanut butter, and are a great snack for your dog. Small, Medium, Large and Giant dogs are suited for the size of the braiding. The bag makes it easy to preserve freshness.

Brand: Nutri Chomps

👤I bought this with another. My puppy has always been given directly from Pet Co. I decided to buy it on Amazon because my friend said he saw it for a better price on the site. I think this is a trend that Amazon is starting to have towards consumers, they don't give a sh*t about their products anymore. I've read many reviews of dog food being recalled from Amazon. Consumers have found rotting items at the bottom of their bags. The Nutri Chomps have been the same. My puppy vomited in the middle of the night. She's never thrown up with anything we've given her before, and we're particular with what we feed her. TWICE! The bags smelled like a mixture of sweet and sour from the left over chew sticks. There was some questionable growth on the rest of the chew sticks. I wish I'd taken a picture of it and made a bigger deal out of it because Amazon's practice is horrible. We should get a partial refund on the food. Amazon should be paying for the vet visit. If your product causes puppies to be sick due to how your company stores and takes care of the food, it is only right that you pay for the vets to come and look at it. I'm writing this as a public announcement, don't buy any pet food on AMAZON, PERIOD!

👤After two hours of feeding my dog, he was crying in pain. He was constipated after a lot of trips outside to go potty. Fast forward a few hours. I can feel a lump in his stomach. I let him outside to see if there was anything productive after he was restless. He vomited the contents of his stomach late in the night. He had a lot of blood in his stool. This product is intended for you. Was it mold? What type ofbacteria? Unknown ingredients? I am not sure. My dog does not have a sensitive stomach, and after reading many stories like mine, I am here to tell you that you should never buy dog food or treats from Amazon. There are no rules for recalls. Don't buy this and keep your pet safe.

👤Our 8 year old dog was in need of a new toy to chew and his previous toys were causing him problems with his stomach, so we searched for something that wouldn't cause him problems. We stumbled on these braids and cow, you would think they were made with dog food. He loves them. To keep the entertainment going for longer, we found a chew toy that would fit the Nutri Chomp and it's now his hands down favorite. He ignores everything else in the toy basket. In my opinion, these have never caused him any stomach upset, so in my opinion, it's a 20 out of 10. A happy dog. That's right.

👤I'm pretty sure these are making my dog sick. I have a three month old English dog. On Wednesday afternoon, these arrived. I gave her the milk flavor. I have never seen an animal barf like that before. It makes me sad. She finally got her appetite back for dinner after she didn't eat for a few hours. Since she is either a cute bug or a demon, it's hard to gauge her energy. She pooped once in the house, which is par for the course, but I noticed is was a little softer than usual. There were no incidents on Thursday. She doesn't want to eat on Friday. I don't force it on her, but she is hanging out with me outside. Her bowl was not moved from 7:30 AM to 11 AM. She finally ate some, but not as much as she normally takes in. She peed in the house when I lost sight of her. She didn't try to get my attention or whine to be let out. Then she disappears. I'm running around the house. We go back to the main level after I find her in my room. She doesn't indicate that she wants to go outside. When I make a phone call, I find myself looking for her again. She is at the top of the stairs in the hall. It's even softer than it was Thursday, and I don't have to scrub the fecal stain out of the carpet. I've given her rawhide, dream chews, organic biscuits, and many other things without affecting her. These are the Nutri Chomps? I'm pretty sure they have caused me to use three rolls of paper products since they arrived. The rest of the pack will be thrown away.


What is the best product for dog treats peanut butter?

Dog treats peanut butter products from Jungle Calling. In this article about dog treats peanut butter you can see why people choose the product. Wag and Kong are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog treats peanut butter.

What are the best brands for dog treats peanut butter?

Jungle Calling, Wag and Kong are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog treats peanut butter. Find the detail in this article. Buddy Biscuits, Buddy Budder and Smartbones are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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