Best Dog Treats for Large Dog

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1. Pur Luv Chicken Treats 84725

Pur Luv Chicken Treats 84725

Pur Luv Triple Flavor Kabobs are made with delicious real chicken, chicken liver, and duck that dogs love wrapped around tasty beefhide skewers. These kabob treats are perfect for keeping your dog entertained. Pur Luv treats feature limited ingredient decks so you know what you are feeding your dog. The Triple Flavor Kabobs are packed with three delicious flavors.

Brand: Pur Luv

👤Another food with toxins in it, FD&C Red #40 This needs to be taken out of the manufacturing process. Not good for humans and not good for dogs.

👤My dog had a bad reaction to eating these treats, but he had nothing else new introduced to his diet. We didn't know at first, but we gave it a second try and it worked the same way.

👤The kabob had rawhide strips leftover, but my dog chewed the meat. It would take her a couple minutes to chew off the chunks and bring them back.

👤The kabob treats are a long lasting chew perfect for keeping your dog entertained. My dog can eat the bone in pieces.

👤I have a huge Great Pyrenees who doesn't like to chew on hard things and doesn't like dog food. This guy doesn't need bones, rawhide, or kibble. Soft food doesn't keep his teeth strong. My dog is really excited by the soft meat on the treats. It's the only treat that he jumps up and down for, chases after, and even picks it up to throw for himself, to enjoy the play and the chase, before selling it. By the time he chews the soft nuggets off it, he's already committed, and continues to gnaw on the rawhide, which helps his teeth. The cost is the only downside. My big man is 130 lbs. He gets 3-4 treats a day. At 6 packages a month, we but these on authorship. It gets expensive with a big dog, but it's worth it.

👤My dog likes these snacks. The product is always fresh, but it doesn't last very long because Murphie loves them so much.

👤My German shorthair pointer can't eat them fast enough. What a great combination of dog food. It would be an understatement to recommend it.

👤My dogs had stomach issues. I stopped giving them these treats.

2. Purina Mignon Flavor Dog Treats

Purina Mignon Flavor Dog Treats

A 40 Ounce canister of dog treats. Dog treats made of steak. The filet Mignon flavor is great. For your dog to enjoy. Great for small dogs. One of the five varieties of mouth watering.

Brand: Purina Alpo Brand Dog Food

👤Be careful! I decided to try these biscuits for a variety because my two dogs love them. Each pup got a treat every day. But. Two days later both pups vomited up completely undigested "red" globs which were clearly the centers of the treats. I threw out the containers I ordered and wouldn't give them to the animals in our garden. This is not Amazon's fault, they shipped what I ordered. My dogs are mixed-breeds. Before purchasing this product, explore other options.

👤My golden retriever was sick with a bloody stool. I didn't know until my lady told me. After the second full day of feeding it to him. We went to bed after he finished his walk. I wake up to get something out of the fridge. It caught my attention when I stepped in. It began to smell like something I know. I turned on the lights and there were mountains of vomit on the floor. He is almost 10 months old and this is the first time. He was potty trained for 8 months. We had to clean up after the smell. Some of them had blood in them. If you love your friend, don't feed them this. He likes the taste and didn't eat it all. It doesn't agree with his stomach. I started to read reviews that said the same thing. I tried to return it, but it wasn't accepted by Amazon. I woke up early on my day off because it was thrown in the garbage. He made two more in the bedroom as we were cleaning up the mess. It had a third pile of vomit. My day started with a bang.

👤The dog treat from Alpo Tbonz is delicious. This treat can be used for a lot of things. I have a dog that loves this treat so much that it makes him want to eat it all. He will start begging when he stands on his hind legs and puts his two front paws together. This one is the only treat that has caught his attention. The soft nature of the treats makes them perfect for my dog because I don't want him to have anything that hurts his teeth. The treats are sealed in a plastic jar. The treats will lose texture, flavor, and odor if they are exposed to air. I don't recommend it because my dog is usually crazy for food and doesn't want anything to do with it. He will spit it out and kick it away. Excellent quality food is provided by the treats made in the United States. China puts harsh chemicals and ingredients in their pet food and treats. These treats are an excellent choice for any type of dog. The container has around 100 treats, which will last for months. I recommend cutting the treat in half, thirds, or fourths for smaller breed dogs. The treat is too large for smaller breeds. You will get more out of your money. I would recommend cutting the treats up if you decide to use them for training.

3. Old Mother Hubbard Original Assortment

Old Mother Hubbard Original Assortment

There are mini crUNCHYTREATS. An assortment of mini dog biscuits are a great training treat and a great addition to your dog's diet; they feature all natural ingredients and various natural flavors. All natural. Their delicious biscuit recipes include wholesome natural ingredients such as peanut butter, fruits and vegetables, which are slowly oven baked to preserve the natural flavors. Made in North America using only the finest globallysourced ingredients, they craft delicious recipes with simple, natural ingredients thoughtfully chosen for their nutrition benefits. They have an all natural recipe for every dog's needs and taste, from puppy to senior, small to large breed. Give 'em some love. Since 1926, they've used the same simple methods to bake their snacks, and each home style recipe is crafted from wholesome ingredients so you can feel good about giving your dog a healthy reward.

Brand: Wellness Natural Pet Food

👤Old Mother Hubbard treats are made in North America and not China. I am not sure if that has changed or if I was just naive in thinking that the ingredients for a product were from that country. Wrong. All of the dog treats you buy suddenly say "made in the USA" or "baked in the USA" People won't buy treats if they know they are made in China. To get around that, they put "made in the USA" or "made in Canada" and then underneath that says "from the finest globallysourced ingredients" I called the number listed on the bag and asked if some ingredients could come from China. The answer was yes. The man said some of the ingredients come from China. This is the last bag I will buy from Old Mother Hubbard. You have to do your homework and find out where the ingredients come from. If some of the ingredients they are baking with come from China, then that doesn't mean anything. It is very deceptive and dangerous.

👤I gave these treats to three small dogs. Three people got sick. Two of them are not eating. This situation has been a nightmare. These treats should be given to your furry friends. My pet passed away. I took him to the doctor. The doctor said that he had a high temperature. I don't like giving my pet treats. Don't waste your money on this poison.

👤These are good for dogs. I was wondering why my dog's heart rate went up after I fed him these. Along with twitches. This has green tea extract, which is high in caffeine. When I give them to my dog, I will finish them off. I don't have to give my dog a high energy dog biscuit because I will make my own. It's not good for dogs to have coffee. The green tea's caffeine explains why my dog would urinate more and be forced to empty his colon after a few treats.

👤Our last package has bugs, but my service dog loves these cookies. The whole package was thrown away. When I received the bag, I put it in a plastic bag because I was using up the last bag I got. This is my dog's favorite.

👤). I have never seen them before in my 6 years of dog ownership. I checked but Amazon didn't have these. I had to go back to my local store to buy them. Milk Bone is cheaper than Old Mother Hubbard's treats and I transitioned to them as my dogs' go-to treat when they go potty. They are small enough for me to use less money and still satisfy them when I give them this treat. I came down to my last box of Milk Bone Mini's and thought I'd look at Amazon again. The Milk Bone Mini's are way overpriced compared to the local store, which is why Amazon has started carrying them. The Milk Bone Mini's are usually less expensive than a 15oz box at my store. Sometimes you can get them cheaper when they are on sale, but I have to buy them at full price more often than not. I saw that they offered these treats in a 3lb bag and I wanted to get my 20%. Old Mother Hubbard biscuits are cheaper than Milk Bone after 20% off. My dogs love the assortment. The Milk Bone Mini size is bigger than the "mini" size that these come in. I can break these in half and it will be the same size as a Milk Bone. I get double the treats for a great price. Thank you Amazon!

4. Pur Luv Chicken Jerky Treats

Pur Luv Chicken Jerky Treats

Chicken First: Pur Luv Chicken Jerky Dog Treat are made with only whole proteins, and feature 100% Real Chicken as the very first ingredient. The treats help satisfy your dog's instinct to chew. Pur Luv treats feature limited ingredient decks so you know what you are feeding your dog. The Pur Luv Chicken Jerky is a healthy snack with no artificial flavors, colors, orPreservatives.

Brand: Pur Luv

👤Even though the price is lower, our dogs are worth more than inferior products with no accountability. Many of the positive reviews say how much their dog loves it. The dog loves the taste of ethylene glycol, but it kills them in hours. Do not test whether your dog likes it or not.

👤I couldn't see the ingredients on the image. It's chicken breast, vegetable glycerin and salt. There is a sugar alcohol. It can cause stomach upset in people and dogs. I wouldn't have ordered this if I'd been able to read that. I didn't read that far, but it is listed below. Shame on me! I gave Mr. Fussy a piece of one that I broke off. He got up and walked away after smelling it. That was this morning. He hasn't touched it since 3 AM of the next day. The buyer should beware. I will not buy this again. I usually make my own chicken jerky for him. He always eats that. My is 100% chicken. Nothing was added. When I ran out of mine, I was hoping to use them. Nope! They go into the trash.

👤My biggest concern is where the product is made. I was warned by several of my veterinary friends to be careful with meat products from other countries. The countries that do not follow USA regulations regarding food animals and/or their processing are listed. I won't be buying this item again. I don't want my dog to get ill.

👤There is too much vegetable glycerin and not enough chicken in this product. The treats have a plastic texture.

👤The dog liked the flavor. But it made him sad to say the least. I had to stop.

👤I have a picky eater. She is a food snob. She has only been given the best and freshest foods and treats for 3 years, and now she won't be able to find any of the processed food or snack items in almost every store. You can tell the jerky is made from a chicken breast. If I let her, she would eat the entire bag because she likes this treat. I recommend buying because you can't go wrong price wise and for the healthy aspects.

👤The dogs love their treats. The strips were used for the toy. I cut the strip in half. Both dogs love their treats.

👤The value is something we like. These are nice and chewy, so they don't leave behind chicken-dust like some of the crumblier treats do. These are fun and fresh.

5. Canine Carry Outs Flavor Treats

Canine Carry Outs Flavor Treats

There is a bag of dog treats. Dog treats are soft. Shapes are fun for treating. It was produced in Kansas.

Brand: Canine Carry Outs

👤I have not tried them myself, so I don't really know about the flavor. She loves my dog. She knows the sound of a bag opening. When I opened these the other night, I wasn't sure which one she heard faster. She was behind me when I turned around. She was sound asleep, she had been 2 rooms away. She was doing a little dance for a treat and before I could say anything, she was on her back legs. Even jumping up for them. The little things look like mini hot dogs. It's perfect for my ball of energy. Some dog treats are hard to chew. These aren't large enough to be a good treat for her. They were fresh and moist. She's a tiny dog with a small mouth and jaw. She couldn't chew a whole chicken nuggets, but she could get a grip on her rope toy, and you could pick her up with the rope. She had a rawhide bone instead of a chicky nuggets because it took a lot of barely being able to bite down. The jaw is strong and tiny. She worked on these. She's had a few since and has been the same each time. They're the perfect size, fresh and easy to chew. She loves the taste, even by 3 or 4th one she still gets up to dance or try to jump up and get them out of my hand. If it takes me too long to get the package open she gets vocal over it, like when a package is delivered and she wants to get outside through the other door before the guy drives away and barks or other dogs outside, it's her hurry up bark. Usually accompanied by jumping up into my knees or thighs to push me then running ahead of me and barking at the door. Excited all at once. I think their hit was definate 5 stars. I'll defer to her judgement on this one since she's the better judge of how good doggy treats are. I would recommend any dog for smaller breeds. They're perfect for small pups.

👤I have not had any issues with these treats. They are fresh and moist when I get them, and my dogs love them. They give them an 8 out of 10 on the scale of high value treats. This is the highest score a treat can get before I have to manage their behavior. I have not personally tasted them, but I gave them 5 stars for flavor. This is based on feedback from my dogs.

👤The dogs seem to like them. I feel cheap when I give these treats to the dogs. They look like clay. I ended up with four dogs because I mostly use these to fill in. They are too big to be used for training, and they are not high value food. I don't give my big dogs more than one or two a day. The dogs eat them, but they are always fresh when they arrive.

6. WAG Treats Chicken Waffle Bites

WAG Treats Chicken Waffle Bites

All of the ingredients are made in the USA. American Chicken is the top ingredient. No added poultry by-products, no added corn, soy or wheat. Feed as a reward for your dog. Feed as a whole piece or break it into smaller pieces. Chicken and waffle bites are in a bag to preserve freshness. They are proud of their products. If you don't like it, they'll give you a full refund within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385

Brand: Wag

👤My dog knew that it was for him when I opened the package. I slowly opened the bag and he looked at me with a look on his face. Give it to me, bitch. He wants more, so I gave him 2. I gave him 1 more 3. He loves the treat.

👤My dog loves these treats. They are used for training by breaking it into small pieces. Excellent for getting his attention to me. The baby bunnies are still being worked on. Also helps distract from the sniffing on walks. A dog doesn't get close to the pocket.

👤These are squares of waffle shaped chicken. They decided after the first one that they were delicious.

👤I don't know which one likes the treats more, me or the dogs. The way the dogs can be broken up into smaller pieces is something I like. The dogs love these treats. The treats are soft, which is what I was looking for since my Bichon only has half his teeth left and is due to have the rest removed. I am sure that he will be able to eat this in one treat. When my co-worker brought his dog to work, I also brought some. His dog is the pickiest dog I have ever known and she loved these. She couldn't get enough. It's easy to divide into 2, 3 or 4 pieces. * Dogs love them. * It is easy for any dog to chew. The price is higher than other treats. The ability to divide so easily and the high quality makes up for it. The texture is similar to True Chews. The price is about $2/ pound cheaper than True Chews.

👤Ok. I like Amazon's wag brand. I enjoy the thought of what's in it. Seeing titanium dioxide made me wonder why. It's a food grade coloring. Why for dogs? The jury is not sure how safe it is. Three times after getting one our westie ate too quickly. He couldn't swallow it or spit it out, so we panicked. He likes them a lot. It doesn't seem to be a safe mix for our dog. Again, made in the USA, and I like the brand. We will continue to try more despite this one off.

👤We have two dogs, one will eat anything the other will not, so the fact they both enjoyed this treat made it a worthwhile purchase. I have purchased this item more than once before and will continue to do so as long as they enjoy it.

👤My dog likes these. He would get so excited to get one of these that I will have to purchase more. There was a lot in the package, but it ran out.

👤I didn't like these. The smell was too strong. We went away because we were concerned that it was too much for our dog.

7. Greenies Original Petite Dental Holiday

Greenies Original Petite Dental Holiday

There is a pack of Greenies Original Petite Natural Dental Dog Treat. The texture of Greenies dog chews makes them fight plaque and the gumline to fight bad dog breath. Greenies treats for dogs are recommended by the vet. Greenies Original Dental treats are great for small dogs. Greenies dog treats are made with natural, easy to digest ingredients.

Brand: Greenies

👤I have a dog. She's cute. My baby is mine. I love her so much that I will cut someone to protect her. I'm probably crazy. Her eyes are very bright and she's very sweet. She is so smart. I've never had a dog like that. It reminds me of a Dean Koontz character. Anyhow. I have not liked her breath smelling like an unmentionable area. There are more than a dozen unmentionable areas. I've tried a lot of things, but she won't drink it and I spiked her water. I tried these Greenies. She loves them. After a week of having one each day, her breath has improved. I don't want to gag when she yawns from the other side of the couch. I don't mind that she woke me up with a puppy kiss. These are great. I'm thinking about giving my brother some to help him breathe.

👤My dog became very sick, bloody stool and bloody vomit, not knowing what to do as I thought I would not have my dog for a long time. I took her to the doctor. She was diagnosed with a very rare disease. Put her on a low fat diet with cottage cheese. My dog was on the mend after a few days. I gave her a greenie because she was eating a bland diet and she was so good. I went to the vet after she was sick for 12 hours because she couldn't loose more weight. She was put on the IV for 12 hours. She came back better than before. My dog has a problem with pancreatitis and I told Lynn about it. Lynn told me that her puppy had been operated on. Also with the same is pancreatitis. Lynn told me that the vet had to operate on her dog. The vet said it was a Greenie. I'm tough. The product that these As'"holes sell can kill dogs. It made me sick. My dog is on the mend. Amozon should not sell such a product. Please read the reviews.

👤I started feeding these to my dog once a day and he started acting weird like he wanted to go out all the time and he started having accidents in the house and my dog is 8 years old and very well-behaved and potty trained.

👤Within 24 hours, my two dogs were violently sick and had to be hospitalized. I didn't know what was happening until I remembered it was the only difference. I read over 100 instances of these treats causing dogs to die or be hospitalized. They are still in business. My dogs are doing well after treatment. I will never give them greenie products again. I hope Amazon will stop selling these.

👤I bought a 60 count Petite Size. There were 2 zip-lock bags of treats in the box. It took my dog a while to chew one up and eat it, the first few were hard. I thought it was a good thing that she was having to work on her teeth more. The chews have become soft even though I have kept the bag closed. I don't think they are doing much for her teeth. I don't know if they have gone bad. Is it safe to give my dog? I went to to inquire about the treats. They didn't bother to respond. If customers don't respond, what is the point of having a form? The lowest rating I can give them is because they have changed in consistency in a matter of days and the manufacturer doesn't have customer support.

8. Nudges Steak Grillers Dog Treats

Nudges Steak Grillers Dog Treats

A package of dog treats. It was inspired by the taste, texture and aroma of perfectly grilled food. The number one ingredient is real USA beef. Corn, wheat, soy and animal are not allowed by products. Natural dog treats with no artificial flavors.

Brand: Nudges

👤My oldest dog, a Lhasa Apso, has a sensitive stomach. He was sick with HGE, which was caused by the Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis, and he was confused after having these treats for a week. We have a dog door that our dogs take advantage of, and they never have bathroom accidents in the house. Three nights in a row, my husband and I woke up to huge piles of vomit in the hallway, with blood in them. He always lets us know if he needs to go out at night. These treats were the only new thing he had received. He will be on antibiotics for 14 days because of a $200 vet bill. He is doing better but it could have been worse. The other 4 didn't care about them, but we just threw them away because we didn't want our babies to get sick.

👤Has chicken in it... Why? I don't understand why companies say steak instead of chicken.

👤Occasionally, we give these treats to our Yorkie as a reward for being such an awesome little dude. He is a picky eater. He has a very sensitive stomach but these have not had any adverse effects on his bicyle or his eating habits. These grillers are not tough. Older dogs with fewer teeth can benefit from the chewy texture. I bought these because they are made in the USA. Our little guy loves them so much that he whines to go outside only to piddle a few drops before bolting back inside and running around in joy.

👤I read the reviews before buying. Most reviewers gave them a 4+ rating, despite the fact that several reviewers stated their dog became sick eating these. I bought them and they made my dogs sick. I dumped them. There could be a quality control issue. Whatever the issue, Amazon should warn people about it. I don't care about wasted money. I care about my dogs.

👤The ingredients look safe and reasonable, but after my dog's experience, I looked more closely. He was panting, itching, and had runs for 14 hours after eating the first piece of this product. Was it vegetable glycerin? The fruit? The "natural flavors"? Is it the vinegar? The smoke flavor is colored with vegetable juice and paprika. Maybe it was all of it, and maybe the vegetable juice was beets. We are not going to chance this again. My dog is not normally sensitive, so there's something not right about this. The product is too expensive. Buying steak and cutting it up is more economical. This dog's treats are going to be defined by keeping it simple.

👤My dog is picky about what he eats, and he likes to eat things that he likes. They are actually meat! My dog won't eat any dog biscuits or soft milk bone treats and I was at a loss about what to use for training treats. They are broken into small pieces for training and I stick them out of the end of the kongs. My dog should be eating actual meat, which is what the ingredients are for, and there's no corn, wheat, or soy. He is excited when I open the bag. It's nice that I have a treat that he will eat. Will be purchasing again and again as long as my dog likes them. I'm not sure if my dog likes the chicken better. He loves both of them.

9. Greenies Original Dental Treats Holiday

Greenies Original Dental Treats Holiday

There is a pack of Greenies Original Large Natural Dental Dog Treat. The texture of Greenies dog chews makes them fight plaque and the gumline to fight bad dog breath. Greenies treats for dogs are recommended by the vet. Greenies Original Dental treats are great for your big dog. Greenies dog treats are made with natural, easy to digest ingredients.

Brand: Greenies

👤The dogs cannot resist these greenies. They don't smell like much, and they're smooth and waxy, so we don't think they would be that delicious. They're firm, but with a small amount of give. If that's true, that's like Starburst candy that has dried out. They only last about 3 minutes. An energetic chewer can get through one of these in under a minute. They are still a smash hit. My parents' German Shepherd will give them a bouncy ball in exchange for a Greenie. If using a bouncy ball as currency is not cute, I don't know what is. The price is okay if you can get the pack for about $20.

👤A small animal vet is weighing in. Greenies are great for people's pets. When I see a pet with nice teeth that are cleaner than I expected, I hear that they are using chews. The VOHC seal of approval is one of the few products labels that have that. An independent panel of veterinary professionals studied the product and found that it does what it says it will do. I have never seen a problem like that. I had a dog that got sick when he ate them, but my current dog does not. People complain that the green color can be hard on the carpet. The cost and that are the only negatives I see.

👤I have a Golden Collie that is the pickiest eater. He won't eat his dog food unless it's well mixed with a raw egg and he has seasonal allergies up to Ying Yang. We tried regulR bones milk, rawhide, and special treats from a cookie bar at a pet store. We tried it all. She walks Henry every morning for about two hours. She started giving him a Greenie after their walk and now it is the treat of choice for this household. He loves them. They are gone within minutes. I am so happy that we found something that he enjoys. We give him one in the morning. Maybe 1-2 through the day. Two 36oz boxes of Large treats last almost a month. I usually buy 2 boxes at the beginning of the month and they will last me until the end. I don't buy any other treats or toys for him because of the price. He doesn't like toys that are soft. We only play with balls outside and one tennis ball with him. It is worth every penny if it is a one-time expenditure on my dog and he loves them.

👤I noticed they were warped from the sun. I used them on my dog. We had to get the poison out by pumping his stomach and cleaning his intestine, which cost me $900. My dog vomited foam when he went into convulsions after being exposed to a highly toxic product. I get Greenies from the store when I use them. I bought these Greenies from this person for convenience. I'm tempted to call a lawyer about this and wonder how many more animals this person is trying to hurt.

10. Amazon Brand Solimo Chicken Treats

Amazon Brand Solimo Chicken Treats

Chicken is the most important ingredient. No added wheat, soy or corn. Feed your dog a snack or reward. Whole muscle jerkies are chewier and provide plenty of fresh water and follow treatment instructions. If it is your dog's first time, start with half of the suggested amount and gradually increase to the full amount. There is a bag of Solimo chicken jerky dog treats. They invite you to try Solimo if you like the snacks from Purina Waggin' Train Tenders.

Brand: Solimo

👤The FDA reported that the jerky contains pea protein, a controversial ingredient that can cause heart disease in dogs. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is held in China and the meat is not from the United States. I am not saying this product contains dog meat, but I do find it troubling that Amazon sources meat from a country that violently slaughters dogs for human consumption each year.

👤Our dog loves the Solimo chicken jerky treats. She only ate the treats twice and each time she became sick. I hope the treats are sent to be tested. I am really worried that they were made in China.

👤My dog likes them, but after reading the label, they will never order them again.

👤We made the products. China made. My dogs were sick.

👤The puppy looked sick after it came back up and he seemed to like them. I tried to give him a meal to see if it was a one time thing. He eats a lot of things.

👤Even though we only gave each dog 1/3 of a piece per day, they still got terrible sputum. It's a pity.

👤I have included a picture with my review. I have dealt with that since I bought duck jerky from Amazon. There are up to 5 sets of eyes staring at me. There are a lot of dogs around my feet. The fat 1 is on the right. He attacks my feet when I walk, but he is usually chill. The chihuahua is looking left. He has a loud bark that blows my dad's hearing aids out of his ears. The1 is in the back. It means love in Hawaiian. Don't let the name fool you, she doesn't have any teeth. When it comes to Amazon's duck jerky, she becomes maddog, forcing me to tear the jerky in little bits so she can eat it. They are waiting for their next fix. I don't think the picture captures the desperation in their eyes. Purchase this product if you want to deal with this all day. I may have to stop buying it because they are driving me crazy. Will they look for the elusive duck jerky dealer if I stop buying it? I wonder if there are DJA meetings. They do love this stuff.

👤Very disappointed with AMAZON. These are made in China. I will never buy your brand of pet items again.

11. Rachael Ray Nutrish Barley Treats

Rachael Ray Nutrish Barley Treats

There is a bag of soup bones dog treats. The chews have a tender, meat-like center. There is no meat by-products or artificial flavors. It's perfect for small, medium or large dogs. USA is cooked with the best ingredients.

Brand: Rachael Ray Nutrish

👤The dog loves the flavors of the treats. I slice it up. It provides multiple treats, you don't give too much at one time, and can be generous with the slices. Depending on the thickness of the cut, I get about 15 slices per bone. If you want bigger and thicker treats, you should get less. I cut a bone at a time. It still provides plenty of treats for your dog, even though it's cheaper to slicing it.

👤My dog was too soft and he stared at me like a demon. My dog wheezed like an old person after eating for 5 minutes. They both had to go outside after eating. I'm sure they liked the taste, but how would they know if they were breathing in fast? I'm all for my dogs having good tasting food with good ingredients, but for God sakes make them a bit harder so they last longer than three seconds. I could feel the evil stares of the dogs when I wouldn't give them another. I won't buy them again because the little brats didn't appreciate the money I spent on them. The dog food I buy is good quality. If these two are going to stare at me and try to make me feel guilty, then I need to make these a bit longer lasting. Life is hard without dogs.

👤The product was thrown up by our dogs a day later. The company is giving us a refund after we contacted them directly. I appreciated that they were very concerned. Some of the dogs threw up the undigested pieces.

👤My dogs love them and I thought they were healthy, but one of my sisters has been diagnosed with canine Diabetes and she cannot have them and I wont give them to her sister anymore. They are high in wheat type carbs which is against what a dog or human should be eating. She needs to do her homework. She uses some ingredients in her dog food, but it stops at the point where other ingredients are too high and dogs don't need sugar in their diet. They should be fine for younger and active dogs, but for older dogs they need to be used only once and a while.

👤The front panel of the product claims to have "US Farm Raised Beef" written on it, and that it is beef and barley flavor. The ingredient list has zero beef and no barley. One would think that there would be "truth in advertising" since the celebrity chef has her name on the product. They are supposed to last longer than what is unclear. My dog ate one in less than 5 minutes.

👤My dogs love bones. They are not long- lasting. Before purchasing, you should know that. My huskies devoured these things in about 2 minutes. My senior husky loves these bones because they are softer on his teeth. He sometimes misplaces the harder bones, but with these bones, he eats them easily. You can't beat the price. Love them.


What is the best product for dog treats for large dog?

Dog treats for large dog products from Pur Luv. In this article about dog treats for large dog you can see why people choose the product. Purina Alpo Brand Dog Food and Wellness Natural Pet Food are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog treats for large dog.

What are the best brands for dog treats for large dog?

Pur Luv, Purina Alpo Brand Dog Food and Wellness Natural Pet Food are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog treats for large dog. Find the detail in this article. Canine Carry Outs, Wag and Greenies are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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