Best Dog Treats for Large Dog Organic

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1. Blue Buffalo Natural Biscuits Cinnamon

Blue Buffalo Natural Biscuits Cinnamon

Blue Health Bars dog treats are made with real pumpkin. They have ingredients like oatmeal, barley and cinnamon spiced pumpkin, which you will be proud to feed your furry family members. There are dog treats. These dog biscuits are oven baked for a texture they will love. These dog treats don't contain chicken. They are free from corn, wheat and soy. They are free from artificial colors andPreservatives. Blue Buffalo natural dog treats feature the ingredients you will love feeding as much as they will love eating. Blue Health Bars dog treats are perfect for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion in between. There is a bag of BLUE Health Bars with dog treats.

Brand: Blue Buffalo

👤Some of those cookies are suppose to be high quality dog cookies, but they were filled with a string. Very dissatisfied.

👤My dog is allergic to chicken. The Blue Buffalo Health Bars are listed as not containing any chicken/poultry by-product meals. I read the ingredients information and found out the bars contained chicken meal. I will return them for a refund.

👤I was anxious to try my puppy on the Blue Buffalo pumpkin cinnamon dog biscuits because we are a Blue Buffalo Household with 4 cats and a puppy eating only Blue Buffalo dry food, wet food and treats. I am an avid Amazon shopper. The package arrived on time. Most of the biscuits were broken. I was very disappointed. I think Blue Buffalo dog and cat foods are top quality, but can't understand why this package was filled with broken bits and pieces. I'm hesitant to purchase Blue Buffalo dog biscuits again. I don't understand why they went ahead and shipped the broken package instead of retrieving a package of whole and mostly whole biscuits for me. With all that in place. I think my puppy likes the bits and pieces. The biscuits were broken bits and pieces, so they were demoted 2 stars.

👤I have good things to say about this product. These baked treats are perfect for my dog. When I refilled my supply using the Amazon Reorder system, what I received was different from what I have been getting. The biscuits are three-quarters of an inch square instead of the two-inch tall and one-inch wide ones. They are much smaller than what I had been using. I'm not sure if I'll return them. The important thing to remember is that my order was the same as all previous orders and I got a different product. It appears that Amazon is making some changes without notifying the customer, so I advise you to carefully scrutinize your order.

👤I bought this on August 5. The product arrived in August. I decided to open the package today to give my dog a treat, but found a problem. The product has been around for about 4 years. The picture is worth a thousand words. Vomiting anddiarrhea are some of the things that come to mind. The product is outside of the return window because it has been months since I purchased it. So happy for me. I found a way to eradicate the rat population in my neighborhood.

👤This product is great and my dog loves these bars, however, this package arrived in a small box with no padding. This package is 16 ounces and contains 5.7 ounces of dust. 99% of what is not crumbs or dust is damaged and half of the bar. The product should have been protected with better padding. I can't give this to a large dog so it's going in the trash. This product was shipped via the United States Postal Service.

👤I can't tell you the flavor of the treats, but my dog gives them two paws up. I gave her a treat and went to get my phone to take a picture for the review and it was already taken! I like the ingredients. There were many broken pieces and crumbs in the bag when I opened it. There are crumbs all over the carpet. My dog is happy, so that's all that matters. Will buy again. The health bars with chicken and the health bars jumbo box were bought. I think she likes the red box more. I found that the box barely had any crumbs and the blue bag almost crumbled into a fine powder. I think the packaging helped more cookies stay intacked through transit, so I would go with the red box.

2. Himalayan Quality Natural Odorless Enjoying

Himalayan Quality Natural Odorless Enjoying

EcoKind dog chews come from the Himalayas and are delicious. Your dog will love the natural flavor of the snack, and you can rest assured that he is eating a healthy snack. Give your dog a treat that is healthy. The traditional yak chews are made in Nepal using only 100% milk. It's perfect for every chef. If your dog likes to chew, then their large sized EcoKind dog chews made in the Himalayas are ideal for you, since they are odorless and can be used indoors and outdoors. EcoKind Pet treats dog chews from the Himalayas are approved to help prevent plaque build up and can be easily eaten. The Ecokind Pet Treat's Satisfaction Guarantee! They know how to make your dog's tail wag. Their dog chews are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Ecokind Pet Treats

👤I buy Himalayan Cheese chews for my dogs. I bought them because they seemed to be an excellent value. I noticed that they had coloring and a smoked smell when they arrived. The other cheese chews have not had this smell. The outside was dark brown and the inside was white. Definitely not from baking it... It was a color that was sprayed. Many of them had holes or open areas inside that you could see from the sides. I gave one to one of my dogs and was a bit worried about how fast he was chewing it and the large pieces that were coming off. Our dogs are 28 lbs and 46 lbs, and they take days and weeks to chew up. I took it away from him because I was worried about the large pieces. I can not risk one of our dogs getting sick, being in pain or a huge vet bill because these are not the same. I will pay more for a good brand. This brand is on the left because of just minutes of chewing. The normal brand has been chewed on by two different dogs over the course of a week. I will be returning them.

👤The dog chews on the cheese sticks. They are strong. They are not slimy when wet. The bag I bought had six sticks in it. None were damaged. Buying them from the pet store is more expensive. I took photos of how I attach a tennis ball to the end of the stick to prevent the dog from swallowing it. If your dog drops the stick repetitively it will probably break, but I haven't had that problem. They are very brittle. I believe that is a characteristic of the cheese sticks. They are all like that.

👤Dalmatians can't have certain meats for health reasons. Finding a chew that lasts my biggest chewer more than 5 minutes is very difficult. I decided to try these chews out. These are more expensive than the cheap stuff, but they are healthy. My most aggressive chewer lasted 45 minutes. 45 minutes is a long time for aggressive counseling. When the dogs chew it down to where it's unsafe, just pop it in the microwave and it becomes a new, flaky treat that they can eat without worry of getting stuck in their throat. I will not buy another chew for my dogs.

👤I read a lot of reviews about the Himalayan dog chews, and a lot of them were negative about the product's freshness. I thought the chews were going to be a bad product after seeing pictures of them with mold on them. I decided to try them out because of Amazon's no hassle return policy. The package was sealed and delivered on time. I saw that the pieces were new and fresh after opening them. There was no bad smell. My dogs have been chewing on each other for a week. I will buy again.

👤I had a 3lb bag of these coming to me every month. All seemed ok when I got my January order. I didn't open or inspect the bag immediately because the dog couldn't have them after his teeth were removed. The first two were not bad. I didn't look at all of them at that time. I'm not sure. I went to get some more and it appeared they were all covered in mold. I wrote to the company on Facebook but never got a response. I recommend this brand to a lot of people, but I won't be doing that anymore.

3. WAG Treats Chicken Waffle Bites

WAG Treats Chicken Waffle Bites

All of the ingredients are made in the USA. American Chicken is the top ingredient. No added poultry by-products, no added corn, soy or wheat. Feed as a reward for your dog. Feed as a whole piece or break it into smaller pieces. Chicken and waffle bites are in a bag to preserve freshness. They are proud of their products. If you don't like it, they'll give you a full refund within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385

Brand: Wag

👤My dog knew that it was for him when I opened the package. I slowly opened the bag and he looked at me with a look on his face. Give it to me, bitch. He wants more, so I gave him 2. I gave him 1 more 3. He loves the treat.

👤My dog loves these treats. They are used for training by breaking it into small pieces. Excellent for getting his attention to me. The baby bunnies are still being worked on. Also helps distract from the sniffing on walks. A dog doesn't get close to the pocket.

👤These are squares of waffle shaped chicken. They decided after the first one that they were delicious.

👤I don't know which one likes the treats more, me or the dogs. The way the dogs can be broken up into smaller pieces is something I like. The dogs love these treats. The treats are soft, which is what I was looking for since my Bichon only has half his teeth left and is due to have the rest removed. I am sure that he will be able to eat this in one treat. When my co-worker brought his dog to work, I also brought some. His dog is the pickiest dog I have ever known and she loved these. She couldn't get enough. It's easy to divide into 2, 3 or 4 pieces. * Dogs love them. * It is easy for any dog to chew. The price is higher than other treats. The ability to divide so easily and the high quality makes up for it. The texture is similar to True Chews. The price is about $2/ pound cheaper than True Chews.

👤Ok. I like Amazon's wag brand. I enjoy the thought of what's in it. Seeing titanium dioxide made me wonder why. It's a food grade coloring. Why for dogs? The jury is not sure how safe it is. Three times after getting one our westie ate too quickly. He couldn't swallow it or spit it out, so we panicked. He likes them a lot. It doesn't seem to be a safe mix for our dog. Again, made in the USA, and I like the brand. We will continue to try more despite this one off.

👤We have two dogs, one will eat anything the other will not, so the fact they both enjoyed this treat made it a worthwhile purchase. I have purchased this item more than once before and will continue to do so as long as they enjoy it.

👤My dog likes these. He would get so excited to get one of these that I will have to purchase more. There was a lot in the package, but it ran out.

👤I didn't like these. The smell was too strong. We went away because we were concerned that it was too much for our dog.

4. Fruitables Treats Pumpkin Banana Flavor

Fruitables Treats Pumpkin Banana Flavor

It tasted great from the oven. A fresh-baked pumpkin, bananas and cinnamon treat is what your dog will love. Their dog biscuits are both delicious and healthy. There are no compromises here. There are only 8 calories per treat. Pumpkin can help reduce calories so you can treat your pet guilt free. The differences between the fruit and vegetable varieties: SMELL THE DIFFERENCE. The dog treats smell great. Open a bag and smell the difference. You will be tempted to try it yourself. Dog lovers love savage bite breed dogs. Dogs love fruitables baked dog treats because of their unique flower shape and crunch.

Brand: Fruitables

👤Fergie is our engineer. Mastiff likes these treats. She has a lot of food allergies and it's hard to find food that she can eat. I'm looking for something. I'm reading reviews to treat. The reviewers are saying that the dog doesn't like the treat. I don't think anyone is concerned if the dog loves the treat or not. We want to know if the treat will help the joints, the skin, his/her coat, etc. I noticed more dogs like yours and mine that are suffering from horrible allergies, if you include that in your review. Our dog doesn't have dairy or peanut butter. She doesn't have beef, chicken, or turkey which are the main meats in most dog foods. We were lost when we found out. People like us value your reviews the most. Thank you if you took the time to read this and understand where I'm coming from. I mean well, my intentions are good. God bless you and your pet! Thanks again from a concerned pet mom and dad.

👤My dog has a special diet. She can't have any other treats other than the Fruitables. I buy them all at once. My dog likes them. I found something that wasn't fruitables in a recent bag. It looks like a treat. It has a paw print on it. There is no way it can be mistaken for fruitables. You can see the difference by looking at the picture and fruitables I posted. I don't know how this could get in the bag. My dog is on a special diet and could have gotten sick from eating this. The company has not responded to my letter for 7 days. I am appalled at the company's lack of response to the quality control. I would have given them 5 stars. It was knocked down to 2 for the poor quality control and 1 for not responding. I will update my post if I get a response, but I am afraid to use these treats.

👤I bought the wrong treats. I was surprised when I opened the package and found hard treats, because I was supposed to buy the soft version of this brand. They smell like a fruit cookie. There is a fair amount of ingredients, but they all seem like pure foods. The size of a quarter is what these are. I made them small enough for my puppy to try. ussie tried to bite me and spit it out. I tried a second time and the same thing happened. My older dog ate 2, but now won't touch them. I gave them to my mom. Her dog loves them. I say it depends on your pup, because not all dogs like pumpkin and banana. It was worth a shot.

👤My dog seemed to like them, and they smell great. The list of ingredients was simple. She's allergic to something in them. They made her sick as well. I didn't believe that these were the cause because my girl is a picky eater and she loved having these. I put her on an isolation diet and she has not been sick since I stopped giving her fruitables. I think my girl is allergic to something used in the formula because she is a Shepherds breed that commonly has allergies. The 3 star review is not intended to be a criticism of the actual product, but a heads up to other pet parents that even something that's healthy for most dogs might not be a good fit for yours. Be extra careful if you know your dog is sensitive to new foods. I thought I'd be alright, since my girl loves homemade pumpkin, peanut butter, and cinnamon treats, but something else in these really set her off. Pumpkin, Oatmeal, Barley, Potatoes, Oat Fiber, Apples, Sunflower Oil, Dehydrated Cane Juice, Cinnamon, Natural Flavor, and Mixed Tocopherols are some of the ingredients. Mixed tocopherals usually mean vitamins E and E.

5. Blue Buffalo Natural Soft Moist Training

Blue Buffalo Natural Soft Moist Training

Real man. Blue Bits dog training treats are made with real salmon and are an ideal reward for your best friend. There are training treats. Blue Bits are the perfect size for training dogs that love a big treat. They are an ideal puppy treat because of their support for cognitive development. These dog treats don't contain chicken. They are free from corn, wheat and soy. They are free from artificial preservatives and colors like red dye. There are healthy dog treats. Blue Buffalo natural dog treats are made with wholesome ingredients that your dog will love eating. There is a bag of BLUE Bits Natural Soft-Moist Training Dog Treat.

Brand: Blue Buffalo

👤I bought two of them. They were add-on items, meaning they were at a discounted price when you have items in your cart totalling $25 to make the shipping worth it. My dog loves these. She gets them when she is good or bored and I fill her Kong toy with them. It is a good way to give her a toy for a while as she works out how to get them out. My dog likes to eat them because they smell like beef jerky. They are all natural from the brand. This brand is the only one that I feed my dog and she is very healthy, energetic, and has a great fur coat. I would recommend them. Target and other stores usually sell them for around $4.99 and Amazon has sales on them with prime shipping. The purchase made them over $2 each.

👤I had to throw away the items because there is a recall on them. They put lead inside the treats and are poisoning dogs. Will not buy blue buffilo anymore.

👤I feed my dog Blue Buffalo food and decided to give it a try. My dog loves these hard treats. They are small but great training treats. When she rings the bell, I keep them by the door. When we go on a walk to train her, I bring a bag with me as she is a rescue and is scared of other people and animals. I was very pleased with these. My dog is motivated by a brand that I trust.

👤I was looking for a treat for Sir George Harrison. I thought I would eliminate any possible allergens first because he has developed goopy eyes. The other dog lovers said to eliminate chicken first. This seemed to fit the bill because there were very few options. He loves them! He will come to me and offer his paw, high five me, roll over, sit, dance and play dead to get one. We will continue with these treats even if we decide it's ok for him to be on chicken again. The star ratings above were difficult to determine. The quality of the ingredients was good. They were mold free and had a pleasant smell, so I gave them 5 stars. It was a hiccup for me. I asked my husband to take a bite, but he declined. I asked the lady salesperson if she could sell us solar panels, she declined and left. My brother in law was at work, so he probably wouldn't have taken me up on the request. I was out because I was not sure how the treats would affect my sugar. I asked Sir George how many stars would be fair. He responded with loud barks. You get a 5 for flavor. We would purchase again if we could.

👤My little Frenchie loves to eat. I was excited to buy him some treats. He came running after I opened the bag. He took a couple of sniffs when he was held out to him. He immediately spit it out after grabbing it in his mouth, when I threw it on the floor. He hated it! I have never seen him do that with any other treat. Even though we have had the bag for less than a day, it is not returnable. Thanks a lot, Blue Buffalo, for your no service. I will not be buying or recommending your products again.

6. Full Moon Natural Treats Chicken

Full Moon Natural Treats Chicken

HUMAN-GRADE: Why would you feed it if you wouldn't eat it? Their treats meet strict USDA standards for human consumption, from the ingredients they are made with to the kitchens they are made in. All natural. The Chicken Jerky Hip and Joint is made with all natural chicken breast, U.S. chondroitin andGlucosamine to help maintain healthy hips and joints, as well as turmeric, which can reduce inflammation. High quality ingredients. Truth is the first ingredient. They cook their Chicken Jerky Hip and Joint in small batches using honest ingredients like all natural chicken, organic cane sugar, and turmeric. All natural treats are made from wholesome, healthy recipes. Every bite is full of real meat flavor and free from artificial flavors and colors. The US-GROWN CHICKEN: Full Moon treats are made in the United States using ingredients that are USDA approved.

Brand: Full Moon

👤My dog loves them. I think I have written a review about these before. She loves these treats and does well with them. My dog has never been sick from consuming these products and I have been buying them for a while now. They look and smell like people. I only give her 3 at a time because I got the large bag. I don't have to keep these refrigerated. I put them in the refrigerator because they seem like human food. She loves them so much that I will keep buying them. These and bully bones are her favorite treat. Thank you so much!

👤I only subscribe to this item via Amazon. It is one of the treats my dog loves. It has Glucosamine and Chondroitin as he gets older, but don't tell him that. It doesn't upset his tummy. He can go through a bag a week if we break off little pieces. We use these as rewards and "bribes", and I trained him that if he picks up something outside or grabs something he shouldn't have, he will trade it for a treat. The company is friendly and responsible. I hope they never stop making this treat.

👤The dogs love these treats. I bought these for my 8 year old akita who has a hard time with her back hips. She doesn't like taking her Glucosamine pills. She will always eat chicken. I keep a bag of these on hand for my dogs and those that come to visit. They are about the size of a chicken breast, just cut into thick slices. The size can be broken down easily for smaller dogs. Since I keep the treats in the fridge, they tend to get very hard, which makes them harder to chew for smaller dogs. If you want to give them to smaller dogs, leave them on the counter for a few minutes. You won't hear any complaints from the dogs about these. I don't mind that they smell like vinegar, but I might need to find a new seller since Amazon seems to be raising all of their prices on everything lately.

👤I only buy Full Moon treats because my dogs love them, they are easy to use and break into small pieces, and I mention that because my dogs love them. If we break open a bag, they will go nuts. You can even get close to the treat cabinet. My 2 year old loves to run around the room with the dogs chasing her and she takes a piece in her hand. Life doesn't get better than that. This is made in the USA. It means something when it comes to food for our loved ones. My dog has a new spring. I don't know if it's because of these treats, but she can go up and down stairs again and she will chase the kids along with her puppy sister. If you want to give your dog the best, buy these now.

👤My dog is not happy with her treats. She loves the Authority chicken tenders that I give her. I've been searching for another brand of Hip and Joint supplements that will help her because she refuses to take anything that will help her. We've tried everything. She liked the Full Moon Hip and Joint treats. I was persistent and it was difficult to get her to give up the other brand. She ate the last bag of the other brand and I refused to buy any more. She seems to be happy after finally making the transition. I'm happy. Thank you God and the full moon.

7. Jiminys Gluten Free Sustainable Ingredients Hypoallergenic

Jiminys Gluten Free Sustainable Ingredients Hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic: The most common ingredients that cause dog allergies are beef, chicken, lamb, soy, and even fish. Cricket is not an allergy so vets are using Jiminy's in elimination diet. Cricket has more Omega 3 and B12 than salmon and is more manageable to digest. Reducing carbon pawprints is a practice. They made it a priority to be sustainable with their treats. They make their treats with sustainable and straightforward ingredients that save 200 gallons of water per bag compared to traditional products. There was still a question about whether dogs could digest cricket. They decided to answer that question. They worked with Iowa State to research digestibility. Chicken and beef are high in digestibility. It was made with taste in mind. Their treats are made with recognizable ingredients. A focus on gout health. They are working with Animal Biome to study the impact of cricket on your dog's gut health. Dogs have a healthy, balanced level of gut bacteria diversity and cricket helps with that. You can feel confident feeding your dog.

Brand: Jiminy's

👤My two Boston Terriers love these! I was worried about the cricket texture and the scent but they are the best smelling treat the little guys have and they are made sustainable. Such a victory! I ordered a pack of treats along with some grub kibble from their site yesterday. I'm hoping to get my picky eater to eat some kibble. A great company has a great product. Excited to have found these.

👤I think the amount of cricket must be good because my collie mix girl has urinary incontinence her whole life because the humane society fixed her too young and many dogs get beaten for pp on floor. My other dog doesn't get upset if she drips urine everywhere if she has the correct amount ofProtein. In small doSES, it seems to work in that gives her good motivation. What a dog would have to have! What it does is what the legislation says to. I cook a diet of broccoli for them. Good protEIN is what they need. This seems to be more enjoyable than the EDEN BEANS! So. Yes, it's great for them. My new direction! She needed to be found. There is a different antibiotic that can be used to detect the poison. We just give her some of this, so she can use it for energy.

👤The freshness of the treats was amazing when I opened the bag. I have a small dog. He is 4 years old and weighs about 4 lbs. My puppy is very fond of them. He is able to chew and taste them. He is light in color and I am concerned about treats that cause dark tear stains. The stained tears got worse as the Authority Training treats were tasty. Not their fault. It is a great training test. These have reduced the situation greatly. And. They are. It's super healthy! I have purchased another bag. 10 + 1 equals 10.

👤My dogs love them. One is a very picky English Coonhound with good energy. I'm training a 2-year-old wild thing. They smell good to the dogs and are not as bad as my top choice of scents. Soft and can be broken in two with hands. They are soft and not sticky, so remove them when done. My senior dog will do tricks for them and she knows she has a good job here and doesn't put herself out that much anymore. Our new dog pays very close attention to what she smells. They are clean and I only feed my dogs good food. I read up on crickets and they are healthy, even though the thought of eating crickets was odd. They are delicious. My dogs are the same as if I waved salmon or steak past them. The price is better than most dog treats because you get a lot of them in one bag. A big winner. I was surprised that my dogs eat crickets. A lot. All the time. They are hopping around at the sight of the bag.

8. Wilderness Bones Grain Dental Chews

Wilderness Bones Grain Dental Chews

The cleaning of teeth and freshens breeches is done. Grain free dental chews called Blue Wilderness Wild Bones help keep their dogs clean and fresh. Blue Wilderness dental dog treats are free of corn, wheat, and soy. Large size dental tools. This is the size for dogs over 50 lbs. And up. There are dog treats that are free of the rain. Some pet parents choose not to feed their pets grain free treats because of the risk of allergies. There is a bag of BLUE Wilderness Wild Bones Grain Free Dental Chews.

Brand: Blue Buffalo

👤I don't recommend "Blue Buffalo" dog foods or treats as they contain Chinese supplements.

👤I've purchased these at the Petco before for my dog and have never had an issue, but they are a bit expensive. I decided to purchase it through Amazon. I gave it to my dog because he wouldn't eat it. I broke it in half and my dog ate it. My dog pooped inside of the house the next day. This has never happened to my dog. I wasn't sure what was causing it, but my dog ate half of the bone and threw up a few hours later. I know for a fact that this happened because I bought him to the vet. I don't recommend purchasing this product for your dog.

👤I bought this from Target before and realized my dog wouldn't eat them, which was strange. I started breaking it in half because they are so good. The ones he got from Target were so hard that he couldn't eat them. I feel awful, but I wanted to check the Best Buy Date and it says Jan. 1, 2020. I bought these on February 23 2020. June 6, 2020 is the day. Someone in the distribution center didn't assess this. It is bad customer service to do so regardless of someone else's opinion of a Best Buy Date. They were on that shelf for a long time. I am incredibly disappointed and dissatisfied.

👤I subscribe to get 2 bags every month for our dogs and this month I opened both bags to find one had three bones and the other had five, what a rip off it should be the same amount in every bag! The price for 3 bones is ridiculous. I am canceling my subscription.

👤Even though I don't watch my dog eat this treat, he ended up vomiting 70% of the time later in the day, with a couple distinct undigested bits of it. I will not be ordering this product again.

👤I stopped buying these for my dog a few years ago after I switched to other treats. The bones seem hard, and I noticed a few odd things when I tried this product again. The bones in the bag I got were hard to break in half, and almost like a dried product, since they were supposed to be more rigid. I don't care about mild variations, but these looked like something was growing on them. It is very odd. I thought it was a good idea to give my dog half of a bone to sample. It was not. While she ate it quickly and seemed to like it, bathroom time was not fun as she tore it from her back-end as fast as possible. The good news is that she is very relieved now that she has gotten it out of her system.

👤My dogs loved it. If you want to keep your dog entertained, you should get a 1 star. They are soft bones. I have two dogs. They ate the bones in less than 5 minutes. I should have known that dental chews were going to be soft. If you are looking for a treat, then this should work. This is not a toy that you want to get your pet.

9. Green Butterfly Brands Organic Treats

Green Butterfly Brands Organic Treats

100% Americansourced human-graded organic ingredients are free of artificial flavors, colors, andPreservatives. It's great for sensitive tissues and low fat, low cholesterol diet. The best snack made in America is wheat free. Your puppy will be eager to please you with this training treat. Service dogs for disabled veterans and military heroes are supported by a portion of proceeds. Your dog will love the taste of their Beef Sticks or your money back. A birthday gift for a dog, a new puppy gift, or just for being a best friend. Click to add to cart.

Brand: Green Butterfly Brands

👤These treats are the best. I make most of my dogs' treats, but can't make enough to keep them stocked, so these are my go-to for purchased goodies. I'm very picky about what's in their treats, and the ingredients in these meet my standards. One of my dogs had a mouth cancer and became very picky about what she ate. I ordered multiple bags at a time because she only ate one treat in her last few weeks. They saved lives. I love this company as well. It's a small family-owned business that donates a portion of their proceeds to train service dogs for veterans. The owner was very helpful when I wrote to her. They love dogs and want to provide the best quality for them. My pups are always excited when they smell these in the box, because I have purchased many bags of these.

👤My pups love them. It was very good. They are light enough to fit in half and come in decent sizes. They add an extra challenge to the treat dispensers because they slow the flow of the treats. These are made in the USA. It is important to me that there are no Additives or Preservatives. It's alarming that dog treats and foods are allowed to have harmful Additives. Green Butterfly can offer safe and healthy treats.

👤I'm picky about what I give my girl because she has been through a lot. If I don't have the time to cook for her, it's got to be either human-grade or organic. She deserves it! What's not to like about these beef sticks? I always want to know where the ingredients come from, because a lot of treats may be made in the USA. Is it even more important? I want to know where the meat comes from. I'm comfortable giving her these, they're great for her health. I'll be buying more for her.

👤My dog wouldn't touch the treat, but I had high hopes for it. She took a few sniffs and walked away. The product looked like dried up dog turds and didn't look very appealing. They looked like a kind of beef product that was 888-282-0465 888-282-0465 888-282-0465. The product was a complete waste of money.

👤Another home run by Green Butterfly. These beef sticks are very popular with my four girls. It's difficult to get all four to like the same thing. They expect beef sticks at night. I like that I can break them into smaller pieces. They are healthy. I don't need to worry about the hidden ingredients. The first treat I gave my last rescue pup was Beef Sticks. The quality of Green Butterfly is better than any other treat. My girls give it 16 paws. They recommend that all their furends have a bag. You won't be disappointed.

👤All we smelled was poop when we opened the item. The dog wouldn't get close to it. I put it out for the wild animals. We all know the phrase about opinions. I wouldn't recommend. I don't like to give bad reviews, but this one was terrible.

10. Full Moon Natural Chicken Nuggets

Full Moon Natural Chicken Nuggets

HUMAN-GRADE: Why would you feed it if you wouldn't eat it? Their treats meet strict USDA standards for human consumption, from the ingredients they are made with to the kitchens they are made in. All natural. Chicken Nuggets are made from all natural chicken raised in the USA. It's the bite size, soft, and chewy treat your dog will love. High quality ingredients. Truth is the first ingredient. They cook their Chicken Nuggets in small batches using honest ingredients like all natural chicken, ground celery, and Rosemary extract. All natural treats are made from wholesome, healthy recipes. Every bite is full of real meat flavor and free from artificial flavors and colors. The US-GROWN CHICKEN: Full Moon treats are made in the United States using ingredients that are USDA approved.

Brand: Full Moon

👤A trace amount of sugar was found in my dog's urine. She asked if he eats dried chicken treats made in China. She told us to immediately stop eating the Full Moon Chicken nuggets because he did eat them a lot. There is a lot of information on the internet about chicken jerky treats being bad for dogs, a pattern that vets have noticed. I would have liked to know about it. I am writing this review because I can't return these via Amazon, so I want to give others a heads up. When my dog goes to the vets in a few months, we will test his sugar levels in his urine. After stopping feeding my dog Full Moon Chicken Nugget treats, I am happy to report that his levels have returned to normal! From now on, only healthy treats.

👤The little love of our life was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her health has plummeted each day since then. She is going to suffer. Our little girl has been with us for over 9 years. She was 800-273-3217 We took her to the vet, cleaned her, and fed her, and called her ours. She's been our constant, our "Little Little", our grandchildren's play friend and most of all my "sweet baby" and my husband's "Buddy". We almost got her to say "walk" because she would sing with anyone. We are so thankful for the time you've spent with us. We know we will see you again. Nobody loved you more than us.

👤The Yorkie thinks that these are the Bee's Hives, and she can chew them with what's left of her 43 teeth. I like them for what's not in them, but one has to balance them out with Dry cookies or Rosemary oil to make sure they don't get to the point of splurty-ness. Do you want to sleep? I'll take a cookie for 30 minutes. These are small, the size of Milk Bones, and they are softer than some of the other Full Moon products. I recommend them for older dogs and small dogs, as an herb for humans and a pet sister.

👤I have a dog that loves these. The Full Moon chicken strips are usually a hit, but these are softer and thicker. I am giving a review for one reason. The chicken strips are wedged between her top teeth because the cut of the nuggets is the same width as the roof of her mouth. Don't give a whole strip without breaking it up first! As it was pushed back, it lodged in her throat. I was in the room when it happened. He was able to pull it out. Lesson learned! Do I still buy Full Moon products? Absolutely! They're healthy and recommended by my vet, but do yourself a favor and break them up a bit. Better safe than sorry! It's a good thing.

11. Spot Farms Natural Chicken Sausage

Spot Farms Natural Chicken Sausage

All natural. Their Chicken Apple Sausage treats are made with antibiotic-free chicken and real apples and are ideal for training and rewarding all good dogs. HUMAN GRADE: If it isn't good enough for them, it isn't good enough for them, and their treats meet strict USDA standards for human consumption. They cook their treats in small batches with high-quality ingredients like brown rice, apples, antibiotic-free chicken, honey, and cinnamon, and never with any by-products or waste. All natural treats are made from wholesome, healthy recipes. Every single bite is free from artificial flavors, colors, and other ingredients that dogs love. The US-GROWN CHICKEN: Spot Farms treats are made in the United States using ingredients that are USDA approved.

Brand: Spot Farms

👤Spot Farms Chicken and Apple Sausage is not fresh. My dog is rejecting the product that was delivered by Amazon in my last monthly shipment. The buyer should beware. The product doesn't meet the "human grade" standards that the processor claims. Out of six bags, one showed up moldy. The next month, new deliveries were mold free. The manufacturer's response was not very good. They didn't explain how the shelf-life of the product is calculated.

👤There were burnt and hard treats. The quality of the brand has gone down and I usually purchase these at least once a month. The bag of treats is hard and burnt brown. Shame on you guys for letting this go. Where are you?

👤We've used these as high-value treats for more than two years and have ordered at least twenty bags. The contents of the two most recent bags are very hard. It is difficult to cut with a knife. The patties used to be thin enough to easily tear into pieces. About a year ago, they became bigger. The quality was still high, but we had to pre-cut them instead of tearing them, so they weren't as convenient as training treats. Spot farms reached out to us to let us know they were sending a refund. They said they would look into the quality issues. It's great that they would follow up. I will wait a little while and try again, but I posted in my review that I wouldn't order anymore. Our dog likes them.

👤My dogs like them because they are made with good ingredients. They are too thick for my dogs to chew. We can cut them up. The price of a bag increased by $3.15 in a month. They were $8 a bag before this order and now they are $12.14. Unless the price goes down a bit, I won't buy again.

👤These and the meatballs were purchased by me. My dogs eat a lot. They have large amounts of iron in their guts. The meatballs are in good shape. Sausage things give them the runs. Dogs have to sleep outside.

👤My dog liked them. I think you should get more for the price, but they use better human grade ingredients. I am also weary of that claim whenever it says that. If you are a human, it says not for you, but for your dog. It makes me curious about the claim and the fact that it sounds dangerous if I eat them. They don't stay fresh for long and some got mold on the bottom of the bag. Since they use wholesome ingredients, they don't know what the shelf life should be like. It is better than most streets. I would only buy them if they were on sale and I always try to get the best dog. They smell good and my dog goes nuts when I open the bag, but I don't know if it's good for his diet.

👤I have dogs. Two shepherd who will eat anything. There are 3 picky little eats. I've ordered these bags before. I don't do a review unless I've used them for a while because my picky eaters won't eat them. They love these! The ones I have ordered have been fresh. I have to break it in half and give her both of them. My dogs love Spot farms and I highly recommend them. Human grade ingredients are used in this product. I love that!


What is the best product for dog treats for large dog organic?

Dog treats for large dog organic products from Blue Buffalo. In this article about dog treats for large dog organic you can see why people choose the product. Ecokind Pet Treats and Wag are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog treats for large dog organic.

What are the best brands for dog treats for large dog organic?

Blue Buffalo, Ecokind Pet Treats and Wag are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog treats for large dog organic. Find the detail in this article. Fruitables, Full Moon and Jiminy's are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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