Best Dog Training Treats Peanut Butter

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1. Buckley Bixbi Treat Peanut Butter

Buckley Bixbi Treat Peanut Butter

Buckley Products are made in the United States of America. Buckley Semi-Moist Training Treat is the perfect training treat for any dog. Four calories per treat is low. Grain andGluten Free is made for dogs with sensitive stomachs. All Natural is made without artificial Preservatives.

Brand: Buckley

👤There was an issue with one of the bags. Buckley was contacted since I saw this as a potential health issue for my pup. I was reassured that this is not up to their standard. They called me, expressed genuine concern, and offered a replacement, but took the manufacturing information down to make sure they could keep an eye on it. Excellent work! Many companies will say in print that they care about your pets, but few will actually deliver on that. I decided to give Buckley another chance because of the way they handled the matter. Since then, I have ordered about 6 more bags and the quality has been consistently good. Buckley is a company with integrity that makes good products. Keep it up!

👤We bought these for our puppy and were very happy with them. Gordon Setter has a very sensitive stomach and can't have cheap treats, so we thought these would be a great alternative. These are the perfect size for working with both of the girls and they have not upset her stomach. We will be ordering again.

👤I adopted an Alaskan Malamute Puppy who was left behind when his owners moved. I wanted to teach him how to use this product. He thought it was too small for him, but he loves it. My two yorkies and old queensland healer. They love it. Will be buying again.

👤These treats are very popular with my clients. I bought them at TJ Maxx and now I order them all the time. Positive reinforcement can be achieved with these little training treats. The dogs seem to like them a little soft. I used a different kind of treat once and the dogs were not happy. I like that they are grain-free, low-cal, and not meat-flavored because I have some clients with food allergies and weight issues.

👤The first ingredient in these treats is peanut butter. Our dog loves the soft treats. We can give her a bunch without worrying because they have been great for training. They have a unique shape which is fun and I like that better than the round pellet shapes that training treats are usually.

👤The trainers are the most adorable dog treats I have ever seen. I didn't know training treats were cute. The treats are small and tan. There are probably 100 to 200 in each package. I've started breaking them in half. They're easy to break, which is a plus. The pieces are small enough to be used for training. The minimum of 12% is really impressive. I've only bought the peanut butter flavor, but I would happily buy the chicken one if my dog liked it. They're affordable without having tons of grains. It's a good option for my dog. I would recommend them to a friend. Next time, grab a package of these. It's a good thing.

👤I've bought chicken flavor treats before but decided to go with bacon. They got a white covering on all the treats after opening them. I assume this is mold.

2. Zukes Naturals Training Vitamins Wholesome

Zukes Naturals Training Vitamins Wholesome

The dog treats recipe is from Zuke's Mini Naturals. Mini bites for all your training adventures. A+ training treats are real chicken's #1 ingredient. There is less than 3 calories per treat. Natural ingredients like chicken and whole food berries make healthy dog treats.

Brand: Zuke's

👤We liked the treats from Zuke. We used to get them for our son's dog. They were a small size and had good ingredients. I bought several packets for our dog and son. I was surprised the dogs didn't accept them. They seem different from what I remember a few years ago. They have an almost chemical smell. I wonder if the company has changed the ingredients. I don't get them anymore. Our dogs don't like them. They like a new type of treat.

👤I did not receive the product for a while. The customer service was great to work with. The order arrived after a long time. I got my money back. The item was turned back because I already received a refund. My dog loves these treats. Try them and see if your dog likes the product as much as I do.

3. Nutro Bites Treats Peanut Flavor

Nutro Bites Treats Peanut Flavor

There is one bag of Mini Bites Natural Dog Training Treat. These bite-sized dog treats are made with real high-quality chicken. A tasty treat made with natural ingredients and minerals will be enjoyed by your dog. Mini Bites are low in calories and good for training. Made with non-GMO ingredients from trusted suppliers and crafted without corn, wheat, or soy, with no artificial colors, flavors, orPreservatives. The finest ingredients from around the world are used in this product. Convenient bags to keep treats fresh.

Brand: Nutro

👤I box an entire case of these treats because they are great training treats. The quality of the first bag was good, but I opened the second bag and it had no smell or taste, and they shipped me expired treats! The had expired on May 2, 2018). I bought them almost a year and a half ago. They sent me a new set right away after I contacted them. My review was changed from 1 to 4.

👤These made my dog sick. I couldn't figure out why she started vomiting and having scurvy the day after these came in. I didn't notice that she had gotten in to something. I decided to stop these treats as they were the only thing I had changed. She began to feel better and started eating her food again. I tried them again a few weeks later. More vomiting. I only gave her a few to test out and she did not vomit. She will spit them out if she gets her one. She doesn't have any allergies and has had no problems with anything else we've tried.

👤I got this today after buying it two days ago. I usually don't check the expiration date, but I just saw the date on the product and I am so happy! How can my dog finish this pack in 4 days? I can't even select the return button because it says it's not eligible. Do not play with food again.

👤The best by dates of March were received on 6-22-19. Very sad. All bags with the same Best By date of March are replacements. I would give zero stars if I could.

👤My beagle rescue had a hard time learning to sit. He learned to come, stay, off, and out in the first two days. But not sit down. These must be great for him because he learned to sit. It took about three days. He doesn't always sit when asked. He saw me take this pouch out of the pantry. We're using it for crate training because he loves it. It has a nice smell that is similar to fresh food. I've gotten treats like that before for my other dog, but this one has no smell. It's soft but not hot. My dog doesn't just swallow it because it's squishy. He is able to enjoy his reward.

👤I like the size of the little dog. He likes any treat no matter what it is, even though he has problems chewing hard treats.

👤I bought a bag of these in chicken flavor from petsmart and my dog loved them, so I wanted to try another flavor. I'm disappointed that they arrived harder and brittle than the other bag, almost as if they were sitting on the shelf for too long. The dog is 9 months old and 10 lbs. I used to give her a variety of treats, but this brand/size is my new favorite because they are easy to break up for training my small dog. I either break up a bunch into 5 pieces or grab some and break them up as I train, or I store them in a container for easy access. They are moist but not as moist as I would like, where my hands feel gross, and they do not leave much debris when I break them up.

4. Purina Beneful Facilities Training Delights

Purina Beneful Facilities Training Delights

A 36 ounce container. The dog training treats are made in the USA. The baked with soft centers outside. Grains and peanut butter are in it. There are accents of apples, carrots and peas.

Brand: Purina Beneful

👤I bought two bags of these treats and have been feeding them to my dog. I looked at the ingredients and saw Yellow 6, Red 40, Yellow 5, and Blue 1. The World Health Organization has warned about the dangers of Red 40. It is all of the toxic stuff that manufacturers put in food that is making dogs get more cancer. Although my dog loves these treats, I will not risk his long term health by tossing the bags. Pay attention to what is in your dog's food. Please share the details of any treats for dogs that are free of toxic stuff.

👤I'm a fan of Purina but these treats are hard to eat. I can break them myself. Less for my poor little dog. He loves the peanut butter flavor that they came with. He comes when I say I want a treat. Sniffs the things and walks away. Very disappointed. It's a suggestion to get Golden rewards Chicken Jerky treats from Walmart. Get them wet before giving them to your dog.

👤Out of the whole list of ingredients, sugar is the fourth most important one. I wish I had read the ingredients before buying them. There are artificial colors and flavors. Why? Natural and artificial peanut butter flavors. Natural flavor isn't enough. Why are the artificial colors? Do dogs care what color their treats are? I don't want to give them to my dogs anymore, but I bought the large size and I don't want to donate them either. I'm not happy with Purina. I'm ashamed of myself for not reading all of the ingredients, not just the short little misleading list in on the information on Amazon. The buyer should beware. I don't think they are healthy.

👤We tried these before we bought the big bag. Qbit is trained to recognize treat names and sit for them. This one is called snackers. He likes the variety of flavors. He likes the carrot and green peas. If you're not a fan, they smell peanut butter. We put some out from the big bag into a container to keep it fresh.

👤My toy poodle loves them. I am very happy with the customer service of Amazon. The bag I received was contaminated with a big hole. They immediately sent me a new one. My dog didn't run out of his daily treats because of your prompt service, so I want to thank you for that. Will buy again.

👤The pros are 1. Dogs eat it if it's broken into smaller pieces. The opening of the bag made me gag. The smell is terrible. 2. The soft chew treat was very hard and big. 3. Some of my dogs threw up after eating. The puke stained my carpet. I thought the smell of pupperoni sticks was noxious, but they are a breath of fresh air.

👤This is the 3rd or 4th bag I have gotten but it seems like someone broke up all the pieces inside. I have another one coming in September and I am very disappointed with this shipment. I hope the new one is not damaged. This had to happen before it was shipped. This happened before the shipment. The reason I am late is because I opened the bag.

5. WAG Treats Chicken Waffle Bites

WAG Treats Chicken Waffle Bites

All of the ingredients are made in the USA. American Chicken is the top ingredient. No added poultry by-products, no added corn, soy or wheat. Feed as a reward for your dog. Feed as a whole piece or break it into smaller pieces. Net is net. Chicken and waffle bites are in a bag to preserve freshness. They are proud of their products. If you don't like it, they'll give you a full refund within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385

Brand: Wag

👤I wish there was more in the package for the price.

👤I don't use my boxer to gauge quality because he eats everything. My boxer girl is not very interested in food. She looks at me in a way that says "nope" if she thinks doing something she shouldn't is more fun. She loves these treats, but only one of the few that she sees is the bags she sits in. I know all these things. A full size one works when I need her distracted, but she usually gets 1/3 to 1/2. Consistency and quality are great.

👤My dog loves these. They are easy to break and not fall into millions of pieces. I was disappointed when I smelled it, I thought it was waffles and syrup. Good thing it is for my dog. She likes it.

👤I have never eaten a dog treat, so I felt weird rating the flavor. My parent's puppy is in love with these treats and ignores all other treats. That dog is all about food. I have her attention when I reach for this bag. She would pee everywhere when I visited her in the past, and I have read that she is a submissive person. I had a treat in my hand when I came in the door. After I held the treat out and she got excited, she forgot about her excitement and didn't try to jump on me or kiss me, for the first time. I think we had a better experience greeting each other. I want this dog to be calm and not anxious when non-household members visit, and these treats really took her mind off that. She only had a nose for these treats, so I am glad I got her a 24 ounce bag. Save and subscribe!

👤My dogs are so cute. They are tiny waffles. I got the 6oz to try them out and I usually don't write reviews. The next size gives you more money. You can get 24oz for about $13 or 4x the amount. The pricing is not normal. They are charging a good amount for people to try it. It's good for any constant buyer once they upgrade to the bigger size. It's a joke that the 6OZ is too expensive compared to the bigger sizes. The product is amazing.

👤My dog was crazy for these things. She loves them. Will be buying again. Chicken is the first ingredient.

👤My dog is getting pickier and pickier as he ages so it may be my own judgement, but he wouldn't even try it. He walked away after sniffing it. I didn't rate the flavor because come on now. The treats are a waste of money if your dog won't eat them. Our treats ended up in a box I will bring to a local rescue, so I'm getting "value for money" as my rating considered. Not sure if the thickness rating is based on a standard size that one rates above or below, or if it is meant to mean 1 star is thick and 5 star is super thick. The rating is based on the later.

6. Bil Jac VetDogs Skin Coat Treats

Bil Jac VetDogs Skin Coat Treats

Made from real chicken, it's specially formulated to help keep your dog's coat soft and shiny. They can be used for training. They can be used for a reward. America's VetDogs train and provide assistance dogs to veterans and active duty personnel with disabilities for free.

Brand: Bil-jac

👤These treats are wonderful. It was made in the USA. Support a great cause. There are 3 more The price is right, but the ingredients are healthy. There are four My dog loves them. They are soft and have a great flavor to him. I successfully house-trained my dog with these, who I adopted from the shelter at 6 months of age. I cut them in half with a knife and he got a piece each time he did his business outside, but I didn't want him to get a treat every time. It worked like magic.

👤I bought these for my brother's dogs. They turned their noses at the treats he bought for them. These are the ones they eat every time. They love the treats. They are soft and fresh. Will be getting more of these. The assistance dogs that are provided by buying these are for our disabled veterans. I support the Disabled Veterans and when I can buy a treat for my brother's dogs, they love it.

👤I like that they are soft and do not break easily when carried around for a week in a baggie. The smaller size means you can give more treats, but I sometimes break the stars in half to make them go farther. The doggos love these nibbles.

👤George is the most picky eater I have ever encountered. I can't find food that he likes and he doesn't like most treats. Until Bil-Jac Vet Dogs get their skin and coat soft treats. George is looking forward to getting them. He gets his eye drops as a reward and he also gets his treats. I recommend them because George's coat is very soft and shiny.

👤I have a dog who is very picky and he likes this treat. He turns away from all the other treats but he gets excited when I open the bag because he wants one of these after every walk. I purchased this several times at Walmart but they stopped carrying it so I am very grateful it is available through Amazon.

👤My puppy is willing to do anything to get these treats. She almost doesn't want her normal food anymore. These are soft and easy to break into parts for training. I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely be buying again.

👤I use the treats to train my child. They're small and perfect for training. She loves them! They're soft and hold up well in a treat pouch. If you live in an arid climate, don't put a bunch of them in a bag, because they will be soft if kept in a vacuum-sealed pouch. I think they're a good value. I don't think my dog would give them five stars, but I think she would because she is happy to eat them.

👤My dogs are crazy for these. It's what I give them when we come in from outside. When they come inside, they are used to getting a treat, since they were puppies when I was potty training them. They are lined up in a row. They love them so much that they just love them to death. They love all of the Bil-jac flavors. The price is what I like most about these. They are reasonable. I always buy more because these treats don't last very long in my house, so I stock up on them whenever I can. I like buying this bag over the original Bil-Jac treats whenever possible, but they are not always in stock at every pet store.

7. Old Mother Hubbard P Nuttier Biscuits

Old Mother Hubbard P Nuttier Biscuits

There are small treats. These small dog biscuits are a great addition to your dog's diet and are made with all natural ingredients, including peanut butter, apples, carrots and molasses. All natural. Their delicious biscuit recipes include wholesome natural ingredients such as peanut butter, fruits and vegetables, which are slowly oven baked to preserve the natural flavors. Made in North America using only the finest globallysourced ingredients, they craft delicious recipes with simple, natural ingredients thoughtfully chosen for their nutrition benefits. They have an all natural recipe for every dog's needs and taste, from puppy to senior, small to large breed. Give 'em some love. Since 1926, they've used the same simple methods to bake their snacks, and each home style recipe is crafted from wholesome ingredients so you can feel good about giving your dog a healthy reward.

Brand: Old Mother Hubbard

👤My dog won't eat the treats. He buries them. Maybe I should be looking at my dog.

👤My dogs love these cookies. I got large cookies in small bags after I ordered the small ones again. My dogs can't eat the large ones because they are double the size. They were also burned. There are no returns on these. Thank goodness, Amazon helped me out. There is a I was so disappointed that this happened. I'm afraid to order them again.

👤I don't know if it was cooked over cooked or not, I can't even break it with my fingers, I have small dogs, and poor thing was trying so hard to eat it, I couldn't. I took it away from him because I was afraid of hurting his teeth. I will try to soak in the water to see if it will get softer, but I don't think it will. Saving your money is not worth it.

👤I received my box in August, but I didn't understand why I was having bugs in my room. The dog treat cookies and bag were full of bugs when I opened the box to refill the dog cookie jar. I was giving my dogs treats that had bugs. I threw the box away because the company should be more careful.

👤We found these cookies a few years ago while looking for a cookie for our dog. She gets two cookies before she goes to sleep. We bought two sizes mini and small. She seems to like the mini more. I can't say I tasted them. She really likes them. Old Mother Hubbard Classic P-Nuttier Biscuits baked dog treats are for 4 paws up. The author of Dog Knows Best is Timothy Glass.

👤Exactly as pictured! Our dog likes these treats. Great amount for the price. I will keep buying them. The quality of the ingredients give me reassurance that my pup is safe. He always comes back for more. The amount of treats fills our treat bucket and lasts a long time.

👤Our dogs love cookies. I've bought regular Milkbone biscuits for years and they've been happy with them. I like the Milkbone brand because of its price and large boxes. I decided to try these cookies when Milkbone wasn't available. Our dogs love these cookies, so I'm not going back. They know where the cookie jar is and stand near it. They want treats more than ever, but don't know what makes them different.

👤A dog and a chihuahua don't like these. I tried two flavors from the same manufacturer. He ate a couple I crushed up, but not now. Maybe he ate 3 bones. Can't come back. I will see if the dog likes them.

8. Fruitables Treats Protein Natural Peanut

Fruitables Treats Protein Natural Peanut

Fruitables are packed with real peanut butter. There is a pack of Protein. A peanut butter and fruit treat is a great treat for your dog. There are natural dog treats. There are no artificial colors or flavors here. Natural dog treats are pb n' joy. Did they mention they are grain-free too? The split and share bar makes it easy to make multiple treats for your dog. The treats have a moist texture that dogs will love.

Brand: Fruitables

👤My dog likes these. The soft fruitable is easy to break into small pieces. I have a Maltese who loves them. We break them down into smaller pieces. He has a sensitive stomach and this brand of treats do not upset him. We have been ordering the soft treats for a couple of years now and I have ordered them before. We are loyal customers that will order again and again.

👤The treat is not ignored by any of our dogs. They like dog snackability.

👤The treats looked great at first, but did not smell bad or seem bad because we love this brand! They caused some stomach issues for my 11lb small dog and it seemed like the treat did not get eaten. I'm not sure if the treat caused these issues. It was most likely the treat.

👤My dogs had stomach problems with this treat. My daughter's dog ate them and I gave them to her. My dogs are small and my daughter's is large.

👤My dog likes them. They are fresh and good quality. They can be used as training treats.

👤My dogs love them. For my older dogs, it's soft but not very strong. For little dogs, break in half and quarters.

👤My dog wouldn't touch them, so I threw them out. Money was lost on that deal.

👤My dogs smelled the treats and wouldn't eat them. They won't give you a refund for lost money.

9. Blue Buffalo Chicken Salmon Turkey

Blue Buffalo Chicken Salmon Turkey

Blue Bits are made with more of the delicious meat your dog loves and are perfect for training. It was made with: DHA. The fat in mother's milk helps promote cognitive development in dogs. Blue is free of artificial flavors, corn, wheat, or soy, and no chicken by-product meals. Blue Bits dog treats are only intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding. There are three bags of BLUE Bits training dog treats in this bundle.

Brand: Blue Buffalo

👤The advertised measurement is confusing. It's 3 - 4oz bags, a total of 12oz, not the 112oz.

10. Old Mother Hubbard P Nuttier 16 Ounce

Old Mother Hubbard P Nuttier 16 Ounce

Grain free treats are available. These mini dog biscuits are a great addition to your dog's diet because of their all natural ingredients and include peanut butter, bananas and flax seed. All natural. Their delicious biscuit recipes include wholesome natural ingredients such as peanut butter, fruits and vegetables, which are slowly oven baked to preserve the natural flavors. Made in North America using only the finest globallysourced ingredients, they craft delicious recipes with simple, natural ingredients thoughtfully chosen for their nutrition benefits. They have an all natural recipe for every dog's needs and taste, from puppy to senior, small to large breed. Give 'em some love. Since 1926, they've used the same simple methods to bake their snacks, and each home style recipe is crafted from wholesome ingredients so you can feel good about giving your dog a healthy reward.

Brand: Old Mother Hubbard

👤My dog loves them and we buy them at the store. I thought it would be easy to get them delivered, but they look different when they arrive. My dog sniffs them and walks away. Not sure if they are spoiled or not. I broke a few apart, but they are not the same as the ones we get in the store.

👤I should have read the ingredients of Mother Hubbard. Many high quality dog foods are making choices without potatoes and Legumes now that they are under scrutiny for canine heart issues. I don't feed my dog any foods that contain potatoes or beans, I saw peanut butter and bananas and knew my dog would love them, I gave her a mini size and she broke in half. I hope Mother Hubbard can come up with an alternative that is grain and legume free. It is a good local company.

👤If these treats were for my dog, I would not mind that the bag is in bad shape, however, this is a gift for my stepdaughters dog. It is her Christmas present. Presentations are important when giving a gift. A dog is my stepdaughters whole world and a package of treats is not much to ask for. I don't know if her dog will like them. The dog may have more bones than actual ones. I will have to buy something else if the dog likes the bones. Very disappointed.

👤I am pretty disappointed in this package. The treats are so hard that I can't break them. My dog is only 15 lbs and he can't eat them. They are laying around the house. We bought a big bag. The smaller bags were great. I think they are over cooked or old. Update. I ordered a different bag and it was breakable and my dog ate it. $7 for a big bag is a waste of money.

👤I got these because someone told me they could help with my dogs breath. When I switched to soft treats, my wife stopped complaining and I think they are helping. I don't know if it's because they're cheap, but my dogs like them. I ordered a second bag.

👤The treats are a good way to get my dog to do things. They are made with excellent, healthy USA ingredients. They are so small that I have only one criticism. Even a toy breed would find my baby small. Their size is better for a small mouse than a dog.

👤My dog is vegetarian and misses milk bones, but this is a great alternative. These mini bone treats are the perfect size for my medium sized dog, I usually buy bags of small breed treats that are much smaller and less calories to prevent her from gaining weight. My dog really liked them, even though they are 10 calories each. They don't contain soy and you get a pound of treats.

👤This has nothing to do with the actual product, but with how it was handled. Our dogs love them, they go nuts over them. 40% of the bones were broken into pieces when they arrived. They are a great product, but they weren't handled well at the warehouse and during shipping.

11. Three Dog Bakery Classic Crackers

Three Dog Bakery Classic Crackers

Premium dog treats are made with premium ingredients and no artificial flavors, just like the ones you would bake for yourself. The Re-Closable Bag keeps freshness longer. Each Tasty Treat is baked in the US in small batches, with high-quality ingredients like honey, peanut butter, and NaturalVanilla, along with others that you can actually pronounce. The Bite-Sized Crunchy Mail Carriers, Cats, Squirrels, and Bones are a Tasty Favorite for Born Crunchers. You can help your puppy stay motivated during training by taking one of these walks. Their Soft-Baked Cookies have an Irresistible smell that dogs like. If they don't wolf it down, praise your pup with a cookie that will melt in their mouth. Right away. For over 30 years, dog lovers have trusted them to create wholesome treats for their family members. They bake love into every bite. Let the people enjoy their delicious treats.

Brand: Three Dog Bakery

👤Why is thickness part of this? These are not very thick. Most of us have eaten animal crackers. My pit bull loves them. I don't want to increase his intake by a lot so he only gets a couple at a time. He has a supplement that helps with some joint issues but he's not a fan of taking it and if it's followed by a couple of treats then medicine is easier to give. If you want to see a smile on your dog's face, buy these, sit down in the floor and hand him/her one at a time as he/she slobbers and droolings all over you. You can thank me later.

👤We bought these for an old Min Pin/Pom mix named Roxy since she has a hard time eating hard food. The cookies are soft-baked, but they are more like peanut butter cookies than soft-baked. They break easily in your hand, but don't do well in a dog's mouth when all they're doing is chewing. They were made with all the ingredients you can find in your own cookies. We tried to give the other dogs the treat. The Borsetter liked them at first, but then 888-739-5110 Our dog had a small piece and realized she didn't like them. The overweight chihuahua that is currently on a diet loves them, but we're not sure if it's by choice. I love the ingredients in these cookies. None of the dogs loved the treats we gave them.

👤My weight is 20 pounds. The dog can be picky about what he eats, even though he happily eats all sorts of gross things in the backyard. He never refuses a cookie from Three Dog Bakery. When he hears the bag he comes running in, he gently takes the treat from our hand, and then he finds a small bed where he can eat his special treat without anyone bothering him. It's nice to have a treat that's still affordable. We'll be buying more.

👤My dog gives them 5 stars for this cookie. They don't smell like dog biscuits. They look and smell like homemade cookies. My dog is sensitive to food and can only eat salmon products. So far, so good. If I believe they are upsetting his stomach, I will update this.

👤I buy these for their quality ingredients and thank goodness because the boys in my house tend to think treats for dogs means sharing, like their veggies, when they think I am not looking! The boy will give him his snap peas and he will take one of his cookies later.

👤I haven't looked in a while and I keep skipping ingredient quality. I need to be a bad dog mom. I think so. I say that a lot in my reviews, but it's only this brand that Louie loves. He looks at most other brands. These small treats are great for controlling calories or as a reward for training.


What is the best product for dog training treats peanut butter?

Dog training treats peanut butter products from Buckley. In this article about dog training treats peanut butter you can see why people choose the product. Zuke's and Nutro are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog training treats peanut butter.

What are the best brands for dog training treats peanut butter?

Buckley, Zuke's and Nutro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog training treats peanut butter. Find the detail in this article. Purina Beneful, Wag and Bil-jac are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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