Best Dog Training Treats for Large Dogs

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1. Nulo Puppy Freestyle Trainers Treats

Nulo Puppy Freestyle Trainers Treats

There are 3 delicious cauliflowers. Their duck, salmon and turkey recipes are great for dogs. There are natural dog treats. Grain, soy, corn, wheat orPreservative are not in their treats. There are low-CALORIE REWARDS. Small and large dogs will stay lean and healthy with only 2 kcals per treat. Food Additive: Superfood. They added fruit to give your pet more vitamins. Give a single treat to reward good behavior or sprinkle several over their food.

Brand: Nulo

👤I bought these to use for training when I need to give lots of soft treats quickly. It's moldable and can be broken up into smaller pieces for quick reinforcement. Again, perfect. The Turkey flavor stinks like a combination of salmon and old, rancid vitamins. I know that's specific, but I can't say anything else. The smell stays on the hands for hours, even after a thorough hand wash. The dogs zone in on you because it gets their attention right away. These are great for training and throwing into a puzzle toy. I might try other flavors to see if they smell better.

👤I found them in a store. I think we have only used these for a year because they were perfect for wrapping around my dog's medication and training treats. We go through a couple packs a month. The quality is hit or miss. Sometimes they are moist and fresh and sometimes they are dry and flaky. I would cross my fingers for moist and fresh packs. The turkey flavor was more fresh. I stuck to them. The last pack smelled funky. They were a little slimy. I gave up on them. There were no expired or previously opened bags. It could be an issue with the Amazon resale store. I might have skipped the drier looking packs if I'd seen them in the store, because I don't know if I've had that issue with any I've bought in the store. I liked the ingredients and my dog liked them. I'd keep buying them if they were more fresh.

👤Stay away! There were no issues with the package in the food pantry or dog treat area. Every treat is covered in mold with the package still fully sealed. I'm shocked this hasn't been recalled.

👤These treats are very good. The miniature schnauzer loves them. He is running when we open the bag. We use them for training. They are a perfect size for small mouths, soft, moist, easy for little dogs to chew, it has a seal you can close up tightly, and they love the bag they come in. They are very healthy. We will keep buying them because Remy loves them. Highly recommended.

👤I bought a training aid to use for a large dog. All of the dogs love these treats and are very small. They're small enough that I can take along with me a few to reward my pup when he obeys a command. All three dogs know where I am in the kitchen and I only have to walk into it with three beggars looking at me. I've had several different types of this and it was the best treat for training.

👤I'm updating an old review and it's showing as under 2021, but I'm writing this in March of 2022. This is about the *salmon*. I've been buying Nulo treat for months. I have been buying the Nulo Salmon treats for a long time. These have been perfect for hiding her medication-moist, good ingredients, and small. I have spent hundreds of dollars on good quality treats. I am familiar with them. I was very disappointed with the latest batches I received. The treats are not the same. They have changed their treat formula. The old treats are moist, round and small, and I have used up all of mine. They are flexible. The new treats look like rabbit poop. They fall apart in your hands. They are very hard and very bad. They don't seem to be the same product. Nulo told me that the bags are not the same texture as their other bags, and that they have recently updated their manufacturing equipment that has caused a change in the appearance of their training treats. We offer our Nulo Guarantee on all of our recipes, but Amazon is no longer guaranteeing it. This is the correct texture, color, and aroma for these treats as the new manufacturing equipment will produce slightly darker and firmer training treats. They have lost a long time customer and someone who relied on them. My fur baby was picky about what he would eat. This is a shame. Hope to spread the word. The product page photo is no longer accurate. Thanks. Photos show a new dark treat and an old photo of a product.

2. Amazon Brand Chicken Flavor Training

Amazon Brand Chicken Flavor Training

There are small treats for training. American chicken is the most important ingredient. Adding corn, soy or wheat would not have made any difference. The chicken flavor is wag-worthy. The finest ingredients from around the world were used. A bag of dog treats is in a pouch. They are proud of their products. If you don't like it, they'll give you a full refund within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385

Brand: Wag

👤I thought these were a nice treat that didn't break the bank. It was good to treat for potty breaks but not for training a 9 week old lab pup. One of them poked me as I prepared treats for my boy. There was a hard poking out of the treat and I found a piece of bone. The little bit was sharp. I don't think it's a big deal. I wonder how many have been hidden inside of treats that I haven't caught. I will not be buying this again and if you have or do, make sure to inspect the treats closely.

👤After giving my dog a few treats, I noticed a white piece sticking out of one of the treats. I noticed it was a long white plastic piece when I pulled it out. I'm sad to see that my dog loves them, but I can't give her any.

👤The most fantastic treat ever created is the horrible product, with bones or plastic or fishhooks embedded. My dog gave a shrug and said "sure" when asked if he liked it. He chose MBTM when asked to choose between the two. The important part. I was suspicious when I saw the maximum number of treats on the pkg and Amazon page. The second ingredient is coconut glycerol. glycerol is not an ingredient found in a lot, but it is used as a sweetener in energy bars. In small amounts, glycerol is used in food. It used to be added to low quality wines. Marathon runners use glycerol to increase water retention. Glycerol is generally regarded as safe. Specific safety studies on it have not been carried out. The package limits how much should be given per day depending on the dog's weight. The high content of glycerol. The risks outweigh the benefits for me. I will throw away the things I bought. I searched for white plastic and found nothing. I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry. I tend to be cautious. Glycerol has more calories than sugar.

👤These would be a great alternative to Prosense Advanced Strength for Dogs. My aged Pit Bull won't touch these "treats", even if she were to take a Glucosamine Chew Tablet. These are too small for a large dog to hold in his hand or mouth. It's worse than eating individual pieces of popcorn. My beagle gave me that look when I offered her a single treat.

👤I was expecting a lot of reviews but my dogs left them in the floor. Very rare. When all 3 hated something, it only happened with cheap milk bone minis. I was excited. I lived the price and the size of the treats, but all 3 of my friends hated them.

👤I like the way Amazon is asking me to rate the flavor. I don't know. If you have a food dog that is highly motivated, this is worth the money. If you use positive reinforcement training and find yourself using up a bag of expensive treats a day, the quantity makes it worth it. These are easy to break and can be used for training sessions for your dog. I usually like more moist treats for my dog, but these allow me to throw a bunch in my pocket for walks, and not worry about them drying up so much that I end up with sawdust in my pocket.

3. Old Mother Hubbard Original Assortment

Old Mother Hubbard Original Assortment

There are mini crUNCHYTREATS. An assortment of mini dog biscuits are a great training treat and a great addition to your dog's diet; they feature all natural ingredients and various natural flavors. All natural. Their delicious biscuit recipes include wholesome natural ingredients such as peanut butter, fruits and vegetables, which are slowly oven baked to preserve the natural flavors. Made in North America using only the finest globallysourced ingredients, they craft delicious recipes with simple, natural ingredients thoughtfully chosen for their nutrition benefits. They have an all natural recipe for every dog's needs and taste, from puppy to senior, small to large breed. Give 'em some love. Since 1926, they've used the same simple methods to bake their snacks, and each home style recipe is crafted from wholesome ingredients so you can feel good about giving your dog a healthy reward.

Brand: Wellness Natural Pet Food

👤Old Mother Hubbard treats are made in North America and not China. I am not sure if that has changed or if I was just naive in thinking that the ingredients for a product were from that country. Wrong. All of the dog treats you buy suddenly say "made in the USA" or "baked in the USA" People won't buy treats if they know they are made in China. To get around that, they put "made in the USA" or "made in Canada" and then underneath that says "from the finest globallysourced ingredients" I called the number listed on the bag and asked if some ingredients could come from China. The answer was yes. The man said some of the ingredients come from China. This is the last bag I will buy from Old Mother Hubbard. You have to do your homework and find out where the ingredients come from. If some of the ingredients they are baking with come from China, then that doesn't mean anything. It is very deceptive and dangerous.

👤I gave these treats to three small dogs. Three people got sick. Two of them are not eating. This situation has been a nightmare. These treats should be given to your furry friends. My pet passed away. I took him to the doctor. The doctor said that he had a high temperature. I don't like giving my pet treats. Don't waste your money on this poison.

👤These are good for dogs. I was wondering why my dog's heart rate went up after I fed him these. Along with twitches. This has green tea extract, which is high in caffeine. When I give them to my dog, I will finish them off. I don't have to give my dog a high energy dog biscuit because I will make my own. It's not good for dogs to have coffee. The green tea's caffeine explains why my dog would urinate more and be forced to empty his colon after a few treats.

👤Our last package has bugs, but my service dog loves these cookies. The whole package was thrown away. When I received the bag, I put it in a plastic bag because I was using up the last bag I got. This is my dog's favorite.

👤). I have never seen them before in my 6 years of dog ownership. I checked but Amazon didn't have these. I had to go back to my local store to buy them. Milk Bone is cheaper than Old Mother Hubbard's treats and I transitioned to them as my dogs' go-to treat when they go potty. They are small enough for me to use less money and still satisfy them when I give them this treat. I came down to my last box of Milk Bone Mini's and thought I'd look at Amazon again. The Milk Bone Mini's are way overpriced compared to the local store, which is why Amazon has started carrying them. The Milk Bone Mini's are usually less expensive than a 15oz box at my store. Sometimes you can get them cheaper when they are on sale, but I have to buy them at full price more often than not. I saw that they offered these treats in a 3lb bag and I wanted to get my 20%. Old Mother Hubbard biscuits are cheaper than Milk Bone after 20% off. My dogs love the assortment. The Milk Bone Mini size is bigger than the "mini" size that these come in. I can break these in half and it will be the same size as a Milk Bone. I get double the treats for a great price. Thank you Amazon!

4. Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Chewy

Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Chewy

The chicken liver training treats are made in the USA and the dogs love them. The texture won't dry out or fall apart. 3 calories per treat is the minimum for bite-size treats. Professional dog trainers recommend used and recommended used. An official training treat of the program. There is no wheat, corn, dairy or soy. There are no artificial colors or flavors.

Brand: Cloud Star

👤I don't care how old your puppy is, they're puppies forever. Do you care about what goes in his/her tummy? Do you want your puppy to be as attentive as possible? If you answered yes to any of the three questions, then you should buy these treats. When you open that bag for the first time, be prepared for the smell to explode in your face, from when you rip off the top. If you open this bag, you might be knocked right on your ass. I had to fight my husband off so that he wouldn't just dig in and eat the whole bag, like he does with all of the treats that we buy for our babies, just to see first-hand what we're feeding them). The puppies will smell these things underwater, with muzzles on, from 2 miles down the road. Prepare for their sudden madness. These aren't full of harmful chemicals like many other treats are. We try to get the best for our babies, including fresh raw meat from time to time, as well as fruits and vegetables, so we try to be good about treats, too. These things are smooth and dry on the outside, but moist and sticky on the inside. It's great for the pups, and great for their hands and fingers. These aren't cheap by the bulk treats that some people may prefer to buy to be frugal, but they are worth every cent. If my review has helped you, please let me know. Thank you!

👤My dog likes these treats. He will do anything I ask him to do when I bring these out. The perfect size for training. I thought they were too big to give him a whole piece every time he did a trick when he was about 5 pounds. I broke them in quarters. I can either break them in half or give him a whole piece. It is easy to break them with my fingers. The treats are about 1/2 inch tall and 1/3 inch in diameter. I decided to get cheese instead of the usual liver flavor. The cheese flavor gave my dog the worst breath. The bad breath was gone when I switched back to the liver. If you compare these to the Mini Naturals, I think they are the same size, but the Mini Naturals are shorter and wider. 3 calories is what Zuke's treats are. My dog seems to like them the same. When I break them in half, they are a little more messier, but they are still soft enough to break with my fingers.

👤Having purchased a bag of these treats at a brick and mortar store, I was excited to see them on Amazon as well. Neither myself nor my dog were impressed when I opened the bag. The ones I bought at a store were soft and moist, but the ones I bought at a store were dry and crumbly. It is not convienience if the product has been degraded.

5. BRUTUS BARNABY 8oz Peanut Training

BRUTUS BARNABY 8oz Peanut Training

It's guaranteed to hold your dogs' attention. The strong smell and taste is perfect for dog training of all ages, large or small. The flavor and aroma is a great reward to capture the attention of the dog. The small soft pieces are an easy treat to train with as your dog doesn't have to chew between training cycles. These are the best treats for dogs and puppies. You want to give rewards that are all natural and healthy. These are made with real ingredients and no artificial flavors or colors. They are vegan. Their treats are low in calories, so you can use them for many training activities. They stand by their quality products and dog treats. If they don't take it back, they will guarantee satisfaction.

Brand: Brutus & Barnaby

👤Holly likes these! She is already food motivated, but these get her excited. We will definitely be buying again. They are perfect for training and are easy to break into smaller pieces to make them last longer, but there are a lot in the bag, so you will be fine either way.

👤These are used when we take the pup out in public. They are small enough to give a few and get his attention. Many come in the bag. Love them.

👤Our 9 1/2 year old golden dog loves them. I love them because they are all natural and good for him.

👤My dogs love Brutus and Barnaby treats. They made training treats and were so excited to try them. It is the perfect size for training and the texture makes it easy to break into smaller pieces.

👤My two dogs are food driven and having delicious treats makes it much easier to train them. They love peanut butter and bananas so they would do anything to get a bite. Another good product from the guys!

👤My dog would say, "One word: delicious!" My favorite dog treats are Brutus and Barnaby. The word "training" is the only complaint I have. Mom thinks she's going to teach me something new. Good luck, mom!

👤These treats are great. My dog is very focused on me during outings. Training is easier with a few of these in your pocket. They're the perfect size for treats to put in your Furbo camera. My gsd loves them. I love them!

👤These training treats are very popular with the beagles. They are easy to use for trick training. The taste was approved by the beagle.

6. Milk Bone MaroSnacks Treats Flavor Ounces

Milk Bone MaroSnacks Treats Flavor Ounces

There is a 40 ounce package of dog treats with bone marrow and bacon. The dog biscuit shell has a real bone marrow center. Their dog snacks are a satisfying combo of texture and flavor. They are ideal dog training treats because of their low calories and can be used as an everyday snack for dogs big and small. The baked with love is in Buffalo, New York.

Brand: Milk-bone

👤I saw something that reminded me of dog marrow bones and fell for it. They should not be fed to any dog. Here's why. For 5 years, we fed these to my Jack Russell because we thought they were harmless and she loved them. During a vet visit, we discovered her teeth were rotting. We couldn't figure out what it was because we tried to keep her away from people food and thought we were doing right by her with her dog food. She had a lot of teeth removed that day. We didn't know what we knew now. When we got our German Shepherd puppy, we were told to be very careful what we fed him, so we started reading labels. The third ingREDIENT is SUGAR. The first few ingredients in a product are the primary ingredients. SUGAR! I wouldn't buy a product for myself where sugar was in the top five ingredients, so why would I buy it for my dog? Two of the ingredients are colorants. I suspect that Jack Russell lost 12 teeth because he lost them. I would file a lawsuit against the company if I could prove it was this product. Feed these to your dogs if you love them and they are part of your family. Not if you care. We read labels to take care of our own health, so why would we feed our dogs anything? Blue Wilderness is where I've switched. Salmon,Chicken Meal,Potatoes, Fat,Flaxseed,Calcium Ascorbate,Vitamin E Supplement,Salt,Calcium Carbonate are some of the ingredients in that. Look at the ingredients in the picture. The back of your container is where the picture is not clear. If you don't cringe, you're a stronger person than I am.

👤The last order I received was in May and I can see a lot of dead worms and bugs. There are a lot of bugs that are still alive. I'm not sure if anyone else had this problem. I have been getting these on a regular basis and just notice some bugs.

👤My dogs love Milkbone treats, they develop fat on their bodies and never go away. They only get a treat and a consistent item in their diet. It took me a long time to come to the conclusion that Milkbone looks clean on the outside. I think their products need to be looked at more closely. I feed my dogs natural food because I know what each ingredient is and they don't get treats anymore. I used to think that these companies were not trustworthy.

👤The dog is being taught to lay down. These would be good treats to give him when he does a good job. They came quickly, were sealed and had a lot in there. I was going to give these to him. He loved them. They made him sick, made him puke, and made his coat greasy and stinky. He stunk after a bath and it was a putrid stench that we couldn't get rid of, he became itchy and broke out in hives. It only took about 4 days of treats for all of this to happen. They went away after we stopped giving them to him. My dog doesn't like these treats.

7. Bixbi Pocket Trainers Treats Bacon

Bixbi Pocket Trainers Treats Bacon

There are training treats for dogs. Dogs with sensitive stomachs will love bacon flavoured soft dog treats. There are small treats for big beasts. These small training treats are big on flavor and fit in your pocket. All natural dog treats. These moist, healthy dog treats have less than 4 calories per treat, making them an excellent tail-wagging incentive for every good dog. Good dogs are free to TREATING. A pocket size soft dog treat is a great way to teach commands. BIXBI Pet makes all natural, healthy dog treats in the USA. Better taste, better nutrition. Pork is the first ingredient in their bacon dog treats, and it's a cut of pork added to provide a unique flavor variety and enhanced palatability. The perfect blend of dog food. BIXBI dog treats and other made in USA dog treats are a supplement to a BIXBBLE freeze dried dog food, BIXBBLE dry dog food, or BIXBI LIBERTY dry dog food diet.

Brand: Bixbi

👤Several bags of treats were ordered from Amazon. I try to keep only one bag open at a time when I give it to my dog after it has been open for a short period of time. I realized the whole bag of treats had gone. See the photo. The package does not say that they need to be refrigerated, but they are called Pocket Trainers, which means they can go in your pocket on a walk.

👤I only have one star because my Prime membership got it here quickly. 1st I had to leave a review. My dogs don't like them. They love peanut butter. I have two dogs, a Rottweiler and a Havanese. I tried to see if they would take it. They both eat shoes and spit it out.

👤My English bulldog loved the treats, but they don't digest. I found them in his stool, undigested, and it's not good for the bicyle.

👤The puppy is picky about treats. She likes chewie treats. It doesn't take long to eat these because they are small. She needs bigger treats to eat. The nail on my pinkie is about the same size as these. These are also made in the USA. She likes the taste. They are low in calories. I don't worry about her being overweight.

👤The BIXBI Pocket Trainers were delivered to me yesterday. I have purchased these locally before and the packages that were delivered appeared dry, discolored, and did not smell as good as the locally purchased treats. Is this something that I should be worried about? The product/quality is not what I was expecting. Emily told me that there had been some changes to the formula and that this would account for the differences in what I received versus what I was expecting. Emily offered to return the Pocket trainers if I wasn't happy with them. I know that the difference is expected and after my wonderful experience with customer service, I will happily use this batches of pocket trainers with my puppy. A customer has been with them for life.

👤Awesome treats. My dog is very fond of these treats. When breaking them apart, they are soft and do not fall apart. They almost have a gummy bear. My dog didn't care for the other brands I tried after I ran out of treats. I would use them for training. These are the right size and can be put inside an Orbee-Tuff.

👤I was looking for a soft training treat for my puppy. Surprisingly, few options were available at my pet supply store, but the salesperson recommended them. These are a real winner after a week of use. These treats can be broken in half. I give my small dog a treat after she potties. Housebreaking is going well with these. I'm using them to teach sit and come commands. She likes the chicken that I got. I have these at my local store. Amazon's price is a good deal.

👤The treat helps in training our dog, whether it's doing tricks or crossing the street. I've taught him two tricks and he gets a treat each time he does it. I've bought the same treats because there's no reason to change. The package has a tight closing. The treats are easy to carry in a snack bag. Our dog loves the treats and gets excited all the time.

8. Merrick Power Bites Recipe Treats

Merrick Power Bites Recipe Treats

The bag contains real beef recipe and power bites dog treats. Real beef recipe for dog treats. The first ingredient in these dog treats is real deboned beef to help build and maintain healthy muscle tissue and energy levels. The dog treats are made from beef and have industry-leading levels of nutrition. Soft dog treats are great for training.

Brand: Merrick

👤DCM is a primary disease of cardiac muscle that results in a decreased ability of the heart to pump blood. The Doberman Pinscher, the Boxer, and the Cocker Spaniel are some of the breeds that are prone to DCM. Grains usually provide the carbs in the form of peas, chickpeas, lentils or potato. My Cocker spaniel / poodle mix was diagnosed with DCM after eating a grainless diet for the past 4 or 5 years. He is getting better after we switched from dog food and treats to having peas, chickpeas, lentils or potato as primary ingredients. If your dog is one of the above breeds, I'd double check to see if grainless food and/or treats is a good idea.

👤These treats were great for our pug. Grain-free, decent ingredients. He doesn't get sick of them because of the strong smell and taste, and they are one of the few treats that get his attention. I've been buying them from Amazon for a long time. They are an excellent size for training treats. They lost 2 stars this month. I wanted to let you know that it was Amazon's fault. We noticed that the treats are a bit larger after we received our usual order. They are now advertised as "medium sized tasty morsels" and there is some advertising for the other sizes on the back of the bag. The package and treats are different in my pictures. Amazon has the pictures and info. The product they're sending out isn't the original one. I was disappointed that the product changes weren't reflected here and that we didn't have the chance to change our subscription order before it was sent. The smaller size is still available, and it's called "Li'l Plates" dog treats. We will pay the same amount for less product. $5.09 for 6oz. It is typical for the ripoff that occurs with small dog branded products. It's referred to as the "DR." If you don't mind the incorrect nutrition information on Amazon, these are fantastic grain-free treats. Your dog will love them.

👤I noticed the larger size when I received my order a few days ago. I was okay with that. The bag said "safely USA cooked with the world's best ingredients", which I didn't like. It doesn't say where the ingredients are from. I will be looking for a different brand of treats.

👤My dog who seems to have a cast iron stomach, who can eat anything without stomach or bowel upset, had a case of the raging hershey trots the day after eating these, and we tried them again several days later, neither day in. He decided to decorate a new rug in the living room because he was upset with his tummy. When we got the treat bag from the bin, he went to his bed and said "no, mom, I don't want a bath" or "no, mom, I didn't make that mess, I swear". I was afraid to give them to anyone else as they had the same issues, so they went in the trash. He has eaten duck before, as we have that every Thanksgiving and Christmas.

9. Purina Beggin Littles Flavor Treats

Purina Beggin Littles Flavor Treats

One 25 ounce container. There is a fun size original with bacon in the pouch. Real meat is the main ingredient in their treats. Big, bacony flavor in small dog treats made with small dogs in mind and made to satisfy big dogs too. Beggin' Strips for dogs are made with bacon. The Beggin' Fun Size strip has 7 calories.

Brand: Purina Beggin

👤I have a small Yorkie/Lhasa crossbreed service dog. We have completed six months of professional service dog training and my dog is well trained and obedient, but we still train and practice every day. I was surprised that the service dog training organization didn't use food rewards in their formal training, since most modern positive reinforcement dog training methods rely heavily on food rewards. Most service dog training is done without food rewards, for good reason, beyond the scope of this review. Our daily training sessions include food rewards. Almost all trainers recommend using high value food treats for training dogs. High value treats are those that your dog really likes and are reserved for training. The treats should be small so that they don't interfere with the dog's regular diet. These treats are perfect. I can pinch off 10 or more pieces from each mini strip and they still have a good smell and taste. I sometimes use them as a topping for her regular food, in very small pieces. I think they're a good choice.

👤They come in small treats that I can tear into smaller pieces for in depth training. My dog likes this treat more than the others I have given her. The bag has a nice ziploc style closure that makes a clicking sound and double seals it. When I took the picture, I could see that the pieces looked very similar to bacon. It is possible that one could be put off by the smell, but it does not bother my family or our dog.

👤I have two dogs. One has to take medication. I give the other dog two of these treats when I medicate him because he knows he is excluded. The dog I have to medicate wouldn't touch the treats with a pole. I now have two dogs. Before you buy a large package of treats, make sure your dog likes them. I recommend these for the dogs who love them.

👤A friend gave this product to my puppy as a gift. I ordered it here because she loved it so much. 1. I got plain bacon and peanut butter striped. 2. Our friend got the ones at the store. It was dried out or shrunk. I had to break it into smaller pieces so my dog wouldn't choke on it. I think it will be bigger and fresh. I don't think I'll order another one from here again.

👤I believe that the ingredients in these contributed to my dog's diabetes and pancreatitis. Get your vet's opinion and get a second opinion. Certain ingrates should not be eaten by a dog.

👤These are good for treats. I try to keep an eye on my dogs' weight. He eats them quickly. I used to break the long strips in half. I can give him 2 pieces and he will feel rewarded the same way. A lot of the pieces were broken so some were small as a penny.

👤They are not joking when they say little. My 15 lbs dog is too small for a full size bacon treat that is about 9 inches long. I need something in the middle of the range. They are still a good product. It was made in the USA.

10. Crazy Dog Train Me Training Reward

Crazy Dog Train Me Training Reward

The easiest way to train your dog is. The #1 ingredient is meat. No Bha, Bht, Ethoxyquin. It was created to attract, focus, and motivate a dog. The learning curve can be sped up. Approx. 200 treats! Good for repetitive training. I won't fill the dog.

Brand: Crazy Dog

👤My dog will do anything for these. She will hold her pee until someone pays attention so she doesn't miss out on a treat. These started off as treats for potty training, but now we use them to teach her commands and tricks. Her breed is notoriously stubborn but she picks things up quickly if there are treats involved. She was potty trained in less than 2 days, laying on her back to be wiped up on command, and following several other voice commands. She stopped doing what she was supposed to when we stopped giving her the treats.

👤The dog just loves them because they smell like death.

👤These are great treats. The size is perfect. They are close to the size of a standard piece of kibble and about the size of a large chocolate chip. The texture is nice and doesn't leave a lot of crumbs on your hands like other treats do and they're fresh and soft for your dog to chew on. The bacon flavor seems to be amazing, we just bought 5 different kinds of treats and my dog loves these the best even though they were some of the least expensive ones. It was definitely worth the price we paid, but you don't get a huge bag. They are the perfect size for your dog to bite and not too small to choke on, so they are great for training. They are a little bit smelly, but they don't smell bad or stinky, and to be honest, they're perfectly smelly to entice my dog while training! I will update my review if I see anything different when those guys try them, I have no doubt those guys will like them too. My dog is sensitive to certain treats with colorings and lots of ingredients and they can make him sick, but these aren't like that at all and are perfect for him. Highly recommended.

👤My dog is picky. I am training her for snacks and she likes the little treats. These dogs are crazy! Molly would love training reward mini dog treats. She doesn't. I don't know why she doesn't like them. They are small, squishy and seem fine to me but to her, they're not. She will eat them, but prefers the Dingo treats. They do not have a bad smell. I think dogs have similar tastes to people. My dog isn't very interested in these, so I'm going with 3 stars. If your dog is not picky, I think these treats are a good value and they have decent ingredients in them for a snack like this.

👤My dog is crazy over these things. The bacon flavor is in the red packet. You can't go wrong with bacon. They are great for training because of their 1 1/2 calories per treat. I bought the treats in a bag. There are 200 treats in the bag that I bought. They are soft and can be broken into quarters or halves for smaller treats, which makes them last even longer. They are in a bag that closes up nicely. The smell they have is not strong like some of the treats we have tried for our dog. I love that this product is made in the USA and that the main ingredient is actually meat, and that it does not contain any of the following: BHT, EthoxyquinI or corn. I have purchased many bags of these and will use them for my girl. The price and product are great. The dog has paws up.

11. Purina Beneful Facilities Training Delights

Purina Beneful Facilities Training Delights

A 36 ounce container. The dog training treats are made in the USA. The baked with soft centers outside. Grains and peanut butter are in it. There are accents of apples, carrots and peas.

Brand: Purina Beneful

👤I bought two bags of these treats and have been feeding them to my dog. I looked at the ingredients and saw Yellow 6, Red 40, Yellow 5, and Blue 1. The World Health Organization has warned about the dangers of Red 40. It is all of the toxic stuff that manufacturers put in food that is making dogs get more cancer. Although my dog loves these treats, I will not risk his long term health by tossing the bags. Pay attention to what is in your dog's food. Please share the details of any treats for dogs that are free of toxic stuff.

👤I'm a fan of Purina but these treats are hard to eat. I can break them myself. Less for my poor little dog. He loves the peanut butter flavor that they came with. He comes when I say I want a treat. Sniffs the things and walks away. Very disappointed. It's a suggestion to get Golden rewards Chicken Jerky treats from Walmart. Get them wet before giving them to your dog.

👤Out of the whole list of ingredients, sugar is the fourth most important one. I wish I had read the ingredients before buying them. There are artificial colors and flavors. Why? Natural and artificial peanut butter flavors. Natural flavor isn't enough. Why are the artificial colors? Do dogs care what color their treats are? I don't want to give them to my dogs anymore, but I bought the large size and I don't want to donate them either. I'm not happy with Purina. I'm ashamed of myself for not reading all of the ingredients, not just the short little misleading list in on the information on Amazon. The buyer should beware. I don't think they are healthy.

👤We tried these before we bought the big bag. Qbit is trained to recognize treat names and sit for them. This one is called snackers. He likes the variety of flavors. He likes the carrot and green peas. If you're not a fan, they smell peanut butter. We put some out from the big bag into a container to keep it fresh.

👤My toy poodle loves them. I am very happy with the customer service of Amazon. The bag I received was contaminated with a big hole. They immediately sent me a new one. My dog didn't run out of his daily treats because of your prompt service, so I want to thank you for that. Will buy again.

👤The pros are 1. Dogs eat it if it's broken into smaller pieces. The opening of the bag made me gag. The smell is terrible. 2. The soft chew treat was very hard and big. 3. Some of my dogs threw up after eating. The puke stained my carpet. I thought the smell of pupperoni sticks was noxious, but they are a breath of fresh air.

👤This is the 3rd or 4th bag I have gotten but it seems like someone broke up all the pieces inside. I have another one coming in September and I am very disappointed with this shipment. I hope the new one is not damaged. This had to happen before it was shipped. This happened before the shipment. The reason I am late is because I opened the bag.


What is the best product for dog training treats for large dogs?

Dog training treats for large dogs products from Nulo. In this article about dog training treats for large dogs you can see why people choose the product. Wag and Wellness Natural Pet Food are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog training treats for large dogs.

What are the best brands for dog training treats for large dogs?

Nulo, Wag and Wellness Natural Pet Food are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog training treats for large dogs. Find the detail in this article. Cloud Star, Brutus & Barnaby and Milk-bone are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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