Best Dog Training Treats Bulk

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1. Blue Buffalo Chicken Salmon Turkey

Blue Buffalo Chicken Salmon Turkey

Blue Bits are made with more of the delicious meat your dog loves and are perfect for training. It was made with: DHA. The fat in mother's milk helps promote cognitive development in dogs. Blue is free of artificial flavors, corn, wheat, or soy, and no chicken by-product meals. Blue Bits dog treats are only intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding. There are three bags of BLUE Bits training dog treats in this bundle.

Brand: Blue Buffalo

👤The advertised measurement is confusing. It's 3 - 4oz bags, a total of 12oz, not the 112oz.

2. Zukes Naturals Training Vitamins Minerals

Zukes Naturals Training Vitamins Minerals

Mini bites for all your training adventures. The number one ingredient is real salmon. There is less than 3 calories per treat. Natural ingredients like salmon and whole food berries make healthy dog treats.

Brand: Zuke's

👤Excellent training treats are Zuke's. I have big dogs that make a meal of Zuke's. These small treats are not enough to worry about giving too many for training.

3. Buddy Biscuits Training Calorie Treats

Buddy Biscuits Training Calorie Treats

The treats are made with a natural pork liver base and are perfect for young puppies. 1.5 calories per treat is the minimum amount of calories per treat to reward your puppy with good training habits. 500 dog treats per bag! Real bacon is made with natural bacon for a great flavor. BAKED IN THE USA, is made without grain, soy, corn or artificial flavors. Bite sized training treats for your puppy. Dogs will love learning new tricks with this tasty treat. There is a small amount of dog treats - Buddy Biscuits Training Bites for Dogs, Low Calorie Dog Treat Baked in The USA, and bacon 10 oz.

Brand: Buddy Biscuits

👤These treats are very sweet. Yeah. I ate two of them and was ready to eat a third. Do you want to fight about it? I could add these to some cheap ice cream and make a real treat for myself after a long day of dog training. They are too sweet for my dog to eat on a regular basis. I will not buy these again for my dog.

👤My dog is not sure what the equivalent of cat nip is, but my puppy is very fond of these things. He will do anything for them.

👤I bought these to help train my puppy. They hurt her belly. I didn't know what was making her run at night. I knew she hadn't gotten into anything that would make her sick, and I hadn't changed her food. I realized that the treats were doing it. She only got them at night because I had them on her kennel. It took me a while to figure out what the problem was. She woke up every 2 hours and went to the bathroom. I realized it was these treats after running to the door every 1.5 hours. I only gave them to her to get her out of her house at night. The nightly wakings stopped after I stopped and went back to her other treats. Don't waste your money, I threw out these treats.

👤My dogs don't like them. I like the chicken liver flavor. When I give them to my puppy, he just drops it on the ground and looks at me for a different treat. I don't know why he doesn't like these. My golden retriever will not eat these. I use treats for training and they don't work for my boys. They like True Chews, Nudges and the like. A good mini training treat is made by Pet Botanics. The best dog bites for puppy training are the wellness ones. My dog will do anything for me.

👤The size is convenient for training my dog. Sometimes I pull a star out and it will have a sharp object sticking out. When I pull those out of the treats, they look to me to be a bit of soft bone or an undissolved ingredient. I don't like ground up bones in treats because they speak to me of a lower quality product, and I don't like feeding my dog byproducts. I feel like I need to pull the treats out of my dog's mouth because he might scratch his throat on them, but there could be an innocuous reason for them.

👤Over the last three months, I have purchased 7 bags of these treats and used them for training our dogs. They are soft and can be eaten quickly without creating a mess that distracts the dog. Our dog has a sensitive stomach and has not had any issues with the ingredients. There are lots of treats at a good price.

👤I tried to use the treats for training my dog, but it took him a while to get to them. I think he doesn't like the taste of these treats because he was never excited about them. Maybe that is why he is wary of new things. The treats are advertised as soft and squishy, but they are not. It is difficult for me to break apart. Sometimes my dog can't chew it with his little teeth, so he'll just keep spitting it out until he can chew it with his saliva. It isn't ideal when I'm trying to train him. It is not a good training treat for the price and value. It didn't work for my mini poodle puppy.

4. Pup Peroni Original Training Treats 5 6 Ounce

Pup Peroni Original Training Treats 5 6 Ounce

There is a pouch of training treat with real beef dog treats. It was made with real beef. Dogs can't resist the smell. The treats are fat free. Bite size rewards are perfect for training.

Brand: Pup-peroni

👤The garlic powder in the treats is poisonous to dogs. I returned the treats when I got them and gave them to my dog. You would think that these companies know what food is safe for dogs.

👤Pupperoni is the only thing that makes my dog happy. We used these to train her. She's a loyal dog and will follow me around all day. We hid them around the house and used them for car rides when we knew she would like a snack. One vet didn't like them because they were high in salt, but we're not giving them all day long. It's like asking a 100 year old man to give up cigars. They're a bright spot in her life and who are we to deny her? These work well in mouse and rat traps.

👤My dog will only eat these treats. My trainer recommended them. They are the perfect size for training and to give your dog a treat. They are bite sized. I don't have to cut them up and make them smaller.

👤These have been around for a long time. Every dog I have had has loved me. I don't know what makes them so good, but it works. Even the lean ones for my pudgy. The box of eight is always fresh. They never last long here. I recommend them for their longevity. They wouldn't be around for so long if they weren't great.

👤I use these to train my dogs. I just got a wolf pup through a GSD rescue, who was taken from a wolf breeder because he was close to death. I got him from his foster after he was placed with a German Shepherd rescue. I live in Texas and he was worth the drive. He's sweet and smart but also a bit uneasy. He is destroying the house. I'm using them to train him. They're not as soft as usual, but that's my only complaint. The sticks are smaller. The price was good.

👤This is a favorite with my pups. My vet says that they are very fat to my dog. They are on hold at my house. This will be a great treat if your dog is high energy and gets a lot of exercise. This should be an occasional snack for your dog. I'm sure my two fur babies will look under the beds and inside the closet to find where I hid their favorite treats. Just normal kids.

👤My dog is very fond of these treats. She is special because of them. She gets a Pupperoni every night. She is the sweetest when she gets it. She ran to her bed and lay down to wait for Pupperoni. I keep buying them because they are cute.

👤The dog loves it. This is dog's version of junk. How do I know? I tasted it. If you taste a pinch, you'll see how much salt, sugar, onion it has. It's bad for your dog. The packet has these noted, but not the proportion. It would have been nice if there was a big warning on the packet. I suggest you not give your pet this treat.

5. Nudges Steak Grillers Dog Treats

Nudges Steak Grillers Dog Treats

A package of dog treats. It was inspired by the taste, texture and aroma of perfectly grilled food. The number one ingredient is real USA beef. Corn, wheat, soy and animal are not allowed by products. Natural dog treats with no artificial flavors.

Brand: Nudges

👤After giving my dogs some treats, I ended up with a big vet bill. Two days after I gave my dog the treats, she showed symptoms of Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, which my vet said was likely due to giving her these treats. I fed my dog an appropriate amount of food and treats based on her weight and the instructions on the bag, which recommended up to 4 treats per day. I wanted to let people know what happened in my situation.

👤Do not buy them. They made my dog sick. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤My dog's diet was the same as before. I changed brands a few months ago. She loved them. She is 15 years old. She began to have seizures and became sick. She was examined by the vet and had her tests run. Her liver enzymes are elevated. The vet told us to take her off the treats. She has not had a seizure after a week without treats. I would be careful with these treats, not sure what could cause such health issues. She now gets treats made from bacon.

👤I read many reviews before I tried these, they are a moist product and will mold very quickly once opened. My lady pit loves them and I still gave them a try. I was happy to have a treat for her because she is very picky about what she eats. After opening the bag, I found a mold issue and there was only half a bag left. I know that some will go bad before the whole bag can be used. I have noticed that the smaller bags are more expensive than the larger bags. I'll stick with the 16oz size and inspect them before giving them to my lady pit. I noticed one thing when I opened the first bag. They smell great. I wanted to eat them as well. They smell like beef jerky, one of my favorite treats. I restrained myself so my lady pit could have her treat. Just be cautious about the mold after opening the package, hope your dog likes them too. Enjoy.

👤I have been giving my Maltese one treat a day for a year. He needs the soft texture because of his teeth problems. There are different varieties. He likes grilling. He's allergic to chicken so he's allergic to beef. Go figure. There were no apparent problems. Tyson has had problems with frozen food in the past. They say they're made in USA, but it's probably not true. It's difficult to find soft treats that are small. We'll keep on with these for now. My only complaint is that when I order from Amazon, I get a bag with half of the treats broken up. They should package better. Probably won't happen.

👤My dog likes these. They are made in the USA. My Callie will be sniffing in the backyard and if I need her to come inside, I will say 'You want a big stake strip?!' She comes running! Callie has a sensitive stomach, but these don't bother her. Highly recommend them to anyone who loves animals. She loves chicken and I bought the chicken flavor. She loves them both, but it's hard for her to choose.

6. Bixbi Pocket Trainers Treats Bacon

Bixbi Pocket Trainers Treats Bacon

There are training treats for dogs. Dogs with sensitive stomachs will love bacon flavoured soft dog treats. There are small treats for big beasts. These small training treats are big on flavor and fit in your pocket. All natural dog treats. These moist, healthy dog treats have less than 4 calories per treat, making them an excellent tail-wagging incentive for every good dog. Good dogs are free to TREATING. A pocket size soft dog treat is a great way to teach commands. BIXBI Pet makes all natural, healthy dog treats in the USA. Better taste, better nutrition. Pork is the first ingredient in their bacon dog treats, and it's a cut of pork added to provide a unique flavor variety and enhanced palatability. The perfect blend of dog food. BIXBI dog treats and other made in USA dog treats are a supplement to a BIXBBLE freeze dried dog food, BIXBBLE dry dog food, or BIXBI LIBERTY dry dog food diet.

Brand: Bixbi

👤Several bags of treats were ordered from Amazon. I try to keep only one bag open at a time when I give it to my dog after it has been open for a short period of time. I realized the whole bag of treats had gone. See the photo. The package does not say that they need to be refrigerated, but they are called Pocket Trainers, which means they can go in your pocket on a walk.

👤I only have one star because my Prime membership got it here quickly. 1st I had to leave a review. My dogs don't like them. They love peanut butter. I have two dogs, a Rottweiler and a Havanese. I tried to see if they would take it. They both eat shoes and spit it out.

👤My English bulldog loved the treats, but they don't digest. I found them in his stool, undigested, and it's not good for the bicyle.

👤The puppy is picky about treats. She likes chewie treats. It doesn't take long to eat these because they are small. She needs bigger treats to eat. The nail on my pinkie is about the same size as these. These are also made in the USA. She likes the taste. They are low in calories. I don't worry about her being overweight.

👤The BIXBI Pocket Trainers were delivered to me yesterday. I have purchased these locally before and the packages that were delivered appeared dry, discolored, and did not smell as good as the locally purchased treats. Is this something that I should be worried about? The product/quality is not what I was expecting. Emily told me that there had been some changes to the formula and that this would account for the differences in what I received versus what I was expecting. Emily offered to return the Pocket trainers if I wasn't happy with them. I know that the difference is expected and after my wonderful experience with customer service, I will happily use this batches of pocket trainers with my puppy. A customer has been with them for life.

👤Awesome treats. My dog is very fond of these treats. When breaking them apart, they are soft and do not fall apart. They almost have a gummy bear. My dog didn't care for the other brands I tried after I ran out of treats. I would use them for training. These are the right size and can be put inside an Orbee-Tuff.

👤I was looking for a soft training treat for my puppy. Surprisingly, few options were available at my pet supply store, but the salesperson recommended them. These are a real winner after a week of use. These treats can be broken in half. I give my small dog a treat after she potties. Housebreaking is going well with these. I'm using them to teach sit and come commands. She likes the chicken that I got. I have these at my local store. Amazon's price is a good deal.

👤The treat helps in training our dog, whether it's doing tricks or crossing the street. I've taught him two tricks and he gets a treat each time he does it. I've bought the same treats because there's no reason to change. The package has a tight closing. The treats are easy to carry in a snack bag. Our dog loves the treats and gets excited all the time.

7. Lil Bitz Hickory Smoked Training

Lil Bitz Hickory Smoked Training

Dog training treats are a great way to reward your best friends. All-natural, wholesome treats for dogs of all ages can be found in their Lil' Bitz treats. Your dog will keep coming back for more because of the Beef Flavor. There are three different flavors of Bitz: smoked beef, flame roasted chicken and Salmon and Kelp. The 4 Ounces of this Lil' Bitz Wild Salmon is perfect for all dog breeds. Their training treats are a great natural reward for dogs of all sizes. Dogs love the smell of the smoked beef and it has a mouth-watering taste. You can easily break in half the dog treats if you leave no trace on your hands. It's easy to train a puppy with the treats of the lil' bitz. These treats are great for training dogs. The training treats for dogs have 4 calories and are a great alternative for a healthy treat. These training treats are low in calories and make them perfect for dogs of any size. The National Animal Supplement Council sets quality and safety standards. The quality seal is obtained by companies that promote the well-being of beloved pets. The Quality Seal from the NASC identifies products that are committed to quality, vigilance, and continuous improvement to promote the well-being of companion animals. Natural ingredients from the USA and Canada are used to make the training treats. Their puppy training treats are free of artificial colors and flavors. The treats for dogs of the brand, called "L' Bitz", are free of processed grains andPreservatives. You can trust the high-quality product.

Brand: Lil' Bitz

👤Someone slashed the price of my initial review. My statement is still the same. The treats were under $3 and now they're over double that price. Why? The original price of $3 was a good value for the amount in the pouch. My dog liked the smell and I can tell he enjoyed it. When I can get healthier treats for the same price with more in the bag, I will not buy more. They are okay for treats, but for a sudden price hike, I would recommend owners look elsewhere for now. It's $8 for half a few treats that start to fall apart after a week. I was going to rate at least 4 stars after the next bag, but 3 stars seems more appropriate now. It looks like they got greedy.

👤The treat is perfect for training. I'm a dog trainer and am always looking for new treats to try. These have been a hit with my crew. They are the perfect size for a quick reward, and the chewiness adds to the speed they eat it, so they don't hunt for crumbs that fall from the hard ones. The beef flavor seems to be the most popular, the chicken ones were very hard to digest. The fish were too gross for my liking. I'm not very happy with the ingredients but I'm not too worried because it's a treat and not a meal.

👤These are great when the quality is good. They're not too big, but not too small. I've been getting bags that have dried out. The first few times I got them, they were moist, but the last few have dried out and are not as moist. They don't smell off and haven't made my dog sick, but they're either a little old or not being stored properly, so I hope that gets fixed. I wish the price wouldn't change so much. I usually buy a few bags at this price. Sometimes, they shoot up to $5.50 or $7. That seems like an Amazon problem, not the fault of the treats, but beware of that because they are not worth that price.

👤I bought a bag of chicken and beef treats. When I opened the bags to test them with my dog, I realized the beef flavor treats were very hard to eat. I got my puppy soft chews because I couldn't break one with my finger and she couldn't chew it. The chicken treats were very good. She loves them. I can not send them back because the package is open and shipping would be more expensive than the treats. We were excited to get them because they are sold for a great price. I am hesitant to order anymore because of the fear of getting another batches of their product, but it is my only issue with them. The beef treats are going to be thrown away.

👤The first time I bought them, my puppy went crazy. They were soft and moist, and had a bit of a stickiness to them. If you left the bag open, you could smell them from almost anywhere in the house. I bought them a second time because he loved them so much, and they were not the same. They were very dry and rock hard when they came out of the bag. He got horrible sputum after a few days. He was going out every 30 or so minutes to eat, but he was not eating his normal food. I had to pay out of pocket for the bloodwork after the plan-covered fecal test came back normal after I put him on a bland diet and ended up spending over $200 at the vet trying to figure out what was wrong. He most likely ate something off the floor that made him sick. I kept him on a bland diet until he got better. He got sick again after he went back to his normal routine. I had to get him on a prescription food because he couldn't continue on the bland diet because it didn't meet his needs. The only thing he was able to do was eat again after everything had been cleared up. He refused his food again the day after I reintroduced the treats. I stopped them immediately since they were the only common factor. I don't know if they changed their formula or messed up. I bought several bags and they were the same texture. We threw out all of them and won't be buying them again.

8. Gimborn Stewart Liver Freeze Dried

Gimborn Stewart Liver Freeze Dried

Each small batches of their made in USA dog treats is freeze dried under their own roof in Dayton, Ohio to use with confidence. The ingredients are USDA certified and from suppliers in the US. The freeze dried dog treats are the preferred dog training treats of professional trainers. Reward your dog with a treat and he will love it. The only ingredient in this recipe is a human-grade beef liver. Their natural dog treats are grain free, soy free, and corn free with no artificial colors, flavors, orPreservatives. They are not genetically modified. Reward good behavior and tricks with their great tasting dog treats or use as a dog food topper to add variety and excitement with a boost of raw nutrition and taste to every meal. It's perfect for picky eaters. Natural raw nutrition. Dog food can be messy. The process begins with raw liver and removes excess water to lock in flavor and nutrition. They pack their dog treats in a tub to keep them happy.

Brand: Stewart

👤I opened the container and it was only half full. The entire bucket was 13oz. There is a problem. Container and Container were held for 2.35 Oz. The product was just over 11 ounces. I received another envelope from my last order. It was 2.35 Oz. My favorite dish was my veal. At 21 o'clock. There is a product. I would not have bought it if I thought I was getting less product. I've been buying this at a higher price than I thought, because I thought I was getting more product. I'm not getting the whole container. There is false advertising and very illegal.

👤I have been buying these for years. I wanted others to see how much was in this can. There will be some settlement of the product but it is not 12 ounces. I will be returning this group. The amount they are charging is too high. I am angry.

👤I have been purchasing this item for a long time and the most recent batches I have seen had some odd holes in them and there were live bugs in the box. I am so upset that my dogs were sick last week and had to go to the vet, and now I know why.

👤I have been buying this product for many years. I have recently seen a decline. The smell of the tub is different. My dog has been vomiting and has been sick for a long time. I called the 800 number and they said they were having a problem with the size of the liver. Really! This product has maintained a stellar reputation for a long time, and I believe they need to have surprise plant inspections to investigate the cause of the product's decline in order to maintain their high standards. My complaint is not unique, as there are many similar complaints on the internet. A response would be appreciated.

👤The product is fantastic and I have been buying it for over twenty years. I have always bought them from the pet store, but this time I was going to get them off Amazon. I knew something was wrong when I opened the package. The smell was so bad that my nostrils burned for hours. They were discolored, and some looked rotten. I don't know how a sealed container got wet. It must have been mishandled. I know what they look like. I feel bad for people who don't feed their dogs. Amazon was happy about the refund. Immediate, no hassle.

👤My cats are spoiled. They get HDP freeze-dried chicken breasts every day. We decided to try the larger size of Stewart treats for a change of pace. One of the reasons we bought a plastic bucket was to make sure the pieces wouldn't be crushed or in little pieces. Not the case with Stewart. The pieces are very small and sharp, with a small amount of crumbs in the bucket. A waste of money.

👤I only review products that are the greatest thing since sliced bread or the worst thing since the Marquis de Sade. This product is in the latter category. The smell of the treats was horrible. Two of my three dogs turned up their noses, and the third one backed away as if I were offering her a scorpion to eat. Never again.

9. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Training

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Training

BLUE Wilderness Wild Bits are made with more of the delicious chicken your dog loves, and are the soft-moist and meaty treat made to satisfy their wild side. It was made with: DHA. The fat in mother's milk helps promote cognitive development in dogs. These dog training treats are made with Omega 3 and 6 and they are healthy too. There are dog treats that are free of the rain. Wilderness dog treats are grain free and contain no corn, wheat or soy, and are enhanced with vitamins and minerals. There is a bag of BLUE Wilderness Trail treats with Chicken recipe.

Brand: Blue Buffalo

👤The dog loves them. Excellent quality ingredients. It was extended... For those of you looking for small treats to train your dog, soft and small is ideal. Positive reinforcement training will teach your dog to do most things except answer your voice mail. The reason for soft treats is so that your dog can chew them without stopping the training process. You won't have to give your dog treats for the rest of his life, only long enough to condition him and occasionally to keep the command loaded. All treats and food are highly likely to produce the effect of diarrhea until the reviewers get used to it. Start with 1 or 2 on the first night. For food changes, mix with old food for a while. If you're training a puppy or a new dog, there are cheaper options since you'll go through a lot. The soft dog food in rolls is good for this, but the training treats are a lot less messy.

👤I have used these for almost a year and have found that they do well in my dogs' diet. They are the perfect size for a treat. They have not been the source of an upset stomach or a nose turned up to them. I have bought them from other retailers as well as Amazon, and while the same supplier may not always fulfill the order, I have always found those bought from Amazon to be fresh and attractive to my dogs. The ingredients are not as bad as most treats on the market. I hope they don't change the recipe or stop making them.

👤Our dogs love this treat. There is a little Party Poodle and a little Yorkie in the house. They get a treat when they go out and do business. They love this one and come in excited for it. The small size of the pieces is what we like. We don't have to break the treats into smaller pieces. The size for smaller dogs is great. The shipping was well packaged and shipped quickly. We will be ordering again.

👤Blue Buffalo is having trouble with their stuff. When I got Alfred, he loved them. It lasted for 2 months. We just started a new shipment and he's gotten sick both times he ate them. The products that are being sent out are causing dogs to get sick and die. They made their way back out after they barely got in him. I'll have to figure out something else now.

👤Two dogs are under 10 lbs. The original owner thought it was hilarious to get her drunk at 8 weeks old and send me videos. The poor pup has some health problems and takes a lot of pills throughout the day. She doesn't like it. She's allergic to chicken, beef and other things so pill pockets are out. These treats break apart and squeeze around her pills. I still find the occasional pill she only pretended to take, but they have a lot less time on their hands.

10. Dingo Chicken Training Treats 360 Count

Dingo Chicken Training Treats 360 Count

100% of the ingredients are from the US. Made with real beef. The ideal size for training or frequently rewarding your dog.

Brand: Dingo

👤Two of my dogs had vomiting for 2 days after eating this. They couldn't sleep because they couldn't hold anything in at night. This is the first time they have had it and they didn't acclimatize well. I gave it 2 stars because they really liked the treat in the beginning. I stopped feeding this immediately and only fed a small amount of their normal food. After 2 days, my small dog finally pooped. I apologize if this is true.

👤I got these training treats for my Yorkie, not for training. She doesn't like big snacks. She is getting fat because of the high calories I give her. The bag was smaller than I anticipated. The pieces are very small, the size of a fish oil capsule. My dog likes the treats a lot. She likes them when I give them at night. She won't be gaining weight from the treats if I only give her a few a day. She isn't going to get to eat half of a bag in a sitting. The ingredients are ok but not great. The price is high. I was expecting a bigger bag and bigger treats. I will not get them again until the price drops.

👤If you want even smaller bits, you can break these in half. If the bag is sealed better, I can trust it, but I have to transfer them to another bag. The price has doubled in the last 3 weeks, so I only give 4 stars. It's worth the effort to shop around if you can't find anything comparable, but I still like them and may purchase again if I can.

👤My dog loves her bites. She was 9 months old when we got these and is now approaching her 4th birthday, since she is a rescue pet. She has more than a dozen awesome tricks, and we started teaching her them when we first started. She loves to double down on her tricks when she hears something fall. She will bring me the dingo first, then take it to my dad. We can't afford to buy them at over $20 because they are so high in price. For a panoramic view. When we started, they were only $5 for that bag.

👤I think that says everything that needs to be said about my dogs. One of them is a picky eater and has been known to turn up his nose at treats. Not these, though. The other dog is not very good. He has a weight problem and is at the other end of the spectrum. I don't give my boys anything with more than a 6% crude fat rating in the Guaranteed Analysis, so they're just fine for the big boned dog. These treats are small. It's perfect for training without filling up your furry friend, but I can't imagine a large dog caring about something as small as these treats. If you need to give more than one, you can. The dogs love them so they should be an excellent motivator for training sessions.

11. Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Peanut

Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Peanut

Soft and Wyybiscuits are made with a limited ingredient recipe. The tail-wagging phenomenon. These high value dog treats are great for training at 3 calories per treat. These soft chew and chewy dog treats are perfect for all dogs. Grain free treats are perfect for your dog, they'll love them. They leave out the artificial colors and flavors for their training treats.

Brand: Cloud Star

👤I gave it five stars for flavor. I have never tasted them. Jack says they are delicious. My dog Jack will do anything for these. He should have more self-esteem. Jack, have some pride.

👤The peanut butter flavor is what I bought for my dog. The small size and low calories made this an ideal option for his classes. He likes them, but they aren't soft enough for him to say yes. They aren't "smelly" or "intimidating" enough to grab his attention for the training purposes. I am using softer pill pouches and tearing pieces off in order to get him to use a new command. I can use the Tricky Trainers as reinforcements once he is free of distraction.

👤When I opened the bags, my Pom refused to touch them again. His 13 year old couldn't teach him how to manage the treats because they were hard to eat after being exposed to air. I cut the functional chews down to smaller pieces because they stay chewy.

👤There is no need for maple syrup in these treats. Many dogs have diabetes and should not have sugar.

👤My dog likes them. She gets a few before she goes to bed. She won't gain weight but still feels like she is getting her nighttime snack because they are small. We used them as a reward for potty training her when she was a puppy.

👤I enjoy cloud star treats. I decided to mix things up with peanut butter. My dog loves them, but she won't eat anything. These are a bit more sweet. Half of break cloud star treats don't work well with these ones. I will order the treats again.

👤These are great training treats for dogs of any size. It is dry to the hands and perfect to keep a pocket if needed. It's a good size for a chihuahua to a giant breed dog. I have been using these for a few years and all the dogs love them.

👤Your pet's health and longevity are the most important things to remember. Feed and treat healthy. No junk! The product and price were great. These are used to show off our dogs to the clients. Your dogs will love this treat.

👤The Frenchie loves these soft treats. They are the perfect size for training and can be split in half if you want.


What is the best product for dog training treats bulk?

Dog training treats bulk products from Blue Buffalo. In this article about dog training treats bulk you can see why people choose the product. Zuke's and Buddy Biscuits are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog training treats bulk.

What are the best brands for dog training treats bulk?

Blue Buffalo, Zuke's and Buddy Biscuits are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog training treats bulk. Find the detail in this article. Pup-peroni, Nudges and Bixbi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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