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1. Nocciola Squeaky Reinforced Durable Stuffing

Nocciola Squeaky Reinforced Durable Stuffing

A set of three long and two short stimulating squeaky toys, as well as a bag for storage, gift packaging, or as a shopping bag, is a lovely set. The toys have squeakers in the head and tail that will draw the dog's attention. The funny squeakers with hard-to-resist paper inside will encourage them to come back for more. Medium to big toys are suitable. When you are away, you can use squeaky toys to release stress, clean teeth, and reduce destructive behavior. Excess energy will be released when dogs are given toys. Quality playing time together will increase their bonds with their owners, and Squeaky toys help dogs to exercise more and improve their health. Simulation fur toys are made with advanced electroplating technology and are safe and eco-friendly.

Brand: Nocciola

👤I thought it might be good for my large and medium size dog. I have three animals, two dogs and a dog. I don't think they are good for my pack after receiving them. There is a Unless you sit on top of your dogs and watch them constantly, they will rip these apart and swallow them. It's not a toy to give to a dog.

👤I was very disappointed. I read reviews and looked at a lot of products. I searched for toys that were aggressive. Each of our golden retrievers received a toy. The 2 toys were shredded after 20 minutes. I didn't think they would last forever, but that was an expensive 20 minutes.

👤I got these toys because of Amazon. Yes, no. The chocolate lab and English mastiff are aggressive chewers. I got these toys because they are supposed to be durable and I didn't want them to be stuffed all over the place. The living room looks like a scene from a movie. I threw the squeakers away after the dogs removed them. If you have an aggressive chewer, this is a waste of money.

👤My dog destroys the parts in seconds. He breaks it when he gets some squeaks out of it. I'm happy. It's a good thing. It only took him a day to tear the fabric and get to the plastic. I can either throw out the plastic squeak or cut it out and give it back to him. He likes them very much. He just goes nuts with him because they are very long. Would probably buy again.

👤These plush toys are not stuffed for our dogs. Our beagle/basset hound girl plays with them a lot, but the boxer doesn't play with them as much as our Snoopy does. It's worth the money. I don't have to clean up a bunch of stuffing if they break it open because they have no stuffing. I don't have to worry if they swallowed any stuffing.

👤These are the firstcritters my dogs have not demolished in 5 minutes. They are still intact and will be at Christmas. Since they are flat, we call them the Roadkills. The dogs still love them and are fond of a "tug o war". The desire to gut them was reduced by eliminating the stuffing. Give it a try. I will buy more.

👤Poor execution, a great idea. The crinkle sound is something I love. They are not durable at all. If you have a dog that likes to play it is nice, but if they are going to go after the squeakers it won't last. Cute toys, wish they would have held up better. I am not upset about the price. I won't be buying them again.

👤I like that these are less expensive. I have two puppies. A five month old male and a seven month old female. My male likes softer things and is not an aggressive chewer. The toys were for him. My female is a very aggressive chewer and likes to go after the toys. Although decapitated are still usable, these are well made and well made. They are soft and plush. Both my pups enjoy playing tug of war with each other. Five in the pack was nice because I buy my toys in bulk. I buy in bulk so that I can create toy bins so that I can replace what they are chewing on with items that are appropriate for training.

2. Jalousie Squeaky Stuffed Plush Medium

Jalousie Squeaky Stuffed Plush Medium

18 popular dog squeaky plush toys are included. Provide hours of fun. Each toy has a squeaker. Premium quality. Glue is not used in the production process. Only sewing. Dental cleaning is one of the ways to relieve stress. Not for aggressive chewers. The toys are not impervious to damage. They recommend that the broken ones be replaced quickly.

Brand: Jalousie

👤My dogs love them... They try to destroy the squeaker. The stuffing gets spit out when it's eaten by dogs. These can last for 20 minutes or several days and can be chewed on and torn up. The multi-packs are fun. There are cute creatures in different shapes. A dollar a toy is a good price. My dogs will tear them apart better than my stuff. That's what dog toys are for.

👤The quantity in the pack makes up for the smaller toys. My dog is almost a year old and weighs 40 pounds. He loves the toys, but he tears through them quickly. I give him one at a time and once it has been destroyed, I give him another. The price is decent.

👤It's like Christmas for my dog. I made a lot of money out of it. He played with all of them because he couldn't figure out which toy he liked best. The whole collection was approved by the dog.

👤My dog is destructive. These are not exceptions. They are reasonable to buy in bulk, and once a week we let her go to town. That way the cost is not as bad. They are cute. You can't destroy that one, it's like, no, not that one. She doesn't eat what she shreds because we always supervise. She's happy to be done with it all except for pulling out the rest of the stuffing. When she's bored, she'll worry about the skins. She has a lot of stuffed skin trophies.

👤The first time I ordered this product, I was disappointed to see that one of the toys had a tear in it, which allowed the crinkle stuffing to fall out. I returned the toys and received a replacement pack. The second pack of toys I received had a tear in one of them, which allowed the stuffing to show through. The quality control on these toys is poor. I wouldn't recommend these toys to other people.

👤My dog really likes these toys. I have two other dogs that are 100 lbs. and he is only a 10 pounder. It wouldn't be good for them. They get the big ones.

👤There are various small sizes of soft toys. Many of the doggos were taken over by the cats. I wouldn't have a problem with little kids playing with these because they don't have any loose adornments, sewed or printed on soft material. The value per piece is great. Highly recommended. I will get them again.

👤These were supposed to be treats for the Easter egg hunt. I only have 6 left to photograph after he got into the bag of 18. They are great for refill toys for the toys in the burrow. My dog likes to get out of the burrow. I can get refill for playing joy. I need to buy 4-5 more sets. He demolished them on the wrong day, as I 888-276-5932

3. Outward Hound Squeaker Squeaky Tennis

Outward Hound Squeaker Squeaky Tennis

The Squeaker Ballz by Outward Hound is a fun fetch toy that combines a tennis ball and a squeaky toy. The Squeaker Ballz multi-pack is a great option for both indoor and outdoor fun because of the variety of bright colors. Give your dog the exercise they crave by partnering with a launcher. There are multiple sizes for all bulls. Squeaker Ballz come in packs of 2, 4, 6, and 8 with different sizes. Dogs under 25 lbs. are the intended audience for the Squeaker Ballz. Squeaker Ballz are designed with traditional tennis felt and high quality rubber for long- lasting fun that doesn't end flat. Play it safe. There is no toy that is impervious to damage. Do not leave toys with pets. If toy is damaged, remove and replace it.

Brand: Outward Hound

👤My dog had this item less than an hour before she got to use it. She bluffed and said she was going to take it up! It's terrible. It's terrible! It's a good thing that it's a Hazard! The yellow one is the one that the scorpion is gone. You can see how the sledgehammers are easy to use. This is a dangerous product. I want my money back for the shipping. You should not be selling a dangerous product. It could kill a puppy.

👤The purpose was to get a ball that does not fall down. When we got our puppy, we were given the same balls from our neighbors and they were great for a long time. We were sad to see that the squeaker was mounted so that the dog would want to nip at it. The old set and the new set were the same size balls. After the puppy removed two of the squeakers, I tried to push the squeaker in, but it fell into the ball. It's a risk when the dog removes the squeaker. I called Outward Hound and was told to return the item through Amazon. She stated that there was a production issue and these are probably from that run. I rearranged with my return.

👤We've been buying KONG air squeaker balls for a long time. The Chi/pug mix is addicted to them. He chews on the rubber inside after removing the squeaker in five minutes. The inner rubber of Kong balls has been changed. After a short time of jawing, it's now white and crumbled into tiny pieces. Kongs have a terrible smell now that the substance of the ball has changed. Our little guy doesn't spend a lot of time on them now that they have a chemical smell. I started buying other brands in desperation and just received these. Voila! Our chug is in heaven, it's black/brown rubber, no terrible smell, and it's inside. He is like his old crackhead self with these. I'm going to stock up.

👤My dog loves them because they are softer to squeeze and chew than the Kong ones. If your dog doesn't like to rip off the felt on purpose, they last a long time. It will be able to handle a lot of bouncing. The reason my dog likes these over other brands is because he likes to rip off the fuzz and I get the small size so he can squeeze it in his mouth. The felt material isn't as strong as other brands, so he loves them for that. The ball inside is rubbery and lasts a long time after it is off. He still loves to play it once it is down to this, but dust and other things stick to it as he plays from it being in his mouth. I have another spare to replace because of the 4-pack. If I let him, he would keep playing with it, until it was down to small pieces. We can switch them out because they are cheap. If your dog is like mine, and likes soft, and can play with the felt on the outside, these are for you. My dog is small. Older dogs need softer toys that bounce. If you want a toy that will last a long time, this is probably not the one for you. It depends on your wants and your dog's preferences.

4. Squeaky Puppies Teething Squeeky Birthday

Squeaky Puppies Teething Squeeky Birthday

The dog toys in the gift box are popular with puppies. They have assembled all of them and 8 exquisite dog rope toys into a unique dog toys bundle, which will be your puppy's most loyal playmates and accompany its growth. It's an ideal gift for your girl/boy puppy's birthday, welcome, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving Day, surprise gift, or for your relatives, friends, or neighbors. 18 pack super value puppies: A box is what you need. Dog toys include plush toys, rope dog toys, and dog poop bags. The number of puppy toys you get is a great value because they meet several requirements of a pup's daily life, such as teething, training, and interactive playing. Your pup will love the plush toys and colorful ropes. The dog toy bundle is more than just a toy. There are puppies for prostitutes. The rope toys for dogs are made of cotton. There is no glue or toxic glue. When a puppy chews, the rope will penetrate deep into the gap between the teeth to clean up food. teething puppies can grow stronger teeth while playing games. White and shiny teeth are great! The rope dog toys are strong enough to be used for small dogs and teething puppies. Dog SQUEAKY TOYS FOR KIDS. Premium plush is used to make each dog plush toy. Each of them has a squeaker inside to make your puppy curious. The plush dog toys will make the dog happy, so it won't feel anxious or damage the furniture. Even if your dog stays at home alone, it will no longer feel lonely and bored with these plush toys. There is a machine wash available. SANDY DURABLE dog toYS: You can engage in some interactive games with your puppy, such as tug-of-war, fetch, and so on, with these puppy chew toys. The 3 dog poop bags are made of recycled material. They make walking with your puppy stressless. If you have any questions or confusion, you can contact them before or after your purchase, they will give you a replacement within 60 days.

Brand: Legend Sandy

👤It's great for small dogs. Small ropes and stuffed animals are good for XS dogs. Ropes are strong. There are a lot of items for under $20 The stuffed animals are not durable. Big rope is not good for dogs.

👤I bought this box of toys for my beagle/ cocker spaniel mix and she loved them, but she's a major chewer. The stuffies were shredded in the first week, but the ropes have held up over the last month. I think it's a good deal for a lot of toys. Is the incredibly durable? The stuffies are not as good as the ropes are. Would buy again.

👤This is only half of the stuff. There is more than this in the box. I have a puppy. I gave the rest of the small toys to someone else who has a bigger dog, who was great about the goodies for the price.

👤The toys are much smaller than they look. The stuffed tows are not good for puppies. The rope toys were good for puppy play. The package of puppy toys is not recommended by me.

👤The right size ropes and small toys are needed for our puppy.

👤This picture makes them look bigger than they are. I put them on the floor because my dog chewed up 2 of the toys. There are a lot of larger toys in the dollar tree. This was a waste of money.

👤My puppies ate the stuffing they threw up. Wouldn't recommend if you watch them throw up and think if they still need to throw more.

👤I didn't think these would be durable, but my dogs aren't super chewers so I think they will last a couple weeks. The shapes are cute and you get a lot for the price. If you have a big dog or a chewer, you should not.

5. Multipet Plush Dog Toy Lambchop

Multipet Plush Dog Toy Lambchop

The beloved lamb is loved by dogs. The plush exterior is great for cuddling. Includes a toy for fun. There is a dog toy in the regular size. A pet should be supervised.

Brand: Multipet

👤Lambchop is the only toy my dog loves. Sugar silenced the lamb within 30 minutes. I put the stuffing back in it and sew it up so the lamb can attack again. I buy them in bulk because they are cheap. That's okay. Being a dog is boring. After belly rubs, she enjoys sacrificing these lambs the most. There are five plastic squeakers inside the lamb, which can be easily removed by a mass murderer. I wouldn't let her go unattended while she was playing.

👤We're on about our fourth lamby. We play keep away from the Lab when Lamby is brought back to life. When it's New Toy Day, the third dog is a Pit Rescue who is only interested in hard toys. Lamby is the favorite of our middle child. She never eats him, and she never sleeps with him. She has been known to kill a toy. Not Lamby. Never. She jumps into Daddy's protective arms whenever Lamby is threatened, going so far as to protect him like a child. We all know what we will do to protect our children. Thank goodness for good Daddy's who will help save Lamby. Since dogs eat soft things, it's a good idea to cut all tags, loops, etc., on dog toys. LambChop has a neck loop that we always cut off. A sweet girl died years ago. Our kids are freaks about what they eat. There's more reason to worry with soft toys. Don't want anyone to have to go through the same things we went through.

👤My dog likes this toy. She plays with it, sleeps with it, and disembowels it. The carcass of poor Lambchop is still being carried around. I add one of these to every order on Amazon so that I can keep adding new toys to my "lammie" toy collection. She has three so far, in various stages of decay, and eventually will have quite the collection. She still carries her first one, which has been reduced to a hole in the fabric, and covers it up in her blanket every night.

👤I bought the Lambchop before getting a Maltese puppy. My two older Maltese were enchanted by it. I bought them for the larger Lambchops. The small Lambchop was disemboweled when I got my puppy. I was able to sew it up with stronger thread. The puppy preferred the Lambchop which was larger than she was. She treated it as a littermate and dragged it around. All three Maltese loved this toy. I wonder who designed this. The face with bushy eyebrows is an invitation to chew for a dog. I decided to give it a face transplant because they love Lambchop so much. I sewed a piece of cloth over the face and used markers to mark the facial features. It doesn't make the dogs rearrange the features. I give the toy 4 stars because my girls love it so much but be aware that it has a fragile face which is a tempting chewing target.

6. Jalousie Value Bundle Assortment Squeaky

Jalousie Value Bundle Assortment Squeaky

The dog squeaky toys are great for small, medium and large dogs. Fox, Penguin, Pig, Duck, and Bone are five toys. Soft Plush makes chewing enjoyable. A liner is added to the toy to make it last longer. The toys are made tougher by reinforcing all the seams. Provide hours of fun. Not for aggressive chewers. The toys are not impervious to damage. They recommend that the broken ones be replaced quickly.

Brand: Jalousie

👤I bought this pack of toys for my dog to play with. The price you pay for each toy is about the same as I could find, so I thought these would be greatsacrifices. I bought these because my dog loves tearing up plush toys and they would last 5 minutes max. They have held up better than I expected and have been lasting longer. It's cheaper to let my dog tear these up than it is to buy him more expensive toys.

👤Good toys for a good price. You can get 5 toys for less than $20 in petsmart or other stores. This is amazing. My rottweiler and lab both carry their favorite toys around with them, even going to sleep with them. I know that jalousie has both stuffingless and toys with stuffings. I bought the ones with stuffing because my pups don't like to destroy the toys and carry them in the mouth. I would recommend the stuffingless ones for a dog who likes to tear things apart. How the toys hold up will be updated later. Overall good purchase.

👤I gave them a five star review because it is absolutely worth it. The fox and the duck are pretty good quality and they are hanging in there, even though most of them were destroyed quickly. My roommate has a German Shepherd and I have an A dog. Between the two of them, they can be very destructive to toys. I would recommend this pack to anyone. Good entertainment for the pups.

👤What a waste of money. The larger dogs are playing with the toys, which gives the illusion that they are durable. Ha! These toys were given to my dogs and they fell apart. The duck toy fell apart in my hands when I barely tried to play with it. The seam on its back was unraveling. We had to throw away all the toys because they were dangerous. It's very unsafe for any animal.

👤I loved the dog toys. I have a pit bull mix and it took her two days to chew through all of them. She is happy with the scraps of the plushies. She still finds some of the "snow" stuffing on the couch after I cleaned it up. I will buy them again. I knew that nothing plushie could stand up to the jaws of a pit bull. It's all good.

👤Went through 2 of these in the last day and a half with a 20 lbs Frenchie that is not a fast or aggressive chewer. The blue one was open in 15 minutes. The seams aren't built to hold chewing. The cotton will be gone in no time. I don't think any of them will last more than a few minutes with a large dog. I thought it was a great deal when I bought them, but they won't last a full day before they're destroyed, so it's a total ripoff.

👤My dog loves these little guys. He plays with them all day. He is no longer chewing on my furniture, wood work, my shoes, or anything else he can get his paws on. They are not as strong as I would hope. All the stuffing has been ripped out. He is still playing with it. He was playing with the little part that was inside.

7. LEGEND SANDY Squeaky Stuffed Squeakers

LEGEND SANDY Squeaky Stuffed Squeakers

The dog toy squeakers pack has a high value. There are a variety of dog toys for small dogs with various animal shapes, including dinosaur, giraffe, chicken, lamb, frog, lobster, octopus, whale, turtle, squirrel and pig dog toys. Puppy teething toys for small dogs. The toys for dogs are made of soft cotton and plush, which is suitable for teething and dental cleaning. The barkbox toys can benefit the growth of the dog. The plush dog toy pack is for those light chewers and is part of the cute dog chew toys set. Loving them and letting them go. Premium quality dog toys with squeakers are easy for puppies and small dogs to make. The dog plush toy set is hand-stiched. They can wash by hand or machine. The dog toy is for slightly aggressive chewers and is part of the dog toys pack. They promise that you will be able to request a replacement or refund within 30 days. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Brand: Legend Sandy

👤I found a sewing needle in the blue giraffe when I removed the toys from the package. If my dog had gotten a hold of this hazard, I was devastated. I looked at all the other toys and it seemed to be the only one. It is as if someone left the needle in and used it as a pin cushion. The stitching was different from the rest of the body. If you are purchasing this product for your pet, please be aware of the potential dangers.

👤The seller bought a bunch of stuffed animals and cut them open. Stuff was sticking out everywhere. The squeakers were opened below. The thread on the toy was different from the thread on the toy. Didn't try to hide it. My kids called the toys "Frankenmark" because of the terrible stitching on the toys. I sent them back because I didn't feel like restitching every toy. This would have been a major hazard for them. I don't think they will sell them while they are away. Don't buy this and save your money. Unless you have the time to redo every toy.

👤I bought the toys for our dogs. I thought they were a great value and would keep the dogs entertained for hours. I was shocked by the size of the toys. They are not small. The description would be more accurate. I have never seen a toy of this size on the market. Two of my dogs are very small and I have never purchased a toy of this size for them. I should have looked at the photos that other reviewers have posted. I think I was deceived by the seller's description that the toys were for small dogs. I don't know what that means. I recommend you look for another seller with an accurate description if you are returning these toys today.

👤I have small terriers that can take apart toys quickly. I can spend $4 for a toy that has the eyes or the squeaker taken out in an hour. These are not toys. I gave each one a toy after they arrived. They haven't taken them apart since 4 days ago. A dog is carrying a blue whale around the house. They are a small toy, about 2 inches wide and 4 inches long. I will buy them again.

👤My cat loves these toys. She loves the animal so much. I had to take Mr.Beaver away for emergency surgery after she ripped him near his rear end. She continued playing with them after I sewed him back up. The other toys have held up just fine. This set is so cute and adorable and I love seeing her with a dinosaur in her mouth.

👤You should inspect these before giving them to your dog. A minute of your time could save you a lot of money in vet bills. These are for small to medium dogs and could become a hazard for large dogs. Several of the ones I received had plastic stuck to them. I chose the more expensive package because I thought they looked cute, but they were all small. We have a large 90 pound Sheepadoodle and a small 10 pound chihuahua, but as soon as I gave them to each other, our chihuahua ripped it apart and these are dangerous for all dogs. The chihuahua broke two in 20 minutes. These are cute. I will return them because they are cheap and way to much hassle and worry.

8. FIREOR Squeaky Stuffing Animals Squirrel

FIREOR Squeaky Stuffing Animals Squirrel

The plush pet toy set contains 5 big woodland animals. Quality playing time together will increase their bond with their owner, as well as helping dogs to exercise more and improve their health. It's the best gifts for dogs on any holiday. It's very safe for your puppy to play, no worry about swallow or choke on, it's 100% stuffingless. Most dogs are less likely to kill an unstuffed toy. There is no need to clean up bits of fluff from all over the house. The two squeaky toys have squeakers in both of their heads and tails which will draw the attention of the dog. When you're away from home, you can use squeaky toys to help your pet relax. There is no need to worry about your dog being alone at home. Excess energy will be released when dogs are given toys. Good quality is made of non-toxic premium quality plush fabric that is soft and durable. The fox and lion are 17 inches long, the tiger and raccoon are 21 inches, and the squirrel is 23 inches. These toys are more durable for dogs. These toys are not for aggressive dogs, such as hound. The dog toy has a one year replacement and refund guarantee. If there is anything wrong with it, please contact them and they will be happy to help. If you give the toys to your Tough Chewer, watch for the dog to pull the squeakers out due to aggressive chewing.

Brand: Fireor

👤My puppy is an aggressive chewer who loves soft, plush toys and can't keep them in one piece for long. Sometimes he will have a plush toy for less than an hour and an ear or limb is already missing or the fur is gone in a single spot. I bought these for him because I thought they were worth a try. He has only gone through two of them so far but I think he has won them all. He takes them everywhere and is constantly shaking them in his mouth, pulling at them, and sometimes just cuddling with them, and for a plush toy to last four weeks with him is amazing. These aren't long term toys but they make him happy for a few weeks.

👤They are just what they say they are, and they avoid the problem of stuffing in the house. My dog loves squeakers, but he doesn't like them until he has ripped them out and chewed them into pieces, which I have to try to intercept before he eats them. They look like dead animal carcasses. They make decent tug-a-war toys, once the initial joy of cutting them off has worn off, and they're also easy to sew through a sewing machine, so I extend their usefulness by sewing in pockets of kibble for him to tear out.

👤The dog ripped out the squeaker within an hour. Within a few days, she chewed out the eyes of the fox and torn holes in the body. She loves playing with her new toy and playing with the pathetic looking animal in the house. We are saving the other animals when the fox is chewing. She is an aggressive chewer so I am happy that she can't eat stuffing.

👤Pupper likes these! She shreds them in to little bits when she squeaks on them. She gets a lot of time to play with each one. A good value for my toy.

👤My dogs love these toys. It is nice that they don't have stuffing to pull out. The squeakers have not blown out, but they have been Squeaking them nonstop. They seem sturdy as they play tug-of-war with them and it has not ripped.

👤I didn't know it would happen, but I gave our dachshund the full range of toys. If I hide one, and throw another, he knows I've made a switch and won't do anything until he finds the one I hid. He likes to find them in hiding. These toys are difficult to play with. Since the ears and other details can be chewed off, we don't let our dachshund use them as chew toys. They're great for fetch games in the house.

👤I ordered it twice. The first set I ordered was made out of a thicker more course fiber than the second set and the fur can be pulled out by me and my puppy. The first set he and I were able to pull out the fur. I ordered the second set because I wanted to get him a new one because the fox is pretty worn out. I re-ordered the same product from the same company because they found out that the pull out material used in the other set was not the same as the one I got the first time. I have two sets that are not good for my puppy. Why can't they just leave it alone? Don't fix it if it isn't broken.

9. Zeaxuie Heavy Duty Aggressive Chewers

Zeaxuie Heavy Duty Aggressive Chewers

Large breeds weighing 60-90 lbs. can get a 9 pack value package. There are rope toys, attractive toys, bone chew toy, and dog poop bag rolls. A variety of toys can help your friends stay away from boredom. Rope toys are much larger and thicker than others, they are extremely wear- resistant and bite resistant, and Squeaky toys are nearly indestructible. Dog chew toys can help them massage their gums, clean the dental, and reduce anxiety. They will make your dog keep their teeth clean. Large dogs can use the funny interactive toys for tug-of-war, toss and fetch. It is possible to interact with a dog to help it avoid boredom, release stress, and improve the relationship. Rope - 100% natural cotton, resistant biting, not hurt the teeth, Squeaky toys - made by natural rubber, soft but durable, and Bone shape toy - beef-flavored nylon material, not damage with thousands of chewing. Reassuring toys will allow your dog to chew and play safely.

Brand: Zeaxuie

👤Less than an hour after opening the box, our puppy destroyed the toy. I hope he didn't swallow the squeaker, we haven't found it yet. The ropes seem to have been made well. The depth of the teeth marks on the red bone doesn't look like it will last long. The toys marked for aggressive chewer seem not to work for our puppy.

👤I bought these toys for my large dog because it was supposed to be for aggressive chewers, but the red bone is still around after the first 5 minutes. The rope toys only lasted for a few minutes before I noticed the string everywhere. My dog threw up a bunch of string and all of them went into the trash. My smaller dog couldn't chew up the rope, so I can't have these around either dog, this shouldn't be advertised for aggressive chewers at all. The blue plastic toys did not last long. Aggressive chewers should not be marketed for regular or lite chewers. I paid $27 for a plastic bone.

👤I bought these toys for my puppies and dogs. I thought that the product that I found could survive the puppy teeth from hell was a product that I had used with the two puppies. My two puppies had their toys destroyed in less than two weeks. I don't think these are indestructible, but I would label them for dogs that like to chew. These toys were not worth the money.

👤All of the items were destroyed within a few minutes of being given. Moderate to aggressive chewers will not find these toysdurable. We get to clean up the plastic and rope filled vomit because we have the pieces of toys everywhere.

👤Don't buy Kong toys because our American dog is a Cheunger. Had high hopes for the toys. He shredded the ropes in under 2 minutes. There are toys that are not durable. The fabric is stretchy. The bone is the only item still intact. Everything else was destroyed. Not strong at all. It was a description that was deceiving.

👤My dogs love the bones. They play tug of war with ropes. Great for their strength. I am happy I decided to get these.

👤My girls love playing with these toys. My older dog likes playing tug-of-war with the rope toys and the blue ball and bone. They are holding up well with my girls that are big dogs. Definitely recommend.

👤The ropes look strong. I gave it 3 stars because I didn't know how they would hold out and there was one ball missing from the package, but I also gave it 2 stars because I didn't know how they would do a product up date. We only got one of the two balls shown in the picture. They started playing tug-a-war with the ropes, that's a good sign.

10. Squeaky Teething Stuffed Natural Puppies

Squeaky Teething Stuffed Natural Puppies

There are 12 packs of puppies for all of the cases. There are various fun in one set. There are 7 pack dog squeaky toys, a monkey, a dog, a duck, a cow, and a pig. The number of cute dog toys you get, which meet different requirements of a dog's daily life, such as chewing, training, and interactive playing, is a great value. If you don't participate in the game, your dog can be happy. A dog toYS for puppies. Let's have a party with a cute animal family. Each is made of high-quality plush, incredibly soft and skin-friendly, and has a built-in squeaker, not too loud, but always attracts your pup, creates hours and hours of fun. Help divert your dog's attention from furniture, develop correct behaviors from an early age, and keep your home tidy. The puppy chew toys are easy to use. Get the dog's favor while letting him rest assured. The chew toys for dogs are made of cotton ropes which are 100% natural, no plastic, and absolutely safe for your pet. The role of dental floss is to penetrate every corner of puppies' mouth so that they can get gum massage and relieve stress. The perfect size for puppies and small dogs. Happy Gambling and Interactive Playing Dog toYS for Bullion: A stuffed animal dog squeaky toy is a good way to keep your dog busy. They are throwing, chasing, or running towards you with toys. Cotton dog rope toys of different lengths for tug of war games between dogs and you enhanced the friendship. Various toys for dogs are fun to play with. Happy dog! This dog toy set is ideal for your dog's favorite occasions, from fun indoor activities to outdoor games with your dog. Exercise in daily use. Since they choose the safest material, it's not for aggressive chewers. If you have any questions or confusion, you can contact them before or after your purchase, they will give you a replacement within 60 days.

Brand: Legend Sandy

👤This set is hard to find, but it was cute. They are large enough for my 20lb dog and small enough for my 5lb dog. The rope toys are colorful. The plushies are soft and plush. My dogs will love this variety. The only thing that didn't like it was the fact that one of the toys fell apart. I'd rather they were fully sewn so they wouldn't get messed with. My dogs will like them.

👤The puppy loves them, but they are small compared to what you get at a pet store or big box store. It was worth the price. I was surprised they were small.

👤I imagine the toys to be a little bit bigger because I think this could be on me. I am a 23 year old woman with hands the size of an 11 year old, so I am not surprised that the little animals are small. My puppy loves them. These toys have been with him for almost a month. He loves them after he ripped the squeaker and stuffed them out. The ropes are strong. I highly recommend the price. I think they are worth the money.

👤I have a chihuahua pup and he loves all the toys. It's a nice variety. There are a lot of little details that catch his attention. There are little spikes on the cactus. These are chew toys and need to be replaced.

👤The stuffed toys are small and my dog loves to play with them. My dog is still going to town playing with the different rope toys but has chewed up all but 2 of the stuffed squeaker toys. Good quality for the price, and it lasts longer than most of her toys.

👤These toys are cute. She didn't want to do anything with my small adult dog. I saved a few because they were so cute, and shared the rest with a friend who has several small dogs. You never know what animals will do.

👤The maltipoos teeth can pierce my ear and nose, but the toys in this set are still soft. She thinks the tug of war toys are the squeakers. All of them have their limbs. We play tug of war with the ropes. She likes the sound of it. Excellent quality. She was learning the names of the toys. It's perfect for small breeds.

👤I got this for my giant Dogo. I know this was not for his size. He likes cute stuffed animals. The bad thing about the stuffed animals is that they have a dangerous squeaky inside of them, so if you are in the room, you should not allow your dogs to play with them. The bag is small, but they pack on a lot of toys. My dogs are having a good time.

11. Aggressive Chewers Indestructible Durable Teething

Aggressive Chewers Indestructible Durable Teething

The most complete dog chew toys pack is 14 pack, it varies in length and shape to meet all needs of chews for aggressive chewers. Large dog toys include rope dog toys for aggressive chewers, rope ball dog toys, multi knots cotton rope dog chews, and dog tug toys for medium to large dogs. German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Labradors have approved durable dog toys. Dog toys with 27 in longest and 2.5 in widthest in updated knitting technology are stronger than plastic but are safer to hold up powerful chews more than 100lb and last for months. Dog chews made of high quality cotton are perfect for dogs with aggressive chewing styles, they don't hurt teeth and are perfect for puppy toys. Pets can always have the new one to enjoy. Dog toys made from corn cobs are designed to clean teeth without hurting the gums. Rope dog toys are made of high quality cotton rope and are not made with plastic or chemicals. Great as puppy teething chew toys, they leave oral health with fresh breath, sparkle teeth and correct chewing habits, so you get healthy dogs and a tidy house. Large dogs love chewing on dog toys that are made for them. Ropes toys for dogs are perfect for tug of war games, as well as for playing at home or outside. Big dog toys help to burn off excess energy of dogs. Best dog toys for aggressive chewers to keep them focused on training. Dog toy gifts for dogs and guarantees give dogs more choices to play as they like, best as christmas dog toys and dog birthday toys. The german shepherd toys and pitbull toys are perfect for the large breed dog. If your dog is aggressive, please only play tug toys for large dogs. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee on their premium dog toy pack.

Brand: Sharlovy

👤I'm not happy with this order. You get six extra large balls. I have three extra large balls and three medium sized balls. My dogs are 888-349-8884 I would have reached out to the seller to ask for a replacement, but there is no link to that. They look like they're well constructed and will hold up for a while. I paid for six extra large balls and only got three.

👤When a product is advertised for chewers, I should see some heavy duty quality. I was discouraged when my package arrived. The price for this bundle is usually one dog rope. I was skeptical. Medium dogs and less aggressive chewers are the ones that are more pertained to. They will be destroyed in a few days.

👤Not for aggressive chewers. They don't last long with my dogs. For the price, they gave them some entertainment before I had to start.

👤One of the words that need to be removed from advertising vocabulary is indestructible. The first toy started to break on the first day. One of the balls became a rope. I have been looking for toys that can hold up to my Sennenhunds and I think I have found my solution when I see Xl, aggressive chewers and indestructible toys. At last no. I would recommend these to anyone with a small dog, but they won't hold up with a larger dog.

👤The product says that it's for agreeing chewers. The answer is no. The rope balls are only the size of a baseball and they can be chewed on very quickly. I have a dog. The ball ropes lasted longer than the other ropes. My boy had them chewed apart in under 15 minutes of giving him any of these toys, because they didn't last. I wasted my money. The poop bags were useful.

👤In 7 minutes, my dog went to the ropes and rope balls. He is an aggressive chewer and I have yet to find a toy he can destroy. He is a 1 year old jack russell/ pitbull mix and since he was 7 weeks old he has been chewing through everything. I have spent a lot of money on toys and beds in the past year. When toys are advertised for dogs larger than him, I hoped it would last more than 7 minutes. I have 14 of these ropes and rope balls and they are all strings in the trash. I am back to square one. He chewed through the treat cone. I wouldn't rate 1 star. I have to pick a star to post this.

👤I asked our dog how she liked them. She says she loves them. She wishes they had chews. They are very strong and can stand up to her chewing. She is able to get the ends out, which makes them great toys to play with. She likes to throw them to people who will play, and then catch them when you toss them back. A toy that you can play with your dog. I had to discard them all after about a month, since she was able to remove the individual strands, which were eaten. I don't recommend these for chewers like the Huskies.


What is the best product for dog toys bulk?

Dog toys bulk products from Nocciola. In this article about dog toys bulk you can see why people choose the product. Jalousie and Outward Hound are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog toys bulk.

What are the best brands for dog toys bulk?

Nocciola, Jalousie and Outward Hound are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog toys bulk. Find the detail in this article. Legend Sandy, Multipet and Legend Sandy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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