Best Dog Tags Engraved for Pets Gold

Pets 5 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. XBD Change Holder Collars Harnesses

XBD Change Holder Collars Harnesses

Small to large size dogs are fit. The dog tag clips were tested by the dog rolling, running, jumping or fetching, and their ID tag will always remain securely in place. The metal construction is made with nickel and lasts a long time. It is easy to clip dog name tags. Keep your dogs safe. The dog ID tag holders come with 8 split rings in 2 sizes, they work on any dog breed. It's easy to add or change tags with your pet's ID tag. It's easy to attach an ID tag to a dog's collar or harness D-ring because it's secured to the collar. 100% money back guarantee. No worry services. If you have a quality issue with your dog tag hooks, they would like to give you a free replacement.

Brand: Xbd

👤I needed the right size and weight. I have pomeranians and the size and weight of their id tags was important to me. Clipped to their harness with ease. Don't add weight to the harness. The different size O rings were convenient. I recommend.

👤These lasted less than a week. It was very flimsy and broke right away. The dog has tags. Wouldn't recommend. We found a better option.

👤It is very sturdy. It was small enough to hold my keys.

👤I have tried many different things. These are very strong. I have rambunctious corgis. I use them for my business as well.

👤I can easily move the tag from one collar to another.

2. Cute Minnie Bow Personalized Your

Cute Minnie Bow Personalized Your

Click the button on the right side of the page to personalize. Let them know if you'd like to have a different style of pet tag, they can add it for you. Two lines of text for One Sided Tag and two lines for Two Sided! All tags are manufactured in the USA. The "Pet Tag with Silencer" option protects your pet's tag from extra noise and scratches.

Brand: Udesignusa

👤I got one for Pip, my new dog. Absolutely Awesome! I bought two more of the ID Tag for her because I loved it so much. This is better than anything Disney has to offer. The owner of the company will send you a business card with your order, which will feature a discount on another order. I forgot to use mine, but I will probably order more from him in the future.

👤I chose Arial for the info on the back so that it would be more legible, but unfortunately it came in the same Disney style as the one I chose for her name on the front.

👤I bought two of them for each dog and they are adorable. I scratched the finish on one of them because I wanted to be careful, but I would buy them again.

👤It was done well. A metal tag. On both sides, the engraving was very nice. I put my name and address on the back side for obvious reasons. I would definitely recommend this!

👤I didn't give 5 stars because Tag got banged up after putting it on her. Otherwise, absolutely adore it! The custom print was fixed and shipped the same day I ordered it. The tag is cute and has a reasonable price.

👤The price was reasonable and the dog tags were cute.

3. Kurgo Wander Collar Durable Lightweight

Kurgo Wander Collar Durable Lightweight

You can easily switch your dog's tags from collar to collar, so you never have to worry about your dog being without their identification. The top clip is easy to use and the bottom ring is easy to use. The steel clip is sturdy so the ID tags don't get lost. It holds up to 45 lbs., then breaks to prevent choking. The size is 29mm x 16mm. It doesn't add weight to the dog's neck.

Brand: Kurgo

👤I don't think a dog owner should buy this. I had a freak accident with the clip. There are clips with 3 German Shepherds. One of their eyes got stuck on the other dog's clip while they were playing. I don't recommend these. If you need to attach a rabbis tag or name, I suggest stitching it to the collar or making a pocket in it. It was a really great experience.

👤It has a dark finish on it which scratched the second I had to attach a split ring with the tag on. My dog is very small and past his more playful puppy stages so this should work okay for him, but I wouldn't trust it to stand up to being grabbed during playtime or a few good tugs if it got caught on something while a larger dog was wearing it. It is more convenient than hanging tags with a split ring, but that is all it has going for it. I wouldn't rely on this clip for a dog that wears its collar while playing with other dogs or is more susceptible to getting caught on things.

👤This clip is great. I was a little hesitant at first because I used a different "easy swap" clip before which was not at all secure and lost my dog's tag at the dog park twice! I resigned to fiddling with split key rings to switch between collars and break thumb nails. This is strong enough to stay put, but easy to unclip, depending on how thick your collar's tag ring is. The only problem was getting the split key ring onto the clip. You will never need to mess with it again once it's done.

👤I wanted to make it easier to switch the collars on my dog, so I put this in his wardrobe. The clip is very tough and can be difficult to get off the collar, however I prefer this so you don't have to worry about it falling off. I have had this tag for several months and have not seen any wear or damage, and the clip is as strong as it was when I first got it.

👤It seems heavy duty and made of steel, so hopefully it won't get destroyed by the other pup. Time will tell. In less than a week, our shepherd will tear the clip off Pit Bull's collar. We were able to bend the clip back into place because it wasn't completely destroyed.

👤I lost several dog tags and bought this clip. It is well made and has a front facing name tag.

👤This is the size of a 2 joint finger and not a medium or large dog tag. It's very difficult to attach a tag and collar.

👤The clip is a little bigger than I expected. My boxer/cur mix is in the drawer for now. It made my tag hang too low for my liking, it might be a tangle hazard. It does look nice, but I am a little skeptical about the finish. The rounded edges of the clip give it a quality look. I've not given up on using it, but it's on hold.

4. Balacoo Stainless Keychain Buckles Harnesses

Balacoo Stainless Keychain Buckles Harnesses

The dog tag clips are lightweight. It won't add too much burden for your pet, it's cozy to wear it on the neck. The dog collar clips give your pets a smooth feel. A clip for pet identification tags. Wide applications can be used for pet tags, pet collar, pet harness, key chain, bracelet or other jewelry. The clips and rings are used to design a dog cat tag. Dogs have harnesses. The high strength of the steel makes it good for wear resistance.

Brand: Balacoo

👤I wanted to put our pet's tag into hooks. I lost a ring that came with my pet tag, so I thought this bundle would be great. The hooks are working. The rings don't make sense. There is no opening. They do not attach. I couldn't put the tag on the hooks because I couldn't use them. I needed a ring from another tag. 3 stars for the hooks. The rings are useless.

👤These hooks are great. Sturdy and nice to look at. The "rings" don't open. They are just gold beads, so they don't help.

👤The brass - gold color is nice. They are easy to hold a pet tag in and the size choices help a lot.

5. Jinglrr Personalized Stainless Steel Tags

Jinglrr Personalized Stainless Steel Tags

High quality tags are long lasting and beautiful. You won't be disappointed. Add any information you need on both sides of the tags. Text won't be scratched by the laser engraving. Quality doesn't meet your Expectation if your pets don't like it. Money back, no questions asked! You can add these tags to your cart now.

Brand: Jinglrr

👤Love the tag. The dog looks like it was pictured.

👤When I received it, I was excited and happy. It was shiny and nice to look at. After a day of my dog wearing it which he usually wears when we go out, it got scratched up and I can't really read his name anymore. The coating on the tag is not as strong as I thought. It looks pretty when you get it out of the envelope, but after use it doesn't look as pretty. Looking to get a different name tag for him. Maybe I should have a protective case for him.

👤I thought the dog tag was cute. It was easy to read. When our dog escaped the backyard and someone in the neighborhood called, I put our phone numbers on the tag. There were no regrets. I wonder if anyone would be able to read it now that she's out again, because it didn't last even 3 months. I am trying to find a dog tag that will last longer than a couple months.

👤This is a great tag for our new boy. The quality is amazing, I added a personalized message. I will be ordering again for the other fur babies.

👤Very solid piece! It is pleasing in the black/deep charcoal, which is important to me. I got a small bone tag for my German Shepherd because he already has his name embroidered on it and I wanted a small tag that was not obtrusive. I love it!

👤I like it. The name plack looks very nice on my brother and sister. I got the large bones. They are big but will grow into them.

👤I would love to give this product 5 stars, but I can't. It arrived on April 21st. My puppy only had it on for a little over a week, and it is so scratched up you can't read it. The rings it came with are flimsy. I was afraid they'd stab my pup and they had to be replaced within the first week. It's disappointing because the tag looked great. If you are looking for something that will last, you should go with a tag that is engraved.

👤I gave it a three star review because of the packaging. It was sent in an envelope and there were large holes in it when it arrived at my house. Despite the sturdy tag, the rings that secure it seem flimsy. I'm worried it won't stay on my dog long. The tag is beautiful despite this. It looks great, I had a lot of personalization done on it. Had it arrived in better packaging? I would give it a 5 star review.

👤Is it possible to have a Tag kam der Stuhl? Ein super simpel ist die Anleitung und bequem. Die Stoff ist sogar, wie beschrieben und sogar ist. Ich bin aus dem Hndler und den Stuhl.

👤Farbe erhalten die "richtige" Herschicken. The Stuhl selber is ok.

👤Livraison rapide, emballage, and montage are simple. PossibilitĂ© d'ajuster la hauteur et bascule lĂ©gre vers l'avant pour notre position. Fixements sont confortables. Bonne assise toutes vos lombaires. Le vendeur a confirmer that la facture is related to the colis. Je trs satisfahit de mon achat.

6. Sundesign Stainless Steel Quick Clips

Sundesign Stainless Steel Quick Clips

It is perfect in design and size. For large and medium-sized animals. Set of 2 There are 4 split rings in 2 sizes. Small and not large. It is made of steel. It is easy to put on and secure pet tags. Remove the clip to quiet tag for cats and dogs of all sizes. Every Sundesign product sold, a donation will be made to an animal protection organization.

Brand: Sundesign

👤I can't complain because it clips on perfectly.

👤I liked these when I got them. The clips looked better than the ones I had bought. After a few months, the clip broke and my daughter found all my digs tags on the sidewalk, or we would have lost them all. I have another one because they came in a 2 pack. I am disappointed that the clip broke.

👤These are for hanging the orange tags from my dogs collar. The orange tags are clipped to the cattle's ear to keep flies and ticks off them. I've found that these tags can be used to prevent fleas and ticks, and are cheaper and safer. I needed to make them hang from their collar. It works well.

👤Do not use a dog harness or collar. The dog picked up his tag when it fell off.

👤The dog tag clips work well. My baby was turning all gray and his tag was rubbing against his white hair. When he goes to the groomers, all I have to do is unlatch his tags and he will stay home. I love the idea.

👤I have only been using this for a week, but I am very impressed with the quality and function. I like being able to remove my dogs tags without damaging my fingers. I will update my review if I see a quality issue. This seems to be a solution to an old problem. Thanks!

👤These clips were what I needed to attach my dog's tags. If your dog makes a lot of noise with his tags, you can take them off at night.

👤Sturdy, seems reliable and won't fall off. I have had some bad issues with poorly made clips from different companies. I decided to try them out and they are great. I bought two more for dog clips, key rings, and whatever else I need.

7. SilenTags Clear Acrylic Diamonds Glitter

SilenTags Clear Acrylic Diamonds Glitter

Clear with gold glitter. The tags are standard thickness. It is made of durable plastic. It's easy to put on and stay on. For how it works, watch the video. Don't remove tags without reading them.

Brand: Silentags

👤I have tried many tags over the years. I've tried the low priced rubber shapes that go around the edges of the tags which help the tags to be quieter, but when the rubber goes rancid, they make as much noise as ever! Some have fallen off or didn't work. The little silencer worked! I tried to put it on without looking at the pictures, but couldn't figure it out. I looked at the instructions and realized that I had to use the little ring that came with it. It was easy to take the tags off the old ring and put them on the new one. The process from opening the envelope to getting the tags back on the collar took about 5 minutes. I could still read our dog's name and phone number even though the tags were very quiet. This product is still at the lower end of most silencers on the market, but it is worth it because of the no jingles from your pup as they scratch or move around as you are trying to sleep. We had a "user error" moment about a month later. A family member accidentally put the leash on the ring. The ring on the puppy's collar fell off when he pulled it. Even though the ring was broken, the tags were still silenced. I couldn't figure out the size of the bent ring to replace it. The question was posted on the questions section. The seller responded to my size question and offered to send me a replacement ring. That is old fashioned customer service. I offered to pay for the replacement as well as give my address. I received replacement rings for free less than a week later. They wanted us to be happy with the product and wanted to help. Thank you Silen TAGS! Everyone will listen and show off our quiet tags if I share this story with them. People are always surprised to see that there is more than one tag on our dog's collar since there is absolutely no noise when he is running or playing.

👤I was able to get all four of my dog's tags contained within the Silencer by using a pair of pliers. The four tags that were attached to a harness D-ring made a lump on my dog's back as she ran around in the park. She was due for her 3-year vaccine a few weeks later, so I had to swap out the old tag for the new one. You can't remove just one tag from the silencer, so I had to remove all four. I had one heck of a time getting the "silencer" off, even using my pliers. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to use it again. Never.

👤I have been trying to find a way to make the tags on my dogs' collar quieter for the last 13 years. I've tried every one of the silencers on the market and made a few of my own. The silencer fails each and every time. The longest work I have had was over a year. After the failure in March 2020, I decided to try out the silencer. The silencer is good but there are a few flaws. The metal bottoms hitting the leash ring can be prevented by the silencer. The tags have fallen off the silencer twice. I was able to locate it and put it back on. The tags are made of metal and have a locator feature. The dogs shake their heads when the silencer falls off, as if they just got out of the water. My dogs shake their heads at least a dozen times a day. The repetitive movement allows the silencer to leave the tags. I will be buying another set if I don't find it next time. As soon as a new better silencer is released, this one will be thrown away.

8. DLENP Keychain Rhinestone Holderfor Accessories

DLENP Keychain Rhinestone Holderfor Accessories

When it comes to putting a pet tag on his or her collar, harness, halter, or even bridle, this pet tag is the one to use. A new home, a party, and engagement gifts for your friends with fur babies are all perfect. This will be a hit and will convey your love for your pups in a personalized way. Click above or below the product title to find a more suitable dog ID. Premium material. The glitter Airtag frame protector case is made of high quality alloy metal, which is scratch resistant and looks luxury. The bling Airtag frame with the STAINLESS spring design makes it more visible. In the sunlight, the surrounding rhinestone will reflect light so that you can see your Air tags. The Apple tracker is waterproof, so they don't need to worry if the airtag holder is waterproof or not. If you personalize with your name, they can show the original logo of the brand. The voice of AirTag is more obvious because of the design on both sides. The case is easy to install and the Air Tag won't fall out or slide. The hard shape design is hard to put on and take off. The diamond protective sleeve is different from the ordinary protective sleeve. The Rose Gold Fashion Air Tag Case is a gift. The AirTag device is not included. They will reply within 12 hours, please don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Dlenp

9. Vanlovemac Engraved Personalized Kitten Stainless

Vanlovemac Engraved Personalized Kitten Stainless

The gift is a lively message, "oh, I lost, please call my mom,she is ugly crying, really ugly crying" engraved on the exquisite ID tag, do the talking for the pets, great tags for dog, puppy, cat, kitten, There are cute ANGLES. The key ring is 20mm. It is a great gift for a new dog parent or someone you loved who gets a dog, it is easy to fit on the dog's collar, and it is in a classic gift box. Cute angles need a christmas gift. The small split ring that connect the charm to the key-ring is welded and closed to prevent the plate from falling off. STURDY QUALITY: Made of a high quality steel, it is safe on your pets and resistant to many problems. It is hand polished on both sides to make it comfortable for pets. After sales service. If you have a problem, please don't hesitate to contact them. They will give you a full year warranty and a free replacement if you don't like it.

Brand: Vanlovemac

👤It seems to be a sturdy tag. Little is the key word. To read the inscription, you need a magnifying glass. You can save money by going to a local pet store.

👤I bought this for my Jack Russell mix who has a tendency to take himself for a run if he gets out, but it is much smaller than I thought. The description should say that it is tiny. I mean really small. I bought 2,1 for his collar that he cares for at home and 1 for his vest when we go out. If they break off, I won't buy them again. The red bone behind it is a regular laser engraved tag from the pet store and it is almost half the size.

👤I would have liked to have read the reviews before buying. It is nearly impossible to read size. The idea is cute, but not recommended if you want to read it. The tag is so small that it can't be used with a standard ring. A split ring is how it must be attached to a circular ring. The tag would be lost if the circular ring was pulled apart. It is not practical for anything other than a joke. An overpriced joke at that.

👤This tag reminds people that your heart is broken if your fur baby goes missing and the person who finds them wants to keep them. The tag is easy to read and hold up after a while. This tag is recommended by me.

👤You need magnifying glasses to be small. This would be great for a small dog or kitten, but not for a long hair dog or a medium size dog.

👤I thought it would be bigger, however it is a tiny tag. I don't use it because it's too small for my big labs and it's for a small breed dog. I gave it to a friend.

👤The size of a dog tag is not ideal for small breeds. I wanted a tag that was cute yet funny to go with my personality, and that's what I found.

👤You can't engrave or change anything.

👤Fast delivery, great purchase.

10. NaviTagi Personalized Reliable Stainless Updatable

NaviTagi Personalized Reliable Stainless Updatable

Extra small dogs and cats can benefit from a set of 5 small tags. There is a real size in the images gallery. The pack includes 1 light blue, 1 red, 1 green, 1 yellow, and 1 purple tag with the same Unique ID Number. In this set, strips are not replaceable. For easy registration and management, there is one ID for 5 tags. These tags are tied to your phone number. One ID number makes it easy to manage contact data. You only pay once when you buy the set, all other actions and services are free. There are no subscription fees or hidden fees. The text is highly resistant to being wiped off and the tags include Hi-Res and High Contrast. The reverse side has a unique number for 5 tags. The photo has the DEMO ID shown on it. The text is inside of the metal. This isn't paint or engraving. They use technology that is used in the defense industry. The plates are stain-free and are made of aluminum alloy. The glossy surface reflects light, shines well, and is visible even in the dark. The unique design of the tags makes them sit on the collar facing forward. The design is lightweight, modern and durable. Ready to ship.

Brand: Navitagi

👤I was curious to see how the replacement of the strips would work. I got a tag with a pink strip, which is not my cat's style right now. I decided to test the replacement right away. I decided to register the ID number first so that I can read it off my cat's neck, who is always on the move. I went to the provided website to register. Clicked the 3 horizontal bars and the owner's name in the top right corner. The ID number found on my tag was entered when I clicked next. Clicking on the prompt that says my number will be shared if my pet is found, allowed me to enter my phone number. The section that asked for a verification code was scrolled down. The verification code was sent to the number I entered. I entered my email address. I can add a secondary phone number later. Clicked OK. If someone enters my ID from my tag and sees my phone number, I checked what it would look like. Done! I had to register that quickly. I was happy with that, it was easy and straightforward. Try scrolling down if you think nothing is happening on the page. My cat has a black leather collar with studs, so I thought the navy replacement strip would go well with that look. If you're not interested in the replacement process, I will give you some level detail, but you can just flip through the attached pics. The set comes with 2 tools, and they're all you need: a mini screwdriver and a metal plate. It's obvious that you need to remove the rubber cover on the screwdriver, but it's just in case. 1. You can remove the metal cover from the strip using the screwdriver, but you have to take the ID number off the side with the metal cover. 2. You can use the plate tool to separate the rings. 3. You can use the plate tool again to separate the rings and slide the new strip on top of them. 4. Take the Metal cover and put it back on the strip you just added. 5. You can use the plate to hold the small NUT while you screw in the small screw on the other side of the cover. Make sure the hole in the strip is in line with the metal cover. Make sure to tighten it securely, because the nut might fall off. There is a The hardest part of sliding the strip onto the ring was that the end of the ring was catching on the strip, but after a few attempts I used a plate and a screwdriver to push the strip onto the ring. The next replacement will be easier. The registration of the ID number was very easy and fast. The quality of the set and the tools was fantastic, I was not expecting it to be this good. Since the items are held in the set using a small amount of glue, you may see some remnants of the glue on the metal cover of the tag/ the metal plate tool, if that annoyed you, you can actually use a small amount of eucalyptus oil. Rub the glue remains until it's gone. Will definitely get one for my other cat.

11. HYH Stainless Engraved Personalized Christmas

HYH Stainless Engraved Personalized Christmas

Excellent material. The surface of the pet tags and bells is 18K gold-plated, which is luxurious and durable. The dog tag size is 1.5inch and the bell size is 1.97inch. It's suitable for pets of all sizes, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, monkeys, pet pigs, etc. It can be used as a key ring ornament. The package includes 18K gold- plated bone tags and bells. Pets can easily wear the metal chain closure button on the tags and bells. Customization The pet ID tag is suitable for dogs, cats, and other animals, and it is also very suitable for a keychain. The name, address, phone number, pet portrait, and other information of the pet can be engraved on the label. The combination of pet ID tags and bells can be worn on the collar or golden dog chain. It can be used as a birthday or holiday gift for pets or their owners.

Brand: Hyh

👤The chain is as elegant as gangsta. My dog used to bark but now demands respect, because he now struts around when wearing this chain. He wants the other dogs in the neighborhood to know that he runs the town. This chain is for you if you want to elevate your dog to a top dog. It is high quality and looks like a gangsta chain. He won't let me put on a leash anymore because he doesn't want me using the chains on a leash.

👤The chain is a great weight. Really looks great. The packaging was well done.

👤The item arrived on time. It's light. The container kept it from getting scratched.

👤My dog's old collar is getting worn out so I got this for her. The chain is heavier than I thought, and the collar is perfect for her attitude.

👤Good quality steel! My dog was very cute and received a lot of praise. I want to wear the rhinestones for myself.


What is the best product for dog tags engraved for pets gold?

Dog tags engraved for pets gold products from Xbd. In this article about dog tags engraved for pets gold you can see why people choose the product. Udesignusa and Kurgo are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog tags engraved for pets gold.

What are the best brands for dog tags engraved for pets gold?

Xbd, Udesignusa and Kurgo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog tags engraved for pets gold. Find the detail in this article. Balacoo, Jinglrr and Sundesign are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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