Best Dog Steps for High Bed

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1. YOFIT Doggy Steps Non Slip Foldable

YOFIT Doggy Steps Non Slip Foldable

Their pet stair is almost 14 feet in length. There are suckers on the floor. It can be fixed on the floor. The dog won't slip down on the steps. The doggy stairs are made of premium plastic and are sturdy enough to support over 70 lbs. The stairs are recommended for small to medium-sized pets. You can fold up the stairs when it's empty. The cover is easy to clean and give your pets a cozy place to sleep. Pets will have a good time if you put their non-slip pet stairs in your home. Your dog will fall in love with it. They have perfect after-sales service for this non-Slip 3 Steps Pet Stairs. You can contact them if you need a replacement for Doggy Steps.

Brand: Yofit

👤It is easy to assemble.

👤The furries don't have a lot of confidence in using these. This unit is easy to care for. I would recommend it.

👤I want to mention two things for future buyers. The reason it is sturdy and stays in place is because of the cups that are on the bottom. It was difficult to get these in. I am not weak. It took me 30 minutes to get the cups into the holes on the stairs. I used pliers to squeeze them and a letter opener to try to push it in. I was going to use this on the ceramic tile floor to move it from couch to couch as needed. I stuck it to the floor after I put it down. The problem was that I wanted to move it over and when I picked the stairs up to do so, all the cups stayed on the floor for over 30 minutes. I have a fake wood floor in one of my rooms and will use it in the other room. I wouldn't have ordered these if I knew the facts.

👤These are the best steps ever. I have had 2 of them for over 8 years. They are still going strong. They are used by 2 dogs. They love them. I was thrilled to find them on Amazon as they are no longer found in the stores and I have tried several other brands and they were all terrible. These are the best and we are very specific. They should be recommended without reservation.

👤I wanted my dog to be able to go up and down the couch. I was surprised at the price for a few steps. These were the cheapest I could find. It's not cheap at $30. The stairs made out of cardboard were more expensive. It is a cheap plastic frame with cheap plastic planks covered with cheap felt and held down with cups. The furniture stays I used to replace the suction cups with didn't work well so I replaced them with something else. If you can afford it, I recommend you purchase something more substantial. I would not pay more than $10 for a product like this.

👤I can't stop laughing. My dog is looking at me in a weird way. They are short and cute. They are easy to assemble and sturdy enough to hold a 10lb animal. Maybe it was a bad idea to assume the height. I should have measured.

👤Our small dogs love taking the steps. There are 3 small dogs ranging in weight from 10 to 18 lbs. One of our dogs needed help jumping on the bed. The other 2 dogs use the steps and that makes it easier on their joints. The steps are not tall, but they work well for our bed. These steps are better than the taller one I bought for the other bedroom. They take up less floor space. The couch would be perfect for these. It is very easy to assemble. Several years ago, we bought this product. My husband stepped on them last week. I bought the same ones again.

2. Zinus Comfort Stairs Ladder Large

Zinus Comfort Stairs Ladder Large

CertiPUR US certified foam interior is high density. It's ideal for medium or larger pets. There is a comfort cover. The version is 26 inches x 18 inches.

Brand: Zinus

👤I have had these stairs for over a year now and they are still in the same condition as when I first purchased them, so I cannot recommend them more. They are perfect. I found another set of stairs in a larger size that were able to reach the top of my bed, so I purchased those as well. The stairs are one of the most worthwhile purchases I have ever made. I want to say that these stairs are amazing. My world is my 16 year old cockapoo. I have had him since he was 3 months old and I always try to make sure he is comfortable and healthy. He is doing well, but he has arthritis and weakness in his joints that sometimes causes him to limp, and he can not jump up on couches or beds. He is on an all-natural supplement for this, but it won't make everything perfect again. We used to have to pick him up and down on the couch and he would always jump off the couch without us looking because he could hurt himself doing so. I did a lot of research on different stairs, but finally decided on this one after a lot of trial and error. I am very happy with my decision. These steps are the perfect height for my couch, and they look really nice, and make it easy for my little guy to get up and down from the couch. The outer fabric is very soft and can be removed via a zip. You can clean the outer cover by washing it in your washing machine on cold and drying it in your dryer on cold. This is a saving grace for any dog owner. It is wonderful to be able to clean the dog paws safely. You should only use mild soap and water to clean the inside. The stairs are made of foam, which is not very useful for most people. The foam on these stairs is very firm and can be applied to any part of it, but it is not able to shock the joints of a dog or cat going up or down it. My experience has been. There is a I have had these stairs for over a year now and they look exactly like they did when I got them. There were no dents or misshaping in any part of the stairs. I have a 65lb Pitbull who helps himself to the stairs occasionally, and it holds up really well under his weight, and it does not tear or get damaged by his sharp nails. After a few minutes of teaching him how to use them, Kobi decided to use them and sat at our feet, waiting for us to pick him up. He is always using his stairs and never just jumping off the couch. This is saving his joints. I am so thankful that I decided on these stairs. I had been considering almost all the options that Amazon had to offer and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I recommend these to anyone who needs stairs for their pet. These are the best you can get. I wish they made taller versions of this. I could use it for my bed as well. There are disagreements. The only thing I can say is that it is close to a con, but moreso a small improvement that could be made to make it even better. I wish the stairs were an inch or two larger so my dog could have more room to move around without tripping over each other. This isn't a con, but it would be better if I could make it easier for my dog to go up them. You can have a look at the video. I have included a video showing Kobi going up and down the stairs, so you can see how easy he is to navigate, and I have also shown how I can push as hard as I can on the stairs to conform to my body. The stairs are worth every penny. I would recommend them to anyone with a pet. I would buy them a million times.

3. P C Deluxe Fold Stairs Storage

P C Deluxe Fold Stairs Storage

Pets can reach the bed, couch, chair, and window seat with the help of the 3-step pet steps. The top step is 14 3/4" high, so your pet can easily use the steps to climb up into bed or cuddle on your lap. It's ideal for elderly pets and people with hip problems because each step rises about five feet. There is added storage. Each step has a padded top that opens up to reveal additional storage space that's perfect for keeping pet toys, treats, blankets, extra linens, or just about anything else. It is possible to accommodate even large dogs with the Sturdy fiberboard construction can support up to 100 pounds. The steps are wide enough to hold a stable footing. FOLDING DESIGN - Steps fold flat for easy storage and make moving from room to room, packing on vacations, and transporting for trips easier. The design and fabric match any decor.

Brand: E.p.c.

👤I was worried about the product being sturdy. The steps have storage in them. There is a downfall. I believe that the plaid steps material is of good quality and will hold up for a while. I have two pups, one likes the steps and the other one doesn't, as they give an allusion that they will slip. It is a wonderful product, but it has an issue that makes it useful for my application. It is cute and should be kept for other uses.

👤I have a dog who can jump on and off the couch, but I worry about her hurting herself. I don't want her to hurt her joints. The stairs are great. I have a buffalo plaid rug under her playpen, and it is black and white. The stairs took 5 seconds to assemble. These stairs are strong. The step portion is hard for your dog to digest. I sat on the top step of the stairs because the box said they could support 100 lbs. I am over 100 lbs. There is a lot of storage inside the largest and middle stair. I have potty pads, Clorox wipes, a spray bottle of pet stain remover, and quite a few toys. The smallest stair holds my puppy's harnesses. The stairs are narrow with narrow treads. Even though I think they would support a big dog, it would be hard for a larger dog to maneuver the steps. The only way this stairway could be better is if there were handles. You have to put your hands under the center stair to pick it up.

4. LEMONDA Folding Foldable Storage Stepper

LEMONDA Folding Foldable Storage Stepper

Simple and modern style dog stairs are suitable for any home style. The dimensions are 75L*40W*30H cm. Pets that need a little boost to get on beds,sofas,chairs, etc. can use thePerfectly sized pet stairs. The enjoyment of the feet is the result of walking on every step of the ladder. This pet folding steps is a storage box for dog objects, and also a stair. It is easy to assemble and store. You can add the bottom plate to make a sturdy dog stairs. The dog stairs can help puppies and small dogs get on and off the bed, sofa, and other furniture, freeing up the owner's hands. Pet steps for senior, recovering or arthritic dogs or cats. The pet step cushion will reduce the risk of injury to weak legs or bones.

Brand: Lemonda

👤The steps work well for my dog that sleeps at the foot of the bed. He didn't like it at first but within 3 days, they were just another toy for him to play with. The steps are easy to assemble and the weight is not a problem. I have bad arthritis and most movements are hard for me, so they are a little bulky for me. I would recommend these steps to anyone looking for a help for their pet. It looks nice.

👤We have two elderly poodles who are happy we got these stairs, they work perfectly with our couch and our two tiny dogs. The right amount of traction is all it takes. It's easy to put together and take apart. The "boxes" could be used for organizing things while traveling instead of breaking them down, and we like the option for storage. A really great design!

👤I have a 15-pound dog who is getting a little older and is having trouble jumping up onto our couch. The problem is solved by these stairs. They were easy to assemble, and I really like having the storage space inside for my grooming supplies. They seem sturdy for the price, especially for a small dog. Recommended!

👤This is very well made, and it looks good. My dogs are large, and it works. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤It helps my chihuahua go on the couch without having to jump. I like it better as dog stairs because it is easy to fix and it is soft.

👤There are two problems with it. My puppy loves chewing on the bottom step. The 2nd step was filled with books because it collapsed under the weight of the dogs. The steps are very useful if you read the books.

👤I only have a limited amount of space near my bed where my cat likes to jump up, so I don't use the "storage" space in the steps. I was hoping the stairs would stop her from putting holes in my bed sheets. The reason I picked these is that I can collapse one of the steps so she won't fall off my bed. She took a day to get used to it, but now she's using it like a pro. I caught her loafing on it. It would work for some cats.

👤I was a bit disappointed when I saw how small it was, my dog still couldn't reach my bed, but that was on me. I put 4 books under the stairs to make it a bit higher. It's a good thing. My dog loves it.

👤It was as described, but it took longer to arrive than promised. The stairs are stable and the step incline is not too steep for a 13 pound dog. She does not tip or shift when she goes up and down. Stays where I put it. Would buy again. The cat uses it.

👤I don't know if it was my order or not. The box seemed to have been opened before and missed out on a topping. The box is the same size as others. It is very easy to install. You might want to put stuff in to make it stronger. If you put weight in the storage, the anti-slip stickers won't touch the floor. I think what you get for a cheaper price is what you get with other products over $100.

5. PetSafe Folding Pet Steps Grey

PetSafe Folding Pet Steps Grey

Continuation cuddle time: Use the steps to help your best friend climb up on the sofa or bed, all by themselves, to improve quality time together. Pets weighing up to 200 pounds are supported by 25-inch steps. Light weight: You can carry the pet steps around the house. Nonskid feet, fabric tread covers, and side rails keep the steps from moving and your pet from sliding when using it to get on and off furniture. Simple to store. You can store your pet steps under your couch or bed by folding them down. There are two sizes measuring 24 inch L X 16 inch W X 19.5 inch H and 28 inch L X 18 inch W X 25 inch H.

Brand: Petsafe

👤My dog loves these. I had made a ramp that was more difficult for her to use. I would have thought the ramp would be easier. She doesn't think so, and that matters. I'm happy that she can get up into bed again. She was looking at me until I lifted her up.

👤I am making these stairs work with some extra support but cannot recommend them as they are likely to collapse with little to no weight and the way the support for the stairs clicks on is not reliable. I have a senior kitty who needs to be supported and I will soon purchase another alternative. Only purchase with caution and be prepared to use extra support underneath. I am not sure if the stairs are a safe option for a large animal. My cat is small.

👤It works well and is great value. We have two large dogs, two big trucks, and a tall pick-up truck, and this works just fine. It's about an inch or two short of the back of my SUV and about 6 inches shorter than the back of the Sierra. It is an easy step for the dogs. The dogs don't have any problems getting in or out of the truck if it's folded down nicely. Helping our backs is really helping our backs.

👤I have three dogs. 10 lbs of havanese. A chihuahua mix. The French dog. There are 3 sets of steps. They will only use this type. I bought another type and they refuse to use it. The Solvit Steps have sides to each step that prevent accidents and cause a fall if you step off sideways. In the night, the sides protect their feet and keep them on target. They wouldn't be good for a heavy dog. For little guys, they are perfect. It's easy to unfold from the box. You are supporting American Jobs if you don't put together the best of all Made In America. The price and free shipping on Amazon is unbeatable. The stairs are for the little Fur Children. The little devils run so fast up and down the stairs that you can't see them.

👤I bought the bigger one for my cat because he was finding them hard to use after 2 years. He loves them. I bought him a larger set of stairs and he hated them. I wouldn't use them. My cat is comfortable with the PupSTEPs. The stairs are in the middle. The stairs on the left are the regular sized one and not the larger one that this review is for.

👤My dog loves them. She was able to use them quickly. These were a perfect fit for my bed. It's easy to assemble. No more fear of my dog jumping from my bed and hurting herself, and no more crying at night when she wants to get up on the bed.

👤I strongly advise against purchasing these stairs, despite their positive reviews. My dog almost fell off the stairs when one of the pegs that hold the stairs together popped out, causing a partial collapse of the stairs. My dog made it to the bed as the peg came out. The stairs were already assembled. I assumed the stairs could handle a chihuahua, despite some reviewers saying they were flimsy. I had to put a cinder block in front of the base to stop the stairs from sliding before the peg popped out. It's expensive and time consuming to return the stairs so you're better off just throwing them away. It's a waste of money.

6. Topmart Stairs Non Slip Density Ladder

Topmart Stairs Non Slip Density Ladder

The pet ramp is packed in a vacuum compression package and it takes a while to rebound after opening. If the product is not high enough, please wait for it to rebound completely. It can fully rebound after a few days, depending on the temperature and how fast it rebound. The steps are 15.75in x 7.85in. Their dog stairs are great for older dogs who are less mobile as they age. If you want to reduce the strain on your pet's joints, you should use more wide and deep steps. The cover of the pet's toy is more slippery than other covers. Stair dimensions are 23.6 in. L x 15.7 in. W x 15.7 in. A foam pet stair and soft cover. There is no skid bottom surface. The use of the stair does not affect the back of the stair. The stair cover is easy to clean. 30D high density foam is used for the stair, it is not easy to lose shape. Pets weighing less than 60 pounds are recommended. A dog rope toy or a pet hair removal roller is an extra send.

Brand: Topmart

👤Even though it hurts her to jump up and jump off of my recliner, she loves sleeping in it. Her body length made it impossible for me to buy regular stairs. The stairs are made from foam and can be removed for cleaning. Friends with dogs that play with rope toys get rope dog toys. Even if I am cleaning the house, my dog will still climb the stairs even if I am not there. I highly recommend these to anyone with an animal of any age. Highly recommended! Thanks to this company, my fur- baby is living a safer life.

👤I don't know what was in the box. The pkg was rolled up when I opened it. I was looking for something to keep the stairs up. I didn't think it was complete. I didn't need anything else because the pkg began to expand in the shape of stairs when I opened it. The stairs are low but still tall. My dog has a hard time climbing and they help her a lot. The cover popped off when I put it on, so I wouldn't have given 5 stars. I decided to keep the stairs the same as they were, because I needed them to use right away. I would recommend these stairs to dogs that have trouble climbing. Try to close the zip up. It's located at the bottom so it doesn't show that it's not closed.

👤We wanted this to be used to teach our dog not to jump up and down from the couch. She's taken to it immediately. I think she knows she needs it. I was worried that it would slide around, but that's not the case at all. It works well. I need one that's tall enough for the bed.

👤I am so excited about this purchase. For years, I've been trying to get my 13 year old Doxie to use stairs or a ramp so she won't jump up and down off the couch. I have tried at least 5 other products. The stairs were too steep and she was scared by the ramps. The dog stairs are not as steep between steps as other stairs, but I wish it was even wider. A ramp with steps. She took to it right away. She is hesitant to climb up, she tries to find an alternative route or I can pick her up. I think she needs more time and training because she will use a piece of chicken at the top quickly. Since she stopped jumping up, my biggest concern was jumping down off the coach. It is attractive in the living room. I was so happy to find this. It is recommended to all dachshund owners.

👤My dog will not go up and down stairs at all as he gets older. She took to using the gradual incline immediately. The product is very good and highly recommended.

👤I've spent a lot of money on supplies for my 15 year old corgi, but this was the best I've spent in a long time. She had to walk from step to step to get to the couch. She realized she could just walk up the steps when I got these. Another for the bedroom. It's worth it. She would lie on the floor when she couldn't climb on the hard steps because it was too hard for her. She can easily walk up and down with no effort. She is always on the couch.

7. Roomnhome Storage Stepper Foldable 20x11x12 5

Roomnhome Storage Stepper Foldable 20x11x12 5

Storage spaces for each step allow you to store pet supplies such as food, leashes, toys, and anything else you can think of. It is possible to fit 20''x11''x12.5' (2T) / 27'' x 12'' x 15'' (3T) size can suits with most of sofa heights. Installation and removal is easy because of the user-friendly design. A combination of well-refined material and innovative design can hold up to 8 kilo dogs. The fabric is attached to the bottom of the product. Remove the bottom plate and fold it up to store when it's not in use. Don't lean against the surface of products for your own safety. If you want to maximize stability as a product, fill the storage up with any sort of goods.

Brand: Woolly Pet In Style

👤After about a month of use, the bottom stair broke, and the second stair broke within 5 months. The wood inserts were a step up from cardboard. The material wore out quickly and the stair flaps didn't stay in place anymore, so all the storage space was filled with books to keep them from falling into the base. They had to be refused to use them anymore. I had to pick them up when they wanted to sleep. These stairs were nice, but sadly they didn't last. It's very easy to set up and fold it back up. It's very light and it's similar to those cubicle bins. The size of my dogs is perfect for them to get up and down from the bed. Storage spaces are a great place to store stuff. If you have a small dog or cat, be sure to weigh it down so it doesn't slide when you use it.

👤These are a great concept and they work for most of the time. The reason I took off 2 stars was because the smaller step isn't good. The cardboard that was used to make the top of the step broke after 2 days so the step was a bit out of place. My dog wasn't a fan of that and scared her. We use sticky mats under a rug to keep it in place because it does slip around on wood floors.

👤I am using it to store his clothes. It fits my decor. I loved it!

👤I got this product for my dog so she can sit on the couch. My dogs use it all the time. It is lightweight and I can store my dog's toys there as well. Most of the dogs' steppers are either brown, black or grey. I am satisfied with the product and would recommend it.

👤It was made out of flimsy materials. A large dog would collapse it. I like the fact that you can store stuff in it. I wish it was stronger. There are slides on the floor. Unless your fur baby is less than 10 pounds, it's not a real practical item.

👤Useful. The 17 year old cat has arthritis and is difficult to get up on furniture. He tried to jump, but sometimes fell. He can go up on the couch without falling. Hidden storage for his toys and brush can be found on the steps. It is recommended.

👤It was the best purchase ever. It's cute and convenient. It is strong. I keep my kitten's stuff in a safe place. It is worth every single penny. Everyone should have extra storage for their pets.

👤I'm happy I got this. It's convenient because of its compact, sturdy, and smart design. The only thing that I wish the lids had is some kind of fastening, but my dog is good at opening them, so I don't think that's a problem.

8. PetSafe CozyUp Pet Steps Lightweight

PetSafe CozyUp Pet Steps Lightweight

Continuation cuddle time: Use the steps to help your best friend climb up on the sofa or bed, all by themselves, to improve quality time together. Safety test for gun safety. The steps are rated to support pets up to 70 lbs. Nonskid feet, fabric tread covers, and siderails keep the steps from moving and your pet from sliding when using them to get on and off furniture. There are four steps in L X 16 in W X 20 in H. The PetSafe pet steps are made in the United States. They are available Monday through Saturday to answer your questions.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I ordered the stairs for my dog to help him get up onto the couches and our bed. He doesn't like the stairs because they are too narrow for his short legs. I get it, but I'm disappointed. He wants a ramp. I wanted to address a burning question that I had before I ordered the stairs. I asked if the stairs stack when not in use to make storage easier, but three different people said no. They stack, which makes them easy to move around and store. Yes, they do.

👤It is worrisome for small dogs that are timid to use the narrow stairs. It's light weight makes it topple over for small dogs that try to run right up. I have five small dogs and none of them will use it.

👤My little Maltese is very fond of the stairs. Our older Maltese has recently passed away. We are trying to make our little one more comfortable in the house. She can't get enough of the bed because we have given her full access. Look at that smile! They are strong too. I have a dog. I can see how big dogs would use it. A great price and a great product. Comes assembled as well.

👤Our rescue dog is about 8 years old and will be having difficulty jumping up and down from our very high bed using only an ottoman at the foot of the bed. We bought the stairs to make sure he didn't have joint and spine issues. There are only two minor issues with these steps so far. 1. The steps are too shallow for a small dog. Our dog skips the first and third steps because his stride is too long. 2. Our dog has to leap from the last step onto the bed because the top stair is lower than the mattress. I realize that a custom designed and built staircase would be more expensive and take more space than we have, but that's not true. I'm very content with the steps. We are using pet snacks as rewards to teach him how to safely navigate these steps.

👤I was expecting something a bit sturdier, but I wasn't expecting something fantastic. This is wobbly on the carpet and shifts under the dog as she jumps. She is afraid to use them after the first few tries. The plastic is very lightweight and it just wobbles side to side, not that the steps slide away. The dog is 15 lbs. These wiggle too much for a small amount of weight. If the dog was older and slower, he might have walked up them instead of jumping. These would work better. I think we wasted our money.

👤One of the lower-end steps for dogs. I got this one because my dog is old and may not need it for a long time. I wondered if she could learn, but with a few training treats I put on each step, she learned in about an hour. She is a pug mix. It was easy. The non-stick pads arrived in the mail after I notified the company that I did not have the non-slip pads. This is a functional one, even though it isn't folding. That doesn't matter to me. I'll sell this one when my dog dies. I don't intend to get another dog as old as I am. Why spend more than this on the stairs? This one is great.

9. PetSafe Solvit PupSTEP Stairs Foldable

PetSafe Solvit PupSTEP Stairs Foldable

Continuation cuddle time: Use the steps to help your friend get up on the sofa. Safety tests are done. The steps are rated to support pets up to 200 lbs. It's called disposition: The cherry wood finish adds a decorative element. A heavy-duty carpet cover keeps your pet from sliding when using the stairs to get on and off of the couch. There are four steps measuring 24 in L X 16 in W X 20 in H. They are available Monday through Saturday to answer your questions.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The top two stairs were broken away from their supports. The side rails would have been able to spread. If my dog tried to use these steps, it would have been a disaster. The irony is that the stairs are pretty nice despite the failure to use hardware. The runners and side rails are made from nice plywood with good hardware and glue. Instead of sending this item back, I spent half an hour on 20 1-1/4" deck screws and a little glue. The results are very good. There is a Unless you are willing to do the same, I wouldn't use these for anything other than a really small dog or cat and I would check the stairs frequently to see if they are not separated from their side supports. I sent photos of how to fix it. The felt they used is thin and flimsy, so I am going to install better carpet pieces. It is definitely not claw proof. Make sure the support lock is fully enguages when used.

👤I liked the set of stairs so much because it was tall enough to reach the window and the wood was solid, which matched my furniture. Why only 3 stars? The material on the steps was hard to clean off and held onto hair and grass from my yard. My cats were so happy to scratch and sharpen their claws on the top step at 5 AM. The problem was solved by carpeting the steps. The cats have left it alone and the hair is easy to vacuum. If your dog is brown, the steps will not look dirty unless you buy them.

👤This was a great buy. It's sturdy and easy to move. I am very happy that I bought these for our two pomeranian's. I have it on hardwood floors and it doesn't shift. Once it was removed from the box, it was ready to use. The support is a solid piece of wood. It's a little heavy because it's made out of wood. I don't fold it up and store it anywhere else because I have it stationary at all times. I love the look of the steps and the material used on them. It's been a life saver and I highly recommend these. The fur that clings to the steps is due to the kind of material used. If it really bothered you, you can attach different material to them. I vacuum off the hair every now and then, I used to live with dog hair all over everything.

👤I bought the steps for my dog. She is over 12 lbs. She wants me to lift her up because she has a hard time jumping on the bed. I couldn't get over the pain in my shoulder until I got these stairs and stopped picking her up from the bed. I had to teach her to use the treats and not to lift her onto the bed. It took her five minutes to figure it out, but a long time to want to use them and stop begging me to lift her up. She still takes a double take and then a flying jump. I was worried that they wouldn't reach the top of the bed's mattress because it is 28 inches tall and the steps are 20 inches high. The bed finish matches the color of the wood. I would recommend it and buy it again. I don't think there is anything to put together. I can't remember if it was easy for my 12 year old to do it. Some pictures were posted.

10. Pet Gear Stairs Removable Washable

Pet Gear Stairs Removable Washable

The tread on the stair landings is wider and deeper for large dogs. The carpet is easy to clean. No tools are required. You can read "From the Manufacturer" for more exciting features.

Brand: Pet Gear

👤Awesome! Before buying my beagle a set of stairs, I did a lot of research. There are many options when you search for "pet stairs". I think it is returning bigger items. I live in Chicago without a car so getting to the post office is inconvenient, sometimes you don't get the shipping refunds and other times you do. I didn't want to get the wrong ones. I read a lot of pages through out my research and probably put a few sets in the cart to begin the process of narrowing it down. My husband added one set to the cart after we had a conversation, while I was doing all of this. I headed to the cart to compare and I settled on the ones he picked out after putting 30 seconds of work into it. A beagle that is 30 pounds is scared of everything. We didn't know what he would think. It only took 15 minutes for him to become a pro. If Charlie felt uncomfortable, he wouldn't use the stairs. If you pour over every detail or if you're the type to choose quickly, you're all set. The stairs are for you. These are the stairs for a dog under 40 lbs. I'm not sure what the real weight limits are. Quality and price are important to you. The stairs are for you. They may not be the most elegant looking things. I like the look at all. I'm very happy with this purchase. Our boy loves being in the center of the mattress.

👤These stairs are great for my mastiff mix. I used to give him treats to get him to understand that they were for climbing on and now he can get up on my bed even if he has a good or bad day. I was worried that the stairs were not strong enough for a large dog, but they are great! They look good in a room. Very happy with the purchase!

👤I've had these stairs for six years. I have 3 chihuahuas and they use them. At 3 months old, Tonto brought his "Squirrely" up onto the bed.

👤I have a Basset hound named Odin that is 6 months old. He is so heavy. He was only 15 lbs when we got him. He is not overweight or anything, he is just a growing boy, and he will be 70 to 80 lbs in the future. We let our spoiled brat sleep on the bed with us. Sometimes he has to go to the bathroom at 3AM. When he has to go to the bathroom, what does he do? He licks my face. All over me, there are steps. Our dog is trampling over me so my beauty sleep is disrupted. He needs me to help him get off the bed. I decided to buy some pet stairs a few weeks ago. I was too lazy to bring him up on the bed, but I finally did it. He isn't tall enough to get up on his own. He sits there and waits for me to break my resolve. I narrowed down the set of stairs I should go to to the Pet Gear Easy Step or the Solvit Folding Stairs. I liked the folding aspect of the Solvit stairs, but I was skeptical of how sturdy they really are after reading some reviews. I am very happy that I did the Pet gear steps. They took less than 5 minutes to assemble, they seem sturdy, and they don't slide around, there is a little carpet pad on each step for extra grip and traction, some negative. I don't think I'm going to assassinate them. Every time I want to take the scalpel away. I wish the steps were a little deeper and wider to make it even easier for Odin, they could have gone down another 10 dollars, but my options were pretty limited. He tried to show me by chewing up the carpet.

11. MEWANG Wooden Dog Stairs Steps

MEWANG Wooden Dog Stairs Steps

There is a 2-in-1 conversion design. It is easy for older or arthritic pets to reach sofas, beds, cars, and more with the conversion from 4-steps to a ramp. It's suitable for weak and sick pets. Stopping and being safe. Pets can be held up to 120 pounds with the help of strong wood construction. It is possible to have accessible access. Your pet's paws can get traction on the carpeted ramp and stairs. It is easy to store and transport. The pet stairs are lightweight and sturdy and can be moved and stored for accessibility. The Pet stairs mode is perfect for small to large-sized pets, easy to reach sofas or beds. It is only suitable for cats and large dogs, not small dogs.

Brand: Mewang

👤There is a gap between furniture and step that this product does not fit in. There is a 4” gap between the item and steps at my bed. If you have a spot on the floor for support legs to hide under, it may work, but my couch is almost 6” off the floor. My dogs paws got stuck between the step and holder during trial runs. I will be returning for safety reasons. If you have an active young dog who can navigate the gap on top and steps it would work well. My dog is older than 14.

👤If your dog hits the riser, it will collapse at that step. It seems that either a small hook or a piece of Velcro can solve this issue.

👤I was very excited about the idea of these stairs. It seems like the thought process was never finished when designing them. It's too steep for my two girls, one is elderly and the other is moderately disabled, because they are 70-80 lbs each. They would need to be ninja dogs to use that ramp. They're dangerous as stairs. My dogs have gotten their feet caught underneath the steps and fallen trying to climb up because the steps flip up in order to convert it to a ramp. That defeats the purpose of them. They were already falling when they tried to jump on and off my bed. I'm trying to avoid injury, not pay for another method.

👤I have a dog that had an injury and never healed. He was terrified of the plastic stairs I bought for the bed and car. It wasn't strong enough for his weight. This item is amazing. I just got it. It fit perfectly when I put it up to the door of my jeep. It was wide enough to make it strong. It has carpets on the steps to keep him safe. It's a great product. Would buy again.

👤We need help getting into our CR-V with our dog that has terrible arthritis. I love that this is a convertible ramp because it helps when we need to store it in our car. This is not perfect. The other users said that they can be dangerous. Your dog can flip the step on its own. If, like us, you have a handicapped senior animal that you're using it for, please help. Them. This took a while for our dog to get used to it. He would try to get up it too fast. We had to teach him how to go slowly. We hold the top step in place so there are no accidents as he gets up the steps. There is a gap between the top of the car and the steps. We assisted and trained him to step over the gap. The whole system works well for us. If you have a small dog who can't get over the gap, this will be a problem.

👤Customer service was helpful and provided a new one. The steps have been improved with a non-skid rubber on the leg bottoms. I have bought many steps and ramps and this one seems better than the others. The ramps are very steep and the steps are slanted. Adding hinges will keep the steps from flipping up. I liked it but it had a glue stain on top step. One dog used it quickly, but my other dog was a bit uneasy. She would use it, but the steps are slippery and her feet would slide forward, causing the step to fold. She was afraid her paw would get caught between the steps. Returning.


What is the best product for dog steps for high bed?

Dog steps for high bed products from Yofit. In this article about dog steps for high bed you can see why people choose the product. Zinus and E.p.c. are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog steps for high bed.

What are the best brands for dog steps for high bed?

Yofit, Zinus and E.p.c. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog steps for high bed. Find the detail in this article. Lemonda, Petsafe and Topmart are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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