Best Dog Steps for Cars and Suv

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1. Maxpama Folding Portable Increased Lightweight

Maxpama Folding Portable Increased Lightweight

Sturdy and light. The pet ramp is made of high quality steel frame and 1680D Oxford fabric with upgraded non-slip design and thick plastic board, which is strong, stable and sturdy enough, the weight is only 12 lbs, but durable enough for 170 lbs large dogs. There is an anti-sLIP surface. The steps have been upgraded with double non-slip fabric to prevent pets from slipping. It comes with rubber pads on the bottom for added traction and a carabiner to help protect the stairs on your vehicle. The folding 4 step stairs are specifically designed for helping dogs into trucks and SUVs and work well for any situation where your dog needs an extra boost up! Having a set of stairs can help your dog easily access hard-to-reach areas if they are small or have an injury. AJUSTABLE HEIGHT & ANGLE: The folding stairs can be adjusted to fit the height you need, from 29.5" to 35", folding size:20.5"x 18.3"x 5.5" Please make sure your car is in perfect condition before ordering. Make sure the opening is large for side door use. maxpama has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let them know if you have any questions and they will make sure to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Brand: Maxpama

👤The doberman and bulldog have had the ramp type steps. They worked well, but they took up a lot of storage room. The steps are perfect. They are light and fold up. It is easy to get the dog into the vehicle. There is very little room to store these steps. Our dog loves them.

👤It was true that we couldn't teach an old dog new tricks. Our 12 year old was not interested in it. I couldn't find the treats we put out for her because she was not fond of the stairs. The feel of the stairs and the grip of the treads are appealing to me. The mechanism seems strong. There is a gap at the top of the stairs between the SUV and the unit. Your dog may be given pause to see that gap. The cardboard of the gap is stiff. A smart dog with some training is likely to master the stairs. We can only use it on the back of our SUV. It won't work in our SUV or pickup. A good surface for full stairs contact is not possible because of the angle of the door. If you're loading up the back seat, a full size truck may work. Consider your pet's ability to learn a new skill when you look at it.

👤I bought these for my lab who has a hard time getting in and out of our vehicles because of getting old and could not jump up as high as he used to do. They are perfect for any vehicle. Whatever you have, a car, trucks, vans, or something similar. There are different sizes. My husband and I bought the 5 step for my truck and the 4 step for our house to help him get up and down in the high beds. If an animal is big and heavy, it would be a good idea for you to lay by it. I love seeing my dog getting in and out of the house. Very happy and satisfied.

👤I got this for my dog because he is getting old and it's difficult for him to get in and out of my truck. Make sure the top is clipped to something or it will fall back. I put my full weight on it. It was stressed a little by that. Within a few minutes, my dog was able to walk up and down. This is not very tall. I should have gotten the first step. This works perfectly for what I need. I would recommend it.

👤I was able to get my 55# dog up the stairs, and they were sturdy enough for her. I couldn't get her to go down them again. It might have been hard for her to see them because they were all black. I had to send this product back because it wasn't an effective solution.

👤I love these steps. It's much easier for my dog to get in and out of my Jeep. It's easy for me to fold it down so it doesn't take up a lot of space. I would have liked to make it more secure from slip-sliding. Jeeps don't have a safety hook to clip on the trunk latch. The back cargo door is not open up and down.

2. Zerria Portable Lightweight Aluminum Foldable

Zerria Portable Lightweight Aluminum Foldable

The folding 5 step stairs are wider and more stable than a ramp, gentle incline and a secure platform make them ideal for dogs with disabilities. Their dog car steps can be used to help your best friend get in and out of your car, minivan or SUV on their own. Their foldable aluminum framed dog stair is stable enough to support up to 200 lbs large dog. The structure is sturdy and stable enough for a small to large dog to use, but it is not easy to shake when your dog is climbing. The steps are upgraded with nonslip paw print coating surface rubbers to prevent pets from slipping. These steps have been upgraded with nonslip paw print coating to prevent pets from slipping. The anti slip paw print adds more traction to your dog's walk, and the upgraded safety tether clip is stable enough to give double protection to dogs. The safety tether clip is covered with foam sleeves to increase the stability. They help avoid the damage to your trunk. The safety tether clip is upgraded to better secure the stair and keep your pet from rocking up and down. The dog ladder is durable and firm. The 5 steps dog ladder can be used in many cars, SUVs, minivans, trucks, beds, couches, grooming or vet tables. When you use it, you only need to put the foam handle on the back of the trunks or cars. The smallest size after folding is 15*13*5 in and will not take up much space.

Brand: Zerria

👤I don't write reviews. The product was worth the time. I was a little worried about ordering this dog step because of his weight. I was concerned that the step was too wide for our 1995 F250 extended cab. One comment was made about door openings being too small. He can get in behind the front seat of the truck if he wants to, as you can see from the video. He just goes up over the front seat if I am really generous. Both ways it works. I used to think that he should get into the back of the truck. The stairs are a little more steep with the height of this truck, but he did just fine, even though he came down them a little slower. I own a 2020 Toyota RAV 4 and this worked great for it. The stairs are easy to fold up and take out, they are not heavy, and the dog is stable. I think I made the right choice in buying these steps. I might buy another set for the other vehicles and bed.

👤I found these stairs on Amazon and knew they would be perfect. Apollo is 11 years old and has some arthritis in his legs, so getting him in and out of our small SUV was impossible. We tried several ramps, but he would not go up on the sides. Nothing worked until now. I would recommend these stairs to anyone with an older dog. They are wonderful.

👤These steps are amazing and I don't normally write reviews. A dog is 12 years old and is 90 lbs. It was a big production to get her in and out of the car after I changed vehicles. She figured out how to use the stairs with very little help. The vet was very impressed by what he saw. If you only have one hand available, they are easy to maneuver. If your dog doesn't like anything that wobbles, make sure you unfold them all the way and hand-test them before they use them. They aren't as sturdy if they aren't unfolded all the way.

👤The stairs are worth it. They are strong. The landing pads are comfortable. Pulling the stairs further away from each other or moving them closer together is how the drop or climb is adjusted. We put treats on the steps to get our boy to use them. He really liked them. He tried to go off the sides, but he just guided him. These are back saver. If you have a dog, stairs might be the better option. Our pups are between 80 and 95 lbs. There is an update on Dec. These are still amazing. We've used them inside the house for our bed, they work great for all heights of vehicles. There is a They work best when they have a hard surface for the top handles to rest on. If you get a lot of praise on these, you would recommend them to your family and friends. Thank you for the wonderful product!

3. YEPHHO Folding Lightweight Portable Upgraded

YEPHHO Folding Lightweight Portable Upgraded

The open height of the pet stairs is from 20 to 30 feet, and the open length is from 40 to 60 feet. Medium to large dogs have a high angle and small dogs have a low angle. It's perfect for most cars, trucks, SUVs, high bed and couch. There is light and resilience. Ladders are protected from being scratched by dogs' claws by using high-quality fabrics. Enough to hold up to 150 lbs of dogs. The Accordion staircase is portable and folds small for convenient storage. The front and side of the car are covered with sponges. TheReinforcement plates are added to the bottom of each step to make it easier for the dog to get on the steps. The bottom rubber pads add traction and improve contact with the surface, they are anti-slip and waterproof, and there is a carabiner for securing to the back of the vehicle. Good for pets, 5 steps stair protect dogs' joints and knees. Your dog should be protected from knee movements. Also suitable for corgis.

Brand: Yep Hho

👤I have a mastiff mix. She could not jump into my trucks as she got older. The tank is a suburban with a lift. It's really tall if you add big tires. She was scared when we used the ladder in the west. She goes up and down. No more shaking her joints. She would be sore when she jumped down. This is small enough to work on the rear doors of a small chevy Colorado. The cloth doesn't move up their feet. Most of the steps and ramps have sand paper padding for non slip. These are recommended by me and my doggo. They are very portable and light. It fits everywhere when folded.

👤I own a lifted Chevy truck. I thought this would be a great purchase. I use it for side entry instead of the tail gate. The dog walked up on the first try. She jumped in the back seat after I helped her out of her harness. Lifted trucks will love the 5 step. Light weight and easy to unfold and fold up. If this could keep my dog from jumping off my windows. This is a must have.

👤The stairs are perfect for my dog. He can't jump into the back of my Jeep since the trunk is so high. I have 35” Nitto Ridge Grappler tires. The lift that I got was a little bit taller than it was advertised to be. The stairs seem to be strong when my dog walks up and down them. They are very easy to collapse when not in use. The carrying handles are useful. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking for good doggy stairs.

👤This set of folding stairs would not work with my 2020 Rogue. The strap at the top is too short to reach the door latch, which is meant to help secure the stairs. I tried to swap out the larger carabiner but couldn't. The legs were barely resting in the bumper. It was not secure enough to allow me to load my dogs into the car. If you can safely secure the stairs to your vehicle, they seem well made.

👤Excellent! The ramp I bought for my pup was too steep and he wouldn't go up it. I went with the stairs. He went up the stairs and into the Jeep after 10 minutes and 3 frozen bone treats. The quality is very sturdy and easy to use. The way my Jeep is parked on 37s has a few more inches until the steps hit the ground. 4 steps are perfect. Highly recommended.

👤I have a 15 year old lab mix that has trouble jumping into the back of an SUV, and it has only gotten harder since he started. I had to pick him and put him in. He is heavy and sometimes he would beat me to the car and try to get up on his own. I bought the steps. I'm thankful I did. After a few treats left at the top, he was able to figure them out. They are strong enough to hold him and tall enough to fit in the back of my SUV. They are very light and easy to pack around because they fold up and down easily. I am happy that the stairs have made life easier for my old man.

4. Niubya Foldable Aluminum Lightweight Supports

Niubya Foldable Aluminum Lightweight Supports

The dog ladder is more stable and the cost of the product is higher, but it gives pets a sense of security because of the unstable bottom. More turbulence and resilience. The Niubya folding dog ramp is made from extra thick rustproof aluminum and is elevated over 30 feet. Only 8 pounds and stable enough to hold large dogs. Keep your pets away from Harp. Pets are not allowed to slip on the steps when climbing them. Double protection for their dogs can be offered by tether on the tailgate. Protect their knee from injury is the best gift for their pets. The stairs for dogs can be folded down into a small box of 17” x 13” x 6” It can be used indoors and outdoors with a handle. Just wipe down with a wet towel. There are tips. Niubye foldable dog steps are great for your pet. Please make sure the door opening clearance is greater than 18.

Brand: Niubya

👤The dog went into the truck. The dog went down. The steps were extended and the dog easily ascended them. Thank you for building this human race, she could decend with grace. The dog is a big baby and she loved the stairs.

👤These are the steps that I love! I tried to use a ramp for my dog, but it didn't work for her or me. It was too big to fit in the car. My rottie wouldn't use the 2 step version that I ordered. The third time is the charm. These steps are great. I have been using them daily for about a month. My big rottie went up and down them without any problems. They are light enough for me to carry around with me. It's compact enough to carry with me in the car. I tested them with my weight and they were fine. I will get more if these ever get damaged or worn out.

👤I can't get the pictures to turn straight. She loves it, but it is not an option anymore as a senior. Very sturdy and well made. It folds up so you don't have a lot of space. I would buy it again if needed.

👤We need these for our greyhound. He can't jump up into the back of the SUV because it hurts his front legs. He learned to use the steps confidently in about 6 days. This is a short time for a racer who never had to use stairs. He goes up and down them with ease. If you have a large dog, recommend them.

👤The cheaper step lasted about 6 months before the screws started coming out. I bought the Niubya Dog Steps after trying a ramp but it was too heavy and awkward, so I spent a bit more to get it. My 10 year old German Shepherd does a wonderful job with it. The steps are worth every penny.

👤My 100# yellow lab is doing great thanks to the steps. It took a few treats to get her to use them. You can teach an old dog new tricks. She easily gets into and out of my 4Runner. I have to block her way so she can use the stairs because she still wants to jump in and out. I like how they fold up and fit into the back of my car. The product was very well made.

👤It is too slippery for our dog to walk up. She tried to get something to make it easier for her to get in the back of the SUV. It was too steep for her to go down if it had rubber or a non-slip surface. Our small dog was unable to navigate it due to its slippery surface. Very disappointed.

👤Where has this been all my life? My dog goes up and down with ease because it is so easy to use. My dog is not being lifted into the back of my SUV. We put a small pad over the edge so we don't ding up the bumper, but we are not sure if that is necessary. It's a back saver and we were very happy to find it.

5. PetSafe Solvit PupSTEP HitchStep Hitches

PetSafe Solvit PupSTEP HitchStep Hitches

There is joint protection. Help your dog get in and out of the car by protecting his joints, hips and legs. It's easy to set up. Depending on the height of your vehicle, it can be adjusted in any 2 inch vehicle hitch receiver. There are high-TRACTION steps. The steps give your dog a lot of traction to keep him safe. You can leave the steps in place while you are driving by folding them down and locking them. COMPACT DESIGN. The hitch step is an alternative to a vehicle ramp. It isdurable: Independently safety tested and rated to support pets up to 200 lbs.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I am very happy with the product so far. My German Shepherd was recently diagnosed with elbow dysplasia, which is a rare condition. I bought this so that I wouldn't have to lift him up and then leave the 4Runner. Once my Great Danes slow down with old age and can no longer jump in on their own, I anticipate this saving my back. The three photos I posted show the steps when deployed, stowed away, and with the steps removed. Pull the black pin and swing up to fold the steps. Pull the red pin to remove the steps. The bottom step is on the farthest setting out in my pictures, I believe. The video shows my dog descending the steps. I would recommend these steps for anyone who has a dog with mobility issues or a smaller dog who can't jump up to your SUV.

👤I got a puppy because I have to retire my big guy. The steps are perfect for both because the bottom step is low enough to be used by my old man and the puppy is not afraid to use them. There are a lot of good things about these steps. I'm pretty sure I've sold a dozen of them for the company. My dog was hesitant to use them because of the large gap between the top plate and my bumper, which is only 1 inch. I had to have a welder friend make a top step for me because he fell between the step and my bumper. The company doesn't offer anything in that area. We took the cap off the square tube, and I welded a pipe onto a plate. She slid the pipe down into the tube and ran a bolt through it to keep it in place, but also to make sure the next vehicle I get doesn't have the standard 2 piece receiver. She welded a square leg onto the bottom of the plate to support the weight on it. The plate stays where it is and is out of the way of the steps no matter what position they are in. My dog, a Great Pyrenees, is now confident and can go up and down the steps. It protects my back and joints. I get asked about them all the time by strangers and I always recommend them, but with a note that you may need a top step made if you use a receiver.

👤It works as intended for a short time, and is a good hitch step for your dog. If you have two large-breed dogs who compete to be first in the car, this may not be the best step because the plastic steps are only rated for two-hundred pounds. I had a lot of dog on these steps, and they got quite wobbly with all the weight. Adding an active child to the steps makes them a little unsafe. The knobs were reversed on one of the supports. This was a problem for my child with disabilities because she couldn't use a simple rule like " pull on the black knob to lift the steps and the red knob to extend..." The lower step was getting stuck in the extended or nonextended position, as the sleeve is a great collection point for dirt. You have to remove them with a tool. It's inconvenient to carry a tool in the glove box. The clearance between the bottom step's support rail and the ground is quite low when flipped up. The bottom step support rail hit a rock, and the step support bent so that the step could no longer be pulled. The product designers have a lot of issues to work out. I will be buying something different this time.

6. Maxpama Increased Nonslip Steps Trucks

Maxpama Increased Nonslip Steps Trucks

Sturdy and light. The weight of the pet ramp is only 11.6 lbs, but it's sturdy enough for 150 lbs large dogs, and it's made of high quality steel frame and 1680D Oxford fabric with upgraded non-slip design. The steps are upgraded with double non-slip fabric to prevent pets from slipping. It comes with rubber pads on the bottom for added traction and a carabiner to help protect the stairs on your vehicle. The foldable stairs are designed to help dogs into trucks and SUVs and work well for any situation where your dog needs an extra boost up. Having a set of stairs can help your dog easily access hard-to-reach areas if they are small or have an injury. It is possible to adjust heights and COLLAPSIBLE: The height of the folding stairs can be adjusted to fit the height you need. It's a great fit for any vehicle. With these, your dog can easily walk into any truck or SUV with ease and reach places they couldn't before. maxpama has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let them know if you have any questions and they will make sure to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Brand: Maxpama

👤The pet staircase has changed the game. Trying to get our dogs up and down from the back of a truck has been a challenge. We would have to lift them the rest of the way after they got their paws up on the tailgate. We didn't want them to keep straining themselves while jumping down because it was very hard on their bodies. The tailgate ladder is easy to use. It folds up very easily. It is not difficult to expand all the way out because of the full stair length. My arms don't reach all the way so I have to extend them. The cloth type step material is strong. It doesn't appear that nails are a risk to it. We haven't found a good anchor point to hold it in place. We hold the arms in place on the tailgate so they don't slip off. The arms have a foam on them that makes it easy to slip on. As we use it more, we'll feel more confident in that aspect, but for now, that's the only reason I marked it a 4 star. I am thankful to have a light, slim, and easy option for our pups and I think this ladder will hold up over time.

👤There are a lot of good things about these stairs. My pittie is 65 pounds and needs to get into the back of my car. They are easy to carry around with a strap, but they never leave my vehicle. They're small enough to leave in the cargo area. The material keeps her from sliding, which I was worried about with some of the plastic stairs I found. I noticed that my girl was having a harder time getting in the Jeep when she was tired after our walks. She walks up the steps into the vehicle. The stairs required a small amount of training. I put some small treats on each step to get her up the first two times, and then I held a treat in front of her and told her to go up the stairs again. If you have a vehicle that sits higher, I recommend these stairs.

👤A life saver. I needed this product months ago and couldn't find it on the market, so I bought different ramps that didn't work. I need something to go up to the truck bed for my large dogs, and none of the other brands think of trucks as SUVs. Thank you for resolving my problem. My dog is older, and it's not good for dogs to be jumping in and out at any age, and I can't lift my dogs, so you solved the problem. This product is light to handle and sturdy for large dogs. Big trucks and big dogs are real issues and a great product. Quality made excellant is the best product out there.

👤Stitching in some areas was different. Had to return for a new one. This is the first item we had to pay for. I have never had to do that before.

7. Portable Foldable Aluminum Lightweight Accordion

Portable Foldable Aluminum Lightweight Accordion

Good for dogs with arthritis and knee disease, you can use the stairs to get your dog into the car. Your dog should be protected from knee movements. Also suitable for corgis. A gentle incline will put less pressure on a dog's front and back legs, giving them a secure platform to climb up and down safely or comfortably. The aluminum frame foldable dog stair with the hollow first steps weighs only 8 lbs but is built to last and support up to 150 lbs, while each step is incredibly durable and can endure heavy-duty use. It's not easy to shake the structure when your dog is climbing it's smart engineered 4 steps dog ladder. The slip resistant rubber mat attached to the dog stair frames and bottom makes the stairs steady and provides ultra safety for your pets on slippery places. Double protectation is offered by the safety tether with the carabiner on the tailgate. The wide decks and low angle of ascent are perfect for easy access to tall beds, couches, cars, SUVs or trucks. The foam handle is comfortable and convenient. It is easy to use and multi-function. The dog ladder can be used in many side entry vehicles, such as sedans, SUVs, minivans, trucks, beds, couches, grooming or vet tables. They are easy to carry and store in a convenient size of 15135 inch. LUFFWELL has a one year quality assurance.

Brand: Luffwell

👤If you have a large dog that needs to get into a truck or SUV, these are worth it. My dog used them with no hesitation. He was happy to wait for them to be placed and then walk up the hill. Like normal stairs.

👤135 pound or 150 pound animals attempt to use the canvas/plastic over the flimsy aluminum frame as it cracks and snaps as it is used for the steps. The steps need to be replaced with something that is durable.

👤It's strong enough for Rottweilers and lightweight for old people. If they weighed twice as much. I would still be happy. We use them to load our dogs into their crates in our Honda CR-V and then put them on our bed. The stairs fold/unfold easily, attach securely, and can be stowed in a small area. The stairs at the back hatch and side door are shown in the photos above. I rigged a strap to hold the stairs steady because of the side door opening. Works well. There are other products that cost more and weigh more. These work well for us.

👤I received the Luffwell portable stairs the next day. The SUV is 31" high at the rear entry. The steps are light and easy to use. Behind my front seat is where I keep the steps. I have a 10yr old lab mix who has joint issues due to having lyme disease as a puppy. Picking him up to get into the car was taxing my back and sometimes painful for my dog. These steps are wonderful. He needed some help to use them but after he saw he could do it on his own, he almost went up the stairs. My other 2 dogs are too young to need them until they are older. Happy dog and owner! These steps are recommended by me.

👤We needed something to get our golden retriever out of the car after we switched to a new car. We wanted a sturdy vehicle that wouldn't take up too much space in the vehicle when not in use. The portable pet steps were the answer. It took a couple of days of gentle training, plus her favorite cheese as a reward, but she now goes up/down without hesitation and the steps are stable. Our golden retriever, who is about 80 pounds, has no movement on the steps when she is on them. This product is a great way to get your pet into your vehicle.

👤The stairs are perfect for my Golden to get in and out of the car. I tried a ramp but he wasn't on it. The first time he used the stairs, he used some treats and was very comfortable with them. They're easy to setup, lightweight, and easy to lift in and out of the car. I keep them in the back of my car when my dog is in it. The back of the Crosstrek is reached by the 5 stair step. Would definitely recommend!

8. Zone Tech Foldable Step Stairs

Zone Tech Foldable Step Stairs

The Zone Tech pet stairs are foldable. The stairs are like an accordion. You can easily adjust the height of your ramp to fit your pet's needs. Premium quality. The Zone Tech pet stairs are made with premium quality materials that are pet friendly. Anti-SLIP. The Zone Tech pet stairs have anti slip rubber grips to help keep your pets steady. Extra assurance is provided by the built-in safety fastening to the tailgate. The Zone Tech pet stairs are portable. It can be carried in a 10lb carry-on size. It's convenient for you and your pet. It's easy to clean. The Zone Tech pet stairs are easy to maintain. Simply wipe the stairs with a wet and soapy towel. After that, wipe it clean.

Brand: Zonetech

👤The material that the steps are made of is very slick and my chihuahuas are afraid to use it after the first time they use it. I had to glue the end caps of the piping that forms the frame of the staircase back in place. One of the support arms has rubber foam, but only one of my arms does. If you don't get it perfectly when stretching it out and there isn't much grip on it, it will slide away from what you need it for. I had to use a board on the foot rail of my bed to help me level my bed after I added hot glue to the steps. It could have been better and easier to secure. It's a good item for pet stairs. I hope some fixes come in the future.

👤I was really excited about this. My dog has arthritis in her hips and needs help getting into my SUV. We used it three times before the threading that holds the steps to the joints tore underneath my dogs paw was done. I hadn't been standing there to catch her. I don't use it very much, so I would like a refund. You could use a step that isn't a frame with fabric and just take up the extra space. They needed to be cheap with the threading. Very disappointed.

👤I have a German Shepherd and she used it well. I own a '16 Ford Explorer that has a carabiner that works well on the latch. It is easy to carry with straps.

👤The steps are very easy to open and close, but I had to glue small pieces of carpet on them because the nylon is very slippery for my dog. I don't think it would be good for a hundred pound dog to have these steps.

👤This was a great idea. It was disappointing in practice. My dog twisted and slipped as he went up the stairs. He felt and bumped his jaw. He was ok. I couldn't catch him fast enough to stop my heart. I returned it. The carabiner held it together but it still twisted. My dog is about 60 lbs., and I think the design flaw is that it is not wide enough. It would be much more stable if it were wider. I need something for Mr. Leo to get into the car, but I was scared when he slipped. I have to find another solution.

👤The fabric came undone during the first week. I have to make it with upholstery fabric. Not good.

👤I don't like that the fabric type material flexed when my dog put her feet on it, she felt it give way slightly and became afraid, and also can't use the back door of my jeep, and can't use most parking spots.

👤I think it is too easy to fold and my dog stepped on it and it ripped open. It closed on him. I bought a sturdy one for him, but it broke. The fixed steps would be a good idea over this junk.

9. Petshug Increased Nonslip Adjustable Lightweight

Petshug Increased Nonslip Adjustable Lightweight

The stiffening of the non-sLIP surface has been increased. Petshug develops a new anti-slip layer to enhance the resistance of the fabric, so your dog can get up and down your car. Pets can slip and get injured during climbing. It can support up to 150Lbs large dogs with high-quality metal and thick plastic board added inside of the steps to prevent steps from sagged when climbing. The dog ramp for car is small and portable, it doesn't take much space in a car, great for storage and travel. AJUSTABLE HEIGHT & ANGLE: The pet steps for large dogs are easy to set up. The folded size is 18'' x 6.1'' x 16.1''. The height can be adjusted according to the needs. Good choice for health of animals. These folding pet steps can help elderly dogs and dogs with knee problems get into the car, and protect your best friend from strenuous knee movements. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Petshug is a professional brand, if you have any questions, please contact them. They will make sure to solve your issue quickly.

Brand: Petshug

👤This pet step doesn't work well for some SUV's such as the Yukon or the Tahoe. The vehicle's secondary rise prevents the top step from coming close enough to leave a large gap for your pet to step over. See the photo. This product has a strap that adjusts to limit the amount of steps that can be unfolded, but it is too short to allow for full extension. The package included a bag with screws, a wrench, and plastic parts, but no instructions for how to use them. I have to return it because it is not suitable for my vehicle.

👤I've been debating whether or not to get a set of steps to help me put my dogs in the back seat. I had to try them. Other reviewers are correct when warning about using them for the backseat. It's not an issue with the door itself, my doors open almost 90 degrees, for me it was an issue of the wheel well cutting into the door. My back doors aren't wide enough for the stairs to be able to fit in, it hits the curved portion of the door from the back wheel. I have a car that is not a good buy. I tried my mother's 3 row SUV, which was a no go, but it might work for a pickup or a van. I don't know if I'll return them or try to find another use for them, they are really nice, but they won't work for the application I intended.

👤I bought the pet folding stairs because my older dog can no longer jump up into my vehicle. He uses the stairs a lot. He hated the ramp I bought for him. I wanted to see how the steps worked. What a difference. If you have a big dog, you may want to hold the stairs in place. The steps are very light and well made. I think they're a good choice.

👤The product is light and well made. We have a large golden retriever and the treads of the steps are not deep enough for her, so the whole unit is too steep for her. She won't climb them. We had to return it. It would be good for smaller dogs.

👤The solution for our dog to get on our bed was perfect. It is easy to use and sturdy enough for a big lab. He feels comfortable using them.

👤I have a german shepherd that is 86 lbs. He can't get into or out of the RV. He's too heavy for me to help him. The portable stairs are very nice. They are easy to use and fold up for easy storage. It only took a few minutes for him to try it out. I'm getting a new set for my cat. We need a way for him to reach the window kitty door. The stairs work for that too.

👤My Border Collie is too high for my Dodge Ram 1/2 ton truck, so it was not fit for him. I had to hold onto it because she was frightened of it. I tried to get her to walk on it. She didn't want to do anything with it. She was taught to jump up alongside it because she wanted to go with me, even though I wasn't going to lift her anymore.

10. Niubya Foldable Portable Lightweight Platform

Niubya Foldable Portable Lightweight Platform

There is more substance and resilience. The Niubya folding dog ladder is made from extra thick rustproof metal and is used for vehicle trunks. Only 13 pounds and stable enough to hold 150 pounds of dogs. The stairs for dogs can be folded down to a small box of 17” x 13” x 6” It can be used indoors and outdoors with a handle. Just wipe down with a soapy towel. Avoid injury and get in the car safely. The dog steps have carabiners for securing the stairs to the back of your vehicle, and the bottom foot for stabilizing the steps, which provide more protection for your dog. Protect their knee from injury is the best gift for their pets. AJUSTABLE HEIGHT AND ANGLE: The multiple steps make for a low angle of entry, the open height of the steps is from 22.4" to 24.8" and the length is from 33.1" to 44.9". It's ideal for most cars, trucks, SUVs, and high beds. It is suitable for small to large dogs. The effective incline of this option depends on the actual height of the car's rear bumper, the number of steps chosen, and the variation or number of steps chosen. If you want to enter the back seat side, make sure the door opening clearance is greater than 17.

Brand: Niubya

👤This design isn't the best fit for a large dog. It was wobbly for me and the stairs were slick so be prepared to put peel and stick carpeting squares or something.

👤They would act like they would hang up but there was nothing to hang up on. My dog fell when the safety tether snapped off after the fifth use. There is a Solid steps, not a fabric step with a lot of give. There are foam covers on the car. There is a tether that keeps the steps from sliding away from the vehicle. A small. To carry it, handle straps. I looked for the right set of steps and am really disappointed.

👤These were purchased to help the bay retriever in and out of the SUVs. He doesn't want to use them. We have only been able to get him to use treats one time, because we only used them once. The steps are too narrow and slick for him to use. The D-ring helps steady them and I like it. I'm going to modify them and put some sort of padding on the top surface. They will probably be thrown in the trash.

👤It worked well for us to put our golden retriever in the backseat of our half-seat extended cab truck. The door opening was narrow and the stairs fit in well. The clip held them to the truck frame and stairs. Our dog eagerly entered the truck using the stairs over a dozen times after we gave him a treat for motivation. These are so easy to use that we have used ramps before.

👤The father and daughter have poodles. She understood right away and went up and down the stairs like a champ, she's 10 and has hip issues. Dad has always had learning disabilities and can't figure out the stairs. I can help him up and down because he weighs less than his daughter. The stairs are great for the disabled person, and I am very grateful to have the help.

👤My 106lb Bull Mastiff, who was rated for 150lb, collapsed after stepping on it the first time. Immediately returned it to Amazon. I will be lifting her in and out of the SUV for the foreseeable future.

👤These are extremely flimsy and shouldn't be used for dogs over 20 pounds. They are slippery and steep and there is no safety mechanism to keep them from collapsing when the dog is on them. I had to hold them still and put my foot at the edge so they wouldn't collapse when my dog stepped on them. I snapped my pinkie in half when she stepped on them and I was in the wrong position. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone until they have a safety latch.

👤The item looks like it has been used. It was covered with sand and dust. I have to clean it. It's too short for my car.

11. Lightweight Aluminum Foldable Portable Supports

Lightweight Aluminum Foldable Portable Supports

It is made of high quality aluminum and can support up to 150lb large dogs. Steps have a rubber coating to prevent pets from slipping. Double protection for your pets is offered by safety tether. The steps are easier on your pet's joints than a standard ramp. The dog ladder is portable and easy to set up. It's convenient to store and carry on the go because it can be folded into a compact size. The height and angle of the stairs are adjusted. The closed dimensions are 17 x 13 and 7 x 7. The opening of your side doors should allow for 2” of additional space to be used for the dog ramp. Make sure you review all the measurements before buying to make sure the steps are suitable for your pet. If you don't like your order, you can return it for a full refund. They will buy it back from you if you don't like it.

Brand: Feracci

👤We have a large dog. She will walk to the stairs into the truck if she is encouraged. Storage is easy. It folds up nicely.

👤I have a golden retriever who used stairs in my SUV, but they were too steep for my truck. She is able to get in and out. It is recommended.

👤This works well for Golden getting into Ford. He learned quickly. We had a ramp for his exit. He was unable to go up the ramp. He has a bad leg. This step is perfect. It's easy to fit for truck height. It is easy to store. Doesn't move either. This big dog is very strong. He could use it for exit, but he is used to the ramp. It will be great for RVing.

👤The steps are easy to fold up, but they are not tall enough for my Dodge Ram so the dogs are afraid to go up them.

👤The steps didn't fit the door of my pickup. The steps were wide enough for the backseat door of a Chevy 2500 double cab truck. They were lightweight and easy to store inside your vehicle.

👤It's light, easy to use, takes little space, and my dog feels comfortable using it.

👤The steps work for my dog who is 120 lbs. The steps are easy to use. The construction is made of thin aluminum riveted together. If you have a young heavy dog, they may fail.

👤Love the dog step. The only ramp my dog will go is up or down. It's sturdy and well made, I just hold it up and unfold it. The design is great.


What is the best product for dog steps for cars and suv?

Dog steps for cars and suv products from Maxpama. In this article about dog steps for cars and suv you can see why people choose the product. Zerria and Yep Hho are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog steps for cars and suv.

What are the best brands for dog steps for cars and suv?

Maxpama, Zerria and Yep Hho are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog steps for cars and suv. Find the detail in this article. Niubya, Petsafe and Maxpama are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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