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1. Pet Stairs Durable Outdoor PETMAKER

Pet Stairs Durable Outdoor PETMAKER

The pet stairs are easy to use, and make it easy for your dog or cat to climb on and off furniture, or into and out of a vehicle. The dog or cat stairs are easy to clean and can hold pets up to 40-pounds, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The built-in side rails keep your pet safe while the non-slip foam pads protect your floors. The snap lock feature keeps the steps stable when in use, and the step covers provide better traction. These foldable, compact pet steps are easy to store in the closet, under furniture or in the trunk of your car. The weight capacity is not designed to hold people.

Brand: Petmaker

👤If you can afford it, purchase better made wooden pet steps. I bought this model and it is not safe. It slides out of place because it is too light. It won't stay open while your pet uses it. Let the buyer beware. You get what you pay for. It is obvious that you care about the safety of your pet if you are shopping for this. This isn't the product you want. I did not purchase this to be cheap. I am stuck between food and basic necessities as a senior on social security. My main concern is my pets. Like the needs of children. If you have a bad back like I do, lightweight products can help. My dogs come from homes where they have learned to jump up and down from the floor. My chihuahuas are tiny and frail, so I trained them to climb and not jump. These steps are not safe. If something happened to my dogs, my world would be shattered and it would be easy to preventable. I wish I'd saved my money to buy a more sturdy alternative. The item must be kept in place with a stop. My littlest one was climbing it when it collapsed, so I jammed the legs open. Even though he came through with flying colors, I almost had a heart attack.

👤The price for pet stairs is very reasonable. They have a sliding lock/unlock feature that makes it easy to fold and hide when not needed. I have two older dogs that use them. My heavier guy is not the most balanced and sometimes he slips on the top rung but he is comfortable using them. My older boy jumps off the stairs when his paws don't slide on the plastic, but his paws don't slide on the plastic when his paws don't slide on the plastic. I think placing a rug beneath the stairs will help it feel more stable. Good purchase!

👤It was a useful pet step for our maltipoo. He has a hard time getting up to sit with my wife because of his short legs. It was easy to set up and use, but he found the steps folding as he climbed them. It took me a while to get a round to it, so I looked for a replacement. I didn't find anything I wanted to spend the money on. I bought some nuts, bolts and washers. The plastic of the hinge was drilled and bolted to the operating position. The dog still sometimes tips it over as he climbs. These are a good size for us. They do the job well. I can't recommend them unless your dog is a fighter.

👤My big boy cat with bad hips uses these with ease, as do all of our other cats. If you think you know how to make it, look and read the instructions. The lock on the back of the top step is secure. If you have trouble with the lock on the outside, just try my easy solution. I had trouble using the slides on the back of the top step to lock the legs because they were on the outside. Simple solution. Make sure the legs are straight, then use your hand to open the locks. Just make sure. The little chandeliers are on the lock, and they will go right. It is very easy to enter and will lock securely. I don't want my pet family to be injured, so I make sure to place the steps against your chair, sofa, bed, and other furniture as the instructions show. The steps are on the carpeted floor. If the steps seem to slide, you may want to put a rubber mat under them. I have different steps for my pets in a different room, so I have never had a problem with sliding. My pets have used pet steps for a long time, if your pet has never used steps, just take some time and work with to show them that going up and down is not a scary thing and no time will get accustomed to the steps. Make sure the steps you buy are appropriate for your pet. The non skid mats that come with the steps are easy to install, peel the back of the step to make sure there is no bubbles, and make sure the pad is securely in place. I only had a small amount of bubbles on one step. You had to rub it with. I will DEFINITELY purchase this brand again if I need another pair in the bedroom, we may be getting a new pet family member in the near future, and if I need another pair in the bedroom I will DEFINITELY purchase this brand again.

2. Topmart Stairs Non Slip Plastic Animals

Topmart Stairs Non Slip Plastic Animals

The cover is made of soft faux Cashmere fabric, which has a strong friction, and pets will not slide down the stairs. The dog steps are not safe from slipping on the floor with the 6 non-slip small round pads. The dog stairs are lightweight and portable, they are made of high strength plastic, and it can easily be moved to where you need it. Due to the size of the dog stairs, they recommend it for pets weighing less than 25 lbs. It is easy to assemble and install. The cover is machine washed. Small pets can reach higher places in your home with the help of dog stairs. The soft cover helps reduce the strain on your pet's joints when they jump up and down on furniture. Extra send: pet gloves, a dog rope toy, and a toothbrush can help to clean your pet's teeth, and can help to stop bad biting.

Brand: Topmart

👤There were no non-stick items included. The steps are very light. When my dog tried to use it, it slid out from under him and he crashed to the floor. Very dangerous. At least the dog can assess and navigate, rather than expect security, so no assistance would be safer. Unless you have the skills to mount it securely to the floor, don't buy this.

👤Not strong at all. I have two miniature dachshunds and one is afraid of the stairs. The flimsy stairs push away when he jumps off onto the bed or floor, which scares him. They shake and jiggle under the younger pup when she runs up or down them. The stairs are not able to support either of the small dogs. There are cheap frames made of plastic and cloth.

👤These stairs are very flimsy and are for a small dog. My 13 lbs dog makes the stairs bow out and slide everywhere when I put the stairs together myself. I wouldn't recommend a dog over 7 lbs.

👤The well-written, well-illustrated instructions made it easy to put together these pet stairs. The seller included a couple of small, related gifts in the package as a nice extra touch. The cover is light but it fits well. I will update this review if I have trouble with the cover. I have the steps on a vinyl plank floor and the circles seem to be doing the job. I think this is a good product. I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend this seller.

👤Over the years, I have had three of these. Excellent for small dogs. It can slip away from the couch on hardwood floors. You have to push it back now and then. It is easy to clean and assemble. 3 and 4 year olds can climb up and down, but not jump on it. I don't allow anyone to sit on it. My dachshunds took to it after being shown how to use it both up and down. If they are still available several years away, I will buy another one.

👤It's easy to put together. It's good for a small dog. Not intended for large dogs. I have a small dog and he likes the stairs. It helps him get out of the bed. There is a plastic frame with a cloth cover on the stairs. It is easy to clean. It wouldn't work for anything over 20 lbs.

👤These are perfect. Like them more than the furry ones. They are sturdy for my puppy and don't get dirty. She could go up them at 5 weeks if she was a mid size dog. It is easy to clean. Step pads should not fall off.

👤It has round stickers on the bottom to keep it from moving on its own. Its light weight makes it easy to move from room to room. I put it on my hardwood floors.

3. Furhaven Pet Furniture Dogs Cats

Furhaven Pet Furniture Dogs Cats

It was designed for marginality. The multi-step pet stairs are designed to help pets get to and from places of elevation, such as tall beds, sofas, recliners, and chairs, which are the perfect mobility solution for small, aging, and physically disabled pets. It is permissible to convert. The assembly kit and instructions can be used to convert the 3-step pet stairs into a 2-step form factor. Walking face: The platforms are lined with soft faux fur that is gentle on noses and paws. Gray; 3-Step, 17.7" x 15.75" x 22" There are available VARIANTS. The dog stairs are available in Brown, Cream, and Gray. Easy care. For more specific cleaning instructions, please refer to the hang tag and/or seam label. Customer Assurance: The product comes with limited coverage against material defects and may also qualify for their Worry-Free Program, but purchases from unauthorized 3rd-party sellers may not be covered by Furhaven.

Brand: Furhaven

👤Our cat is old. She was never a good jumper, even when she was a kitten, and she's getting worse at it now. We keep a table with a bed in the window so she can look out. We used to have a chair next to it for her to jump on, but that was becoming too difficult for her. The stairs fit the bill perfectly. She was trained in about 30 seconds because of the treats on each step. Some people are saying that the faux fur is slick. It is not an issue for our cat, but I can see where it could be an issue for some pets. It's rock solid. One review said the steps were wobbly. I'm not sure if they put the steps on the wrong side. I loosened the bolts until they were all together, then tightened them up and was very impressed with the strength. You can see the bolts on the steps. You should be able to see that in the picture I posted. There was a small problem during assembly. There is a sticker on the bottom of the base that says "front." The sticker fell off the base. I looked at the images on Amazon and decided which way it was going. Assembly took no more than 10 minutes. The cat is spending a lot of time in the window. I think I got more than my money's worth out of this on the first day. Princess is over 16 years old, and still uses this staircase several times per day.

👤Excellent product! Cami likes to hide under the bed when I have visitors, and I have my bed up on risers for more storage. Being 20 lbs and 15 years old makes jumping difficult. Shes a big cat and before I added the risers she looked so small. The problem was fixed by the risers. How to get her to sleep with me at night? They looked perfect when they were found online. I read negative reviews about the base, but I had no problem with it, sturdy as can be, and the quality of fur used is great. It will hold up for a long time. I don't agree with all of the negative reviews. The stairs are very sturdy. They have five stairs that are up to 25 inches. I couldn't find one like this anywhere. In the 3rd picture, you can see the stairs to the right, which is a big steamer chest I put in front of my window so Cami can watch the birds and get warmed by the sun. Cami can walk onto the top of the steamer chest if she goes up three stairs, turns to the left and then walks onto the stairs. Again, no jumping involved. It was perfect for her. The people complained about theeepness of the stairs. Cami had no problem using them on the first day I installed them, they are not too steep. She runs down them and walks up them. So cute. I was able to apply Cabin Coupon to my stair purchase, bringing the total down to $35.00, because I had banked $12.00 for online shopping. Thank you for making a quality product at a reasonable price. I live on Social Security Disability and this was a blessing to me. Purchase this product and your animals will love it.

4. Topmart Non Slip Stairs Density Ladder

Topmart Non Slip Stairs Density Ladder

The pet ramp is packed in a vacuum compression package and it takes a while to rebound after opening. If the product is not high enough, please wait for it to rebound completely. It can fully rebound after a few days, depending on the temperature and how fast it rebound. The steps are 15.75in x 7.85in. Their dog stairs are great for older dogs who are less mobile as they age. If you want to reduce the strain on your pet's joints, you should use more wide and deep steps. The cover of the pet's toy is more slippery than other covers. Stair dimensions are 23.6 in. L x 15.7 in. W x 15.7 in. H. Color Grey. There is a foam pet stair. There is no skid bottom surface. The use of the stair does not affect the back of the stair. The stair cover is easy to clean. 30D high density foam is used for the stair, it is not easy to lose shape. Pets weighing less than 60 pounds are recommended. Dog Rope Toy for chewing and playing.

Brand: Topmart

👤I had a plastic stair step unit for my couch, but my two dachshunds have arthritis and it makes it hard for them to go up and down. I thought the depth of each step was smaller and the foam on their legs would be better. Both my dogs use the steps after I put it down. It has a cover that zips over the hard foam so you can wash it whenever you need to. The price to me is high, but I will buy whatever helps my babies get around easier.

👤This is great for my 4 lbs. The dog. I thought he wouldn't use the ramp, but he did! It took a few tries but he is walking confidently. The quality is very good, and it looks great in my living room. It was a bit pricey. I have no regrets about buying this ramp. I compared it to other products and it was the best value.

👤Within a few hours, the steps inflated. The chair my frenchie can't jump up on anymore is perfect height. I put cookies on each step. The steps are nice and deep and didn't scare him the way normal steps do. Success!

👤We have used carpeted steps before. I wanted a design that would be easier for the dogs to use when they travel. There are steps. The dogs are a little difficult to go up. The Coton and Westie use them easily after a week of coaching. Highly recommended for small dogs.

👤The steps are lightweight and sturdy for me to use. They have a gentle rise which makes it easy for my senior pups to use them. I was looking for a ramp but found this product instead. It takes up less space and is more attractive.

👤Well made and smart. I wanted the stairs to be firm yet soft. My dog took them to get up and down from the couch. The cover is easy to clean. I haven't needed the lint brush yet. Very happy with the purchase.

👤The fabric is the cheapest they could find and the zip is junk. This is likely to be made for 3-4 dollars and not worth much more. I was not happy with the packaging and how it arrived. I expected more for the price.

👤We got a puppy and she insisted on getting into our bed. She was too small to jump. We bought this because it works great. It took about three hours for it to inflate. I guess it's the word. It was fully extended so that it could be used. I guess they packed it for packing purposes. Over a period of time it expands. We put the steps in between the wall and the bed. There is no movement in this way. We tried it on the side of the bed. It was a little rocky. We were able to sandwich it between the wall and the end of our bed, and it worked perfectly.

5. Pet Stairs Removable Non Slip PETMAKER

Pet Stairs Removable Non Slip PETMAKER

The soft micro fiber cover is easy to clean and has a non-slip bottom and back. The foam insert can be vacuumed. Their foam is very comfortable for your pet. The quality design is balanced for traction and function. The steps are light and portable. You can either take them with you when you travel or move around the house as needed. It's recommended for smaller dogs, cat or puppies 25 lbs or less. The dimensions are 16 inches by 15 inches and 12 inches by 12 inches.

Brand: Petmaker

👤My senior cat likes these stairs. She uses it all the time and I will likely buy a few more for her and my apartment. This is perfect for her because she is 17 years old. She doesn't hurt herself jumping up on the couch or the bed.

👤My dog is 16 years old and can no longer jump up on the couch. I was worried about the material being foam, but it holds up. If you really wanted to knock someone out, the foam is strong. The steps have not fallen over despite my dog hopping up them. It's easy to keep clean and easy to move. Absolutely worth the purchase.

👤The picture is not real. This is so small that a baby cat or chihuahua could use it. My dog could easily jump over it since it's so short. He can't actually walk up the steps because they are so short.

👤The material is soft but firm and you can wash it. He's a big boy and is my "little" Pomeranian. I have a low platform bed, but he has a hard time jumping up because he is nine and a half years old. He has a lot of anxiety when he has to try something new. We are training him to go up and down the stairs with treats. The stairs are narrow and the steps aren't as wide as I would like. I can't complain because they are the same measurements that were quoted on Amazon. I like them. I think they are great for small dogs. I give them four stars.

👤I don't fault them for that because they are smaller than I anticipated, but I do fault them for not looking at the dimensions better. My dog has to leap from the last step to the mattress because they don't reach the full height of the bed. They are very light. I bought these for my small 10lb dog, and they slip around when he tries to use them. They had to be squeezed between the doorstop and the wall. My larger dogs run into them and move them around. Maybe you could squeeze them between something or stick them to the floor with something. If your dog likes chewing, these would be destroyed very quickly. The foam-like material is soft, which was my initial concern. My dog is very picky when it comes to putting his feet on certain surfaces, but these feel great and he didn't have any doubts about using them. They are not slippery and provide a nice texture for my senior pup who is a little off balance. If you can take steps to make sure these are sturdy, they will be great for you. If your pet likes to chew or if you have kids that might knock them out of place, I wouldn't buy these.

👤Don't buy this product! The middle step caved in after 3 months of use. The product is rated for dogs up to 25 pounds, which is more than my 18 pound bichon frise. Amazon suggested contacting the manufacturer due to the 1 month warranty. They were unwilling to give me a refund. They wouldn't stand behind their product. I think'satisfaction guaranteed' doesn't mean anything.

6. Density Stairs Non Slip Ladder Disabled

Density Stairs Non Slip Ladder Disabled

The dimensions of the dog Stair are 28.5" L x 15.7" W x 20.5" H. To help older and injured dogs, their dog ramp are deeper and wider than traditional foam dog stairs, and the cloth cover made of corduroy increases the friction when your pet uses them, ensuring that your pet will not slip when using them. The pet steps will regain their shape within 24 hours after opening the vacuum compression package, but it may take up to 48 hours to regain its shape when the temperature is low. Please contact them if the foam doesn't regain its shape. The soft cloth cover can provide a better touch for your pet, and the machine washable cloth cover can be easily removed. A pet hair removal roller can help you deal with hair on clothes.

Brand: Retezoo

👤It is not stable after three days in a warm house. My pups are used to ramps and it makes them look at me to lift them up rather than use it. They will put a foot up and then back off. It was expensive to be useless.

👤I wouldn't buy again. The kewpie is broken. I haven't used it yet.

7. Topmart Density Non Slip Injured Suitable

Topmart Density Non Slip Injured Suitable

The dog ramp is packed in a vacuum compression package, so make sure to open all of the packages before use, the sponge will come in contact with the air, and it will take time to rebound after opening. It can fully rebound after a few days, depending on the temperature and how fast it rebound. Older dogs who are less mobile as they age or cats with injuries can use the dog stairs. It's helpful to have more wide and deep steps for reducing the strain on your pet's joints when jumping up and down onto the bed. The cover of the pet's toy is more slippery than other covers. The pet ramp dimensions are 15.7". L x 15.7" W x 11. A foam pet stair and soft cover. There is no skid bottom surface. The use of the stair does not affect the back of the stair. The stair cover is easy to clean. 30D high density foam is used for the stair, it is not easy to lose shape. Pets weighing less than 60 pounds are recommended. The dog rope toy is for chewing and playing. The best gift for your pet is a ramp.

Brand: Topmart

👤I bought these stairs to replace the foam stairs I use for my two small senior dogs. I bought these because of the stairs' measurements. The height. My dogs are 14 and 12 years old and both have vision problems. They were supposed to be able to get up and down easier. It is not possible to stretch this to make it come close to 11” that it is advertised as. The height from the bottom stair to the front of the upper stair is not 3.9” It is more like 3. Quality is not worth a penny over $25 The cover doesn't fit properly and since the foam is rolled tightly into a cylinder form to ship it in the smallest box ever, the foam is warped. I have a hard time believing that the machine that cut the foam wasn't properly set up because the cover clearly wouldn't fit the stairs if they were the true size as advertised. Unless that same machine also stitches the covers. It doesn't smell of harsh chemicals and they threw in a lint roller brush. I don't know if I'm keeping or tossing. I paid a lot of money for this thing and am angry. So buyer beware.

👤It only comes halfway up my standard size couch, bit to the seat as in the picture, and is rounded and shaped so my dog can't use it at all. I'm returning it.

👤The back part of the steps didn't expand all the way. I would have given it 5 stars.

👤My chihuahuas were able to get on the sofa because of the steps. I don't have to worry about stubbing a toe. It's easy to clean and firm enough to hold their weight.

👤It works at the end of the couch. The climb and dismount on her bones are easy because she is small. Toe friendly for humans.

👤There is material hanging off the foam. This is a mistake buying this. Time and energy are wasted. It should be removed from the market. You should be able to give no stars.

👤It was as advertised.

👤I bought this for my dog and didn't return it. It isn't worth the money I paid.

8. Etna 3 Step Storage Stairs Upholstered

Etna 3 Step Storage Stairs Upholstered

Pets can reach the bed, couch, chair, and window seat with the help of the 3-step pet steps. The top step is 14 3/4" high, so your pet can easily use the steps to climb up into bed or cuddle on your lap. It's ideal for elderly pets and people with hip problems because each step rises about five feet. There is added storage. Each step has a padded top that opens up to reveal additional storage space that's perfect for keeping pet toys, treats, blankets, extra linens, or just about anything else. It is possible to accommodate even large dogs with the Sturdy fiberboard construction can support up to 100 pounds. The steps are wide enough to hold a stable footing. FOLDING DESIGN - Steps fold flat for easy storage and make moving from room to room, packing on vacations, and transporting for trips easier. The design and fabric match any decor.

Brand: Etna

👤My dog destroyed it. Cheap fabric over cardboard. Don't buy it.

👤I bought two for my dog. She uses them with ease now. It took a couple weeks for her to not run up them, but now she walks up and down like a normal person. We used it at families homes and hotels when we took one on a few trips and it worked out great. We put her toys in the house to get them out of the way. They are better than I thought and look better next to our couch or bed. I think we saved our Pom from hurting herself as she would beg me to pick her up if she wouldn't jump. I bought this because bending over is nearly impossible and I don't have to call my boyfriend to help her up either.

👤The lowest lid came apart on the first day and the dogs didn't even use it, they walked by and brushed against it. By the end of two weeks, the small stair had come off the rest of it and is dangerous, and another lid had come apart. They used to build it with staplers. I would give it a -5 star rating. The dogs have used it before. None of them weigh more than 25 lbs. I should have returned it. I was hoping that I could fix it. I didn't know that I would be out $40.

👤The steps are too narrow for my dog to walk up on them. I think they're not wide enough for my weight.

👤I had to load the interior down with books and then attach it to my bed to make it sturdy enough for my dog to use it. She avoids it whenever possible. The waste of money.

👤I use it at night to get my cat into the bed. The stairs are dark. He's too scared to use the stairs now that he missed them twice. My cat can have his paws on the stairs at the same time as he climbs up if the steps are not deep. It did not work for me.

👤I took a lot of thought before committing. I searched for cat stairs/ramp at local drug stores, Target, Walmart and Wayfair. I knew I had to find the perfect fit for my cat, he has a bad back leg and is a large Garfield lasagne eating cat. These are perfect. A small storage bin is included in each step. They can be moved on the side of the bed. My bed is a king size bed with a floor to top of 30 inches.

👤It is so flimsy that I barely hit it, after I toed my toe on it, the entire bottom step came off.

9. PetSafe CozyUp Pet Steps Lightweight

PetSafe CozyUp Pet Steps Lightweight

Continuation cuddle time: Use the steps to help your best friend climb up on the sofa or bed, all by themselves, to improve quality time together. Safety test for gun safety. The steps are rated to support pets up to 70 lbs. Nonskid feet, fabric tread covers, and siderails keep the steps from moving and your pet from sliding when using them to get on and off furniture. There are four steps in L X 16 in W X 20 in H. The PetSafe pet steps are made in the United States. They are available Monday through Saturday to answer your questions.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I ordered the stairs for my dog to help him get up onto the couches and our bed. He doesn't like the stairs because they are too narrow for his short legs. I get it, but I'm disappointed. He wants a ramp. I wanted to address a burning question that I had before I ordered the stairs. I asked if the stairs stack when not in use to make storage easier, but three different people said no. They stack, which makes them easy to move around and store. Yes, they do.

👤It is worrisome for small dogs that are timid to use the narrow stairs. It's light weight makes it topple over for small dogs that try to run right up. I have five small dogs and none of them will use it.

👤My little Maltese is very fond of the stairs. Our older Maltese has recently passed away. We are trying to make our little one more comfortable in the house. She can't get enough of the bed because we have given her full access. Look at that smile! They are strong too. I have a dog. I can see how big dogs would use it. A great price and a great product. Comes assembled as well.

👤Our rescue dog is about 8 years old and will be having difficulty jumping up and down from our very high bed using only an ottoman at the foot of the bed. We bought the stairs to make sure he didn't have joint and spine issues. There are only two minor issues with these steps so far. 1. The steps are too shallow for a small dog. Our dog skips the first and third steps because his stride is too long. 2. Our dog has to leap from the last step onto the bed because the top stair is lower than the mattress. I realize that a custom designed and built staircase would be more expensive and take more space than we have, but that's not true. I'm very content with the steps. We are using pet snacks as rewards to teach him how to safely navigate these steps.

👤I was expecting something a bit sturdier, but I wasn't expecting something fantastic. This is wobbly on the carpet and shifts under the dog as she jumps. She is afraid to use them after the first few tries. The plastic is very lightweight and it just wobbles side to side, not that the steps slide away. The dog is 15 lbs. These wiggle too much for a small amount of weight. If the dog was older and slower, he might have walked up them instead of jumping. These would work better. I think we wasted our money.

👤One of the lower-end steps for dogs. I got this one because my dog is old and may not need it for a long time. I wondered if she could learn, but with a few training treats I put on each step, she learned in about an hour. She is a pug mix. It was easy. The non-stick pads arrived in the mail after I notified the company that I did not have the non-slip pads. This is a functional one, even though it isn't folding. That doesn't matter to me. I'll sell this one when my dog dies. I don't intend to get another dog as old as I am. Why spend more than this on the stairs? This one is great.

10. Yamxot Density Stairs Non Slip Disabled

Yamxot Density Stairs Non Slip Disabled

The dimensions are 15.7" L x 15.7" W x 11.8" H. To help older and injured dogs, their dog ramp are deeper and wider than traditional foam dog stairs, and the cloth cover made of corduroy increases the friction when your pet uses them, ensuring that your pet will not slip when using them. The pet steps will regain their shape within 24 hours after opening the vacuum compression package, but it may take up to 48 hours to regain its shape when the temperature is low. Please contact them if the foam doesn't regain its shape. The soft cloth cover can provide a better touch for your pet, and the machine washable cloth cover can be easily removed. A pet hair removal roller can help you deal with hair on clothes.

Brand: Yamxot

👤Our puppy needs to be able to get onto the sofa by herself, so we bought the pet stairs. This product arrives with a protective cover that protects it from being chewed by pets, and it looks like a hunk of white foam rubber. The cover is very durable and very attractive. The cover is difficult to fit over the foam rubber, but once it is done, it looks great. The stairs are the perfect size for a pet to get from the floor to a chair and our puppy was adjusted quickly to using it. We found an optional use for this product. Move the steps out from the sofa to prop up your feet once your pet is settled. No one slides on them. They're more comfortable than a coffee table. I would highly recommend this product.

👤I bought two and both have stained covers. I don't have time to return because they were delivered two days late and my dog was diagnosed with disc disease. Very disappointed.

11. MEJYJEM Density Stairs Non Slip Ladder

MEJYJEM Density Stairs Non Slip Ladder

Dog stairs are different from pet ramps. The slope angle design is convenient for young puppies, injured dogs, and old dogs. The product size is 23.6 in. L x 15.7 in. W x 15.7 in. The dog can move up and down safer because of the H Slope non-slip design. It is easy to assemble and clean. The stairs are made of foam. There is no need to worry about bumps or the safety of pets because the rebound foam stairs are stable. The stair cover is machine-washable and non-slip. Their slope stairs are vacuum compressed. The foam will bounce into the shape of a staircase after the film is disassembled. Depending on the temperature, it takes 22-40 hours to fully rebound to the maximum size. Pets weighing less than 50 pounds are suitable. It's easy to match colors. The stairs are designed in gray and the simple colors are easy to match in the living room and bedroom.

Brand: Mejyjem

👤She will hit the top on her own if you look at her tail wag. There are two kids at my work studio. Last night, I moved it. Lucy was up and down that thing a lot by this morning. She loves a blankie on the couch, but she also has a bed under my desk that is a favorite spot of hers. This doesn't have "extreme" steps that take up a lot of space, and it still doesn't take up a lot of space.

👤We got a new dachshund puppy after our 17 year old dachshund died. I was able to see the pressure on her upper body when I raised her using steps. The ramp is the length of a queen size bed. I have a ramp in the bedroom that I use to use the steps for the couch. Our puppy was on the steps. She is only 3 lbs but the steps are wobbly. She tries to keep pulling foam apart as a part of the seem on the cover has been torn. I want to throw them away. I am trying to find out if there is a cover that I can buy. I haven't been able to find one yet. I think it is time to start with other options.

👤This ramp is what I was looking for. A young cat we adopted recently had a rear leg removed and a healed spine injury, and as a result uses his front legs to get around and push his remaining rear leg. He can't land for shit, but that doesn't stop him from jumping off things. We got this to help us climb up on the couch, but also to catch him when he cowabungas off the arm of the couch. The foam structure is great for that and is holding up well after 2 months, and the stair/ramp design is perfect for a little dude like him that just slides down it. He loves it and is making better life choices to use the ramp for his dismount rather than trying to get the best deal.

👤I own a chaweenie. She is small, long and a bit of a muffin with a touch of diva. She didn't like the shallow steps and the steep ramps, so I've tried other products. The steps are made of foam and the cover slips on easily. It seems like a step/ ramp hybrid. She has to jump up onto the bed because it is so high. It is more doable now. She will use it to get down from the bed. She is getting up there after having a knee replacement. I need something to help my baby. It is complete necessity. I kick it on the side of the bed. My guide in the dark is okay with kickable foam. We are going to keep another one by the couch. I could just keep moving the other one, but let's be realistic.

👤My 11 year old bi dog has arthritis in her hips and hind legs and is unable to jump up. She couldn't seem to manage the other ramps and stairs that I tried. I have been lifting her up. This item arrived. It didn't measure up as advertised. I went back to read the instructions. When it arrived at our house, it was very cold. Instructions say to take it out of the box and leave it alone for 24 hours to allow it to expand. After a couple of lessons, my daughter is finally able to get up and down off the sofa by herself after the cover was expanded. Both of us are very happy with this.


What is the best product for dog stairs?

Dog stairs products from Petmaker. In this article about dog stairs you can see why people choose the product. Topmart and Furhaven are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog stairs.

What are the best brands for dog stairs?

Petmaker, Topmart and Furhaven are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog stairs. Find the detail in this article. Petmaker, Retezoo and Etna are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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