Best Dog Shoes for Medium Dogs

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1. QIAONIUNIU Waterproof Skidproof Protectors Pavement

QIAONIUNIU Waterproof Skidproof Protectors Pavement

The waterproof boots are easy to clean, keep the paw dry and warm, and are lined with sharpa. The rubber sole is foldable. The dog shoes are easy to put on and off because of the opening at the back ankle. Always stay on under the premise of choosing the right size, with a strap, freely adjust the tightness as needed. Dog booties are great in the winter to protect your dog's paws from the salt and keep them from sliding on ice. Good Halloween Christmas Gifts for Dogs - the dog boots are cute, keep dogs feet dry in the snow, and encourage them to stay out a bit longer during cold/wet weather. If you have a small dog that lives in a cold or wet place, you should get them a pair of these. You will not regret it. If you don't know how to choose the size, they can help you choose. If you didn't like their service, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Qiaoniuniu

👤If your dog is like mine, be careful. The boots are comfortable. Don't misunderstand me. My dog's front feet are bigger than his back feet, and I measured one of them like the diagram said. The boots fit perfectly on the front. They are too large on the back. He shakes them off on the back. It would be better if you could order two different sizes.

👤So cute! Since we live in South Dakota, our dog doesn't like cold feet. These were bought to protect her feet from the cold. I'm curious to see how long they last.

👤The boots are thick and warm. I have a dog. He didn't like going to the bathroom in the snow. I put his boots on and went out to do his business. Definitely recommend buying these.

👤My dog hates them. He has never liked anything on his feet. It is hard to get his paws into the boot because it is so deep. I will have to return because it is impossible for me to put them on all the way correctly.

👤These work well. You have to be sure you have the paw in the boot. The first couple times I didn't. We lost a few boots on our walk. They do the job once you get the hang of it. My dogs paws are protected. When the snow is melting and slushy, I purchase rubber paw protectors to use with the boots. I was not sure how waterproof the boots would be. I haven't had any issues so far. My dog doesn't like wearing them, but once we are walking she is fine.

👤The dog boots are cute. At first my dog was funny, but after 10 minutes he got used to them. Very stylish. The boots have fur on them. My dog's feet are covered with straps. I would recommend them. The size chart is recommended. I went with the size I chose and my dog's feet fit.

👤These are very effective at keeping snow off of our feet, but they tend to come off in deep snow. Our little guy doesn't mind having them put on, even though he hates them. They are comfortable. He sounds like a little horse running up the sidewalk, I love how they make a clippity-clop sound.

👤The leg size did not match the foot part of the boots. The dog we have is medium-sized, but we ordered the big one because of her foot. We couldn't get the boot on her foot because it was too small. The larger sizes would probably not fit, so we are returning the sandals for a refund. The boots look really nice, but it is unfortunate that they are too small.

👤I ordered the XS for my dog. They are made of soft leather and have a fur lining. The rubber bottoms have small bumps to make them anti slip. She doesn't have to worry about her toes being cramped by the Velcro. My Chi will get used to it once she masters walking in them. She likes to be warm, and loves her coats and sweaters. The boots were delivered on a Sunday. Thanks for the cute boots!

2. PawZ Rubber Booties Waterproof Protection

PawZ Rubber Booties Waterproof Protection

There are 7 sizes of PawZ rubber dog boots. If you have any questions about which size would work best for your pup, please reach out to them. Their dog booties are the perfect all weather dog accessory, they are waterproof for winter snow, heavy rain, pavement heat and muddy terrain, and come in packs of 12. They are the perfect hiking boots for dogs. They make great rain boots and keep your home clean. They offer heat protection for paws. The rubber booties are durable and last for multiple wears before they need to be replaced. Each pack comes with 12 dog boots and a preventative slip dog sock. Before purchasing, please consult the SIZING CHART. The dog shoe size chart is for dogs. The sizes tend to be small, so you should go the size up on a purchase. Their disposable dog boots are made from natural rubber from a rubber tree, which is 100% eco-friendly. When a dog boot wears out, you simply toss it, and the waterproof dog shoes are easy to clean.

Brand: Protex Pawz

👤I bought these for my elderly tri-pawed lab mix to give him more traction. I bought the large hoping they wouldn't be too snug. They are balloons. The opening of the shoe was not wide enough to fit my dog, even though the size was supposed to. The balloon part was much larger than my dog's paw. I put them on for the first time and took them off five minutes later. We left them on for a few hours the next day because they seemed to help his traction. I will never forgive myself for not checking more often. My dog's paws were swollen to twice their size when I took the shoes off. We spent a sleepless night getting my dog medical attention. The shoes were thrown into the trash. I couldn't justify any dog wearing these for more than five minutes because they are too tight. This product is dangerous. This product would be recalled in a heartbeat if my dog had been a baby. Do not buy.

👤My dog has been wearing paws for 12 years. She protects her feet from salt and ice. They keep our floors clean. My dog has good grip with them on and no issues slipping unless it's a major ice storm with icy side walks and I slip, but she does better than I do. We live in a condo and she wears her paws 4 times a day. She is 10 pounds and wears X- Small. They can be easily stretched with room for the toes. She never had an issue with her nails. She gets her nails done every few weeks. I put them on by holding her "belly up" in my lap and giving her a belly rub after putting her jumper or sweater on. I open them wide and stick them on. The belly rub method is recommended for big dogs. She has traveled to the Aspen Mountains many times with us. When they get dirty or start to wear out, simply dispose of them. Even though they look like balloons, they are not. Best product ever!

👤These are not the same as the ones I bought at the store. They slipped off twice in one day. I lost the first pair because they slipped off. They are the same size. They are not like the ones I bought. The PAWZ logo is not as pronounced on the rubber as before. It looks like a bad knock-off. I wouldn't recommend it. I bought the legit PAWZ product at the store. I expected the same quality. The top and bottom of the picture are the ones I received from Amazon and the one I purchased at a pet store. The shape, color, and PAWZ logo are different.

👤For the price, I figured it out. Salt and sand are spread on the roads in the winter in order to keep them safe. I was worried that my fur kids wouldn't wear them because I would spend a lot of money on them. I bought these in hopes that my fur kids would tolerate something on their feet. I don't know if I ordered the right size as the booties are a little snug. They are not the easiest thing to get on the paws, but once they are on they stay put. My dogs seem to like them. I had someone help me put them on, and then we let them walk around the house to get used to them. They were fine once they got used to them. My dogs go off a little bit into the woods when they walk on the street, but they are thick and durable. No tears after the second walk. Their paws were clean when we got home, which is a plus.

3. Hcpet Protector Breathable Reflective Waterproof

Hcpet Protector Breathable Reflective Waterproof

The width is 1.29 inch for 6.6-11.2 lbs. Great for a poodle, Bichon Frise, Miniature pinscher, Standard Schnauzer, and other dogs. The method is to place your pet's paws on paper, then mark the width of the paws, including the toes and nails. Pick the right size for your puppy from the picture size chart. The PAW PROTECTION is for animals. Protection from thorns and hot pavement can be obtained by wearing a pet paw. The non-slip sole protects your pet's feet from broken rocks, snow, rain, and keep the cute dog paws clean. Keep puppies safe. Ensure your pet dog walks safely at night with the 3M reflective stripe dog shoes. The shoes can fall off the dog's claws if the straps are not tightened. There are cute dog bowties, but they are not waterproof, so they are not suitable for walking. Their pets wear dog shoes to protect their furniture. BREATHABLE, COMFORTABLE, AND DURABLE: The mesh fabric can keep your dog's paws dry and comfortable, and it has high ventilation. A wide opening with a smooth zipper can be put on or taken off, and an inner safe furguard can prevent your puppy's fur from getting stuck.

Brand: Hcpet

👤I have been buying booties for my dog for years and most of them were one time or three time wear, which made them easy to misplace, and they were easy to destroy from hiking. They don't stick because of the amount of time and effort put on. I ordered a set from this brand. Zip it up and secure the bootie with the strap, it came as scheduled and was easy to slip on. They stay on all day on tough hikes in the woods and water, and they are so sturdy and durable that they keep her paws and fur intact. I was very impressed. They are very stylish and easy to clean, I think they are heavy duty hiking boots for dogs. There are lots of compliment collected on the trails. They are no longer one time wear. The red set was torn on one wear. I will get more of that set.

👤I ordered a bigger size for my toy poodle because size #1 was too small.

👤He was a pro at getting the treats on time.

👤The style of these shoes is great and the soles are thick. My dog has skinny legs and the shoes don't want to stay on. I may have to return them because I can't get them any tighter around the ankles. If I can get them to stay, that would be great. Let me know if anyone has a suggestion for how to do that.

👤It is sad that I have to return them. It said 1# within 6.6 lbs. I measured outside. I have a 4 lbs dog, most shoes will be bigger for him, but I usually can tighten from the ankle strip. The problem with these shoes is that they are hard, the strips don't make a difference, and my dog's knee can't not bend. My dog walks with shoes on. He can not walk with these boots. You can see how high the boots are in the video. Please fix the design. I want my dog to have them. It is sad that I can't keep them, this is the best quality for dog shoes I have ever purchased.

👤We have been looking for something to use in cold weather and I am writing this to help other people. My 10-pound Yorkie/Poodle mix works well in the snow. She can't walk in snow without these when the temperature is below 20 degrees. We live in the upper midwest and we are at -10 degrees with snow on the ground. Our dog is one of those dogs who have to walk for a while before they want to poop, so carrying her around outside doesn't work. She can do the following in the snow without losing a single bootie if the booties are put on correctly. Run down our driveway off leash, chase squirrels, go off to the side of the road in snow, climb our 3-foot high snow berm, do her post-poop scratch routine, and then go back to her house. The rubber soles on the bottoms of the boots seem to be about the size of a dog. We can't see that these are a quarter-inch thick. We like 1. You have to get a booties with a zip to keep them on. These are very easy to zip up. 2. The fur on the dog's paws can get caught in the zip up. 3. It is necessary for a tight fit to have the long-enough strap around the boot. 4. Our dog's feet are in a natural position when she stands in these. The manufacturer did a great job of making the booties. 5. The extra small size for our 10 pound dog was the result of the color and size choices. 6. The rubber sole gives a good grip on snow. The tips are 1. If you use these for cold weather, you should buy a color that you can see in the snow, not a white or light colored one. If you carry a flashlight, you will see the bootie because of the reflective stripes. 2. If you put these on, make your dog stand on the carpet so that he doesn't slip when you pick up a paw. 3. It is important to have the dog put their paw down after you slip the bootie on so you can make sure the paw is in the boot. If you use one hand to cradle the paw and the other to slip the bootie on the ground, you should be able to catch the dewclaw on the side of the bootie. 3. Caution. If you have a small breed dog or have arthritis, you must be careful when putting on the bootie. Do not twist the foot or crank it. If your dog pulls their foot away, let them relax. If your dog will, have them stand on the foot of the bootie and keep it in a standing position as you zip up the bootie. If your dog wants to hold up the paw while you are doing this, make sure to support the paw in a standing position. Do not twist the foot or crank the leg. That can hurt the dog. It can make them hesitant to put on the booties again. A) After zipping up the bootie, hold tight with your fingers on the bootie itself and squeeze the fabric together so that there are no spaces between the fabric and the leg. We have to make sure the fabric is tight around the skinny legs of our dog. Keep the paw in a normal position by wrapping the strap tightly around it and holding the bootie fabric. The bootie fabric is stiff enough to prevent the circulation from being cut off, and the velcro straps are wide enough. Our dog has been wearing these for a half hour and has not had any problems. The life-savers for us and our dog are these booties. She doesn't mind getting them on. The key is to be calm, patient, and gentle when you put them on. Once you have done it a few times, you can get on the booties and know what works for your dog. It only takes a few minutes for us to put all four of the booties on our little girl. The Lake Blue color was purchased in Size 1.

4. QUMY Waterproof Reflective Comfortable Anti Slip

QUMY Waterproof Reflective Comfortable Anti Slip

The weight can only be used as an additional reference if it's larger than the width. It is easy to put on and off the zip and self-adhesive strap. These small dog shoes have reflective straps to make it easy to find your puppy when it goes missing, and they expand to ensure a tight fit. High-quality waterproof fabric. Dog boots keep paws warm and dry. There is no need to wipe muddy or sandy paws after the rain or snow. It is comfortable and non-slip. The rubber soles give the dog's paws soft and comfortable. The Anti-slip sole protects against sharp thorns and hot pavement. Older dogs can be helped to stand up on hardwood floors. Cute shoes for small dogs are very fashionable and durable. The dog can be more outstanding. It is safe to take the dog for a hike or run.

Brand: Qumy

👤The pups are going back to Canada. They need some kind of foot protection with the salt and snow. These are held in place by a piece of velcro. They should protect our pups' feet. The only question is whether the little guys can handle shoes. It's not looking good so far. That's not the fault of the product. 5 stars all the way.

👤I've been looking for the right kind of snow boots for my dog. I had a hard time fitting the snow boots that I had bought. I saw pictures of other small to medium breeds walking in the snow boots when I looked at the Qumy Snow boot online. I will speak to one of the Qumy Co. employees. I ordered two sizes because I played it safe. One Size 1 and one Size 2. The size two fit my dog. I had him walk around my apartment. They did not slide off of his paws. I took him out in the rain twice and I am very happy with the brand and the fit. Measure your dog to make sure he's good. If you don't know, buy two sizes. If the size one fits, return the size two. Different dogs have different paws. I know for a fact that some shoes or sneakers are too small or wide for me. I want my dogs paws to be dry when it rains or snows. I don't want to wash his paws with soap and water because it will dry them out. I don't want his paws to get sick. I hope what I said is helpful.

👤This is a preliminary review and I have 5 stars in my opinion for all categories at this time. I will update after more intensive use. The size I ordered fit great and was easy to put on. There are instructions and a great guide. We didn't completely follow them, but we did learn to kick back and knock them off, as my Malti 800-381-0266 He tried this trick with the boots, but was unsuccessful. He needed a little motivation to feel confident, as boots are a different feel than socks, so we gave him plenty of treats. The strap is adjusted to keep the boot on. We didn't have to try to stuff his paws in like socks because the zip up was easy to use. My dog was surprised by this. He was more confident on the slicker surfaces when he hopped higher on the carpet. The other style we got from this brand was not bulky. If the other style doesn't work out, I may try to get these for my Border Collie. If you want the perfect fit on front and back paws, you'll need two different sizes. This applies to all dog boots, so it isn't just a con for these boots. My dog is 15 lbs and took a size 2. I almost went with size 3, per the size guide, but I am glad I didn't. They fit like a glove on the front paws, but are a bit loose on the back paws, and I will have to see how they hold up/stay on with heavy outdoor use. If I had gone with a size 3 they would have been ok on the front paws, but could have been too large on the back paws. I almost considered a size 1 for the front paws, but they were too small for the back paws. We introduced them to him so he could get comfortable with them. They were able to run on the carpet and the kick offs were easy to execute. I will update my rating after we try these outside. I hope this helps someone.

5. Anti Slip Dog Boots Packs Adjustable

Anti Slip Dog Boots Packs Adjustable

The size is 2.5 inches wide and length is 2.8 inches. You can choose the right size for your dog if you measure it according to the size chart. Your dog will like them. The thin rubber material makes your dog comfortable and provides a sense of security. It's easy to clean, suitable for use in snow, ice, salt, sand and mud. It's easy to take off dog shoes. The laces can be adjusted to prevent slipping. The shoes can fall off the dog's claws if the shoes are not tightened. The tread material is waterproof, it keeps the paws clean in the rain, and it is great for outdoor. Their dog paw protectors are designed with a tough anti-slip sole to help the dog walk on slippery ground and to keep socks as close to the dog's feet as possible.

Brand: Kooltail

👤I've had a problem with a relocated tropical dog who became instantly covered in snowballs whenever we went out. I made my own hair treatments and paw balms with organic shea butter, lanolin, flaxseed oil, and a touch of beeswax, and they took care of 75% of it. They all failed after several rounds. Until these. These work well on our outings. She seems to appreciate the extra traction, as little ice gets in the cuffs. She walks around like a father trying on his wife's shoes after a few beers. They are brilliant when she is in the snow.

👤I bought these boots for my dog. As he gets older, he needs something more sturdy than socks, but not as expensive as hiking boots. These boots are made with non-slip rubber so they can keep the feet dry in the rain. The key is to keep them on. I've tried all of the socks and boots with straps and they don't stay on. My hope was that the cinch would be better. These were better and a step in the right direction, but they don't stay tight long and fall off too often. They didn't help my guy because he was an older, less active dog.

👤I bought these boots for my senior dog who has a muscle condition where his toes are spread apart. He needs to wear boots on his paws to keep his pads where they are supposed to be. We tried many boots for him. I like the tall socks that go on his leg and the non-Velcro tightening system. They look like they would stay on their paws. I had to return them because I couldn't get my dog's paws into socks unless I had four hands. The neck of the socks is tight and it would not fit my dog's paws. It takes two hands to put the paw in. It would work great if the opening in the neck area was wide. I like the elastic system, but it has its own issues and the tiny button that releases/tightens the elastic is not something I like. It's hard for our fingers to hold this button. The button needs to be bigger. The concept is good, but needs some changes.

👤I bought these for my dog. She has curly fur and when she steps out into the snow she gets mini snowballs stuck to her feet. I wanted to use the boots to help. The cords to loosen and tighten the boots were difficult to manage with a dog who has never worn anything on her feet, and the boots were sticky, making it difficult to slide on. The boots did not stay on when I got them on. I thought it would be harder to fall off. That wasn't the case. She picked up her feet and they fell off. I ordered a small because of the size description. The small was to large for her and it seemed odd that every other product she uses is a small. I didn't re-order them after sending them back. If you are looking for something that won't last or use temporarily, they would be ok for cheap boots. If your dog hates her feet being touched or has never worn boots, these would not be a good first option.

6. URBEST Nonslip Rubber Yorkie Winter

URBEST Nonslip Rubber Yorkie Winter

The material is rubber. Non-slip and durable. Before you make a purchase, please make sure you get the correct size of your pet. To find the size, compare your results to the chart. Please choose a larger size for this dog shoes size because it is small and measuring the paws of the dog is similar to the size. Choose 1-2in larger than the dog paw.

Brand: Urbest

👤The product is advertised. It's difficult to tell how the dog is going to fit in. With that being said. I have a ShIH-TZU 17LBs that didn't fit. It's hard to put on a dog in the first place because of the soft laces. It's coming off. So. Just return it right away, no big deal right now. This item costs 8.99. I'm only getting back 3.00 for the return shipping. It seems pointless on. I can't use a product. Don't buy from this particular store just take your pet with you to a store and get something that you can actually use and have a better return policy.

👤I bought them to take photos of my dog. It was cold and the photos were in the snow, but she learned how to walk after a few hours.

👤I own a dog. His feet were 5 cm long and 4 cm wide. I bought the Small and they fit perfectly. These are for dogs with small feet. I took a guess at the size of his feet because of the negative reviews, but I was worried. The brown shoes are adorable, but they don't come in pink. The shoes are constructed well, there are some small dents on the leather, and there is a dark brow spot on one of the boots. I like the plastic soles. They protect his pads from the elements. I'll update if there's anything new, the price is working out great.

👤I posted on the coat. I have a 6yr old yorkie who weights about 6 lbs. You have to get the same coat. They are so nice and I ordered a small in both. At first, she was funny. She is good now.

👤When I first started to dislike going outside, my toy puddle would stop walking and stand on only two legs for a few seconds, because her feet would get so cold, she would stop walking and stand on only two legs for a while. She did not want us to check her paws since she was limping, so one of her paws may have gotten a frost bite. It was difficult to decide which shoes would work because of the many mixed reviews. I am happy I chose those. She stays on her feet. She wants to play in the snow. They look really cute and can't even see them because they match my peach puddle's color. Last year was the first time she wore shoes and we only had them for a day, but already she does not mind putting them on. It's not a big deal if one of them gets lost or damaged, another set will provide me plenty of spare ones because they look well built and only cost $2.5 per shoe. She had them on for the first time during a brisk run. I'm not sure if the shoe was put on correctly during the initial struggle. For the last 5 outings, she wore her shoes on, and she was 888-349-8884 Our dog, my wife and I love shoes. If they were several times more expensive, we would still buy them. Life saver for cold winters.

7. XSY Waterproof Reflective Anti Slip Skid Proof

XSY Waterproof Reflective Anti Slip Skid Proof

Size 6 is for 52 to 70 lbs. It's great for Medium Samoyed, husky,Labrador, Airedale Terrier, Medium and large Chow etc. You can choose the right size for your dog if you refer to the picture size chart. High-quality materials include high quality fabrics that are resistant to bear or endure dirty, have cute pet paw, soft and hand wash, fashionable yet durable. Dogs with mobility and stability on tile and the sand can use the durable soles. The boots are comfortable and soft to the paws, so they can be used indoors or outdoors in hot and dry conditions. Protection from thorns and hot pavement. Dog claws are vulnerable to heat, stones, glass and other objects. It protects the weak paw from the winter elements. The dog shoes are easy to put on and off and have long straps that can be adjusted to fit different sizes. The shoes can fall off the dog's claws if the straps are not tightened. Their size is based on the inner diameter of the shoe and is measured by hand, please allow a little size error. You can contact them at any time with any questions about the products and services. You can purchase with confidence if they respond within 24 hours.

Brand: Xsy&g

👤My dog has severe environmental allergies that cause her paws to get red, itchy, and sometimes infections, so I bought these in hopes that I can prevent her from getting them. I noticed that her paws looked better after using these for a day. She can heal her paws because of the shoes. I am not having to treat her paws as often since we started using them 5 days ago. I washed them in the sink and dried them in the dryer because I noticed that her paws were getting pink again after a few days of using them. This will work better as a preventative measure with continued use and regular washing. She was not a fan of them at first, but after a few uses she got comfortable with them. I would recommend these to dogs with environmental allergies. It's easier for me to put these on before I go because I don't have to do as much treatment as I would in the summer months.

👤My dog was very used to these. We bought these for our camping trip to the Grand Canyon and Zion in the heat of the day and they kept her piggies safe from the rocky terrain. She seemed happy to wear them. She is about 75 lbs and we got her the right size. She is a malinois mix.

👤I bought them for a friend's pup because I loved them so much for my pup. Her dog has sensitive paws and they get hot from walking. She licks her paws raw. She has been using these booties to keep her paws healthy and prevent her from licking them raw. 10 out of 10 would definitely recommend! They look so cute in them.

👤I'll start with the issues I have with the shoes and then move on to the reasons I really like and recommend the shoes. I can't post pictures of the shoes. They won't be uploaded by Amazon. I'll try again later if that will help anyone. These shoes are good. I have a few issues with them, but I do recommend them. I measured her feet and ordered based on the company's recommendation. I had to change the shoes because it was too large. I have a dog who is 12 years old. She's a size 5 and the recommended size was a 6. If you feel comfortable, I would get a smaller size for most dog's. I returned and ordered the correct size and they worked well. There are two issues with the shoes. They are short. I want to use these during the cold weather and in the snow because they are short and the cold snow gets trapped in the shoes quickly. The final issue is that the velcro is very sticky. It's difficult to remove the velcro from my carpet. She has had the shoe removed from her feet a number of times. I will be covering the uncovered velcro with something so this doesn't happen again. I like these shoes despite the issues. She's an older dog and tends to walk slowly because she's afraid of hurting herself. She's excited to walk and she's sprinting and pulling me. She's very excited to go for walks now that her feet don't hurt when she walks over salted sidewalks. She will run on ice. If you were walking on ice with shoes, the dogs would slip on it. She is a much more confident dog with the shoes on. I have a problem with other dog shoes. They won't allow the dogs to walk on their feet. These shoes don't have any problems at all. She's a dog that doesn't like wearing shoes, but she's very happy and confident to wear these. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to walk their dog outside on cold days.

8. Mushers Secret Pet Protection 60 Gram

Mushers Secret Pet Protection 60 Gram

It's like some paw wax made with low quality ingredients that just don't work or make your poor pup sick, over 3 generations Musher's Secret has always been made with only the highest quality 100% Natural Food-Grade Waxes and Oil. Their dog lotion acts as a barrier against sand, hot pavement, snow and salt, so your dog can play in any conditions. On Good Morning America, NY Times, People, and The Dog Clinic, you will find the time-tested REMEDY of Canadian dogs. Their dog paw wax is the best dog paw or cat paw cream for hot, rocky terrain. Before heading outdoors, apply to pads and between toes. A dog's pads can dry out and crack. Their paw protection for dogs with VITAMIN E & BEESWAX conditions relieves dog paws. Their dog paw protection is semi-permeable and allows for perspiration to escape while keeping the pads strong. Also works well on other hot spots. In snowy conditions, apply paw cream for dogs 3 times per week. Their paw balm dogs don't have to worry about stains on carpets, floors or clothes. It's great for dog hiking gear, dog care, and duck hunting. Give your dog, cat, or other four-legged friend the love he deserves with Musher's Secret Paw Wax for Dogs. Their family-owned 3rd generation recipe for Slender Dogs was developed for Sherman's Secret. Their wax was developed with their furry friends in mind, and their well-being has been and continues to be their priority to this day! They will bring their secret to you and your pets. If you don't like their paw butter, reach out and they will make it right.

Brand: Musher's Secret

👤I will warn dog owners not to use this too much. Dog's need their pads to protect their paws from things that could hurt them. It is a good thing to have a rough texture. Having tough paws helps protect them from the cold and hot pavement. Don't use this to make your dog's paw pads soft. They wouldn't have soft paws in the wild. A light layer applied before a summer or winter walk can help protect against some temperature issues. You will be doing more harm if you apply too much. When it is over 100 degrees for your pups paws, don't make your dog walk on the pavement. If you're unsure, always test the pavement by putting your foot on it and holding it there for 10 seconds. If it's not comfortable for you, you better get that dog back home. Let people know that you're spreading the word. I see a lot of idiots walking their dogs. Don't be stupid. This has a nice smell and heals paws overnight. When he plays hard and hurts his pads, it helps heal my paws. I don't have to worry about him licking it off. The couch and anything else I own has not been stained.

👤I ordered this for my dog's paw pads because of the majority of positive reviews. I ignored the review that stated that his dog had an eye infection after using this product. If you have this on their paws and they rub their eyes, you should expect an emergency trip to the vet and it will cost over $250 for medication. It goes in the garbage.

👤I will give it a try, but I don't know what I can add. The last three dogs I have had have used this product. I deal with snow, salt, ice, and pavement in the summers in the Northeast, and this product is an absolute miracle. I bought three more containers for my dog to give to her friends. It is very good. I put it on her paws 2 to 3 times a week in the winter so she can tolerate the cold and salty walks. I put it on her paws in the summer so she can walk on the asphalt. If your dog is slipping around inside, you have put too much on. You need to put this in the pad between the toes and wipe it off with a paper towel. I have dark hardwood floors and have never seen paw prints. If you love your dog, you must use the musher's secret to protect their paws.

👤The product says it is safe, but my dog got it in his eye. I had to take him to the ER. I could not return the product because it was not a good purchase, and my poor guy had to suffer.

👤I am confused by this product. I couldn't find a true ingredient list. After applying it to my dog's paws, I felt like her paw pads got redder and maybe slightly swollen, but I didn't think of looking for one at first. I wanted to give it another try after not putting anything on her paws for a few days. I applied it to one paw. I applied to both paws yesterday. They are worse off than the back paws. There is more cracked, swollen and red. My dog is scared when I try to put something on her pads.

9. PK ZTopia Waterproof Reflective Fastening Anti Slip

PK ZTopia Waterproof Reflective Fastening Anti Slip

High quality fabrics,wear resistant,to bear or endure dirty, soft and hand washed, reflective material and straps provides visibility and safety at night. The dog's soles are warm because of the inner material surface. Responsive and Competent: Dog boots have a tough anti-slip sole that helps dogs with mobility and stability on tile and the sand. The shoe expands to put on and the two reflective straps ensure a tight fit. Size 4: 2.56"x1.97" for 31-40 lbs, size 5: 2.76"x2.24" for 40-55 lbs, and size 6: 2.95"x 2.52" for 52-65. Please measure your dog's paw. Please choose the larger size if you want the boots to be larger outside. The size in the page is the length and width of the inside of the shoe, please measure your pets feet before ordering,our size is measured by hand, please allow a little size error, if there any problems

Brand: Pk.ztopia

👤They are definitely large. I measured my dog's paws and they barely stayed on him, even though they fell right in the zone for size 4. He is apug-beagle mix. I would have returned them if there was a smaller size. The two rows of securing velcro are tight to keep them on. If all sizes run like this one, I would recommend going down one size from the chart.

👤These are great. My dog ran around in the snow. I tried many pairs and they worked best for me.

👤I got this boots for my nephew because he always wanted his dog to get used to them so he could take his dog hiking and get ready for winter in NY. I saw how he bite the bullet forcing his dog to get used to wearing the boots. He put all 4 legs in for the first day to get used to it. On the second day, he only put on the front two boots and walked around for 30 minutes giving his dog a treat. It took him about 5 days to get his dog used to wearing boots. He has his dog wear the boots when they walk around and just take the boots off and treat the dog, because it took a lot of treats, patience, and praise to make this a positive experience. He doesn't like having to clean his floor everyday. His dogs are also happier because he knows that wearing boots is time to go out for fun and a lot of treats.

👤These shoes protect my dog's paws. He is an American bulldog and has a lot of allergies, so these shoes protect him from picking anything that might cause a reaction. He's never worn shoes before. I was afraid that he would react badly to them, but after putting them on he walked normally. His feet are protected from heat, rocks, or anything that can hurt him, and they are easy to put on. I would definitely recommend them.

👤I was skeptical that the boots would fit his feet properly, that they would be sturdy enough for our lab, and that he would accept them. I have been pleasantly surprised on all three counts. I tried out the boots on him. He didn't like them. When my head turned, he tugged at one of the boots. I tightened it and it stayed on better. The first few days he was running, the boots on his feet were slipping off. I was afraid to tighten the straps too much because of the risk of hurting him. I think there is no reason to tighten the Velcro on his foot because it is not likely to cause any pain or cut off blood flow. There is no evidence that getting the straps tight bothered him. I tightened the boots more and they stayed on. If you don't tighten them enough they can slip sideways, so don't be afraid to get them tight. When you put them on, feel like you're in a place where the longest toe hits within the boots. If your dog indicates that the boots are painful, you should be fine. Our dog has come to associate boots with fun since they are mainly for his use when he exercises, such as walking him on local trails or playing fetch or other outdoor things he enjoys. He no longer tries to tug on the boots because he associates putting the boots on with things he likes. I don't know if he likes them. There is absolutely no evidence of pain or discomfort when I put them on again. We walk our dog on gravelly or rocky trails, but the dog boots are holding up well. I was skeptical when I bought these boots, but they are rugged, they fit well, and he has adjusted to them. They are more than worth the price to me.

10. KOOLTAIL Traction Control Waterproof Protector

KOOLTAIL Traction Control Waterproof Protector

The M-Paw is 2 inches wide, with a length of 5.5 inches and a grip width of 1.6 inches. Thin rubber around the bottom improves your dog's traction on slippery surfaces. The tread material makes the socks waterproof and keeps the dog's feet dry. Their socks have straps, so keep the socks on the dog's feet all the time. Protection can be used for recovery on an injury.

Brand: Kooltail

👤We have a dog with a lot of allergies and it is a Standard poodle mix. After his third trip to the vet because of excessive chewing on his feet, I started looking for socks he could wear outside in the spring when his allergies are the worst. There are pros and cons to these. The pros are 1. It's easy to get on and off. 2. They stay on. He can get them off when he's playing and jumping, but he can't get them off when he's walking. 3. The soles are waterproof. He liked the best of the boots we tried because they moved with his foot. 4. Part of his leg is covered by them. A lot of dog boots and socks don't cover anything near the wrist. These do. That is great for his allergies. The cons are 1. Durability! The knit portion of the socks isn't durable enough to make them five stars. The fabric beneath the sock can rip if the strap is pulled on to get it on and off. One of the pros is that these socks cover high on the dog's leg, which means they catch on the claws and tear them. If you use these every time your dog goes out, they will wear down quickly. I have purchased these over because they are convenient and the pros outweigh the cost of buying them again, but if the fabric could be a little more durable, I would be happy with the product.

👤I have never written a review before, but these socks are amazing. My dog loved them the first time. She had trouble standing up from a lying position. For a few months now, running in the house or jumping has been out of the question. She can't seem to accept that some things can't be done. I got the socks today and I was going to fight with her to keep them on. They fit well and the fun began after a minute of adjusting. It's taken her back to good old times, when she was playing in the house, standing up and driving the rest of the dogs crazy. I was skeptical that it would make a difference. Happy to have been proven wrong.

👤Our boxer has a disease that causes him to slip on the floor and drags his paws on walks. He can wear these indoors or outdoors, and they do a good job of stabilizing him on slippery floors. They do a better job of staying on than other shoes I've bought him, but they can come off, which is my only complaint. I have to wrap the strap tightly so they can stay. I can't secure them over his "heel" because the part of the socks that goes over his "heel" isn't long enough. My baby's paws are protected and he feels more secure walking on tile.

👤We bought these for our dog. He had hip dysplasia and it made it difficult for him to navigate our floors. We tried a lot of things, including the paw pad powder, socks, grips on his toe nails, and a sling to lift his rear end up and down the stairs. Nothing worked. The sling was meant to be short term. I found the anti slip dog socks. My old dog had some pep in his step. Even though we tried socks and he hated them, he loved wearing them. We live in Seattle and there are a few wet days there. We washed them often and they started to show signs of wear after about 2 months, but it was not a big deal. If the velcro isn't positioned in the right spot on your pup's leg, they will slip down and make it harder for them to walk. Finding the right spot will be hard. If you don't see your dog slipping any more, watch closely the first few weeks. I found the right spot at the end of the socks. It would be better if it had elastic in it.

11. QUMY Protection Breathable Reflective Adjustable

QUMY Protection Breathable Reflective Adjustable

Size 2: 2.3''x 2.5''(W*L) for 18-27 lbs; size 3: 2.0''x 2.5''(W*L) for 23-33 lbs; size 4: 2.2''x 2.6''(W*L) for 31-40 lbs. If the dog's paws are in between 2 sizes, you could try to use socks inside the boots. BREATHABLE MESH: Made with tightly woven air mesh that keeps dirt and debris out, it's perfect for summer. It is secure and accessible. It's easy to put on and off. These dog shoes have a wide split seam opening and reflective straps to make your dog safe at night. Drugging: The sole of the dog boots is tough and protects it from thorns and hot pavement. FASHIONABLE DESIGN: Use high quality fabrics, light and softly touch, no hurt for your pets paws. You can keep a smooth adventure or walk. Fashionable design is eye-catching for your dogs.

Brand: Qumy

👤Size down! I have been a vet tech for 5 years before starting school and I am very careful about what I use for my own pets. I decided to give these a try because I have looked at so many of them. They look like they will work well. When you measure, I would suggest you downsize. I measured my dog's paws and ordered the correct size. It would have been secure but not tight. They are almost 3 inches tall. These could fit a full grown Lab or Working Breed over 40 lbs. I am returning and getting a smaller size because I think these will be great boots for hot pavement, debris on hikes, and light snow. When the smaller ones come, I will update/review.

👤The first shoes we tried worked well. We took him out of them after the second wear and he was fine. Handling them well is still high-stepping a bit. It took us a while to figure out how to keep them on. The poodle we have is a medium standard Moyen. I like the tread on the soles. We bought them to protect his feet from the hot pavement in Texas, and also to protect his paws from tree droppings when he walks. I think the rubber soles make a difference. Some shoes have thin soles.

👤Not designed with an understanding of a dog. These are so short that the straps go over the dog's foot. I think my dog would tell me that it's not comfortable. I bought these to allow my dog's pads to heal after an injury, but they gave him a new injury by rubbing his dewclaw raw. I will be looking for a new pair that can hold up the leg.

👤These work well for my adult. (female) She has come to expect multiple treats for putting on shoes so she has no problem putting them on and walking in them, though she is still getting used to them. They are cute, they stay on and she is protected from hot pavement. I recommend the largest size for your lady. I am not sure if these would fit a male. It is difficult to say how much room she has to wiggle around in because she is a little hesitant when you are trying to get them on. Measure before ordering.

👤The shoes are of great quality. The dog is wearing a 1.58 inch size. I will probably order a smaller size for her back paws and keep the extras for when she wears out. The soles are thick and the construction is good, so I don't think they will wear out soon. The boot is a little bit tall, but I like the design with two rows of Velcro. I found this style of shoe to be better than one that only has a single row of Velcro and is not very tall. Hope you get these in pink!

👤My dog was having trouble getting up on tile or wood floors. They worked well and stayed on as long as you kept snugging them down. These boots are better for warm humid climates like Florida because they breathe and are better for winter. It was easy to put them on and take them off. The chart worked well for me. Check front and rear paws. You can end up with one size for the front and another for the back. I washed them and dried them. Our dog took a few clumsy steps after I strapped them on. Not every dog will be tolerant. She had a growth in her toe that was causing her issues, not her age. We used a boot to protect her foot after amputation. She is healed and no longer needs them. She learned how to use the scatter rugs in different areas. Different dogs will do better with different styles of boots. These are well made. If you are looking for a summer boot, they are worth a try.


What is the best product for dog shoes for medium dogs?

Dog shoes for medium dogs products from Qiaoniuniu. In this article about dog shoes for medium dogs you can see why people choose the product. Protex Pawz and Hcpet are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog shoes for medium dogs.

What are the best brands for dog shoes for medium dogs?

Qiaoniuniu, Protex Pawz and Hcpet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog shoes for medium dogs. Find the detail in this article. Qumy, Kooltail and Urbest are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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