Best Dog Shock Collar with Remote for Large Dogs and Gpsdogs

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1. PetSpy P620 Vibration Rechargeable Waterproof

PetSpy P620 Vibration Rechargeable Waterproof

Dog parents and expert trainers can use this help to change their dog's behavior. There are three training modes - electric shock, vibration, and The trainer has 16 levels. Good fit for dogs from 10 to 140 lbs. The range of the remote collar is 650 yards. Dog training can be done blind.

Brand: Petspy

👤I liked it at first. I tried to charge it but it wouldn't charge. It stopped working in August. We only had it for about a month, but now it's pass the return date that's great! I am not happy about this. That was a waste of money. The Company reached out to me and asked what they could do to make it better. I told them to either send me a new one or refund my money. They sent me a new one and it has been working ever since. I got a new one because I was not happy that the product stopped working a month in. The company sent me a new one. The product and customer service are both good.

👤I bought this to teach my Rottweiler to not chase chickens, horses and my husband. They are very strong willed if you know anything about them. I had to move to the shock after I started with the vibrate. I was concerned about using the shock button, but I read that it did not harm the dog. I asked a neighbor as well. I am very pleased with the results. All I have to do is say no and he will come and sit by me. I would reward you pup when he/she obeys, and follow the training recommendations.

👤The collar held up well. The buckle broke after being abused by my dog. It was an excellent collar for the price. I bought another collar from the same manufacturer that I used around the house, yard, and park, so I could reduce the wear and tear on my $800 collar. I have only been using this for two days, so I'm not sure if it's durable. I know that the stimulation is not a continuous tingle or sting, but a gradual decrease in the pressure on the button. It's a series of sharper zaps that repeat when the button is held down. It's not necessarily bad, but it's not the same as a continuous tingle. The lowest setting of 1 gets a stronger reaction from the dog. I prefer a mild, continuous tingle to remind the dog that he is doing wrong, but not enough to get him to run back to me. 2] The mode is tied to the setting. When you use that button, the collar will vibrate longer if the shock setting is higher. My dog doesn't notice it on the 1 setting. 3 The Beep works great in wind and noise. I use this instead of voice commands. The collar has a good battery life. Going on the second day. It feels sturdy, but the receiver doesn't attach to the collar in the same way as a watch, so if the collar breaks, you're out of business. 5] The range seems good. I only used it for about 200 yards, but it was rock solid.

👤This has worked so well as a training tool that I was able to break my dog's aggressiveness towards the neighbors by using this. She used to run up to the fence aggressively and then act like she was having a real fit. She wouldn't stop the behavior until I walked all the way to where she was. She just ignores them after a few days of using this reinforcement tool. I only had to use the shock option twice, I start with the voice command and if she ignores it, use the beep. I hit the vibrate button if she ignores the beep. Since the first week of training, I have not used the shock. I would recommend this to anyone who is having trouble getting their dog to obey commands when they are not on a leash. She didn't have to listen because she felt like she was out of reach. This has helped me correct something.

2. Lu Ba Rechargeable Waterproof Vibration

Lu Ba Rechargeable Waterproof Vibration

There are three training lights. The E-Collar has different modes with color reminders, which will help you when you switch from vibration to shock mode. Silicone covers are better for your pet's skin. Lu&Ba Shock Collar for dogs is triple the range of ordinary dog training collar, which allows you to enjoy the training time with your pet in a long distance up to 3000ft and 500ft. It's easier to train your dog outside. The security switch is on. Don't worry about carrying the remote because it won't shock you. Ecological design and materials. The dog training collar is lightweight and stylish. Silicone materials are very comfortable to touch and are used in Lu&Ba remote controls. The lanyard is easy to carry. Waterproof design and long battery life. This receiver collar is waterproof and can be used when your dog goes for a swim, chases toys around a pool, or plays in the rain. In the rain, the IPX4 water resistant remote transmitter can be used. The receiver collar and remote can work for 30 and 60 days, respectively, after fully charging. You can see a low battery display on the remote and receiver. They are Lu&Ba and they are in Germany. The training collar was developed and tested on dogs of different breeds and temperaments. It works in a humane way. The dog training collar has a one-year warranty. If you have any questions about the dog shock collar, please contact them and they will work with you to make it better.

Brand: Lu&ba

👤I have purchased other e-collar systems, but this one works better. I want to use the vibrate/shock function as a tool to correct wrong behavior, but the collar beeps in the vibrate/shock function, which is a problem for me. This confuses my dog and makes training more difficult. I would like to have a way to stop the beeping in conjunction with the shock and vibrate functions. It is a pretty good value. If you want to teach your dog what not to do instead of teaching them what you want them to do, then this is the product for you.

👤The nylon is a bit rough to the touch, but it is athletically pleasing. It was fully charged. I turn it on for about 10 hours a day and it doesn't require a charge yet. While it is on it is not being used often, it does have a few things on it, like a small sound, a small vibration, and a shock. My dog is listening to verbal "no" better now. I've been using this on a 5 month old Great Danes who is hitting toddler behavior hard. We have invisible fencing, so he already knows that a tone is a vibration. He does a great job with the fencing and never tests his boundaries past a tone. I bought this collar because we are having a lot of training and behavior issues. The function I use the most is the beep. It's loud and attention grabbing. We have a 2.5 acre property and the collar works at a distance when he is outside. We have not yet tested how far it will go. He was vibrated once for a bad behavior but has not repeated it. He has had one shock for kitty chasing but has not repeated it. He didn't seem to want to hurt the cat, just play, so we were worried about breaking that urge. His size makes playing with the cat dangerous. The affordable collar is perfect for our big boy. Will update if there are any issues.

👤Buy this! I use this with my two big dogs and it is top quality. Don't buy the collars from China because of the high volume of purchases. They pay their customers for good reviews of their products.

👤This is the best one out there, and I went through a few before finding it. 1. I have two beagle pups and one is more rambunctious than the other. The remote lets you switch between the two in a second. 2. The shock setting uses its own setting so you can set it to 1 which they don't even feel if I accidentally press it. 3. The one level of vibration is fine with me because it doesn't seem to have any setting. 4. The battery life is great. I've been using them for a week and they're still going. I had lasted between 2 and 3 days. I'll probably charge them weekly. 5. The placement of the buttons makes it easy to use. The back cover helps with this. There is a It's a bit expensive compared to the others but I think it was worth the extra cost. My pups respond well to the sound.

3. Bousnic Training Rechargeable Waterproof Vibration

Bousnic Training Rechargeable Waterproof Vibration

These shock collar for dogs offer a variety of training modes, as well as a standard tone mode. The nylon collar is 8-26 inches in length and can be tailored to your dog's temperament. The remote for this dog training collar can reach up to 1000 feet, meaning you can train dogs in the backyard, the park, or anywhere else. The remote has a dual channel that can be used to train 2 dogs at the same time. The button sizes and format are easy to operate for pet owners and help dogs learn commands more effectively. A premium training collar for expert trainers and new pet owners is also safe on coats and skin. The collar receiver is waterproof and works when your dog goes for a swim, chases toys around a pool, or plays in the rain. The dog shock collar has batteries that can be charged in 2 hours and last 15-20 days. To make sure customers from all over the world can easily charge the product, there is no adapter in the package. The product can be charged with a phone accessory, the power bank, and the car'susb outlet, which is very convenient.

Brand: Bousnic

👤It can be difficult to walk 3 dogs by yourself. I use the collar to make sure my dogs are on walks. This is a product that does what it says on the tin. The set is well made and sturdy. The remote is easy to use and I like the wrist strap. You don't always have to hold it. The buttons for shock, vibrate, and beep are labeled with pictures that show which button does what. The screen is easy to understand. The function buttons are separate, unlike other training collars where you only have one button to use. The dog you are currently on is displayed on the screen with a button between dog1 and dog2. One collar strap is yellow while the other is black, so you can tell which dog is wearing which. The push of the button on the collar on the first try was the only way to pair the collars. The remote and the collar have held their charge for over two weeks without charging again. I turn the collar off between uses and the remote off when no buttons are pressed. There are no batteries and no need for two separate chargers, which is great because the remote and collar can be plugged in with the same one. The product works as they say it will, thanks to the instructions. Extra instructions with pictures were included that were helpful and I appreciated that. The shock and vibrate functions can be adjusted separately. The vibrate function can be adjusted from 1 to 12. The shock has 12 levels from a light static shock to a huge painful zap. I tried the shock on myself on level 1 and I wouldn't put my dog through anything I couldn't handle. It works and it doesn't hurt. It's similar to when you drag your feet on the carpet and then touch a metal door and get a shock. It's not pleasant, but it's not painful. You can use the tester in the set to test the shock. The tester light will come on if the electricity is coming from the prongs on the collar. One of my dogs instantly responds to the sound of the heels and the sound of the beep. She responded with a yip to the first shock and never needed it again. My other dog is a bit more stubborn than the other one. He didn't respond to the shock until I got to level 5. It probably takes more to get through his thick fur after a level 5 shock. The instructions say to set the shock at the lowest level so that the dog will respond. The push of a button on the remote switches between dogs and always saves the setting levels. I haven't tried it far away, but it works every time. You can change the prongs on the collars. They screw on and off. These are the prongs that come into contact with your dog's neck, short or long haired. It came with rubber covers for each set of prongs to keep the metal from rubbing against my dogs neck. I think the circle on the front of the receiver collar looks great and holds the fabric of the collar firmly to the receiver. The collar strap doesn't have to be taken off to charge the collars, which is great. The red or green light on the collar receiver tells you if they are on or off. I had a hard time thinking of anything bad about this set, but one area that could be improved upon is the fact that you cannot plug in both of the collars at the same time, you have to use the included charging cable. It would be great to have a third splitter on the cable so that all 3 could be plugged in at the same time. Since the batteries last so long, it's not a big deal. The training set is affordable for owners of 2 dogs. I think it's a good idea.

4. Adubor Training Rechargeable Vibration Waterproof

Adubor Training Rechargeable Vibration Waterproof

Adubor Dog Training Collar 2 Dogs is a dog training collar that is waterproof and has 4 training modes. IPX5 waterproof and rechargeable. The dog collar receiver is water resistant and will not get damaged even if there is a sudden rain, a bath or swimming with it. The shock collar for dogs with remotes takes about 2 to 3 hours to charge fully and they will last for about 15 days or 30 days. There is a remote range and memory for setting. It's easy to train your dog with a dog shock collar in the park or backyard. The shock collar has settings for each channel. You can use this dual training collar for dogs to train up for three different dogs without changing it. The training collar is adjusted to fit your dog's size. The nylon material protects your dog's skin. The contact points are made of extra conductive silicone, which is safer than metal and protects the dog from injury. The package includes a remote control, two receivers, a premium nylon strap, 4 extra silicones, a two-in-one charging cable, and a user manual.

Brand: Adubor

👤I have a dog that is 50 lbs. I decided on the remote training collar after trying many of them on the internet. My girl is walking without a leash and responding to voice commands after 2 weeks of training my dog with this collar. I am amazed by the result and how easy it was. Highly recommended!

👤The collar works great and the set of 2 is great! I have two big dogs that are terrible on the leash. It is hard to get them to listen when they are at a high level of excitement. I can finally walk both dogs at the same time because I can train them to walk next to me instead of pulling ahead. Most of the time, they respond quickly to the vibrate mode. When they hear a dog behind a fence or see a rabbit running around, do I need to use the shock function to get them to snap out of it? This has allowed me to get my dogs attention. One of the collars malfunctioned after my dog went swimming, but they are advertised as waterproof, which is a disappointment. The seller sent a replacement set after I contacted them. The second collar from the original set stopped working when we tried them again. I will stop using them at the pool. My dogs get very excited at the pool and if I am able to correct them if they jump on people or get too out of hand is disappointing. I think these are a great value. They wouldn't be considered completely waterproof. If they weren't supposed to be waterproof, they would give a 5 star review.

👤If you press a button, it will light up at night. Our dog is swimming in the lake. It held up in the water. If needed the shock, a great beeper. We would definitely buy this collar again.

👤I have been using this for a week. It is simple to use. Rain doesn't bother it. I wouldn't submerge as a lite cover charging port. The short hair dog set at 45 gets attention right away, and the shock which is rarely used at 10, is like putting a 9v battery on your tongue. 80% of the time, the right behavior is achieved by using the beep. The collar light makes it easier to find her when we play in the front yard. The dog is a Shepard and did not want the collar on the first time, but now knows she can go out front and where we go when the collar is on. She waits for it to be put on in the morning. I keep one in my pocket and use the beep on the other to correct her, so eventually she won't need the collar. Still in process, but working well. Would recommend the product.

👤The only problem I have with the device is the collar. My Chinese Crested can get it off. That can be fixed with a different type of collar. Just have to get one. The other dog has not been able to get it off. I don't leave on all day, just during training sessions, and I still use the collar it came with, as needed. I haven't used all the functions on the device, but it has a lot of options for the price. I use it for two dogs and it can be used for more. It works for what I got, and so far I have used it for positive reinforcement. I will probably have to use the other functions when I get to boundary training. They know they have done something worthy of a training treat, so I am just working with positive reinforcement. I recommend this product for its value, ease of use and loaded options. I can't comment on its being water proof because I haven't used it when exposed to water. I wouldn't worry if it got a little wet, I would just go outside. I would not use an electronic device if I allowed them to swim. I take my watch off when I go swimming because it is water proof. I don't risk my money to find out. I would review that feature if I were paid to do so. I am not! I won't!

5. Training Waterproof Rechargeable Vibration Electronic

Training Waterproof Rechargeable Vibration Electronic

4 Training Modes are optional, and they include the Sound mode, which creates an audible warning, and the Vibration and static shock modes, which can be adjusted from 0-99 levels. You can simultaneously train 2 dogs from the same remote. Your equipment is always ready to train with the Li-Po battery. The transmitter and receiver can be charged at the same time with a provided cable. This dog training collar is perfect for medium and large dogs and has a long remote range that allows you to keep your dogs in your control. Medium and large dogs can use theAdjustable Soft PU Collar; it is 65 cm long and can be adjusted from 18 cm to 65 cm. The ISPECLE remote shock collar is designed to build a better internal communication between you and your dogs, not punish them. Treat animals in a friendly way. The package includes a remote transmitter with 2 receivers, a dog shock collar belt, a charging cable with a charging adapter, and a lanyard for hands free.

Brand: Komia

👤The best style of dog collar. I own. I've purchased this type from different places. They are the best. When they arrive, they do all you need and are never a disappointment. I bought this set for the two huge dogs after a child stole my phone. It will turn up, but I need some collared. There are channels for 3 dogs on the collar. You can use the bright light on each collar. I don't have to shock them because of the strength of vibrate. My dogs pay attention to the sound that is on the collar and it seems to be very annoying. If you check my reviews, you'll see I have given good ratings to other collars. These are theonesto buy. I gave a review to a product that was adequate. These are the collars I use for training and control. There is a collar and a handset. The collar has Teflon tipped studs. So metal doesn't get into the neck. The collar needs to be TIGHTEN. The dog is going to ignore it if there is firm pressure. When you don't have to control that dog, loosen it. Most of the time, mine are tighter. I check the neck frequently. The dog is large. Maremma and Weimaraner. The collars are working.

👤This is a piece of junk. Can't adjust the volume on the beep mode. You have to turn on the unit on your dog several times a day. It's unreliable and clunky to transition between modes and it's worse if you have to send a beep to your dog. The transmitter stopped working after less than 2 months of use. The belt clip is so loose that the transmitter won't stay on your belt. I almost lost the transmitter bc it fell of my belt. There is a The 30 day Amazon return policy is over. I should have bought the $100 model first. The transmitter is not waterproof so don't plan on using it near water with the collar. This POS is not accepted by me as a trainer of service dogs. Customer service is excellent. I have not heard back from them. I might have been a little nicer in this review if I had. Maybe... junk. Junk. Get what you pay for.

👤After about a month, the product did not work.

👤Most of the time the buttons don't work, this product is annoying from the beginning. You have to hit the same button 5 times. I didn't need to carry it because the remote battery was low. I put the remote on the counter. A boy runs up to me, sits on my feet, looks up at me and cries. I didn't know what was happening until I realized the collar was stuck on the shock function and I had to take it off of my dog so I shocked myself as well. We don't use the shock function because my dog is a good boy and I don't know how it activated. My dog won't be touched by that collar again.

6. HKZOOI Training Waterproof Vibration Rechargeable

HKZOOI Training Waterproof Vibration Rechargeable

There are 3 training modes and 1 channel. You can adjust the stimulation level quickly with the 3 individual training modes on this dog training collar. A dog training collar with a remote has a memory function that allows you to train 2 dogs at the same time, which is great because you don't have to reset it. It's great for helping correct bad dog behaviors. The Silicone Prong and settings are safe. The dog shock collar receiver is non-removable and will not hurt your dog's skin when training. When you want to switch between shock function and vibration function, you need to double click the shock mode, then the shock function work. The shock collar should not be worn for more than 12 hours a day. The dog shock collar has a remote range of up to 1640ft and can be used to train your dog indoors and outdoors. It takes 1-2 hours to be fully charged. The receiver's battery can last for up to 15 days in a row, and the remote can last for up to 90 days in a row. The belt of the dog bark collar can be adjusted from 8 to 25 inches, suitable for small, medium, large dogs. Your dog can enjoy swimming, showering, and playing in the rain with the waterproof receiver. The remote is not waterproof. Before the dog enters the water, please make sure the receiver charging port is sealed. HKZOOI dog electric training collar is designed to help dog lovers correct their dog's bad behavior. You will get a remote transmitter, receiver collar,adjustable collar belt, and test light. A User Operating Guide for Charging Cable. Before operating a dog training collar, it is advisable to read the guide thoroughly.

Brand: Hkzooi

👤Product arrived quickly and expected. Our puppy is playing in the play area. He stops jumping when we use the vibration. It's easy to put on and it's clear. Great product. It's a must buy for dog training. Is not big and bulky on their neck.

👤I have a dog that likes to run into the water. I need a collar that is waterproof and remotely operated. This one is labeled ipx7 waterproof and has a good remote controlling distance, and it has a very noticeable color and low price. I decided to try it. The collar is moving well. My dog has been in the water before. I don't use shock or vibrations. I just press the buzzer and it will come back to me. Praise for the waterproof and remote control. There is a note. Before your dogs run into the water, turn off the receiver's water-resistant port.

👤I decided to get a training collar for my 2 year old catahoula pit mix because he is a good boy in general but has some quirks and bad habits that I am trying to work with and so far this collar is helping me get that under control. There is a It's affordable.

👤I felt horrible when I thought about getting this collar, but it has been an amazing training tool with our shelter pittie. She was chewing everything but her toys and getting into the trash can, as well as peeing all over the house despite us taking her outside frequently to potty. A trainer recommended a collar like this for some dogs because it wasn't enough and they needed more training. I don't think I'll ever need to use the shock. A quick sound or vibrate on the lowest setting is enough to get her attention. I think we will be able to ditch the collar soon as she learns and catches on to the rules very quickly, as I have seen so much improvement in a short time with this collar. It was easy to put it together because I like the bright orange and black colors. The collar is the only way we can get her attention and the battery lasts much longer than I thought. I put aside my negative feelings towards it to give it a try and I think it is a great training tool.

👤There is nothing I don't like about this collar. I have a puppy that is 45 lbs and is out of control. He charged out the gate. I wasn't sure if I would like this type of device. I made the right decision. The collar is durable, charges up quickly, stays charged for a long time, and the remote instantly pairs with the device. My puppy is a different dog after using it on the bell sound and vibrate mode. He listens and comes back when he's called again. I would buy this product again if necessary in the future. I can't tell you anything about other brands, but this brand is exactly what I needed.

7. SportDOG Brand SportTrainer Remote Trainers

SportDOG Brand SportTrainer Remote Trainers

The range is designed for distance control. Purchase additional Add-A- Dog Collar and train up to 6 dogs with the same handheld remote. For larger dogs with neck sizes greater than 22 inches. An easy-to-read screen means you can see the selected dog, static stimulation level, and battery status in a glance. 10 levels of static stimulation, as well as buzz and tone options, allow you to modify this system. Waterproof: Theubmersible is using DryTek technology. Rechargeable batteries. The batteries charge in 2 hours. The receiver battery lasts between 140 and 160 hours. 50 to 70 hours per charge is what the remote transmitter lasts. The system has low battery indicators. Also included: The remote transmitter has a receiver on a collar strap, a power adaptor, a test light tool, and a quick start guide.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤This setup was used for a Golden-Lab mix. He was a little over 2 years old when he started taking off into the wild with his friends, but we didn't pay attention to him for a few minutes. He had worse habits before. We love this creature so we had to do something to keep him safe, because patience was hard to come by. He doesn't like electricity, and within a few days he's become a better dog, and even playing fetch is a better experience. The collar and remote are both easy to charge, and the remote holds a charge that is even better. After about 3 instances of vibrating him, he quickly learned what happened after the beep so he has been much easier and better. I made the mistake of not purchasing this product earlier because I didn't know it was inhumane. The device could have spared the dog from being hit by vehicles 2x and us from a whole lot of frustration when going through the young stage. It was dropped in the water and didn't affect the device. Excellent product. I wish there was a video that explained all the settings. It wasn't easy for a beginner to figure those out. This is still going strong a year later. The remote can go on one charge for months, but the collar needs weekly+ charging. It has been in rain, mud and still works. It is very rare for a dog to have to buzz him, a beep is enough to get his attention back on track. It is a blessing! The review has been hidden. Really wonder why. Let that be known that it is a wonderful product.

👤After a year, the cheaper shock collar I had no longer held a charge. This one has a solid build. The quality is obvious. I was torn between a few different models from Sport Dog and decided this one had the most flexibility. I wanted to be able to use either the audible or shock. I was not sure what level of shock was needed for my Golden who is mild mannered but sometimes very stubborn. I was able to find the right level thanks to this one. It only took low at level 3 to get his attention. I like that it is orange in case I misplace it. It provides the information I need, like the screen, but it is water proof. I don't worry about having to take off the collar for the environments my dog likes to play in, like swimming in the snow, splashing in mud puddles, etc. I only had to give him the juice twice. The first time I had it set at medium, the dog jumped in the air when I hit the button. He knew that I meant business and would follow the command provided. A few weeks passed and he was corrected. He decided to test the boundaries again as he ignored a command to stop as he was headed towards a place I didn't want him to go. Hit him with the zap, at a lower level than before. He stopped and came back. Have not had to give a correction since. It is expensive. The battery seems to last forever between charges, it has a huge range, lots of options, and it is good quality. It is worth the thought when hiking with my dog.

8. Enrivik Small Training Collar Remote

Enrivik Small Training Collar Remote

Other training collars say "fits small dogs" but end up being huge for them. The Envirik remote collar is suitable for all dogs over 5 lbs, including chihuahuas and bichons. Each order comes with a full user manual that includes how to teach basic commands, how to use the remote collar in a safe and efficient manner, and how to effectively use positive reinforcement for life-long behavior change. A complete dog training system with sound and vibration modes is included. Positive habits and long lasting behavior change can be reinforced. It's perfect for outdoor or indoor use. The range has been increased to 1000 feet. The design is minimalistdurable The reinforced waterproof remote collar is strong enough for all doggy activities. You can take it on nighttime walks because it is water resistant. Even smaller dogs find it comfortable. You only need to charge the collar once a week because of the long lasting battery. You can take the remote with you because it fits in your pocket. Comes with a mode for saving batteries.

Brand: Enrivik

👤I have a Morkie who was becoming very aggressive and barky. I decided to purchase this training tool as I have had success with similar collars in the past, so I decided to buy one. The collar I used in the past was effective, but not this one. I put the collar on her after reading the instructions. I tried the shock mode on her and she shrieked. I no longer use the shock option, she seems to respond better to the noise than the vibration mode. If you're going to use this collar, please be aware that it sends a powerful shock, and I can't imagine anyone needing to dial it up to a 9 on any animal. I would purchase it again as it fits my small dogs neck. It doesn't seem to make her uncomfortable when she is on the floor.

👤I used this for a couple months with my puppy, who was 3 months old and 7 pounds. When I started using it. I don't use the shock setting, but this one seemed to be the best for a small dog like her, and I would have preferred a product without one. She is very stubborn and doesn't like pleasing like my last dog. It's good for walking to get her not to pull. She has associated the commands well and it is not necessary anymore. I left the collar a little longer because I knew she would grow, but she is not 13 pounds. It was easy to plug in at night. I would recommend this product for training.

👤Really like this collar. It has a shock feature. My dog is only 6 pounds and it worried us, everything we read said that the collar only vibrated and chirped, but that's not the case. Love the collar. My wild yorkie was made to behave.

👤A small dog is 5 lbs 1oz. She barked all the time, wouldn't come back when I called, and barked in her kennel at night. I put this on her immediately after I got it and it hasn't died yet. I take it off when I am at home, but she only barks when we are out in public. I will shock her if she won't respond to the sound or vibrate option. She comes back. She stops barking if I hit the sound button. I used the sound option on her once. I have not had to use it again. The product is awesome. I had to cut the collar because it was so long and she was so small.

👤A puppy was given to me as a gift. She would take off whenever someone opened the door. I needed a way to teach a recall quickly because I couldn't chase after her. Your collar allowed me to do that. I was able to tea h her within a day. She loves when I grab her collar because she knows we're going outside. She is very happy and she loves her new collar. Thank you.

9. PATPET Shock Collar Dogs Remote

PATPET Shock Collar Dogs Remote

There are 3 types of stimulation modes for the PATPET Electronic Dog Training Collar. The most efficient mode and intensity levels are shock, vibration, and beep, and they can be used to correct your dogs barking, aggression, and other behavioral problems. The dog training collar with remote can reach up to 1000ft (330 yards) range control, which allows you to train dogs in the backyard, the park, beach or anywhere else. You can train your 2 dogs at the same time. The button sizes and format are easy to operate for pet owners and help dogs learn commands more effectively. The dog shock collar is safe for coats and skin. IPX7 is a waterproof collar. The training collar receiver is waterproof and gives your pets maximum flexibility during outdoor activities. The built-in rechargeable battery will ensure you a long dog training time. The receiver can work up to 12 days and the remote can work 56 days after fully charging. The remote and receiver can be charged at the same time.

Brand: Patpet

👤This is a good collar. We have tried many training collars and had issues with some of them. The charge is for a long time. The collar stays tight. The alarm is loud so it can be heard. It's easy to test the battery when it's charged. Our husky wouldn't stay in our yard or come when called until we used this collar. He comes 99% of the time if we use the vibration, and only once if we shock him. Don't waste your time on other things. This is the best for a large breed dog.

👤We are not new to owning a dog or shock collar. I was initially excited to find that there were less expensive shock collars, but sadly, their quality matches their price. Our other brand of collar is 3 times the cost of these, but we still have it, and it works well, lasting for at least 5 years, while these are non-functional in less than 6 months. What went wrong is summarized here. 1 star is the thickness and sturdiness. The first week of use, both collar straps and buckles were broken by our dogs. They wrestled with each other. I tried to replace the collar straps with straps from pet stores, but they were too thick and wide to fit through the small space on the shock collar. The straps are poor quality. I was able to get one of the broken pieces of the collar to work. There are still two shock parts of the collar, but only one is working. 2. Our dogs didn't seem to respond to the shocks or vibration, which shocked us. We kept increasing the power of the shocks, but still nothing far too often, and then when it did work, our dogs got more of a shock than we wanted, because we thought it wasn't high enough. We did everything recommended, but it was still hit and miss. 3. One shock collar failed to turn on and off. The on/off button is useless now. We're down to one working collar. 4. The last working shock collar won't charge after 4 months. It doesn't seem to connect where it plugs into the collar. 5. What about customer service? They have no phone number on their website. Waiting to hear back from them, but this is not good. I wouldn't want replacements to function in the same way, so hopefully we can get our money back. I wish they were better. Too bad they're not! Customer service via email was responsive, and replacements were sent for everything but the charger. I had to show a video of the problem in order to get replacements. Guess what? They wouldn't charge when I plugged them in. The first shock collar wouldn't charge the second one. I contacted customer service and they will send a replacement for my original equipment, but I am not very confident in the product's quality since every single piece of my original equipment quit working in 6 months. The video I sent to them was attached.

10. Paipaitek Training Rechargeable Waterproof Vibration

Paipaitek Training Rechargeable Waterproof Vibration

No stinky dog training gear. The sound and vibration are enough to get his attention. This is a great way to correct your dog's bad behavior. The dog's breed and temperament can be adjusted by the sound and vibration collar. No shock dog training collar is more suitable for dogs with hearing issues. A dog collar with a remote up to 1600ft control range is easy to train your dog in the backyard, park and beach. The dog collar is waterproof so your dog can play in the rain. Up to 20 days of punishment. The remote no-shock dog collar can work for 20 days if you have 2 hours of full charge. Their pet training collar are popular all over the world, they have a strong confidence that these training collar can help most of the pet owners to train the pets and correct some bad habits and behaviors. They do their best to make you all happy.

Brand: Paipaitek

👤You are probably looking at reviews from paid or bot reviewers. I'm not one of them. I have a crazy 8 month old golden retriever who is jumping on me and stealing food from the kitchen. The device is easy to use. The remote and collar should be used. You can either buzz or buzz and buzz. Each has levels 1 to 10 on intensity. The dog stopped barking when I used it. It is important to use the zap with the "no barking" command. I told them to leave it with the device for jumping on counters. She isn't cured yet, but the difference in 24 hours is amazing. Positive treat training is difficult because the dog always wants a treat and thinks it's a reward for bad behavior. If I hear barking, I can use the remote to give it a press. If she jumps on the counter, I can listen to her. The dog knows that the action they took gave them a bad result. The buzz is not dangerous. There is no electric zap that hurts. If the dog can't feel it or ignores it, it's basically like a cell phone vibrating with different levels. I helped reinforce the drop it command with frisbee. She wouldn't drop it despite knowing the command so I did the audible noise with the drop command and she dropped it. I didn't need the remote after a few volleys. People will say, oh mate, why not use treats? I have spent a lot of time with my dog. She's getting stubborn. This tool helps her regain her focus. The product has a long battery life.

👤The money was wasted. The dog doesn't care if it buzzes. The seller is asking me to remove the review because he has offered a lot of money. I got a new collar for this thing. It's so much better and my dog responds with a few beeps. You can use the remote in your coat pocket without having to look at it on a cold day because the controls are so easy. The white lights on the collar are great for night time walks. You get what you pay for.

👤I wanted something that wouldn't weigh my dog down. I wanted a small remote, a waterproof one, a vibrate one, and a beep and this was delivered on all of them. I tried a different model that had shock but it was too big for my dog. I didn't need to use the shock so I didn't want to have the prongs in her neck. It's exactly what I wanted, it has no prongs. There is no place to see what life is left in the collar, but the remote has a great battery life. When it needs to be charged, it starts to sound. If you are looking for something for your small dog, I would highly recommend it.

👤No matter how much we talk to her, give her food, or encourage her, she wants to be the boss. A few times a low vibration worked. No prongs are sticking into her. She's comfortable. Great product!

11. SportDOG Brand Family Remote Trainers

SportDOG Brand Family Remote Trainers

The 500 yard range e collar can be used to train 3 dogs with the same remote. Choose to train with a buzz, tone, or 21 levels of static simulation. DryTek technology is used to waterproof and submersible to 25 feet. A low battery indicator lets you know when to charge, and the batteries have a 2 hour quick charge. The neck sizes are 5 to 22 inches for dogs 8 pounds or larger. All stages are described in the age range. The basic training manual was included.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤I have had the 425S for a few years now and love it. The most reliable collar I have ever had. I was excited to try the new dog, but I am very disappointed with its performance. The remote is reliable, but it is not reliable at all. I noticed that my pup was reacting in different ways. I used it and it was fine after I tested it on myself. I tried out the collar on myself again after the first training session as I didn't understand why my dog was reacting so strongly to the V/T function. What I saw made me cringe. Even though the button was on the same setting, it would deliver a different action each time I pressed it. I set it to V/T and after pressing the same button a few times, it gave off a shock. I set it to 1, then 2 and half the time it would vibrate, then the shock would be appropriate to the setting then out of nowhere it would be an equivalent of a 6-7 level shock. The tone button was the only button that worked consistently. I am sad that I ever used this on my pup, I can only imagine how shocked she was even though I had it set to V/T. The 425S is a great collar. If you want to shock your dog for no reason at all, then get the 425X. I was surprised that there was no recall on the 425x. Scary that this product is out there.

👤Don't buy the XS if you liked the 425-S. I regret buying a Sportdog collar and recommend it to friends and acquaintances. The older model was very good. If the lanyard had not snapped, I wouldn't have needed to buy a new collar. The older model allowed the remote three functions. One for each button. This is the one of the most useful buttons, and everyone I know used it for training a dog. The "X" model only allows 2 functions. Tone and vibrate, tone and nick, or vibrate and nick are the ways you can use them. There is no way to have each button perform a different function. Older model. The tone volume was louder. Both vibrate and nick had their strength adjusted. The new model is called "X". It's harder to get the dog's attention when it's distracted. The strength used to be adjusted. It was the best attention getter for my dog when he was chasing prey and reminding him of the property line. The dog doesn't notice the new one. She occasionally looks to see what touched her, but it could never be used as a safety measure. I called the company because I was certain I was missing something, and hoping they would say "Of course those features are still available!" We wouldn't eliminate the useful features. I didn't read the manual wrong. They ruined a great product. The reason? To allow a sound. If I could, I'd return this immediately, and go to eBay and find one of the older models, even if I had to buy used. I don't have time to ship. I use an e-collar to help with puppy training and early training for my balance/mobility service dog. Raising puppies is a real challenge for people with disabilities. The e-collar allowed me to reach out and touch the pup that was moving so fast that I couldn't keep up. It has been used to call my other dog off pursuit of a deer. The new model of the collar is less functional and has a slight delay in its delivery. I think it's because of the add-a-collar option. I blew almost three hundred on their 825 model because I was training a future law enforcement dog. I gave the 825 away to the pup when he began his official training classes because the model was so bad. The delay renders the collar useless. I know that Sportdog caters to the hunting crowd, and that Sportdog really, truly, deeply does not care what I think; but prospective buyers need to know that the new model is not improved.


What is the best product for dog shock collar with remote for large dogs and gpsdogs?

Dog shock collar with remote for large dogs and gpsdogs products from Petspy. In this article about dog shock collar with remote for large dogs and gpsdogs you can see why people choose the product. Lu&ba and Bousnic are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog shock collar with remote for large dogs and gpsdogs.

What are the best brands for dog shock collar with remote for large dogs and gpsdogs?

Petspy, Lu&ba and Bousnic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog shock collar with remote for large dogs and gpsdogs. Find the detail in this article. Adubor, Komia and Hkzooi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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