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1. Petest Reflective Tie Out Medium Pounds

Petest Reflective Tie Out Medium Pounds

15 ft, lightweight and ultra strong tie-out cable for dogs. Steel cable and clips are strong. Attaching snap on both ends to a post or stake is easy for a protection of the dog's neck. Extra safety at night can be achieved with reflective and anti-rusty vinyl covers. The crimp covers protect the cable ends from rain and rust.

Brand: Petest

👤The broke June 15, 2018, after it was ordered January 6, 2018. Light use was about 1/2 hour per day. The plastic coating is not UV rated, and it has a major rust issue. Our dog went on a walkabout after it failed just in from the yellow plastic "crimp covers". The seller's statement that "Structure feature crimp covers to protect cable ends from weakening due to rain and rust" is not true. This is where the cable failed. Don't buy this product. There is a new word for it.

👤This is a good leash for a small dog under ten lbs. If your dog chews the leashes, this will not last long and it could be lethal. My dog chewed through both sides within a few months. The wires under the plastic were dangerous when she did it for the first time. They cut into her skin after getting stuck in her fur. I had to use a combo of scissors and clippers to shave her fur off after I severed the leash and then tried to hold down my wiggling dog. I was able to pull the wires out of her skin, but my double coat still hasn't grown back right under her belly, because the wires got stuck in her skin. I should have learned from my mistake. I switched the end of the leash thinking I would watch her better since I know this now. We let her out one time. She exposed the wires by chewing and getting them stuck in her fur again and then tried to chew it off her fur since she was in pain. We caught her before it was too late. Do not buy this if your dog has any chewing ability. We were lucky this wasn't a vet trip. The first time my dog chewed it with her baby teeth, she was about 3-6 lbs, and the second time she did, she was about 8 lbs. She is under 6m and her teeth are small so be careful with your pets safety and invest in something safer. I am replacing this leash with fabric or nylon because it isn't durable for dogs that chew. If your dog is supervised by you the entire time on the leash, it will be less likely to chew. If you have a double coat dog, you should not go to the vet for a shaved fur baby because it can ruin their coat.

👤When Buddy wants to be outside, we use the cable to restrain him. One day a friend saw a squirrel and the chase began. When Buddy came to the end of the tether, we expected him to be restrained. Wrong! The cable held up perfectly, however, the rivet that connects the snap to the swivel broke in two, and Buddy was off and running. The chase came to an end when the squirrel ran up a tree and Buddy was able to catch him. The weakest link appears to be rivet.

2. Snagle Paw Runner Trolley Camping

Snagle Paw Runner Trolley Camping

The heavy duty dog is tied out. The Aerial Run Trolley System comes with a 100 ft dog tie out cable and a 10ft dog runner zipline, which are vinyl covered to protect from rain and rust, durable and long lasting for large dogs up to 125 lbs. pulley run smoothly along the cable with the help of turnbuckle The dog runner line is anti-SHOCK. The runner lead is where the shock absorbing spring is located, it will help your dog reduce the tension more directly to avoid injury, and it will give your pet more freedom and security to run in the yard. The clips are made of rust-free aviation aluminum, which is very lightweight, but also durable enough to endure the most intense pulling. The rotation tightening technology is used to keep the dog off the ground. Keeping your dog safe is important. The dog aerial tie out cable is sturdy and can hold up to dogs running and pulling to keep them safe. It's not necessary to fear them running off when camping. It is easy to install. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will help you solve your problem within 24 hours.

Brand: Snagle Paw

👤This is the best run for this price. My dog has been using it for a couple months and it has not shown any signs of wear. This brings a level of sanity to my life because I don't have a fenced yard and my dog loves to be outside. The run has held strong so far and you can't beat the price because my dog is a GSD/Husky mix, which means he's athletic, powerful, and always lunging and pulling on the run.

👤I was skeptical about getting any reviews. Right now my Great Danes isn't completely happy with it. I bought a pet sitter to come and let him get some fresh air while I am at work, so I don't have to leash walk him around the property the entire time. He can have a little freedom and peace of mind of not running off until we can trust him off leash, he has a chase mentality and is difficult to get back, and we just got him a month ago from the shelter. If this doesn't hold up, I'll update my review but it seems promising as of now. The carabiner clip doesn't feel strong and I can see replacing it.

👤I have a 60-70LBS pitbull, so I was skeptical about the product's ability to last. Everything was neatly placed in the box when I opened the package. It was self explanatory and easy to understand. I screwed it into the deck on my house and ran it to a tree and it looked great, I am still able to drive a car under it. The dog tried to chase a cow and the line didn't budge, so I ran a durability test. The leash wire that you connect to the dog's collar could be a foot or two longer than you think.

👤The loop at the end of the line attached to the tension bolt was pulled out after only 2 months of use. This would not be a problem if this was a pressed wire clamp. It is fixable after buying some wire clamps. One would expect this to happen as well. I was glad I was watching my dog because she could have taken off.

👤Beast is a 63lb dog that is reckless in pursuit of the chase. The instructions are clear. Modifications were needed for my install, but the system left room for them. The turn-buckle should be released where the center of the TB is clear and the threads are flush to the inside edge. It will be easier to install. I did not use the screw hooks. The screw hook was pulled out by the beast. I used a mixture of Steel posts, post clamps, and lag nut/bolts from a previous fence project. 2 bags 50lb QUIKRETE Fast Setting and a standard wire thimble were added. Attach the post with a lag bolt, dig holes, set posts, wait 3 hours, and attach a turn-buckle to the post. Pull the wire tight. "Not easy" The post was kept half tight on the wire by removing the #2 post clamp. It's much easier to tighten the wire on the post. The third adjustment of length was 20 minutes. The post was 21/4" high. I could use my body weight to push the post over the lag bolt. If you remembered to release the turn-buckle, you're almost done. To tighten trolley wire, turn the turn-buckle back toward minimum. You can make changes to the system as you please.

3. SparklyPets Hands Free Leash Medium Large

SparklyPets Hands Free Leash Medium Large

The security clips are on the belt. The professional leash has a support mechanism that splits the pulling force between the sides of the belt, unlike other hands free leashes which can cause your dog to break free if the belt is unlatched. If you have a large dog, you need a leash that absorbs shocks and allows you to control it without breaking stride. This hands-free dog leash is perfect for you, it has a strong bungee and clips. Being able to fully control your dog is important when crossing a busy street. The easy grip control handle on the bungee will allow you to keep your dog out of harm's way. Either hands-on or free. They've got you covered if you prefer a hands-free leash or a traditional one. Their professional leash can be switched from hands-free to hands-on in a matter of seconds. Their products are made from high-quality materials. Their dog leash is hands-free. Don't hesitate to contact them if their dog bungee leash isn't right for your pet.

Brand: Sparklypets

👤This is not a substitute for good training. If your dog is like me and pulls in certain situations, he will still be able to pull you with this product. This product will save your shoulders and arms a lot of wear and tear. I have a 55 pound poodle. He walks and jogs a lot, until he sees a car or squirrel that he wants, and he pulls it crazy. This is a very good product. I could tell that my dog wouldn't break it when I put it on. It is easy to adjust to heavy duty. My dog was connected to the rings as instructed. It was nice to not have to constantly correct him. He reached the end of the bungee and realized that pulling wasn't going to be very effective. I had to pay close attention to his body language because even with this device, he could pull me over. If I was playing around with my phone and not paying attention to my dog, I would have planted it. This is not a substitute for training. I am happy with the product. After just one hike, my shoulders are thanking me because I anticipate it will hold up well over time.

👤This leash is hands free. It has been great and we have used it a lot. My dog and I feel more comfortable on the bungee leash. The leash has 2 handles. I can pull her closer to me when I pass people on the trail. It seems strong and well made, which is what I need for my dog. My husband and I can switch off. I like to use trekking poles on certain hikes. A lot of people don't like to leash their dogs for hiking, but there are rules we need to follow and this leash will help.

👤It was a great compliment to my pup's harness. He can go everywhere with me. I found the leash too short after using it a number of times. I'm 6'7", so my legs are longer than most, but I was kicking the dog in his heels. I use part of his seat belt. I took the mutt on a walk to the gas station and I put the leash on the outdoor propane tank. Someone let me know 30 seconds after I walked inside that he had escaped. He was able to damage the leash without much effort after he backed out of his collar. He's strong for his size, at 80 pounds. The clip broke as I tried to unhook him. A new leash was in the mail the morning after I contacted them. Great customer service.

👤I have been using this leash for about four months and I am still impressed. I would add another rubber part on the second handle to make the leash different. It can be difficult to get your hand through the loop without the rubber grip if there is tension on the leash. The second D-ring on the belt has a tendency to bunch up. It is amazing to have to hook up another dog, or keys, or potty bags, but with my very pull-driven dogs, the D-ring can get a little cramped in how it is connected to the belt. I don't know what the best remedy would be, but these are small annoyances and don't affect my rating. This Lash is for sale! You will not regret it! It's a good thing. I hook my two huskies up to this leash with a coupler. They are definitely pullers, but the bungee in the leash makes it so that they're pulling and jerking doesn't phase me, especially not like having them jerk my arm out of a sockets using a regular leash. Being able to use both hands is great, I don't have to worry about my dogs getting away. The leash part of this ring is very useful for holding things like keys and potty bags, as there are many D-rings on the belt part. This leash is very sleek because of the black metal. I think it will hold up against my two pullers.

4. See Spot Run Lawn Protection

See Spot Run Lawn Protection

Dog NeutralIZER for Lawns. The brown and yellow spots created by dog pee are healed by their lawn spot repair solution. New grass, sod, or seed can grow if the soil's high nitrogen levels are mitigated. Their goal is to have a green lawn for every dog owner. Treat the problem, not your pet. Bladder damage and other serious medical issues can be caused by giving your dog pH altering chews, treats, rocks, or supplements. Their formula is safe for people, pets, and the environment. Their 1/2 gallon concentrate lawn saver is easy to use. ft. It is easy to apply using a hose or tank sprayer. For every 1 gallon of water, mix at a rate of 2 to 3 ounces. It can be used to revive and treat problem areas, or it can be used to apply it to your entire yard. REPAIR or not. REPLACE See Spot Run can't bring dead grass back to life. Remove the dead grass and apply See Spot Run to the soil before putting down sod. The high nitrogen levels in the ground can be mitigated by the microbes. Spot Run contains all-natural ingredients that work in the soil, not on the plant. To make sure the process of healing the dog urine burns is successful, lightly water in after application. Stay green and get green.

Brand: See Spot Run

👤It's hard to tell where you sprayed it when you're doing a large lawn area. Our lawn looks good so far, we have 4 dogs. They were allowed back on the lawn after 2 weeks. There are a couple small spots that could have been missed. I recommended this to a friend of mine who had a great dane that was killing their lawn and now the grass is growing back around all the brown spots, but she only applied it to those spots. We're trying K-9 turf because it's more economical and easier to apply. We can keep our lawn green with all these peeing and pooping beasts.

👤It has ruined my lawn. This is a picture of my lawn. I have a 1/3 Acre and it is all over. It is worse than what I was going through. I'm so upset. I was trying to make things nice for the company when they come to visit. I followed the directions and the results came 10 days later.

👤The quality of my lawn is the most important factor in determining my standing in the neighborhood. I was good. I was a good provider and family man because of my green lawn. Someone who could be trusted. My wife brought home a puppy. Yellow spots in the lawn were affecting my status. I made some threats about me and the puppy and quickly found out where I ranked in the household. Don't try to compete with a new puppy. I was not sure if this product would have any effect. There were some product reviews. I had to try something. The product worked as advertised. It seems to make the soil immune to burn damage from the puppy's urine. It won't fix the spots. I had to replant the damaged areas. The product stopped the damage. The lawn looks better than ever. My reputation has been restored. The odor that other reviewers noted did not occur to me. Thank you for making a great product.

👤I wrote a review that was not as positive about the product as I was not sure if it was the product or another that improved the lawn characteristics. The response I got from the company was amazing. They contacted me to discuss the product and my concerns after reading reviews. They gave me some information on how to use the product and gave me some guidance on how to fix some troubled areas. This was great! They want to serve the customer, not just sell the product.

👤I have a 103lb hounds urine was burning my back yard even though he drank plenty of water. Dog Rocks seemed to lose their effectiveness despite being replaced as recommended. I'm buying my second round because I'm impressed with the results and if it continues to work I'll change my rating to the full 5. I applied the product a second time, but the urine burns came back. I'm willing to try it again if you give me some recommendations.

5. XiaZ Trolley Camping Outdoor Protect

XiaZ Trolley Camping Outdoor Protect

We have improved installing accessories, you can use a cable sling to install the dog aerial runner between trees, or use screw hooks to fix the dog out cable. The cable is nylon The dog leash is lightweight. elastic bands are made from high quality and durable nylon material and they provide ductility. enough stretch will reduce risk of injury and increase comfort. You can choose the length of the runner cable, the dog lead cable has 2 handles. If you have any questions, just feel free to contact them, they will help you solve your problem within 24 hours. The pull of the XiaZ dog leash wire cable is up to 5KN by a professional test. The 100 feet long dog cable gives him more space to move around. Dog zipline reduces the chances of your dog getting wrapped around trees, posts or chairs. You don't have to check your dog several times a day if you use a trolley dog tie out. Dog ziplines make your dog feel less strained.

Brand: Xiaz

👤It was a challenge to get enough tension on the cable at 100ft, with only one turnbuckle to tension. The 2 screw-in hooks were meant to be a joke. The first one pulled out. They couldn't hold a coffee cup like the picture shows but they couldn't hold a cable run for a large dog. You could easily lose an eye if you thought they were anchors. If you want to hang the mainline run above grass cutting or foot traffic height, the cable lead could be a little longer. The elastic leash was a nice accessory, but it was not rated for my large Ausky or the 250lb rating of the cable. It will suffice for my other dog. I'm still pleased, but you may need to make a few changes to suit your application.

👤I think you get your money's worth right off the bat with material alone. The rubber coated steel braided cable in this kit seems to be of very high quality. It also has a shorter leash for your dog and all the accessories. It comes with an 8ft long regular dog leash which works great when I am walking my dog. I plan on using this while camping, so I put it in my yard for a test run. I attached it between two trees using 2 screws. It was easy to set up. You could figure it out without the step by step instructions. It has an anchor screw that is tightened so that it is tight and secure. I put the excess onto a wire spool to keep it tangle free. The kit only came with one quick link, so it probably needed two. The runner cable can be attached to the main cable with the quick link. The easy fix is to attach the second one to the cable runner. Second thing is. The cable's initial unraveling was a mess. I dropped the roll and it got tangled quickly. Maybe it's worth putting a rod through the middle before releasing the twist ties. This is a great product and a great value.

👤This setup works well for our dog. The main cable is strong. The pull and installation hardware are of high quality. The stretchy leash is our problem. My son's dog chewed through it. I realize that's our issue with not training the dog but, still, something more durable would be better. We used another length of cable from the tether setup to make the leash. It works well. We're happy with the purchase.

👤The product as a whole fails because the cable is strong. The set up instructions were not easy for me to follow, but after a little trial and error, I got it up and secure. I am not the ideal person to be a handy gal around the house. I wanted this to be a short term solution to keep my dog safe until fencing is installed. We did some practice walks along the line, as my fur-guy was not sure if he was on a leash or not. I was proud and confident. A happy dog and a safe solution. I was wrong. The first morning I got my dog, he caught a glimpse of a creature in the woods. He ran and the leash snapped in half, he was up and over the hill. The hook on the turnbuckle does not have a way to stop it from twisting, and two nuts could be an improvement. After a flood of fury, I called him back and promised him a treat and a walk, but he came back down the hill. A lot of luck and a very good puppy saved this situation. If we lived in a town, it could have been fatal. It might be the best price for the cable length and sling if you know how to change it.

6. Trolley Zipline Camping Outside Durable

Trolley Zipline Camping Outside Durable

The heavy duty dog runner system is made of vinyl and has a 100ft dog tie out cable and a 10ft runner cable, which are durable and long- lasting, and provide 2000 square feet of playing area to explore. It is easy to adjust the length and tension of the turnbuckle, while avoiding sagging and helping pulley slide smoothly along the cable. The shock-absorbent dog run can be used to protect against sudden stops and jerks and help reduce the tension more directly to avoid injury. The pulley is strong and slides smoothly across the aerial tie out cable without getting stuck, as your dog sniffs and explores. There is no triangle or safe design. The snap at the end of the run cable is made from a free-swallowing design which makes it strong enough to endure the most intense pulling. The Aerial tie out cable can help your dog run safely and happily without tangles. It is easy to install and easy to cure. The trolley system can be installed by one person, and only need a secure place to setup it. The bag is easy to carry and store. The Heavy Duty Dog Trolley System is a great gift for animal lovers and free of charge. If you're not completely satisfied with their product, they'll give you a full refund or replace it at no cost. "Add to Cart" now!

Brand: Pestairs

👤I would have given five stars if I wrote this review right away. After a month of use, it is down to one. This item will need a replacement clip because it is rusted. This is intended for the outdoors, why use a material that rusts?

👤It was difficult to get nearly 100 feet of cable to be taught to hold the clamps on. It is very difficult with two. The tightening system at the other end became better as it was taught enough. The main issue was to use it. The trolley did not glide smoothly. It would dig into the plastic around the cable and remove it. I don't recommend this product.

👤I couldn't find a 100 for cable tie in my area and it was very expensive to purchase the cable and components separately. The cable was sold for about $1.50 per foot. There is over 100 feet at. It is insane that a foot is for $1.50. This set with all hardware is not a good one. I had just enough cable to slip the turnbuckle into the eyeball, because I have two trees that are close to the eye bolts. The cable was strong enough to hold our dog. I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤We have had this installed for a while. It was installed according to the instructions on the package. The plastic has broken. Very disappointed. We noticed the broken plastic a few days after the return window and now there is nothing we can do.

👤I looked into buying the cable from the local hardware store and making my own dog runner, but when I looked at Amazon, I found a whole kit that was cheaper than just the cable alone at the hardware store. The 100' runner comes with all the mounting hardware, turnbuckle, cable clamps, etc. The plastic coating on the cable makes it easy to handle. Even a small dog can use the drop-down tie out cable because it runs smoothly on the runner. It was easy to put up. I would definitely recommend it.

👤We bought a husky for our 2 year old and he has a lot of room to run without a fence.

👤We brought home a puppy that doesn't seem to have an "off" switch. We were struggling to come up with ways to burn off energy since we don't have a fenced-in yard. The trolley system is for entering. It took us about an hour to install, but we needed to clear out some limbs on one of the trees we were using, so we spent the next 90 minutes running the legs off our little guy. I can't recommend this system enough. Do it if you're on the fence. You will not find a better way to spend $30.

👤The price is right for the trolley. I have a pitbull puppy that needs the space to run. The instructions were easy to understand and read. I did not tighten it with a wrench, but a wrench will fix the issue, because she isn't strong enough. It works perfectly if I can get her out running.

7. Kurgo Multi Functional Reflective Adjustable Training

Kurgo Multi Functional Reflective Adjustable Training

6 in 1 use: a hands free dog leash can be adjusted around the waist, over the shoulder, double dog leash, and tether. Hitch your dog with a 6 ft leash and 3 ft training leash. A hands-free dog belt and a hands free running leash are available. The dog lead is reflective for visibility in low light and nighttime. It is made of nylon. A padded handle on a running leash helps you maintain control over your dog. The handle moves up and down to work with each configuration.

Brand: Kurgo

👤I like that it allows me to be hands-free. I have both of my hands free if I clip it around my waist or cross-body style. It is possible to be versatile. I only use this leash when I go on hikes or walks that are more than a stroll in the neighborhood. I can shorten the leash by using it cross-body style, which is shown in the photo. I can use it around my waist, but it depends on the wearer's waist circumference. I wear a men's size 29 waist pants. I can use it as a standard leash by attaching it to a carabiner and creating a small loop. There are 3 more If you're familiar with using a carabiner, adjusting the size on this is quick and easy. The colored webbing is sewn down so that you can clip the carabiner at any section you please. Disliked: 1) The color options aren't all that attractive, but they don't affect the function.

👤The idea was sound, but it is not a leash for me. The liner doesn't stay in place. I stopped walking after the first walk. The caribiner is worse. It can come unclipped easily because of the small loops it goes between. When the caribiner popped out of the loop, I had to grab the leash more than once. I don't trust this leash for a second and since the caribiner is sewed in, I can't even swap it out for a beter one, which would be nice since this is an expensive leash and seems quite sturdy and well made despite the design flaws. It was too late for me to return this.

👤Downgraded to two stars. Within a few weeks, the metal buckled. The dog didn't go bananas or anything, but it broke in my hands when I fastened it. I like the waist-fastening feature so I went out and found something that was stronger. I'm happy this wasn't more expensive. I have two large dogs, one gentle and easy on a leash, the other a hellion. The hellion is a husky mix rescue from a bad past, and is very over-eager to meet other dogs. I was complaining about it on Facebook when a friend suggested I try this leash and go hands-free. I'm very happy she suggested it. I have a leash around my waist that is close to my center of gravity, and I have more control over her when she gets excited. I'm a little worried that one day she'll pull me off my feet, but that's not familiar with the feeling of the waist-bound leash; she drags me off my feet all the time when I'm holding her. This is an improvement.

👤This is the first review I have written in a while. I give it 4 stars because you can make it better. With a small amount of work. Like most of the other reviewers. The carabiner on the end is garbage. In the way of the no but forreal. I can't believe that Kurgo put that trash on it. It doesn't work with it straight up. Within an hour of receiving it, I went to the hardware store to buy a replacement and cut it off with a Dremel. The good news is that it works. I popped on a 250lb steel carabiner from Lowe's because the loop that Attaches to the carabiner is wide enough. The loop system is the best part of this leash. You can do anything with it. The loops make it possible to make the leash shorter or longer. I have a puppy in training and this is perfect for me. It is much easier to use round the waist. It is not long enough to use messenger style. Which is true. There are too many variables. The height of a person. The person's width. The dog's height. The length of lead is acceptable for your pup. If you have a short dog. You need a leash extension. If you were trying to use it as a short leash, it would become annoyingly long. I like the length for one reason. I like being able to add a shock absorbing leash extension. I like using it like this, but I don't like those a lot. The leash might be a bit heavy for the tiny pups. I have a dog. The dog has no issues with the weight, but the wife thinks it's too heavy. I am being honest, but not sure how that works. The reflective material runs the length of the lead. I have no issues with the quality of the fabric or the hook bit that is attached to my pups collar. The carabiner on the other end is garbage. The last thing I want to talk about is the pad that is included for the handle. Unless I am using it messenger style, I hate it. It is better if you have it. As all get out, using it as the handle part on a normal leash is awkward. It gets in the way. Why give it four stars if I hate it so much? I like the leash a lot. The loop system is very good. They dropped the ball on production. If you can cut off the carabiner, you can replace it. Give it a try. If not there are other 6 in1 leashes out there, but for the cost of this leash and a 2$ carabiner this one is still cheaper than most of the others. The pad is not a bad one for your shoulder messenger style. If you don't plan on using it, just pitch it.

8. LUFFWELL Overhead Trolley Running Outside

LUFFWELL Overhead Trolley Running Outside

Dog runs are heavy duty. A 100 ft dog runner and a 10ft dog tie out cable are both made of 100% STAINLESS steel and are long lasting for large dogs up to 125 lbs. pulley run smoothly along the cable with the help of turnbuckle The shock absorbing spring on the dog runner zip line is different from the dog trolley system because it is located on the 10 foot dog chain. The tangle free clip for stronger ends gives dogs more freedom, and it's also durable enough to endure the most intense pulling. Allowing your dogs to move around happily around you. Keeping your dog safe is important. The dog running outside is sturdy and can hold up to dogs running and pulling to keep them safe. It's not necessary to fear them running off when camping. It can be used to confirm the dog's position and provide safety protection when the light is low. LUFFWELL dog trolley system comes with everything you need for a fast and easy 1 person install, also include a detailed Installation Instructions, if you have any concerns just feel free to contact them, they will help you to solve your problem within 24 hours.

Brand: Luffwell

👤I had a 72lb dog and she had to be friends with it. If the aerial line was in the air, she ran. And then kept going. The pully held the cable. The line came disconnected when she straightened the hook. She was stopped when the pully hit the turnbuckle. I would still recommend this and have faith in it, but I would also recommend that you upgrade the hook to a stronger one in case your dog is also a**.

👤The hook that was mounted in a tree broke twice in two years, so the German shepherd had to buy a hook that could hold up to 300 lbs. He could slip his collar if we didn't tie excess line tight around an oak tree and he could pull the excess line right through the provided clamps. He was running around with the line still attached to his collar after the trolley broke out of its housing. If you are going to get this, don't expect a lot, buy a bigger hook before the first one breaks, and don't expect it to last forever, we didn't even get a year out of it before the trolley broke.

👤We have had this for several months because we have a Saint Bernard who is a year old and 116 lbs. She broke the 10ft runner line once when she had the zoomies. This thing is amazing. We also have our chow on one. It was a very wide range to roam. If you get tangled, watch where you are walking. I have been dressed by my Saint. If you hang the 100 ft line high enough, you will never hit your head or vehicles. I would recommend it. Oh, that's right. Get stronger hooks. Ours are okay so far, but I see the previous reviewer's points. Buy this. It is worth the price.

👤Installation can be accomplished with two people. The glide allowed my dog to fly. She was surprised when she came to the end of the line. It snapped her back and gave us a scare. I had the foresight to put her in a harness. I plan to use it again when she is older.

👤It was easy to install and fit the bill for a dog run. The pulley that comes with it is cheap and terrible. It doesn't roll well because it's not the right size for the diameter of the cable. The new pulley will work with this system.

👤A beast of a pet was brought home by the son. It is close to 70 pounds. It was taking care of his business too close to the house. I don't have to clean my shoe off before I go in the house now that I have installed the run. My son's beast is 888-349-8884 Clean shoes are a must for unfenced yards.

9. AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Exercise Fence

AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Exercise Fence

For dogs up to 23 inches tall, there is a portable 36-inch play and exercise pen. Made of iron metal with a rust-proof black finish and step-through door access. Set up in seconds; unfold, shape, and connect; folds flat for compact storage. There are 8 ground anchors for outdoor use. It's recommended for small and medium sized breeds. The panels are 36 by 24 inches and create a 16- square-foot enclosure. The dimensions are 60" x 60" x 36".

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The product seems to be of good quality and it works well outdoors, at least for us. The product description is wrong, as several others have already pointed out. One set of panels configured in a "square" formation would only equal 16 sqft, and even if you went with a perfect "octagonal" shape, you would still only increase the square footage by a little over 3 sqft. They are advertising near the 64 sqft. We've already purchased five of these, and they are working well, but after just two sets, we realized that we probably couldn't do long, straight sections of fencing, as we expanded. We zig-zagging the fencing, making sure that we created small angles with each panel, so that we could attach all five sets together into a larger pen. For anyone who wants to do the math, here are the areas you can combine the sets in using a square configuration. 16sqft is 1 and 2. 64sqft 3 is the number. 4 is the number of square feet. 5 is equivalent to 256sqft. 400 square feet. Here are the approximate areas you would acthieve. 19sqft is 1 and 1 is 2. 77sqft 3 is the number. 174sqft 4 is the number. 5 is 309sqft. Hope that helps!

👤An inexpensive way to keep your dog safe is by fencing. There are a few things to keep in mind. A jack Russell mix is a runner and can jump high. I would never leave her alone for a minute. If you want to connect multiple units, you should buy zip ties and buy extra stakes, though I think it would have been fine with those provided. There are 3 units connected to each other. Would it work indoors? Unless you had carpet or wood floors, I don't think you'd mind your dog moving around in your house. My guess is no. The stakes keep it in place. I am very happy with my purchase. I have an area where my dog can roam without a leash for around $150. She is a jack Russell/chihuahua mix and is 15 lbs.

👤I bought to keep my house clean and my puppy safe until we figure out some good manners. I am very happy with this choice, I have read lots of reviews. It is easy to move. Lifting the fence behind the mess is easy. I put shower curtain liners under it. She put small holes in the top shower curtain but she couldn't get to the bottom one so the floor is dry. I use a grabber to reach things that make mopping shower curtain, with a slightly wet, soapy paper towel or Clorox wipe an easy clean. Her toys and pee pad are in the pen. The pawz blanket I got from Amazon is very cozy and washes up well.

👤It's perfect for my dogs. It is being used to block the area for them to go to the bathroom. It was easy to set up. Not tall enough to pick up my dogs.

10. EXPAWLORER Dog Tie Out Cable

EXPAWLORER Dog Tie Out Cable

The cable set contains 75ft steel wire rope, 10ft runner and 7ft binding, as well as accessories of 2 plastic chucks, 2 small chucks, and 2 large chucks. There are two ways to install a cable between trees, one using a sling and the other using screw hooks. The long wire rope has a shock absorption spring on one end, the short wire rope has a metal buckle on one end and a pulley on the other. One end of the long wire rope is hung with a screw, one end of the traction rope is a pulley, and both ends of the bounding belt are rings. Steel wire material is strong enough to hold up to 125 lbs. and is not easy to break by dogs.

Brand: Expawlorer

👤This has been helpful. We were going to put up a fence so our puppy could play with the kids. The price of lumber is ridiculous so we decided to get this instead. The kids ran with the dog after it was installed. It is acceptable for all of my dogs and I have not had any issues with any of them breaking loose. We are very happy with the purchase. Dogs are included!

👤While I was setting this up, my dog kept hopping the fence into the neighbors yard. I put her on this every time she goes out because it keeps her safe. I was very satisfied with the results, but not how cheap it was.

👤The runner is nicely coated and came nicely packaged, had great instructions and a picture diagram, and it was nice. I climbed a tree to put it up.

👤I needed this item for my chocolate lab catahoula mix. I had the rope on the ground and she would wrap it around everything. This is hung high off the ground from a tree and a post and she can roam around better while outside with my family.

👤I don't know how it is chewproof. I tied it high and my dog loved it. When she hit the end of the rope, she would just go back to running. It worked well for her, she is about 60 lbs.

👤This was not described as having two chains for two dogs.

👤We have had problems with our dog chewing through ropes while on the run. We don't have to chase her around anymore because we bought this one.

👤Fast delivery and high quality product. A puppy has a heavy hook. We made it work. Would do it again.

11. XiaZ Portable Trolley Reflective Outside

XiaZ Portable Trolley Reflective Outside

The XiaZ dog trolley system is easy to setup and tear down. Between two trees or other anchor points is where you want your dogs to enjoy more room to roam. You can finish it in 5 minutes. You can take your pets on all sorts of adventures now. Dog camping cable increases your pet's free roaming range and reduces the chances of your dog getting wrapped around trees or picnic tables. The reflective dog line will help improve your dog's visibility at night. The heavy duty dog runner comes with a 50ft dog tie out cable and a 10ft dog runner line. It is made of reflective kernmantle rope and heavy duty steel clasp and can be used for all seasons and outdoor use. The dog tie out cable for camping is made of high grade zinc alloy and is lightweight, so your dogs will be able to move happily and safely around you. They upgraded the dog camping gear after checking their customer feedback. When your dog mellows out on your trees, add a tree protectors cushion to protect them. 50ft dog line with 2 steel buckles, 1 360tangle free clip, 2 tree protectors, and an instruction sheet are included in the package.

Brand: Xiaz

👤I did not have a fence for my backyard, so I tried this tie out cable. I only used it once and it works well. My dog can run freely in the yard if I tie the cable between the two trees. It is easy to set this up and I leave it there when I am not using it. It is fine to leave the whole set up on the trees.

👤I love this trolly. It works well and is strong. I have an easy fix for the loosened up trees.

👤I used it to keep my kitten out of sight. She likes to hide.

👤The dog broke the rope in the middle of the run.

👤My dog likes to run on it.


What is the best product for dog run?

Dog run products from Petest. In this article about dog run you can see why people choose the product. Snagle Paw and Sparklypets are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog run.

What are the best brands for dog run?

Petest, Snagle Paw and Sparklypets are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog run. Find the detail in this article. See Spot Run, Xiaz and Pestairs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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