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1. Recovery Washable Menstrual Abdominal Alternative

Recovery Washable Menstrual Abdominal Alternative

Dog recovery suits can protect wounds and prevent injuries to other pets. Puppies, elderly dogs with occasional incontinence and female dogs during menstruation can be protected by the diaper design. The fabric is high-elastic. The sanitary pantie is very soft, comfortable and free movement. One year and four years. The back of Unisex has a design. You can easily urinate when you take it off. The dog can pee freely if the back is untied and the straps attached to the back are rolled up. The E-collar alternative is great. Pets can play and eat with no restrictions. During and after surgery, it helps keep patients warm. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will return your money.

Brand: Dotoner

👤This is not great. It seems to leak with any amount of liquid. I knew my dog would need a L because he wears a S or M in most sweaters. I can imagine if I went with what the listing recommended, I would have had my husband measure as well. We did it correctly. If your dog has silky fur that causes diapers to slip off to hold them on but on it's own with the inserts, it's a no. I highly recommend you to use your own judgement on size. I will be trying the suit on over some disposable doggy diapers, but it is useless. My dog loves to wear it because it seems to be comfy, he isn't happy if they aren't in clothes.

👤I used this to cover my girl's private part during her heat cycle so my male could not get to her, but she chewed it to the point that it was useless. It is easy to put on. It was not good for what I used it for.

👤I ordered the large for my Springer Spaniel because I was confused by the size chart. It's a perfect fit. I had low expectations for the suit, but my dog can move around and the bottom is easy to remove while he heals from surgery. It's much better than a cone.

👤The product is good but the size chart is off. I matched their size chart. It was too big for my dog.

👤It is a little baggy in the back, but still covers everything. While our dog is in heat, we combined this with an additional disposable pad. Happy that it seems to be more comfortable.

👤I followed all of the directions for measuring my Great Dog, but the leg holes were too large and she was unable to get to her wound and abdomen.

👤The American bulldog is 70 lbs and the XL fits her perfectly. We haven't washed it yet, but it looks good and I think it will hold up.

👤My cocker spaniel is a size S. The fabric is stretchy and light. Doesn't seem to be too cold in the house. The velcro is strong. It makes a loud noise when opening and the dog is not used to it. It is easy to move for elimination. It comes with a pad. I am wearing sanitary pads. Great aid for living with a dog. She doesn't remove. I am hoping that this will be helpful after her spay operation in a few months.

👤You don't need to stretch it to fit over his head like a jumper, it's easy to put on. It does up along the back. I went by chest size and weight. The instructions for measuring back length are not clear. The cut out for a male dog's willy is well positioned. It means that your dog can wear this out and about and pee and poo without having to have it removed. All good. I have only 1 reservations. The material is very thin. This is not a problem, as it seems well made with good seams. He popped out of the vest overnight because of the generous neck opening. This is concerning as he is wearing it to stop him licking and biting at a surgical wound. I only got this one because he got out of the vest I had from the vet. It must be my dog. PS This vest is being used for 7 days. The ease with which it comes off is frustrating. The nap of his hair is the reason for this. His hair points backwards towards his butt, because he is a smooth haired terrier. The stretchy knit fabric caught on his hair. It slides down his body, but can't ride back up because of the lay of his hair. The vest slowly creeps its way down his body as he moves. It doesn't ride back up even after sitting down, and it seems to shift down his back by an inch. He can either kick it off or it will slide down over his shoulders and fall off. I think the vest works well on long haired dogs, but for short haired dogs it may be a problem. The stretch knit fabric used in the MPS vest was problematic. There is a The key to resolving the problem is to sew a fixed length of non-stretch strap or collar onto the stretch fabric neck. The collar should be the same size. It stops the collar from coming back over the shoulders. The job was done.

2. Kuoser Recovery Professional Abdominal Substitute

Kuoser Recovery Professional Abdominal Substitute

High-elastic Breathable Fabric is a blend of cotton and spandex, which is super soft, comfortable and free movement. Roll up design to allow your dog to do his job. It is possible to put a pad on this special part. Most animals don't like licking. The E-collar alternative is great. Pets can play and eat with no restrictions. During and after surgery, it helps keep patients warm. Pets are protected from themselves and others. Pets are prone to licking wounds, skin conditions, hot spots, allergies and infections. It can be used as a favorite home clothes. It is easy to put on and take off. XS-XXL is a 6 size avaiable for small and large dogs. If you want to fit your dog better, you should measure it and compare it to the size chart. Please notice the back lenght. The neck is important.

Brand: Kuoser

👤I'm Hi. My name is Rita Sue. You may know me by my other names. The man in brown dropped the outfit off at the door. I was going to voice my disapproval because he was not known. Loudly. A lot. Anyway... I've been wearing a dumb blow up donut collar. I don't want to lick my sutures. I had bladder stones taken out. I'm pretty sure they were diamonds. My people pulled out a pale blue outfit with yellow striping. They didn't have my size, and they had a pink flowered number. Don't get me wrong... I wanted to get that Elizabethan Torture Device from my neck. So, here we go. I was dressed and they had a discussion about the way it looks and feels. The fabric is soft and the fit is amazing. But blue? Humans. I will challenge this outfit with my ability to find ways to lick the wounds. All the time. The shirt and apron cover the abdomen. I can show off this girlish figure with the flexibility of the velcro on the apron. If I decide to go out for the evening, it has a cute pocket in the back for my phone and ID. It's still in-style, but it's falling out of favor quickly in the Poodle circles. There is a If Kim Kardoggian and Chiara Ferrocigni can stay in a romper for a few more weeks, so can I. You've had enough of me, ugly humans. Love and wet kisses, Rita Sue.

👤The suit is a great alternative to a cone. This helped make the situation better. My dog got poked by a stick in her groin area. She was miserable. We had to keep the wound clean and keep her away from it. The suit covered the area. It was easy to put on, and you could roll it up for easy potty breaks. My vet wanted to know where we got it because it worked so well. I ordered 3 different recovery suits and this one was the best one, definitely the highest quality and fit the best. My dog is not a chewer and doesn't tear things up, so she never tried to bite it off. She doesn't have a double coat like our other dogs, so she is very used to wearing jackets and vests, and we live in the UP of Michigan, it's cold here! She was very comfortable wearing this and didn't seem bothered by it. She has a large chest and neck, but a skinny hind end. I had to cut a small slit in the neck band to give her more room, but nothing fits her that well. This was not bad because I have to change everything she wears. Highly recommended!

👤The suit was perfect for my dog. It covered what she needed to be covered. It's easy to put on. Had tried other types of diapers. She didn't want to walk in them, so she kept getting them off. This was the perfect solution for our needs. Would recommend!

3. Protective Inflatable Collar Dogs Collar

Protective Inflatable Collar Dogs Collar

There are two things that are SCRATCH and BITE RESISTANT. The inflatable collar is designed to protect your pets from injuries and post surgery wounds, it will prevent pets from biting and licking their injured area or surgical site, and promote recovering from surgery or wounds. The soft outside material and inflatable design will allow your dog to wear it comfortably and it does not block your pet's vision, they can eat, drink, sleep and play normally. You can deflate it and store it in a small space when you don't use it, and there is a bag on one side that you can take out and wash. It is adjusted. You can put the strap side at the back of your dog's neck if you want to make sure he doesn't bite you. There is resilience and stable. The premium collar is soft and clean, it won't mark furniture, and you can insert your pet's everyday collar through the inner ring loops for a stabilization. It is not a guarantee in fit as every dog is different. The product doesn't have an inflator. You should still buy products by the pet's neck. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Bencmate

👤I am very happy with my purchase. My dog got neutered and cone was not working. She couldn't sleep and hated it. We came across this product while exploring other options. It is a travel pillow for dogs. She was stopped from licking her incision, but it also looked comfy. I only deducted a point because the zip was not very durable and derailed after a few days of heavy use. You can see below for before and after.

👤I love this product. I didn't like the idea of one of the big plastic e-collars that my dog would have to wear after she was neutered. Our dog could eat, drink, sleep, and move around comfortably with this collar. She would sometimes hit a wall or door frame with no damage to the walls or pain to us. On the inside there are loops that you feed their every day collar through and then you strap it on the outside. She tried a few times to get it off. She didn't notice it was on most of the time. I was worried about her popping a hole because she was trying to scratch her neck and it was getting itchy. It has held up well. I think this product is a great price and quality. It was true to the size chart. I was able to fit all five fingers between the collar and her neck, even though she couldn't get it off, because it was still snug enough that she couldn't get it off. If she had to wear it longer than 10 days, I would have been very comfortable keeping it on her for a long time. I hope I was able to answer any questions.

👤My dog thought this thing was great. It's much easier to lick his neuter incision than it is to have a cone. He was frightened by the cone because he'd never worn one before and he's a delicate, sensitive person. It made us feel bad. He woke us up by scratching loudly on the floor of his crate because he couldn't figure out how to back up with the cone. It was not as intense. I woke up in the morning and found him with a wet, raw incision he'd been licking. He licked off two days of healing. I spent half the day in the emergency vet office, which cost me $260, instead of enjoying my coffee on the patio. I didn't get a full refund when I returned the cone because it was expensive, but I had to pay for return shipping. This thing might work for a dog with a shorter body like a bulldog, but anything that has a longish body will weasel around it. He's not a Basset hound or a Doxie. It didn't block his vision, as promised. This is a great choice if you're looking for a dumb accessory for your dog. Purchase something else if you want to keep the dog from going to the healing area. The cone worked well for us. He just didn't like it when he had to wear it. The donut collar cost me $267.

4. Breathable Abdominal Alternative Professional Harassment

Breathable Abdominal Alternative Professional Harassment

Do you need to stop your pet from licking or scratching? Does your pet still like the hard e-collar? When a dog is neutered or has an allergy flare up, the recovery suit is designed to cover the wounds, spots, incision, bandages, hotspots, skin herpes, and to keep the dog calm. It also perfectly isolated the affected area so that it wouldn't get worse. BREATHABLE COTTON MATERIAL is made from cotton and polyetser fabric and stretchy like a ladies swimsuit. The dog recovery suit is Breathable and light, which allows for constant air-flow circulation, and it is snug but not tight. It is quickly washed and dried. The design of this upgraded clothing is easy to wear, and it has a magic sticker on the back which is convenient to determine the location of the fixcation and adjust a more suitable size for your pet. The owner can use the hook to store the excess material on the hips and back of the dog, without affecting the animal's health. Please refer to the video for the instructions. After the dog is operated, it can avoid wounds from biting or scratching, keep the wound dry, and avoid secondary hurt. You should cover your crotch during your pregnancies. The cone of shame/satellite dish that the dog has to wear on his head is a perfect alternative to the recovery shirt. There is a dog suitable for Chocolate Lab black lab pup border collie puppy hound bulldog Boston Terrier husky Blue Heeler.

Brand: Rozkitch

👤My girl's length was the reason I bought the XL. She is 45 lbs and long. I ordered it a week in advance of her surgery because it was large. I ordered the large after returning it. It was perfect. We didn't have a problem with her trying to lick her incision area so we put it on her at night and when she was alone in the house. She wasn't a huge fan of it, but after a while she got used to it. She would have disliked a cone more. When sitting up there is a gap that exposes the surgery area, but once they lay down or get into any position to lick it was covered. The strength of the velro is perfect. The only problem I had was when I lifted up the strap to hold the back for bathroom use, one side ripped off the material. I took it from the other side and it was fine. She had two accidents in this. She went to pee in the house twice. I washed it and dried it under delicates in my dryer, so it didn't shrink or interfere with the strength of the velcro. She did poop in the house, but this doesn't cover up her butt, so it wouldn't have been a problem. If we get another dog, I will keep this for any friends or family members that get a dog that needs surgery or for the future if we get another dog.

👤Our 6 month old dog was neutered a week ago and it has been a challenge. Her isolation from our other dog as well as mostly in the house is making her bored and hard to manage. The vet provided a thick plastic collar that lasted about 3 or 4 days, but she destroyed it after she bruised us and chewed the edges. I was looking for other options. I decided on a onesie with a cone. This product is getting a 3 star review. The onesie works well and covers the incision point, but the problem is putting it on for our dog. You have to feed the tail through the tail hole and then reach under the dog by grabbing one flap and connecting it to the other flap. Sounds easy. The dog would be turning in circles and bucking around all the time. I believe that frustration ensues. Our puppy is scared by the velcro. When she hears that I am releasing the velcro from her back, it makes my life a lot harder. If it was a one time application, I could deal with it, but this whole process takes place every time our lab has to use the bathroom. I wrestle with my puppy to get this thing on. There is probably little to be done about my complaint. Relaying to others is important to me. It works but it's hard to get on/off.

👤The boy is long and thin. He is 17” long. He is only 27. There was a lot of material around his middle. He had to wrap it more because it didn't meet on his back. And still did not meet. The husband got creative. You can see the bunched up fabric underneath the video. He didn't need it after his surgery. The product is back.

5. Kukaster Pet Alternative Protective Stripe 2xl

Kukaster Pet Alternative Protective Stripe 2xl

The professional surgical recovery suit protects your pet from licking wounds and can help your dog recover sooner after an operation. It can keep animals calm when they get anxious and avoid skin disease when exposed to outer environment. The fabric of the shirt is soft and comfortable. Your puppy would love to wear it. It is safe for your pet to wear. The shirt is Zip up on the back to make it easy to put on a large dog. A pet can't take it off. The recovery suit is for both males and females. The circle on the belly is for a dog to pee. The male dog can pee without you taking it off. The big dog post surgery recovery suit is a great option for wounded dogs. Your breed can wear it indoors to keep hair out of the air, and keep flies away when walking outdoors. Your cute pet can walk and run and sleep well at night thanks to the stretchy material and nice fit. It's suitable for any season. The dog's abdominal protective onesie is machine washed, which can save you from busy life. If you have a problem with their product, please let them know.

Brand: Kukaster Pet

👤I didn't know there weren't any reviews yet. I am very happy that I got this. My 7 year old husky shepherd mix is over 100 lbs. I think he injured his hip/lower abdomen area while playing with his baby sister. I had him in a cone to stop licking but he was miserable for two days because the wound was healing nicely and he didn't need stitches. I was worried about baby sister licking his wound, as well as her stepping on it when they wrestled, which is a challenge when you want to tire a puppy out! This was the only suit that I could find that was cotton and had some coverage of the legs, but it didn't require me to un-velcro him every time he went out. I got him the largest size available, the 5xl, and it fits him well. It is a little loose around the neck, arm and leg holes, but it fits him great. I think he has a deep chest, so the chest part fits nicely. He was so thankful to get the cone off, he doesn't seem to mind the lightweight shirt one bit, I think he feels something on his back. I wish I had cut the "male" hole a little smaller. I cut the circle where the guide stitching was because I wasn't sure how it would fit his body. The suit serves its function well, since his would is right inside the leg crevice, and other suits cut off right at the line. He tries to lick, but he has to manuever around the fabric a bit. I might not feel as comfortable if it were a more serious wound. The suit has worked well since it is the goal. I would say it was perfect if I cut the hole smaller. I've seen it protect rambunctious baby sister many times. The old, 15 lbs, could not step on or claw on the wound. To get it on, I put his front paws into the arm holes and connected the zip up to hold it in place. I took each leg and guided it through the leg holes. I think I gave him a bone to chew so he was distracted so that I could grab his legs, but he doesn't like it. The suit is $22ish with an extra 10% off. I am so glad I tried it because I was willing to take a chance. The cone costs more. If he ever needs a recovery suit, I would buy this again, even if the would is in a different spot. He can pee and poop without getting his suit dirty. I pull the whole thing forwards a few times throughout the day, but I do find myself adjusting it a few times. I was concerned about fit since his torso is long. I ordered the 4xl because I wanted to go for a snug fit, but he was still licking the leg hole. It's a good fit for him. The leg holes are larger.

6. Xqpetlihai Recovery Abdominal Diseases Bodysuit

Xqpetlihai Recovery Abdominal Diseases Bodysuit

Xqpetlihai Recovery Suit is made of Modal, which is high elastic, elastic pure, super soft, lightweight and breathable, no burden on your pets' body. It is easier to wash than cotton clothing. DOG CONE ALTERNATIVE The recovery shirt protects the abdominal wounds for pets, then increases mobility, and prevents pets from licking wounds. The cone of shame is more uncomfortable. Their dog Bodysuits are also Pajamas. The legs design can cover the whole body to prevent pets from licking wounds, skin conditions, hot spots, allergies and infections. It's suitable for medium or large dogs. All size S won't fit your baby because he/she wears size S. The size chart in the product description can be used to find the right size of clothes. If there is a problem with the size or quality of the product, they support free return or replacement.

Brand: Xqpetlihai

👤The suit is better than I anticipated. This will stop the snow-globe-that-is-my-car whenever I travel with my Husky. I thought it would have a plastic-y fabric, but the fabric is really nice and cozy, and I would buy it for myself. The fabric is not thick, so it can be used for long haired dogs. I like how the shoulders/elbows are baggy so she can comfortably sit and lie down. I don't want to waste the energy or resources that were returned because I'm an environmental scientist and I'm sure the suit will get dirty over time. It seems like it will be very easy to wash, and maybe a spray-n-wash will remove the stain. It looks like it will last a long time. If the seems are small, you may have ordered too small of a size for your dog. I ordered a large after measuring her and following the size chart. She has a medium length coat. She is confused about the suit. She will get used to it quickly. If my opinions change, I will include an update in this review.

👤Our Golden retriever leaves a lot of hair on our bedspread when she sleeps on our bed at night, so we use this dog pajama to reduce the amount of hair. She is happy that we let her come up every night instead of just occasionally. The PJ's are very easy to put on and have no need for a tie, zip or snap, which makes it great. She's usually hesitant to have things put on her, but she stands still for this, as I think she now understands it's her admission ticket to get on the bed! She seems to sleep better when she wears it. I ordered a size extra large just so there's a little more neck coverage, but even the large is so comfortable for her, I originally purchased a size large. She's funny and cute when she wears it.

👤I like the weight of this PJ and ordered 2. I thought it would cover his whole body. He has issues in the belly and thigh. It's no help at all. My boy is having extreme allergies. My vet said it's the worst he's seen this year. I have to cut the opening because it's not lined up for him to pee. I ordered one from my vet that will cover the whole body with a zip up his back, for less. He peed on it after I tried the one. It came out of the dryer just fine, I had to wash it. I will keep the one that he can use outside, just have to make it 888-282-0465, and send back the camo one when it comes an update. He had a sore skin so I bought him a big one. It looks good after 2 days. I tie up the sides of the back legs. He likes them and they are cute, but the best part is that they stopped him from hurting himself. I will order 3 more. I will buy the correct size. The neck is 19 and the chest is 31 and they get bigger with ware. Will be carrying a large. Even though I was worried about the male opening, it didn't affect his chewing habits. They stink after a 24 hour period so buy more than one. I am very happy with the onsie.

7. Heywean Alternative Operative Infection Camouflage

Heywean Alternative Operative Infection Camouflage

The HEYWEAN Recovery suit for dogs is a professional alternative to the medical cone and also provides comprehensive wound protection. The design of the dog medical suit is based on the animal's body shape and size, so it will adapt to the animal and give you a high level of comfort for faster and stress-free recovery. HEYWEAN dog operation recovery suit is recommended by veterinarians. It's easy to wear and take off, so your dog can do anything. After surgery wear for dogs, more care for injured pets. The dog surgical vest is made of high elastic and snug fabric, which is light and skin-friendly. It's safe for your injured pet. The dog bodysuit can be used for other things as well. It is also suitable for cats, rabbits, hamsters, and other pets.

Brand: Heywean

👤I ordered a bigger size just to give her breathing room and it fits snug across the back and is loose around the tail area. This is perfect for the reason I purchased it, which is to limit fur clean up, not because she had surgery. My dog doesn't even know she has it on. She doesn't have to remove the area under her rear when she goes outside. I thought it was a pull over that was buttoned around their tail, but it was buttons along the spine. This was a great find for the price range and task I was looking for.

👤I am very happy after the surgery on my dog. My other dog couldn't get to the area because it was completely covered. She couldn't get to the area to lick it while it was healing. It's easy to use the number 1 and 2 toilet.

👤After my boxer had surgery, this outfit was a huge help, as he had one on his side and one in the chest/ neck area. It limited his back leg movement so he couldn't easily get to the neck incision, and it kept him from scratching at the side incision. If you have a male dog, I don't recommend cutting the pee hole. He was ready to pee or poop without soiling the suit after I pulled the leg openings down to free his back feet, and re-snapped a few snaps up to hold it up.

👤The dog is large. He is 17-18 lbs. This is better than the Cone of Shame. Thanks for the fast delivery.

👤My Shitzu is having surgery in a couple of weeks, instead of making him wear the "cone of shame" I wanted to give this a try. I think it will work perfectly, it won't allow him to lick his belly. The medium was sized right and he was about 16 pounds.

👤Excellent product! The puppy had surgery and the vet wanted her to wear a cone for two weeks. The recovery suit is a lifesaver. My girl is 6 1/2 lbs and I brought a small for her.

👤I got these to use inside my new home to keep dippers comfortable until my boys get used to their new environment. I always get 1 in every size from Large to Small and try them on first, it's the only way to be 100% happy with dog clothes and then return the ones that don't fit... I have two small dogs that are the same weight and length, but they are different shapes. This was a snug fit for both dogs but I will have to be careful with washing it because it jumped in size and length. To recap!. For the small dogs, like tea cup sized 5 pounds or below, it's medium for your regular size ankle biters.

👤This is perfect! The 95 lbs female rottweiler had to have tumors removed from her teets and nipples in order to live. Even though a cone would have helped to keep her from licking herself, it wouldn't have stopped our other dogs from bothering that area. Cones are a nuisance. The body suit worked perfectly to make her comfortable and to keep the incisions clean. She can easily go potty without us having to remove her body suit or the snaps being closed. Love, love, love it!

8. BellyGuard Comfortable Substitute Stretch Fit Adjustable

BellyGuard Comfortable Substitute Stretch Fit Adjustable

Say goodbye to dog cones and hello to comfort. Their dog recovery suit protects stitches without restricting movement and range of sight. It provides optimal comfort and protection by allowing your dog to move, eat, drink, sleep, and recover without the obstruction of the cone. The dog cone alternative covers wounds to deter licking, biting, or scratching. It is ideal to use after spaying or neutering. It is easy to put it on your dog. The dog post surgery suit is made to slide over your pup's head and snap shut. The dog surgery recovery suit is the most secure way to cover wounds. Your doggo needs to use the potty. No need to worry. The dog belly bands can be rolled up. The flaps are secured with buttons in front of them. Provide your dog with a comfortable suit to alleviate stress and anxiety. Their surgery recovery suit is made from soft, stretch-fit cotton, lightweight, and breathable material.

Brand: Bellyguard

👤An amazing product. He was miserable in that plastic cone after my fur- baby was fixed. He couldn't eat or drink with it on and would drag it all over the ground when I brought him out to the bathroom. When I was looking for an alternative to that stupid thing, I ran across this gem. I was skeptical when I first bought it, but I was happy when I put it on him. It is the same thickness and stretch as a baby's onsie. It's not a problem to wear it in July. There are five snaps. The top 2 allow for a snug fit, the bottom 2 allow for a looser fit, and the middle snap allows for the snaps to be pulled up the belly towards the head so they won't get in the way when they pee. My guy is a licker and can't get to his boy to mess with the stitches so they stay dry. Not buying 2 is my only regret.

👤Excellent! The snaps are the selling point for this brand. My teen will let her back in his bed at night because she is happy as a clam.

👤I wanted to wear them. They are a better alternative to the cone of shame for my yorkies. The snaps are pulling the fabric a week after the girls were snoozing. Really disappointing. The girls are falling apart at the snaps after I bought them one for them. I dried them and washed them.

👤I bought this for my dog. She was more comfortable with this on than she was with the post op shield. If it gets dirty, I recommend buying more than one. Make sure the snaps are fastened to the set so that the onesie is snuggest. She was able to escape when I left the snaps on the looser setting.

👤Had I not been around, the situation could have been much worse. The onesie was easy to use for the first 6 days, then the stitches became itchy. I passed her in her crate in the morning, but 5 minutes later she removed her tail from the onesie, even though all snaps were in use, and she was going. Thankfully, she did not harm her stitches and only removed the scab. The cone will have to stay on an extra day because she has a new scab. The onesie does not suit long neck dogs like my poodle. It's easy for them to reach their stomach stitches. The inflatable collar is perfect for short nose dogs and easily popped by long neck dogs, as pointed out by my vet. This information should be on the listing.

👤This is amazing. Our golden dog had eye surgery. We had to protect the surgical sites to make sure they were not touched during the next 14 days. The Belly Guard recovery suit is the most comfortable and easy solution. I would have liked to have had this with all the other dogs. It pulls up under for potty breaks. It kept all his hair inside. I washed suit #1 and put it in the dryer with a towel so it would dry and it came out perfect. He did not mind wearing it. We used a soft collar blow up to protect his eyes. This surgical suit is very good. The knot is made of a heavy knit material and the snaps are of good quality. Highly recommended! He is 80# and has a back that is 28” so I ordered the correct size for him. I used a mirror under him when he was wearing the suit because there was a peek-a-boo opening. It's very easy to put on and off.

9. IDOMIK Recovery Alternative Abdominal Anti Licking

IDOMIK Recovery Alternative Abdominal Anti Licking

The material is fireproof. It is made of cotton and polyetser fabric. It is not tight and is easy to wash and dry. Small, medium, and large dogs and cats are available in sizes X, S, M, L, and 2XL. Measure your furry friends' sizes before you buy them. The recovery shirt is more convenient than the cone of shame/satellite dish that he/she has to wear. A diaper can be put in a Cotton Pocket on the Kelly part. There is a process of lunging and sooting. The Recovery suit is designed to protect the wounds of the pet when he/she is neutered or has an allergy flare up, and to keep the pet calm. It will make the recovery process more enjoyable for everyone. For Males and Female Pets. For all dogs and cats, a full cover surgical snuggly is required. Dogs can pee freely if the rear part is unfastened and rolled up with the magic touch closuer band attached. The Recovery Shirt for Abdominal Wounds or Back Wounds, Anti-Licking Male Female Dog Cone E-Collar Alternative, Breathable Pet Onesie Spay Neuter Surgical Snuggly Vest for Pet's Wounds, Bandages, and other items are included.

Brand: Idomik

👤I have tried many products and have found that this one works best for my Cocker Spaniel. It is very soft. I tried another one that was more of a spandex type feel but it irritated her legs. She wears a large size. This has been my lifesaver.

👤The way this wraps made me happy. It would be perfect for a female dog who is recovering from surgery. It was only after I got it on my boy dog that I realized that it wouldn't work for him. He can't pee on the tummy. It is soft and will wash well.

👤I used this suit instead of a cone of shame for my dog. It was difficult to put on and remove, but it was better than keeping her in a cone. It stays in place. You should be able to tie it up so the dog can go outside. I couldn't figure out a way to make sure it didn't get dirty. I did not remove any points from my rating because 1- that wasn't the biggest selling point for me. There are only three options for dogs over 30 lbs.

👤After my dog was neutered, I tried this out. I have a dog that is 20 lbs. His back is long. I have the medium. It was baggy on him. I think it would have been better if I had gotten the small. He was protected from his dog friends when he was playing and the jumpsuit covered what he needed to. My dog started peeing inside, which is the down side. Maybe the sensation of having something on his private parts made him want to urinate. I don't think the product is to blame for what my dog did. I followed the size chart, but the size wasn't right.

👤My dog hated the donut cone and this was a lifesaver. She didn't mind wearing this. I learned after the second day that I have to roll up the back for potty. It isn't very secure when rolling up the back so they can use the bathroom. She hated it when I had to wash it and put it back on the donut because she would pee on it a few times. She was healed in about 2 weeks, but only after it prevented her from licking or messing with her spay site.

👤The suit is very soft and comfortable and is easier on the dog than a cone. It is easy to roll up partway when a dog pees. It's easy to clean. It didn't affect his neutering incision. The only downside is that a determined dog can push it aside to get to the incision. He had to wear a cone at night or when I was gone because I left it on him. It's a great addition to a cone, but don't expect it to keep a dog from licking if you're not there.

👤If this Onesie lasts 2 weeks it will beat the cone of shame. After one day of wearing it, the stitching around it came out. The piece that is attached to the Velcro needs to be bigger and wider to keep it from being exposed. If you purchase it, do not remove the small flap that the strap slips under. If you do, it never really holds again, making your straps not hold in place and leaving another piece of Velcro to stick to whatever it comes in contact with. Can't wait to throw the trash away. One more week.

10. Kzrfojy Comfortable Abdominal Protector Alternative

Kzrfojy Comfortable Abdominal Protector Alternative

Multi-function is effective. The dog recovery suit can protect the wound from being bitten or scratched. Keep the wound dry, heal faster, and avoid the secondary problem after surgery. The surgery suit for dogs is better than the cone and E-collar. A dog can play and eat without being upset and stay flexible. Premium high elastic fabric is made of cotton and spandex and can be washed and folded quickly. Dogs can move without restriction. The recovery suit has elastic bands on the neck and limb. It is easy to put on and take off. They designed a circle on the suit bottom for male dogs. The dog after surgery wear can fit different ages of pets. It can be used for pet clothing. It is also suitable for cats, rabbits, hamsters, and other pets.

Brand: Kzrfojy

👤I tried all of the diaper options. My dog wiggled out of it. I found this bodysuit to be the best. I used baby diaper pins to keep it in place. The suit is very stretchy. My dog needs a 3x because he is a chunk. It was too long. I used a hair tie to pull up the extra material. The diaper is in place all day and it is easy to un the back end and tuck it in when my dog goes to the bathroom. This is by far the best of everything I have tried.

👤Our boy has not messed with anything since he got fixed a week ago. The material stays on well and is good quality. We got a large based on the weight and it fits snug, but not tight, and is staying in place. He looks out of the picture because it was the day of the surgery. I don't think he will want to take it off.

👤I needed this product for my golden retriever who just got neutered, and I thought it was going to be great. I put it on her and it was ripped by the end of the day. I'm not sure if I just got a bad product. I was excited about the jacket she was going to get.

👤We put a belly band on him and a onesie on him so he won't wiggle out of his diaper, because Trigger still marks his territory in the house. Will I be buying more?

👤This concept is wonderful. My elderly dog has to wear disposable dog wraps forontinence issues and this suit goes over his diaper to hold it in place and stop him from shimmying out of the diaper. Not big or small. He can still go number 2 with the suit on, it doesn't interfere. It has a lot of buttons, but not a zip up.

👤The surgery area was exposed so he didn't do anything. It is not easy to get on because it has 20 snaps on the large.

👤The suit doesn't cover the incision area, it needs to cover more on the area, and it's not easy to take off and put it back on when the dog has to use the bathroom. There are too many buttons.

👤Breathable fabric! My puppy had surgery recently and needed something to cover the wound, so she didn't like to wear clothes. She could go potty while still wearing the shirt that had the proper openings. It is easy to put on. My puppy was able to slip her arms out of it during the night because of the many clips at the top. Make sure you check the chart for the correct size. The 40 pound puppy was wearing an XXL.

11. Heywean Abdominal Protector Alternative Camouflage

Heywean Abdominal Protector Alternative Camouflage

The high-elastic fabric makes your dog comfortable and free to move. The design is easy to put on and take off. The waist and neckline have a drawstring. It is beneficial to keep the dog from licking the wound. E collar is an alternative for dogs. The recovery suits are used for skin conditions, post surgery, road rash, and friction burns. These dog onesies are perfect for after surgery and can prevent the pet hair from falling around in the home.

Brand: Heywean

👤We love this product. My dog is covered well but at the bottom. The butt opening is small. The hole for the male dog was not quite right. Coverage for the arms and body is good. Nice material. The fit is perfect for my dog. I contacted the company and they immediately returned my email and asked for pictures so they could see what was happening. After a few emails, they decided to send my dog something similar that would prevent him from licking his belly. I am very satisfied with the product and the way the company handled my dog situation.

👤My dog had surgery and the medical stitches were protected by the product. I didn't like that the long sleeves got stuck on his feet. The stitching around the circle ripped easily when I cut it out to make room for the male dog, but it remained intact. On the 5th day I owned the product, I heard my dog making weird noises as he tried to walk down the hall. The stitching on the cord used to tighten the neck had ripped, and I realized it when I got to him. The cord got caught on his collar, making it nearly impossible to move. The cord could have killed him if I had not been there. The product looked good, but the stitching defects are very dangerous. I don't know if my particular order was the only one with the shoddy stitching, but I would not order this product again and warn others to be very careful with the cords that may come out of the stitching and cause a tragedy. I hope shoppers and Heywean know about the serious defect, because Amazon refunded my money.

👤My dog is 80 lbs. My dog fit all the measurements of a 2XL except for being a few inches short on the back, based on the measurement chart shown on the product page. The back of the 2XL was too short and my dog was not happy with it. I swapped it for a 3XL and it's just right, my dog is a lot happier, and it's a bit loose in several places. The camouflage print is not made in 3XL. I had to get a gray one, but it still looks good on him. The material is soft and stretchy and the Zipper closes very nicely. I like the idea of using a zip for this suit, as opposed to a pullover design or something. It's useful for obvious reasons, although the placement doesn't line up with where we should be, but hopefully we can adjust it to get it right. It's definitely not heavy duty or for outdoor use. I bought it for being indoors or in the car, which is what it was made for. I'm pretty sure that a determined dog could get through this if this is to prevent a dog from tearing stitches. He probably wouldn't like running in it. I don't know if it's easy to clean or if it's given the material. I don't know how the drawstrings would fair in the wash, and I haven't tried yet. It's likely they'll have to feed them back in.


What is the best product for dog recovery suit male?

Dog recovery suit male products from Dotoner. In this article about dog recovery suit male you can see why people choose the product. Kuoser and Bencmate are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog recovery suit male.

What are the best brands for dog recovery suit male?

Dotoner, Kuoser and Bencmate are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog recovery suit male. Find the detail in this article. Rozkitch, Kukaster Pet and Xqpetlihai are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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