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1. Senneny Wooden Adjustable Pet Ramp

Senneny Wooden Adjustable Pet Ramp

CertiPUR-US Certified foam and premium-grade materials are what you can trust. Continue to cuddle good time. The pet ramp makes it easy for your pets to reach the bed, couch or car. The pet ramp can be adjusted to 4 heights, which makes it easier for your pets to reach the car, bed or couch. The ramp does not need to be placed on the furniture or vehicle. Solid wood construction is strong and safe. The ramps are rated to support pets up to 100 pounds. The high traction fabric carpet surface has grooves that prevent your dog from slipping on the ramp. The portable pet ramps fold down so you can easily store them in your car, under your couch or bed, without taking a lot of space.

Brand: Senneny

👤I bought this to replace my broken one. This ramp is very sturdy. Looks good. It's a good idea to walk up the ramp after having a few glasses of wine, but don't. If you're a 250 pound man.

👤My dog uses this ramp all the time. It works well despite the fact that it could use a little more traction. He can get on the couch if we keep it on the 2nd steepest setting. I don't think he could do it at the highest setting. The ramp is similar to other more expensive ones I've seen.

👤This is easy to set and move. It is strong. The material on the ramp was too slippery for our dog. Our dog kept sliding down as we tried to put on a sweatshirt and towel. The yoga mat worked perfectly. It is possible to change the height. I thought I would use it on the highest setting, but it turned out the 16 inch worked better for our dog. I like the way the wood looks. It's easy to put it away. It is helping our dog's hip. I am glad I bought this ramp.

👤I thought I should get a ramp so that my dog wouldn't jump up and down the sofa. He got used to it fairly quickly but still had trouble with it being carpeted because he kept slipping. He's fine when set at the lower levels. It's cheap looking. I noticed that the package wasn't setting properly after I set it up, which is annoying. The ramp is ok. I wouldn't have bought it if I'd seen it before. There are many ramps in this price range that are more sturdy.

👤I received many recommendations that this would be a good option for my dog, and I was very excited for this product. Graci slid down the ramp, and could not get traction to get up, which made me sad, because the purpose of the ramp was defeated. She slid down the ramp and ended up running into items in the area, even though she tried to get down the ramp. A better traction pad would be nice. I thought to add one of my own, but it's a large ramp which takes up more room than I can afford, and now Graci is afraid of it, I tried!

👤The little dog tried to climb it, but slipped and fell on her belly, MzE I stapled the yoga mat over the carpet. The smallest dog was able to make it to the top without slipping. I lowered it to the next height. She had to jump 10 inches at the end to get on the bed. The 20 lbs dog made it despite being more hesitant. I will probably put a couple of 2 x 4s under it. The bottom needs to be away from the floor. A small dog should be able to step up a few inches to get on this thing. I would have looked for a ramp with a rubber tread instead of making my own.

2. EXPAWLORER Non Slip Portable Foldable Waterproof

EXPAWLORER Non Slip Portable Foldable Waterproof

The height is adjusted. The dog stairs can be adjusted. The unfolding height is 30 feet. The dog can climb higher. It's an auxiliary item for traveling. It is suitable for almost all dogs and cats. Non-SLIP and water proof. The footprints of the dog are pretty. They are easy to clean and waterproof. The surface is designed with transparent anti-slip rubber to prevent the dog from being injured during the climbing process. Drugging and Stable: The dog stairs frame is made of metal and has good stability. The top of the pedal has a soft cover that increases the friction on the one hand and prevents metal wear on the other hand. The metal hooks provide better protection. There is a light and portable option. The dog stairs are folded and placed, which is very space-saving. There is a handle for carrying after folding. The steps are: The dog car stairs can be adjusted to fit most car heights, such as SUV, truck, Jeep, etc., to help pets smoothly enter the car. It is good for dogs with arthritis and knee disease.

Brand: Expawlorer

👤This was a great find. Storage takes up very little room. I put it on my floor and it fit. It takes so little time to set up and take back down. It's very easy to do and use. Not heavy. I'm amazed at how small it is and how easy it is to use. I have no complaints about this. The paw prints are a plus.

👤I use this all the time for my mastiff. I have lifted trucks and jeeps for her. It has been a lifesaver. A joint saver for her. The strap is too short to connect at the top for support, so I hold it for her. It serves its purpose and is very durable, but it could be a little taller for me. I had to go get it after it fell out on a mountain hike, but it went to the beach with water and sand. The canvas is very strong and water proof.

👤I went with these because of the reviews on the ramps. It is light and easy to fold up. I hope my dog will get used to them. I got these for her because they seemed wider and not as narrow, but they are a little too skinnier for my dog to like. I wish they stretched out a little further like the pictures show, but it is on the steep side. They seem sturdy which is a plus. Hopefully my dog will be able to use it after some practice. I might use them for my smaller dog to get on my bed, if not for the ramp for my SUV.

👤This is a great product. The vet was impressed with how we were taking care of the joints with stairs instead of jumping in and out. Well made and works great! They love it!

👤I bought these because my pitbull couldn't get up on the bed without his feet sliding around on the wood, and they've been great.

👤It works. My big fat Lab is a little narrow, but he got up and down well. The start on the other side is already done. I'm not sure if this is a problem that happens often, but using twice makes me wonder about the longevity of this product, and it wasn't cheap.

👤This was purchased to help our lab get in the back of the SUV. He should not hurt his hips jumping in and out. He is hesitant to get on the steps, but he is learning. He climbs down to get out.

👤I disliked the fact that it was difficult to get the stairs out for my Forrester because the trunk is not that high and the product details on the stairs talk about how easy it is for trucks and jeeps.

3. Folding Lightweight Aluminum Nonslip Portable

Folding Lightweight Aluminum Nonslip Portable

Extra wide and deep. The width and depth of the dog stairs were upgraded. The steps are 19.2” wide and 11.6” deep. Even large dogs have a lot of space to stand on, making it easy for pets to climb up and down. Grade adjusted heights: The dog ladder can be adjusted higher or lower. The pet stairs can be used in almost all models of trucks, SUVs, cars and beds, as well as in some side entry vehicles. ABSOLUTE SECURITY: Pets can slip on nylon steps and rubber pads on the stairs, so they are put on anti-slip nylon steps and rubber pads on the bottom. The top step has a carabiner that can be used to fix the stair in place. Short legs, older, disabled or injured dogs are friendly to the gentle incline. The first step is heavy duty and lightweight. The structure is made stronger by the hardboards that are contained in every step. The frame of the ramp is made of high-quality aluminum and can be used outdoors. Large dogs are ideal for the foldable dog stair. The folded dimensions of the dog ramp is only 18.6 inches wide and only 13 inches high, it's easy to use and take up no space in the car or home. A portable handle for carrying and moving. The foam protection handles allow you to unfold the ramp easily. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Luffwell

👤I was thrilled when I got the stairs. There was nothing to put together. It's lightweight. It's easy to open and close. My two golden retrievers were very comfortable using them. The aluminum broke at one of the hinge points. I will reach out to the company to see if I can get a full replacement. They are not usable at the moment.

👤The labrador was purchased to help him get into the Highlander. She dislikes ramps. I put it on my bed. I was encouraged to use this for a while. She got used to it. I put it in the car. She went up and in. She is about 80 lbs. It holds her up. I don't know about a big dog. I don't think the cloth of the steps would hold an average male up. The dog doesn't seem to mind that there is some give on the steps. It's very easy to set up. Light weight. It's easy to leave the car in for long road trips. I am glad I bought it.

👤The stairs are sturdy, fold easily, and are lightweight, but my bloodhound will walk up them and into my vehicle with a few treats. She doesn't walk down them to get out. I'm happy with the steps because the big hurdle is getting in. I like that there is a clip on my vehicle that will keep them from sliding off.

👤I could hear the first step buckle as I was getting my Great Pyr used to it. I pulled her off and returned this. I weighed 155 lbs and walked up and down it and all the other steps felt like they were going to fall through. The folding design is done well and it is light weight. The weight support is questionable. I use this one and am getting a second. It's very bulky and takes up a lot of space, but if you don't mind, I'd recommend it because it's sturdy as a duck.

👤I finally found a dog that works well and is easy to handle.

👤This is what I was looking for. I have a huge ramp that takes up the entire back of my expedition and no room for the dogs. It isn't practical. I bought accordion stairs that are very light to carry and set up in seconds. The two German Shepherds got it on the first try. My 8 year old can't jump out of the car because her legs hurt. It was worth every penny. Thanks!

👤It is very easy to use. Like it's small. I keep it in the box as it is easy to slip in and out of the box and it fits nicely behind the passenger seat with the cardboard box protecting the upholstery. It seems sturdy, but not sure of the weight load limit. I adopted a dog that was 46 lbs. lighter than I expected. Was expecting more like 65 to 90 lbs. The steps are great but the dog doesn't like to use them and jumps in and out of the SUV cargo area. So... I don't need this, but I will use it for future use and train the dog to use the step ramp safely. I think the ramp needs some sort of rail for safety because it doesn't have a side rail.

4. Pet Gear SupertraX Traction Supports

Pet Gear SupertraX Traction Supports

Measures 28 inches L by 16 inches W by 16 inches H. The SupertraX mat is easy to clean. Pets' paws can easily grip into the mat with the pressure activated grip. The raised edges help prevent the pet from slipping off the side. The patented tri-fold design for portable and compact storage has a built-in handle. Pets can be up to 200 lbs. Product dimensions are 71 x 19.5 x 4 inches. "From the Manufacturer" is an exciting feature that you can read below.

Brand: Pet Gear

👤We are very happy we bought this. We have two dogs, a 150lb Rottweiler and a 90lb Yellow Lab. Both are getting older. It was not an easy task to get our Rottweiler into our 4Runner. The ramp is on the back of the vehicle. They were hesitant at first. We put it on the ground and had them hook it up. They no longer hesitated after we dropped treats on the ramp. It holds our dog. He doesn't mind that it does bow slightly. We couldn't live without it.

👤The ability to jump into my tall SUV is limited because my Australian Shepherd is getting old. I weigh 104 and she weighs 88. It's not easy to get her into the car, and she loves riding. I tried to get her to take the stairs. The stairs were wide. She didn't want to climb them even when I bribed her. I tried to show her what to do, but I hurt her and she had a sore foot. It was a guilt trip. I decided to try it. The length makes it a very gentle slope. She got the idea quickly. She went up the ramp after I put treats in front of it. I didn't want her to jump out of the SUV, so I had her stay until I put the ramp up. She ran down it after I patted it. She will be able to take rides with me. It is easy to put into the car if she is going to have to get out before we get home. The pad on the ramp is very good. I highly recommend this for your pups.

👤I was training for my 125 lbs. and it seemed ok. A greatdane used it over a low angle set of stairs outside. We attached it to our deck to make sure she would trust it before we increased the angle and used it on our truck. The first two days it worked well. She was more comfortable with it. She lost her balance and fell off the ramp after the Astro turf covering ripped off of the ramp. She is injured and limping. She will probably never get on one another ramp again because she is too big to jump into the back of a truck when she is older. She is injured. I don't know how long it will take her to heal, or how much it will cost. I am praying it won't require surgery, but the x-ray was already $200, because she is such a big dog. I don't know how I'll be able to transport her unless she overcomes her fear of portable dog ramps or I buy a different vehicle. My advice is to spend more money and get a better ramp. Check the attachment of the turf to the plastic ramp and back it up with a coat of epoxy if you can't do that. You never want to get it wet. When it's wet, the turf gets slippery and you can't leave it outside. I was thankful that I realized it before my dog did. I spilled water on it before I walked up to check it out. I was not hurt.

5. GOHORA Portable Dog Steps Cars

GOHORA Portable Dog Steps Cars

Ohora will be here in 2021. The dog stairs for car are made of sturdy metal and can support dogs up to 150 lbs. The dog stairs for large dogs are included with the CARABINER to add security and the EVA handles to protect your car from scratches. They value your priorities. If you want to get rid of your back pain, PREVENT it, or RELIEVES it, you need to take your large dog in your SUV during a family adventure. The most efficient sturdy dog ramp was designed by GohORA. Their unique design makes it perfect for any car type. Do it yourself. The wide steps have a non-sLIP coating surface with additional wooden board inside, which makes them safe for up to 200 lbs. The dog car ramp is kept steady by the RUBBER ANTI-SKID feet. The door should be larger than 25” for back seat entrance. If you are looking for a gift for a friend or family member that will make them happy, their Premium Metal Dog Stairs for car is the perfect gift. The treadmill design puts too much pressure on the paws and the STEP DESIGN helps dogs in pain to feel safer and alleviate that or prevent those issues for healthy dogs. They design premium and safe products for all kinds of animals. If you ever run out of stock, you will receive a dog poop dispenser and 4 rolls. If your dog is under 200 lbs, the dog leashes for car will not snap. If you are not happy with your purchase, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Gohora

👤The design of this product is sturdy and lightweight. I wanted to like it. It has a fatal flaw that is easily fixable. The steps have small rubber/ plastic feet that protect the car from being scratched. I returned a couple and ordered another from a different vender, and every one of them had missing rubber feet. Why is this an issue? The spots where feet are missing scratch up the car if the steps slip at all or are pushed again the car is because the product doesn't reduce the efficacy of the product as far as the dog's use and safety is concerned. A lot. I had to get a whole other set of steps because of the $400 damage to my car's bumper. The rubber feet were missing from the new set. And the one after that. Quality control? Is it possible to send extra rubber feet? The solutions would work. I can't give a product more than a one-star rating. Fix the issues, I'm up to four-stars.

👤The reviews were good, but I was skeptical about buying them. Why not? I love them. I have an 11 year old lab that is too heavy to jump. I bought them for two reasons: to put him in my Jeep and to put him in bed. My back says thank you because he is getting the hang of it. It is easy to open and fold. I have only used these steps a few times in the house. A pin that connects the fold/joint of the step has fallen out.

👤It's easy to use, light weight and sturdy. I have used the best stairs yet. I can slide them under my seat because they collapse down so narrow. I used it on my senior pit bull. I was not sure if the driveway would reach the height of the Cath, but it did. She was a little hesitant at first. She is wider than the stairs. She figured it out after the second time she tried it. Right up the stairs! I was hoping they wouldn't tip over. I did not need to. I used the clip to clip it to my hatchlatch, but it didn't budge. I told my senior Pittie owners about these.

👤Our dog is getting old and needs help getting into my bed. I don't have to lift her 65 pounds anymore since she went up this first time. It's easy to carry around with the handle and it's well made. We were very pleased with our purchase.

👤I weigh 80 lbs. GoldenDoodle is getting on in years. I have two SUVs that sit high. I used to lift his hind-quarters to get him in. I began to search for an alternative with an upcoming road trip. We immediately tried it out after receiving this today. It took some time for him to understand that we were going to do things differently. I had to hold it secure to the truck so that the dogs' weight wouldn't shift it. He practiced it a few times. Good value for money.

6. Zerria Portable Lightweight Aluminum Foldable

Zerria Portable Lightweight Aluminum Foldable

The folding 5 step stairs are wider and more stable than a ramp, gentle incline and a secure platform make them ideal for dogs with disabilities. Their dog car steps can be used to help your best friend get in and out of your car, minivan or SUV on their own. Their foldable aluminum framed dog stair is stable enough to support up to 200 lbs large dog. The structure is sturdy and stable enough for a small to large dog to use, but it is not easy to shake when your dog is climbing. The steps are upgraded with nonslip paw print coating surface rubbers to prevent pets from slipping. These steps have been upgraded with nonslip paw print coating to prevent pets from slipping. The anti slip paw print adds more traction to your dog's walk, and the upgraded safety tether clip is stable enough to give double protection to dogs. The safety tether clip is covered with foam sleeves to increase the stability. They help avoid the damage to your trunk. The safety tether clip is upgraded to better secure the stair and keep your pet from rocking up and down. The dog ladder is durable and firm. The 5 steps dog ladder can be used in many cars, SUVs, minivans, trucks, beds, couches, grooming or vet tables. When you use it, you only need to put the foam handle on the back of the trunks or cars. The smallest size after folding is 15*13*5 in and will not take up much space.

Brand: Zerria

👤I don't write reviews. The product was worth the time. I was a little worried about ordering this dog step because of his weight. I was concerned that the step was too wide for our 1995 F250 extended cab. One comment was made about door openings being too small. He can get in behind the front seat of the truck if he wants to, as you can see from the video. He just goes up over the front seat if I am really generous. Both ways it works. I used to think that he should get into the back of the truck. The stairs are a little more steep with the height of this truck, but he did just fine, even though he came down them a little slower. I own a 2020 Toyota RAV 4 and this worked great for it. The stairs are easy to fold up and take out, they are not heavy, and the dog is stable. I think I made the right choice in buying these steps. I might buy another set for the other vehicles and bed.

👤I found these stairs on Amazon and knew they would be perfect. Apollo is 11 years old and has some arthritis in his legs, so getting him in and out of our small SUV was impossible. We tried several ramps, but he would not go up on the sides. Nothing worked until now. I would recommend these stairs to anyone with an older dog. They are wonderful.

👤These steps are amazing and I don't normally write reviews. A dog is 12 years old and is 90 lbs. It was a big production to get her in and out of the car after I changed vehicles. She figured out how to use the stairs with very little help. The vet was very impressed by what he saw. If you only have one hand available, they are easy to maneuver. If your dog doesn't like anything that wobbles, make sure you unfold them all the way and hand-test them before they use them. They aren't as sturdy if they aren't unfolded all the way.

👤The stairs are worth it. They are strong. The landing pads are comfortable. Pulling the stairs further away from each other or moving them closer together is how the drop or climb is adjusted. We put treats on the steps to get our boy to use them. He really liked them. He tried to go off the sides, but he just guided him. These are back saver. If you have a dog, stairs might be the better option. Our pups are between 80 and 95 lbs. There is an update on Dec. These are still amazing. We've used them inside the house for our bed, they work great for all heights of vehicles. There is a They work best when they have a hard surface for the top handles to rest on. If you get a lot of praise on these, you would recommend them to your family and friends. Thank you for the wonderful product!

7. Pet Gear SupertraX Traction Supports

Pet Gear SupertraX Traction Supports

The SupertraX mat is easy to clean. The pressure activated grip makes it easy for the paws to grip the mat. The raised edges prevent the pet from slipping. A built-in handle and easy fold makes it easy to carry. Light weight is 7 pounds. The grips are rubberized. This item can be used with SUVs and vans.

Brand: Pet Gear

👤Unless you have a large flat area at the bottom of the door opening, it doesn't work. This won't work in any of our cars. If you have a mini van with a door that slides open, it would work. The problem is that the ramp must be 90o to the entry in order to position it safely. The ramp will only fit at an angle with passenger cars and small SUVs that don't have fully open doors. The ramp won't engage with the door opening. The extra jump at the end of the ramp for our 12 year old corgi is not ideal, but I was able to use the running board on the GLC.

👤The product is made to order. It won't fit in my car, my SUV won't work on the sofa or the bed, and that's the problem I have with it. I didn't notice that the picture shows a van. It will only work with that vehicle. It is not possible to get it stable on furniture. I would have to pay for shipping and a re-stocking fee when I returned it. It would cost more to return it than it would be to buy it. I'm sure the local shelter will use it for good.

👤I first saw this when a lady lifted her lab into a van. I asked where she got the product. I ordered it right away after telling me. Bassets have short legs and long bodies which make it hard for them to get in my car or jump down, and can give them back problems if they jump down too much. I drive a 2012 ford focus small car and this ramp is perfect in the back and front seat, it is just wide enough to fit most cars. You can use it on the ledge of the door or place the ramp on the seat cushion which makes it a little more steep. It will take time with lots of treats and reward training for going up and down. They will get used to it. My 11 year old loves it but needs a little push at the end of the ramp to get into the vehicle. My 3 year old is walking without a problem. You will need to put your foot on the bottom of it to keep it stable because dogs don't like it. I think the green turf on it helps the dogs by giving them more gripping support and I think it serves it's purpose. The height of the bi fold short ramp is great for the small car. This style will not work for trucks or large vehicles. The larger tri fold is what you will need. This works for a van or small care. I am surprised that my dogs enjoy using the ramp so much. Your dog will thank you if you just buy the fence. The basset goes on outings with me. It is not heavy and has a latch to keep it folded when not in use, so I will put it on the sofa so the older one can walk up it to his favorite spot. It's small enough to fit in the front room of my apartment, but it would also work for a bed. I might buy another one just so I can leave one in car and one at home. If your dog hates doggy step, you can try this ramp, it will change their life.

8. Pet Gear Lightweight Portable Stability

Pet Gear Lightweight Portable Stability

Will not rust and can be cleaned with soap and water. It reduces arthritis and dysplasia pain. SupertraX tread is soft, protects pets paws, and is easy to clean. It is easy to fold for storage. The handle is portable. The ramp is kept steady by rubber gantries on the bottom. Excellent for use in heights up to 20 inches. This item can be used with SUVs and vans. "From the Manufacturer" is an exciting feature that you can read below. Also, note: Pets up to 200 lbs.

Brand: Pet Gear

👤I ordered the same ramp as pictured. The "carpeting" is similar to marine matting. It's nice and not too soft, but it gives a good grip. The rubber grippers are efficient and don't look like much. The ramp is not narrow, it is fine. My dog is a 55lb mutt and she is very smart. I let her investigate it while it was on the floor. She was very cautious last night. I put it at the side door of my minivan. She used a slice of hot dog as a motivator and told her "ramp", and then walked up the ramp. I helped guide her because I had her on a lead the whole time. She decided the hot dog was worth it even though it was a harder trick down the ramp. We took 10 minutes and one hot dog to complete this process. This ramp is built to last. It would be great if future models had a handle. It's manageable. I'm 5' tall and average weight, and it's easy to unfold for me. I'm very happy with this product.

👤My 14 year old Maltese has been unable to go down the stairs by our back door for over a year. We put in a door with more glass for him because he loves looking out the door. We don't mind taking him down the steps for potty breaks but he can't look outside when we aren't home. I found a dog ramp that would work in the small space we have for it. I got it today and my dog was very scared at first but after 15-20 minutes he is going up and down it like a champ. He still wants a treat for using it, but I am confident that he will use it with out any rewards other than looking outside. There is no bounce when he uses it. I made sure it wouldn't slip with the strap and rubber padding on the floor. I knew if it slipped, he wouldn't go near it again. I wish I had ordered this sooner.

👤Our 13 year old labradoddle has arthritis in her back legs and cannot jump into our SUV. I put it on the floor for Sara to get used to and it looked good. She tried to get on it with some treats, but she avoided it for the longest time. She fell off when she got up on it. That was the end of the ramp for her. She backed away when we put it on the car because she wouldn't go near it. I tried to force her up when I should have read her body language, but she walked up and fell off again. It went back to Amazon in the box. The carpet on the ramp does not grip her paws well and the plastic edging is too slippery. There is a I will have to continue to lift her up and out of the car unless I can find a ramp material that she can grip easily. Is there a better quality ramp that is not made of plastic that would work? I want to see if Sara can easily get into the back seat of our car if I can find one for her.

9. ROBLOCK Lightweight Portable Aluminum Non Skid

ROBLOCK Lightweight Portable Aluminum Non Skid

The dog ramp is made of aluminum alloy and high-quality plastic materials, using a special process to make it lightweight and durable, with a maximum load of 180LBS. The foldable design of the dog car ramp will save space and make it easy to store other items. The rubber foot pads keep the dog ramp stable. Both ends of the TPR have side rails that protect the dog's feet from damage. A pet ramp is a great choice for big medium small dogs from jumping to walking into the car, especially for elderly pets, to avoid injury and provide them with convenient travel. You can use the dog ramp quickly after you receive it, it's convenient to use. If your dog uses the pet ramp for the first time, it is recommended that the owner guide the dog to use it to prevent them from being afraid of being unfamiliar. It gives the dog a warm environment.

Brand: Roblock

👤The ramp is not nonskid. I have had to add nonskid carpet to the surface because my dogs slip all the way up and down on the heavy duty ramp. Feel let down by the advertising.

👤The walkway is made of plastic and rough finish and is durable, which is great since it falls out with the walkway. It should have a rubber coated finish. It is a great product.

👤Our older ramp is too large for travel in our area, so we bought this for our elderly dog. This ramp is not folding. It is a ramp that can be adjusted. It was very handy.

👤A female English Mastiff is eight months old and is going through some growing pains. I wanted a ramp that was strong and easy to set up. The item met my expectations. It was smooth sailing once she got used to climbing up and down the ramp.

👤The product was not safe for the dog to use. The dog tried to walk on the ramp.

👤This is helping my dog after surgery.

👤They say it has a non-skid coating. I don't. My dog can't get into my truck. I have to either pull on his collar or push on his rump. Not crazy about it.


👤The ramp works as expected. I would only change it to rubberize the feet that rest on the car. I place my feet on the ground to make sure they don't slip while the dog is on the ramp.

👤We are loving the ramp. It works well for my Pyrenees dog with arthritis, getting in and out of the car was painful. He can enjoy outings again now that he does it with ease.

👤The biggest issue is that it is too slippery for my 130lb Bernese Mountain Dog.

10. Foldable Lightweight Pet Handles Automobiles

Foldable Lightweight Pet Handles Automobiles

The Pet Travel Ramp is made of Premium Reinforced Plastic and will support almost any dog. The strong connecting hinge can handle a lot of pressure. Don't put your pet's safety at risk. This ramp is portable and folds to 31.5" X 7.5" X 16", and has a lock mechanism to keep it safe. You can store it in your car's trunk or under the seat. The carrying handles make moving the ramp easy. It's easy to take it with you wherever you need it. This ramp's incredible traction makes it easy to use. Pets are encouraged to walk up and down. There are two different traction options. There are thick rubber grips. A Beautifully Thick GrassTurf that has paws, and shoes that are tight. The Pet Ramp is the perfect solution for any pet who is trying to climb into a vehicle. They have included raised rails on the side of the ramp to make it safer for your pet. The non-slip feet ensure that the extra wide ramp doesn't move while deployed. This ramp is long enough to fit a standard vehicle while maintaining a reasonable angle. For your pet to walk up. Their width is 16 inches, which gives your pet plenty of room to maneuver.

Brand: Downtown Pet Supply

👤I bought this ramp for my dog because she can't get in on her own. She goes to work with me five days a week, but within two weeks it got a huge crack and is useless. I tried to call Downtownn Pet Supply. I left a message for Bridget, but she didn't reply. Their mailbox is full and can't receive any more messages after being called again. This is completely unacceptable. My dog can't go to work with me until I get a new ramp. My dog can't go with me until I have a new ramp. Do not purchase anything from Downtown Pet Supply.

👤The ramp was rubberized according to the write up. I have never seen a rubber like that. It was very slippery. My puppy was only able to get 3 or 4 steps after he slid down. If a big dog got a running start, he would make it to the top, but for small or medium dogs, this is not firm footing. The seller needs to make this clear. It is false advertising to be rubberized.

👤It's lightweight and easy to use, so I like it. It took my dog a while to get used to it, but once she did it was great. The hook that holds it to the car broke. I bought a similar one at the hardware store. The strap that holds the hook was ripped off less than a week later. My dog is only 52 pounds, so surely this should've lasted longer. I'm afraid that it will fall off of my car and hurt my dog. This was a great solution for my 13 year old husky.

👤It took me a while to find the right steps for my dogs. I needed something that could fold up and be portable, but I couldn't find a mastiff that could support my weight. I was surprised by how sturdy they are. My boy took about three times to get used to the steps, but since then he has been fine with them. The carabiner strap is too short to hook easily, which is the only dislike I have. I attached a secondary carabiner and it seems to be working.

👤I bought a ramp for my dog. He hated it. It was not a comfortable loading method for him. I was told to try stairs. What a change! He took the stairs right away. No training or treats needed. These are much lighter and smaller than the ramp styles. Great product for older dogs.

👤A 106# Pibble boy has an injured knee. This allows him to easily climb in and out of the Equinox so we can keep outtings. If you want to get your pet used to the stairs, be sure to guide them up closely as they become comfortable with it. It will either sit as standard steps or stretch further for a more gradual incline. Group outtings are much easier when we have 3 other smaller dogs. Lifting each of them while keeping the others in control is no longer possible. Highly recommended for anyone with a taller vehicle. It is easy to unfold and collapse, and secure the back hatch.

11. Silly Millie Compact Folding Pet

Silly Millie Compact Folding Pet

Silly Millie wants to make your and your pet's life easier. Help them get into your car. Life-changing innovations come from simple logic. Silly Millie's pet ramp folds more compact than other ramps. It fits into the trunk, floorboard, seat, or bed. The ramp is only 15 1/2 inches wide and 10 inches long. The deep X is 19 inches tall. Unlike many pet ramps, it folds easily, and it's similar to a small bag, weighing less than 9 pounds. The ramp is safe and durable and can support pets up to 165 pounds. Silly Millie's pet ramp is non-slipping and your pet will not hurt its paws. The grooves on the surface prevent your dog from falling. It makes it easy for your pet to enter and exit your vehicle. It is designed for easy and comfortable carry and storage. They care about your pet just as much as you do. Making life easier for you and them would be great.

Brand: Silly Millie Pet Products

👤I bought a ramp for a dog. The ramp was difficult to open. I had to use my foot to get it to shut. It was difficult to close. It was slippery for my dog, who almost hurt himself when his feet went out from under him coming down the ramp. He was traumatised for sure.

👤This ramp is great. They are too large to fit in the back of my SUV with my dogs. This one folds in quarters and is easy to carry. It takes a bit of pressure to open and close but I think that will loosen up over time. I get dogs of all shapes and sizes in and out of my car when I work at an animal shelter.

👤My dog tried to walk up it for the first time. Completely useless. Any incline makes the plastic useless. I have to either accept the fact that I wasted my money or attach something for traction.

👤It took a bit of persuading, but it worked great to help my senior beagle get out of the car with a slipped disk issue. It folds into a small package with a handle. I had trouble closing it all the way because it opened up easily. I'm new to working with this and don't think that's a big ongoing issue. I'm happy it works for the pup.

👤I can use it in my SUV or my husband can use it in his truck because it folds up smaller than most ramps. It's easy to swap between vehicles.

👤I was worried that the ramp would slip from my truck tailgate. Training is needed for the pups to use it. The SUV looks good.

👤All three of my dogs would not use the plastic. My young border collie had a hard time walking up. My older lab could not use it. Not big enough for a 50lb dog. I sold it to someone with a dachshund, who told me their dog would slip on.

👤The money is wasted. cheap dogs hate it


What is the best product for dog ramps for large dogs suv weather tech?

Dog ramps for large dogs suv weather tech products from Senneny. In this article about dog ramps for large dogs suv weather tech you can see why people choose the product. Expawlorer and Luffwell are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog ramps for large dogs suv weather tech.

What are the best brands for dog ramps for large dogs suv weather tech?

Senneny, Expawlorer and Luffwell are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog ramps for large dogs suv weather tech. Find the detail in this article. Pet Gear, Gohora and Zerria are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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