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1. GOHORA Portable Dog Steps Cars

GOHORA Portable Dog Steps Cars

Ohora will be here in 2021. The dog stairs for cars are made of steel and can support dogs up to 200 lbs. The CARABINER included will add security and the EVA handles will protect your car from scratches. They value your priorities. If you want to get rid of your back pain, PREVENT it, or RELIEVES it, you need to take your large dog in your SUV during a family adventure. The most efficient dog car stairs were designed by GohORA. Their unique design makes it perfect for any car type. Do it yourself. The wide steps feature a non-sLIP coating surface with additional board inside, which makes them safe for up to 200 lbs. The ladder is kept steady on any surface by the feet of the dogs. The door should be larger than 25” for back seat entrance. If you are looking for a gift for a pet lover, their Premium aluminum Pet Stairs for cars and SUVs are the perfect gift. The treadmill design puts too much pressure on the paws and the STEP DESIGN helps dogs in pain to feel safer and alleviate that or prevent those issues for healthy dogs. Make someone happy. They design premium and safe products for all kinds of animals. If you ever run out of stock, you will receive a dog poop dispenser and 4 rolls. If your dog is under 200 lbs, the dog car steps will not snap. If you are not happy with your purchase, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Gohora

👤I was pleasantly surprised that they were light and sturdy. There is no chance of the handles slipping because they are covered with non-slip handles and the hook is attached to the lock. The steps are not slippery. I have a young Akita who is conditioned to jumping into the back so he will need some work convincing him that this is the new way. I bought these for the older Akita as I can't get her into the car without assistance, and she can climb steps if she goes slowly. These will work out well for her. This was a great purchase.

👤This opens and folds up. The folded size is very small. The steps are very deep. I bought this for my sister's senior dog. I am looking forward to seeing how it goes for him. He knows how to climb the stairs, so I don't see a problem with him using the steps. P.s. I keep the disposable bags because I have 2 large dogs.

👤This thing is of great quality. My only concern is that I can not use it in the winter. It is too slippery if there is snow or water on the ground. There are paw prints on the fabric, but they are not enough to prevent my dog from slipping between the steps or the entire thing. He is too old and fragile to use it when the ground isn't perfect.

👤This is very easy to use. It is easy to attach to the back of our SUV and folds back up. It's nice and lightweight.

👤The senior boxer is not as sure footed as he was when he was younger. It was nice to see the steps stay put when he went up and down, I can't lift him. He was a little hesitant at first, but he went up again. I don't think there will be any problems with the first ride along, as we will continue to teach him the steps. I can carry the steps and they fold down into a compact package with handles.

👤The stairs arrived as scheduled. Surprised how small they are when folded. After a bit of persuasion, my dog went up on the bed and I haven't tried in the car yet. He was a little more skeptical but eventually got used to it. I thought the steps would be a little bigger. The box was supposed to be a bonus box of dog friendly waste bags and dispensers, but it was open and only one roll was included. This is a common issue with this vendor.

👤Really pleased with the steps. A chocolate lab is starting to struggle with jumping into a car for a ride. I had to pick all 90 pounds of him to get him in the car because the Jeep and Mercedes G wagon were too dangerous. These were the perfect solution for my wife who is not able to. It is small and compact but sturdy. Highly recommended.

2. Sidelinx Dog Ramp

Sidelinx Dog Ramp

The pet bed ramp can be painted or colored to match your home décor. Jump off furniture can cause injuries to the joints and back. An accessory for injured pets or older dogs. It's perfect for any bed or couch, high or low, and can be adjusted to 3 different heights. It is suitable for small, medium, and large dogs. It's great for cats. The wood has a non-slip grip and it has a classy espresso color finish. The grip has ridges for paw traction. It's easy to install, it arrives fully assembled in a box. It is portable and folds flat for easy storage.

Brand: Sidelinx

👤I was looking for the height, length and quality of the ramp. My old Yorkie has trouble walking up the rug at a low incline because it's slippery. I didn't have any wood and MzE It's better, but rungs made of wood would have worked better. It's a good height for my couch, and it's easier for him to use than steps.

👤It works well for an inexpensive ramp. It is light weight and has 3 heights. The carpet has ridges on it that help your pet hold onto it. If I could get them to use it.

👤I like that it's already assembled. It was easy to use. My shih tzu's legs would shoot out from under her. We supported her butt but it was too slippery. The description of the anti slip grip is incorrect. It is just carpet. My dog will hurt her hind legs if we continue to use it.

👤My mini dog got used to it in one day. A little slippery. He was able to handle it.

👤I love this product. Genius. It's lightweight, sturdy and easy to unfold. I would like to get this years ago. Excellent! Susan F.

👤We are very happy with the ramp. It was easy to set up. Our dog is only 8 lbs but the ramp is strong enough for larger dogs. Our dog does not have a problem going up or down. We attached non-slip foam to the bottom edges of the wood floor so that it wouldn't slide again. It looks nice. We would recommend.

👤The ramp is easy to fold. It is very slippery. It's not long enough to avoid a steep incline to reach the sofa. My older, small dog is trying to walk up and down and has slipped and fallen several times trying to get down. It is not a good solution for a small dog.

👤The width is a big concern. My dog slipped off the side because it was not very wide. The wood to wood was 13 1/3” across. The tread to tread inside was about 12 inches. His first time going up a ramp. He acts without thinking. He is elderly with dementia and hope he gets it. Knowing him, don't think so. I might need to tape the brackets to keep them in place. It's easy to slip out with a moving target.

3. YEPHHO Upgraded Lightweight Portable Waterproof

YEPHHO Upgraded Lightweight Portable Waterproof

The open height of the pet stairs is from 20 to 30 feet, and the open length is from 40 to 60 feet. Medium to large dogs have a high angle and small dogs have a low angle. It's perfect for most cars, trucks, SUVs, high bed and couch. There is light and resilience. Ladders are protected from being scratched by dogs' claws by using high-quality fabrics. Enough to hold up to 150 lbs of dogs. The Accordion staircase is portable and folds small for convenient storage. The front and side of the car are covered with sponges. TheReinforcement plates are added to the bottom of each step to make it easier for the dog to get on the steps. The bottom rubber pads add traction and improve contact with the surface, they are anti-slip and waterproof, and there is a carabiner for securing to the back of the vehicle. Good for dogs with arthritis and knee disease, you can use the stairs to get your dog into the car. Your dog should be protected from knee movements. Also suitable for corgis.

Brand: Yep Hho

👤I have a mastiff mix. She could not jump into my trucks as she got older. The tank is a suburban with a lift. It's really tall if you add big tires. She was scared when we used the ladder in the west. She goes up and down. No more shaking her joints. She would be sore when she jumped down. This is small enough to work on the rear doors of a small chevy Colorado. The cloth doesn't move up their feet. Most of the steps and ramps have sand paper padding for non slip. These are recommended by me and my doggo. They are very portable and light. It fits everywhere when folded.

👤I own a lifted Chevy truck. I thought this would be a great purchase. I use it for side entry instead of the tail gate. The dog walked up on the first try. She jumped in the back seat after I helped her out of her harness. Lifted trucks will love the 5 step. Light weight and easy to unfold and fold up. If this could keep my dog from jumping off my windows. This is a must have.

👤The stairs are perfect for my dog. He can't jump into the back of my Jeep since the trunk is so high. I have 35” Nitto Ridge Grappler tires. The lift that I got was a little bit taller than it was advertised to be. The stairs seem to be strong when my dog walks up and down them. They are very easy to collapse when not in use. The carrying handles are useful. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking for good doggy stairs.

👤This set of folding stairs would not work with my 2020 Rogue. The strap at the top is too short to reach the door latch, which is meant to help secure the stairs. I tried to swap out the larger carabiner but couldn't. The legs were barely resting in the bumper. It was not secure enough to allow me to load my dogs into the car. If you can safely secure the stairs to your vehicle, they seem well made.

👤Excellent! The ramp I bought for my pup was too steep and he wouldn't go up it. I went with the stairs. He went up the stairs and into the Jeep after 10 minutes and 3 frozen bone treats. The quality is very sturdy and easy to use. The way my Jeep is parked on 37s has a few more inches until the steps hit the ground. 4 steps are perfect. Highly recommended.

👤I have a 15 year old lab mix that has trouble jumping into the back of an SUV, and it has only gotten harder since he started. I had to pick him and put him in. He is heavy and sometimes he would beat me to the car and try to get up on his own. I bought the steps. I'm thankful I did. After a few treats left at the top, he was able to figure them out. They are strong enough to hold him and tall enough to fit in the back of my SUV. They are very light and easy to pack around because they fold up and down easily. I am happy that the stairs have made life easier for my old man.

4. Pet Stairs Durable Outdoor PETMAKER

Pet Stairs Durable Outdoor PETMAKER

The pet stairs are easy to use, and make it easy for your dog or cat to climb on and off furniture, or into and out of a vehicle. The dog or cat stairs are easy to clean and can hold pets up to 40-pounds, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The built-in side rails keep your pet safe while the non-slip foam pads protect your floors. The snap lock feature keeps the steps stable when in use, and the step covers provide better traction. These foldable, compact pet steps are easy to store in the closet, under furniture or in the trunk of your car. The weight capacity is not designed to hold people.

Brand: Petmaker

👤If you can afford it, purchase better made wooden pet steps. I bought this model and it is not safe. It slides out of place because it is too light. It won't stay open while your pet uses it. Let the buyer beware. You get what you pay for. It is obvious that you care about the safety of your pet if you are shopping for this. This isn't the product you want. I did not purchase this to be cheap. I am stuck between food and basic necessities as a senior on social security. My main concern is my pets. Like the needs of children. If you have a bad back like I do, lightweight products can help. My dogs come from homes where they have learned to jump up and down from the floor. My chihuahuas are tiny and frail, so I trained them to climb and not jump. These steps are not safe. If something happened to my dogs, my world would be shattered and it would be easy to preventable. I wish I'd saved my money to buy a more sturdy alternative. The item must be kept in place with a stop. My littlest one was climbing it when it collapsed, so I jammed the legs open. Even though he came through with flying colors, I almost had a heart attack.

👤The price for pet stairs is very reasonable. They have a sliding lock/unlock feature that makes it easy to fold and hide when not needed. I have two older dogs that use them. My heavier guy is not the most balanced and sometimes he slips on the top rung but he is comfortable using them. My older boy jumps off the stairs when his paws don't slide on the plastic, but his paws don't slide on the plastic when his paws don't slide on the plastic. I think placing a rug beneath the stairs will help it feel more stable. Good purchase!

👤It was a useful pet step for our maltipoo. He has a hard time getting up to sit with my wife because of his short legs. It was easy to set up and use, but he found the steps folding as he climbed them. It took me a while to get a round to it, so I looked for a replacement. I didn't find anything I wanted to spend the money on. I bought some nuts, bolts and washers. The plastic of the hinge was drilled and bolted to the operating position. The dog still sometimes tips it over as he climbs. These are a good size for us. They do the job well. I can't recommend them unless your dog is a fighter.

👤My big boy cat with bad hips uses these with ease, as do all of our other cats. If you think you know how to make it, look and read the instructions. The lock on the back of the top step is secure. If you have trouble with the lock on the outside, just try my easy solution. I had trouble using the slides on the back of the top step to lock the legs because they were on the outside. Simple solution. Make sure the legs are straight, then use your hand to open the locks. Just make sure. The little chandeliers are on the lock, and they will go right. It is very easy to enter and will lock securely. I don't want my pet family to be injured, so I make sure to place the steps against your chair, sofa, bed, and other furniture as the instructions show. The steps are on the carpeted floor. If the steps seem to slide, you may want to put a rubber mat under them. I have different steps for my pets in a different room, so I have never had a problem with sliding. My pets have used pet steps for a long time, if your pet has never used steps, just take some time and work with to show them that going up and down is not a scary thing and no time will get accustomed to the steps. Make sure the steps you buy are appropriate for your pet. The non skid mats that come with the steps are easy to install, peel the back of the step to make sure there is no bubbles, and make sure the pad is securely in place. I only had a small amount of bubbles on one step. You had to rub it with. I will DEFINITELY purchase this brand again if I need another pair in the bedroom, we may be getting a new pet family member in the near future, and if I need another pair in the bedroom I will DEFINITELY purchase this brand again.

5. Pet Gear Lightweight Portable Stability

Pet Gear Lightweight Portable Stability

Will not rust and can be cleaned with soap and water. It reduces arthritis and dysplasia pain. SupertraX tread is soft, protects pets paws, and is easy to clean. It is easy to fold for storage. The handle is portable. The ramp is kept steady by rubber gantries on the bottom. Excellent for use in heights up to 20 inches. This item can be used with SUVs and vans. "From the Manufacturer" is an exciting feature that you can read below. Also, note: Pets up to 200 lbs.

Brand: Pet Gear

👤I ordered the same ramp as pictured. The "carpeting" is similar to marine matting. It's nice and not too soft, but it gives a good grip. The rubber grippers are efficient and don't look like much. The ramp is not narrow, it is fine. My dog is a 55lb mutt and she is very smart. I let her investigate it while it was on the floor. She was very cautious last night. I put it at the side door of my minivan. She used a slice of hot dog as a motivator and told her "ramp", and then walked up the ramp. I helped guide her because I had her on a lead the whole time. She decided the hot dog was worth it even though it was a harder trick down the ramp. We took 10 minutes and one hot dog to complete this process. This ramp is built to last. It would be great if future models had a handle. It's manageable. I'm 5' tall and average weight, and it's easy to unfold for me. I'm very happy with this product.

👤My 14 year old Maltese has been unable to go down the stairs by our back door for over a year. We put in a door with more glass for him because he loves looking out the door. We don't mind taking him down the steps for potty breaks but he can't look outside when we aren't home. I found a dog ramp that would work in the small space we have for it. I got it today and my dog was very scared at first but after 15-20 minutes he is going up and down it like a champ. He still wants a treat for using it, but I am confident that he will use it with out any rewards other than looking outside. There is no bounce when he uses it. I made sure it wouldn't slip with the strap and rubber padding on the floor. I knew if it slipped, he wouldn't go near it again. I wish I had ordered this sooner.

👤Our 13 year old labradoddle has arthritis in her back legs and cannot jump into our SUV. I put it on the floor for Sara to get used to and it looked good. She tried to get on it with some treats, but she avoided it for the longest time. She fell off when she got up on it. That was the end of the ramp for her. She backed away when we put it on the car because she wouldn't go near it. I tried to force her up when I should have read her body language, but she walked up and fell off again. It went back to Amazon in the box. The carpet on the ramp does not grip her paws well and the plastic edging is too slippery. There is a I will have to continue to lift her up and out of the car unless I can find a ramp material that she can grip easily. Is there a better quality ramp that is not made of plastic that would work? I want to see if Sara can easily get into the back seat of our car if I can find one for her.

6. Pet Gear SupertraX Traction Supports

Pet Gear SupertraX Traction Supports

The SupertraX mat is easy to clean. The pressure activated grip makes it easy for the paws to grip the mat. The raised edges prevent the pet from slipping. A built-in handle and easy fold makes it easy to carry. Light weight is 7 pounds. The grips are rubberized. This item can be used with SUVs and vans.

Brand: Pet Gear

👤Unless you have a large flat area at the bottom of the door opening, it doesn't work. This won't work in any of our cars. If you have a mini van with a door that slides open, it would work. The problem is that the ramp must be 90o to the entry in order to position it safely. The ramp will only fit at an angle with passenger cars and small SUVs that don't have fully open doors. The ramp won't engage with the door opening. The extra jump at the end of the ramp for our 12 year old corgi is not ideal, but I was able to use the running board on the GLC.

👤The product is made to order. It won't fit in my car, my SUV won't work on the sofa or the bed, and that's the problem I have with it. I didn't notice that the picture shows a van. It will only work with that vehicle. It is not possible to get it stable on furniture. I would have to pay for shipping and a re-stocking fee when I returned it. It would cost more to return it than it would be to buy it. I'm sure the local shelter will use it for good.

👤I first saw this when a lady lifted her lab into a van. I asked where she got the product. I ordered it right away after telling me. Bassets have short legs and long bodies which make it hard for them to get in my car or jump down, and can give them back problems if they jump down too much. I drive a 2012 ford focus small car and this ramp is perfect in the back and front seat, it is just wide enough to fit most cars. You can use it on the ledge of the door or place the ramp on the seat cushion which makes it a little more steep. It will take time with lots of treats and reward training for going up and down. They will get used to it. My 11 year old loves it but needs a little push at the end of the ramp to get into the vehicle. My 3 year old is walking without a problem. You will need to put your foot on the bottom of it to keep it stable because dogs don't like it. I think the green turf on it helps the dogs by giving them more gripping support and I think it serves it's purpose. The height of the bi fold short ramp is great for the small car. This style will not work for trucks or large vehicles. The larger tri fold is what you will need. This works for a van or small care. I am surprised that my dogs enjoy using the ramp so much. Your dog will thank you if you just buy the fence. The basset goes on outings with me. It is not heavy and has a latch to keep it folded when not in use, so I will put it on the sofa so the older one can walk up it to his favorite spot. It's small enough to fit in the front room of my apartment, but it would also work for a bed. I might buy another one just so I can leave one in car and one at home. If your dog hates doggy step, you can try this ramp, it will change their life.

7. PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp High Traction

PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp High Traction

Continuation cuddle time: Use the ramp to help your best friend get up on the sofa. Safety tests are done. The ramp is rated to support pets up to 120 pounds. It's called disposition: White wood finish adds a decorative element to a home. A heavy-duty carpet cover keeps your pet from sliding when using the ramp to get on and off of the bed.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I bought this product for a small dog. Most of the furniture that I own is stuff that I had to put together. I was confident that I could put this ramp together. I was pleased with the looks and the directions when I opened the box. There were all the parts. I could not put it together because the person in charge of drilling holes didn't measure correctly. There are 6 sets of washers and bolts in the photo. The holes don't meet so they can't be used. I need the ramp and it's too heavy to repackage and send back, so I'll have to make my own. I wanted to give this a good rating, but it's too important.

👤I've read many reviews on this ramp. It is not a piece of plastic like most others. The carpeted surface is slippery, and that concerned me. The manufacturer said it was fixed, but other reviews said it was not. I waited because the ramp was unavailable for some time. It became available. I took the chance. I got it in one day. I inspected the carpet before I put it together. It was done! The carpet is not slippery. The assembly was easy, but the instructions could have been better. My dog learned to use it in about 30 seconds. Our dog doesn't wake us up when he wants to get into bed now that it is in place. The ramp looks like furniture. I am very pleased with the purchase.

👤My age is 12. The dachshund loves this ramp. My 8 y.o. does the same. A rat terrier. My dachshund had pinched a nerve in his back and narrowly escaped IVDD. Since my bed is off it's frame and still sitting high, I needed this ramp, it has the lowest incline up to high surfaces of all the ramps I've seen. If you needed to set the ramp for a high bed, the other ramps went straight up. I don't have a Camel, I have a short n long weenie dog, so that crazy incline isn't going to work for us. This particular ramp is long, thus taking up more space in my bedroom, but whatever works! It's like trying to tell a bird not to fly when you have a sturdy, well built ramp for it. My dog can still run up and down the ramp even though the carpet is not as slick as it could be. Just get that foamy, squishy type cheap shelf liner at Walmart and staple it to the portion of the ramp that your pup might find too smooth.

👤This ramp has changed our lives for the better, so I came back to edit the review. The carpet is slippery and I would give it a 5 star rating. Some reviewers had problems assembling. It came with instructions that were clear. It was done in 30 minutes or less. It looks nice and it is sturdy. Many reviewers have said that it is very slippery. It's fine for small dogs who need a lift to the bed. I have a corgi that has vision and mobility issues. I tried tacking a yoga mat over it, but it slid and bunched up, and I didn't feel secure. I made due with what I had because I am not mechanically inclined. I cut up the yoga mat into strips, folded them over, and taped them on with gorilla tape to give him more traction, like I've seen on some other ramps on it. I didn't want to change the ramp permanently. It worked well. Maybe I could have used more tape on my mat, but I think the different texture helps him. He comes to bed every night, we have our cuddle time back, and he is once again the ruler of the bed. It makes me happy that he seems so happy. A ramp to the bed can change your life.

8. Dog Stairs Accordion Lightweight Portable

Dog Stairs Accordion Lightweight Portable

Weighing only 11 pounds, the Ultralight Ramp makes it easy to carry and lift in and out of the car between stops. It's a good choice for travel with pets. Dog stairs height and angle can be adjusted. The folding dog stairs are designed to be convenient and comfortable for large dogs. The dog ramps for large dogs SUV are suitable for a car trunk or door that is 20 to 30 inches high. The low angle is perfect for small dogs. Their dog ramps are non slip to prevent your pet from slipping when climbing the stairs. The dog steps frames are made of rustproof metal and have rubber pads on the stair to improve contact with the surface. The structure of the stairs is stable when your dog climbs them. Double insurance for your dogs is offered by the safety tether with the carabiner on the tailgate. Your dogs will feel safe. It is easy to fold and save space. The dog stairs are light to handle and sturdy for medium large dogs. The dog steps for car and SUV are lightweight and save space, the fold is only 18 inches, which is much smaller than the dog ramps. The dog stairs for car have a comfortable and non-slip handle, which makes it convenient for you to travel with your dog. The dog stairs for large dogs are made of extra thick rustproof metal, great for indoor and outdoor use. Their staircase is perfect for dogs entering and exiting cars, SUVs, trucks, high beds, couches, sedans, and side entry vehicles. The lightweight dog stairs can be used for injured dogs and elderly dogs who suffer from arthritis. Heavy Duty and Satisfy Service. The dog steps are easy to clean and can support up to 150 lbs, but they are built to last and are easy to clean, so they can be used for a long time. The portable ramp is lighter and easier to set up. It takes up little space when it collapses. They will answer your question within 24 hours.

Brand: Furggis

👤Our aging lab still wants to go, and the steps we have taken are great. It works great on the Lexus.

👤My older dog jumped over my friend's older dogs. It is a lot of work to force them to use them. It's a great concept, but be prepared to work to get your dog to use them.

👤My Golden Retrievers are 8 and 11 years old. It took them a few seconds to get to the top of the stairs. I was so happy. I haven't had my hip issues fixed in my truck since last summer and I went for a drive with them again today after I received the steps. I am very happy with this order. The steps are sturdy. It's easy to attach my truck for extra safety. It's easy to fold and store. I would love to give this 100 stars.

👤I brought this for my dad because he can no longer lift heavy things. He can't put the dog in the car because it's 75 lbs. This was easy for him to do. He can take her anywhere. He has a Nissan and a bully.

👤The steps are made with high quality material.

👤It is easy to fold up. Very lightweight.

9. Petshug Increased Nonslip Adjustable Lightweight

Petshug Increased Nonslip Adjustable Lightweight

The stiffening of the non-sLIP surface has been increased. Petshug develops a new anti-slip layer to enhance the resistance of the fabric, so your dog can get up and down your car. Pets can slip and get injured during climbing. It can support up to 150Lbs large dogs with high-quality metal and thick plastic board added inside of the steps to prevent steps from sagged when climbing. The dog ramp for car is small and portable, it doesn't take much space in a car, great for storage and travel. AJUSTABLE HEIGHT & ANGLE: The pet steps for large dogs are easy to set up. The folded size is 18'' x 6.1'' x 16.1''. The height can be adjusted according to the needs. Good choice for health of animals. These folding pet steps can help elderly dogs and dogs with knee problems get into the car, and protect your best friend from strenuous knee movements. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Petshug is a professional brand, if you have any questions, please contact them. They will make sure to solve your issue quickly.

Brand: Petshug

👤This pet step doesn't work well for some SUV's such as the Yukon or the Tahoe. The vehicle's secondary rise prevents the top step from coming close enough to leave a large gap for your pet to step over. See the photo. This product has a strap that adjusts to limit the amount of steps that can be unfolded, but it is too short to allow for full extension. The package included a bag with screws, a wrench, and plastic parts, but no instructions for how to use them. I have to return it because it is not suitable for my vehicle.

👤I've been debating whether or not to get a set of steps to help me put my dogs in the back seat. I had to try them. Other reviewers are correct when warning about using them for the backseat. It's not an issue with the door itself, my doors open almost 90 degrees, for me it was an issue of the wheel well cutting into the door. My back doors aren't wide enough for the stairs to be able to fit in, it hits the curved portion of the door from the back wheel. I have a car that is not a good buy. I tried my mother's 3 row SUV, which was a no go, but it might work for a pickup or a van. I don't know if I'll return them or try to find another use for them, they are really nice, but they won't work for the application I intended.

👤I bought the pet folding stairs because my older dog can no longer jump up into my vehicle. He uses the stairs a lot. He hated the ramp I bought for him. I wanted to see how the steps worked. What a difference. If you have a big dog, you may want to hold the stairs in place. The steps are very light and well made. I think they're a good choice.

👤The product is light and well made. We have a large golden retriever and the treads of the steps are not deep enough for her, so the whole unit is too steep for her. She won't climb them. We had to return it. It would be good for smaller dogs.

👤The solution for our dog to get on our bed was perfect. It is easy to use and sturdy enough for a big lab. He feels comfortable using them.

👤I have a german shepherd that is 86 lbs. He can't get into or out of the RV. He's too heavy for me to help him. The portable stairs are very nice. They are easy to use and fold up for easy storage. It only took a few minutes for him to try it out. I'm getting a new set for my cat. We need a way for him to reach the window kitty door. The stairs work for that too.

👤My Border Collie is too high for my Dodge Ram 1/2 ton truck, so it was not fit for him. I had to hold onto it because she was frightened of it. I tried to get her to walk on it. She didn't want to do anything with it. She was taught to jump up alongside it because she wanted to go with me, even though I wasn't going to lift her anymore.

10. BreeRainz Folding Vehicle Portable Lightweight

BreeRainz Folding Vehicle Portable Lightweight

One year warranty. If you have any concerns about your pet ramps, please contact them and they will resolve the issue immediately. Pets can benefit from the pet ramp, which can help alleviate joint stress and reduce the risk of injury. Their ramp will make your pets happy. The dog car ramp for large dogs gives a great performance. It is rated to support weights up to 165 lbs. The non-slip surface and raised side rails give your pets a secure footing when walking up or down. The dog ramp for cars has 4 rubber feet and a set of buckles to lock it, making it super sturdy. In case of rust, the aluminum is used to make the connector. The dog ramp for SUV can be folded and locked with the safety latch to make it easy to store. Weighing only 11 pounds, the Ultralight Ramp makes it easy to carry and lift in and out of the car between stops. It's a good choice for travel with pets.

Brand: Breerainz

👤It is good for dogs up 165 lbs. I was not going to let our Corso use it. We purchased it for him. It is hard plastic that could be used as a child's slide, so they can't state that. The States ramp can be used for trucks and SUV's, but the angle of the ramp is steep in addition to the bow and slickness it becomes more of a hazard than a useful tool as intended. I think I wasted my money on this product.

👤My Great Dog will not use these ramps. She can't get any grip on the ground. She can't grab onto the grooves with her claws. She has a bad hip and should not be jumping, so I ordered two to get her in and out of the van. She avoids the ramp and pushes past us. One of the two I ordered was used. There were marks on the ground and the straps were missing. I will return both.

👤We bought this to make sure our 50 lbs pup was getting neutered. We didn't want to have to lift her out of the car. We use it every day when we drive to a nearby trail to walk because she took to it so quickly. Highly recommended.

👤The dog ramp was what we needed. It was easy to fold. The elderly dog wouldn't use it.

👤My pyrenees have a hard time getting into my car. She won't use this item. I wanted to go back but it said that it was out of return time. We have had a lot of family health issues and are stuck with this item.

11. Portable Foldable Aluminum Lightweight Accordion

Portable Foldable Aluminum Lightweight Accordion

Good for dogs with arthritis and knee disease, you can use the stairs to get your dog into the car. Your dog should be protected from knee movements. Also suitable for corgis. A gentle incline will put less pressure on a dog's front and back legs, giving them a secure platform to climb up and down safely or comfortably. The aluminum frame foldable dog stair with the hollow first steps weighs only 8 lbs but is built to last and support up to 150 lbs, while each step is incredibly durable and can endure heavy-duty use. It's not easy to shake the structure when your dog is climbing it's smart engineered 4 steps dog ladder. The slip resistant rubber mat attached to the dog stair frames and bottom makes the stairs steady and provides ultra safety for your pets on slippery places. Double protectation is offered by the safety tether with the carabiner on the tailgate. The wide decks and low angle of ascent are perfect for easy access to tall beds, couches, cars, SUVs or trucks. The foam handle is comfortable and convenient. It is easy to use and multi-function. The dog ladder can be used in many side entry vehicles, such as sedans, SUVs, minivans, trucks, beds, couches, grooming or vet tables. They are easy to carry and store in a convenient size of 15135 inch. LUFFWELL has a one year quality assurance.

Brand: Luffwell

👤If you have a large dog that needs to get into a truck or SUV, these are worth it. My dog used them with no hesitation. He was happy to wait for them to be placed and then walk up the hill. Like normal stairs.

👤135 pound or 150 pound animals attempt to use the canvas/plastic over the flimsy aluminum frame as it cracks and snaps as it is used for the steps. The steps need to be replaced with something that is durable.

👤It's strong enough for Rottweilers and lightweight for old people. If they weighed twice as much. I would still be happy. We use them to load our dogs into their crates in our Honda CR-V and then put them on our bed. The stairs fold/unfold easily, attach securely, and can be stowed in a small area. The stairs at the back hatch and side door are shown in the photos above. I rigged a strap to hold the stairs steady because of the side door opening. Works well. There are other products that cost more and weigh more. These work well for us.

👤I received the Luffwell portable stairs the next day. The SUV is 31" high at the rear entry. The steps are light and easy to use. Behind my front seat is where I keep the steps. I have a 10yr old lab mix who has joint issues due to having lyme disease as a puppy. Picking him up to get into the car was taxing my back and sometimes painful for my dog. These steps are wonderful. He needed some help to use them but after he saw he could do it on his own, he almost went up the stairs. My other 2 dogs are too young to need them until they are older. Happy dog and owner! These steps are recommended by me.

👤We needed something to get our golden retriever out of the car after we switched to a new car. We wanted a sturdy vehicle that wouldn't take up too much space in the vehicle when not in use. The portable pet steps were the answer. It took a couple of days of gentle training, plus her favorite cheese as a reward, but she now goes up/down without hesitation and the steps are stable. Our golden retriever, who is about 80 pounds, has no movement on the steps when she is on them. This product is a great way to get your pet into your vehicle.

👤The stairs are perfect for my Golden to get in and out of the car. I tried a ramp but he wasn't on it. The first time he used the stairs, he used some treats and was very comfortable with them. They're easy to setup, lightweight, and easy to lift in and out of the car. I keep them in the back of my car when my dog is in it. The back of the Crosstrek is reached by the 5 stair step. Would definitely recommend!


What is the best product for dog ramps for large dogs suv collapse?

Dog ramps for large dogs suv collapse products from Gohora. In this article about dog ramps for large dogs suv collapse you can see why people choose the product. Sidelinx and Yep Hho are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog ramps for large dogs suv collapse.

What are the best brands for dog ramps for large dogs suv collapse?

Gohora, Sidelinx and Yep Hho are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog ramps for large dogs suv collapse. Find the detail in this article. Petmaker, Pet Gear and Petsafe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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